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Testing, 1, 2, 3
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Anonymous 3979

how the fuck do you greentext mid sentence

1 [/?]>test[?] 1
2 >test 2
3 [/?] >test [?] 3
4 [/?] >test[?] 4

Anonymous 3981

users can't yet. feature might be added if it's asked for enough
only >mods can, and that's through directly adding the span in the post and using raw html
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Anonymous 4225

Anonymous 4226

you don't

Anonymous 4312

I will now [/?] >commandeer [?] >this >thread for >science!

Anonymous 4313

[?][/?] This is preceded by an empty spoiler set.

Anonymous 4314

This sentence has [?][/?] an empty spoiler set mid-sentence.

Anonymous 4315

There's a single space spoiler in this sentence.

Anonymous 4316

Hmm… that's unfortunate. An empty spoiler tag would have made a passable hook, but it seems the current implementation doesn't support that. I think it would be better to either render the tags with the empty content or remove them altogether. Either way, with features like "Show spoilers", using the spoiler tag as a hook would look really messy with an implementation like #2 in>>3979.

Another solution is having inline highlight stand alone as its own tag, which is better than the original plan now that I think about it.

Anonymous 4317

This post is brought to you by the letter "C" for "color". Using ">" for the quote isn't technically necessary, but it could be forced if desired. I'll leave it off for testing though.

Posting this because I don't want to copy/paste in interactive mode 100 times.

[c]Standard highlight. This should render in the color of the standard quote.[/c]
Testing [c]inline[/c]. That was the entire point, right?
[c="#ff0000"]Testing hex codes.[/c]
[c="#f00"]Short hex code.[/c]
[c="aliceblue"]Testing standard color names.[/c]
[c='mediumseagreen']Testing single quotes and obscure color names.[/c]
[c="stardust"]This one is supposed to break, like my childhood dreams.[/c]
[c=blue]Testing no quotes, because someone always forgets.[/c]
[c=099]Testing no quotes and shortened hex codes.[/c]
[c="rgba(100,200,100,.8)"]Testing rgb format.[/c]
[c="hsla(0,100%,50%,.8)"]Testing hlsa format.[/c]
[c = "green" ]Testing spacing.[/c]
[c][/c] Testing degeneracy.
[c="#00f"][/c] More degeneracy testing.
[c="#00f]Testing improperly constructed tags. Should render properly.[/c]
[c=#00f]Testing no end tag. Line breaks should stop rendering as well.
[c=#00f Testing WTF. While this should never happen, it is still salvageable because the necessary information in front of the first whitespace character.[/c]
[c=#00f More WTF. This is ambiguous. The last '/c' could be part of the text to be rendered. It's possible to render this, but it is unclear if that is the intent. /c]
[c="indigo"]In general, any open tag like 'c]' or '/c]' or '[c' or '[/c' will not render properly. Just to save time.[/c]
[c deeppink]I like this formatting because of its minimalistic syntax, so I'm going to consider this acceptable.[/c]
[c FF4500]More minimalism. You gotta love it.[/c]
[c rgb(150,170,190)]I should probably use a test runner for this, but lazy.[/c]
[c hlsa(50%,50%,50%,.5]More bad tagging.[/c]
[c red green]Testing bad construction. There should be only one continuous whitespace section in the tag. "Green" should be ignored here, or the tag not rendered.[/c]
[c plum]How about some[c purple]nesting?[/c][/c]
[c #808000]Almost forgot to test hexes again.[/c]
[c rainbow]People would abuse this. If this makes the cut, I apologize in advance.[/c]
[c ghostly]I don't even know at this point. But it should be easy to implement so why not.[/c]
[c blue-shadow]I don't know if adding a shadow capability is a good idea either, but again it's easy so tossing it on the pile.[/c]
[c navy]I hope I didn't forget anything. If regular nesting works, [c yellow nesting with broken [c orange] and overlapping tags[/c] should sort of break, but [c red]not entirely[/c]. It doesn't have to, but it will because that's an excessive amount of work that should be easily avoidable.
[c firebrick]Just in case, [c]open nesting. That's all, folks!

!GemsWCKQXs 4343


!JUveNA/l/6 4436

Test [?][/?] >Test

!JUveNA/l/6 4437

Test >Test

Anonymous 4474


Anonymous 4475

testing localStorage stuff

Anonymous 4476

Testing replies

Anonymous 4484

Roll 1d6 = 1

Anonymous 4485

[ 1d12 ]

Anonymous 4486

Testing cross-thread ajax fetching

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 4516

File: 1385633135515.png (1.2 MB, 1704x1004, Rainbow Dash makes fun of Flut…)

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