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File: 1373010988527.png (157.14 KB, 499x500)

!!Big Macintosh ## Mod 9762

Hey there.
I'll be modding alongside these fine folks who've been keeping this place all right and nice for the past year.
You'll probably see me here on /site/ or modding on /anon/ as an anon mod for the most part.
You probably know me as Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash or Arctic!TEMPeStR9o.


File: 1373011164230.png (63.99 KB, 153x179, 6216c5f4ce95a43e362f0261e0e76b…)

Water you doing?
G-get outta here!

!!Big Macintosh 9764

File: 1373011567811.png (66.87 KB, 348x600)

Admiral Yang Wenli 9765

File: 1373012428560.png (251.65 KB, 626x470, Oy.vey.png)

I didn't even know you posted here.

It's the opinion of the entire staff that !!Big Mac is criminally insane.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9766

File: 1373012642167.png (208.41 KB, 500x500, 131865312100.png)

I've been posting as anon since /mlp/ moved in. And I never posted a ton to begin with outside of /site/ and /chat/.

I might as well be

Anonymous 9767

Because he posts almost exclusively anonymously, which is in keeping with the balance of anonymous posting and tripfagging here.


File: 1373036617778.png (201.42 KB, 800x800, 352137__safe_solo_big%252Bmaci…)


is this america

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 9771

good luck

Admiral Yang Wenli 9772

Yeah, by the time that >>9766 was posted, I realized that if you looked at it from where you sat, I never post on /anon/ either.

Anonymous 9773

It's mexico.

Thanks Marisa. Sad I missed you by a few weeks, would have been fun to mod alongside you.

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 9774

File: 1373047002152.jpg (239.18 KB, 600x849, e6a4a85711f954450d0801f371fe3b…)


Same. I was really looking forward to it, because I had a feeling you'd get modded at some point because of how helpful you are.

Oh well, do yer best. Don't gay things up too hard

Anonymous 9775

Aww, well shucks, I appreciate that more than you know.

I shall, and I won't. We already have Tom, Thony, AND The Mouz, how much more gay could I possibly make it?

Anonymous 9776

File: 1373048983152.png (134.94 KB, 399x339, scaredlra.png)

>checks out thread
>music loads

!!Big Macintosh 9777

File: 1373049074516.png (40.85 KB, 368x339)

I won't be doing it too much, this was just a fun excuse

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9778

File: 1373053250799.png (204.63 KB, 391x245, pinkie G3 have some cake.png)

aww, this site can have only one !!Pinkie Pie

I hope you can still have like a giant lot of fun, though.
Happy hunting!

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9779

I'm a lot more laid back now, not really as pinkie as I once was.
I will though, thanks for the encouragement.

The Illusive BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 9783

File: 1373099195365.jpg (23.53 KB, 664x373, 1244515.jpg)

I knew you would end up being a mod.

Anonymous 9785

File: 1373122594225.png (772.87 KB, 800x600, holy shit.png)

>You'll probably see me here on /site/ or modding on /anon/
>You'll probably see me modding on /anon/

>Not moding as anon on /anon/

Anonymous ## Mod 9786

All the moderation we do on /anon/ is done Anonymous, as above. He just means that because he spends a lot of time on /anon/ he's likely to be one of the ones attending to it.

Though it rarely needs attending, actually - a combination of the lax guidelines and most /anon/s working things out for themselves.

Anonymous 9787

File: 1373124300319.png (185.14 KB, 421x421, D.png)

true, we did just fine on /mlp/ before they startded giving us janitors and mods

!!Big Macintosh 9788

File: 1373134892218.jpg (26 KB, 429x410)

>You'll probably see me here on /site/ or modding on /anon/ as an anon mod
>modding on /anon/ as an anon mod
>as an anon mod

I don't intend to put my name on on /anon/ under any circumstances, unless the situation truly calls for it; which should be never, given how /anon/ is formatted.

How, Are you a spy?

The Illusive BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 9789

File: 1373169758502.png (15.29 KB, 604x560, LOL_I_DUNNO_by_Vorkedlarfleeze…)

Yes I am.

