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/co/ simulator 0.1 This is a thread I'll use to storytime comics I find interesting and wanna share, with no schedule or promise of regular updating. At least until the sight tries to stop my autoposts for being 'spam'


And hopefully I made this cyclic so it isnt drain on the servers
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Dad, are You space?
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This is the thread for thoughts for the residence of /space/ and a place for the discussion of absolutely anything.
It can be for thoughts that you want to talk about or promote discussion, perhaps advice, all that stuff.
This will undoubtedly be a sad place at times, but a place for discussion, nonetheless. If you need a reprieve, go to another thread.
But if you need a reprieve, come here.

I'll just be saying stuff that crosses my mind but might not be a good time to bring it up in whatever medium I'm posting in at the moment.

You do that, too.
(No image)
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I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away I mustn't run away

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Brony of SPACE put, meh face- upon a planet/ or... Within a ship
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(Classical) music daily I think it's important, sometimes, to look at some things we like, and really think about it in detail. Sometimes it's not a very good idea, but for one reason or another I feel like we don't do nearly enough of the former.

Part of it, I think, is being able to talk about the stuff we like, be it music, film, books, or art, in a way so that isn't just a result of negative space left after drawing out all the negative aspects of it or other things.

I'm going to take it upon myself to write about one new piece of music I like every day. Most of them will be classical, since those tend to be the ones I can talk about in this fashion, and not merely in ways like "I like it because it sounds cool". But I'll try not to restrict myself too much to the genre. Exceptions to every rule and all that.

I'm doing this because there are some things I feel compelled to write about, as there's more to music than just listening; there's also thinking, and some pieces induce this better than others. But that's not to say that the ones that don't are worse in any way, just that some things warrant it more to be fully appreciated.

Please feel free to join in. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about some things.
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Polyhedral Furry Force Bang!

Oreo's rp thread for irl friends to chan in a safe controlled enviroment, msg free and hypoallergenic made with splenda and natural ingredients
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okay, im make this thread last 5uber
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Fucking… son of a bitch…
Asshole stole my phone…
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Confessions sometimes I think about all I am and I remember I’m nothing but a hunk of meat piloted by gray matter
The fact that we exist actually really surprises me
I believe there’s actual life out there, like aliens ya know? If we’re truly the only ones in this vast confusing universe, then really, to me it looks like we’re never going to make an impact.
The fact that someone still believes in my stupid ass and thinks I can go anywhere is really surprising and heartwarming.
I feel like I’ve drifted away from a lot of people recently. Mostly my friends from Ponychan, like the RP group people, Order of the Insomniacs, and even the story thread people. That makes me feel really bad because they’re all super cool people and I don’t want to lose them, yet I can never make a conversation with them and I’m too awkward to ask for their steam/skype.
I’ve actually done drugs, I’ve done both marijuana and acid.
I’ve also cut myself once or twice, and I was actually thinking of slitting my own throat just to end it all.
I feel if I pass on to the next life nobody will really care.
There’s not a lot of people so really, who wants to listen to my problems and shit? Who really fucking cares?
I feel like if I tell someone my problems I end up bothering them, or taking up their time, or maybe that person doesn’t like me
I have a constant dreadful feeling where everyone doesn’t like me, they’re just putting up with my stupid shit.
I might go out and buy some Acid after I post this. I feel like shit.
The fact that I’m homosexual, an atheist, and hate most of my family is gonna be really hard to come out. Especially with my dad.
I secretly hope my brother knows I like cartoon horses, so I can stop it from being a secret.
I see all these blogs that are League of Legends related (turtlepatternpillowcase for example) and I really wanna play League with them but I’m too awkward and shy to say it because I feel I might do bad
This one might be long.
So, my first girlfriend was the best, I wasn’t gonna lie.and I was a shitty boyfriend. I was super awkward and didnt know what the fuck to do. I will legit say that the way she broke up with me scared me. What she did is she left me for another man, and in every relationship I’ve been in thus far, I always feel like that special someone and I are drifting away and they’ll leave me for someone else.because of that i get desperate for talking with my special aomeone, and I feel like im too clingy at that point and I stop. That only results in me wondering if i should keep talking to them or leave. . Which causes me to break down multiple times about stupid shit and we eventually break up because im all bad at relationships

I really wish I had tentacles so I could freak people the fuck out.

