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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1371771918583.png (216.35 KB, 425x422, something about that cake.png)

A ponychan merger? Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9135Locked[Last 50 Posts]

Because last thread left me with a bitter after taste.
What does mlpchan think should ponychan and mlpchan merge into a single entity again?
Not saying it will definitely happen. But knowing there is community support can help.
What can it potentially mean?
* /anon/ or /free/ would most definitely keep existing in its current form (with NSFW content labels enabled
* a new board structure might be laid out again to accomodate both communities
* staff might be mixed.ponychan moderators in this commynity too
* Ponychan will obviously transplant its culture here too as communities mixed
* a satisfying for both staffs list of community rules will probably be discussed. (though in all fairness I don't see big differences here)
So, should mods be capable of finding eachother in the merger, would the mlpchan community be positive about the idea?
Again,I'mnot promising anything about the cooperation of ponychan staff on the idea.
An official, public discussion thread for the staffs has been opened. >>>/test/361
Please do not post in this thread, but you may read all the staff responses.

Current status: >>9672
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Anonymous 9139

Not a lot of people use /site/ (just like with /meta/) but probably a little less so because there isn't usually much complaint or issues. A bigger issue than that is that there isn't a group of "regulars" for /site/ like there is for /meta/. So it may take a while for people to comment on this.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9140

File: 1371774723527.png (174.16 KB, 340x420, lemme think.png)

Well, title should be enough to lure in people passing by.

BatBane 9141

File: 1371774879778.jpg (21.27 KB, 493x402, image.jpg)

I would really not want to merge with ponychan myself but there are a few things that can be done to start to make me give it a second thought.

1) Macil or Thony to be admin alongsidethe current admin of ponychan and they are to hae equal power.

2) Around 2 or 3 of our mods need to be mods on ponychan after the merge. Them saying some could easily be just one and how pchan chooses mods whoever they pick will mighty morph into Zoomanda.

3) Some of our posters may be banned from ponychan, they should have their bans lifted and be given another chance since their current home will be destroyed.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9142

File: 1371775293875.png (217.89 KB, 344x359, cunning plan.png)

> 1) Macil or Thony to be admin alongsidethe current admin of ponychan and they are to hae equal power.
Seems feasible.

> 2) Around 2 or 3 of our mods need to be mods on ponychan after the merge. Them saying some could easily be just one and how pchan chooses mods whoever they pick will mighty morph into Zoomanda.

I personally would hope to be more, best assigned in overview of the board.

> 3) Some of our posters may be banned from ponychan, they should have their bans lifted and be given another chance since their current home will be destroyed.

this also does seem pretty much self evident.


File: 1371775853055.png (262.97 KB, 851x938, surprise34.png)

all i hope is that this never happends lol

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9144

File: 1371776602696.png (245.39 KB, 425x422, is this another intervention.p…)

You're quite the regular on both sites and don't seem to have much trouble with either.
Any particular reason why you'd hope this?


File: 1371776789297.png (326.28 KB, 1500x2847, surprise27.png)

well imo these two sites are just so different, you know?

that and we have a entirely different crowd. even formed it's own culture if you will.

so… i guess keeping them apart is best i think.

cuz both sites are nice and they do their own thing.

also id be a pain to merge the two i am sure :p

Anonymous 9146

I certainly wouldn't mind ponychan joining us. Seems more efficient to have one website. But a 'merger' implies we're importing more than just people.

What aspect of ponychan's structure would mlpchan be improved by importing?

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9147

File: 1371777863623.png (202.23 KB, 425x422, why do I even have all these c…)

Depends on what you consider improvement. Ponychan has /collab/ stuff running, a vibrant /pony/ community. Active /rp/ story lines.
A /dis/ board comunity?

A structural review would be on the agenda and whether these things are a plus. Most people on mlpchan would sit rather cosy, so it won't matter much.

Anonymous 9148

One of the things I'm concerned about are the glaring rule differences.
as far as I remember, ponychan allows zero NSFW
MLPchan allows it across /fic/, /art/ and /anon/, and aside from that, a lot of the community here doesn't particularly…well…like ponychan. A lot of people hold on to grudges longer then I do, and it would be unfair to force them into a position like that.
And also, moderatorship.
This is coming from personal experience as someone who's been an admin on numerous sites, as well as a mod on even more.
It is of my personal opinion that the mods on ponychan aside from 34 and yourself, but that's another story need to be relieved of duty for an indeterminate (non permanent) amount of time. If for nothing else then their mental health. Moony and rainbro especially. I knew rainbro before he was a mod, and suffice it say, it's turned him into quite an asshole. Maybe that's just him? I don't know. But I do know that all of the mods need a good heaping helping dose of humility, not because they aren't humble, but because being a mod disconnects you from the community, regardless of anything you can possibly do, aside from logging out for a month and not modding, and being disconnected from the community does not make for a good staffer.

Regardless, I'd like to see this happen, at some point in the future. I hope that none of them take it personally aside from rainbro~ and understand where I'm coming from. Though, if they, and the community feels that they should stay in place, whoever it is is being discussed, then who am I to judge.

TGSB 9149

Ok, I've been discussing this merger on ponychan for a while now, and I really believe a lot of the questions that have been brought up have already been discussed.

1. There will be moderators from both sides and some may step down
2. Porn or NSFW might be allowed under tags similar to here
3. Its genuinely being done because we admitted that our moderation messed up back then
4. We really don't feel are communities are as different as some think and are willing to accept you back if you are willing to accept us

Overall, I urge you guys to really consider this and make your own terms so we can work on a compromise

Anonymous 9151

1 is fine. While there are some mods on ponychan I really don'y like or think they should still be mods, as long as they leave me the hell alone i could live with it
2 is a must. it would only be /anon/, /fic/ and /art/ anyways so no big deal. It would be on better servers anyways, sure ponychan has themselves all set up and everything but why not upgrade anyways?
3 of course. they can't NOT admit that. I really don't feel that orange needs to be involved. it is a genuine concern he may say fuck it again and deelete the site like he almost did twice before. and every Zamoonda thing no one trusts him. It's not like "oh a few people don't trust him." some of the staff don't even trust him. it's time for him to really hand off to Mithent for real now.
4 i don't disagree. sure. But seeing some of the comments in the thread there, you definitely have some people who aren't even willing to accept people who post anonymously. let alone anything else. what I really want is to see a little pride swallowed. ponychan's "culture" isn't some amazing thing to be glorified. it's downright terrible at times and honestly posters like GPT and Rocktavia and Recetear and Gamma make me close my browser immediately. i don't want to judge the whole by a few, but it's hard not to.

Anonymous 9152


I'm fairly certain that any kind of merge that took place would give MLPchan's staff roughly equal power to Ponychan's, nothing to worry about there. I'd agree that bans should be reexamined for some members, since it would be pretty mean to just chuck a bunch of people out the window.


I'm still of the opinion that we're more similar than either site gives the other credit for, and there are users on either board that think things are too slow with things the way they are. The combined boards are intended, primarily, to increase traffic.


The exact board structure of things has yet to be determined and could end up being something fairly different from either site. The primary point of the merger is just combining our user bases, though.


Rules would no doubt be subject to change as well. People on either site not liking the other site is a thing, but I don't feel like the number of people against the merge are vastly superior to the number of people who would support one.

I somewhat agree on the point about mods needing a break and would absolutely suggest that to them, but I don't think forcing the mods off the staff from either site is something that's in the cards for a merger. As soon as one site is given more staff power than the other people will complain that their site is simply dying and all their users are jumping ship. Both sites need equal representation were a merger to occur.


Ponychan definitely has its fair share of elitists, but I honestly think that they're choking the site and that at some point we need to ignore those people and move forward with plans to get more of the fandom involved with Ponychan again rather than letting everyone else hate us and get scared off the site by a few hate-fueled individuals.

Anonymous 9153

>I'm fairly certain that any kind of merge that took place would give MLPchan's staff roughly equal power to Ponychan's, nothing to worry about there.

That seems like something to worry about.

Anonymous 9154


I can't tell whether that's due to bias against Ponychan's staff or MLPchan's staff, but there are individuals from either site who are thinking the same thing.

TGSB 9155

I agree on all parts.

At this point its all a pipe dream, and I am sorta speaking for the whole site when I shouldn't…but I think its definitely something that we should go for.

And on orange? I think we are going for a new domain…so orange may or may not be involved by the end of it

Nash!RpQzSCoUts 9156

File: 1371783444563.jpg (99.55 KB, 400x399, 1371322589006.jpg)

So, what would merging the two sites accomplish? You gotta ask yourself why we'd do this in the first place.

TGSB 9157

Both sites were declining in post numbers before /mlp/ and have been somewhat insular.

In general I have a lot of people who I like on both sites and I want to see us whole again.

Not only will it nearly double our userbase, and I believe it will way more than double our post count per minute.

I can only think of a few things that would go wrong and a lot that would improve

Anonymous 9158

MLPchan was made AFTER /mlp/, so it couldn't have had "declining post numbers" before /mlp/

Anonymous 9159


He means prior to /mlp/'s recent troubles. MLPchan's posts have gone up quite a bit since then, so it'd be wrong to say they were still declining, but this hit the table a few days before that happened, which is why it was proposed.

TGSB 9160


Anonymous 9161

I still am kinda of subject to the whole merger thing.

We arguably have better software here, as well as a few features which would hard to duplicate on kusabaX even if it's been heavily edited, and any features over there that would be demanded can be ported over. At that point, it would seem to make more sense to:

Change the domain name here
Retains records of ponychan bans, and what not, and instead of mix sites, mix something less huge perhaps the sql tables?
Merge boards from ponychan directly via their files and tables not as hard as you might think
Make mod those who deem to be modded from both sites.
Edit the names of boards that need to be edited our /chat/ and /oat/ are now /oat/, and that may be…strange, for the ponychanners that aren't accustomed to that structure
And then write up a guide line for rules and what not.
I love the idea of mixing the communities, but I don't so much love the idea of mixing some of the technical aspects, especially given that a large part of your code has been written by Zamoonda. I don't care how many times macil or mithent have looked it over, I am uncomfortable with him knowing any backside structure of the new site.

And as for a name

Anonymous 9162


I think that's roughly what people had in mind, yeah. Certainly all things I could agree with.

Anonymous 9163

The primary benefits people have so far considered are the following - some are potential solutions to challenges or problems one or both face, and some are philosophical or some other reason:

A) Combined site traffic in a single space. It is no secret that Ponychan, formerly the only real option for people to go to for a pony imageboard (a unique experience different from forums and other types of sites), has drastically fallen from it's place with the advent of /mlp/ and MLPchan. With /mlp/ now firmly ensconced as the number one most active place for pony imageboard traffic, with its connection to 4chan - by far the largest imageboard in the world - places like Ponychan and MLPchan find themselves in the unenviable position of being in competition with that unbeatable location (even if they don't want to be competing with it.) The combined activity and userbase would solve one major issue for Ponychan - that it has steadily declined and has shown no sign of that trend changing any time soon.
B) Greater recognition in the rest of the fandom. MLPchan, while 'newer' and on the rise, does not have the name recognition or brand power that Ponychan has enjoyed for its 2 and a half a years. It has more history, and more established links, more long-term name power. While some of that is muddled up with a somewhat less than savory reputation, it is still something.
C) The sites are largely very similar - at least, since the attempts over the last year at Ponychan to loosen its draconian rules and moderation tactics, which were no small reason why this site was formed and why its members left Ponychan in the first place. There still remains the issue of its old administration lingering around, but the sites - despite a few subgroups of outliers who are either ruthlessly dead-set against Ponychan on principle or vigorously hate "anons" on MLPchan - have similar purposes, overlapping identities and sharing a future may serve them better than competing for the small subset of people who may be interested in pony imageboards.
D) Both have things to offer each other. Ponychan has a definite larger subgroup of show enthusiasts and overanlysers, a few more project oriented content creators (outside of /anon/, that is), and so on. MLPchan has a definite better relationship with certain other sites, more anonymous contributors, and so on. Ponychan also has valuable and loyal users who like to give back. MLPchan has a growing /rp/ community already nearly rivaling Ponychan's, as well as most of the hearts and minds of the /fic/ review crowd. MLPchan also has an incredibly gifted coding and system administrator, as well as an active and very visible leadership in its community administrator. Ponychan has no shortage of users willing to contribute to activities and projects.

This leads us to the challenges and obstacles of such a thing.
1) There is no shortage of butthurt and mistrust between some individuals involved. There was no small amount of burned bridges a year ago on both sides.

2) Some people may willingly stand in the way to prevent this from happening, and not on the grounds they don't think it will be good for the community.

3) It will be very difficult to convince the majority of this site to willingly put itself back under the rule of Ponychan moderators and administration - especially if Orange is still involved, and especially if some of them insist on certain people here not being involved.

4) It will be very difficult to convince the majority of the more… let's call them sensitive Ponychan users to accept an influx roughly their own size, of people who specifically prefer looser rules and less restrictions on behavior and content (even though the site itself used to be home to a lot of that, before it's rapid descent into strict rules and regulations.)

5) A new board structure will have to be created - just after this site restructured and while Ponychan is currently considering restructure. Almost everyone wants fewer boards, less divisions and less needless 'bloat'. Many here will already be content with the minimalist approach to boards.

6) Moving to a new server and or servers - and putting them in a person's name, as well as a new domain (if one of the existing ones is not to be used.) There will be petty, pointless struggle internally over who gets that 'privilege.'

7) The staffing. There are people here who, some with good reason, strongly thing there are Ponychan mods who should not be in the position. And there's no doubt there some who think the same of staff here. While Mithent and Macil are both beyond anyone's doubts and I don't think anyone would have legitimate objection to their co-adminship, it's been noted already in this thread and the counterpart thread on Ponychan that there's a desire by users to see one or two others in positions of authority, and that definitely seemed to be a point of contention with some of the rest of the staff. While they really do just serve the community, many people often take the job of 'mod' to mean some kind of special privilege or seniority or entitlement to object to things they don't like, rather than based on legitimate concern for the community. A fair and equitable balance of equal representation at each level of authority would be a must - at the admin level and the technical aspects, at the level of managing the community, and at the level of moderating that community. And it is difficult to see that being agreed to by some people involved.

8) Carrying over the best parts of both site's technical matters. The Tinyboard setup here and its extensive inline features as well as Ponychan's internal methods of dealing with raids and spam and all its lengthy bans on the numerous proxies that have attempted to abuse it over it's long history.

Some of the other suggestions seemed a little less… on the nose. Ponyboards.net? Shed the whole "____chan" stigma?

Anonymous 9164

I would like to expand on one of the points here, as well. The lack of strong leadership currently at Ponychan, very well illustrated by their ongoing struggle to do something with their /oat/ & /chat/ situation. A situation which has been raised time and time again for well over a year, with nothing having been done. They are currently on yet another round of discussions about it in the last few months – and on their third round of "polling" because they don't have the leadership to make decisions and go with them, too afraid of making waves since the former administration used to make arbitrary and capricious decisions seemingly at whim, so instead of striking the balance between community input and decision-making, they've swung all the way to the other side of the spectrum of being too afraid to do anything now. I get the impression there simply doesn't exist a comparable leadership structure to make this decision without months upon months upon months of tedious bureaucratic wrangling all potentially for naught. If they can't even render a decision on two boards in under 6 months, decisions effecting the entire site (and another entire site) would by that count take 6 years to come about - if ever, and that's without taking into consideration that there may be people who try to stop it anyways.

Anonymous 9165

a board is a message board.
A chan (channel) is an imageboard.
I'm in favour of keeping the *chan appendment.

Anonymous 9166

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to post as thoroughly as I would like, but hopefully I'll be able to expound upon things later.

On the surface, we're talking about a Ponychan/MLPchan merger, but the reality is much deeper than that.

At this time, both sides need to identify all major interest groups and compile a list of their non-negotiable terms. Many would agree that MLPchan and Ponychan have many similarities, but the #1 question is do they have enough for compatibility.

Different interest groups have different non-negotiable terms. For instance, from what I have gleamed in the last two weeks, MLPchan's /oat/ requires a board that is completely SFW and not strictly canon-material related. /mlp/ expats, on the other hand, mostly insist on a board where NSFW is permissible. Those two interest are directly incompatible, so they should represent two different groups in the negotiations. /fic/ and /rp/ come to mind as well. I'm sure Ponychan has a similar situation.

At the end of the day, after all of the non-negotiable terms have been compiled from both sides, it should be apparent to a group of rational people whether or not a merger is possible. Other things can be built upon that foundation if it exists, but finding that lowest common denominator should be the priority for now.

Also, I would encourage people not to use "increased traffic" as a plus at this stage. If the fundamentals of the merge are shaky or truly non-existent, that traffic boost will dry up really fast. The focus needs to be on how the fundamental interests of most (and hopefully all) groups are advanced by a merge. I believe that more people posting together would lead to more productive and enjoyable conversations and collaborations, but I don't have the data to support this conjecture at the moment. However, it seems I am not alone and I hope that regardless of what happens, the best interests of all groups are at the forefront of the discussion.

