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File: 1371426562103.png (4.33 MB, 1625x2450, Ps3-fat-console.png)

Anonymous 8674

refugee here
i recently came here from /mlp/ due to the recent " increase in moderation "
the problem is that the ps3 browser cant set the settings to turn off the mature filter and its really annoying because i want to check the generals at /anon/ but it obviously blocks me.
so fix it please?
TL:DR ps3 browser cant modify the standard settings

Anonymous 8675

forgot to mention that my retarded PC committed suicide a month ago…
it happened when i torrented the " brony doc "

Anonymous 8676

Isn't there a way to enable javascript on the PS3 browser?

I thought there was.. I used to use a PS3 browser for a brief period.

In any case I'll pass this on to our SysAdmin to take a look at what might be the cause.

Anonymous 8685

yes and it is on but when i click on settings it just shows the options but it wont let me click them or whatever they are supposed to do

Macil !!Littlepip 8802

What exactly is wrong? I've heard some reports in the past that trying to open the settings menu causes the PS3 browser to freeze (which would indicate a bug in the PS3 browser).

Does the settings menu open at all for you? Do all of the settings show up? Is it able to be closed? Do the checkboxes work? Does the style drop-down menu work?

Anonymous 8850

File: 1371519768636.png (116.49 KB, 1152x976, MLPchan.png)

the PS3 doesn't freeze but the settings dont work when i click them.
( took me a while but i managed to get a screenshot )

Macil !!Littlepip 8910

I've figured out that the PS3 browser doesn't support the localStorage feature, which is required for a lot of functionality here. Sorry about that.

Anonymous 8971

File: 1371580421662.gif (7.77 KB, 645x773, feel_face.gif)

oh ok then nvm

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