I wouldn't mind prison.

I doubt my artistic ability and comedic ability a lot.

I may not last long, but I'm gonna be here for a while.

So does the rest of /space/ have any confessions/regrets/whatever they wanna say?
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pics this makes no sense:uuuuubbbgkkhkhbuhhjb
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When I grow up, I'm probably going to be a writer or something. I don't really know. Can't do much with a degree in philosophy.

Point is, I'm gonna need practice to be a writer.
So I might as well start with short stories.

I'm putting this here so I'll write some when I get back. I've got some damn good ideas.

You'll see later, though. Soon I'll be back.
I'll put what I do here.
I think it'll be fun. And when there are stories up, critiques are welcome.

And that's that.
If anyone wants to write stories, you're welcome to.
If not, I don't care, I'll just do it.

I'm looking forward to coming back.
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Dad, I'm in space.
(No image)
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So what do we do here?

(No image)
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How did I get here

Why is it so cold

Oh god someone help me
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/Oat Party MCMXCIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on everypony, smile smile smile!
Fill my heart up with /moon/ shine, /moon/ shine!
All I really need's a smile smile smile!
From these happy friends of mine!
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PSA /space/ is still a shit-tier board.

That is all.
(No image)
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/space/ meet and greet Yes, you too, lurkers.
Favorite food:
Favorite color:
Favorite musical artist:
Favorite visual artist:
What you do most on your spare time:
Random fact!

So, let's all get in here and have some fun!
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The Sticky Welcome to /anon/ - the board dedicated to anonymous culture
We do our best to provide as much freedom and support as possible, but to avoid disrupting others please keep these things in mind.

Legal shit:
-Don't spam, raid, or anything else illegal. This includes lewd depictions of minors: drawings or otherwise (server is in Canada so Canada law applies)

Mature Content:
-You are welcome to post adult content but please spoiler it for those who don't wish to see it.
-If you're the OP of the thread consider using the mature tag. Images in a thread with this tag do not need to be spoilered. (unless they are spoilers)
-If you are looking for mature content you should be sure to go to setting and check the "show mature content threads" button.

This board is devoted to anonymous culture so generally speaking you should post anonymously.
However there are exceptions.
-If you are a content creator (writefag, drawfag ect) you may use a name/trip while creating content to avoid confusion.
-If you are posting "in character" you may use a name/avatar to make it clear who you are imitating. (note: serious /rp/ with overarching canon goes in /rp/ as does any /rp/ with your mary sue original character)

>>>/site/9999 describes the site's numerous features and options. Autofetching of new posts, Quick Reply box, adjustable fetch timer, hotkeys, etc, are all detailed there. The settings tab in the top right corner will have all the options and settings for you to adjust to your own preferences.
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what does a guy gotta do to get some dick around here?
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PFUDOR me Oh no I just gave this board away accidentally! WHAT DO
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i had a bunch of images i wanna see but it's easier to view it like this
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Daily Challenge Mode! Ok so I'm just gonna use my trip for this thread where I post daily challenges.
Space needs more silly and is getting too casual! So in here once a day I'll try to come up with a challenge for everyone to take part in, which can range from group activity to solo efforts/handicaps~

These challenges apply to /Space/ posting only unless stated otherwise, and a new challenge will last for 24 hours and in the event I post a new challenge before the previous is over the new one will overwrite the old one.
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Frustration Thread Bang head on keyboard, then post. I'll go first.