TGSB 9167

I may be wrong, but isn't that what /anon/ is for? It's their NSFW /oat/ really.

I shouldn't speak for the whole site, but I think we mostly would be fine with letting them have a NSFW /anon/ board. I know I would, I might even use it.

Multiple ponychan mods have expressed a want for that.

Anonymous 9168


That's just being negative about the situation, though. If we we stop attempting to do things because we don't expect anything to happen then of course nothing will happen. I understand your concerns about nothing happening, it drives me crazy, but that doesn't mean we should give up on changing things.

Anonymous 9169

But will it be worth it? The chances of spending the next 6 months tied up in circular debate and endless 'polls' and people incapable of making a firm choice, all for likely ending up not happening?

Anonymous 9170


I'm trying to push this to some kind of decision as best as I can, whether that decision is a yes or no. I might start bugging staff about it directly if I need to.

Anonymous 9171

I've been there, man. Whether it was Orange's capricious ways or the current paradigm of wishy-washy hand-wringing 'decision making', it's like getting blood from a stone. And there's a not small part of that community that likes it that way that make it even harder. Likes to argue endlessly over every pointless little detail and make themselves self-important to the conversation when half the time they don't even care that much (or aren't worth listening to.)

Tex 9172

No thanks, whole point of this website was to get away from Ponychan

TGSB 9173

Personally, yes I do believe it will be. We have no reason to believe that either side will grow much and plenty of reason to think they both will surely decline in posting. This could breathe new life into it and throw off the stigmas and stereotypes that we both have.

Plus, we well get to be around a lot of people who aren't that bad. I know a lot of people at ponychan and people here want nothing to do with each other, but at this point in time, we aren't as different as people say. Sure there are some who dismiss it on principle, but the same thing happened a few times in this thread already also.

So yeah, I do believe it's worth it personally

Anonymous 9174

it was actually to get away from the way the site was run.
and orange isn't in charge anymore.
So we're running from a dead man, basically.

Anonymous 9175

Technically* not in charge anymore.

And that ain't saying there aren't still problems with the way it's run. A lot of that is better, but there are a few new problems that getting rid of the old ways created – namely all that total lack of decision making and no strong leaders.

Anonymous 9177

Thony Macil and Mithent
In the event Mithent doesn't want to be an admin, and given his lack of time, that's probably likely, a member from the ponychan staff will be made an admin, I imagine.

Anonymous 9178

I doubt Ponychan would agree to 2 mlpchan admins and 1 ponychan admin. it would have to be something like 1 from each or 2 from each. or the 2 different types they talked about, splitting it into admins for tech and community managers.

Anonymous 9179

Those "two different types" are already in effect.
macil is a networking admin. He doesn't control the site as far as decisions go.
orange acted as two people, thony and macil act as those two people. If people from ponychan legitimately have a problem with it, then they're crazy. But, I'm sure a work around will be met. Thony's already agreed to step down to make the merge happen if it comes to it, but, no one in the community is really as experienced as thony is aside from maybe myself, and I absolutely do not want to admin the new site.

Anonymous 9180

I gota question for anywho who thinks they have a answer. hypothetical situation, lets say this merger happens, and the people of power do everything in their power to make it smooth. Even if the merger goes off without a hitch, and nearly everyone is content at the least, What happens to those who object? Will they need to be exiled? will they just have to 'deal with it'? And i'm not just talking about one site over the other.

TGSB 9181


It would be two community admins with fairly good coding experience, and one full on coding admin.

I doubt Macil would be leading decision making, just facilitating…so I really don't see why not.

I believe this has actually been talked about without TOO much disruption besides the known major one.

TGSB 9182

Personally? I feel they are in the very small minority that would leave without giving it a chance. If it worked as perfectly as said, I trust that people would start to realize that its not bad

But who knows, maybe people would freak out on principle alone.

Anonymous 9183


They'd just have to deal with it for the most part. I don't think the majority is actually against a merger, though. Some especially vocal and obnoxious members might deserve to be exiled, but unless they're just being cunts all over the board they can find the door on their own.

Anonymous 9184

There's always Fimchan, Lunachan, Efchan, whatever. Not any of them are really all that alive, but let's face it – you can't have everything perfect. I'm sure the new, merged community that emerged would try to do what it could to make those people feel like they could get along there, but honestly there are always people who object and you can't please them all.

And we can't overstate Macil's value. He's literally invaluable. I think the question and objection is that it weighs things too heavily in one side's favor still, and so suggestions I saw in the ponychan thread and in the first discussions were to have 2 and 2, macil, mithent, thony and one more ponychan member. that was actually suggested as !!Soarin but he… doesn't want anything to do with ponychan anymore after how talks broke down. Fenolio was another suggestion as a community based admin.

Anonymous 9186

I am if the belief that everything in our power to quell the rage will be done, but..some people just won't have it, sadly. I don't know if anything can be done about them. Perhaps they'll make their own blackjack and hookers chan, who knows. I'd like to appease everyone.

Thony has zero coding experience. Community admins don't really need coding experience, as they are community admins.

This. I don't think any large number of people will freak out, and if they do, what can be done?

Hoh shit I'd love to see !!Soarin be admin. But I guess it'll never happen ;_;

Anonymous 9189

>But who knows, maybe people would freak out on principle alone.

Kinda feels like a defining trait of humans. but in all seriousness I suppose I hope that much too.

Never said they'd be a majority, nor a minority. Why would that matter? Yes the rude ones that are causing a ruckus should be handled appropriately. But there's more then one way to exile someone, and not being able to cope with changes you didn't want is painful sometimes.

Yes they might go to those other sites, or more likely leave the fandom indefinelty then. And no you can't do things perfectly, that's why I brought up this question, to address that and make sure it's not forgotten

I suppose that's it then. Back to lurking, or sleep. Whichever calls to me first.

TGSB 9190

Thony has zero? Huh, nvm I thought he had some. But the point remains the same, there would be one community admin from each side.

space core!SPACEmKl0k 9191

>perfect world scenario
>the sites merge
>everything goes smoothly
>eventually efchan decides to jump back on too
>Mithent/Macil/BB super admin trio

Granted /ef/ might be a redundant board at that point depending on what boards do what, so it might not work, but I can dream

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 9192

File: 1371797000205.png (219.39 KB, 382x319, TOGETHERNESS IS MAGICAL.png)

Is splitting staff positions 50-50 actually desirable, or just political?

It seems awfully unlikely that the ideal configuration of organization or talent is a perfectly symmetrical divide. Certainly that wouldn't be the right answer for the rule set… or the board structure… or the underlying code…

space core!SPACEmKl0k 9193

All that would be figured out when/if the time came, this is more of a "what do you think of the general idea?"

Anonymous 9196


Primarily political, though honestly, my original idea was to simply have everyone still on the staff. There's no reason we have to ditch staff members, it's not like we're paying them anything, and it'd be nice to have them around for things.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9197

File: 1371808614532.png (236.14 KB, 425x422, 1368489558087.png)

From my point of view, this isn't parliament and we shouldn't staff things according to a list of numbers and shares.

It's more about what do we need. A balance between keeping community as it is and "too many chefs spoil the soup". If we have a combined staff we need to seed out how many mods would be needed for what positions. But we do obviously need some representation from either side if just to placate the merged communities. People dropped into a new place like to retain stuff from the old. A safety deposit to ensure they're not being trapped.

The tricky issue will be setting aside differences that have gone over the year. Because a staff needs to work together and trust one another in their decisions.
In the end, though, it's best that people choose to pass on their crown for the community, rather than that they're forced to quit.

On the side, I do think it might not be the easiest thing to have Ponychan move servers and all, but that might be discussed with the help of Macil. Compatibility of the code and just maybe figure out interesting stuff in the site's coding that can be beneficial.

Of all the doozies, this is /oat/+/chat/ times a 1000 or something.

So we can only hope we get to do this smoothly.

Shiina (phone) 9198

As far as I'm concerned, discussions in this topic have already utterly crashed once, and I can't see things changing on that front without major changes to certain people's views on it.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9199

File: 1371823443525.png (158.53 KB, 425x422, 135601274785.png)

I won't lie. There is a good chance in that.

Though I'm naive enough to think that the first talks were a hasty overreaction by those.

Anonymous ## Mod 9202

An official, public discussion thread for the staffs has been opened. >>>/test/361
Please do not post in this thread, but you may read all the staff responses.
This has been edited into the OP.

Royal !xMoon2pIQ. 9205

File: 1371834548670.png (649.39 KB, 636x720, 1368489160975.png)

How would we combine the two chans, anyhow?
I'm completely lost on what's going on right now.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9206

File: 1371835589535.jpg (4.71 KB, 125x175, 1367996984247[1].jpg)

I see no reason to do do this

>inb4 "more users"

We're getting that now. You don't give up something that you have to get something you're going to get anyway. We have a steady influx of users from all over esp ponychan and /mlp/. If we merge with ponychan you can definitely forget about /mlp/ users joining. I imagine most of them would prefer scruffy over… whatever zamoonda's calling himself these days

Also I hate the way /meta/ is over there; to many sycophants and self appointed bureaucrats, not enough actual users or rather not enough interest in what they say.

Anonymous 9209


Don't worry, the staff is already well versed in the art of fusion. After completing the ritual dance the fusion should go off without a hitch.

Anonymous ## Mod 9213

We are currently once again on a dedicated server after trying out the EC2 option.


File: 1371854886594.png (165.11 KB, 350x376, winx-club-bloom-122.png)

Yeah… as fun as the politics of this are fun to discuss, the implementation realities seem to be entirely overlooked. Also the economic realities.

MLPchan currently operates on an EC2 instance behind a Cloudflare business plan. The former costs somewhere between $50–100 and the latter $200 per month. MLPchan was previously and I believe plans to again be on a dedicated server[1], which ran/runs a more flat cost in the range of $70 a month. Anonthony pays most of this out of pocket and the rest with donations (which last time he posted figures was paying for around half of it, I think).

Ponychan, by contrast, is running on six (last number quoted by Mithent) virtual hosts which cost $5 a month each. In other words, it costs ten times less to operate Ponychan than it does MLPchan.

Whoever has the keys to the kingdom ultimately is whoever is paying the server fees. So if Anonthony is not the admin, as seems to be the plan here, who's going to pay the bill? I don't know if Anonthony is really going to pay upwards of $300 a month (minus donations) to keep a site running that he doesn't even own.

That's economic. Now technical,

Tinyboard vs. Kusaba has been brought up a lot. Migration is mostly an issue of time more than difficulty. Ignoring those, in terms of features:


+ More aesthetic design (in-place editing, dialog box for reports, cleaner hide boxes)
+ More scalable settings page (not a dialog) [2]
+ URL tags[3]


+ Stronger spam detection
+ Mature filter
+ Auto-refresh, etc. turned on by default
+ Better handling of >>citations[4]
+ More functional watcher[5]

Both sites:

– Timestamp for edited posts is ugly and obtrusive (sorry but this really bugs me! On Ponychan it even adds a <br> under it for some reason…)

For what my opinion is worth, having worked on Tinyboard it's a fairly robust system (as robust as you can make PHP anyway) and not at all a problem to work on. There's a few questionable things I stumble upon while coding on it, but nothing that's on the scale that prevents me from getting what I want done.

I haven't worked on Kusaba's internals at all to know what it's like on a deeper level, but I know a number of people have complained about it in the past while working on it.

Having a look at the feature list, Ponychan's appeals are more aesthetic than functional. These features aren't so much dependent on the underlying architecture as they are on the programmer having a keen eye for design and applying that to the user-interfacing code. These things could more easily be ported over to MLPchan than could the more functional things behind MLPchan be ported over to Ponychan.[6]

From this, being only what I know, if a merger were ever to occur, I think the decision is pretty well in favour of using MLPchan's current underlying architecture. The question is then upon whom does the responsibility lie to port Ponychan's features over to MLPchan's code base?

On the topic of names: I'm not a PR guy, but ponyboards.net sounds like the least bad solution.

[1] Changing to EC2 resulted in a slower server per dollar but provided more flexibility against DDoS attacks. I believe with Cloudflare business plan this is now somewhat unnecessary.

[2] That said, PonychanX settings are separate from the other settings and handled in a fixed-position dialog that overflows on my screen size (1024x600), hiding both the save and cancel buttons.

[3] In a change six-months in the making, MLPchan should have this as well as a few other tags and a suitably extensible system sometimes soon. The main reason for the delay is that Macil and I are somewhat anal that it work for every edge case.

[4] On Ponychan, cites to posts not on the current page don't show on hover, nor do they expand on click.

[5] This is what I've been told, anyway.

[6] Tinyboard (and hence MLPchan) uses Twig for templating, which in my opinion is one of the best template languages that currently exists altogether. By contrast, I'm fairly sure Kusaba templating is done in pure PHP.

Anonymous 9215

You mind relaying this to their counterpart thread?


I believe they are talking about getting new servers and hosting. So the pricing would be whatever is required by the plan

now, I think Thony would be co admin so I think he would be partially willing to pay (see >>>/test/361), plus with the team being doubled and having more admins, I think they might share the load. I would donate, but I am going off to college and all that and am not in the best economic position to do so.


I think everyone is saying Tinyboard at this point, and the only major point I consistently see is that Migrating data and some of the code might be hard, but some are also saying its easy


(sorry, I deleted and reposted because I forgot to add something)

Ah, alright. Thanks for the correction.


It'd still be useful to have more concrete information on the who and how regarding server fees, since whoever's paying has all of the power. There's no way around that.

Anonymous 9218

It's the Moony thread.


Oh agreed. This needs to be discussed, but I don't think its really going to be TOO much more than it is today from what I gather.


I'm going to discuss a merge from an end-user perspective versus technical jargon and moderator drama (See: Moony vs. everything).

Why merge? Merging implies tearing down the walls and forcing two communities together into one cohesive community. I don't think that will work right now. However, I have an idea of an alternative:
Why can't we just be sister sites, based around community niches, that link each other and work under an umbrella name separately?
MLPchan is clearly a more liberal side of the fandom, compared to the hyper conservative Ponychan side. I think mixing the two is unrealistic, but presenting them side-by-side, so users can have a wider choice of community options, seems infinitely more viable. I'm picturing an invisible wall sort of thing, like a North and South division – or a Republican and Democratic party division.
I guess there could be a middle ground area in-between both sites in the future, but really I have a feeling that things would be easier if both sites stayed separately governed. They should link each other and be advertised under a single banner; this way the two communities can be introduced to each other on their own terms, in a non-competitive/clashing/culture shock manner, and ideas can be exchanged freely to create that mentioned middle-ground.

I mean, really, I see moderators wanting to argue over what to govern and how to govern it all the time – to the point it really upsets them – but I think people forget that the communities themselves, the posters, the end-users, should play a significantly larger role in how things should be met and compromised upon. I always thought of this place as a representative democracy, and I'm sure Ponychan is the same way. Shouldn't the posters be left to make their own decisions based on their experiences, and present them to our moderator teams as a majority? That way the two sites can figure out a middle-ground for their communities, and a new third community can be made between compromises and policy adaptions. This leaves both original communities as they are, for those who enjoy these communities for what they are and how they are governed as they are right now, and creates the fabled merged community at the same time.

Just flat out merging into one entity just sounds extreme.
Sister sites sounds better for how things are at this time, and I really can't think of a better way.

Anonymous 9221

The issues then remain about the overlap of boards and thus forcing people to choose between similar things with very minor differences which pretty much means the status quo remains in place.


The thing I am noticing, is its really not that way anymore. Sure MLPChan is a bit more "liberal", but its not much more so than the majority of ponychan (barring /anon/) and ponychan is growing more and more moderate in that regard.

Really, I don't see too big of a difference nowadays…again barring /anon/ which would be kept anyways.



At the very least, from the perspective from /fic/ this would reduce redundancy. Most activity right now goes in MLPchan, but I (and others) still check Ponychan/fic/ in case anything happens there.


File: 1371856948434.png (799.4 KB, 701x701, 1358811025539.png)

The whole point is to introduce the two communities to each other in a noncompetitive environment, and find out how that joining can be feasible based on their own interactions with each other.

The boards don't need to be overlapped initially. Keeping our /pony/ board separate from theirs, for example, initially allows that passive interaction to take place over time so we can find out how to create a merged /pony/, based on what people think of each board.

Like I said, this isn't combining the sites. The sites will be separate, but they can be advertised together. It will be up to the end users to decide which community they like more.

Anonymous 9225

>The whole point is to introduce the two communities to each other in a noncompetitive environment
>It will be up to the end users to decide which community they like more.
Except that's the opposite of noncompetitive.


tbh this. If we are gonna "merge" using this way then have it be based on clear boundaries.

ex. having a NSFW allowed side and a not SFW allowed side.

