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sekrit bordz Anonymous 9881

HEY, can somebody please tell me what all the SECRET BOARDS are??

I know about /test/ and /moon/ but that's pretty much it.

Anonymous 9882

>>>/trash/ for thread quarantine
>>>/moon/ the ban board
>>>/space/ for extra space to store threads
>>>/test/ for testing stuff


For images
for /out of character /rp/ discussion.
Though I don't think that's in use.

Anonymous 10109

File: 1375558809317.png (11 KB, 234x17, Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 3.38…)

What happened you guys.

I was going to go live my live in exile there.

I had accepted it.

Now I can't even do that.

/mlp/ is dead

this site hates me

where do i go

what do i do

Anonymous 10110

Anonymous 10112

File: 1375564982269.png (103.19 KB, 781x553, i feel discriminated against.p…)

The posters and mods do not like me there.

For whatever reason.

Anonymous 10121


Use paragraphs.


hahahaha they don't know about


oh what the fuck is this heresy


File: 1375670178987.png (198.71 KB, 593x562, 185.png)

Anonymous 10140

Then go exile yourself to /moon/ or /trash/, duh. They're both dead as shit, /moon/ being slightly less so.

Anonymous 10141

use a typing style that doesn't

include so many uses

of double spaces.

and people over there

might like you more

Because they see this typing style

The one I'm using right now

and the one that you use all the time

As a direct method of trying

to troll them

basically you're a faggot


>>10109 see >>10141 and also stop avatarfagging as that cat thing, and don't talk about how weird you are unless it's relevant. Then you should be fine.

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