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Anonymous 9760

I always found it weird how imageboards don't have the option of a gallery format. That and a slideshow viewing, plus changing pictures manually through the left&right keys

Anonymous 9781

I like the way you think.


File: 1373313446114.png (315.89 KB, 379x535, 132611733860.png)

that would be nice for people who enjoy going to this place for pictures, but someone like me who uses it more for conversing wouldn't have much of a use for it, plus i can imagine it'd be very hard to code as i know the staff is short on those

Anonymous 12955


Anonymous 12956

Agreed, more or less. I think it would be an under-utilized feature because while this is an "image"board, most people come these kind of websites to discuss something or just talk to people. There are exceptions obviously, but I mean in general.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 12957

Since this thread was made, we've added board catalog pages. Not exactly the same type of gallery format OP is talking about, but similar in spirit.

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