I don't see this as really a good idea imo. This might spread people out even more


File: 1371857274195.png (312.61 KB, 544x544, 1358809435658.png)

Hm. Bad word choice.
What I meant to say by was an environment that promotes the use of both boards in a positive light, and based on choice, questions its users why one board may be chosen over another to identify how to create a mixed community.
Currently we are restricted to one pool of users and have a trickle of curious posters from ponychan checking out our board every now and then. Advertising both sites together would increase that rate of curiosity on both ends and can result in a higher frequency of more accurate feedback for both websites.


Ah, I get you, sort of a period of intermingling before a merge to see what people think of each side's board and to see if there is pretty much overlap?

If so then I don't know, that may be a good idea, but what data could be get from that?


When this website first started, /ef/ was advertised as a NSFW sister-site that had different rules than MLPCHAN, and you had to see this as a disclaimer before you entered any of its sections.

To be honest, it's a Pandora's Box. You really can't be certain what data we could get, but it would most likely be based around community driven social guidelines – what works and what doesn't work in attracting people and keeping the interactions between users healthy and stable. Maybe some people like the way the rules are presented, or maybe some people will like the quality of posts on a certain version, or the format – It can be overwhelming, but having two controlled environments to evaluate how to create the compromised middle-ground is the safest way of doing it. That's what I feel.

Anonymous 9230

As an anon asked over in the other thread, I'm pretty sure their individual shared servers aren't the base rate $5 ones Webfaction offers, probably a higher grade one with some addons. Still, likely nothing close to the cost and size of server here.

Probably a higher donation rate too because they've been around longer. I doubt Orange pays even half. Not dissing it, paying out of pocket is still paying out of pocket, but it's definitely less costly than this site and with more donations covering a higher amount. If we ballpark it to 150 a month and say Ponychan's users give the same amount as MLPchan users, there isn't a whole lot more to cover.

If they merged, the combined donations would probably cover at least half if not three-quarters the cost, leaving just a little left for the admins to pay.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9231

File: 1371867417412.png (544.54 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_this_drink_S3E5[1].…)

Am I to understand it is about money then?

Anonymous 9232

No, the opposite. Someone raised that as an issue. Roger, I believe, noting that MLPchan cost much more than Ponychan. But if we're fine paying what we do then the combined resources should mean cost is *not* an issue at all.


Without numbers from Orange there's no way to be sure. Ponychan doesn't exactly have the traffic to drive a need for six servers, so it's not entirely unreasonable to assume they're all the $5 per month ones.

Anonymous 9234

True I guess.
>Without numbers from Orange
Which means we'll never know. He's never said before, not in years and years of people asking for a simple answer, so he's never going to tell now that he's not even involved.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9235

File: 1371895741013.png (113.25 KB, 313x328, that's not right.png)

> it costs ten times less to operate Ponychan than it does MLPchan.

Whoah Nelly

so not to poke at a war or something, does this pay off any more than allowing porn to be posted?


File: 1371896744241.jpg (16.16 KB, 320x240, _9nb.jpg)

There's plenty of $5 per month virtual hosts that don't have a problem with mature content. I can't imagine many places using it as a selling point.

A lot of the expense ($200/mo) goes toward DDoS protection which Ponychan doesn't pay for. Whether this is necessary is not for me to say, but I'm sure people here appreciate the lack of downtime.

Ponychan's operations are surely more cost efficient. I imagine there's a payoff for having to deal with the logistical nightmare of running a distributed system.

Anonymous 9238

Ponychans virtual servers are basically all in the form of image servers.
Pinkie.ponychan.net is not the same server as derpy.ponychan.net.
Twilight, rainbow, www and some other server are all their servers. They're distributed because of ponychans susceptibility to DDoSes, and because of their costs, its cheaper to buy another one because the next level up is more expensive per bandwidth, I believe.
Most of this is guessing, but I feel it makes sense and provides explanations to some questions that need answering.

Anonymous 9239

I am given to understand that the Business Class service offers quite a bit more than just advanced ddos protection, for what that is worth as well.

Anonymous 9240

Wait, Ponychan never was forced to upgrade their CloudFlare plan too? Was MLPchan really hit that much harder in the DDOS wave?

Anonymous 9241

Perhaps Zamoonda was more motivated than the GNAA.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 9242

A lot of fellows are still bitter toward ponychan.
Plus ponychan likes to be SFW, so…

The main issue is that some of the Ponychan mods hate some of our posters, and some of our posters hate some mods.
I just don't think it'd work out too well. Especially with all the free spirit stuff around here.

Anonymous 9243

File: 1371925028318.jpg (47.33 KB, 356x426, hugboxtiem.jpg)

I, personally don't want to. I think it will go to hell.

First, many refugees from /mlp/ still think Ponychan came and caused the Scruffening and still is hostile towards them. Second, many think it's still a huge not so glorious hugbox and that it will, in the end, affect the more 'darker' parts of mlpchan.

Now, these are the personal reasons I don't want to:
1) Positive/Negative relationships between mods and users, just as >>9242 said. That can't occur here as you'll just drop your name + trip and call it a day. Going Anonymous doesn't fly on Ponychan.
2) Damn fingerprinting scandal. There is a reason why I'm using Linux and HTTPS Anywhere (I'm working on patching out browser plugin listing in Chromium) and that's not to have my every step recorded on your shitty imageboard. I really don't want to use NoScript as it breaks way too many things but I'll do what I have to do.

Just my 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 128, 256 bits.

Anonymous 9244

https works here, doesn't it?

I know it was added but I've never really used it.

https://mlpchan.net out of curiosity.

Anonymous 9245

It does. I'm already using it.

Anonymous 9246


>Going Anonymous doesn't fly on Ponychan.

I don't really see how, there's plenty of anonymous folk on Ponychan. They might not be the majority, but they're still very much around.

And what's all this about a fingerprinting scandal? I don't even know what that means, but now I'm worried that Ponychan is smudging my windows…

Anonymous 9247

File: 1371926546085.png (31.89 KB, 689x205, 233eaa21eea7cc11f71398cec95091…)

It actually doesn't.

Pic related. There are *constant* examples of simply being anonymous immediately becoming the focus of any conversation an anon posts in.

And the fingerprint thing is a bit blown out of proportion, but basically Ponychan keeps track of "browser fingerprints" (http://www.pcworld.com/article/192648/browser_fingerprints.html) as a means of determining if someone is ban evading. This discovery led to a minor shitstorm on Ponychan and /mlp/ when it was stirred up as an issue because it is deemed a breach of privacy by some people.

Anonymous 9248

>plenty of anonymous folk
From what I've seen they it isn't always met with "love and tolerance". When I tried I was constantly told to get a trip, it was so annoying I just left.

>what's all this about a fingerprinting scandal?

Basically, it was discovered that they were fingerprinting your browser by saving a bunch of unique data (UserAgent, Plugin List, see https://panopticlick.eff.org/ ) and sold it (I, personally, saw it for sale on the onionland) to people who were interested. I'm not sure exactly how much info was collected, but you can easily collect typing habits, speed and keystrokes, essentially acting like a advanced keylogger. Now, sure, if they would collect a tad of information and keep it, fine. This shit was collecting a lot of data just for the sake of reselling it, without stating that on the privacy agreement.

(If you would like the slightly less insane version by another anon, see >>9247)

Anonymous 9250

I actually got a trip that started with "!FuckYou", it took a week to generate it. I got banned and removed it.

Anonymous 9251


Oh, that scandal. I think I remember that shit. People thought Orange was stealing credit card numbers or something retarded. I don't think I care too much about that.

And I've seen stuff like your image come up here and there, but it's been a long time (not counting the cunt in the sister thread on /meta/) since I've really seen it become relevant. You'd think for a site that's supposedly so against harassment that veneer would extend to protecting anonymous users, though. I wonder if something couldn't be done to change that if a merger were to occur.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9252

File: 1371926887382.png (145.31 KB, 794x911, smiley_fluttershy_by_mattyhex-…)

>implying anonymity matters to people who can identify you by your IP address, typing speed, browser information etc
It was more an issue of them secretly collecting it to sell then collecting it for security reasons.

Anonymous 9253

Woah, now I didn't hear about all that. You actually saw the info for sale?

Orange is a disgusting fucker but I thought the fingerprint matter was just about tracking people…

Anonymous 9254


Well, Orange isn't in charge anymore and a merger would be a good chance to cut him out of the loop completely if people are too worried about this sort of thing.

Anonymous 9255

I don't think this should even be considered if he's involved.

Anonymous 9256

Yes, I did. He didn't even price it correctly, you can't get $2 for every single teenager browsing Ponychan when you can barely get $.25 for grown men and women with credit cards.

Um, not that I know anything about buying and selling illegal data, no sir!

I could accept it if all mods were placed under stricter control because Ponychan has always been "lol I don't like this [thread/user], I'll just [remove it/ban him], I won't be affected".

Anonymous 9257

Gimme all the info you can on what you saw about the data selling.

This is something that *has* to be addressed before they're allowed to continue discussing this above us.

Anonymous 9258

That was debunked last year. It was just Gunthor, Cross Breeze, Anonthony and maybe a few others trying to get a cheap rise out of people on 4chan with shooped skype chats. Hell if it didn't work though if people are still talking about it a year later.(AGENDANON WAS BANNED FOR YET ANOTHER BAN EVASION FOR THIS POST)

Anonymous 9259

You are literally deluded
Except it wasn't. Ponychan in fact kept (and keeps) browser fingerprinting data. The extent of that data or what they did with it, I don't know. But that is a fact that Orange never denied.

Anonymous 9260


Well Anonthony and Cross Breeze are both still around, perhaps they could give us more information on the issue? I know Gunthor's not dead or something, but I still haven't seen him in at least a few days, so he may not be as around as the other two.

Anonymous ## Mod 9261

If someone has something substantive to say regarding things, please do. Otherwise keep the rumors and assumptions to a minimum. This is /site/. Keep it constructive. If you have concerns relay them with as much objectivity as you can.

Anonymous 9262

File: 1371929259076.png (924 B, 1x1, orange, go away pls.png)

I think I saw it on Silkroad, not sure about that though. It was a long time ago, that scandal.

What I do remember is that I first dismissed it as a hoax/troll/scam due to the price until I saw that thread. Sure enough, was serious shit. It got removed rather quickly though I noticed as I was going to ask for a sample of the data to see how usable it was.

Well then, if it was, my version of this reality must be a product of some 13 year olds pirated copy of photoshop as I saw both the Javascript and the sold material.

Sure, from now on.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9263

File: 1371929617395.jpg (29.61 KB, 463x255, tinfoil20hat[1].jpg)

which is why it was posted by one of the more privileged users who had access to the skype chats (don't remember name) who was later banned

Sort of hard when we haven't even gotten a substantive argument for the merger.
All we can do is speculate and say "I don't like this, why would you want this?".

Anonymous 9264


What >>9263 said.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9265

>I, personally, saw it for sale on the onionland
link please then. What would that possibly look like? "Hey, I'm the admin of ponychan.net, for a price I can tell you the user-agents and plugin lists of my site's users!" Who would buy that? What's the use? I mean I guess it's vaguely interesting from a market research perspective, but the amount of data from ponychan users is kind of small-time. (And what's the point of going to an onion network to sell it if you're just going to remove your anonymity like that by announcing who you are anyway?)

>saw … the Javascript
I couldn't find any evidence (after an admittedly cursory inspection) that ponychan actually even did any really fancy fingerprinting stuff, besides a regular cookie and a log of Orange nonchalantly linking to a scary article on browser fingerprinting. I guess there could have been some server-side fingerprinting based on HTTP headers, but that's not much in comparison. Maybe the code was taken down and disabled by the time I looked. I'd be curious if you could fill me in on what I missed.
This post was edited by a moderator on .

Anonymous 9266

It wasn't photodshopped, technically. In Skype you can rename people to whatever you want. Starlight Ironhoof posted a link to an article about browser fingerprinting in the /meta/chat and someone (probably Gunthor) renamed him to Orange, took a screenshot, and posted it to 4chan, where they went crazy with it. Then Gunthor got kicked from the chat an hour later.(AGENENDANON WAS BANNED FOR BAN EVADING TO SAMEFAG HIS OWN POST AND FURTHER BAN EVASION)(AGENENDANON WAS BANNED FOR BAN EVADING TO SAMEFAG HIS OWN POST)

Anonymous 9267

This shit happened in August. I'm not a lying Anon but I'm a Anon with a ridiculously bad memory.

>data from ponychan users is kind of small-time

>vaguely interesting
Exactly why I shrugged it off as a hoax. From what I can remember it was the usual of "user data from x.y for sale, $x/user". He asked for a ridiculous price of $2 per user which no one would pay. As I said, it was removed. If you still need the link to Silkroad, it's http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/. Technically it isn't illegal but whatever, if I get banned I'm on Hotel WiFi and have a dozen of WPS-enabled access points nearby I can use reaver on.

>I couldn't find any evidence

>Maybe the code was taken down
Hit the nail in the head. It was gone in less than 20 minutes after the first post about it. As I stated in the first paragraph, I can barely remember anything, but it essentially grabbed everything it could, encrypted it and shoved it into a cookie.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9268

File: 1371930778425.png (80.24 KB, 1291x488, tom.png)


Anotheronymous 9269

Not ban evading, your sensors have failed you. (Well I am now, but I shouldn't have to on this site.) If I am wrong I would prefer you tell me what I got wrong, not silence me.

Please post that code. Was it in kusaba.js? If it existed someone must have saved a copy of it, with all this meticulous recordkeeping of pchan issues. It would be much better than these "just trust me, I saw it" stories from me and other anons.

Anonymous ## Mod 9270

We can confirm those first two posts that were banned are the same person. The http requests from the first IP ( >>9258 )
end less than a minute before they resume refreshing that thread from the second IP ( >>9266 )

So you did, in fact, ban evade to samefag as if you were a second person responding to the first person's comment.

Agendanon pls go, you are neither welcome here nor on /meta/ where you also permanently banned.

Anonymous 9271

I can't remember where the code was located nor do I have a copy of it. As I said, I'm at a hotel, stuck on my laptop. I don't think I have a copy of it home either, I've swapped HDDs since then.

Fen 9272

File: 1371932599644.png (6.55 KB, 149x29, Fingerprint.png)

>Basically, it was discovered that they were fingerprinting your browser by saving a bunch of unique data

Oh no, we have been exposed.
What ever shall i do without my collection of random characters.
I cant function without seeing those random characters that are produced from the things your computer -has- to give to the site in order to connect to it.
The things you are currently giving this site right now.

Macil or Mithent could explain how meaningless that information is better than i could.

>No evidence

>Just a claim of "They're collecting / were collecting your data and selling it guys! Honest!"
I hate that people think so bad of ponychan / it's mod staff that this could be taken seriously at all.

Thesameonymous 9273

It sounds like he closed the thread after making a post, and then I opened the thread so I could post in it. What a scandal. Can we just focus on the facts here, assuming people are interested in that?

I'm sure the code will turn up if it existed. I have nothing more to contribute until that happens, so go ahead and ban me again after this post. I'm also at a hotel, so I'll be able to join you sleuths again once I'm back home.(AGENDANON WAS GIVEN YET ANOTHER BAN FOR BAN EVASION, TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOR MORE ADVENTURES IN "I HAVE NO LIFE BUT TO INTERFERE WITH THINGS NO ONE WANTS ME IN")

Anonymous ## Mod 9274

Considering both posts were from Chinese proxies from the same region? (Edit: as is the very post I'm responding to? Yet there's 2 different people?)

Forgive me if that coincidence rings hollow - as well as your continued ban evasion in this thread. Did you not even bother to check where your proxies were from before deciding on that explanation as the excuse?

And when you return and post again (your spiel is painfully obvious to spot) you'll be once again permanently banned from the site and you can go back to trawling wherever you go to stay involved in pony politics.

You are not welcome on this site or in this community. If you wish to argue with that, you may contact the staff. Any further posts will not be responded to and will be deleted on sight.

>It sounds like he closed the thread after making a post, and then I opened the thread so I could post in it (one minute later)

Hahaha, considering the above, that's about as likely as Zamoonda's explanation that Aurroria was a real person that he simply keylogged to steal 'her' Skype and mod account. God damn, people, try harder.

Now get out.

Anonymous 9275

>I hate that people think so bad of ponychan / it's mod staff that this could be taken seriously at all.
It's not that they think so bad of the mod staff. They think so bad of Orange.

Anonymous 9276

File: 1371933676321.jpg (72.52 KB, 385x360, 130738909937-Pinkie_pie_eating…)

Well this is exciting.

Anonymous 9277

File: 1371933857131.png (14.05 KB, 743x61, I AM NOW YOU.png)

Really simple type of fingerprinting that I am okay with, just a randomly generated string of characters. It's easily avoidable by blocking cookies from the affected website.
>what I am talking about
Not as simple. It's derived from your local machine and what your specifications are, individual changes can easily be shown.

>implying I think bad things about the messengers.

Anonymous 9278

>looks at staff thread

That has to be the worst name I've heard for a chan yet. We want to merge, not turn into a gross mutation of both.

