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Can Mods start Modding with their Names? Enginejack 9111

Hey, this is a fairly minor comment. But this is something that drives me absolutely insane when I see it: cases where an anonMod bans someone, or posts a comment, or makes a change of some sort.

Maybe it's for something minor, noncontroversial, or beneficial (such as this here), where using a name would be too trivial. Or maybe it's to save face in some cases where they don't want to be seen as directly responsible for their actions. But I would really prefer to know who, exactly, executed these changes, or issued bans, or whatnot. This allows for other users and I to see who exactly is responsible, allow us to direct comments and feedback more directly to a specific mod (if/should the case require), or talk about the actions of a specific mod. In other words, it adds a layer of accountability, which I (and I hope most other users on this site) place as a premium on our moderating staff. Just anything that would give me more of a hint then "anonymous mod" would be great.

Thanks for your time!

Anonymous 9112

The "thread moved to" is an automatically generated post whenever a thread is moved.

Enginejack 9114

Oh well now don't I feel smart : I

Anonymous 9115

Yeah. It's just an automatically generated script to redirect the original thread to where the thread was moved to.

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