I even have some of your Chat logs with the Admin.

[7/4/2013 1:42:19 AM] Anonthony: You like dick?

[7/4/2013 3:17:54 AM] Legendary: I love dick actually.

[7/4/2013 3:27:17 AM] Anonthony: You like my dick?

[7/4/2013 3:27:40 AM] Legendary: I do yes, where are you going with this?

[7/4/2013 3:31:13 AM] Anonthony: Oh nowhere really, hey would you like to be a mod? All you have to do is sign this contract. The offer expires in like a minute so you don't really have time to read it.

[7/4/2013 3:31:55 AM] Legendary: Okay I agreed to it.

[7/4/2013 3:34:23 AM] Anonthony: Great! You can be Big Macintosh…~

!!Big Macintosh 9790

File: 1373173349941.png (148.02 KB, 792x624)

Where did you get t-that!?

The Illusive BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 9791

File: 1373175044179.gif (15.33 KB, 106x96, desktop_spy_trotting_by_clockw…)

I wouldn't be a very good spy if I was going to ever say who or what my contacts are.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9792

File: 1373175935400.png (62.5 KB, 626x361, 131697863095.png)

It was thony, wasn't it

The Illusive BatBane!FXDOOMLlfE 9813

I'll give you a hint.

It was someone who can physically get on your computer.


File: 1373312879536.png (104.75 KB, 721x800, Lyra indifferent.png)


PedoRapingLoliNigger 9828


What kind of moderation is even done on /anon/? I mean, I don't know if it's still there now, but last night there was a real bestiality thread with over 100 posts. Is that allowed?

The feeling I get is that /anon/ is kind of like the /b/ of MLPchan, except it's actually good unlike 4chan's /b/, and it's still at least vaguely MLP-themed.

It's essentially /mlp/ with even less mods and NSFW is allowed–which don't get me wrong is fantastic, and I hope it stays that way for the most part.

I also think it's really cool that the mods here take so much time to interact and have fun with the community, even the "refugees" from /mlp/. On 4chan the mods hardly do anything except silently ban people.

Anonymous ## Mod 9839

it's basically just looking for severe rule breaking.
/anon/ is intended to be /mlp/ during the time before scruffy went nuts.
Technically, there's more mods, we just actually know how to run a community, and we don't have a hateboner for ponies, and we listen to the community rather than try to control them.
I'm glad you appreciate our interaction with you fine horsefuckers, it's really enjoyable for us too. It's a really nice feeling knowing that you guys know you can trust us, actually.
4chan sets a very shitty example of what moderation is like throughout the web, but it has a very small set of advantages that can't be achieved without having a moderation system like they do, and in the end, it does work for them, most of the time.

Anonymous 9840


Well thank you, we really do appreciate it. It's funny, /mlp/ has definitely settled down but I actually like here better mainly because of how the mods are and of course because here we get our porn. It's just crazy, because of 4chan's global rule 15 there is literally no place on the site where you can post clop. You can post loli, yiff, bestiality, scat, gore etc. all on at least /b/, but you post anything explicit with an MLP character and you get banned. We've complained about it endlessly, and they refuse to do anything. The thing about 4chan's mods and moot is that they are extremely selective about what they choose to respond to, and in really dumb ways. Like moot won't say a word about the state of /mlp/ when everyone is freaking out about it starting ten threads at once on /q/ (/q/ is 4chan's meta board), but then he goes and posts in an off-topic doubles thread. It's like really?? And I'm such a fucking sucker, I actually bought a 4chan Pass with my own money that I earned and I STILL can't post pony porn anywhere. I mean it's not like I was expecting to be exempt from the rules but you would think moot would show a little more care towards what he himself described as one of the largest sub-cultures to ever come out of 4chan.

