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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1371575502076.png (408.56 KB, 574x600)

Official Board Structure Thread !!Applejack ## Admin ## 8933[Last 50 Posts]

Based on the discussions raised >>8646 and >>7974, we will be moving from the 'idea' stage to forming an official proposal for changes to the current board structure.

Our goal is to streamline and simplify the site so that each section is relevant, serves a definite purpose and is active and enjoyable for all current and future users.

As it stands, the proposal we most like and think will accomplish these goals is the following:
>/site/ - Site Issues
>/arch/ - Archives

>/pony/ - The Show

>/free/ - Anything Goes
>/oat/ - Off-Topic

>/fic/ - Fanfiction

>/rp/ - Roleplay
>/fan/ - Fanwork

←——————– ————————→

1. /site/ would be unchanged.
2. /arch/ would be unchanged.

3. /pony/ would be largely unchanged. Perhaps some more allowance for less serious topics.
4. /free/ would be largely unchanged from what /anon/ currently is. We would ensure that /anon/ links would redirect to /free/ for anyone who heard about /anon/ previously.
5. /oat/ would be the home for all off-topic, all social serial (basically any recurring thread that isn't a General) and all general /oat/meal culture and /oat/ related things.

6. /fic/ would be unchanged.
7. /rp/ would be largely unchanged save for having /ooc/ merged back into it. All but the stickies on /ooc/ would be moved seamlessly back into /rp/.
8. /fan/ would primarily serve as a long-term home for threads that need to stick around without 404ing on faster boards - artist galleries, request and commission threads, any long term fan projects that wouldn't do well on /pony/, /free/ or /oat/.

A. /fic/ and /fan/ would retain their #Mature tag.
B. /free/ would remain with its current tag-or-spoiler paradigm.
C. /free/ would have its bump-limit increased to keep active threads on the front page longer.
D. I will suggest to the SysAdmin to implement a post+image count as well as the Page # feature of 4chanX
E. The above (D) will likely start being worked on once the Catalog is complete.

Anonymous 8935

Do it

Anonymous 8936

muh /space/

Anonymous 8937


Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8938

The hidden boards wouldn't be affected.

We may trim one or two for simplicity sakes.

The following hidden boards serve a purpose:
>>>/moon/ - is our ban board
>>>/space/ - is a useful board for extra … well, space.
>>>/test/ - is good for testing
The modboard, obviously.
The others can probably all be culled.


File: 1371576075164.png (75.62 KB, 235x284, screenshot718.png)

yeah, this looks good to me.

not sure why /chat/ related stuff would be in /oat/… but hey, i can see it can workout fine.

so this looks to me for the most part.

so with with that said, i approve.

Anonymous 8940

File: 1371576111971.jpg (19.72 KB, 200x292, 27538_122522001120174_172_n.jp…)

Needs a pic

Anonymous 8941

but will /free/ become flooded with tripfags

i like how /anon/ only has tripfags that actually produce things, as of right now. like it should be. if you wanna talk about how your day was you can go to /oat/.

can /free/ at least have a sticky or something discouraging trip use

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8942

The sticky in place now that says Anonymity is strongly encouraged will remain.

Anonymous 8943

this is good news

i'm all for this plan then

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 8944

File: 1371576580978.png (134.01 KB, 894x894, 912.png)

I'm okay with this. Not sure /chat/ would be too happy about getting deleted, but I'm certainly okay with it.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8945

Most /chat/, unlike /oat/, isn't really attached to their name or anything like that. There's no overarching 'culture' or group identity beyond the sprawling serials and off-topic conversations. Having personally talked about this with people to really work out what might be best, I feel they'd integrate without much resistance because they trust it will bring spark to their board experience. That is also why I feel we don't need to wrangle for weeks or months.


File: 1371576890339.png (832.76 KB, 1009x933, fuck I'm high, let's sell cide…)

because space is super important and needed right

it's just a namechange, basically
I think /anon/ works better but the majority doesn't I guess


File: 1371576987292.jpg (30.95 KB, 600x444, 4262056_gal.jpg)

Don't put /fan/ right next to /fic/, please. The names are very similar and it's fairly easy to click the wrong one when you are not paying attention.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8948


Anonymous 8949

If the mods think it'll work, do it.


File: 1371577141412.png (448.36 KB, 1003x720, screenshot554.png)

i would also like to know. what're the specific changed that are going to be done to /pony/?

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 8951

File: 1371577301243.png (293.13 KB, 412x516, 3.png)

Okay then, sounds like a plan. I'll probably go part-time /pony/, since it kinda sounds like it's going to be a bit like a mixture between old /oat/ and /pony/.

Macil !!Littlepip 8952

But you get /fan//fic/ when they're next to each other!


That's the problem!

Anonymous 8954

>I think /anon/ works better but the majority doesn't I guess
Heck, I'm an /mlp/ refugee and I like the name change to /free/. It's original to this board as far as I know, and it says what it is.


