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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1371549133755.png (137.74 KB, 940x662, cancer.png)

4chan CSS Anonymous 8901

Anyone have a CSS that is identical to a blue board on 4chan?

Anonymous 8988

Yotsuba B
Settings, change pone to it.

Anonymous 8993

the subject font is different though

Anonymous 8995

one sec.
If that's the case, I'll edit the theme entirely, because it should be the same font as 4chan.

Anonymous 8996

oh, sorry, I'm retarded

MLPchan loads the font from your browser, and doesn't specify which font to load, if I remember correctly.
There's nothing I can do, it's all on your end.
I could be wrong though

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 8999

It's simply bold and 125% larger, that't literally the only difference.
I actually don't think it looks all that great, might look into changing that.

Anonymous 9022

I think i got it

.subject {
font-size: 10pt!important;
font-weight: 600!important;

Anonymous 9032

File: 1371615764566.png (140.37 KB, 943x522, replies.png)


ok last thing how do I change the font-size on the replies?

Anonymous 9054

please provide a screencap of mlpchan

Anonymous 9055

because mlpchan look exactly the same as 4chan to everyone, except for you.

Anonymous 9088

File: 1371688507022.png (70.09 KB, 977x345, mlpchan_4chan.png)

Anonymous 9090

guess I was wrong. I guess I didn't notice cause I don't really care about the change. I'll see what can be done.

Anonymous 9091

Okay, let's try this from the top:

1) All CSS served to the browser viewable via the source code. Yotsuba B:

2) MLPchan thread pages have different markup than 4chan pages. You shouldn't expect to be able to copy the stylesheet verbatim and get an identical look.

3) The code you're looking for is:
font-size: .8em;
Use of !important is discouraged because it may interfere with other settings end-users have their browser (Nielsen). Just put the modified stylesheet at the end of the stylesheet list in the page head. If two selectors have the same level of specificity, the last selector takes precedence.

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