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Anonymous 9869

Enable post editing for /anon/, por favor.
Also can you put the options somewhere on the post itself like Pchan, rather than next to the delete option?

Anonymous 9870

>/mlp/ users having post editing ability
I dunno man I kinda see potential abuse with that. It seems logical for /fic/ and /rp/ as they're for more structured things. /anon/ isn't like anything they have, and is a different beast entirely.


There's a few more things I miss from pchan that I'd like to see mlpchan adopt too, if possible, a catalog search view and an /all/ board.

I maybe could help you with the coding if free time is the only thing standing in your way. My skype is in the email.


>no results found for that Skype name
The staff have their Skype's listed >>9782 though.

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