File: 1371577525452.png (120.58 KB, 342x459, screenshot124.png)

>since it kinda sounds like it's going to be a bit like a mixture between old /oat/ and /pony/

oh… that answers this >>8950 then

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 8956

File: 1371577532297.png (337.5 KB, 627x811, 84.png)

Could we possibly have a /tion/, just for shits, giggles and less abbrev?

/free/ Nelson Mandela?

…this post is completely pointless and only serves for me to joke around on a super srs board.

Anonymous 8957

We should replace the hidden deletion boards >>>/bags/ and >>>/notsureifdelete/ with >>>/trash/ so we can say

>into the >>>/trash/ it goes

Anonymous 8958

Yes! Can we? Please?

!!Applejack 8959

I support the notion.

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 8960

File: 1371577975860.png (124.99 KB, 377x322, 55.png)

Consider this notion fourthed. If that's even a word.


File: 1371578035829.png (232.78 KB, 350x466, mewtini trash.png)

do it!

Eris!SCChaoticM 8970

/space/ is the reason a lot of places are empty now.

Anonymous 8972

one day

Anonymous 8973

People keep saying that.

What they actually mean is the /space/ Oat party thread. Not /space/ as a board. It's one thread.

Which previously couldn't go on /oat/ because it wasn't pony related.

Which can now go on /oat/ if this proposal is implemented.

And everyone who whines every other hour about /space/ can finally shut the hell up.

Anonymous 8974

Also, I am in full support of this merger.

Anonymous 8977

I concur

I also propose that /test/ should be listed. It is pretty useful especially for newfags and those who want to test out the text formats and features of the site, among many other things.

!!Applejack 8979

To add a few things to the OP proposal:

>/space/oat party thread is fully within the definition of the new /oat/ and can be moved there.

>/test/, while I don't think should clutter the navbar with, will be linked in the /site/ sticky and mentioned on the homepage in the FAQ
>/bags/ and /notsureifdelete/ will be removed and consolidated into a single deletion board, /trash/
>/moon/ (ban board), /test/ (linked in homepage, FAQ and site sticky), /space/ (extra space board), and /trash/ (deletion board) will be the only 'hidden' boards not in the navbar (besides the mod board)

Anonymous 8981

File: 1371582128047.png (281.71 KB, 241x317, 1362357584871.png)


I'm okay with that!

Anonymous 8983

File: 1371582395325.jpg (41.65 KB, 552x464, my-nigga.jpg)

dig it
I'm basically just waiting for it to happen at this point.

!!Applejack 8985

We're going to let everyone get a chance to see this so they aren't caught off-guard, and of course start prepping the new or edited stickies for each respective board that's having changes, and we'll move forward asap.

Anonymous 8987

oh, I know that it's at least a few days off, but, still, I'm excited.

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 8989

File: 1371587013708.png (188.8 KB, 519x564, Cider.png)

I'm all for the new plan of the boards.


File: 1371587161087.jpg (6.55 KB, 207x244, 5.jpg)

Mm, hey, one sec'.

Where would >>>/ooc/12632 go? It got kicked off /fic/, it's not really a fanwork, and it's not really a roleplaying thread.

!!Applejack 8991

Good question.

It's not technically roleplaying, it's not technically fanfiction, it's not technically a "fanwork."

It's also something that probably requires a slower environment so it doesn't get pushed off the board by faster threads every few hours.

I would imagine it's something that you would be able to choose between /rp/ and /fan/. It's not really /ooc/ either (by the definition of "roleplaying planning and discussion", at least.) So it's an inbetweener for which no perfect board exists (unless we make a new one for just those threads.)

Anonymous 8992

I feel like that fits fine under /fan/
It's creating content (in the form of worlds to use) for the fandom, and thus, fits, somehow, under fan work.

Anonymous 8997

That exchange demonstrates what I was saying here >>8919, here >>8929, and here >>8932: /fan/ isn't even formed yet, and it's already becoming a catch-all. There's nothing wrong with that, but its description on its first page should reflect it.

makyura 8998

It's Bern and it may be GMT+1

Anonymous 9000

Anonymous 9001

When does the menu change?

Somebody might want to post a thread on /anon/ letting them know it's about to become /free/. I'd do it myself, but my upload speed has gone to hell (it happens frequently) and it can take as long as a minute even for this little bit of text to upload. Attaching an image is out, and I think it's necessary for opening posts.

Those folks on /anon/ are used to being on a containment board. A lot of them have probably never ventured outside that one board since they were led to it.

Anonymous 9002


I just hope it doesn't become a shitstorm when they realize that the board will be getting a name change.

Anonymous 9003

There's always a shitstorm, but the mods just need to hang tough, and I think they will. Most seem to be cool with it. After things settle out, they won't care what it's called as long as the rules are as lax as they are.

Anonymous 9004


True. Now that the forced anon has been lifted, there's no use in calling it /anon/ as well as a new description since it can't be 'Anonymous Culture' anymore; however the rules should stay intact to calm the masses.

Anonymous 9005

I really don't think they'll care much about the name change. There'll be an inevitable burst of noise, but it'll die down quickly. The freedom there is the important thing.

