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Board Restructuring Anonymous 8646[Last 50 Posts]

It came up in another thread and I made my thoughts about it. >>8645

So I think everyone should think about it and give their input.

tl;dr the site could really improve with some changes to the boards.

Primarily through streamlining and recombining in different ways.

I know there's history and difficulty in accepting changes but hear it out and think about it and give your own ideas on how to make it better.

This includes a new name for /anon/.

Feel free to offer counter proposals to my idea, it's only an idea.
Just think about what would be the best combination so that there's less 'sprawl' and people spread out too thin, and a more even distribution of people and activity so it feels fresh and alive for everyone. I think I have a pretty good idea with what I thought of but I would like to hear yours.


File: 1371414085385.jpg (950.25 KB, 2550x3300, 97254__UNOPT__safe_rarity_arti…)

[21:04:50] Mellowbloom: /oat/ doesn't have many posters, so if there isn't any threads worth saying anything more than their opinion on the subject it doesn't tend to spark much

[21:06:07] Mellowbloom: I still think it'd be neat if, as well as being a silly pony board, /oat/ had a random topic each week or so as a side-theme

like /phoenix/, but alongside /oat/'s silliness

Anonymous 8650

I am all for combining as many boards as humanly possible. Hell, I would be perfectly okay with /site/-/arch/-/everythingelse/. Spread out boards make everything less interesting. I rarely check /chat/ solely because its so goddamn slow outside of the serials that there's never anything new to look at. Consolidation might actually bring people out of their serials too

Anonymous 8651

Ha ha.

In lieu of the ultimate mashup ala /mlp/ where everything is on one board, I think there's a worthwhile compromise to be found with possibly as few as 5 or 6 besides /site/-/arch/.
/fic/ has an important purpose
/rp/ too
and separating pony and non-pony would be 4 right there.

Anonymous 8652

I'll just repeat what I said over there, minus the unnecessary greentext and extraneous comments. I have listed the existing rule sets at the bottom of this post. Perhaps all three sets should be preserved, but they need to be stated concisely on the front page.

/site/ - Same as it ever was. Type #3 rules.

/arch/ - Same as it ever was. Rules don't apply since it contains everything.

/show/ - More intuitive name for /pony/. Change rules to Type #2.

/ot/ - For "off-topic," a merging of /oat/ and /chat/. Type #3 rules.

/fic/ - Same as it ever was. Type #2 rules.

/rp/ - Same as it ever was, except change rules to Type #2.

/rpp/ - More intuitive name for /occ/ (if it's even necessary). Change rules to Type #2.

/img/ - For "image," a merging of /art/ and /pic/. Change rules to Type #1.

/anon/ - Just as it is. Type #1 rules.

This would result in:
/site/ /arch/ /show/ /ot/ /fic/ /rp/ /rpp/ /img/ /anon/

I dislike the counter-intuitive name "/anon/," but can't think of anything better — /cess/ for "cesspool," perhaps?

I don't see anything on /oat/ and /chat/ that can't be absorbed by a squeaky-clean /ot/ and an "anything goes" /anon/ (or /cess/), but probably only the mods themselves know what the cultural reasons for /oat/ and /chat/ are.

I suggested combining /art/ and /pic/ into a single /img/ board because there aren't enough drawfags to support /art/ (and I'm an artist, incidentally). The opening posts alone are enough to separate artists' threads from image dumps.

This arrangement could be further simplified by merging /rp/ and /rpp/ (now called /occ/), but I assume they were separated for a reason. Looks like the issue is still controversial. I don't roleplay, so I don't know and don't much care.

Rule Sets:

1) Mature content can be posted anywhere in /anon/ and /img/ as long as you spoiler it, but you don't even need to do that if the opening post is tagged #Mature.

2) In /show/, /fic/, /rp/, and /rpp/, mature content can only be posted in threads where the opening post is tagged #Mature; you can't post it otherwise even if you spoiler it.

3) Mature content is prohibited in /site/ and /ot/.

The current problem with the rules is that they're not stated concisely and they're scattered all over the place, but they're not too complicated. They're simple once you sort them all out, but they aren't easy to sort.

Anonymous 8653

>I don't see anything on /oat/ and /chat/ that can't be absorbed by a squeaky-clean /ot/ and an "anything goes" /anon/ (or /cess/), but probably only the mods themselves know what the cultural reasons for /oat/ and /chat/ are.
Samefag, but lest it wasn't obvious, yes, I am suggesting /ot/ to serve as a Prudes' Ghetto. Let them eat cake while the rest of us enjoy our brandy and cigars. If they don't like it, there's always…
I intentionally made that list with the intention of providing mlpchan with a unique culture. Even the designation /anon/ is pandering. If you don't know that /mlp/ was a cesspool, you've either never been there or you're in denial.

I like swimming in cesspools, by the way. Apparently, so does Lauren. She went there first. Nobody cares if you pee in the cesspool.

Anonymous 8654

Any other less… er, insinuative names you have in mind for /anon?

Anonymous 8655

/ag/ occurred to me, for "anything goes," but it makes me think of "agriculture." Not intuitive.

/wild/, perhaps?

I'll let others take a shot at it.

Anonymous 8656

>/wild/ = The Wilderness?
/eff/ = The Everfree Forest
/free/, /scut/, /dank/, /swag/?

I like /eff/. It's show-related, it fits, and the connotations of "eff" make it somewhat intuitive.

!!Applejack 8657

File: 1371418436782.jpg (146.3 KB, 894x894)

While this is not an official thread, since it has come up as an idea we will be reading all the responses and encouraging people to speak their minds and let their voice be heard on what they think about ways to improve the site through any kind of board structure changes.

Nothing will go through until or unless we move past the idea stage where most have had a chance to give their input, and onto the actual proposal stage where we'd present more concrete plans.

At the moment there are no plans, but these are interesting and worthwhile ideas to look into.

Anonymous 8658

As you know, AJ, it spun off from this…
…which was official. I didn't start this thread (I'm thisfag: >>8652), but I think the guy who did made a good move. The tangle involves a lot more than just /pic/ and /art/. It's probably easier to see if you're a newbie. There's such a thing as being too close to the work, which is why there are editors and art directors.

!!Applejack 8659

I'll personally read through any suggestion or idea here. I think there's reason to warrant a few board changes, but what those should be and how it should all look in the end are things I'd like to hear what everyone has to say about.

If there's good consensus that changes would be beneficial after awhile of hearing people out, I'll take it up with my staff and we'll draft what we think would come out best for everyone and then once again let people see what it would be, ahead of time, for any final concerns or ideas and so people aren't taken by surprise if they didn't see the discussion, and then we'll go ahead and do it.

I believe you're right, in of the previous comments, that a certain amount of decision-making and boldness is required, and that's not something we'll be afraid to do.

As a personal bit of input…
There was a thread earlier where someone was wondering where best to put video project they were doing. While that previously would have been /fan/, which was a largely underutilized fanworks board, taken along with /art/ and /pic/, perhaps that would mitigate your concern about /art/ being underused if it was just for /art/. So, perhaps /fan/ would be brought back, but it would be a merger of /art/, /pic/ and /fan/'s purposes.

Anonymous 8660

>…perhaps that would mitigate your concern about /art/ being underused if it was just for /art/.
It wasn't really my concern. It was the anonymous mod's who posted >>7974. At first I didn't even see why he'd want to merge existing boards, but I do now. This site sprawls too much.

My immediate reaction is that /fan/ wouldn't have enough content to warrant its existence. Not even /art/ does, and I'm an artist. I'd be perfectly happy putting my stuff on a Type #1 (uncensored) /img/ board, though. I might even prefer /anon/ (/eff/, whatever) because of the traffic.

You can create a stand-alone website to sell your car, but that would be dumb. People go to Craigslist or Ebay to buy stuff.

I can't think of anything that might go in /fan/ that couldn't be posted in /ot/, /fic/, /img/, or /anon/. You mentioned one guy with a video. He doesn't need a board to himself. I do Flash. You can't crank that stuff out fast anyway.

Anonymous 8661

File: 1371421762636.jpg (38.58 KB, 375x596, 025.JPG)


Creeper 8662

File: 1371421897722.jpg (33.54 KB, 476x321, HIKE.jpg)

This… this I like!

Red Star 8663

File: 1371422055444.png (415.21 KB, 835x835, 2hot.png)


File: 1371422440957.png (264.29 KB, 602x602, sweetie576.png)

I don't think we should have mature content on show. Unnecessary.


File: 1371422552900.jpg (54.89 KB, 802x706, 1352760864725.jpg)

this. a board for specific show discussion doesn't need smut.

however those are nice ideas.


File: 1371422972518.png (152.14 KB, 900x846, Pinkie Pie Vector Pretty Baubl…)


I'm mostly in agreement with this anon here.

I like the idea of merging /oat/ and /chat/ (I see no reason why the two boards can't intermingle).

I also like the idea of combining /art/ and /pic/ into /img/ of whatever it could be called.


