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Resuming saved threads Anonymous 9806

Would it be possible to save a thread on the internet or your computer and then upload the thread right on the board, with all the archived posts and images and then resume posting in it?

Anonymous 9807

Even heinessen doesn't have that. I mean, it saves the threads, the posts, and thumbnails, but not the images, and you can't resume posting in it, it's just an archive.

I don't know of anything that just perpetually keeps threads around, in a postable state, with their images and everything.


File: 1373313100117.png (410.49 KB, 1000x1000, ♪Fatfree Shake♪.png)

i'd say most likely not
you can save threads as .html files with all the pics and stuff (i've done it on a few occasions) but it doesn't seem possible to post in it

I don't know of any way that would keep threads around in a postable state

!!Littlepip 9819

Threads die. If you want to resume a thread from an archive, just make a new post and link to the archive or a screenshot of the thread.

>heinessen … you can't resume posting in it, it's just an archive.
You can make posts to heinessen's archives after the main thread has 404d.

Anonymous 9820

oh shit, really? huh.

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