As disgusted as I was with the way 4chan handled the /mlp/ pogrom, it was mostly the fact that they went over the top, deleting threads that were completely legit, then "compromised" by following the existing rules to the letter, that pissed me off. I saw what they did. It was psychological. They became so Nazi-like, backing off without a single concession seemed like a compromise, but it wasn't.

They didn't compromise a bit, and they communicated only in the most minimal way possible: "Here's how it is, the Safe-for-Work rule is non-negotiable. Now, start bitching. We will read your complaints later and give you a response."

Then, there was nothing until they came back, said in as few words as possible that they were telling the janitors to back off to following the rules as they were established, and that was it.

The point of this story is that they didn't really negotiate, and that much by itself was smart. It was combined with other jackboot tactics I didn't like, but I've done enough negotiation myself to know that you never give your opponent any chink that they can wedge an argument into. You tell them how it's going to be, and you shut up. You pretend to listen, then you say, "Here's how it is," and you do it. Case closed.

Anonymous 9006

if anyone is going to announce the name change, it'll probably be anonymous ## Mod,
!!Applejack ## Admin ##, Anonymous ## Admin ##, or !!Fluttershy ## Mod

Menu changes when all other changes take place.

It won't. Most of /anon/ doesn't care.

Anonymous 9007

>Most of /anon/ doesn't care.
True, most don't, but you know how much of a fuss even one Anon can make. Three of 'em can make a nuclear war.

Anonymous 9008

that's true.

No changes will take place without a sticky being made first though.

Anonymous 9009


I'm probably just looking too much at the details and worrying myself. Personally I'm in favor of the name change and hope no one backs down if a few complain about it. I agree that sometimes one has to be firm on the decisions and go ahead. One cannot please everyone.

!!Applejack 9010

Just as a note, yes, once we're about ready to do this we'll make an announcement and let people know what's gonna happen.

Since there's really no other change to /anon/ save the name - and the name is pretty indicative of what the board is - free - it shouldn't warrant too much noise. And the rest of the changes are doing what most have expressed they support, streamlining the site and removing extraneous boards and being as simple and straightforward as possible. "Too many boards" is the common observation and this largely remedies that.

Wording and presentation is important, and I think we'll be able to frame this in a way that highlights it a genuine win-win for the emergent /anon/ community. And it should shortly thereafter spark what we hope is satisfaction that we've acted on their input and neither dicked around for weeks or made decisions arbitrarily.

Personally I hope it brings with it a burst of enthusiasm from the entire site.

Anonymous 9011

File: 1371611157387.png (65.91 KB, 177x220, 1359210577374.png)

Jeez. I really think /anon/ should be left /anon/.
I am disheartened.


Filler moved it off /fic/ because it's not pony (missing the "fan" in fanfiction), and he thought it was better suited for /ooc/. If /ooc/ were removed, it could probably go back to /fic/.

!!Applejack 9013

Ah. I suppose that's something largely up to the /fic/ community - if they don't mind entertaining a bit of non-pony here and there.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 9014

Just popping in as a long time user to say I love the proposed changes. I might even be inclined to come out of my cave in the /p/ad serials to explore once this goes active.

The /P/AD serial will get to stay on /pony/, right?

!!Applejack 9015

Yes, I have no qualms with that.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 9016

File: 1371611350368.jpg (35.21 KB, 386x421, image.jpg)

Aiite then we cool. Carry on.

Anonymous 9017

What I'm trying to say is, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

!!Applejack 9018

Well we certainly don't want that to prevent us from the rest of this proposal, which I don't think anyone really finds any real flaw in.

Regarding the name, do you think it would be feasible to keep the name for the time being, and when the announcement about the rest of the changes comes up, ask if /anon/ would like to input ideas for new names?

Because we have asked at times throughout this transition in a few threads, and even linked it through several /anon/ threads. There wasn't much momentum one way or the other, and while a few ideas for new names came up none really gained more traction than /free/

Anonymous 9019

>Personally I hope it brings with it a burst of enthusiasm from the entire site.
Count me among those who like the change, and I'm from /mlp/.

Anonymous 9020

I say change it, because it is broke. /anon/ was a useful signal flare for /mlp/ refugees, but that crisis is over. You want to be able to tell newbies who might never have heard of 4chan or /mlp/ what that board is about, and /anon/ says nothing. In fact, it's pandering.

Anonymous 9021


That has me thinking.

There are some anons that have gone back to /mlp/ but wish to come back here in the near future. There's also the case that the smut anon that does the EqG drawings is going to make his next, and possibly subsequent, show(s) here on MLPChan. They know that /anon/ is their place of preference to crash but if they come after the board name change, they'll be confused and leave thinking that the board has been deleted.

After the changes, we're gonna have to find a way to let them know that /free/, or whichever name is picked, is the place of preference just like /anon/ was during the Scruffyning

!!Applejack 9023

We'll set up mlpchan.net/anon/ to redirect right to mlpchan.net/free/

If they type in mlpchan.net/anon they will be brought right to /free/ and see the familiar sticky


File: 1371614069759.png (101.71 KB, 668x1122, 131771803888.png)

i'll miss /chat/ and /free/ sounds a bit too much like /ef/ and we all know how that turned out….
but other than that i have no quarrels with this

Anonymous 9025

/oat/ should be plenty of fun. much of the same old /chat/ but with a few new people, most of which enjoy ponies.