That being said, I sorta agree with these two. For a board meant to focus on discussion of the show itself, I don't really see the point of allowing NSFW content. I know there's a rule that states that mature content offsite can be linked to here as long as it's clearly marked with an indication that it is NSFW. I suppose that rule can stay in effect, but other than that, I'm for no NSFW on /pony/…or /show/…whatever~

Vausten 8667

File: 1371423037012.png (94.4 KB, 462x506, 030.PNG)

That's too lewd.

Red Star 8668

File: 1371423077332.png (9.34 KB, 135x124, Communism Desu Desu.png)

No is not, puppy~


File: 1371423095170.png (75.89 KB, 319x306, sweetie346.png)

If we change /pony/ to /show/, what happens to /p/ad? Do we become /s/ad? That's not very uplifting…


File: 1371423153673.png (324.08 KB, 734x548, screenshot457.png)

actually i had an idea earlier.

maybe we could have a bored specifically for generals.

but i guess that is /chat/ in a way…

Anonymous 8671

That's never going to happen.

I would be more inclined to think /pony/ and /oat/ would fit better.

Or at least, put it like this:
>the pony related parts of /oat/ are moving into /pony/, which shall be freer and looser with regard to seriousness
>the non pony related parts of /oat/ are moving into /chat/

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 8672

File: 1371425446685.jpg (47.21 KB, 420x700, Pegasus aerial grapple.jpg)


/pony/ has already had a thread about pegasus sky-fucking. Mature discussion is allowed tag-free on every board, provided it doesn't involve dirty pictures or explicit sex stories.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 8673

Spoiler = Porn probably shouldn't be an enduring standard. If you want to communicate that you have just posted an explicit or gory image that viewers might wish to avoid – and the rules endorse doing so – then a dedicated 'NSFW Image' thing would work better. Sometimes people spoiler actual spoilers, or use it to prevent an image from being seen in thumbnail for reasons unrelated to smut.


/rp/ threads aren't things one can jump into, so it makes perfect sense to keep them separate from other stuff. It might make sense to lump other threads of that nature (prearranged activities into which random passersby are not supposed to join and post) into one board. Most of which would probably be roleplay threads anyway.

If there are open threads in /rp/ that anyone can just jump into, it probably makes sense to advertize them in /ooc/ anyway, since that's where people would normally go to join a game.

Anonymous 8677

The rules would be Type #2, not Type #1 (see >>8652). If you didn't like adult content in /show/ (formerly /pony/) you could just uncheck "Show mature content threads" in your settings. Simple.

The reason I would allow it is because of headcanon discussions, as well as things like this: >>8672. The show sometimes depicts situations that an adult might see as suggestive, but they'd fly right over the target audience's heads. Discussions on that stuff can get racy. Does Rarity use sex to facilitate social climbing? Is Pinkie promiscuous? Does Flutters indulge in inter-species whoopie and/or smoke pot? It's not outrageous to think those things are possible. They're consistent with the characters' personalities as they're depicted in the show.

>I would be more inclined to think /pony/ and /oat/ would fit better.
According to the headers on the boards themselves…

>/Pony/ is "for discussing the show, its episodes, characters, universe and the team behind it all."

>/Oat/ is for "non-serious, casual discussion of ponies, IC posting, casual fiction discussion, pony-related games, etc."

>/Chat/ is "the general, non-pony discussion and community board, with off-topic conversation, serial threads, and hangouts."

The last two are the least rigid. I'm looking at an opening post with a Fluffy Pony in /oat/ right now. Logically, both could be folded into…

>/Ot/ is "for non-serious, casual discussion of anything. Keep it clean!

That is precisely for people like >>8664, >>8665, and >>8666, who don't even want to be tempted to check their "Show mature content threads" preference. It's a place just for them, and as clean as /oat/ and /chat/ are supposed to be now.

Only the first 12 threads on /oat/ have any posts in them from today; in /chat/, the first 15. That's pretty dead. There are threads near the bottom of both of their first pages that haven't been contributed to today.

/Pony/ (suggested rename: /show/) is dead too, but there are no new episodes right now. It should move fast during seasonal production. I doubt the contributors there will want to wade through shipping threads and OCs to get to threads about the episodes.

>Sometimes people spoiler actual spoilers, or use it to prevent an image from being seen in thumbnail for reasons unrelated to smut.
I thought about that myself, and almost brought it up, but this discussion is already complicated. Maybe there should be a "mature" checkbox as well as a "spoiler" checkbox, but since even >>8652 suggests Type #2 for most boards, which makes it possible for the "offensensitive" to hide entire mature threads, I suggest that it can wait. Only the proposed /img/ and /eff/ boards would allow spoilered mature content in untagged threads.

Anonymous 8678

I think its best just too keep the smut garbage to a place where it belongs. And keep /pony/ as the way it is. Serious discussion about it.

Anonymous 8679

I agree with the "serious discussion" part, but "mature content" does not mean "not serious." If it's tagged so you can hide it, why would you care?

Anonymous 8680

I care because that board is one board that is nice to discuss the show without perverse. Can't that be brought to /anon/?

Anonymous 8681

Nobody has suggested that /pony/ become a Type #1 board like /anon/. The suggestion is Type #2, which means that mature discussions would only be allowed in threads tagged #Mature.

In your settings (top right corner), under "Filters," there is a check box that says, "Show mature content threads." Uncheck it, and they will not be visible. You will not see them at all.

The only objection I can imagine would be from Puritans, the definition of which being: "A person who is driven crazy by the idea that anyone, anywhere, might be privately enjoying themselves at any time."

Anonymous 8682

i think it's best just leave /pony/ alone. that's what i think.

change it to /show/. that's fine too.

why does mature discuss need to happen on a board that is about the show? if it's serious discuss… canon discuss, why would mature discuss need to happen in the first place?

have we forgotten that the show is… uhh… you know, targeted for a younger audience?

i mean c'mon, what does smut have ANYTHING to do with the show?

Anonymous 8683

You haven't answered my question. If you can't see the "smut" (your word), why do you care?

Anonymous 8684

because it's NOT fit for that board.

Anonymous 8686

With all due respect, that is not your call. The proposal was Level #2:

> 2) In /show/, /fic/, /rp/, and /rpp/, mature content can only be posted in threads where the opening post is tagged #Mature; you can't post it otherwise even if you spoiler it.

You are apparently not a mod (if you were, I assume you would post as one). You do not get to "backseat moderate" and make philosophical decisions for the staff. You would not have to see anything you personally don't like. Those who prefer to discuss edgier stuff pertaining to each episode as it airs could. Those like you who would rather not see such things could uncheck their "Show mature content threads" preference, and they would disappear like magic.

Given your attitude, that's already how your preferences should be set. They're set that way by default. You have to turn mature content on yourself. Why would you do that?

You have given me no reason except, "I say it's not fit for that board, so everyone should live by my rules, even if they're not bothering me." I hope you realize how that sounds.

I, however, have given a logical reason for Level #2. So did Post >>8672. The #Mature tag would make it LESS likely that you could be offended by things you personally find distasteful, not more.

Anonymous 8687

But this is how /pony/ has ALWAYS been…

You know… what… Just forget it, I am done.

I knew this would happen. I knew it!

We can't just discuss the show with out perverse stuff on our board, right?

See people. THIS is why can't we can't have nice things.

Anonymous 8688


lurker anon here and


Anonymous 8689

You've got a real issue about using words like "perverse" and "smut." I've rarely heard those from anyone under the current age of eighty. Frankly, I think you're a Mrs. Grundy. I thought most of them died off by 1970, but I guess we've raised a whole crop of new ones. Maybe it's genetic.

Just make sure your "Show mature content threads" preference is unchecked. Problem solved. Every culture should provide such shelters for its Mrs. Grundies, and this board has taken great pains to do that, but the Grundies should never be allowed to dictate the rules for everyone else. That kind of thing can turn a whole country into a screaming Hell.

Anonymous 8690

I would just take it as one individual with a particular issue.

It's not representative of anything.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 8691

File: 1371438036754.png (1.42 MB, 1522x1500, Rainbow Dash Spitfire aerial d…)


>why does mature discuss need to happen on a board that is about the show? if it's serious discuss… canon discuss, why would mature discuss need to happen in the first place?

/pony/ isn't shackled to show discussion. It also addresses elements of the setting that are barely touched upon by the show, and full-out hypotheticals. Sexual behaviors (and sexual politics) are a natural topic, since they're an important feature of society which may be different in Equestria than among modern-day humans. (They kinda have to be different, since two-thirds of the population seem to be female.)

I'm not sold on Mature tags in /pony/ only because those discussions are already allowed without them…


File: 1371438353142.jpg (30.28 KB, 500x220, quite mad.jpg)

>/fic/ has an important purpose

Ha! Finally, someone who appreciates the magical lesbian horsewords— I mean, fan-fiction.

Just as a side note, I really think people can discuss these kinds of topics without:
>Depictions of sex acts, genitals, female nipples, sex fluids, and underage sexualization.
>Depictions of explicit dismemberment, torture, or butchery.
which would invalidate the need for the Mature tag on those boards.

If you can't, I'm honestly worried.

(Though it really should say depictions or descriptions.)

