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Download Button Anonymous 9799

Now I'm not one to complain but i cant help bu notice the lack of a download button for pictures.I really hate having to save pictures and would rather just have a convenient little button.

Anonymous ## Mod 9801

It's already on our list of things do to.
At the moment, A catalog (+ search) for the site, an /all/ board, and a post filter are our main concerns.
I've actually been wanting one myself, so I'm going to go ahead and see if I can write a setting for it right away, but, no guarantees. I am not a 1337 H4X0R by any stretch of the imagination, and my coding skill isn't exactly the greatest

Anonymous ## Mod 9802

Terribly sorry, but it seems I can't do anything as a download image button requires some server side scripting, and I don't have access to the server. It will be implemented when more pressing additions to the site are finished being added.


File: 1373313275680.png (26.13 KB, 945x945, Hell if i know.png)

i can see how that would be very convenient and helpful but i'm not a staff member and i wouldn't know how to code it but i'm behind the idea and i know it's on their "To Do List"

PedoRapingLoliNigger 9830


What is an /all/ board?

Anonymous 9831

Use JDownloader. Add the thread link to it, and JDownloader will load all the images in the thread, spoilered images included.

Or better, use the DownThemAll firefox extension. I know it downloads the images at original resolution.

Anonymous 9833

an /all/ board is a board that has checkboxes with the names of all the other boards, and whichever boards you pick (picking as many as you want) it shows you the threads from all those boards you picked.
So it's like being able to see all the boards on the site as if they were one board. Or you can leave out one or two if you aren't interested in them.

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