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here space
hold this
(No image)
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>that Nemi
Pwniez is trully everywhere
(No image)
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better late than never
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i've never made a thread here… so now i am going to.

hello /space/.
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>having shit-tier /space/ board
>not having god-tier /moon/ board
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I call upon all /space/rs Right, so.
I hope to make a fun little podcast. I may do the voice acting, I may grab someone else. Anyways.

The very basic idea is that I will make it sound like an NPR-style broadcast coming from the middle of a town where things have gotten…. batshit insane.
I would like /space/'s help here. See, if I come up with everything, I worry that what I do come up with will fit into a pattern, and quickly become boring.
So. A few questions to be answered:
What kind of government
General backdrop to the story (Like, desert town, forest city, what)
Why exactly has the town gone batshit/always been batshit.
Would much appreciate your help.
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MLpchan Banners Good afternoon, /oat/!
Some of you oldest members might remember that when the site was launched, we hosted a banners contest on /art/.
We had quite a few entries, and were happy with the result. We however never got around to implementing them.
Until now! We're resurrecting the project - and for that occasion, we are asking you guys if you have any new banners to submit!

- Banners should be 150 pixels high, and ideally 600 pixels wide.
- We will be taking pictures up to 800x150, however pictures bigger than that will be downsized or not taken in if that's impossible.
- Banners may be board-specific or sitewide, your choice. Do note that if you make an inside joke about your board culture, we are very likely to put it as board-specific regardless of what you intended for it.

Do not worry- all your previously submitted banners are safely saved. You may post your banners here, or on the dedicated /art/ thread at >>>/art/3263.

Have a nice day - and have fun !
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MLPchan Banners Good afternoon, /anon/.
We're in the process of adding banners to MLPchan, and we'd like to know if any of you guys have any you'd like to create and submit!
Whether you drew them yourselves or it's a cap from the site, give it a shot if you're interested!

- Banners should be 150 pixels high, and ideally 600 pixels wide.
- We will be taking pictures up to 800x150, however pictures bigger than that will be downsized or not taken in if that's impossible.
- Banners may be board-specific or sitewide, your choice. Do note that if you make an inside joke about your board culture, we are very likely to put it as board-specific regardless of what you intended for it.
- Banners are to be safe for work, regardless of which board they are intended for.

You can submit your creations here, or in the dedicated /art/ thread at >>>/art/3263.
Have a nice day.
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A little something What I want to look at first is the suggestion that somehow, at some level, nobody really believes they’re going to die at all. Now, having distinguished between what we’ve called the death of the body and the death of the person, the question whether or not you’re going to die needs to bedistinguished. The question whether or not you believe you’re going to die needs to be distinguished. If somebody says, “You know, nobody really believes they’re going to die," they could mean one of two things. They could mean nobody really believes they’re going to cease to exist as a person, first possibility…

Is there any good reason to believe that we don’t believe that we’re going to cease to exist as a person? Well, the most common argument for this claim I think takes the following form. People sometimes say, since it’s impossible to picture being dead, it’s impossible to picture being dead—, That is to say, it’s impossible to picture your own being dead. Each one of us has to think about this from the first person perspective or something like that. Think about your dying, your being dead—Since that’s impossible to picture, that’s impossible to imagine, nobody believes in the possibility that they’re going to die, that they’re going to cease to exist.

The idea seems to be that you can’t believe in possibilities that you can’t picture or imagine. Now, that hypothesis, that thesis, that assumption, could be challenged. I think probably we shouldn’t believe the theory of belief which says that in order to believe in something, you’ve got to be able to picture it or believe it. But let’s grant that assumption for the sake of argument. Let’s suppose that in order to believe in something, you’ve got to be able to picture it. What then? How do we get from there to the conclusion that I can’t believe that I’m going to die, I’m going to cease to exist as a person? Well, the thought, of course, is I can’t picture or imagine my death. I can’t picture or imagine my being dead.