Anonymous 9026

File: 1371614229726.png (331.78 KB, 1000x700, 130721340715.png)


>Auto site redirecting

…oh yeah. I forgot about those…


File: 1371614357524.png (62.84 KB, 500x500, ♪Awkward♪.png)

but i don't wanna talk about ponies….
that's why i got to /chat/

Anonymous 9028

Told ya there was going to be a shitstorm, AJ. "Muh culture!" I hope you just ignore it. You want to establish something new here, not Moot's Containment Board Part II, and the redirect you're planning is good enough.

Anonymous 9029

Well, frankly /oat/ barely talks about ponies in the first place, and /chat/'s bigger anyways. It's just the name that's staying.

Anonymous 9030

At one point, I proposed /oat/ be shortened to /ot/ for "off-topic" to reflect the fact that you don't have to talk about ponies, but I guess the name /oat/ is being preserved to avoid the kind of bitching we're seeing about /anon/ becoming /free/.



File: 1371614790087.jpg (55.26 KB, 1000x1000, 131600307263.jpg)

i suppose that makes sense, i'm just afraid because /oat/ has a reputation for being a bit wild and random and i dunno how well that'd mix with people who wanted to have an actual conversation

Bags!vonBagylSU 9033

File: 1371615832022.jpg (5.61 KB, 180x191, 1371267675789.jpg)

>literally renaming /anon/

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 9034

And deleting /bags/.

It's like I'm destroying you both.

It was always going to be this way, Bags.

I have gone mad with power.


File: 1371616055384.jpg (257.21 KB, 1024x1024, sweetie-belle-tiger-tamer.jpg)

Hooray for deleting Bags!

Anonymous 9036

I don't mind any of the other changes. They don't really concern me anyway. I'm here for /anon/. I don't think its cryptic. I don't think its pandering. I think its exactly the perfect name. /anon/ the place for anons. Just because it has that name doesn't mean its going to mean its mlp containment, part 2. I don't consider a redirect much of a solution, though I will admit it's better than nothing.

Also, whenever I've seen this issue in threads on /anon/, I've made my opinion known. I love this place now. If you asked me just a couple weeks ago if I'd ever even come here, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself. Now, I feel invested in this place, and I don't want to see it administrated with YouTube's policy of, "If it ain't broke, fix it 'till it is."

Anonymous 9037

I want to see /anon/ become /cess/, and I'm going to post the same thing repeatedly until I get my way.

Bags!vonBagylSU 9038

File: 1371616819456.png (500.86 KB, 530x523, sad lulu.png)


yeah i agree with this also replace /anon/ with /bags/ and that's my argument to


File: 1371616947566.gif (1.1 MB, 672x715, Oooooh, look at me. I'm Bags. …)

Get your own board fgt

Anonymous 9040

I'm beginning to admire the masterful way Moot transformed /mlp/: burned all the synagogues to the ground — even the ones that were obeying the law — sent in a moderator to say, "Here's how it's going to be," let people bitch for about a day, then came back to repeat, "Here's how it's going to be, but this is our compromise: you can rebuild Flutterrape. That is all."

Flutterrape General, of course, was never against the rules in the first place, as it was all text. It wasn't a compromise, but it felt like one after the pogrom, and all the little niggers said, "Thank you, thank you, Moot! May we kiss your feet now?"

Smart. Very smart. AJ, you're too darn nice. You need Nazi lessons. Take away /anon/'s ability to post spoilered porn for twenty-four hours, and they won't care if you call the place /dork/ when you give it back.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 9041

File: 1371618202074.png (310.55 KB, 746x661, Applejack horror.png)


How do you rename
that which has no name?


Anonymous 9042

>Smart. Very smart. AJ, you're too darn nice. You need Nazi lessons. Take away /anon/'s ability to post spoilered porn for twenty-four hours, and they won't care if you call the place /dork/ when you give it back.

Unfortunately, that would probably work.

I think of it like this. Our 'homeland' is suddenly war torn and being razed. We escape, and find, much to our delight, a brave new world where we can live free again. We start to get settled in, and the new rulers say, "Great, now that you're here, things are going to change."

I'll admit changing the board's name isn't a HUGE deal, but its still frustrating as all hell. We came here because we wanted to not be fucked with. We wanted to be more or less left alone so we could pony pony pony, and if someone sees what we're doing and wants to join in, they are encouraged to do so.

I'm an Amerifat, and I think of /anon/ a bit like America. A big melting pot of people free do live their lives as they see fit, whether that's giant ponies, or fluffy ponies, or clop, or whatever.

I guess I'm just a stubborn idealist.

Anonymous 9043

>…the new rulers say, "Great, now that you're here, things are going to change."
Actually, as far as I know, it was recommended by an Anon because the name is meaningless and some of us would really like to cut that tie to /mlp/. This is a different place, and a better one. It wasn't the rulers' idea. It was a horsefucker's.