I propose 'Chaoschan' because that's how the first weeks are going to be

Anonymous 9279

Yeah I'm not too keen on it either.

The only other suggestions given have been MyLittlePonychan.net (which sounds very childish) and Ponyboards.net (which sounds like a forum.)

I'm sure if anyone has any other better ideas they'd be welcome.

>guy uses a bunch of chinese proxies in a row
>claims it's not samefaggotry and it's multiple people
Are people who don't originate on 4chan really this stupid?

Anonymous 9280

>implying it won't be a gross mutation of both
that name would be perfect.

Anonymous 9281

There are people who still delete system32. There is no stupid that people will not find a way to be.

Anonymous 9282

From working in IT I have learnt two things:
1) There is always someone watching
2) There is always someone more stupid than the previous village idiot.

Fen 9283

File: 1371934790519.png (19.23 KB, 640x400, 1363145399526.png)

It carries the implications that the rest of us would be okay with it, when i would raise the biggest of shitstorms over it if i thought he was actually doing it.

I dont know the specifics, but the only information that goes into the fingerprint are things that are completely useless for anything other than helping to detect posts from the same system.

And even then, that series of characters is all that gets shown.

Zamoonda was an information nut, if the fingerprint could get the kind of information you describe then he would have gone straight for that feature and started messing with it under the guise of improving it.

Discordchan already exists / existed, everybody who visited was granted admin access.

See? This guy gets it.

Anonymous 9284

File: 1371935071716.png (44.91 KB, 163x196, IT_BEGINS.png)

brings about some startling conclusions regarding that zam was the coder for project may huh?

Anonymous 9285


None that haven't already been concluded and checked for.

Anonymous 9286

Oh I am well aware, and glad to boot. But kinda scary that he was setting himself to just receive all that delicious private data.

Fen 9287

File: 1371935391999.png (96.27 KB, 400x600, 1363200380689.png)

Considering project may was an idea that had been brewing for a while before he even joined the staff, not really, although i can imagine him doing a little dance when he first got wind of it.

Anonymous 9288

And those kinds of fingerprints are notoriously unreliable anyways, as I know from firsthand experience.

So I don't have a huge issue with that. I think in the future if this goes ahead it should still not be used, because people desire the freedom of real anonymity. If it can be dropped and isn't a deal breaker for you guys, I think it should be. I doubt it's all that useful to you anyways, and that https compatibility should stay as MLPchan has it and some people want that security.

As for Zam, maybe he thought he could fry bigger fish with Project May. Who knows what goes on in that guy's schizophrenic head.

And I know you wouldn't be okay with it. But Orange was never exactly forthright with any of you, was he. We still after 2 years of asking have no idea what Ponychan's operating costs are, just simple requests of "how much does it cost to run this site?" even when people ask for the purpose of wanting to donate.

I have confidence after Mithent and Macil looked over everything that if Zam was planning on using that project for anything, he was exposed before he got to the point of starting to put anything shady in. They would have found something if he'd gotten to that point when he was removed. We can be glad he was given the boot when he was, and I think it's secure at this time.

Not to say he probably isn't lurking and posting with some other backup name he's had waiting in the wings, but we'll have to deal with that when we come to it. People like that never go away. You cut off one head and another pops up.

Anonymous 9289

oh, I was under the impression it was an idea thought up by he and orange for when he was put in charge after everything was said and done.

Not going to talk about it here anymore, no sense in getting all drama conspiratory.

Anonymous 9290

he wouldn't need to put anything in. The entire project was a forum. that's email, password, possibly some real names, and even addresses depending on the forum. as an admin all he'd need would be access

Okay now I'm really done.

Anonymous 9291

>because people desire the freedom of real anonymity

I have a feeling that at least 90% of these website's users don't even know what fingerprinting is and wouldn't notice if it was happening. Case in point: Ponychan.

Anonymous 9292

It was prior to his stint as a mod as Aurroria, but not before his stint as admin as Cadence. I think. Fuck. It's hard to keep track of all this shit.

But fun! Now that he's exposed for what he is it's like being able to laugh at a near death experience.

Maybe this whole merger and fresh start would be good for Ponychan. A chance to move on from all its checkered past.

Whether they realize it or not doesn't change that they wouldn't want it. Case in point: NSA spying on us all. Before we knew about it, doesn't change the fact that we wouldn't want that and shouldn't be spied on in every piece of communication. Sure, 90% of people might not realize they're being tracked, it doesn't mean they don't desire freedom from being tracked. A site should strive to give people more than they expect - not the bare minimum and try to get away with whatever they can, with whatever the users might not realize or accept because they don't think there's a better alternative (case in point: 4chan users who hate what /mlp/ has gotten like but still cling to it anyways.)

Anonymous 9293

>A chance to move on from all its checkered past.
I really hope so. I'm way too much a part of that checkered past for my liking, and I was hardly involved at all comparatively.

Anonymous 9294

Now let's just hope it doesn't turn into a checkered present with this merger.

Anonymous 9295

given the people who are involved, and their involvement in what's happened, I highly doubt anything'll happen.
unless Anonthony, fen, myself, moony, AND mithent are all secretly Zamoonda. which at this point wouldn't phase me at all

Anonymous 9296


Everyone is Zamoonda. Some of us just haven't realized it yet.

Anonymous 9297

>literally all of ponies is just one guy talking to himself without realizing it.
I could see it.


File: 1371936337157.jpg (68.08 KB, 338x506, 37868967.jpg)

There are no bronies, only Zuul Zamoonda.

Anonymous 9299

Alright, I believe we've derailed this enough XD


Anonymous 9300

My show headcanon is that everything is taking place in a guys dreamworld, he's in coma and everyone are tulpas. That would explain the random tires and Pinkie defying logic. The show is produced through reading his brain.

Give me a quick TL;DR on this Zamoonda dude/dudette/tranny/"I am not sure anymore, this fandom has everything"

Anonymous 9301

There's no quick tl;dr possible. The story is simply too insane and complicated.


The full poop.

Anonymous 9302

Please tell me it's a coincidence the first couple results on Google are a advertising agency
>goes off to read link

Fen 9303

File: 1371936607358.png (212.78 KB, 479x700, 1363128782154.png)

Not a dealbreaker for me, i just use it for a bit more information when dealing with ban evaders.
>posting style
>IP Proxy
>what they're posting
>fingerprint match

On it's own, unreliable, but combined with those other things it's better to have than have not.
As i said though, not a deal breaker.

No comment on the orange bit, since while I've never actually asked what the costs are, he has been informative about things i have asked about such as how /all/ works and such.

Project may specifically was brought up while he was on the team.
The core ideas of it though, like the optional profiles and such, were things that have been tossed around internally for god knows how long.
It just never got out of the idea stage because nobody who could code it had the time to actually do it.
Okay, i'm done too.

Said stint as cadence lasted a couple hours, a day at best.

>"A chance to move on from all its checkered past."

>The internet
>Moving on.
Haha, you funny.

I hope it happens.

I think i said earlier that if zamoonda goes to that much effort to gain control of the pony sites, he can have them and I'll just ride out the last few months of the homestuck fandom in peace.

Thats an actual thing?

I thought that was just Sinfest making a joke.



Information nut. Masqueraded as multiple people with different personalities. Attempted multiple times to take over ponychan. Should really be using his skills in the government or some shit.

Personally, i really do think it's some government spy doing this shit for the hell of it because he's bored.

Nevermind, anon posted the wiki link, have fun.

Anonymous 9304

>inb4 Zamoonda is the guy who suggested PRISM


File: 1371936800702.jpg (4.51 KB, 125x156, 9.jpg)

My personal thought on this whole ordeal is that monopoly is bad and merging Ponychan and MLPchan won't be very good for the free market. This discussion has gotten to the point where I'm hardly following what's going on, but no matter what I guess I can deal with what happens.


That's doable.

Anonymous 9306

>Appendix: A
St. elsewhere

prepare to get your mind blown

I was just about to say. It's way to retarded to TL;DR it


That's good to know. But I still think he had a hand in throwing the idea around. He and orange were tight. Like. Tight.
I guess you can never really get off this conspiracy train.

If zamoonda really did go to that much effort, I'd just call it quits and go live my social life that's turning into an all consuming mass that I can't escape from that's slowly tearing me away from my internet homes.

>Chan OC fanfic

holy fuck. Would ponychan be Tsundere for MLPchan? that would be glorious.

I just want everything to be like it was before when I was happy

Anonymous 9307

We aren't in a business context, however.

And even if we were, consolidation is valid in the business world - and this is hardly a monopoly, considering the competition presented by /mlp/, Fimfic, reddit, mlpforums, mlponies, Round Stable, Derpibooru, EqD, EQAD, DHN, EFN, etc etc etc. The competition is quite crowded, in fact.

Anonymous 9308

Depends on how you look at it. That list is of Browny communities, not imageboards. They are a different experience.


Medium speed, high OC, low moderation (in general), encourages discussion
>Reddit, Derpibooru
Medium speed, low OC, mostly automated moderation, discussion is hard
>EQD, Round Stable, DHN, EFN
Low speed, low OC, high moderation, barely any discussion
Low speed, only OC, medium moderation, barely any discussion
Like imageboards but with less OC.


File: 1371939684819.jpg (4.71 KB, 115x169, 6.jpg)


Speaking as an a/fic/cionado:

Sites On Which /fic/ Can Exist:
>Imageboards, excluding /mlp/ (Main Hub[s])
>Fimfic (Though fimfic /fic/ is still being worked out)
>Forums/reddit (Possibly, though the ideas haven't been explored.)

Sites On Which /fic/ Cannot Exist:
>Round Stable

From my point of view, the major competitors for /fic/ territorial expantions are MLPchan and Ponychan, as fimchan and efchan aren't exactly the best environs for our work. A consolidation of these to sites would make a horizontal monopoly. Now, that might make things better, but I doubt it. Too many cooks in the kitchen and all that, eh?

And I don't have an exactly accurate allegory for what *chans are, as there really isn't any real-world parallels. I can say, however, that less moderator intervention in /fic/ly affairs is best, and it has been the norm on both sites, so strictly speaking things should not change very much either way.

Now I'm just rambling.

Anonymous 9310

Would click but muh tinfoil hat

Just kidding, this is why you have virtual computers!

Firing it up wasn't necessary. Oh god, why.


File: 1371940454165.jpg (68.79 KB, 421x591, 1363083634191.jpg)

Penny-chan would only be tsundere to [mlpchanOC], and otherwise attempt to mother everyone else.

Anonymous 9312


Anonymous 9313

File: 1371942138862.png (747.87 KB, 900x850, _commission__sugar_bumpkin_swe…)

Sugar Bumpkin is MLPchan's semi-official OC

Anonymous 9314

File: 1371942187871.png (146.85 KB, 669x481, Sugar Bumpkin and Anon Pone by…)

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9315

File: 1371946949555.png (245.39 KB, 425x422, is this another intervention.p…)

I think that Penny would really don't like Sugar, but sugar doesn't give much for a hoot and tries to annoy Penny as much as possible.

So somewhere in here we came to the concensus that
1 Ponychan steals and sells creditcard numbers
2. You get banned from ponychan for posting anonymously.

Well, shit.

Anonymous 9316

Sugar and Tracy would get along with Tracy having a begrudging respect for Sugar's love of freedom and enjoying Tracy's dark humor, and Sugar would get along with Penny with Sugar's oddball personality overcoming Penny's admitted autism cutie-mark while Penny and Tracy share a frenemy status. Or something.

And Penny has a Rainman like capacity for numbers so she figures out and memorizes everyone's bank account numbers. But she also hates anyone she can't recognize so she chases them away if they don't wear a "Hi, my name is: ____" badge, which make Sugar and Tracy conspire to sell her into sex slavery to Nicolas Cage. Or something.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9317

File: 1371947441209.png (186.41 KB, 376x400, you agree.png)

I was thinking of drawing Penny looking over a sheet of paper and be like
"It says you're Anon…ymous. You're just here to dump porn right?"

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9318

File: 1371947464605.jpg (149.81 KB, 333x500, Strawman[1].jpg)

>So somewhere in here we came to the concensus that
>1 Ponychan steals and sells creditcard numbers
>2. You get banned from ponychan for posting anonymously.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9319

File: 1371948883879.png (52.3 KB, 735x500, comic2-555.png)

> not sure if I agree
> post comic anyways


File: 1372045265615.png (168.05 KB, 1863x411, 1372002404153[1].png)

For those of you who still think this is a good idea.
remember, a decent number of our users came straight from /mlp/ quite recently. So the same cultural clashes are likely to occur.

polite sage for dead topic



While I agree that Saikar's shit is stupid bullshit, holy crap are some people petty. If you get this angry over a comment on the internet you're already way below Saikar on the acceptability scale.


File: 1372050787114.png (205.78 KB, 500x500, Fluttershy Rainbow Dash 86771 …)

It doesn't matter who's being more petty. The point is that this isn't the sort of shit you want going on your site.



…are you saying you want Ponychan to ban Saikar for being dumb?



Well that's fair, but Saikar isn't here as far as I'm aware, and I don't know that I expect him to arrive.

Unless he is here somewhere and I just wasn't paying attention.



Ohhhhh, I get it, because this thread is about merging, and then he'd be here.

I am on top of the ball today, let me tell you what.


File: 1372054245206.png (107.02 KB, 293x356, talking.png)

I think it'd be more accurate to say we'd be there, but yeah.

Anonymous 9346

Well seeing as we aren't moving to ponychan, I disagree. But semantics, whatever.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9347

File: 1372082897812.png (180.9 KB, 376x400, 137139686701.png)

Tripfags versus anonymous.
i don't think it needs to be a problem on the combined chan as long as each holds peace to their own.

mlpchan has a broad userbase of trip posters and some of them I've known not to be happy with /mlp/ in the past.
But they just don't go to /anon/ to cause trouble here and I doubt saikar would be on a crusade to scour mlpchan from /anon/.

Not saying that if anons posting in, say /oat/, starting up some 'fun' will be met with understanding on his part.

at any rate, I think on the combined chan, Anonymous is something allowed on every board. But I will not stand for Anonymous to bully tripfags outside of /anon/ in any way.

Different Anonymous 9348

Thing is, if it isn't enforced, everything that's required to completely wipe the anonymous culture is enough tripfags to post in /anon/.

that is, if all tripfags can survive the porn

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9349

File: 1372083643883.png (236.14 KB, 425x422, 1368489558087.png)

Well that's an issue mlpchan faces either way.

I doubt ponychan's hardhat against /mlp/ community will actively raid /anon/. They'll mostly stick to boards they're used to.
Maybe complain about /anon/ in /site/ or /meta/. Not like they can get /anon/ away like /ef/ in the past anyways.

So I don't see any issues really.

Anonymous 9350

In case it happens, I really hope staying Anonymous is forced again.

also, pls no wordfilter, no matter how much they cry about it

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9352

> I really hope staying Anonymous is forced again.
This is something to fight out among you. People have asked to allow names, i thought, because of recognising important posters in threads.
So if you collectively ask the admin to turn off anon posting things will probably turn back like it was before.

> pls no wordfilter, no matter how much they cry about it

I can promise that for /anon/, can't vouch for that elsewhere.

Anonymous 9353

More of, enabling that if we suddenly get flooded with tripfags. Just for a while.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9354

Again, something to be asked on /site/ for if the merger happened.
But in that case, given /anon/ requests it as a whole, I don't see any issues with it.

Anonymous 9357

I totally agree with this
If at some time /anon/ gets absolutely destroyed by tripfags, the mods/admins being able to turn on such a setting would be fantastic.

how are the mod names gonna work. There's a !!Pinkie here and a !!Pinkie over on ponychan

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9358

File: 1372099352796.png (126.82 KB, 894x894, flutter whoa_by_ambits-d55hmrl…)

>two communities with mutual disdain for one another
>being forced together
>the tripfags will flame any anons that try to post outside /anon/
>I don't see any issues

well I do. That's horrible!

Anonymous 9359

and evidently anons will flame tripfags in their 4chan ghetto

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9360

File: 1372099643708.png (234.82 KB, 1200x665, fluttershy__apparently_does_li…)

>mutual disdain for one another

but in a merger the ghetto would be /anon/, so tripfags would actually be breaking the rules.

Anonymous 9361

true, I'm just saying it's not one-way when they're mutually disdainful

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9363

File: 1372100700613.jpg (88.19 KB, 730x1095, pinkie_pie_party_poster_by_ast…)

mlpchan has non-anon boards now too.

!!G4 Pinkie Pie and !!G3 Pinkie Pie.

But really, that can be helped if mods switch out their tags for new ones.

Unless we go crazy enough to ban mod tags altogether.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9364

File: 1372100860760.png (8.94 KB, 147x200, 1371927935892.png)

It is one way, except on one board specifically created for posting anon. If ponychan was specifically created for the purpose of discussing ponies with a name then you'd have a point.
MY fear is that given ponychan's larger userbase (especially on the boards I frequent) that the merger would essentially be like being forced to return to ponychan. They'd have defacto power to set the standard of behavour by virtue of being able to derail the tread until you agree to conform.

