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File: 1373034351279.png (33.13 KB, 300x225, 4chase.png)

/mlp/ refugees Anonymous 9768

I'm not a brony or whatever but just mildly curious about this chan ever since the shitstorm that ensued over /mlp/ moderation in 4chan /q/
How much traffic has increased over the past two months?
Big spike over previous months or just same old same old?

Anonymous 9769

A significant increase for /anon/, where most of the refugee generals and individuals have gone, and a moderate amount of people who now check both /mlp/ and /anon/.

Anonymous 9780

There's also a minor amount of spill over to other boards, as some people from /mlp/ decided to check out the rest of the site.

Anonymous 9793

Is /anon/ fucking up for anyone else right now?

Anonymous 9794

Anything specific?

Anonymous 9795

refreshing pages and posts not showing up

!!Littlepip 9796

Can you give a screenshot?

Anonymous 9797

Anonymous 9798

File: 1373258738771.png (212.83 KB, 2628x1088, somthinsomethin.png)

I'm pretty sure a screenshot wouldn't help but whatever.

!!Littlepip 9800

Did you load the /anon/ index before post 75354 was made? Everything looks fine to me right now.

Anonymous 9805

One more thing: theres this faggot going around bumping dead threads to the front page.
can you make that stop happening?

Anonymous 9808

You mean this guy >>9806

Anonymous 9809

just some random fag
i ignored it the first tim it happened because i thought it would go away or he would stop licking penis but then he didn't

Anonymous 9810

File: 1373296578153.png (453.6 KB, 1126x744, filename.png)


Anonymous 9812

Yeah, that's him.
He wants to 'save' all the threads from reaching the end of the board. Or something. For some reason.

Seems like he's a bit fucked up to me, but his posts were deleted and the threads saged.


File: 1373312980684.png (127.96 KB, 463x463, ♪Cup o Tea♪.png)

i don't have the exact statistics cuz i'm not part of the staff but i would say there has been a large increase in activity, mostly on /anon

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