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Thank you some troll 9333

I'm not really used to this because mods only banned me so far. This time I'd like to thank the mod at /anon/EQG leaked thread for being there, posting just in the right time. At all the other places I would have been banned by default for causing drama even if I was right. At first it wasn't my intention to troll but seeing them raging then spouting nonsense like they knew how things worked then reporting me… I just couldn't let it pass. I would also like to apologize for exploiting their misinformation about the site's nature. It wasn't a fair play, I admit but at least it'll teach them.
On behalf of all underaged posters on this site I thank you for standing up for us.

Anonymous 9345

On behalf of all the other underage posters on the site:
please don't pull shit that dumb again. I already dislike the stigma that all kids are shit, but escaping it is only a matter a time, and while I'm still stuck being one, I'd really appreciate not giving them even more reason to hate. Please just, relax, take a step back and think about this kinda shit before you post. Thanks dude. And seriously. Keep your age to yourself. It's simply not smart to post that kinda stuff. Regardless, thanks for the repentance, I'm sure the mod appreciates it.

Royal !xMoon2pIQ. 9362

File: 1372100466452.jpg (181.46 KB, 665x720, 1372003914644.jpg)

You probably should have expected it.
All though, 4chan is the best for announcing being underage. I haven't been a minor for good few months now, and I still like doing it.

Anonymous 9376

That faggot i still raging on that thread over there. Ban everyone for a few days or something. Even me. Someone needs to shut that asshole up.

I swear if I see 'get rektd' one more time I'm gonna throw puppies in a woodchipper.

Anonymous 9377


Anonymous 9378

lemme see if i can do this right


Anonymous 9379

I think 'mr rektd' is responsible for the recent rash of extreme shitposting and contrarianism on /anon/

He HAS to be underage. He literally acts like a kid that just discovered the internet. He should be fucking around on /b/, not here.

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 9380

File: 1372286074845.png (175.61 KB, 900x742)

You're welcome - it's our job.
Yeah, that was me.

some troll 9381

you rock woo hooooo!

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