>mlpchan has non-anon boards now too.
What? Since when?

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9365

File: 1372101077398.jpg (6.23 KB, 229x220, images.jpg)

> implying there's a world of difference in board cultures

Board cultures are not trivial, but both places are likely not a world apart.
Unless people really step out of line, you can mix and become homogeneous fast again, I'm sure.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9366

File: 1372102663700.png (111.17 KB, 500x501, oooooooooh.png)

We have one culture that respects and welcomes both anons and tripfags and one that does not. You cannot compromise between these positions.
What will happen is the stronger group will subsume or drive off the rest.

Anonymous 9367


That's not entirely accurate. Most of Ponychan respects anons just fine. There's just a couple outliers that don't, and they're very frequently laughed at for that.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9368

File: 1372107847198.png (226.85 KB, 425x422, explanation please.png)

this sorta

and still, a lot of outliers do get provoked, I think.

Anonymous 9370

>proving a point

Anonymous 9391

If half the staff from each site stepped down, orange gave up ownership to Mithent and Macil, and the retired mods were replaced by new blood from each site, and they fixed some board structure, sure.

Anonymous 9393

That sounds just like /mlp/. The influx of people from different sites bitching about porn really caused a shitstorm.

The only way to keep all the /mlp/ users in /anon/ is to make it where tripfags can't over-run it. I think the idea with forcing anonymity for a while would b the best idea. No one in /anon/ would stand for any changes that make it even remotely resemble Ponychan. That would lose all the traffic you gained from (very generously, I might add) allowing us to have our own board over here. I think everyone that comes to /anon/ likes it, but that wouldn't last a second if too many rules were to be implemented.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9394

File: 1372459345554.png (146.37 KB, 337x277, pinkie G3 shrug.PNG)

I'd imagine /anon/ should not fear getting rules stuffed in it or tripfags running over it.

Anonymous 9395

Alright, /mlp/ refugee here, you may think you can predict what I am going to say, but this isn't the case. Here is my rant.

Alright, So let's assume that this DOES succeed. What do we have in the Pros?
*We have more traffic to the site. Most may be from ponychan but many users have been complaining about the site not matching up to the traffic of /mlp/ on /anon/.
*We have more room for exchange of opinion and debate as for mlpchan has it's own culture, much different than Ponychan.

That pretty much covers it, but what about the cons?
*Because mlpchan has such a different culture than Ponychan it will force all current users to have to adapt or leave the site if they can't deal with Ponychan. This is the reason /mlp/ migrated to /anon/ as a result of the scruffening.
*Problems negotiating with the Ponychan mods. OP has covered this.
*Perhaps the Ponychan folk may not like it here so much as for we have more leaniant rules then /mlp/ or Ponychan and as a result, we have more rule 34 on our site.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 9397

File: 1372470266982.jpg (340.23 KB, 1280x1186, Na'Vi.jpg)


Yeah. It's pretty much a slam dunk, but politics/egos strangle the question of who should run it.

Anonymous 9398

Process of elimination.

Everyone knows mithent and macil need to be running it as far as admins
Some people want there to be more admins, like thony or fenolio or both.
Some want them all the rest to be just mods. But even then there's some objections

from mlpchan people might object to cross breeze. from ponychan people might object to lemming (he was the big push against /ef/ and is often an asshole.) might also be objections to rain bro since he was too. maybe crimson as well. i wouldn't count starshine, he's hardly around. might object to lawny since he was involved in dash-chan.

after mithent and macil, leaves artee, moony (currently on "break"), tom, fen, thony, mellow, derpymouz, flutterguy. that wouldn't be enough, but most wouldn't object to those people and positions.

but many would object to orange still owning the name and servers, so that would have to change and mithent and macil would have to own it. and not enough mods, so one or two from each site's posters would need to be added to round it out. good to get fresh blood anyways.

Anonymous 9399

I don't really see any problems with that. But I wouldn't want to force mods out of their positions. People deserve at the very least one chance.

Anonymous 9401

Fair enough. Personally I'd like to see them get at least one chance on a brand new site, and that's even with a lot of them having personally hurt me, or left me in the dust.
I want to see the good in them I guess, but I wouldn't really care if they ended up getting canned.
Maybe a certain few, but, that's besides the point

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9402

The simple solution is a Battle Royale, right?

Anonymous 9403

File: 1372472470168.jpg (57.69 KB, 500x281, tumblr_llog04FI7p1qcue88.jpg)

Oh good christ yes.
ponychan mods vs mlpchan mods in TF2 or counter strike or
League of Legends

Least effective players at the end of the game booted off the staff roster.

Anonymous 9404

sooo, the /test/ page is dead, has nothing happened in a while?

sorry to nag well partially, just wondering

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9406

File: 1372484377077.jpg (409.84 KB, 563x599, teddy.jpg)

>Any people who would be 'lost' would be purely people who are either:
>>the most sensitive of Ponychan types, who couldn't handle the more lenient rules overall and the free-rules board of /anon/ (even though they wouldn't have to visit it)
>>the most 2edgy posters of /anon/ or the rest of mlpchan who couldn't handle being on the same site as some of our more.. "brony" type posters at Ponychan
No the people who would be lost would be the people who don't want to deal with their constant shit. I'ved used both ponychan and /mlp/ for a long time and theres thing they have in common it that their users are willing to drama and shitpost until the sun burns out.

Anonymous 9407

>League of Legends

And Moony would be crowned admin of the new site, with the rest of the staff forced to bend to his whim.

Worse things have happened, I suppose, but perhaps this isn't the best plan.

Anonymous 9408


Well, Anonthony's been gone, and Ponychan did hit just a smidge of internal drama, but that's all I've heard on the subject.


If they have that in common, though, you can't really avoid it, so if we merged it would just still be here and nothing has changed.

!aFLUFFYJUk 9410

File: 1372501657612.jpg (217.12 KB, 500x636, meowith.jpg)

What would happen to Space? Would it stay the same? "If it ain't broke don't fix it" right?
Also, the new mods, will they let the more mlpchan parts of the site behave as they are?
I'm thinking of places like Oat being more loose, Anon being free for all, Space being free for all with Tripfagging.
Other than that, I read the test thread and the last 50 in here and it doesn't sound too bad to me, I'm just wary of the possible mod drama but the communities don't bother me. If anything it'd be nice to see fresh faces since there's a few here I can't get along with anymore and even though we don't drama it still gets awkward and keeps me quiet.
>in regards to the mods people were saying they wouldn't trust, Moony hasn't done too much to me but he always comes off as unstable and made me unsure if he'd hug or smack me on Ponychan a year ago, so I dunno where he'd mod over but I hope not Space just for peace of mind since we're rather unstable too.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9411

File: 1372504631455.png (214.37 KB, 425x422, what the hay cutiemark.png)

It's not so much egos as the ability to bury the hatchet.

And questions about community things. If I remember Moony's thread made on /oat/ and the storm it raised over a guy who was willing to communicate well with mlpchan and one of the lesser controversial ponychan mods not even in power to do anything…

Anonymous 9413


>People have no fucking sense of subtle social cues.

You do remember that the fandom is basically the Autism Internet Capital, right?

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9416

File: 1372515889945.png (245.39 KB, 425x422, is this another intervention.p…)

You know, you could just say

"I think most people will accept ponychan moderation gladly, except for a select few. Other moderators are mostly accepted anyways."

It might not give the extra punch of telling me I don't know anything about ponychan, but it would feel more welcoming.

Anonymous 9419

"I think most people will accept ponychan moderation gladly, except for a select few."

That's really not something you can even speculate on, artee, and belittling

Anonymous 9421

I know the easiest way. Democracy.

Have a vote in /site/ every four months where you can suggest and vote on mods. Mods which the merged community doesn't like lose their moderating abilities and others are instituted instead.

This may lead to circlejerking however, but I don't know about that.

Anonymous 9424

I like this, while I really think the mods are pretty ok right now on both sides personally, I think this would be ok to have to keep transparency and stuff

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9425

File: 1372535859954.png (119.65 KB, 331x366, fe-littlepip-sitting.png)

I think a formal voting system would lead to a strange type of competition for visibility and/or a sense of arbitrary instability for mod positions. (Just to be clear, I was joking with my Battle Royale for positions idea!) I think it's best for users to bring up their concerns more directly with details.

Anonymous 9426

popularity is a terrible judge of character

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 9427

File: 1372537591794.png (154.88 KB, 500x472, seems less than legit.png)


>"I think most people will accept ponychan moderation gladly"

Uh… why would we? Right now we have responsive moderation on a simple, clean set of rules, capable of effecting change if the community requests it. Under Ponychan administration, there would never have been an /mlp/ influx to populate /anon/.

A merger is appealing because ~half the Ponychan staff would fit right in, and so would nearly the entire community. The trick is getting that without getting stuck with Ponychan's gridlock or old guard or hand-me-down rules spaghetti. Then, and only then, do you reach the promised land.

Anonymous 9429

agreed, but while we're talking about possibilities

who would be responsible for the unbiased risk assessment?

No great decision should be made without one

Anonymous 9431

This is something that I've never quite understood about the merger

I know both staff teams very very well. I…I am completely willing to give all the Ponychan mods a chance, I'd like to see them do good, but, I have yet to see a convincing argument as to why anyone except for Fen and maybe crimson should stay on staff. Sorry Artee! Still waiting for that argument for you, cause man have I ever seen some really strange arguments against you

As silver said, the mod team here has shown how much better they objectively are than the ponychan staff again, sorry.

It's not my own personal bias against you guys, I don't actually have one except for moony, but that's 100% personal, and has very little to do with ponychan, and he's not even staff anymore, and I can say completely objectively that there's no real reason for the merger to keep any of ponychans staff aside from "making the community comfortable".
Given ponychan's history I don't think it really makes any sense to "merge" so much as have MLPchan just absorb you guys, and then take a new name for symbolic reasons. Again, I'm not saying I don't want the merger, I'm just saying that if you remove the emotion and personal, and community feelings from this merger, it stops making any sense for ponychan to even have half a say in what should happen, given past transgressions. But I digress…

I want to see this happen. I really really do. But I just want to be given a good reason outside of appealing to the ponychan staff/community for them to stay on as staff, because it feels like the negotiations are primarily "Do as much as possible to get ponychan on board with this", which is seriously stupid.

Anonymous 9432

No objections, but he might not have the time.
Three possible areas need to be covered, specifically.

1. PC absorbing MLP
2. MLP absorbing PC
3. Complete merge, sharing assets, domain names

I think any argument, negotiations, facts or otherwise should be postponed until that's done.


I especially think picking out the mods, at this hypothetical point, is a waste of brainpower, no offense to anyone.

Anonymous 9433

it has less to do with picking out the mods, and more to do with, for whatever reason, they are the people pretty well will the say here.
Ponychan has basically always either acted a full blown dictatorship (orange) or run as an Oligarchy (as it's run now)
Picking out the mods is less picking out the Police Officers and more picking out the President and his cabinet. I personally disagree with that, but eh, what can ya do.

But you are right, for now working through other hypotheticals are much more important.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9434

File: 1372542886299.png (136.94 KB, 956x536, Fluttershy_bit_S02E19[1].png)

There is a forth option, Staying separate but doing more cross board stuff.

Anonymous 9435

Oh, as for option one there, that's completely cut out from the possibilities. Tinyboard will be the codebase for the new site, and ponychan runs on PonychanX, a Kusaba fork. Unless ponychan migrates over to Tinyboard, I highly doubt MLPchan will be absorbed over there.
And I completely understand why a lot of ponychan might not want to be absorbed over here, however silly it might be.
I imagine the only way to make everyone happy is to remove all staff, except for macil and mithent, then random hat draw for the rest of the staff.

Anonymous 9436

if some way could be found that they'd be totally interconnected sister sites not competing every day for the same traffic and content that would be great.

but it would require about as much changes to ponychan as it would just to merge anyways. ponychan has fucking 20 goddamn boards, there isn't anything they aren't trying (and largely failing) to do. there will always be mass competition between the two sites unless they do some serious damn restructuring. and they won't, because you're stuck with asshats on /meta/ clawing for every board anytime anyone so much as breathes a word of change.

just take macil and mithent, take the most necessary and wanted mods from both sites (fenolio, moony, thony, tom, mellow, artee, or example), replace the rest with fresh blood from a mix of both sites (including someone for /anon/.)

Anonymous 9437

Oh, no, it was a joke.
However, moony is no longer a mod, and I wouldn't be okay with him taking a break shorter than three months. You've watched him do what he does. He needs some time off, badly.

I do like that setup, but, what about other people? I've seen a lot of MLPchan going yes, I like this, let's do this, and then no input from ponychan. If they just plain don't want to do the merger, I imagine that's fine, but, we need to know so we can stop dicking around. The only person I've seen consistantly over here is artee, and the /test/ thread is dead, so…what exactly is happening?

Anonymous 9439

I bet you any amount of money that if I was able to look through the IPs in this thread, most of the thread would be about 7 people, including us two, just saying that we already know exactly what we want to do and are just waiting on ponychan. This is extremely annoying; do we have any word on moving forward whatsoever?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9440

>there's no real reason for the merger to keep any of ponychans staff aside from "making the community comfortable".
>1 and 2
I definitely don't think either site is in a dire situation as to warrant one site absorbing the other's resources like that. Speculating on such a thing here just polarizes people against each other and is counter-productive. If a merger isn't a good idea, then it won't happen.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9441

File: 1372545414818.png (184.64 KB, 945x945, fe-littlepip-shrug.png)

grumble grumble if more people posted with their names it would be easier to see how different people stand on this.

The ponychan /meta/ thread looked pretty active before, and then it was closed (er, just bumplocked) on a completely ambiguous note.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9445

woah woah. Context man. That sentence desperately needs context or it looks like I just hate ponychan straight out.

Realistically, what do they bring to the table that the staff here, or others don't already? The same argument could be made about the staff here, except, the staff here hasn't fucked up..anything really. Here, take a look at this random ass example.
Let's say efchan and mlpchan merged.
I'd want BB, Goats, and Lilly to retain modship, because they are very good at what they do.
I have yet to see a ponychan mod that's currently on staff that was honestly above and beyond what any other random dude could do.
TL;DR: Someone, anyone, please, give me objective reasons why the mods from either site should retain moderatorship, except for Macil and Mithent, for obvious reasons.

Interesting, not surprising, but interesting. And I only keep my name off because…I don't really know, I like posting as anon.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 9447


The merger thread on /meta/ started as something else (three weeks ago) and later became a merger thread. Makes sense to swap it out for a fresh one.

It's just, um, no one actually made a fresh one.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9448

File: 1372546634976.png (10.88 KB, 744x520, ௵.png)

The amount of surprise I'm not feeling is fucking astounding.

Fenolio!X.Layton0s 9449

File: 1372547058952.png (317 KB, 1175x1024, 137055498699.png)

Re: Ponychan

Internal drama.
If we're not done with that this weekend, i'm going to ragequit my social inhibitions, just start doing things and hope i dont get fired.

I could talk about it right now if you'd like, but i'm half way to drunk off my ass and i really dont want to deal with shit tonight.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9450

Keep to Skype if you're going to spill beans that you've previously told me you can't talk about.

Terra 9451

What we're doing is just hypothetical, for boredom if you will.

I doubt the merge will ever happen, because it doesn't need to.

You're right, I forgot that one.
But no risk assessment would be needed for that.

It's just a risk assessment, not a speculation , Macil.
Businesses do this for every decision.


Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9452

It most certainly did not start as a boredom thing.
It was proposed as an actual thing. If this changed from an actual thing to a thing to do out of boredom, I missed that memo completely.

Terra 9453

I never said it did, that's why I continue it, you misunderstand.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9454

>"What we're doing is just hypothetical, for boredom if you will."

When did this become something to do out of boredom.

Terra 9455

Because I'm bored.
You're still reading it wrong, sorry?

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9456

are you saying discussing the merger as a whole is something to out of boredom, which implies that the merger is only being discussed out of borefom, or are you just talking about what's happening right now.

Terra 9457

File: 1372548256371.png (958.75 KB, 639x511, Dichrous maybe.png)

Not as a whole or that would be 'everyone', not 'we'.

I'm talking about the fact that the thread continues.
No need for anyone to take offense, Legendary.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 9458

I didn't mean to com across as though I took offense, sorry.
But alright.

Terra 9459

No worries.. we're cool..
But I'll stop for now, I've already said everything I thought was important about the hypothetical merger.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9460

>But no risk assessment would be needed for that.
There is (though admittedly it's mostly the inverse of what could happen if we combine). If the continued split is deemed not to be necessary, then there's the chance that continuing it and splitting traffic between similar places is harming potential activity levels.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9462


*sighs* Fine. I'll post with a name. At least in this thread.

And that thread wasn't really about the merge, it had just sidetracked into the merge. I don't know that we have a real /meta/ thread over there right now regarding the merge.