It’s important here to draw some distinctions. I can certainly picture being ill. There I am on my deathbed dying of cancer, growing weaker and weaker. I can perhaps even picture the moment of my death. I’ve said goodbye to my family and friends. I’ve the—Everything’s growing greyer and dimmer. It’s growing harder and harder to concentrate. And then, well, and then there is no “and more." The claim, however, is not that I can’t picture being ill or dying. The claim’s got to be, I can’t picture being dead. Well, try it. Try to picture being dead. What’s it like to be dead?

Sometimes people claim it’s a mystery. We don’t know what it’s like to be dead, because every time we try to imagine it, we fail. We don’t do a very good job. I’m inclined to think that that way of thinking about the question is really confused. You set yourself the goal of trying to put yourself in the situation imaginatively of what it’s like to be dead. So I start by trying to strip off the parts of my conscious life that I know I won’t have when I’m dead. I won’t hear anything. I won’t see anything. I won’t think anything. And you try to imagine what it’s like to not think or feel or hear or see. And you don’t do a very good job of it. So you throw your hands up and you say, “Oh, I guess I don’t know what it’s like." So it must be a mystery.

It’s not a mystery at all. Suppose I ask, “What’s it like to be this cell phone?" The answer is, “It’s not like anything," where that doesn’t mean there’s something that it’s like to be a cell phone, but different from being anything else. So it’s not like anything else; it’s a special way of feeling or experiencing. No. Cell phones don’t have any experience at all. There is nothing that it’s like on the inside to be a cell phone. Imagine that I try to ask myself, “What’s it like to be my ball point pen?" And I try to imagine, well, first, imagine being really, really stiff, because you’re not flexible when you’re a ball point pen. You can’t move. And imagine being really, really bored, because you don’t have any thoughts or interests. No. That’s completely the wrong way to go about thinking what it’s like to be a ball point pen. There’s nothing that it’s like to be a ball point pen. There’s nothing to describe, nothing to imagine. No mystery about what it’s like to be a ball point pen. No mystery about what it’s like to be a cell phone.
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/space/ seems kinda dead
1 reply
So I guess this is where we all die, right?
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SPACE party 3.14!!!!!!!!!! #cyclic
This party's gettin' down!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome back. =)

1. No killing, unless the subject in question is okay with it
2. If your RP idea is a somewhat touchy subject, ask the residents if it's okay
3. If there's something happening that you don't particularly like, either voice your opinion (via Spoiler Tags) or come back at a later time
4. Adding/Deleting of the "rules" will happen when the majority of space agrees to adding to it

Five is… Not a REAL rule, but Stalin would probably be pissed at Geop if I didn't mention it :I
Neo Space thread when the old one got 404'd,
Made in memory of Geop
le rip ;~;
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dingle tiem u guys r fagoots
>inb4 no
>inb4 yes
>inb4 maybe
> inb4 inb4
>inb4 i gots tha dingles m8!!!!!!
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/Space/&D This is the thread for discussion and planning of the Weekly D&D sessions that hopefully will go ahead.
The first thing to do would be to make an account on this website;


This is where we're going to be playing all the games. It has chat features, map features, dice features, ect. Totally self-contained.
112 replies

Welcome to /chat/, MLPchan's general off-topic lounge. Below you'll find a list of recurring threads to easily navigate to them if you wish.

Music General/b/ and friends/pony/ after darkLove and AdviceThe /art/ CafeOrder of the InsomniacsThread Killers Club

Guidelines: serial threads are asked to remake new editions a maximum of once per day.
When you make a new edition, please post it here for the directory to be updated. We also recommend linking to it in the old edition.
Board-specific serial threads such as /pony/ After Dark may make their threads on their respective boards if they so choose.

This post was edited by a moderator on .
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Akira and Gary vs The World [/s]Starring Micheal Cera! [/s]
>Lol no

>Just a place to rp in this desolate land of Blood and Haze
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Pssstt Jar Jars back
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So.....we discovered /space/ then? Good……methinks its time then……to claim our stake…..

