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Anonymous 9176

I want to say thanks.
Thanks to the mods I've seen giving short mutes to non-contributing namefags/tripfags in /anon/.

I think this is a very good idea, and I would like to see it happen more often.

I urge everyone to come visit /anon/ as often as they want, just leave the name/trip/avatar back on your home board. You can namefag a little when contributing art, stories, rping, or other original content. Even then that's only if you really need the attention to stroke your ego, or for keeping things straight while rping. If you just want to hang out, drop the name/trip/avatar and join in the fun!

Once again, thanks to the based anonymous mods for muting name/tripfags. Keep up the good work.

tl;dr: Some mods are muting namefags on /anon/. MOAR! MOAR! MOAR!

Anonymous ## Admn 9185

We appreciate that. It's just a short message in the form of a ban-screen further encouraging anonymity if not being used for the purpose of contributing (writing, drawing, some other contribution) or being the OP of a thread where knowing who the OP is somehow is relevant.

A name/tripcode has a valid purpose, so excessive use of them outside of that valid purpose on a board specifically for anonymous free expression should, at least in my opinion, be met with some encouragement to rethink that. Just as I've also designated that the staff should always use Anonymous tags when on /anon/ instead of their moderator name, to avoid any appearances of favoritism or bias.

Anonymous 9187

I agree. I don't want yall to just go dicking down namefags on /anon/, but they DO need a little reminder of how we do things there. A little tap on the shoulder, and a, "Hey, don't be that guy" are good encouragement IMHO.

Like I said, please keep it up.

Anonymous ## Admn 9188

I should note - it's not a ban. It's not a rule violation and we don't go nazi-gung-ho for anything, least of all something small. The amount of bans we issue in a day can almost always be counted on one hand if you don't count spambots (the tradeoff of no capcha).

Will do. Thank you for the message, anon.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 9194

I mean, I understand that tripcodes are pretentious, but if I'm just chilling out and not acting like I'm all that, I'd like to namefag.

Is this just an ingrained thing, like, I'm being a stupid tourist by not wanting to do the whole anonymity thing? I swear I'm not like that guy in that one image who tries to talk himself up and act like he wants people to know who he is.

Though I'm not gonna lie it's awfully nice to talk to people who recognize you and vice versa.

Tactical!fRainBOoMw 9195

Oh, okay, well, I just actually read the replies instead of skimming them, so disregard the stupid shit I just said because that makes total sense.


Speaking of /anon/ I had grown quite used to the feature that removed the name field for you. Is there any possibility of getting something like that in the settings or something so we don't have to remove/replace our names. It's a bit of a hassle when you are following thread in both /anon/ and /p/ad as I am wont to do.

>I've also designated that the staff should always use Anonymous tags when on /anon/ instead of their moderator name, to avoid any appearances of favoritism or bias.
I'd actually prefer if they didn't, at least not while doing mod stuff.

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