>I doubt the merge will ever happen, because it doesn't need to.

It doesn't need to, but multiple people want it to. Including some people on staff (considering they're the ones that came up with the idea in the first place). What some people forget is that we don't even need to keep the site running. This is not actually a place of any import, this is just a place that people find relatively fun to hang out in. No one is making any money here, we aren't discussing the future of the world (effectively), it's just a place to hang out with people who share a similar interest (usually).


I'm always open to talk about that sort of thing, because half the time it's like I'm sitting in a chat room and drama pops up from somewhere and then gets covered up because people don't want it public. It's like I'm eight years old and my parents start arguing, but then tell me to leave the room so I don't know what's happening, and then everyone comes back angry. Which is bad enough when I'm actually eight years old and couldn't understand anything anyway, but even worse when I'm in my mid to late twenties and everyone involved is a friend that I want to help but can't.

Which isn't to say you must air out all the baggage floating around, but I would really really appreciate it sometimes. Also, "you" doesn't refer to you, Fenolio, specifically, but rather a metaphorical "you" that includes the entire staff and also some of the older users.

Terra 9463

Yes, you're correct.. but I'd really like to argue that's coincidental, regardless of the split being deemed hypothetically unnecessary, if that's alright.

For instance competition is something that needs to be evaluated and measured, and I realize that MLP IS the spawn of PC, however, there are many, many other competitors such as Cloudsdale, that aren't even imageboards, that affect both sites with similar impact. PC and MLP were split, yes, but until something happens they are still just competitors.

That's why I don't believe it would need to be done here, though it already warrants doing on its own.

I think it needs to be considered, but not specifically for this, though that may sound silly, hopefully I'm being reasonable in thinking that.

That's just a statement of my own opinion, no thoughts there really.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9464

>For instance competition is something that needs to be evaluated and measured, and I realize that MLP IS the spawn of PC, however, there are many, many other competitors such as Cloudsdale, that aren't even imageboards, that affect both sites with similar impact. PC and MLP were split, yes, but until something happens they are still just competitors.

Okay, we're going deep now.

So, Ponychan and MLPchan are direct competitors. We offer almost exactly the same product with only very minor differences. Like the iPod and the Zune.

Cloudsdale is similar in the sense that it's music related. Perhaps they're a satellite radio service. We could absolutely be losing people to their service, but the answer to that is completely different. If satellite radio is more popular than MP3 players then we either have to focus on getting people more interested in MP3 players or give up on producing MP3 players. A company merge would likely result in both of us offering our own products anyway (useful in business, but less so in volunteer imageboards), and if we attempted to copy ideas from satellite radio we would end up with a new third product (which is a valid option and idea).

So you are correct in mentioning their impact, but the impact is very different and needs to be handled differently.

Terra 9465

File: 1372552882666.png (64.67 KB, 465x759, Hearty (2).png)

I'm.. sorry I just don't understand what you're saying, and that's probably my fault, but I need to go now, so I'm going to come back to this later, and please have a nice evening everyone. <3

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9466


I am attempting to leverage my otherwise mostly wasted college education. If people don't understand what I am saying then that is fine and I apologize for rambling.

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 9467


It's less a competitor and more an alternative, because the difference in how they work produced different target demographics who were looking for different things. The site wasn't created as competition, but as its own entity born out of the desire of a different manner of community interaction. Of course, that's become more hazy nowadays since Ponychan has loosened up its regulations, so they are pretty similar in nature except one is having a fling with /mlp/ and the other is having a bit of an identity crisis.

In the end though, I don't think there will ever be any sort of proper "competition" that amounts to anything more than a handful of misguided people that throw rocks across the train tracks to see if they can hit some strangers they barely even know anymore. People will go to where they feel the closest bond to regardless of if that's logical or not.

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 9469

File: 1372568569302.png (141.4 KB, 600x400, 72e2c8ef4da8c3f3a1f8412a9b8fe7…)


Then I guess you'll have to tell the people who came up with the site that, as we've always said that we weren't trying to snatch users away from ponychan! Unless that's somehow changed at some point

And you're welcome

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 9472

File: 1372569336719.jpg (358.26 KB, 692x646, 4577596ef0ae2403f6b32b4e36fc16…)


The difference there is, of course, that those two things are businesses. There is no applicable analogy between sites to the deciding factor of a chain store's "competition". No vying for suppliers and vendor support, no split between customers spending a very limited resource to fund their continued existence, and no locational warring.

For there to be a competition, the sites have to be competing for something. But unlike the limited money of a customer, there is nothing limiting the ability of a person to go to both sites and post.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9475


Well there's plenty of people that do go to both sites. Perhaps even a lot of people. I don't have any hard numbers, but I bet they'd be higher than you expect.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 9476

File: 1372569799221.gif (21.9 KB, 500x253, uncut horse cock.gif)

MLPchan and Ponychan overlap heavily and as such compete for traffic. It is not, however, a zero-sum competition. One chan's loss is not necessarily the other chan's gain.

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 9478


I hardly see your point. Yes, plenty of people find a place and pick it and stay there, but at the same time, there are certainly people that post both places. Some groups have switched sites back and forth, etc. It's not a universal thing.

There's also the fact that there isn't honestly a lot of permanent switchover between MLPChan and Ponychan, regardless. even increase at the same time. Some serials did it in the early days, but other than that. This creates a situation where even if one site is gaining traffic, the other can certainly stay the same or I remember everyone in our little skype group expecting an outpour of people expecting to get away from ponychan way back then. That certainly never happened, though.

Regardless, one of the biggest points all of us tried to make in the early days is that the last thing we wanted to do was step on Ponychan's toes, because it's unneeded drama

Admiral Yang Wenli 9479

File: 1372579939219.jpg (73.06 KB, 800x1103, image.jpg)


Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9481

File: 1372583693735.png (189.11 KB, 376x400, I worry about you.png)

Oh, for Celestia's sake.
If I guess that people will be reserved to have ponychan mods, I'm a jerk.
If I guess that people will welcome ponychan mods, I'm a jerk.

Give me a break, will you?
Community take on things is important. I'd rather have people commenting on that instead of pointing at me and pointing out how I'm the douchebag here.
I love the ponychan community.
I like the mlpchan community. I have no interest in making everyone an enemy here.

I have a bad feeling about the term 'absorb'. Maybe it's not so bad. Mlpchan can better just absorb ponychan sounds like "ponychan staff should just quit and delete ponychan from existence. Everyone from ponychan is then welcome to post on mlpchan if they want." No negotiations, no staff transfer, no ponychan community input, no revision of the rules.
That's really not gonna happen.

> if this whole thread isn't redundant right now.

Anonymous 9482

File: 1372584577995.png (6.27 KB, 429x410, 1324753975001.png)

In my head I still thought of the exact same merger, just, no new site set up.
ponychan would still "exist", with the entire site being something like arch, or, I dunno. Whatever works.
Staff additions, mithent and macil take financial control of the site, with Fen being the admin, he joins anonthony as a community admin (Or whatever the plan actually ends up being, and whatever else happens happens.
It wasn't intended to be controlling, I'm sorry.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9483

File: 1372585060937.png (163.47 KB, 319x225, pinkie G3 that's not my tophat…)

I do agree myself that mlpchan has a lot of stuff set up already that can't be removed. So as the major host it would probably stand.

In terms of rules, outside of /anon/ little needs to be changed, I think. And inside /anon/ nothing should be changed either.

Mod/staff positions are just politics. Ponychan folks might not like the idea of the staff being gone all at once. (and mlpchan wouldn't want anonthony or any of its mods gone)

But in the end it's semantics mostly, maybe.
Merging sounds like "both sites have the same position"
Absorption like "this site is holding the strings, while the other should be lucky it got accepted anyways"

Anonymous 9484

I'll admit that while I want this to happen, sometimes I feel like that is what is happening, except, it's more along the lines of ponychan is holding it's status away from mlpchan to make it do whatever it can to get this merger happening. I dunno. paranoia.

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 9486


Even if no one were to see it, the idea of tossing out most of the ponychan mods on the staff is simultaneously the quickest way to get the other site's staff to not agree with you on the merger and symptomatic less of a merger and more of a total takeover. That's something that should be totally avoided.

Anonymous 9488

I think fairness should be the last thing considered in functionality
In that way I'm not sure this can happen unless an entirely new entity was created with new ownership
At least I don't think it can without being sloppy, and hurting a lot of good people

Just a thought

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 9492

File: 1372614691855.jpg (72.66 KB, 600x600, 6834c9ae24e17e1589a11ac6a0db3c…)


Simply focusing around functionality is not how community projects like this should work. It isn't like putting a machine together; they aren't parts that will unconditionally work together as long as they are connected right. If you want to combine two groups like this, you have to make concessions for everyone involved in order to create the most positive environment that you can for everyone involved.

Totally new ownership would eliminate the more biased approach of one site getting all the moderation ability while the others getting kicked to the curb, yes. But at the same time we'd be getting what is utterly a blank slate run by a bunch of as-of-yet unproven people. It could end up good, certainly. It could also end up even messier than it's ever been before. I dunno if I, or really most people in the community, are willing to roll the dice on something like that.

The only way this is going to work (and I doubt it will, regardless) is if people get over silly biases and work with each other.

Anonymous 9493

I see.
Maybe my time would be better spend making charts of pros vs cons or something, I'll admit I'm very mechanical, and I don't often consider the community.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9494

File: 1372621653491.png (195.57 KB, 452x431, heheheyeah.png)

and of course my small headworry, what sort of reception can tossed out ponychan mods expect in the mlpchan community.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9495


About the same reception you'll get if you're still on the staff, I assume. Which might not be warm, if Moony's thread on /oat/ the other day is any indication.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9497


Very true. I bet a couple of Ponychan's mods are so low-key people wouldn't even remember they were mods.

Kind of like how they don't realize it already.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9499

File: 1372623749269.png (91.85 KB, 274x338, Im listening.png)

Nonetheless, being fired by the heroes of the community tripple affirms that you're a toxic seed to the community.

Anonymous 9501

Not being re-hired, if everyone had to pass some scrutiny, would be easier than 'firing bad mods'


I think he's saying the act of demodding could make them targeted as users, it could also wrongly be seen as a punishment

Anonymous 9503

Well, one just did so, who knows..

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9504

Are merger discussions doomed to constantly return to "It would be easy if most of one of the staffs disappeared"?

Anonymous 9505

People tend to find interest in details, and get ahead of themselves.
Personally I wonder if a thread is the best way to even discuss this?
Though I'm not sure how else it'd be done..

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9506


Unfortunately, people are really angry at each other and worried about what might happen to their site if various people were given any amount of control.


I can't really think of any other good way, either. It's too hard to get ahold of everyone involved with any method, so we're kinda stuck with something like this and hoping we get a decent number of people.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9507

This is supposed to be the side of the discussion for the mlpchan community to participate in, so a thread seems natural. If the discussions seem to be moving forward, I'll put a link to this thread in the announcement blotter for more users to see.

Anonymous 9508

Yeah I see, but its not the place it's the method.
Personally I feel useless when I bring up a point that's already been mentioned and long burred in one of these threads.

Anonymous 9513

so we need a google docs with the points we've already gone over.
I wish there was a way to actually talk to the entirety of the community over on ponychan.

heh. just write a cookie and a script that makes a javascript alertbox pop up, with big letters and what have you, that forces all persons on site to see it and once it's read, the cookie sets to like 1 or something and it doesn't pop up again.

Pezzy !KkBITCHjtY 9514

Heh, because that works for the EULA stuff on games~

Anonymous 9515

lolololololololol, it was meant as more of joke, because I imagine everyone would just click okay and not read it at all :P

But it would be funny to see what would happen.

Pezzy !KkBITCHjtY 9516

/meta/ ragespam from people who got mad that they had to scroll down and click okay, then two people who skimmed the first line making threads asking what's going on.

At least… I assume that's what would happen.

Anonymous 9517

I feel like that isn't too far off, to be honest.

Pezzy !KkBITCHjtY 9518

Heh, I could accurately joke about people's reactions to things and how there would be three threads up at once because no one bothered to notice that there were others about the same thing on the top five threads on the page, but this is just getting deraily so I should hop out for now.

Anonymous 9519

alright, later pez.

Anonymous 9520

Well this is done now that orange is back, we can all go home.

so let's get back to what we can do for this place, it's pretty fucked over there.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9522

I'm not sure I'd have worded it like that, but I think the general sentiment is that merger talks are at least on hold while Ponychan's staff situation is in flux. Maybe longer.

Anonymous 9523

Orange is back in a minor role and Fenolio, the person pushing for the merge the hardest, is now the Community Leader/Admin.

I don't think this is bad for Ponychan because I like Fen and think he will be a good admin, and I hope our side doesn't freak out simply because Orange is back as someone who isn't involved in community decisions.

I really hate to see it end like this…and I don't think this is a reason to end it

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9524


That's not just a general sentiment, that's a direct statement. Fenolio is still interested in the merger, but there's a bunch of local turmoil he has to deal with first. Discussions will continue once our mod and board situations have settled down.

Anonymous 9525

well, according to >>>/test/3833, he wants to do it once he gets some more people to be mods. So I guess we can pay attention for that for a timeline

Anonymous 9526

orange being involved in any role at all is going to make people freak out. 99% of people here have pretty good reason to think he's the worst shit ever, and even most ponychan users don't want him back.

and you're right there's other flux they need to deal with. 34 and moony both retired or on break or who knows what, a new mod added who's just basically a yes man and well known brown-noser. mithent still technically has admin access? i guess, I think. that wasn't clear. an awkward power triumvirate. orange isn't a person who takes a minor real. either he's involved or he's on vacation, like this 6 month one he's been on. and thats the real issue.

orange is pure cancer. literally radioactive to every aspect of community, decision making, dealing with people.. he ran Ponychan right into the ground from the highest peak with autistic decisionmaking skills, atrocious management of his mods, apalling treatment of his users, complete ass backwards vision for the site, and only the strength and resolve of the community itself and some of its mods kept it alive through his total failures at every level of his job. and then he finally mercifully stepped aside, and someone who showed any competence at all (that's mitent) started immediately the long process of undoing it all and cleaning up his disasters he left when things were at their worst. and now that some of its done, he comes skipping back into the picture. oh hey, i see you made things not so shitty, i can come back now. or maybe they just did't have anyone else capable of keeping the mess of kusaba spaghetti running since mithent didn't have the time to do it anymore. either way him being in the picture is bad juju for about 75% of both sites users minds. just being honest.
sorry for the rant, but yeah, that's just blunt truth.

Anonymous 9527

Like I said, he's not in a decision-making position. He even said it himself I think. He's only there to help on the tech side of things and is back mostly as a user.

Its bad juju, but it shouldn't be. I understand the reasons, and once he is in a decision-making position I think we can freak out or call this off, but he isn't yet and we have to look forward. If we have a merger, then we would EXPLICITLY restrict him.

Just because people will freak out doesn't make them right, and I do understand their concerns, but I don't think he really is in much of a position of power yet.

Anonymous 9528

>he's already hinting at being back in a more decision making role
yeah, no.

>but I don't think he really is in much of a position of power yet.


Anonymous 9529


Well disregard. I do think we should proceed with caution. But that is telling.

As long as Fenny is officially the leader, I am in full support of the merger, and I don't think we should give it up yet.

Once he takes that role, then we can reconsider, but I don't think this is necessarily something that stops us just yet.

If we have a merger, we would have people to restrict him anyway, so while he has influence, he has everyone else keeping him in check, which to me is fine since he wouldn't have any more power on the new site than most mods.

Anonymous 9530

i get the feeling that if he's on staff at all that's pretty much a solid dealbreaker for most users (on both sites) and some staff at both sites too.
he's not a mod. even when he handld reports and gave bans, he was terrible. and we all know he was a terrible admin. so there's nothing for him to do. all he's useful for is code, and that wouldnt be necessary (and he isnt all hes crackd up to be in that anyways.)

HawkeyePierce!rZkYMBqxQs 9531

File: 1372662188872.png (243.52 KB, 677x781, big_macintosh__no_background__…)

This can still happen if that is what is best for the community. It may not be now, and it may not be soon, but at some point the two sites will end up together again. Meanwhile, you have a good thing going here. Keep it that way and wait for the fateful day. It will come. Mark my words that I leave intentionally vague to try to pretend like I'm still relevant.

That day will come.

-Prophecy #67 of Agnes Nutter, Witch

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9532

>It may not be now, and it may not be soon, but at some point the two sites will end up together again.
I don't think so.
I think that time will cause the two site to drift further apart culturally, not come closer together. So the current problems with the merger will magnify and multiply over time.

This assumes there's not some change that causes lot of cross-site activity of course.

HawkeyePierce!rZkYMBqxQs 9533

File: 1372662839434.png (89.78 KB, 456x596, big_mac_and_smarty_pants_by_dr…)

Eh, I just think that with enough time, the intensity of old issues will have faded and one or both sites will shrink to a point that it makes sense for everyone to either merge (if both are shrinking) or acquire (if one is shrinking). Whatever happens, the community will find its equilibrium. As long as folks are having a good time posting, that's all that really matters in the long run.