*Looks both ways, before planting cheesy-looking flag on ground.*

49 replies
Can someone explain why I wanted to come back here?
1 reply
I have a new name.

Hi guys.
(No image)
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Homestuck Hiatus day 16 >slowly going insane here
(No image)
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Uhhh....HoNk? I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just on here to meet my boyfriend's friends. ._.
2 replies
This board
It's pretty cool.
What do you guys do here.
(No image)
1 reply
Uhhh....HoNk? I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just on here to meet my boyfriend's friends. ._.
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>John x Vriska best ship
(No image)
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>ring ring
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It's clppng
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/space/ throne room >trumpets sound


This is the /space/ throne room.

Bow down, to the king of /space/…
(No image)
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OH froodlenutzkie SHIT Zebra
169 replies
Obsie Resistance movement We shall plan our attack here…

where Obsie's eyes cannot see us…
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The Raie and Oero Show!-Krumble Kingdom Edition [If you figure out a way to get there, its open ;3]

>Raie….slowly gets up, blinking behind his onyx colored glasses, smiling down at the mare beside him
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1 reply
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oh god where am I I don't even
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What if everyone on earth just disappeared right now?
What will some spacefaring, intelligent civilization discover about us from the ruins of our most monumental cities, architecture, documents, technology…?

Taking into account: http://youtu.be/m8CsBMCfu0s?t=1m3s

What if you knew beforehand our imminent demise, maybe a decade in advance, and had the opportunity to construct a monument? A library of sorts, containing records mankind's greatest accomplishments, works of art and literature, etc.?
What would you put in such a library?

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The Official /space/ Homestuck Thread Okay, this is the sub-sub-community. All the homestucks can run amuck in here, and all the other /space/ regulars can not have to deal with their bullshit. Get homestucking, homestuckers.
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What's so great about this?
6 replies
I have arrived!!!!!!1!!

My body is ready.
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Hello, /space/.

I lurk, yes, it turns out that's true.
But, unfortunately, I have more to do.
Places to go, people to see. I wonder if you'll remember me.
It's alright, I wasn't a big deal here. I know few, if any, will shed a tear.
Over my leaving, that is to say… maybe we'll meet again someday.
But, I've grown bored. I mean, of channing as a whole.
Don't worry, it wasn't you. Spending such time online took it's toll.
Hell, I may just be a character I wish to retire,
but it was nice to be trusted. Such is the life of a liar.
I've spent too much time here, silent,
But, you all had fun, all marshmallow and violent.
And to my friend, whose I.P. I tend to borrow,
Get some security. Seriously. None will lead to sorrow.
I've talked too much about an exceptional children's cartoon.
But, I'm going, now. I may see you, sometime, soon.
And while my own bravado and this climax has been spoiled,
I hope my going away post will not be spoiled.

The time I've spent here has been… most pleasant…

Might as well take these 88888 as a going-away present.
Goodbye, /space/.
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The xenos seemed to have escaped to this chans space board. I am here to clear them out and keep track of them.
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/Space does not exist. You will never to to /space.
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The Robo Event

February Seventh

Never forget
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>meanwhile on the secret soviet orbital pillow fort…
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My complaint about Sir Anonthony This letter tells a story about power and politics and propaganda, about the tension between respectable, hardworking people and shrewish, delirious buggers like Sir Anonthony. It is a story about Anonthony's efforts to replace intellectual integrity with nefarious sloganeering. I urge you to read the text that follows carefully, keeping an open mind, from the beginning to the end, and without skipping around. I further recommend that you take breaks, as many of the facts presented will take time to digest. The important point here is not that his viewpoints are intellectually and morally indefensible. The vital matter is that there are two things we need to do right away. First, we need to say "no" to his prolix bons mots. Second—and this is critical so get out your highlighter—we need to build a new understanding that can transport us to tomorrow. Once those two things are accomplished we can finally start discussing how negativism doesn't work. So why does Anonthony cling to it? If your answer is unthinking and automatic, you may be in trouble. You may be parroting back some of the concepts that Anonthony has injected into your head instead of giving serious thought to the notion that were he alive today, Hideki Tojo would be Anonthony's most trustworthy ally. I can see Tojo joining forces with Anonthony to help him create a climate of intimidation.