Anonymous 9044

That doesn't really change my reasoning. Its not the horsefucker's choice. Its ultimately up to AJ. If they change the name, I'll just have to deal with it.

As far as cutting ties to /mlp/ that's bullshit. 4chan isn't the only imageboard where the anonymous posters are referred to as anons. It is very appropriate.

I'm boycotting 4chan. I don't go there at all anymore. I hate 4chan with the force of a thousand suns, and I still think /anon/ is a great, appropriate, and all around good name for my new home.

!!Applejack 9045

Moot's approach was definitely an established and very effective tactic - and one which is self-perpetuating, to boot. You can do it over and over again, because the next time it happens people will squawk to each other about "this happened before, don't worry, it will get better" when "better" simply means "slightly less awful than what they're putting us through right now" - and each time, you've got a little less right and freedom. It was indeed smart.

While true, and while I don't want to get the reputation as 'too nice', since we've got a little time, I have to say that /free/ is just the best other name besides /anon/ I've seen - other suggestions like /wild/ doesn't seem very catchy, or /ef/ (Everfree Forest) are already taken by some other site, or /discord/ simply being too on-the-nose. I'm at a loss for something really catchy and descriptive otherwise. Keeping it the same name does have the advantage of stirring up no trouble, but the board is no longer forced-anon and so it's descriptiveness is a bit lacking. "/mlp/" has familiarity but some people don't want that connection - and it would confuse people talking about it so they'd have to clarify which site's /mlp/ they meant. I almost went with /horse/ out sheer humor value and contrast with /pony/ as the 'adult' version, simply because there were few other better options.

Anonymous 9046

I don't. The most valid criticism I've seen leveled against mlpchan is that it borrowed too much without establishing anything original for itself. This has continued until something like five guys get to dictate maintaining the meaningless name /oat/ (apparently a carryover from Ponychan), and shit like that. If I have any criticism at all, it's that the staff has made Rarity's mistake from "Suited for Success": they listened to amateurs too much.

> All we really want is indecision

> All we really like is what we know…

Anonymous 9047

>the board is no longer forced-anon and so it's descriptiveness is a bit lacking.

Again, I must disagree. The board may not be forced anon, but that's still the point. Its a place for the anons. Unless you really need to namefag for gaming purposes, its generally shunned. Its not about personalities, its about the people and the ponies. The little ones. The ones that are mine.

Anonymous 9048

>Keeping it the same name does have the advantage of stirring up no trouble…
It will, though. Some of us from /mlp/ prefer /free/. This is a situation where you've got trouble no matter what you do, but you knew that was coming when the first official thread about merging /art/ and /pic/ was posted.

>Its a place for the anons.
That's exactly why it should be changed: it should not be that exclusive. It should be for any newbie who prefers /free/'s culture. /Mlp/ already has a bad habit of driving off anyone new. That is going to kill it eventually. I'd hate to see them make the same mistake here.

Roger 9049

Possible plan of action:

>make sticky in /anon/: "Potential Rename of /anon/"

>ask for suggested new names
>take names that meet a certain criteria (e.g., 4 or fewer characters long)
>make a poll (shuffle order each page load to remove top-of-list bias)
>get /anon/s to check all names they like / are okay with
>pick whichever gets most votes

Or if you want to make it simpler you can make a poll for /anon/ vs /free/

Anonymous 9050

>That's exactly why it should be changed: it should not be that exclusive. It should be for any newbie who prefers /free/'s culture. /Mlp/ already has a bad habit of driving off anyone new. That is going to kill it eventually. I'd hate to see them make the same mistake here.

When I say anons, I literally mean people who wish to post anonymously. That is a legitimate part of the 'board culture.' inb4 'muh muh board culture.'

New people are welcome, but I don't want it to become 'just another' board on MLPchan. The anonymous aspect is the main thing that sets it apart. I agree newfags should be welcome, but the last thing I want is the board cluttered with namefags, and tripfags, and nametripavatarfags.

!!Applejack 9051

We will definitely be discouraging name usage by non-contributors both in the board description and in the sticky either way. But I do get that.

This is valid, I would say. We tried to take what we knew would work, and do it with administration and moderation that didn't exist in other places, with just as few tweaks as we felt were needed. But every time we've gone outside our original plans - like making /anon/, making the #mature tag, making the #cyclic tag, some other community decisions, it's always ended up working well even if there was skepticism. I already have a big enough head, but it does make me think our team has good foresight and good ideas. It doesn't hurt we have a certifiable genius SysAdmin and a group of people I trust around me.

What I see primarily in this situation, looking at the long view, is the opportunity for the emergent subculture of /anon/ to make itself something new - beyond the hurr-durr parroting of /mlp/ (or anything 4chan really) and the aping and mimicry rampant in them, along with the methods we take in managing that community with broad freedom but still being very attentive. It has a chance to define itself, not be defined by the past or by tropes. There is a solid core of people that seem eager to make it home and can be its founding cultural fathers.

MOAR work? Roger pls.

I'm too tired. It's bedtime.