I'm of the prudish nature myself, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to discuss whether topics requiring a more mature consideration are completely out of the question; FiM generally goes by No Periods, Period (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NoPeriodsPeriod), but that doesn't mean they don't exist. That said, I don't think it's necessary to describe the condition (or post images of it) in order to have a discussion on whether or not Pinkie Pie menstruates.

Anonymous 8693

To be honest, yes I am mad.

Anonymous 8694


That's okay though. Anger is a natrual emotion after all, right?

Anonymous 8695

>I'm not sold on Mature tags in /pony/ only because those discussions are already allowed without them…
Anon up there never quite twigged to the fact that the Type #2 rules are partly for his own protection.

It's for the protection of us grownups too, though, and for the protection of the board's staff. They wouldn't have to hear as much whining. Anyone who checks the "Show mature content threads" box doesn't have an excuse to whine unless mature content is really posted against the rules.

Anonymous 8696

> FiM generally goes by No Periods, Period…
If we can't see her thing, we can't see her string. That's the Magic of the Resolving Power of the Animation Style.

We can't see her hooves either, but we know they are there.

I suppose some mares just wear pants to conceal a pad. Maybe that's why Rarity's mom did.

Anonymous 8698

For what it's worth, I just tried an experiment I hadn't tried before. I went to /anon/ and clicked off my "mature contrent" preferences, then clicked them on again. I'm rather proud of my comrades from /mlp/. They're actually using the #Mature tag, even on their own polluted turf.

It works extremely well.

Anonymous 8699

Agreed. I think many just always wanted the option, the choice.

Anonymous 8700

I think so too. That's why I have so little patience with those whose attitude is, "I would never want to see (hear, smell, do, etc.) such a thing; therefore, that option should not exist for anyone."

I find it bizarre that some people are programmed that way.

I have noticed that libertines rarely, if ever, want to force their preferences on everyone, but prudes always do. I really think prudishness should be defined as a mental disorder, but the new DSM-5 came out less than a month ago, so it's not likely to happen anytime soon.

Silver Strings!ClassCYgcE 8701

File: 1371442556291.png (591.38 KB, 726x1045, Derpy extreme weather gear.png)


Prudishness is a trained behavior. It's correspondingly slow to untrain.

Anonymous 8703

Except that I know prudes whose parents are not prudish. In fact, I know prudes who seem to be rebelling against their free-spirited parents by becoming prudes.

It gets even weirder than that. I'm a Baby Boomer, an old fart for an MLP board. I watched in horror as my own generation went from "Peace, Love, Dope; Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out; If It Feels Good Do It," etc. to putting on suits and electing Ronald Reagan in a landslide. "Greed is Good; Fuck the Poor; Just Say No!"

So help me God, those idiots banned smoking in bars! They now make the G.I. Generation look like a bunch of goddamn hippies and Communists.

It's more complicated than training alone. Latent genetic tendencies have to be part of it. I really don't get it.

Sorry. I'm way off-topic, but sheesh!


File: 1371446386603.jpg (25.43 KB, 462x318, 9842586_gal.jpg)

Confound /site/'s lack of an edit feature.

>that doesn't mean it's impossible to discuss whether topics requiring a more mature consideration are completely out of the question

should be
>it's okay to discuss topics of a mature nature

Simple law of conservation of detail. This is why people were able to breath in space during the earlier movies and cartoons: air is invisible = air doesn't exits = space is no different than no space. A more modern philosophy is that just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist (e.g. convection within volcanoes).


Upbringing and genetic propensity are not excuses for poor behavior.

I personally don't see much use for the Mature tag for anything beyond porn and shock. That doesn't mean it can't be used otherwise, just that in an ideal world mature subjects will receive comparably mature discussion. Obviously, we don't live in an ideal world, and people can't be trusted to maintain that level of maturity. So, the Mature tag is a solid compromise between those that don't want their sensibilities offended and those that want to discuss the more racy topics.

Going back to my original point, MLP (if we disregard its rating) does allow room for certain topics in that it does not deny them, but there are a large portion of us who like/d the show due to the nature of its innocence. While I do not use /pony/, I see no theoretical problem with discussing those topics behind the Mature tag. (Just checking on /fic/, there is an entire 162-post thread transplanted from /mlp/ that I had no knowledge of, and it did not reduce the quality of the board for its being there invisibly.)

This was one of the big issues discussed during /fic/'s debate about whether to migrate to mlpchan. In the end, it was decided that the presence of those Mature threads would not interrupt the usual status quo, and, for all intents and purposes, it has not.

I do not know much about /pony/, nor its community. It might not be a culture compatible with this proposition. I don't know. However, going by past experience I see no issue.

It's just something to consider.

ancara22 8705

File: 1371446459855.png (136.49 KB, 900x815, Pointing out a thing.png)

While /oat/ might not like this suggestion, I have a simply suggestion to add that would make a lot of people happy:

Let there be a #mature tag in /oat/, and be able to hide threads listed with it if they have it. That way, /mlp/eople can do their thing without worry and can even tripfag to be able to cover for OP and content providers, those who don't like it can hide the threads in an option thing in settings and such, and /oat/ can then get an assload more activity so it can go on without trouble until at least Season 4 happens.

Everyone wins, and we can all be happy then.

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 8706

File: 1371446674402.jpg (7.59 KB, 192x189, thumb.jpg)

>/ot/ - For "off-topic," a merging of /oat/ and /chat/.

I do support the idea of the merge, the traffic in /oat/ is slow as is and it is not going to get any better as it is now and if it works out well enough at least /chat/ or /ot/ will have more non serial thread activity and /chatters shouldn't mind the random pony threads that much, I've seen them get some every so often right now anyway.

Anonymous 8707

Question is, then /oat/ would just be totally redundant with what /anon/ is.

In fact it would be exactly what /anon/ is, since anon allows names but doesn't encourage them. /oat/ would have no point.

I mean it barely has a point as it is already. The best I can think of is to call /oat/ the Off-Topic board
>/pony/ - all pony discussion
>/oat/ - off-topic discussion, serials, etc
>/anon/ (or /free/ or whatever) the nsfw-allowed free reigns board

and then

plus /site/ and /arch/


I can agree to this, topic ideas seem to be hard for the posters to come up with.
This, all this please, /oat/ and /chat/ being seperate always annoyed me
While I prefer a total free board, with whatever mature content, I agree with these, theres really not a point for a board dedicated to serious discussion of the show.

ancara22 8709

Honestly, at this point I think the only real reason we even have /oat/ and /anon/ is because people didn't want NSFW/mature stuff in their random pony-related board, as far as I can tell.

I can understand where that's going, but still, at this point, I have to be bluntly honest here: A lot of /oat/ kinda has went into either "/rp/laying circlejerk thread #201252" or just the same basic threads over and over again, both due to the hiatus, and due to, let's be honest here, a lot of /oat/ being seriously stubborn about changing things, and ignoring a lot of new possible threads in favor of, as some anons would like to say, sticking within hugbox threads.

A lot of /oat/ will indeed not like me saying all of this, but…..at this point, methinks it'd be a good idea to let /anon/ and /oat/ do a fusion(HA!), and let it have the #mature tag. Because let's be honest here, /oat/'s pretty much gotten seriously ded lately, while /anon/ is thriving with activity, and well…..if you asked me, a merger would be a good thing.

The only thing that makes me iffy towards such would be the inevitable butting heads between those from /oat/ and anons from /mlp/ or /anon/ originally, but seriously though, at this point, I think it might actually end up being a good thing, in my own opinion. Let it be merged, and allow it to go with both #mature stuff, and also perhaps another tag, for obvious stuff that likely would descend into /rp/-tier stuff as well, since…..well, let's be honest, kind of tends to happen a lot at times, so yeah.

Just trying to give suggestions to be able to allow everyone to be happy, and although it might not be pretty at first, I think it could work…..if people would actually go for it……I hope…

Power Chord!Roadiecn7A 8710

File: 1371447477157.png (73.13 KB, 492x750, Sit and Destroy.png)

Throughout my campaign on MLPchan's /oat/, I've seen it deteriorate at a rapid pace. I've seen friends leave, and people become buttmad over silly shit.

Most of you call it dead weight. Others call it a club. And others call it tripfag central.
And as an avid /oat/er, I can agree. As much as I love /oat/ and all the memories behind it, maybe we really should have a merge. This course of action would enable us to actually venture out of our comfort zone a bit and co-mingle with other users in a single environment, without the feeling of being or becoming board-exclusive.

Pony General and everything related to ponies seems to have already been discussed. The topic has been left for dead in this drought. We're practically out of ideas that don't involved the characters/users on the board.
You could say we're beating a dead horse with our existence.

I've seen shitstorm after shitstorm about the future of /oat/ and it's user-driven community, and maybe we're facing the inevitable. After serious thinking, coming up with no contribution that would stun the masses, I say go for it.
A merge, I believe, can save the spirit and point of /oat/, along with attracting a new demographic of people.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8711

We've been observing things for awhile, of course, and obviously seeing what our counterpart /oat/ has been doing.

