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Nightshade!YUL65dGygI 9873

So for me the settings option has disappeared, my name field remains permanently empty, the auto-reply thing is disabled for me, and the site has reverted to the default look…
I don't know what's happening, can anyone help?

Anonymous 9874

what browser do you use?
is javascript enabled?

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 9875

Do you have javascript, if so, is it emabled ?
That is probably your issue

!!Littlepip 9876

Open Tools -> Web Developer -> Web Console, refresh the page, and tell me if there are errors showing up in it. You may want to disable the Net and CSS views, and make sure JS and Logging are enabled. Maybe take a screenshot of it.

Nightshade!YUL65dGygI 9877

Javascript is enabled, or at least firefox is saying it is…
The log is filled with nothing but errors, of the CSS and JS variety.

!!Littlepip 9878

I need to see them. (For some reason the automatic error reporting code doesn't seem to be working for you.)

Are you using any browser add-ons?

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