"Anonymous Culture" is an important thing - but it also bears with it the baggage of specifically 4chans "anonymous culture" - complete with terribly unfunny shitposting and non-contributing cancer.

I'd probably never post with my name on /anon/-/free/ regardless, and many regulars here do the same. I've seen a few use their name despite the prodding of "Anonymous Culture" as the board subheader and "anonymity is encouraged" in the sticky and description. I don't think that'll ever be eliminated and is a matter of "culture" perpetuating itself. It's perfectly valid to chastise someone for namefagging unnecessarily just as any other social faux pas.

Like I said I need to get going, but I'll pick it back up in the morning.

Anonymous 9052

"Design by committee" does not result in good decisions. I direct your attention to "Suited for Success" again, and to what's happening to the fuckin' show, for that matter.

>…the last thing I want is the board cluttered with namefags, and tripfags, and nametripavatarfags.
They've already said they're maintaining the statement at the top of the board that says anonymity is encouraged. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it used to be mandatory, but they relaxed that for the /mlp/ refugees.

Some of /mlp/'s best contributors have always been namefags. The hatred of namefagging is something I've never understood. A lot of it just seems to be parrot bullshit: jumping on the bandwagon because "that's what everyone says."

Dan Dashly was a namefag, for Christ's sake. His loss was one of the worst tragedies of the pogrom.

>What I see primarily in this situation, looking at the long view, is the opportunity for the emergent subculture of /anon/ to make itself something new - beyond the hurr-durr parroting of /mlp/ (or anything 4chan really) and the aping and mimicry rampant in them… It has a chance to define itself, not be defined by the past or by tropes.

Quoted for truth — and I'm from /mlp/. I am strongly in favor of changing the name to /free/ for this reason. I'd rather start fresh and leave 4chan behind.

Strange parallels between 4chan and the show we love, incidentally: MLP:FiM was at its best when Hasbro put Lauren in the Girls' Slum and left her alone, and /mlp/ was at its best when Moot and the mods left it alone. Meddling is the kiss of death. This name change is a limited form of meddling, but it's a minor and positive one, and it is a declaration of sorts. It rejects the past and says that this place will be /free/.

I'm all for it.

Anonymous 9053

>There is a solid core of people that seem eager to make it home and can be its founding cultural fathers.

Now you're trying to butter me up! I consider my self one of those people, and I consider America's founding fathers some of the greatest humans that ever lived. The fact that I may even possibly be considered a founding father of something like that strokes my ego boner big time.

Ever since I came over, I've been trying to encourage quality content as way to bring more people to the board. I even said something once along of the lines of, "If you content, they will come."

If the name is changed to /free/ I think two things should be done.

1.) The redirect from /anon/ to /free/ should remain in place FOREVAR

2.) For a length of time. I would say three to six months, there should be something near the top of the board that says something like "(formerly known as /anon/.)" It would not have to be big and flashy, but it should be there.

I would not be thrilled, but I could live with it.

I am, and will continue to be, one of those stubborn types. As long as I am here, I will consider myself a member of the /anon/ board not matter what it's actually called, just like I consider myself a Texian, and not a Texan.


File: 1371627121673.jpg (14.29 KB, 200x263, male-offspring-of-mine-i-am-sa…)


Nice, another native of the Lone Star State born before 1845. Strangely enough, I don't see many of them around.

>not Tajasian

Anonymous 9057

har har
I stand by what I said. I may not have been born before 1845 (the term was still is widespread use later than that), but I still consider myself a Texian in the independent spirit that makes Texas so great to this day. I drink the sweet water from the same natural springs that the first settlers in this area did, and grow my garden in the same soil they planted their first crops. I gladly call myself a Texian, as well as an American.

>not Tajasian

not Tejasian
not Texican
not Texonian

Anyways, sorry to stray off topic. I'll shut up for now.

Muahahayes 9058

>citation needed
Why, cuz we can actually keep active posters and not die? Over half of us never stepped foot on /oat/ so get your facts straight.
Correlation is not causation

Anonymous 9059

I'm starting to think your story might be possible

!!Applejack 9060

It would definitely remain in place for ever. And I wouldn't have a problem with a sub-header listing that it was the board-formerly-known-as-anon for awhile.

Anonymous 9061

Then you have checkmated my autistic cynicism.
Well, as far as I'm concerned, its really just a compromise. I wouldn't be thrilled about it, but I would definitely stop bitching about the name change if was done that way.

Anonymous 9062

>Then you have checkmated my autistic cynicism.
Somebody… actually won… an internet argument.
> falls over dead

Anonymous 9063

It wasn't an argument. It was a discussion. I made an offer in compromise, and it seems to have been more or less accepted. If they change the name and I don't see those two things. I'll start bitching like 8 bitches on a bitch boat.

Anonymous 9064

File: 1371652886297.jpg (28.38 KB, 298x217, [freedom intensifies].jpg)

>/anon/ redirecting to /free/

Anonymous 9065

Returning to a couple of things AJ said ealier…

>It was indeed smart.
Even though you were responding to me, and I had been admiring Moot's tactics myself, what he did was dumb in one way: it drove off the smartest regulars /mlp/ had. Lauren herself said that while she was put off by some of the things posted there, it had some of the most intelligent criticism she'd seen. Expect that to change. Expect more parroting, more jingoism, and less quality.