Anonymous 9534

Issues change and are forgotten
But people.. hehe.. iunnooo…!

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9536


Well at least his opinion wasn't left ambiguous.

Anonymous 9537

I would have agreed with you last month, but now that some porn posters from /mlp/ have moved here recently, I think this site will be able to survive

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9538


Perhaps Ponychan is the site that eventually (or more immediately) shrinks and needs to be absorbed. It doesn't have to be the other way around.

Personally, I still think the cultures of the two sites are closer than some people think, but I don't claim to speak for everyone.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9539

File: 1372680718201.bmp (147.93 KB, 242x208, ur a fgt.bmp)

MLPchan was hardly in dire straights before the scruffening. we have been steadily growing since the start.

Anonymous 9540

Really? You sure about that? I thought post counts were dropping fairly fast before /mlp/ cane and ate slowing down again.

This. We're really not too different culturally

Anonymous 9542

Well, I'm not sure ponychan had a major falling after the season. It was pretty slow during it too.

But I wasn't trying to make a point, just wondering.

It's not about whether both sides could survive, it's about how much better we could thrive together

Anonymous 9543

File: 1372689429653.png (97.4 KB, 860x598, ponychan's bullshit post count…)

Let's not forget that ponychan cheats their post counts

Anonymous 9544

File: 1372689599860.png (108.48 KB, 986x646, ponychan's bullshit post count…)

Anonymous 9545

Well. It looks like they haven't done that in a while.

Im looking at post counts per day anyways

Anonymous 9547

Gunthor is actually back

Besides that,

Personally, I agree with him on keeping boards like /vinyl/. Its not taking any posts away. Since they have music threads on /chat/ anyway

ok, I'm going to straight up say it, ponychan isn't as horribly ran as people say. Its just scared of hurting people because of its past.

And the drama? That's inevitable. I understand what the issues are, but I think if they come over, and frankly see that this setup is superior, then I think the users will fight to keep it. I personally don't see a problem with niche boards. They are taking literally nobody from the main boards, so I won't call this inherently superior, but I like the /oat/ and mature content tagging here plus tinyboard and all that

Anonymous 9548

Back as a user I should say

Anonymous 9550

To be honest, yeah, that is the only reason. They have established a community of regulars and I don't think disbanding them is really any better.

Besides the boards being way too numerous, and the endless drama, what is badly ran about it nowadays? Asking this genuinely.

Anonymous 9551

>how much better we could thrive together
>better we could thrive together
>thrive together

I went to MLPchan to escape Nazi moderation and overall moronic mods.

It's not much i can say about the place which haven't been said already.

Why do the merge in the first place? So a few tripfags can get off on each others hugs? Why the fuck can't they have two tabs open instead of putting stress on moderators of both sites while putting everybody on edge.

I'm hearing "more traffic" a lot.
Fair, if you look away from the fact that people will whail around like idiots before setteling down for at least a month, and don't get me started on the massive influx of newfags sure to follow.

You can force a horse down the river, but you can't make it drink.
Anthony, if you're hearing this, muh nigga
pls… don't


Look! Just look at all the mod drama bullshit no one gives a fuck about, do we want mods who places personal prefrences over propper moderation? Do we want mods who pick favorites?

Fuck that, i'm not gonna play pet dog so i don't get b& by some power hungery shitstain who lives in their own fucking bubble! I'd rather hammer glowing hot nails into my errect cock infront of my mother while wering a latex suit, coated in dog shit

yes i fucking mad

Anonymous 9552

The internal conflict that made the /oat/ & /chat/ matter (well, in the end, just the /oat/ matter) take six months and three polls and a dozen threads to come up with the end result of "loosen rules on /oat/" is a prime example. Infighting and internal drama and petty power struggle and conflicting visions kept anything from getting done, at all, and eventually for all the bullshit and half a year of arguing they barely even made a half-measure. The staff there is already divided and has years of bitterness and old beliefs on how to do things, trickled down from their shitstain of an admin.

Anonymous 9553

There are hardly any nazi mods anymore, it's not as lax as here, but its not nazi anymore.

And the whole tripfag circlejerk is on both sides…and anons can too despite popular belief.

I am being 100 percent honest when I say that the vast majority of both communities are similar. I wouldn't be for the merger if we were imo.

Anonymous 9554

And a merger could remove that by separating them further from traditions and the old admin.

Like I said, their biggest problem is being afraid to hurt anyone because of the site's past which makes these big decisions hard for them.

I agree with all of that, and tbh, I think the two biggest ones who stood against the solutions stepped down indefinitely. So I hope we get some results soon

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9555

>And a merger could remove that by separating them further from traditions and the old admin.
well that sounds nice for them

Anonymous 9556

It does and it doesn't really hurt us I don't think

Anonymous 9558

>There are hardly any nazi mods anymore
I fucking dare you, hit up a proxxy and try to have an active disscution, the second people smell an argument based on differetnt opinions the mods either ban you, or delete/lock the thread
>the vast majority of both communities are similar.
Look, i could give a flying fuck who posts on (for example) /anon/. As long as they leave their trip and their faggotry at the door.

People are free to come and go as they fucking like, we're not in 50's germany.
Again, what the ungodly fuck is the problem with having two tabs open, this isn't /mlp/, you're not gonna miss something because you're 2slow.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9559

>I fucking dare you, hit up a proxxy and try to have an active disscution, the second people smell an argument based on differetnt opinions the mods either ban you, or delete/lock the thread

I could do that without a proxy if you wanted me to. I'll even leave my name on.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9562


>Even if you don't get official censure, you'll get the cultural backlash.

Woah, now we're moving goalposts here. Cultural backlash isn't really related to the mods being nazis and banning people.


A fair point, I should probably remove the name to avoid that.

Anonymous 9564

Deal with /meta/? Oh heck yes

That wasn't my point because I hope if we merge we make a conscious effort to separate from that.

I never use proxies, but I disagree all the time and don't really have a problem with that over there. There are always a few regulars who speak their opinion and there is nothing wrong with that even if they are imo backwards, so I just deal with it. I'm used to dissenting opinions.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9566


>implying I haven't before and wouldn't again

The mods aren't (or perhaps weren't) even really in agreement on a lot of things, agreeing with one is going to disagree with another. If a controversial opinion came up I would speak my mind on it as needed, regardless of how that interacted with the opinions of the mods or anyone else.


Putting a trip on, only putting it on because of the whole issue on accountability and having different opinions than the status quo and all that and I feel like having my name attached to this.

90% of the problem with both sides, yes both, is that there is projecting onto the other.

If you have a different opinion you will get swamped there and people are rude and dismissive here.

This is usually perpetuated by a few on both sides and their circlejerk (yes, anons too can just as easily) that is true, but looking beyond that there is a lot of parallel and not a lot of reason to give these people power.

I just don't think cultural differences are as big of a deal as people say.

Now, technical issues, Orange, and general drama? Yes, but we have to be able to separate ourselves from our past if we are going to merge anyway. To assume everything will happen happily and we are going to kiss and make up is a pipe dream, we just need to suck it up and do what is best, which imo is to merge.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9568

>Now, technical issues, Orange, and general drama?

As has been mentioned a couple times, those are the reasons things are on hold at the moment. We won't push forward until those things have already been resolved. Perhaps that won't be any time soon, I don't know, but worrying about things that we're up front saying we're going to fix first is a bit off.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9570


Well we don't know what the deal is. He implied that he might come back into full administration at some point in the future. If we determine that this will happen and that MLPchan doesn't want that to be a thing then we won't merge. For now we don't know that so we're aware of the concern and you will no doubt be informed when things are more defined.


and I know, I've been in this thread the whole time. I just think those are the issues we should be looking into, not this cultural stuff.


/anon/ is a different beast…and one I really like. Its probably my favorite board here. I understand the concerns, but I am sure we would have orange restricted if we do. I actually like orange as a guy, but I wouldn't want him in a position of power in a merge. MLPChan's side wouldn't let him anyway if we do.

People are talking about letting mods go if we merge anyway. I don't know why the administration needs to be set in stone before it if we are going to change it anyway.


>all there is for tech admin is macil
Well, Mithent will be there somewhat I think and Orange has a modicum of skill, but I don't see this as a bad thing at all.



like I said here >>9572 I don't want him in a position of power, but if he was, secondary SYSAdmin is one I am fine with.

But I don't think he should be in one for the communities sake and for sake of the merger.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 9577

There is only one person with more power then a sysadmin and that is whoever is paying for the server.


true. But I am assuming he won't renegade and do his own things. Not being in a decision making position and all that. There are many things you can say about him, but I don't think he would go behind the current/merged team's back.

He has always paid for ponychan's servers, that hasn't changed and we still were going through the motion for it.

who knows tho…and I understand the concern. I've said it multiple times, I think for the sake of the merger he is a roadblock just because of his name


I DO think I know Orange, and have read countless site logs and the like, but it was because he was in a position where he was both the sysadmin and Community Admin/decision maker.

I admit I am fairly baseless in the claim that he wouldn't go behind their back when he isn't a "decision maker" anymore, so I think we should get off that

Personally, his biggest fault was listening to Zamoonda and letting the influence seep in.

and I do know about the part where he did that. I think its somewhat irrelevant. I also have no idea how much ponychan users pay admittedly.


Admitedly I don't know much about what he was like before Zamoonda.

Lets get off this anyway. I agree with you anyway, its not really helping any discussion


Yeah, I saw that. I also saw some stuff that makes me think that people are underestimating how much ponychan costs. I'd assume the users are paying for at least half of Ponychan

HawkeyePierce!rZkYMBqxQs 9585

File: 1372702159475.jpg (20.55 KB, 392x454, dragon+++pony+Discord+_6328d5b…)


This. Particularly when Orange was still a full admin, he was paying a hell of a lot of money to keep the site up. The first reason for this was that he had to maintain a ridiculous setup with all sorts of bells and whistles to keep Ponychan from succumbing to the botnet that was DDoSing the site on a near constant basis for months. The second reason was that rumors and drama about Orange apparently stealing money killed donations. I don't know what the situation is now, but when I was modding there was extremely little revenue generated from donations.

There are legitimate criticisms on how Orange has handled issues in the past, but he has sunk way more time and money into Ponychan than anyone knows.

Anonymous 9587

I heard the early donation drive gained a lot, but it died since then


I only knew of one, I wasn't there for them so I just hear things

HawkeyePierce!rZkYMBqxQs 9590

File: 1372705231419.jpg (151.08 KB, 695x700, this+_708eba86d173adb438ab9f7e…)


Serious DDoS protection costs a hell of a lot, which was what I meant by "bells and whistles". I'm not informed enough to attempt a cost comparison between the two sites, but most of the site costs were for the top-level DDoS protection, which I do not believe MLPchan has required. Correct me if I'm wrong in that assumption, though, Thony.

I will also point out that I have no idea how much Ponychan costs to maintain nowadays. I suspect less, since the DDoSing finally let up.

Anonymous 9591

How about you fuckers either drop it, save yourself endless doxx attacks and drama.
…Or give random anons on /anon/ mod
And watch beauty reincarnated be born infront of your eyes

HawkeyePierce!rZkYMBqxQs 9593

File: 1372706114544.jpg (64.8 KB, 720x1280, 13298364463259.jpg)


I'm not trying to come in shouting that I'm right or anything. I'm just trying to offer whatever information may be useful for the discussion while disclaimimg that I indeed do not know shit about the current status. If the information that I presented was already known and being taken into account (as you have shown that it was), then I don't have anything else to offer and will be off. Didn't mean to offend.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9594


Giving random people modship could have a pretty wide variety of effects ranging from complete chaos as Scruffy takes over the boards to the randomly modded anon walking away because he/she's too busy to actually do anything with the site.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9596


Yes, that would probably be a pretty good idea, I think, it just shouldn't be chosen at random. Though I assume that suggestion was at least partially a joke.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9597

File: 1372710362877.png (228.59 KB, 425x425, check that out.png)

I, personally wouldn't mind some /anon/ mod with an /mlp/ background gets taken in, given that he's a good quality poster with good intention.

> inb4 the irony of a ponychan mod suggesting how mods should be chosen

But really, this is a joint venture. We do need to align our communities.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9598


They're worried about losing their original culture, and I think someone from their culture to keep it going could help. The important thing is that the /anon/ mod has to have /anon/'s interests in mind. Modding /anon/ the same way you'd mod the rest of either of our sites wouldn't end well for a variety of reasons.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9599

File: 1372710929643.png (211.3 KB, 425x422, you'll see 2.png)

That goes for itself probably.

/anon/ is a virtually free board. Merging can not invade on that on any level whatsoever. If it even needs moderation (for CP and what not) a pre-crack down /mlp/ based mod fits.

If the merger comes, /anon/ should not fear.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9600


No one should fear, but a lot of people are going to anyway. What we have to do is align the communities of the two sites, like you said. /anon/, fortunately, doesn't need any alignment. In a merger it would just keep being /anon/ because Ponychan has no equivalent board to muck anything up.

How to align the rest of our communities is largely a matter of perception, but once the staff gets back around to talking about things and potentially reaches a conclusion, getting the rest of the community on board would be the next step rather than simply shoving the two sites together and hoping no one murders each other.

Also, this thread is really talking in circles at this point. There isn't much more to do until everything is squared away in places.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9602

There are other anti-DDOS solutions. Some a bit cheaper but commonly not as spotless and require a lot more maintenance. Some more expensive, but with their own upsides and stronger guarantees. (I do think CloudFlare's plan is the best and cheapest managed solution I've seen.)


File: 1372721671884.png (161.54 KB, 421x406, 136177846626.png)

so uhhh… could someone give me a tl;dr on what is going on so far?

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9605


We're considering merging the two sites, but staff/site turmoil on Ponychan's side has the talks on hold for now. That is pretty much the entire story.


File: 1372722387312.png (280.73 KB, 360x531, 1358382957869.png)

is the mlpchan staff cool with that?

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9607


For the most part, yes. We'd still have to agree on a few things before we went through with it, but for the most part everything requested by either side has been fairly agreeable.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9608

File: 1372722535567.png (205.73 KB, 425x422, .png)

At that, some extra mlpchan staff input couldn't hurt either.
I've seen Tom,Mellowbloom, Anonthony, part of Macil and Cross Breeze so far. Most not more than a small note.

at this point, we're getting our stuff together with the recent events.


File: 1372722686218.png (98.88 KB, 276x260, screenshot805.png)


hmm. interesting… so, how would this merge happen?

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9610


The exact details hadn't been finalized. We'd either go ahead and delete one site while migrating over the staff and users (Ponychan would likely be the deleted one, since MLPchan has rather a more impressive infrastructure) or we'd develop a new, third site from the ground up and all move there. Board mergers would mostly just overlap, /oat/ to /oat/, /fic/ to /fic/, etc, with only minor changes to the ones that aren't shared.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9611

File: 1372722808569.png (195.27 KB, 425x422, hmmm.png)

When one site loves the other site very much, they'd….


well, if in theory one site could pretend to love the other site very much…

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9612

File: 1372722941442.png (201.74 KB, 591x760, 1.png)


>well, if in theory one site could pretend to love the other site very much…

Don't make this more complicated than it already is.


File: 1372722998546.png (390.58 KB, 853x744, screenshot151.png)

>MLPchan has rather a more impressive infrastructure)
hmm. i was gonna say… this is correct.

hehehe, what a silly way of explaining it


This is exactly what I've been wanting to know

I know there is iffy stuff, but I want explication on the whole scenario and what needs to be done for the talks to restart

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9615


The talks are currently being held up by us, not them. Fen wants all our ducks in a row before the merger is back on the table.


File: 1372723165975.jpg (43.89 KB, 600x338, fuckyourgravity.jpg)

well i mean… just my thoughts.

it seems everyone seems to be fine where they're at.

if that wasn't the case, they'd be moving here.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9617


Some people think the combined site would be better than either of them individually. That's what brought merger ideas around in the first place. I like both sites separately, and I have a feeling I would also like them if they were together. Simply not merging is still very much an option, but we want to probe people's ideas a bit more, first.


File: 1372724015113.png (292.49 KB, 1280x720, screenshot93.png)

ah okay. fair enough

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9619

File: 1372724081806.png (239.46 KB, 425x422, kay.png)

I do admit, I'm not as optimistic as I was before.


File: 1372724232411.png (401.82 KB, 743x717, 136459871462.png)

why so?

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9621


I'm not as optimistic about the merger talks succeeding, that's for sure, but I still think the two sites could go well together. I also think that it could be better to leave people separate, too, though. If there isn't enough of a call for it then it might be better to do it that way, like how /g/ and /vinyl/ ended up. I wanted to merge those, /chat/, and /oat/, all into one, but so many people showed up to tell us that they don't want that…it makes it hard to say that it's the right decision. And even if I would like it personally, I'm not sure it would be the right decision here, either. Something worth putting more thought into.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9623


A lot more showed up than I expected, that's for sure. The people who wanted it gone were all from outside boards who had ideas about a merge that may not have been accurate given the circumstances. This isn't the thread for that discussion, though. That belongs back in /meta/ somewhere, if it's to be further discussed at all.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9624

File: 1372724674158.png (186.89 KB, 376x400, yes really.png)

I really want topatch up the issues with mlpchan, though.