Trumpeted so many times, Anonthony's prevarications have begun to feed on themselves, to generate their own publicity, to cow Anonthony's foes not by argument but by sheer repetition, and to manipulate the public like a puppet dangling from strings. Note that if we don't soon tell Anonthony to stop what he's doing, he will proceed with his bloodthirsty false-flag operations, considerably emboldened by our lack of resistance. We will have tacitly given Anonthony our permission to do so. Just to add a little more perspective, the time is always right to do what is right. That's why we must unmistakably make some changes here. The first step in that process is to realize that inasmuch as I disagree with his accusations and find his ad hominem attacks offensive, I am happy to meet his speech with more speech and, if necessary, continue this discussion until the truth shines.

So long as the devastating inequities that characterize our society persist, Anonthony's lackeys will be unable to deny that some day, in the far, far future, he will realize that the success of his platitudes relies upon the average voter not knowing whether our nation has gone communist, socialist, fascist, or merely insane. This realization will sink in slowly but surely and will be accompanied by a comprehension of how Anonthony preys on the rebellious and disenfranchised, tricking them into joining his brownshirt brigade. Their first assignment usually involves ridiculing, parodying, censoring, and downgrading opposing ideas. The lesson to draw from this is that it takes more than a mass of malevolent headcases to step up to the plate and lead us all toward a better, brighter future. It takes a great many thoughtful and semi-thoughtful people who are willing to scrap the entire constellation of neo-feral ideas that brought us to our present point. Alas, of all of Anonthony's exaggerations and incorrect comparisons, one in particular stands out: "It is patriotic to advocate Anonthony's stances amid a hue and cry as unrestrained as it is insincere." I don't know where he came up with this, but his statement is dead wrong.

I don't know what makes Anonthony think that he's a tribune of the oppressed. Maybe he's been sipping cuckoo juice. The fact of the matter is that Anonthony's insults began innocently enough with peaceful calls for democratic change. Unfortunately, his gestapo has since morphed into the prime backer of a bloody, armed insurgency, replete with overbearing demands for giving an air of scientific impartiality to biased judgments.

Too many emotions to count raced through my mind when I first realized that one of the pushy anarchists in Anonthony's employ has penned an extensive treatise whose thesis is that Anonthony would never even consider fragmenting the nation into politically disharmonious units. Contrary to what that emollient hagiography asserts, as a dynamic, historical current, antipluralism has taken many different forms and has evolved dramatically in a variety of ways. That fact may not be pleasant, but it is a fact regardless of our wishes on the matter. Ceterum censeo, Sir Anonthony behaves like an immature, overgrown, and undisciplined child.
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RP TIME WITH OERO AND RAIE >Cause we lost the last one
>And need another
(No image)
39 replies
Super secret space thread go.
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>Rides in on a rocket!

