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Hello, and welcome to /fic/! We're a board that would love to help you with your story, but there are a few rules we all need to follow to keep everything running smoothly.

Posting Rules

  1. Do not make a thread for the sole purpose of:
    • Requesting constructive criticism, reviews, or feedback on your written work. Instead, post it in an existing review thread. See the list of review threads or the list of reviewers
    • Inquiries about existing fan-fiction or recommended reading. Instead, use the Story Request and Recommendation General: [Story Request Thread Directory Link]
    • A story idea or asking about how to write a story. Instead, use the StoryForge thread: [StoryForge directory link]
  2. Threads that are poorly written, riddled with errors, one sentence long, or apparently lacking any meaningful contribution to the board may be deleted at a moderator's discretion.
  3. You can create a thread to discuss any fan-fiction, but search first for an already-existing thread that discusses the same fan-fiction.
  4. If you request more than one review, you must make the fact that you have done so known to everyone you have requested a review from.
  5. Any and all discussions and/or general debates concerning /fic/ or its rules go to /meta/.

General Guidelines

  • Spur-of-the-moment fan-fictions are generally not the material that /fic/ is built for, as there is typically very little to comment on. These type of fan-fictions are generally less than 100–200 words long, and are mostly made in a few moments due to a cool idea. If you wish to post it and not make it into a fully-fledged fan-fiction, consider posting it in /oat/ instead, where you might receive a better response.
  • Before creating a review thread of your own, we recommend you review a few fan-fictions at The Training Grounds to test the waters.
  • Use "sage" in the email field unless you are submitting fan-fiction, offering a review to a fan-fiction, or otherwise contributing on-topic content to a particular thread. /fic/ runs slower than other boards, so it is considered impolite to bump a thread without contributing content or discussion.
  • Make use of the subject field within your thread or post when posting a story or review. This will give readers a good idea of what your post is about.
  • If you are updating the sticky directory, please report your post so that a moderator may update it accordingly.
  • Please ask questions pertaining to /fic/ in this thread as opposed to creating a new one.
  • Feel free to join in and help out any of the general threads. Every person you help out is one less person waiting in line.

The Tag System

Tags are used to classify posts and works. Under the message box for making a new thread, there is a category called Tags", and to its right is a Show/Hide button, which reveals all available tags. There are two categories: Thread type and Genre. Custom tags can also be used, but should be as self-descriptive as possible while also not being redundant.

Thread Type

#Author, #Collection: A collection of works to be discussed, either by a single or multiple authors, respectively.#Reviewer: A thread opened by a reviewer with the intention of reviewing fan-fiction.#Single Fic: A single work to be discussed.#Discussion: A thread whose purpose is to discuss particular topic. Note: This tag coupled with #Author or #Single Fic is superfluous.


Only use a genre tag if it is a significant plot device in the story. You may also use more than one.

  • #Comedy: Lighthearted story primarily focused around comedy. Occasional comic relief does not justify this tag.
  • #Crossover: Crossover between MLP:FiM other fictional universes.
  • #Dark: Generally creepy atmosphere, most commonly having depressing or sinister story.
  • #Grimdark: Death, famine, plague, apocalypse, etc.
  • #Human: Use of human or ex-human (e.g., human turned pony) characters.
  • #Sad: Emotionally involving and tragic stories.
  • #Sci-Fi: Large changes in the way society functions due to changes in technology.
  • #Shipping: Romance(s) between two or more characters.
  • #Slice of Life: A fan-fiction that is based around an average or almost everyday life of the protagonist. An example is most of the episodes from Friendship is Magic.
  • #Random: Nonsensical events, fourth-wall breaking; typically coupled with #Comedy.
  • #Tragedy: A drama or similar work in which the main character is brought to ruin or otherwise suffers the extreme consequences of some tragic flaw or weakness of character.

Note that stories must still abide by Ponychan's site-wide rules, regardless of tags.

Helpful Links

Writer Guides

Fan-Fiction Archives

General Thread Directory

  • >>97121 Story Idea Forge
  • >>88527 Recommendations and Requests General
  • >>50615 Short Story General (this has had like ten posts in the last four months)
  • >>95945 Ask an EqD Pre-reader Anything

Basic template to get your story showcased:

Subject field: Adventures of Princess !!Celestia

Email: [email protected]

Tags: [Grimdark] [Comedy] [Shipping]


By: Twilight Sparkle

Synopsis: Princess !!Celestia and her faithful students find themselves trapped within a shipping arena hosted by the gladiatorial master of shipping, !!Luna. Can she and her students escape the awful arena, or will !!Luna finally exact her revenge with OC administrating alicorn babies?


This story was written by me during my fantastical adventures in Wonderland. I hope you will enjoy. It took me a lot of effort!

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