We don't want to wait for a long time to reach a kind of consensus or be able to take a needed action, so we won't hesitate if there's support.

I believe as some have mentioned it may be time for everyone to realize the changes are necessary for everyone's benefit.

Clearly we all realize we'll be better off with streamlining and simplifying what can be a confusing and overlapping set of boards.
How to best do that though remains to be seen.

One suggestion raised is to remove the big overlap /oat/ has with two other boards, /pony/ and /chat/. I think this may be a better solution than a wholesale merger with one one of them.


>/pony/: all things pony and show related, safe for work. call it pony general, if you will.

>/ot/ or /chat/ or /oat/: off-topic. non pony related, safe for work, serials, off topic, random stuff.
>/anon/ (or whatever other name is come up with, /horse/, /free/, etc): anything goes, nsfw

>/fic/: fanfiction (allows tagged stuff)

>/rp/: roleplay
>/fan/: artwork, fanworks, collaborations and projects (allows tagged stuff)

Maybe this would work best and be the most streamlined and efficient. Would /oat/ be able to accept being repurposed into a non-pony board? or would it better to leave the name behind entirely and simply be /ot/ or /chat/?

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 8712

>aybe this would work best and be the most streamlined and efficient. Would /oat/ be able to accept being repurposed into a non-pony board? or would it better to leave the name behind entirely and simply be /ot/ or /chat/?

Keeping the /oat/ name will probably make it easier for some, but we would have to think about how /chat/ things about a name change.

Power Chord!Roadiecn7A 8713

File: 1371447876941.png (59.76 KB, 500x500, This isn't a Power Chord....pn…)

Cramming boards together saves a lot of hassle.

I don't mind being merged with /pony/ and /chat/, but how do they both feel about this?

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8714

I suppose we'll find out what their thoughts are on these ideas when they voice their opinions.
Most of /chat/ is serial traffic which would be unaffected save for possibly a different name, and most of /pony/ during the hiatus is /p/AD.


Honestly, I'd be happy if we just dumped /oat/ all together and set up a general in /chat/ for our glorious circlejerk, /oat/'s non-pony content has shrunk enough that it could be crammed into one thread, its what the skype already does. The pony related content could make its way to /pony/ real easy.


File: 1371448101565.png (60.86 KB, 477x558, 4.png)

/pony/ /chat/ and /oat/ are all merging now?

Anonymous 8717

Do you even read?

Anonymous 8718


Just /chat and /oat/ thought it's just a proposal.

Power Chord!Roadiecn7A 8719

File: 1371448187033.png (105.68 KB, 614x750, Naked, but with sweatbands.png)

Adding a serial to a sea of serials?
I'm not exactly sure it would work… Having the entire board of /oat/ being reduced to a mere serial wouldn't go over so well, I would think.
Nothing's for certain, but that's what we're here to discuss.


File: 1371448296569.png (17.15 KB, 150x143, sweetie399.png)

Yes sir. I read this /oat/ member mentioning
>I don't mind being merged with /pony/ and /chat/

I hope that isn't too complicated for you to understand.

Oh, okies. That's fine then.


mate, /oat/ is hardly a large community anymore, last week Al ran a script that showed the number of posts per week and /space/ was beating /oat/ by a good bit, look at the front page, most threads die after 10 posts and rarely break 30, the most traffic is the donut bar general, just move that to /chat/ and the rest of the /oat/ers can jump with it

Anonymous 8722

>inb4 gilda and discord blame /space/ for /oat/ slowness

Anonymous 8723

>…chatters shouldn't mind the random pony threads that much, I've seen them get some every so often right now anyway.
I would say the loose can accommodate tight more readily than the opposite. In other words, an /ot/ board shouldn't mind a few on-topic threads, but the regulars on a board with a fairly specific purpose like /show/ would become irritated by loads of shitposting.

>…theres really not a point for a board dedicated to serious discussion of the show.
Call us neckbeards, call us sperglords, call us retards, call us what you will, but some of us do think MLP:FiM has some pretty serious aspects, the main one being, why is it the cultural phenomenon that it is?

>…at this point I think the only real reason we even have /oat/ and /anon/ is because people didn't want NSFW/mature stuff in their random pony-related board…
Possibly, but regardless, we wouldn't want to merge /oat/ and /anon/. The former is supposed to be a squeaky-clean board, and so is /chat/. That's why I suggested combining the two into a squeaky-clean /ot/. I assume the content of both would be preserved in it.

/Anon/ is already so huge and fast-moving, there's no need to combine the content of anything else with it. It might absorb some of /oat/'s former members, but I don't believe it would be a good idea to merge its content (if merging works like it does on most software I'm used to). It would just be swallowed up.

No, /pony/ would stay itself. The only reason for changing its name to /show/ is that newbies really can't tell what /pony/ is supposed to be about from its name. The whole site is pony-related. Its purpose would remain the same whether it allowed the use of the #Mature tag or not.

I'm the guy who wrote this >>8652, but I don't really care whether /show/ (/pony/) remains Type #3 or becomes a Type #2. Just remember, if it remains Type #3, there will be no option to tag threads #Mature, so you won't be able to filter discussions about Rarity's sex life and things like that.

Power Chord!Roadiecn7A 8724

File: 1371448825085.png (24.42 KB, 308x361, Widdly Butt.png)

I just don't think a serial would do anything… And I don't think you would even post in the /oat/ serial, given how you say you don't even post in /oat/ anymore.

Hell, I'm almost a full-fledged /space/r myself.

To me, an exclusive thread doesn't open any doors. A pony general thread is kinda dumb, given the fact that it's it's own board to begin with, and that the topic can be shared with a larger mass if the boards simply merged, let alone in any instance.
>Haven't seen Discord
>I'm not phased by this.


File: 1371448838837.jpg (13.47 KB, 327x418, sweetie451.jpg)

That's ok. I'd be quite happy to discuss Rarity's sex life. That possibly actually thrills me! I love all pony talks.

Anonymous 8726

>I'd be quite happy to discuss Rarity's sex life.
I don't believe this guy would, though:

Anonymous 8727

eh im pretty sure he confines himself to one general mostly anyways.


cheers to that, stupid in-fighting
>>…theres really not a point for a board dedicated to serious discussion of the show.
>Call us neckbeards, call us sperglords, call us retards, call us what you will, but some of us do think MLP:FiM has some pretty serious aspects, the main one being, why is it the cultural phenomenon that it is?
oops, meant
>…theres really not a point for mature content on a board dedicated to serious discussion of the show.
its 2 AM, I forget words, my bad.
So break up /oat/ into /chat/, I just don't think /oat/ is very good at integrating, a serial means they're part of the board, its slow integration, no one is forced there, its the same thing as the skype chat. I would, cause it wouldn't be a circlejerk disguised as pony content as it is now, it would be just a circlejerk, and I still like /oat/s community for the most part. It wouldn't be a pony general, its an /oat/ general, we've formed our own community and this keeps some identity, not just breaking it apart.

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 8729

File: 1371449324806.png (25.31 KB, 945x945, 132617797198.png)

/oat/ doesn't post much much of an real pony stuff anyway, mostly just OPs so they can just stat talking about other things after, Iwould think what would happen shortly after all pony related content goes to /show/ from the displaced /oat/ers would spike for a bit with some things you would probably not like but will die down when they see their posts don't get any traction and then only see a smaller number of random pony related topics mostly just pony roll charts and the like, and any lite RP would and should get the boot to where it belongs. Of course I can't fully predict the posts for when the new seasons started, I tried to place a small amount of real pony related discussion for the show along with some others when season 3 was running so you will get some good bonus traffic and with any luck the new blood to your board after knowing you don't want a bunch of "Lol look at Pinkie Pie with the space hair" or something they may keep that into a few threads, could /pony handle any of it?




File: 1371449509232.jpg (36.25 KB, 840x467, sweetie536.jpg)

Well he doesn't have to discuss it. But whatever way you go is fine with me, as long as I have a nice board free of porn to be a pony on.

I don't like the mature tag idea though, for the pony board. I just don't. I want the board all for nice people who don't look at pony porn there. I'm selfish. That's my opinion. This thread is for opinions, right? I've got lots of those.

Anonymous 8731

Well, he has a very strong opinion about what people are allowed to do in other threads. If /pony/ (/show/) were a Type #2, he could filter stuff that offends him with one click.

Poor ol' dude. It must drive him crazy that somewhere, guys are clopping to pictures posted on /anon/.

>I'm almost a full-fledged /space/r myself.
Jeez, what else doesn't appear in the menu at the top of the board? I had no idea /space/ was there, but when you guys mentioned it, I entered it manually, and of course it came right up.


