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The Red Fic District !nfdHi1.5nM 2355

Reviewers, whips, chains, gags, other dubious items. If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re looking for one or more of those things. Well, you want ‘em? We got ‘em!

Welcome to the Red Fic District, home of the questionable content stories. Provided you give us a few tidbits of information about your work, you can find a reviewer who’ll read your NSFW stories and critique them.

Here, we’ll get you started. This is what you need to tell us so we can start reviewing your story:

1. Title
2. Author name
3. Synopsis
4. Nature of the content (Including how heavy it is. A character list would also be much appreciated, but is not required. We may not mind reviewing clop, but some people are picky about which character’s they read about sexing it up.)
5. Links (We prefer comment-enabled Google Docs)
6. Word count

There? Got that all sorted out? Good! Now read the rules.

We’re almost done here and you can submit. We do have some rules, common etiquette and a no-no list.

There must be an actual storyline that we can follow, and a bunch of sex scene’s broken up by walking around won’t cut it.
We do not allowing the following as they are too NSFW:*
* Necrophilia
* Blood and gore
* Foalcon - Underage sex with ANYTHING
* Vore
* Scat
* Trollfics
* Beastiality - Sentient-on-nonsentient variety (I.E. Fluttershy on Angel, Applejack on Winona, etc…)

We do allow certain scenarios, provided you have sufficient justification. Sufficient justification is up to the reviewer and they can drop a review if they feel you did not explain well enough. This includes:
* Human on pony
* Rape of any kind - nonconsent “noncon”, dubious consent “dubcon” (drunk, asleep, or any other instance where consent is unclear)

Remember common etiquette: I.E. If you slap, expect to be slapped. Just be kind and you’ll be treated likewise. Remember, this is a mature thread. Act like it! (Want bonus points? Grab a story to review while you wait on your own. We’ll get to it faster that way!)
Failure to adhere to these rules/submission guidelines will result in anything ranging from a dropped review to a blacklist from the thread.

While we do outline the rules here, it’d be appreciated if you at some point in time took a second to read the entire rules document here: http://derpy.me/rfddocs

Now that you’ve read through this incredibly boring OP, you may just be ready to post. Use the submission form at http://derpy.me/rfdsubmit. You can monitor your story at http://derpy.me/rfdspreadsheet. We promise, we’ll get to the story as soon as possible.**

*Some reviewers will review banned material, but it’s up to you to arrange a private session with them. Read the rules document for details.
**We’re only human. We have lives as well, so please don’t expect an overnight review. Feel free to POLITELY poke your reviewer if you haven’t gotten a review or a dropped review notification within a week.

Thanks for reading this. Now go submit your story, find a seat (Watch out for the dubiously placed items), and wait for the review!
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