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Anonymous 8810

Since I came to MLPchan about a week ago, all I've wanted to do is become a mod and help make this place better. Is there some way I can apply or something?

Anonymous 8815

Mod, janitor, subjanitor. Wal-mart type greeter. Whatever the entry level thing is.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8829

File: 1371502465369.png (320.63 KB, 376x400, all the stuff.png)

I guess you can sit in a board and say hi to every thread made

Anonymous 8833

You have to submit to the Zamoonda detector.

Anonymous 8836

the mods method of picking new mods is a vote in system, which is to say, one of them will suggest someone, and the rest of the mods will vote yay or neigh.
I can't say I know how/why they pick who they do, but rumors are that CapperGeneral and some namefag who went on both here and /mlp/ were already chosen to become mods, if the staff felt they needed the extra man power.
Both have yet to be modded, as far as I know.

Anonymous 8846

I guess since I'm not a namefag, I'll prolly never be picked.
Oh well.

Anonymous 8868

not really how it works, but, having a name probably wouldn't hurt
the mods can look at your IP anyway, so, if they see that you're being particularly based, you might get picked.

I always just figured that they try to pick the most based possible posters.

Anonymous 8871

Its funny you mentioned that. I started making note of my IP for just such an eventuality. I am behind a router though, so all my previous stuff is lost in the ether.

Anonymous 8873

that's not quite how it works, unless your network has changed.

when I post on this site connected directly to my modem, my IP is
when my modem is connected to my router, and I connect to my router, the same outward facing IP is used.
when you connect to a router, the only change is that your computer is given an internal (router) IP as well.
If I post on my laptop from here, and my desktop, the same IP is shown to the mods.

Anonymous 8874

so maybe all is not lost. Still dunno. Not about to start namefagging. I came here for muh muh board culture as well as for the ponies.

Anonymous 8876

alright then.
good luck man

Anonymous ## Mod 8885

You don't need a name to catch the attention of the staff. People who contribute or who seem like they'd make good additions to the team tend to stick out just a little bit. Sometimes I find myself recognizing an IP from a previous posts or instances that a person made a good contribution or said something that made a lot of sense, or otherwise helped out some how at a user level. It's not quite as visible as slapping on a fancy name, but there's enough people who do that for the wrong reasons already. Don't worry. If we find ourselves needing more hands on deck, the choice is never limited to namefags.

Anonymous 8886

I will continue to do my best to make MLPchan the best place it can be.
I'm at work right now so my ip is different yet again.

Anonymous 8890

File: 1371534761831.png (323.6 KB, 900x680, Pinkie Pie OTP.png)



Anonymous 8897

now that is good to know.

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