File: 1371449680434.png (809.35 KB, 938x740, sweetie567.png)

There's a /moon/. That's where you go when you get banned. Not that I get banned. But I visit sometimes.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8733

Let's put it another way. If you haven't already, as this thread is about Board Structure, post what you feel would be the ideal board structure. Include the name, title and subheading if you can. For example:

>/site/ - Site Issues - The board for discussing site related issues, questions, concerns, and suggestions

>/arch/ - Archives - The archives of all the best threads saved for posterity

>/pony/ - Pony General - The board for discussing the show, characters, and canon

>/chat/ - Off-Topic - The board for anything not pony related, socializing, chatting & circlejerking
>/free/ - Free Reign - An anything goes board for all topics with few rules - an adult board

>/fan/ - Fanworks - A board for artists, projects and collaborations*

>/fic/ - Fanfiction - A board for fanfiction review and critique*
>/rp/ - Roleplay - A board for roleplaying and roleplay discussion

*Includes a Mature tag

Anonymous 8734


I think that fanfiction can go to /fan/.

/fan/ could harbor all types of fanworks that could include literature, visual, musical amongst others.

Also I thing that if /oat/ should merge with /pony/ since both orbit around MLP discussion just that one is more serious. This would make /pony/ into the board that would be about anything pony related from show discussion to the "Why she's so perfect" threads.

The layout would look like this


Anonymous 8735

The #Mature tag keeps you from having to see it. Might as well face it: /mlp/ on 4chan is being strangled, and adult content will be posted here. You can either have the option of filtering it, or not. The Type #2 format gives you that option.

I'm proud of those horsefuckers. Even on /anon/, which was apparently intended to be a zoo, they're being very good about using the #Mature tag. You can clean your view of that board up with one click.

!!Applejack 8737

There's a small number of unlisted boards. Some are former boards we've had, some are just there.

>>>/moon/ - is one that has a use. It's a "ban" board. When you get banned, you aren't actually banned from posting on the whole site. You can still post on /moon/ if you want. It's a way for bannees to still communicate if they want, or appeal their ban without giving contact info and actually be able to talk back and forth with a staff member.

>>>/space/ is an extra space board.

I see where you're coming from. /fic/ is one area I will insist will not be changed, however.

!!Applejack 8738

>note: the ban page also links you to /moon/, we just issue very few bans so it's not a huge concern that most people don't know about the ban-board


File: 1371449919106.png (52.08 KB, 195x262, sweetie34.png)

No /anon/?

!!Applejack 8740

/free/ = /anon/

just a name I put there. it might stay /anon/, it might get a more fitting name.

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 8741


File: 1371450054747.png (46.38 KB, 450x454, 489085120307235758.png)

>Jeez, what else doesn't appear in the menu at the top of the board
I know /space/ and /moon/, I know Ponychan has several more but I forget if we have more here
I like that format, not gonna copy paste it

Anonymous 8743

>>>/cl/ (mod board)

Anonymous 8744

>just a name I put there. it might stay /anon/, it might get a more fitting name.
Even though I'm the guy who originally proposed /cess/ (mainly as a joke, but not completely), I really like the idea of changing /anon/ to /eff/, for Everfree Forest.

It's so meta, it hurts.


File: 1371450297024.png (264.29 KB, 602x602, sweetie576.png)

Reminds me of efchan or whatever.

Anonymous 8746

I didn't know there was one, but dang…
…it works on so many levels.

Anonymous 8747

Couldn't /anon/ just be renamed to /mlp/?

That way all the refugees who come here would know exactly where to go.

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 8748

File: 1371450543120.jpg (69.9 KB, 360x640, Stalker.jpg)

And hopefully make them feel more at home.

I support this idea.


File: 1371450589315.png (98.68 KB, 264x390, sweetie3.png)

But new people would be confused.
>Listen to me… Thinking we're ever going to get new members of the fandom.

Anonymous 8750

I wouldn't. For one thing, originality is better. For another, this whole site is about MLP, whereas that was just a containment board on 4chan. For a third, the name change reminds people that they're not on 4chan anymore and encourages them to create an entirely new culture.

That already seems to be happening.

Anonymous 8751

Oh, samefag here. Bear in mind, I'm from /mlp/, but I really wouldn't name /anon/ after it.

Anonymous 8752

>And hopefully make them feel more at home.
Samefag a third time in a row, but your use of "them" made me think you're not familiar with /mlp/, and it might be useful to know that 4chan has a Global Rule 15 that says, basically, "Keep your fucking ponies in your containment board, or you will be banned." It's basically a "Niggers, get to the back of the bus" rule. I think it made the regulars there a little crazy. You probably don't want to duplicate that feeling here.

Already, /anon/ is more polite than /mlp/ ever was. It's just as sick, and its content is just as over-the-top, but it feels different. It's happier. It isn't as mean.

Anonymous 8753

File: 1371451410068.gif (270.42 KB, 111x85, 1371254134110.gif)

>dat time

Anonymous 8754


Okay. Well basically I can go with his layout. A thing that I'm noticing is that /pony/ keeps to show discussion so /oat/'s content would go between /pony/, /free/ and /chat/.

Now, I wonder if we can list /test/ which is currently hidden. I find it very useful as a newfag when testing the site's features and think it should have relevance. It would look like this.





I agree wholeheartedly

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 8755

File: 1371451639833.jpg (57.38 KB, 612x583, Dog.jpg)

I have gone there a few times like when it came out a few times a few months later after that and so on and I knew it was to get the pony stuff off the other boards but I guess I was assuming that they were used to it and all settled in with most of them content, not shocked if I am wrong on that at all.

I know /b/ still has a problem with it right now but it is next to nothing on the boards on 4chan right now that I actually regular.

Suggestanon!!BAJ7P4JUSM 8756

File: 1371451774043.jpg (24.9 KB, 398x500, SHIVA.jpg)

I fully agree with this structure

Anonymous 8757

>…I guess I was assuming that they were used to it…
Let's just say we'd accepted it, but when the crackdown occurred a few days ago, all the resentment about it came pouring out. The resentment from the furs about the ban on anthro came out, too. Basically, everything that was pent-up there did.

The place always was mean. All of 4chan is. This place isn't. I don't know all the reasons why, but it just feels better. If feels free.

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 8758

>If feels free.

That's what finally happens when you go to a site that built for brony stuff that was created by people who rage quit a brony site that was founded and ran by Nazis that was made because 4chan can be a douche.

Anonymous 8759

Makes sense. This board seems to have avoided all the mistakes Moot, Seth, the founders of Ponychan, Round Stable, etc. ever made. It's still a tangle that they're trying to sort out, but it doesn't feel autocratic and hive-minded. 4chan does.

Maybe this is bullshit based on my own mental hobgoblins, but I probably would not like Moot if I met him in real life. He seems to be cut from the same cloth as Tom Fulp on Newgrounds, and both created similar mean-spirited cesspools. Fulp and his mods turned Newgrounds' culture over to the crews, which apparently originated on /b/ and /v/. Most of the Flash there is shit. They actually encourage shit. The tiny percentage that's any good is only there because at one time, there wasn't anyplace else to put it.

That has changed. You're better off putting it on YouTube now. The SWF format is on its way out. Newgrounds' days are probably numbered. I fled it years ago.

Sorry. I digressed.

Anonymous 8760

File: 1371453331863.jpg (233.83 KB, 1202x739, 1371330016747.jpg)

>SWF format is on it's way out
some of my best memories man…

Anonymous 8761

Well, Adobe Flash itself probably isn't. (Don't know why you attached a picture of Gimp.) Flash is powerful, has a decent interface, and it'll export as video. FLA is a good format to build animation in, but Steve Jobs refusing to support SWF in Apple's small devices was the kiss of death for that format.

My version of Flash is so old, I have to export as MOV for video, then use other software (Toast) to convert it into something more compact and less lossy, usually MP4. I'm sure new versions export directly as MP4 now, but I don't know that for a fact. I've never managed to get my hands on a version new enough to find out.

Anonymous 8762


Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8763

File: 1371457384396.png (213.28 KB, 425x422, and you were doing so well.png)

/anon/ was made, iirc to appease the idea to have a place to force anonymous posting. /oat/ was for the tripponies that came from ponychan, though it's the site's original ponyrandom board.
Slamming together /oat/ and /anon/ as a ponyrandom board will only work if the /anon/ residents allow the tripponies from /oat/ to roam among them.
I don't know if the anons there have the mentality they retained from /mlp/. If they do, then I think the ponyponies that do inhabit /oat/ are gonna be chased of the site in record tempo.

If you combine /oat/ and chat/ into a full random board, that might work. Trip ponies beget trip ponies. but the combined board should have full freedom to post pony content.

So, I don't think this is a good idea. Keep pony on /chat/.
Or set /oat/ together with /pony/, if people on /pony/don't mind the pony-randomness introduced in their board.

On allowing porn on /pony/, I'm with this.
You can discuss mature topics in a mature way. If you can't discuss mature topics without posting pornographic images or take a really disgusting tone, then you might better post on a pony-random board. That said, I do see that more spicy topics could be discussed upon on /pony/.

Tom' the /♥/ bringer 8764

/oat/ and /anon/ together might not be the greatest of ideas. They have so different cultures I honestly do not see the point.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8765

File: 1371458906151.png (157.06 KB, 376x400, apples.png)

As I see it, we run in a few options, each have their own downside.

/oat/ stays itself: nothing lost and nothing won. Just an extra 'unnecessary' board on the website.