I've always wanted that.

This merger talks will be a keystone in this and a failure might make that goal even further away.

I still want people from mlpchan to be welcome on ponychan and definitely visa versa.

Anonymous 9625

File: 1372724824076.png (109.37 KB, 535x700, 1370754213011.png)

ipick me

ipick me ipick me ipick me ipick me ipick me ipick me


File: 1372724839814.png (190.21 KB, 507x454, 136239684013.png)

then maybe the two sites are just better off seperate

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9628


Yeah, same here. One of my major goals recently has just been to reconcile different factions of the fandom. I think the merger could be good for that, definitely, but it might be too much too quickly. I think if we can get a few more cross site posters being cordial first then it would help to ease that transition into a possible future merger.


Seems legit, he's got my vote.


File: 1372724982470.png (156.66 KB, 1024x901, chickun2.png)

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9630

File: 1372725015523.png (180.82 KB, 376x400, that's okay.png)

Then stay undisgruntled, Mikie.
You really make me smile for that


File: 1372725183387.png (168.14 KB, 325x482, 1364065019007.png)

what do you mean?

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9632

File: 1372725511478.png (184.57 KB, 376x400, I can get along with that.png)

happily making threads in both communities


File: 1372725643601.png (94.7 KB, 197x462, screenshot559.png)

that's what i like about them being separate. i have two others places to go to.

then again im everywhere lol

Anonymous 9634

File: 1372725722840.jpg (47.79 KB, 489x355, 1370774681905.jpg)

From borderline shitposting to srs, i've been with /mlp/ from day one, and i love it to bits.
From every dubs post to every diaper general, i don't know, i've sorta attached to the sub commuinity as a whole.
You'd be hard pressed finding a peron more open to… well, everything than me.

I'd remove ilegal shit like CP, and bomb making

I'd be fair and just, i'd be for the people, by the people!

As long as one man is a slave to moronic moderation, everyone is a slave to moneratic moderation!

Shit would be cash, and i don't have a life, i take my PC everywere i go, hell, i'm writing this just half an hour after coming home from a night club in Turkey, were i'm vacationing.

You guys mean so much to me, i would not let you down, neither tripfag or anon.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9635

File: 1372725807848.png (22.93 KB, 521x385, 91882__safe_rule%252B63_sad_ar…)


>and bomb making

That's illegal now?

Anonymous 9636

File: 1372725872071.png (142.71 KB, 900x1000, 1370756920993.png)

Good question, were do you live?

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9637

File: 1372726044274.jpg (32.44 KB, 600x375, Stealthsnail.jpg)


I think it might be best if that remained a secret for now. [stealth]

Anonymous 9638

I'd trace your IP, but you left the E-mail field empty.

Again, i'd love to moderate /anon/.
I know you have no basis to trust me, and after that whole Zamoonda thingy you guys have been on edge, which i understand.
But i do believe some of you guys still have a hard on for "loaf and toblerone"
If there ever was a way to show it, it's now


File: 1372726567557.png (357.3 KB, 695x649, 136255243850.png)

/mlp/ is garbage. why would you even spend more than 2 minutes on it.

i mean, it was okay when it first came out…

but the fact that threads like this exist http://mlpchan.net/anon/res/14089.html

really makes me not want to live on this planet anymore…

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9640


Meh. I've seen worse.

Anonymous 9641

I love the /mlp/ culture unconditionally.
Yes they might have a few fetishes which isn't quite vanilla.
But is that really a reason to juge an entire population of anons?
Just because you don't like it does not mean others can't.

Hell, one of my best friends is into everything from dick unbirthing to dog fucking strangely not a brony, seing how bizare the porn can get.

Do i juge him for what he likes to fap to? No. Should you judge a person based on what he likes to fap to in private?

Fuck no, why, this is pretty vanilla as well.

Really guys, i honestly thought people from ponychan ere more accepting.

no i didn't spell check, i'm a bit intoxicated right now, sry

Anonymous 9643

I don't keep tabs on tripfriends, sorry


File: 1372727287756.png (154.8 KB, 507x454, 135867823186.png)

im not from pchan. im actually from /b/.

im not saying -all- of them.


>it's only mike

so what it's me. i just speak my damn mind, because most of the times others wont. i never get this shit.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9645

File: 1372727323221.png (219.04 KB, 425x425, all the things.png)

I don't care much for what goes on there, as long as people keep it there. (or under ancient Egyptian spoiler tags in /anon/)

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9646


He means that other people don't share your sentiments, Mikie. It's "only" you and not the entire chan.

Anonymous 9647

File: 1372727645818.jpg (24.12 KB, 446x336, 1370756428860.jpg)

Wow, this guy be a /b/iggot?
My nigga, you don't seem like one tho

But then again, i'm sure you keep your cancer and your ponies >implying ponies aren't cancer seperate, just leik me!

This nigga gets it!


File: 1372727772596.png (478.35 KB, 763x715, 136222089650.png)

oh okay. and there is other people who share my sentiments.

yup, real shit.

yeah i do. i am just saying… /mlp/ WAS decent. hell, i even was apart of the first tracy thread. then again, in /b/, i was in the /b/reads mostly.

Anonymous 9649

Oh, i ignored yhe /b/read's, too cirklejerky for my tastes.

I DID join a local forum for sharing pone images mid-season 1.

I might not be a /co/cksucker, but i still have a slight grasp of fandom shitz, like when seth used to call 1draw"friends" for drawfags

Anonymous 9650

I'm remenicing 'bout old times.
What made you like /mlp/ back in the day?


File: 1372728404705.png (152.99 KB, 434x593, screenshot624.png)

ah okay. understandable.

it just seemed a bit more about the show and a bit better threads. and much more chill community. now it just seems flooded with underage posters and fetish threads… and edginess.

i used to make pinkie pie threads there often… they were good.

Anonymous 9652

For the record, capper was chosen as based mod for /anon/
I don't know if that's still in effect, and I don't know if capper has accepted/declined the position, but last I heard he was still thinking it over.

Anonymous 9653

Well, to be fair, due to it's large size it would consume show material. in two days.

>underage posters and fetish threads… and edginess.

Imaa have to agre with you there, it's always been around, but the thing that got me was the ironic shirposting. that grinds my gears

I was in that thread, he said something about how he'd only accept the possision if every anon agread with it.
…If i'm not mistaken.

Anonymous 9654

Oh, I didn't see anyone particularly against that decision though.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9655


You know what they say. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

Anonymous 9656

File: 1372729354942.gif (311.63 KB, 160x120, 1370891926892.gif)

No shit


File: 1372729383044.png (144.25 KB, 360x334, screenshot619.png)

heh yeah. i remember the "hourly i dont understand the the appeal threads". do they still have those?

Anonymous 9658

I haven't really ben there after the scruffening, but yeah. Before the original sticky we had "hourly i dont understand the the appeal threads"


File: 1372729689102.png (313.77 KB, 864x804, 137046732536.png)

ah okay


File: 1372732799799.jpg (20.92 KB, 140x135, oh.jpg)

so is that astra bolt faggot still gonna be a mod if there's a merger? if so, i think we're better off not doing it, he's kind of a piece of shit

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9661


Which staff members are kept during the merger is a topic still in flux, some mods may be dropped if deemed necessary or simply more convenient.


i take it back he could be worse

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 9665

File: 1372734482827.png (115.68 KB, 542x792, 126110__safe_humanized_octavia…)


>heh yeah. i remember the "hourly i dont understand the the appeal threads".

Perhaps /anon/ should have those for strange fetishes.


File: 1372734521994.png (111.33 KB, 347x355, 1355922868665.png)

what did orange do?


>>9665 why? do people go to anon and question them?

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9668


Depends on who you ask, but there are several fairly valid complaints about things he's done in the past. I'm sure someone else can and will recite them better than me, so I will allow them to chime in.


File: 1372734701580.png (191.35 KB, 361x407, 136204148711.png)



File: 1372734893491.png (365.67 KB, 707x653, 1360219918519.png)

oh okay. thanks

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 9672

We're putting the merger discussions on hold. I've heard a lot of concern from within our staff and externally about the recent presence of Orange at Ponychan. His administration played the key part in our decisions that lead us to make this site. People can change over time of course, but we're not willing to bet our site on it yet.

Admiral Yang Wenli 9673

File: 1372735803927.png (370.85 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2013-03-12-17h05m59s22…)

Hm. I'd be personally for trusting him, but Ponychan is still looking for new mods after a series of issues, so I don't think that right now is the best time even if he could be confirmed as good to go.

Saikar!Grey.ey6E6 9674


It was all fun and games for a bit, but that… person… is officially getting in the way now. Unacceptable.

Admiral Yang Wenli 9676

File: 1372736272327.png (322.1 KB, 479x477, Croppedvlcsnap-2013-03-17-01h3…)

Yeah, I know a lot of people feel that way. That's why I said personally. I'm a pretty forgiving person unless it is shown to be a consistent issue. As far as I can tell, Orange was just fine for most of the site's life, and I'm not really down for condemning him for a relatively short period. But again, that's just my naive, trusting soul.

And the fact is, the most likely scenario is that Orange isn't involved in the new site in an administrative capacity.

Anonymous 9678

Want he there for the beginning? I always thought he was one of the oldest people there

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9680

File: 1372736477209.png (195.57 KB, 452x431, heheheyeah.png)

so any chance for the alternative and keep a friendly relationship and possible cooperation on stuff with mlpchan in the meanwhile?

Admiral Yang Wenli 9681

File: 1372736492651.png (224.77 KB, 477x477, Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-10-02h3…)

No, I should go to people who were on /meta/ and /site/ before me. There aren't many left that are older than me. I just ignored site politics until it became too loud to ignore.

Anonymous 9682


I was under the impression that admiral had been here since nearly the beginning of ponychan

Admiral Yang Wenli 9683

File: 1372736617348.png (207.28 KB, 430x430, Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-10-02h3…)

Yeah, I have been. I was one of the first ones on the boat for MLPchan too, even though I left here for reasons a while back.

Anonymous 9684

So does this mean we are on official "wait and see if he's changed", or is it a hardline no?

Saikar!Grey.ey6E6 9685

In case you weren't aware, he's kind of a big deal.

Admiral Yang Wenli 9687

File: 1372736739195.png (218.62 KB, 451x468, Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-11-14h5…)

Wait and see. Nearly everyone on both sides wants the merger to go through. Nobody knows what Orange wants, though and many don't want to have to deal with him.

Oh hush.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9688


I ignored site politics for a very long time. We all get pulled in eventually, though.


The stance on that no doubt depends on exactly who you talk to.

Anonymous 9689


Well, duh. He's an admiral.

Admiral Yang Wenli 9690

File: 1372736824954.png (223.54 KB, 464x480, Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-11-17h2…)

Which is to say you hope it's a wait and see?

Anonymous 9691

If he stays in his current position, then I think we should go through, but if he takes head admin back, then I understand not going through with it

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9692

Of course, I hope we can continue working together on inter-site things as we've had.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9693


If we actually merged, he'd be joint admin at best. Even if he was everything people were afraid of, damage would be somewhat mitigated by that fact.

He's also currently not acting as admin at all, but that is a possible change in the future, depending.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 9694

File: 1372737222868.png (750.65 KB, 910x1260, Spitfire in her eyes.png)



>joint admin

Hell no.

Anonymous 9695


One wonders what the point of posting with an admin tag was then.


File: 1372737411119.png (181 KB, 1600x1835, Oreo sitting.png)

Gonna just weigh in as well since I've been lurking all day
No Orange
He gets too personal, and is egocentric, and rules out of fear. I wanted the merger, but now that he's back on the scene I don't want him near my chan

Anonymous 9697

To make what he says official probably

Anonymous 9700

File: 1372759443406.png (241.88 KB, 550x578, shig.png)

This is more for moderation ego stroking bsns than it's for the pepole using the sight
The cons ought weigh the pros in nearly every aspect.

>Nearly everyone on both sides wants the merger to go through.
Holy shit, based on what merrit?
Nearly no one hangs out on the site disscution boards.
You can't take the opinions of the 7+ people ITT and claim that everyone is for it.
All this >implying, holy shit

Admiral Yang Wenli 9701

File: 1372759761445.png (393.27 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2013-03-26-23h17m36s12…)

I'm referring to the mods, not the users.

Anonymous 9702

Shouldn't, you know the people have any say in this?
No one cares about what the mods think, people care about what the mods do

Arte!V1bM0d5Fdc 9706

File: 1372773754909.png (146.37 KB, 337x277, pinkie G3 shrug.PNG)

adding, I don't know if this was word from ponychan.
I respect and see reason in mlpchan's decision. But I don't want ponychan named as the one who headstrongly refused to make any concessions this time either.

Anonymous 9708

>replaced them with two shitty mods
>you stopped progressing on cutting down your enormous level of dead board bloat that we've long mocked at /mlp/

these two are opinions and demands and maybe a problem with the attitude here

As for Orange, he actually owns the site. Not much Ponychan can do about that atm.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9709

File: 1372774245704.png (312.36 KB, 376x400, hah.png)

opinions, opinions

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9710


To be fair, they're relatively popular opinions and those decisions are still looked at strangely by several members of even Ponychan's community.

Definitely right about Orange, though. No amount of effort on our part would actually separate us from him. His coming back is something that we couldn't have prevented or avoided in any way.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9712


It was discussed in a thread for quite some time, the thread was simply deemed past its life cycle. So is this one, to be honest. Mostly just a lot of repetition. If people wanted to chime in regarding the merger back on /meta/ then they are almost certainly welcome to.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9714

File: 1372774722806.png (219.04 KB, 425x425, all the things.png)

A thread, might I add, that I made in consequence of the /meta/ talks.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9715


The thread where the merger was being discussed was also off topic. Unless it was deleted, the thread I'm talking about is the one from Moony decrying the lack of a spark in the community.

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9716


And it was not. The whole 750 page monstrosity is still there.



I was gonna make a thread yesterday…but then the whole "official declaration" happened. Do you want me to make one? What do you want me to say?

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9720

File: 1372775188509.png (181.3 KB, 329x310, pinkie G3 okay bored now.png)

I feel like I seem to piking fights with this place.
again, utmost respect for Anonthony and all.

But please direct me to mlpchan's thread asking the community's input on the merger.

Pezzy !KkBITCHjtY 9721

To be fair, if people's opinions are that the new mods are shitty without actually seeing issues with how they've been modding, that opinion's almost worth as much as the shit I just took this morning.

I mean if they actually do turn out to be fuckups and cause problems then that's something, but bitching without anything actually happening to bitch about is just stupid.


I just feel like a progress report and an explanation to them should happen sometime

Anonymous 9723



Well if anyone makes it…do it

I am leaving so I cant do it very soon

Mondo!HaltMondoQ 9726


If talks had gone any further the users at large would've been notified and questioned about their opinions, but they didn't, haven't, and possibly won't.


There were some legitimate complaints floating around, even if I don't entirely agree with them. There are unquestionably choices that could be pretty quickly recognized as bad, without waiting for confirmation through their actions as a mod. I'm sure everyone can name at least one person whose past makes them seem like a bad idea.

Anonymous 9727

the concerns are invalid in a vacuum. Neither mod has proven untrustworthy and haven't really been around long enough to warrant distaste.

Anonymous 9729


Pezzy !KkBITCHjtY 9731

Oh, they can have concerns, but it's just a concern. However, the concerns I've seen people give don't have shit to do with how they'll be as a mod, so I don't think that pic is actually relevant. I was surprised as hell that Astra was modded, I don't even know who the other guy is, but saying that you know enough to be sure they'll be shit (which I assume the pic meant) is just pretentious. You have a guess, not based on relevant actions, that's not the same as looking at an ass and assuming shit's coming out of it.

Anonymous 9732

it is a fact that they have not been mods long.

it is a fact that you can't make a valid or rational statement based on the fact that they have not been around long enough to actually be bad.

You appeal to emotion rather than facts. You have nothing with which to base your statement on. Literally nothing as there is no data to point to that backs up your assertion.

Pezzy !KkBITCHjtY 9734

Fact: this was brought up by MLPchan people

Anonymous 9735

fact: this was brought up in relation to whether to merge with MLPchan or not. Apparently it is relevant to some people on MLPchan, even if their assertions are based on zero data.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 9737

File: 1372776726307.png (236.14 KB, 425x422, do you see it.png)

Again, made by me as a consequence of discussions on /meta/.

on /site/, the equivalent of /meta/.

Not much different fromwhat ponychan had actively going by then.
but yes, ponychan staff stuff should be on /meta/, not on /site/.

I think I can request a lock on this thread now too, since the talks are postponed.

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