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>You shake your head.
"I guess we don't really need to change much of our plan. Pinkie is probably involved with preparations, and Rarity might be selling last-minute costumes, but they shouldn't be so busy that we couldn't pay them a visit."
>Spike nods. "Good point."
>You smile and nod back.
"As for the Archives, we can just push that visit back a bit – participate in the festivities and go back to Canterlot with Princess Luna."
>"You should get going; if one of them is busy, you need time to come back later."
>You smile and nod, waving goodbye and heading out the door a second time.
>You continue back along your original path to the market, waving hello to the ponies making their holiday preparations.
>The thought crosses your mind that you probably looked weird gawking at the decorations before frantically turning and running home. However, it quickly occurs to you that if anypony noticed, they likely just assumed you'd forgotten something and continued with their work.
>With your brisk pace, you quickly make it to the market.
>Your eyes scan up and down the market. You have a vague notion of where the Apple family sells their wares, but… aha, there it is.
>As you get closer, you can make out Big McIntosh standing behind the cart. He smiles and waves when he sees you approaching.
>You start to wave back, but you realize you've reached the cart, so you just smile and nod.
"Hey, Big Mac. Is Applejack in?"
>He shakes his head. "Nnnope."
>You sigh.
"Where is she?"
>"At home with Granny, making treats for the celebrations. Why?"
>You shrug.
"Oh, I just had something I wanted to show her."
>Big Mac nods. "Well, ya know where t' find her." He pauses for a moment and clears his throat. "So, you hungry?" He gestures to the various snacks for sale.
>You shake your head.
"No thanks, I just had breakfast. I had an exhausting day yesterday, so I slept in."
>There's a pause, and you follow his gaze behind you. You notice that a small line has formed behind you, and you blush.
"Oh, sorry. Um… see you later, I guess?"
>Big McIntosh nods. "Eeyup."
>You wave goodbye and step out of the way of his prospective customers.
>Once you've taken a few steps to the side, you mentally adjust your plan. You'd planned to visit Applejack first, but if she's back at Sweet Apple Acres, that's quite a walk.
>On another hoof, you could visit Rarity instead, but she could be busy preparing costumes.
>Fortunately, the decision was quick and simple.

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