/oat/ merges with /chat/: /chat/ might not want to talk about ponies. /chat/ is a board they could get away from it, so this might cause problems.

/oat/ merges with /pony/: as I said, ponyrandomness among serious discussions doesn't always sit well. then again,mlpchan's /pony/ has a more random flavour.

/oat/ erges with /anon/: actually this is the worst idea, to me. Especially if you're gonna abolish rules and mature tags there. Definitely not a home for people grown in /oat/.

So it's all about picking your lesser evil, as always.

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 8766

File: 1371480009129.png (56.95 KB, 228x177, 81.png)

I am, of course, starkly opposed to the idea of merging /oat/ with another board. There's just no board similar enough to merge it with without some serious clashing. All of its peers have something against it.

All it needs is a little spark. A little spark that it's still looking for.

And if there's no /oat/… well, what's MLPchan to me? I only came here to post on /oat/. To post with my friends, not some trolls that want to smash my face in. To post freely, not to be ridiculed. I'd probably leave.

Unless we merged it with /pony/, which is quite an underrated idea that might just work…


File: 1371480404616.jpg (137.84 KB, 586x637, 1370804888328.jpg)

I don't personally think /oat/ needs merging with anywhere, especially a board with #Mature.

It just needs sprucing up a little, and a bit more life encouraging on it.

It probably doesn't help that a lot of the posters /oat/ used to have are off on an unlisted, purposeless board.

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 8768

File: 1371480608207.png (85.39 KB, 224x325, 408.png)




/oat/ is PG-13. Always has been. Merge it with a #Mature board, lot of people gonna get pissed off. Maybe people leave. Maybe some people from the mature board leave. Bad idea anyway.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8769

Well /oat/ wouldn't exactly be merged as much as deleted and the restrictions on /pony/ and /chat/ loosened, methinks. It's really up to the posters of /oat/ what they want to do then. To move to /pony/, /chat/, one of the hidden boards or /new//anon//whatever/.

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 8770

File: 1371481986365.png (90.56 KB, 230x282, 119.png)

I'd rather it not be deleted, but that's up to 'Thony. I'd probably just go to /space/.

Anonymous 8771

It would actually appear to be a matter of how you looked at it.

Or what was said.

It would be just as accurate to say "/oat/ was merged with /pony" in that kind of plan.

EMF Scootaloo!G4/R19.jIE 8772

File: 1371482284313.png (134.01 KB, 894x894, 912.png)

Wording is powerful, but something would have to be done to accommodate pony-related silliness and the freedom of /oat/.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8773

File: 1371482340571.jpg (11.34 KB, 395x372, 136846841000.jpg)

I hate the term 'deleted' in this.
Deleting means to erase its purpose.

If you assign its purpose to another board, it lives on. Merging is at worst deleting 2 boards to make 1. Not deleting 1 board in favour for the other.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8774

I guess there's no real harm in keeping the old gal afloat. At least not anything significant. As much as I don't like /oat/ as it is, deleting it is a high risk low reward action. It pisses off a lot of users who helped found the site, and rightfully so, for what? It would only bump up traffic only marginally on other boards.

Of course you could make /oat/ unlisted, but that's not a very viable option either .

Anonymous 8775

I just wouldn't call it deleted. There's no need for that, it seems needlessly antagonistic. And not even entirely accurate considering that it's not like what went on /oat/ wouldn't be brought to another board. Which is why saying it's merged content with another is more apt and less harsh.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8776

But in theory it would be merged with two or three different boards. And /oat/ isn't about purpose, it's about its users and its culture. Wherever the people go will be what board it will be merged with, and it doesn't matter what the descriptions say at the top of the boards at that point.

But hey, maybe /pony/ is dead enough for /oat/ to transplant itself thoroughly. /pony/ won't be happy, I don't think, but

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8777

File: 1371483106771.jpg (66.96 KB, 945x945, 136544634734.jpg)

The content should be placed in 1 other board. Can't really see the use to spread it out.

Either go full pony board in /pony/ or full random board in /chat/

Anonymous 8778


Not the same anon but from my perspective I think if there would be a merge of /oat/ it should be with /pony/ since they're the boards that are very directly related to MLP except one is more serious in nature than the other.

However, if one looks a most MLP community sites, especially on forums and imageboards, there's a pattern in distinguishing show discussion and pony silliness on different boards. I don't know any case where there's been a merge between the two concepts on any site save for /mlp/ which is a board for everything pony related

Anonymous 8779

Agreed. If a serious discussion thread were to be taken as a silly thread due to how out-there the OP sounds, that'd lead to disappointment. While I'm all for cutting away things that aren't necessary, I think merging /oat/ into anything is going overboard. (Though I'm also for keeping /rp/ and /ooc/ separate.)

Anonymous 8780

The idea here >>8652 was to have a single /ot/ (for "off-topic") board that fulfills the same purpose as /oat/ and /chat/, so it would be a merging, and the name is intentionally similar to /oat/. However, it was supposed to have Type #3 rules, which both currently officially have anyway.

Seems to me that the way that would really work out is that /oat/'s content would end up divided between /show/ (formerly known as /pony/) and /ot/ (the official merging) because /show/ would change to Type #2 (#Mature tag allowed) but /ot/ would remain Type #1 (no mature content).

Or, /ot/ would remain as /oat/ is now, similar in some ways to how things were on 4chan's /mlp/ before the crackdown: officially safe-for-work, but in reality, NSFW. They just ignored the rules, and nobody enforced them.

TL;DR: Mods have a headache.

Anonymous ## Mod 8781

Well, it's the headache we asked for. No Adam Jensen excuses for us. That's the job, and there's a lot of good ideas here.

Anonymous 8782

>…/ot/ would remain Type #1 (no mature content).
Sorry. Type #3. Had a brain fart.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8783

>suggest renaming /pony/ to /show/ a week ago
>everyone takes it as a joke
>oh god it's happening

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8784

File: 1371484241983.jpg (44.54 KB, 300x362, pinkie_pie_peeking_by_johnjose…)

>/rp/ - Same as it ever was, except change rules to Type #2.

are we talking…. naughty…RP?

Anonymous 8785


I don't think /pony/ should be renamed to /show/. It segregates other official MLP products like the comics which are the replacement for canon MLP discussion during this hiatus; it shouldn't limit itself for show discussion.

Anonymous 8786

I don't know /oat/'s culture, but I get the impression that while it's officially Type #3, it gets racy, and that's just ignored. However, from what I've seen, it doesn't get into the full-blown I want to cum in Rainbow Dash craziness that /mlp/ was known for.

>oh god it's happening
Well, I was just trying to come up with names that mean something to newbies. By the same token, even though changing /anon/ to /eff/ (Everfree Forest) was an afterthought, I really like it. It's suggestive at the get-go, and if you clicked it, saw the name and read the rules, you'd know you were in the Wild Zone.

>are we talking…. naughty…RP?
Yes. People who kept their "Show mature content threads" setting unchecked would never see it.

>I don't think /pony/ should be renamed to /show/.
Got something better? The problem with /pony/ is that it doesn't say anything. The whole site is about ponies.

Anonymous 8787


>Got something better?


Admiral Yang Wenli 8788

File: 1371484670160.jpg (44.39 KB, 378x363, image.jpg)

Anonymous 8789

That would get confused with "Comics & Cartoons" on 4chan. Is that the idea?


File: 1371484836434.jpg (19.43 KB, 307x380, 1369663152824.jpg)

But I have to have it turned on to moderate.
Please don't expose my poor eyes to the goldshire inn all over again.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8791

File: 1371484867785.jpg (28.37 KB, 225x350, image.jpg)

Considering that comics and cartoons is what it'd be about, I'd say.

And we should rename /oat/ /b/ and /anon/ /mlp/

Anonymous 8792

In the immortal words of Joe Friday, it's an endless, glamorless, thankless job that's gotta be done.

I'd intentionally stay away from imitating 4chan. I've only been here two days, and I've already seen this board come under fire for imitating Ponychan and other places. I'm not as brutal about it as that guy was, but he did have a point: uniqueness and originality are better.

Unfortunately, most people prefer what they know.
>All we really want is indecision
>All we really like is what we know…
I saw what they did in "Suited for Success," and I laughed my ass off.

Anonymous 8793


True to that. It's like renaming /anon/ to /mlp/

But /show/ sounds to limit itself to one medium when the FiM franchise has grown beyond that.
Guess looking for a new for /pony/ is going to trickier than thought.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8794

File: 1371485310688.jpg (24.49 KB, 335x257, image.jpg)

/plot/ is the superior choice here.

Anonymous 8795

>It's like renaming /anon/ to /mlp/
Personally (and I'm an /mlp/ refugee), I think both pander to 4chan too much. The regulars on /mlp/ don't even like panda rings.

>/plot/ is the superior choice here.
Heh. It might be.

Anonymous 8796


Sounds good! But how many you think will confuse /plot/ as the a nsfw board for pony porn dumps. Seriously, who's idea was to give the word 'plot' these two different meanings.

Anonymous 8797

Even though I like it (and I'm the guy who came up with this >>8652), you have a point in your spoilered text: is it intuitive enough?