One of the great things about this site is that it has a decent amount of traffic but it hasn't caught the attention of tons of underage posters or spammers. I mean there's not even captcha here which is absolutely amazing. It's funny because moot said he was NEVER going to implement captcha, and then a couple years later he's CHARGING people to get RID of it. Anyways I just think it's difficult for forums/imageboards to have a good balance of noticeably active moderation that helps things instead of pissing people off. Like I said, the 4chan mods just silently ban people, and then on sites like 7chan or 420chan you get publicly banned just for making mistakes…basically Nazi moderation. You guys seem to do it really well here, I think it's important that the users like the mods instead of just being afraid of them.

Anonymous 9841


Oh and while you're here, I have a question about one of the rules–it says that we're not allowed to post foalcon anywhere on this site, but I'm unclear about whether this literally means we just can't post baby-fucking, or whether we can't post filly porn either (like the CMC). I don't care about the whole babyfucking thing, but a lot of us from /mlp/ REALLY like filly porn, and since Fluffy Pony (which is basically torturing mentally challenged toddlers) is allowed here, then it would make since for filly porn to be allowed as well. I know there is that whole stigma related to pedophilia, but it's perfectly legal, it's only a cartoon and in America that is protected by free speech (which is why it's okay to post loli on /b/ for example). I won't post it if you guys truly won't allow it, but I think you should seriously consider allowing filly porn images/stories (on the proper boards).

Anonymous ## Mod 9843

File: 1373427114865.png (208.48 KB, 848x942)

(Different mod)

I'm also glad you've found things to your liking, and the balance we've tried to strike between being around and involved without distracting from the community, and between structure and freedom.

As for the clop issues, it's a question of gray area legal issues; Canada in particular has a notable Supreme Court case defining any depictions (real or fictional) portraying characters reasonably presumed under-age in any sexual situations may be subject to punishment. Now, it's especially hard to define things when the characters being portrayed… aren't human, and have no given or presumed ages (let alone.. whether, uh, whatever age a cartoon horse is considered 'of age.' I mean, it just feels weird in and of itself to discuss the issue. Is Rarity 23 in analogous human years? Do they age similarly to humans? Who the hell knows, really.)

While we definitely prohibit foalcon and any really child-like depictions of characters in sexual situations, I think it should be noted that foal =/= filly, and it's especially hard to make distinctions of characters when the main characters refer to each other as fillies at times. I would say that abiding by the tag-and-spoiler system and not posting the extreme kind of material that will catch unwanted attention, and using good judgement, and if a staff member comes across something that looks out of line and deletes it, understanding that it's not an easy judgement call. Bans are few and far between, as well, and you'll almost always find a warning or note if you're too close to the line, and we rarely have people push that and they tend to respect it. The fluffy pony example is an apt one; what the hell is a fluffy pony in relation to human age, anyways - and their depictions are often violent or bizarre in nature but it's impossible to classify them, let alone pass judgement on them. I know this isn't a concrete answer and I do wish I could give you something clearer but the world is a weird place and we'll try to be as flexible as we can.


File: 1373427311354.png (205.61 KB, 640x360, neutral.png)


Tex 9851

File: 1373487745256.png (36.3 KB, 519x172, yup.png)

Jesus Christ youre still alive

Big McIn!ToshdAyGxE 9855

File: 1373505342665.jpg (38.56 KB, 499x500, big mac shades.jpg)

been a few months, hasn't it?

Anonymous 9858

can we get this deleted?

Anonymous 9859

on /anon/


dubs threads aren't against the rules, why do you want it deleted?

Ideally, reporting a thread is the best way to get the mods attention, but this is fine too

Anonymous 9865

cross board linking is achieved like so


File: 1373780806204.png (100.83 KB, 709x911, sweetie561.png)

Do you have steams new sir? I like to bug mods.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9885

I don't know what you mean by streams, but, I'm available on Skype. Mod contact in the sticky is the easiest way to add me =)

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9886

I swear I'm just blind.
Link to profile Here


File: 1373787788970.jpg (16.8 KB, 207x196, sweetie456.jpg)

Not your fault. I write like a silly idiot.
Thank you sir. I like forward to harassing you with my various needs.

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