I awake in the morning and I step outside,and i take a deep breath and get real high,and I'm like whats going on!!!
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Sorry I've acted inappropriately so I'm going to work on my behavior…
Sorry if I've hurt you.
1 reply
aint enough me on this board no more
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>that moment when the UN won't allow you to fix their shit for them
1 reply
>>50717 Various affairs of state demanded my personal attention.
This does not change this board's imminent conquest by Latveria.
10 replies
At last! A board to conquer and call my own!
0 replies
Huh, wonder where Doomy went
2 replies
This party blows…
1 reply
FORWARD, MY LEGIONS! Let the peasantry know that Doom's reign over /space/ is absolute!
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IT BEGINS! Latveria has now formally declared war on /space/!
Surrender now, and only the ringleaders of your pathetic resistance group shall suffer any adverse consequences!
1 reply
2 replies
This is sticky
1 reply
I'm here it's the end of days now.
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ticket is so cheesecake
1 reply
That's all the images I can edit in paint.net
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>tfw you forgot to paste tat horn in
2 replies
I love you
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in /space/, no one can hear you mitchslap
1 reply
Mitch minute
1 reply
While 4chan is down, I just want to say that it happened
10 replies
Hello everypony, what are you doing?
0 replies
Can I be one of the cool kids now? I wanna be cool, too.
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le ticket milkshake
0 replies
like a ticket
1 reply
nothing can stop the ticket
1 reply
this is totally a rip off of ponychan's /moon/
0 replies
we got a ticket over here
1 reply
please insert ticket
0 replies
the hills are alive with the sound of ticket
0 replies
it's ticket time
0 replies
0 replies
oh this is just like /stufforangedislikes/
0 replies
le ticket face
0 replies
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Ticket is a Astronaut
3 replies
Hey Guys!
3 replies
Found it. I am literally he stupidest person ever….
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Google Admin-Notice - ok guys, i am a google admin and have come to shut down this site for the following:
Deliberate attraction towards inanimate objects: ponies
(No image)
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¶▅c●▄███████||▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅||█~ ~:~:~ :~: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
▄██ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ██▅▄▃▂
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Honey, I'm home.
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I wonder what would happen if I called a tomatofest on /space/.
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/OAT/ Party's Role Play of the Day Where shit's about to go down.

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Spacetime Party You all know why we're here… so there's no bother in explaining.


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Who actually visits this board and reports my threads?
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/OAT party 7.9 (Posts stolen from /oat party 8 thread)
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maths hi what's up
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Are you my mummy?
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uh… /oat/?
i.. i got a secret to tell and.. well, it's about myself and…ugh.. i'm not sure if i should be telling this but… but….!

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Hey, a hidden board! I am King of /space/!
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My TARDIS will take this thread to /test/!
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guys,I got cum all over my sister's pillow

wat do?
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Epic duel time in space …Are you here Brony?
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Happy Mooniversary! The Moon landing was 43 years ago today!
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If you need to test out any of these features for yourself, feel free to make use of >>>/test/
The /Site/ Sticky:
Welcome! This sticky will cover most of the basics for site use and browsing. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask.

Formatting and Hotkeys
While browsing:
- Shift + I brings up the Quick Reply, if you have it enabled in the Settings
The following commands will perform the following functions:
- Ctrl+b will make your text bold
- Ctrl+i will put it in italics
- Ctrl+s will spoiler your text.
- Ctrl+h will hide your text and create a "show" button for people to reveal.
Hidden text here.- ctrl+u is for underline
- ctrl+r for strikethrough
- To create monospace font, use [tt][/tt]
- To create comic sans , use [cs][/cs]
- Red bold headings can be made by placing the text inside two equals signs (==) on each side of it (on its own line, only)
- On /fic/, /pony/, /art/ and /rp/ you can edit your posts or threads. Check the checkbox of the post you want to edit, and in the bottom right corner of the page you'll see an "Edit" button.
- You can use automated "dice" by entering [XdY], where X is the number of "dice" and Y is the number of "sides" each die has. For example: [2d6]. You can also have the dice add or subtract numbers, useful for roleplay game functions. For example, [1d20-5]
- Thread watching - there is a "Watch" link on the right of each thread. Once you have a thread Watched, a new menu will appear near the Settings tab. New replies to threads you have watched will alert you.
- Cross thread linking is done as such: >>>/boardname/postnumber ; example: >>>/test/47

MLPchan allow you to create Hash-tags, which are a tagging feature.
You create a #tag of your choice like so: [#Text of your choice]

They're very important- especially if you're going to post a thread for mature content. Making a thread marked [#Mature] will hide it from people who don't wish to see NSFW content. You have a button when OP-ing in the appropriate boards that'll add this hashtag automatically.