I think it might be, but I'm still asking. What I like about it is that it's literal, and suggestive enough that it hints at the switch from a Type #3 board to a Type #2, but it might be a "WTF?!"

Even though I originally proposed /cess/ as the new name for /anon/, I like /eff/ much better. Seems to me that /plot/ and /eff/ are in the same league: a little arcane, but not too much.

I'd caution against getting too cute with the names. That's the problem with /oat/. It's obviously some arcane cultural thing that doesn't make sense unless you're already part of it.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 8801

File: 1371492306524.jpg (231.91 KB, 538x403, christopher walken pony.jpg)

The most accurate name I've ever seen for /pony/ is /ponydis/. The weakness of 'pony' as a name is that it doesn't
specify that the board is for pony discussion. Not, say, pony writing workshops or pony roleplay or what have you.

However, '/ponydis/' is butt-ugly. I think /pony/ with a subtitle (as is the current system) works best.

Names that attempt to be more specific – such as /plot/ or /show/ – only describe part of the content. That's not such a big deal on MLPchan as it was back on Ponychan when the 2012 /pony/-/show/ fight took place, because on Ponychan there was a risk of aggressive moderation stealing away valid /pony/ topics and then justifying it because they didn't count as '/show/-related.' But those names still fail to capture the spectrum of valid topics, and carry potentially misleading implications. (Why can't I discuss Family Guy on the /show/ board? Isn't /plot/ for pony ass? ← I endorse making the latter 'mistake.'

Anonymous 8804

>'/ponydis/' is butt-ugly.
Not to mention too long. Stay with four characters or less.

Anonymous 8805

>Why can't I discuss Family Guy on the /show/ board?
Well, because the name of the site is mlpchan? What else would it be about?

According to the description at the top of /pony/ itself…
>This is the board for serious discussion of the show, the canon material (like comics) and other show-based topics.
Comics do kind of knock it into a cocked hat, but it did all start with the show. I'm tempted to say /canon/, but it's a little too long.


File: 1371493864352.png (46.38 KB, 450x454, 489085120307235758.png)

What do you expect to do? I like the topic-a-week idea, but its kinda hard to introduce new people on the board, anons are hated and the weird definition of /oat/ itself makes it hard for new users to join up.


File: 1371495436813.gif (59.7 KB, 458x550, 1369657656109.gif)

>anons are hated

If you have a problem with anons you shouldn't be on an imageboard

Anonymous 8808

I have not seen any hatred of /anon/s here. I haven't seen much hatred from /anon/s either, which is awesome. They're not as pissed off now that they're not in the /mlp/ ghetto anymore.

Anonymous 8809


How about just /dis/ - Discussion?

Anonymous 8811

Kinda vague.


File: 1371498679683.png (60.86 KB, 477x558, 4.png)

Any discussion? Wouldn't that be /chat/?

Anonymous 8813


Yeah. I understand…
The name is too broad and can doesn't specify whether it's a general board or specifically for MLP discussion. Guess I have some homework to do.

Anonymous 8814

Exactly. That board is specifically about canonical stuff. I guess /can/ wouldn't be too bad, but it's not intuitive.
You can't say /canon/ without saying /anon/.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8816

File: 1371499878521.jpg (68.13 KB, 468x436, lex_luthor_for_president.jpg)

But /pony/ isn't just for canon discussion either. It is all about the discussion of the universe and it's characters. We've had fanfic writers roll up to us and ask for our opinions on the characters, their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, fears, hopes, dreams and that sort of thing. We've also had some riveting discussions on which pony would produce the most milk.

/pony/'s all these things, really.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8817

Eudae is that you

Admiral Yang Wenli 8818

File: 1371499994759.jpg (13.97 KB, 226x287, HumaniteShocked.jpg)

No, how could you think that?

Anonymous 8819

Just goin' by what the front page of the board says.
>This is the board for serious discussion of the show, the canon material (like comics) and other show-based topics.
It's hard to tell what it's for right now. It's pretty dead, but I assume it'll pick back up when the show is in-season.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8820

File: 1371500424440.jpg (37.46 KB, 400x430, GorillaGorilla.jpg)

I'm just going off the assumption that /pony/ on MLPchan is the same as /show/ from the instant it separated and used examples from Ponychan's /pony/ from before the split. Because /pony/'s a bit dead right now.

If the nature of the board changed since then, besides the obvious addition of /p/AD, I'd like to know.

Anonymous 8821

because he wants to believe

Anonymous 8822

it hasn't.
it's basically a carbon copy.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8823

File: 1371500687966.jpg (51.73 KB, 640x480, EudaeIsBack.jpg)

Who doesn't? Eudae was the best.

Anonymous 8824

!!Ironwill plscombak

Admiral Yang Wenli 8825

File: 1371501498194.png (359.58 KB, 1152x648, Iron_Will_thumbs-up_S2E19.png)

Break the rules? Get sent to school!

Anonymous 8826


Admiral Yang Wenli 8827

File: 1371501808073.png (472.2 KB, 1280x720, Iron_Will_demands_a_half_day_S…)

Break the law, I break your jaw!

Anonymous 8828


Anonymous 8830

>Break the rules? Get sent to school!

Ouch. That's as bad as something Merriwether would write. She had poor Flutters spouting things that made me think, Okay honey, you're an accomplished seamstress and veterinary medic, and you can fly faster than Dash if you have to, and your Adorability Quotient is +10,000, but you are NOT a poet!

Of course, neither is Zecora.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8831

File: 1371502760591.jpg (178.42 KB, 1100x1210, FluttershyRocks.jpg)

>That's as bad as something Merriwether would write.
All of Iron Will's dialogue was written by Merriwether if you don't remember. I'm flattered, really.

Anonymous 8832

>All of Iron Will's dialogue was written by Merriwether…
I know. It seemed like she was really reaching by the time Fluttershy started spewing couplets, though… or maybe Flutters was supposed to be trying too hard. Were Iron Will's as lame as some of hers? I'd have to watch it again to be sure, but I really don't want to.

Flutters is my favorite character, but PYHD is not my favorite Fluttershy episode. It's at the bottom of my list, actually, but it still wasn't as bad as what Merriwether did to Dash.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8834

File: 1371504283862.png (307.75 KB, 3000x1652, Ironshy.png)

I'm pretty sure that Flutters was just making shit up as she went along at that point.

Anonymous 8835

File: 1371504629015.jpg (9.5 KB, 128x128, hotshyFA.jpg)

Why is she so adorable even when she's spouting bad couplets and being a bitch? Why?

Anonymous 8838


2 meta related boards:
/site/ - stays as is
/arch/ - stays as is

3 major boards:
/pony/ - /pony/ + /oat/'s pony related stuff. /pony/ basically gets looser and less strictly canon discussion.
/chat/ - all the chatting serials, off-topic threads, anything but pone really, plus /oat/'s socializing stuff.
/free/* - the Free board, Appaloosa, the Wild West, anything goes

3 minor boards:
/fan/* - any fanworks not fanfiction - art, merch, projects, etc
/fic/* - stays as is
/rp/ - stays as is (gets /ooc/ merged back into it


Silver Strings!ClassCYgcE 8839

File: 1371514806695.jpg (34.37 KB, 508x258, Lightning Dust KEEPS HAPPENING…)


Seems viable. 'Major/minor' may not be ideal descriptors since /rp/'s pretty fast. Maybe 'broad/narrow/'?

>/pony/ - /pony/ + /oat/'s pony related stuff. /pony/ basically gets looser and less strictly canon discussion.

I'm totally down with silliness on /pony/, provided it stays about ponies rather than the posters themselves. Self-inserts (roll games, most /oat/-style OC/RP stuff) pls go.

>/rp/ - stays as is (gets /ooc/ merged back into it

Back when I roleplayed regularly (D&D on a forum) it was very helpful to have recruiting threads separate from in-character threads. /ooc/ might also be the ideal place to discuss one's OCs, in the absence of an /oat/. (I don't actually use /rp/ or /ooc/, though, so the change doesn't much affect me.)

…which board gets pony image dumps? Are they /free/-only? There doesn't really need to be a board for that since there are dedicated image repositories like Derpibooru and e621 with more detailed tags. It's just a longstanding feature.

Anonymous 8840

File: 1371515118780.gif (99.13 KB, 500x431, e3d1c68b2d0456d8d90ed083177b2c…)

We need a /porn. just a whole board for porn. this fandom has too many oceans of erotica and pictures for us NOT to have one.


File: 1371515375033.png (72.08 KB, 179x205, heimdallicon2.png)

Mm… that sounds like cool-cataracts.

>/fic/ a minor board.

Son, I am disappoint.

However, I'll give you points for cleanliness. Seven, to be exact.


That isn't up to me to decide, but there are plenty places else for you to go look for that kind of content. If a a literal "/porn/" board makes it into 'thony's final proposal, there will be shouting. Mostly me. At him.

Anonymous 8842

…I was just gaining faith in humanity.

faith in humanity… slipping…

Anonymous 8843

i like this one actually.