It's only a silly fan board, but there are historical parallels. The U.S. got Albert Einstein, Edward Teller, and Enrico Fermi. Hitler got a bullet in a bunker.

>I'm at a loss for something really catchy and descriptive otherwise.

It doesn't matter. One can get too cute with the names. Consider /oat/. "Oatmeal" doesn't mean anything. It doesn't tell anyone what that board is about. It seems to be a dwindling number of original members circle-jerking. It doesn't draw people in.

Anonymous 9066

My personal opinion on leaving /anon/ as /anon/ would be like calling America a British colony. Its simply no representative enough about the board.

Yeah it does.

>oatmeal?! Are you crazy?!

It's a direct show reference.

Anonymous 9067

>It's a direct show reference.
Pretty obscure. "Twenty percent cooler" it ain't.


File: 1371657045296.jpg (52.85 KB, 500x500, sloth time.jpg)

New board name:

Anonymous 9069

I was afraid somebody would say that when I wrote >>9067. Only took two minutes.


Anonymous 9070

How unobscure does it need to be?

Anonymous 9071


Anonymous 9072



File: 1371672159381.jpg (95.13 KB, 800x800, ♪Implying♪.jpg)

After some more though I've decided i don't really like this idea very much not becuase it's different and because i don't like change, not because i wann go against the popular opinion but i legitimately think this won't end up being very good….
i may be in the minority here but i wanna share my opinions
Thony seems to have it in his head there's too much redundancy in the boards when there clearly isn't (sorry Thony) so i wanna take a closer looks at these new purposed boards, what's wrong/right with them, and what should be changed

>/pony/ - The Show

This is fine
>/free/ - Anything Goes
i DO NOT like this, this is dangerously close to /ef/ which did not end well for ponychan, i dunno what else you'd call it but we need to think of something or else people will start going too far with it, /anon/ was fine as it provided a place similar to /mlp/ for all the people coming over from there, and if you wanna change the name i'm fine with that jsut don't make it /free/
>/oat/ - Off-Topic
Oat is fine as is, it may be a bit dead sometimes, but it could be worse, by infusing it with /chat/ you're just gonna push together two communities that probably won't mix well, /chat/ is used for talking about things that aren't related to ponies and /oat/ is used for more silly discussion that are still pony related, also oat has a reputation of not being very serious and while i'm not saying /chat/ is it will be harder for real conversations to take place so i'd very much like it if /chat was left intact
i get the idea you want one board for everything off topic but you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket
>/fic/ - Fanfiction
This is okay
>/rp/ - Roleplay
This is okay
>/fan/ - Fanwork
This is okay for the most part

also where the fuck are /pic/ and /art/? if i just looked at these i would have no idea where to find picture threads, i get if you wanna merge them into one thread but i really think having one board solely for pictures is a good idea as it would remove a lot of clutter frm any other boards you'd post them in and they'd be a lot easier to find
i dunno why you all are jumping on board with this, i really think this isn't going to go over so well is it because the boards are similar to what early ponychan was like? i really wanna know because very little about this seems to be a good idea
I know this probably won't change or influence a damn thing but if we're as "Community Driven" as everyone claims than my oppnion should be worth something

Anonymous 9074


>one board solely for pictures

This is an imageboard, it's designed to be filled to the brim with pictures. I suppose they'll go into /fan/.

>dangerously close to /ef/

If you don't like it, you could always not visit it. As long as mods exist, it'll all be fine. I like the sound of a 'free' board, site rules still exist of course.

Now all I need is 4chanX, the complete plugin that is

Anonymous 9075


From what I understand, all MLP discussion will go to /pony/ let it be canon or general. Neo/oat/ will be what /chat/ is right now, a board to talk about things that are not MLP.
The current /oat/ community might not need to merge with /chat/'s but might go to /pony/. It might be beneficial; /pony/ needs MLP content during these times of hiatus and if it weren't for /p/ad's life support it would be in even worse conditions than /oat/.

As for /free/, it will still maintain the same rules and dynamics of /anon/; the reason for its name change it's because it is not a forced anon board anymore.

Anonymous 9076

/ef/ didn't end well for ponychan because the admin cut the board without giving fair warning, and his mods acted like pricks.
If you have personal problems with how the posters on /ef/ treated you, I don't really know what to say.

any features from it you ask for will be added directly to the site.

be specific, instead of just saying "port the entire thing over"
Makes my life and Macil's life a lot easier.

Anonymous 9078

I would like to point out that this tripfag plans to tripfag more than ever if /anon/'s name is changed, despite the fact that the board's rules and culture aren't supposed to change. He also plans on bringing more tripfags with him.

Anonymous 9079


Exhibit A

Anonymous 9080

I've said on multiple occasions that I don't like to post with my name on


that specific post was in regards to your complaining, please try harder.