NOTE: Any NSFW image posted in a thread that has NOT been marked [#Mature] is a rule violation and will be treated as such. Please tag your threads properly, for the benefit of all users!

MLPchan has a "Settings" button on the top right of your navbar. Here are the features it provides:

- A "Style" field, allowing you to use different themes- some of them are still not included on the website, and can be checked out <a href="http://mlpchan.net/fan/res/5.html">here</a>.
- Show mature content thread: Will reveal the automatically hidden threads tagged as 'Mature' on certain boards. Off by default.
- Treat mature content images as spoilered images: "spoilers" images tagged as Mature when they are unhidden
- "Reveal Spoilers", will bypass the spoiler system (Images and text)
- Navbar stays at the top: Unfilled, your navbar will scroll down with you as you go through a page.
- "Use QR for posting": Highly recommended, the QR allows you to post in a thread without scrolling all the way up. Shift+I brings it up.
- Show '(You)' on links to your posts: will put the text (You) after any replies people make directed at posts you have made, useful for easily seeing when you are replied to in a thread.
- Reply Notifier Sound: Alerts you with a tone when a post by you in a thread you're viewing is replied to. Requires Quick Reply dialog to work.
- "Persistent QR": The QR will automatically close after you posted, unless you fill this box.

Upcoming additions:

Larger, higher priority items:
  • : Catalog + Search
  • : Proper /all/ type board
  • : Filter
Small but high priority items:
  • : Mobile browsing improvements
  • : A "warning" or message screen ability to function like 1s bans at other sites
  • : Auto-signing of bans
  • : GUI popup for site announcements or other means of making blotter-type items stand out more
Bigger, but low priority:
  • : Animate all .gifs as a user option
  • : Pages scrolling with new replies
  • : Allowing QR and regular reply box on simultaneously
  • : ^ information shared between the two if you close one
  • : Pagination/per-100 post viewing?
  • : More /fic/ tags - [#lock] and [#sage]
  • : [url] tag for link text
  • : Homepage update/change, FAQ improvement
  • : Regular reply box saving names/tripcodes
Small and low priority:
  • : Autonoko as a disableable user option
  • : Post, image count and page shown at bottom of screen (ala 4chanX)
  • : Google image search link by posts
  • : Quick report link by posts
  • : Quick download of image link by posts
  • : Move thumbnail previews in QR from the top of the QR to the bottom
  • : Ability to expand "post is too long.." without opening a thread (from board index)
  • : Making "post is too long..." text stand out a little more
  • : Show more of filenames
  • : Change military time to standard, optional
  • : Auto-watch threads replied to, as an option (ala 4chanX)
Just for fun:
  • : Banners from contest on rotation on the site
  • : Custom ban screens per mod/ban colors
  • : Shared user tags ala !!Spiderman?
  • : Desktop ponies for certain threads/boards at times
  • : Pony emoji addon to be added as a regular site feature
  • : Minecraft server

Lastly, we have the following off-site groups:
Facebook page -
Twitter page -
Tumblr page -
Steam group -
MLPchan Wiki -
Site Skype chat → send a message to any staff member to be added.

Staff Skypes:
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/OAT party 8!!!!!!!!!! /Oat folk gather round!

This party's gettin' down!!!!!!!!!!Welcome back. =)

1. No killing, unless the subject in question is okay with it
2. If your RP idea is a somewhat touchy subject, ask the residents if it's okay
3. If there's something happening that you don't particularly like, either voice your opinion (via Spoiler Tags) or come back at a later time
4. Adding/Deleting of the "rules" will happen when the majority of space agrees to adding to it

Five is... Not a REAL rule, but Stalin would probably be pissed at me if I didn't mention it :I

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Incendia HELLO? YES?


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