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Anonymous 3809

Shoot. I wanted to see the difference between checking the "Mature Content" box when making an opening post to /anon/ and adding the tag manually, as I've done here. But it looks like /test/ doesn't allow that feature.

Do they work the same way? If I checked the box, would I get a return after the tag, like this…

This is the first sentence of my post.

…or would the text continue without a return, like this…

#Manure This is the first sentence of my post.

…or worse, without even a space, like this?

#ManureThis is the first sentence of my post.

I have no idea. I've never made an opening post on mlpchan, actually, much less used any kind of tag.

Macil !!Littlepip 3811

You mis-spelled it (but I assume you did that on purpose since it wouldn't allow it in a post on this board).

The mature content checkbox on thread creation just adds the #Mature tag and a newline into the front of the post if the post didn't already have one.

Anonymous 3817

I did misspell it on purpose. I tried it with the tag spelled correctly at the start, but it wouldn't even take it. I just got a red warning across the bottom of the Quick Reply field. So, I figured I'd at least see how tags wrap with text.

Note to self: Double-space if you start your first paragraph after a tag since it puts the next line so close, but you don't need a space at all if you start your sentence on the same line. That space is built in.

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