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MLPCRadio Episode 12 Shuckle!SORAvk6EnU 3026

Hello, ladies and gentelmen!

Welcome to this weeks episode of MLPCRadio.
We have two segments for you this week; one of them is a two parter, three videos in total

But first, as you may have seen:
The MLPCRadio Podcast is going to undergo some revamp, and we want your input on how we should grow and change.
Feel free to drop into the thread when you have a moment and give us your thoughts on how we can can make the show cater better to your interests and what you'd all like to see it become for the community.

Without further ado:
First up, we have Bleeding Raindrops reviewing the fanfiction that's fun for the whole family, Sweet Apple Massacre. Watch in aw as he tears to shreds politely critiques this now famous masterpiece.

On a similar note, we have Shuckle, who is reviewing Bronyfied, a metal brony artist, and no, he does not have many nice things to say about him. This is a two parter.
Part One:

Part Two:

That's our show for this week. Please leave any comments or questions that you have in this thread, on one of the Youtube videos, or please contact us via email.
Bleeding Raindrops
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Anonymous 3027

The Advice Column does not have a segment this week for the reason that; (A) We do not have, and haven't had for quite awhile, questions to respond to, and (B)We are going through a period of rethinking our segment in order to provide something that will better suit the viewership rather than rely on it.

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