File: 1371677702344.png (152.67 KB, 479x410, screenshot812.png)

>by infusing it with /chat/ you're just gonna push together two communities that probably won't mix well, /chat/ is used for talking about things that aren't related to ponies and /oat/ is used for more silly discussion that are still pony related, also oat has a reputation of not being very serious and while i'm not saying /chat/ is it will be harder for real conversations to take place so i'd very much like it if /chat was left intact

i was also thinking this aswell. i feel /chat/ and /oat/ should not merge. i mean, they were kinda created apart for a reason.

Anonymous 9082

>>/free/ - Anything Goes
>i DO NOT like this, this is dangerously close to /ef/ which did not end well for ponychan
But we already have /anon/ - which is exactly the same board /free/ will be with a simple name change.

>Oat is fine as is,

I take it you've never been to /oat/.

They were only created apart when and where they originally were because there was so much pony to discuss that not all of it could fit on /pony/ and the non-serious parts were overflowing /ot/ or whatever it was then, so they were split into /oat/ and /chat/. They were originally one board - for all somewhat off-topic threads, pony or not.

As for the /pic/ board, what's the point? Pic dumps are boring when they're alone on an isolated board just mindlessly auto-dumping pics for people to see later, when they could just search a much simpler booru system with tags at derpibooru or some such thing.

And yes, /art/ would be a part of /fan/.

!!Applejack 9083

Checklist for this restructuring (for my reference as well):

For the time being /anon/ will stay /anon/ for a little bit, while we get all this other stuff out of the way:
>make sure there's sufficient pages in the new /oat/ so no active threads that are on sage on /chat/ will 404 when all of /chat/'s threads are moved there
>update directory with the updated urls to the serial threads (i have a some new wording for the directory thread)
>reinstate /fan/, remove its stickies.
>move all /art/ threads there, remove /pic/
>put up new sticky with appropriate info about the board
>put up a new directory with updated urls
>remove all stickies from /ooc/
>merge /ooc/ back into /rp/
>increase bump limit on /anon/ so active threads stay on the top longer
>remove /bags/ and /notsureifdelete/, make /trash/ for deletion board
>make sure remaining boards are site, arch, pony, oat, anon, fic, rp, fan, hidden boards space, moon, test, trash, modboard
>make sure all board headers and subheaders are as described later in this entry, make sure message about encouraging Anonymity is on /anon/, update /anon/'s directory
>update homepage with new board structure and descriptions

And that should be everything.

>/site/ - Site Issues - The board for discussing site related issues, questions, concerns, and suggestions.

>/arch/ - Archives - The archive of the best threads in the site, preserved for future generations.

>/pony/ - The Show - The board for discussing the show, its episodes, characters and canon.

>/anon/ - Anything Goes - A free board with few rules where anonymity is encouraged.
>/oat/ - Off-Topic - The OT board for chatting, /oat/meal, socializing serials and random topics.

>/fic/ - Fanfiction - The board for fanfiction review, brainstorming, critique, creation and discussion.

>/rp/ - Roleplay - The board for roleplaying and roleplaying discussion.
>/fan/ - Fanwork - The board for long-term project threads, artists galleries, commissions and others.

before we set about doing this (likely today) i am wiling to entertain the idea of keeping it as /art/ instead of /fan/ since that's likely what would mostly go there.. or some other name. /fanwork/ if just /fan/ is too nondescript. or /create/ or something.

Anonymous 9084


I think it's better to keep as /art/ for the time being. It is a general term that can apply to many of it's branches: drawing, music, concept art, graphic art, etc

And to prevent any confusion like dolfeus said on >>8947 it's better to have abbreviations that don't look similar to each other.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 9085

File: 1371687560262.jpg (57.04 KB, 500x280, Grell_A For Effort.jpg)


As a /rp/er who supported or asked for the /ooc/ board, I'd like to take a second to touch on that particular subject.

I will agree that /ooc/ just seem superfluous considering the /rp/ community's size and dedication to established canons. The board was requested for an organizational means that was required on a different site because of the variety of different canons and individual RPs active at the time.

However, the community here has proven to be less prolific in thread creation for both OOC and IC threads. For the proposed merger, I'm not against it because at the time it makes sense. The community isn't active enough to warrant two threads just yet.

I do ask that the merger not leave a precedent though, in that one day the /rp/ threads may culminate into a busy board that could require the reestablishment of /ooc/, While this first time may have been premature, I respectfully request that any future endeavor to reestablish the board be left open if there is proven need for said board next time around.

Nash!RpQzSCoUts 9086

Grell said everything I would have said. I like how the two boards keep things organized, but if it's unneccesary, it's unneccesary.

Anonymous 9089

>I think it's better to keep as /art/ for the time being.
That might be for the best. It's broad enough to accommodate >>8916's desire for "video, flash, games, software, etc.," and says more than /fan/.

!!Applejack 9092

We'll leave the possibility of re-opening /ooc/ on the table for some future point. There was a span there where there were as many if not more ooc or RP planning threads than there were RP canons ongoing, but not a big enough set of each for it to currently warrant to separate boards just for roleplaying-related threads. We can manage that by perhaps increasing the number of threads-per-page on /rp/.


Final thread:


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