File: 1371516685965.png (253.49 KB, 600x500, Alakazam_by_Psidra.png)

Anonymous 8847

thank you, thank you!

Anonymous 8849

I like it. I've copied what I said here >>8652 in the order suggested by your post because there are minor differences that need ironing out, and only the admin and mods can do that. I'll discuss why below.

> /site/ - Same as it ever was. Type #3 rules.

> /arch/ - Same as it ever was. I assume it's locked so rules don't apply.

> /show/ - Formerly known as /pony/. Change rules to Type #2.

> /ot/ - For "off-topic." Name change reflects merging of /oat/ and /chat/. Type #3 rules.
> /free/ - Formerly known as /anon/. Type #1 rules.

> /fic/ - Same as it ever was. Type #2 rules.

> /img/ - For "image," a merging of /art/ and /pic/. Change rules to Type #1.
> /rp/ - Same as it ever was, except change rules to Type #2.
> /rpp/ - More intuitive name for /occ/. Change rules to Type #2.

> This would result in:

> /site/ /arch/ /show/ /ot/ /free/ /fic/ /img/ /rp/ /rpp/

> Rule Sets:

> Type #1 - Mature content can be posted anywhere in /anon/ and /img/ as long as you spoiler it, but you don't even need to do that if the opening post is tagged #Mature.
> Type #2 - In /show/, /fic/, /rp/, and /rpp/, mature content can only be posted in threads where the opening post is tagged #Mature; you can't post it otherwise even if you spoiler it.
> Type #3 - Mature content is prohibited in /site/ and /ot/.

They're almost the same. The minor difference is that I left the role playing planning board in place. As this guy >>8839 said, /occ/ (renamed /rpp/ here) might be useful. Since I don't roleplay, I can't make that call.

The major one is that I suggested a merging of /art/ and /pic/ called /img/ instead of a /fan/ board. The question I have about /fan/ is one that others addressed earlier in this thread: will we get enough fan-made content to justify it, or should such things be posted on a more general-purpose board instead? I can't answer that.

> We need a /porn.
I will echo the "Noes!" of others. That's what /free/ (currently /anon/) is for. I put Type #1 rules on /img/ as well because a lot of people's art contains nudity, pornographic or not.

Anonymous 8851

File: 1371520141685.png (99.16 KB, 384x589, 1348677955054.png)

/anon/ eh? WELP, I know what my new favorite board will be! Cancer man, awaaaay! <3 this site, is good!

Anonymous 8852

There is one other question at hand here, however.

Since it's become public that there were, at least awhile back, discussions between MLPchan and Ponychan regarding a potential merger between the two sites, and despite those talks failing quite spectacularly the indication is that some people want them to try again, how much wrench would a board overhaul throw in those hypothetical discussions?

Obviously after they failed the first time, the Scruffy matter occurred and brought more /mlp/ members over, which further makes such a merger unlikely as many of those people (for good reason, in some cases) distrust or dislike Ponychan quite a bit. But the tone at Ponychan seems to be as such that they want to talk again, and many sincerely want MLPchan to consider it, either simply because of the downward trend of the site traffic there (one poster came here to practically beg MLPchan to consider it, to "save" Ponychan), or out of a more philosophical 'we all used to be one' mentality.

Something to think about, and perhaps get our new anon friends input on. I doubt many would want to be associated with Ponychan, but from what can be seen over there they are even willing to consider changing the name for a fresh start and shedding the old reputation and allowing MLPchan's rules regarding adult content to be put in place, should MLPchan reconsider the idea of merging with them.

Anonymous 8853

my feeling on the matter is this
I don't believe a merger is a viable option, and while I would like to entertain thoughts of such things happening, and I certainly wouldn't be against it…
it is a much better option for everyone involved if ponychan assimilates into mlpchan, and does not merge.
I love the staff there as friends, but, I don't want a single one of them aside from maybe fen or crimson to retain staff here. doesn't sit well with me in the slightest. However, it isn't my decision, and it's not like I'll be mad or stop coming here if a merge happens and some of their staff comes here and gets mod.

Anonymous 8854

Perhaps Artee?

I mean I get what you are saying. It's just about super unlikely that that it would ever happen. Thony was willing to put aside enough pride to offer to step down to make it work in the first try. I really doubt anyone there would be willing to swallow their pride and accept that their reputaiton is beyond hopeless to salvage.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8855

Well both sites are in roughly equal bargaining position, whether they know it–and like it–or not. Ponychan is slowing and stagnating. MLPchan is slower and more stagnant. MLPchan has the better tech and better admin. Both sides have had members beg the other to save them, and both sides have had members imperiously demanding that they be the board that absorbs the other.

But yeah, it would be a new name, new code, new communities, and would look practically identical to the proposed new MLPchan, tinyboard, /anon/, tags and all but with a /gala/ added, perhaps.

I suggested Artee take the (non-coding) prime spot, and he doesn't want it. I say that that's tough for him, we should make him take it. At least ask emphatically. He's really the man for the job. He's in touch with the community like no other mod on either side, posts regularly on both sites, and wasn't involved in the Zamoonda scandal. The ones who actively ask for power are the ones least deserving of it.

Anonymous 8856

File: 1371521152032.jpg (32.68 KB, 400x332, 133213733072.jpg)

Bad idea. I got banned from ponychan for the stupidest shit. Theyre board nazis over there-like, I didnt post anything explicit. It was just me joking about making a non-pony related thread-and BANNED with the messege "grow up". MLPchan is great because of the freedom and understanding, and equality it has.

Ponychan panders to certain people, is too strict and messed up with its rules, and if a merge happened then their over warrented board strictness-their pandering-would spill over here.

Anonymous 8857

Artee's issue is that he's, well, prudish. Like Thirtyfour at first (and largely still is.) And Artee has little to no connection to any part of either site outside /oat/, a little /pony/ and /chat/.

He's also not much a leadership figure, doesn't speak English as a first language, and has a propensity to roll over in conflict.

Anonymous 8858

I'm one of the nor/mlp/eople, a.k.a. horsefuckers, but I was never one of the Ponychan Haters. I don't know enough about Ponychan to have an opinion. Never been there. I know it's freakin' HATED by many on /mlp/, but they might be the types who are so jingoistic about that place, they'll stay there and go down with the sinking ship. I haven't seen as much…
>go back to Ponychan
…here. That said. I tend to agree with >>8853: assimilation, not merger. This place has one of the best board cultures I've seen — not hugboxy, but not mean either — and a merger could ruin that.

What this guy >>8856 said is exactly what I've heard about Ponychan. Having never been there, I don't know.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8859

File: 1371521279433.png (181.03 KB, 629x471, Reclined.png)

I don't think you've been there in the last six months. They've cleaned up their act to an incredible degree. I was right there with you a year ago, but they've learned their lesson, kicked out Orange, and done a lot better.

Anonymous 8860

Orange "left" of his own volition.

And he still owns the site, the domain, the server. Mithent doesn't even have analytics access. Orange could pretty much say "no" to this and it would stop anyways.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8861

Yup, sure could.

Anonymous 8862

File: 1371521439857.png (168.62 KB, 383x375, 1366989720780.png)

…well true enough, I havent been since I came here. Still, its hard for me to believe…it was insane back then. Anonthony and the way this place is is just so much better, and we cant have any of what Pchan used to be ever coming here. The guys running things would make sure it doesnt happen, right?

Anonymous 8863

my first thought is to just do this, this current board restructuring being discussed in this thread. it will vastly improve an already growing site that has room for more growth. we'll worry about anything else later. for that matter, just doing this and creating a better environment for more growth on a growing site while ponychan continues to decline will only put the negotiations in a better position for this site as they continue to trend upward while poychan trends down.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8864

Eh, Anonthony and I've had some issues in the past. I left this site for a long, long time because of some of the shit he's pulled and is still pulling. I personally feel that they converged and passed each other at some point, with Ponychan's moderation on a distinct upward trend and MLPchans seemingly staying consistent or trending downwards.

Spice!3GqYIJ3Obs 8865

File: 1371521653659.jpg (154.19 KB, 894x894, 134426259996.jpg)

Do it faggot!

Anonymous 8866

>Artee's issue is that he's, well, prudish.
Oooo… that's bad. Real bad. It's one thing when prudes stick to their prude boards, but quite another when they start screaming, "We don't think R34 should be allowed here anywhere, PERIOD!" which prudes are prone to do.

Anonymous 8867

Ponychan is simply more experienced in hiding thier bullshit.

Like on the mods helping out Agendanon, or their sinking of the first talks and then trying to hide that fact (or even make it sound like the other side did it.)

The internal strife and drama on the staff there is far worse than anything here, you just don' t hear about it because they've been used to hiding their gentrified dirty laundry in their ivory tower longer.


File: 1371521949855.jpg (9.7 KB, 200x252, 4.jpg)

Any kind of merging of the two sites on a meta-level is ill-advised at best. Different cultures, different moderation philosophies, etc.

Strictly speaking, a guy like me who mostly posts on /fic/ (the promised board which Lord Thony gave to his chosen people — the board which has maintained probably the highest level of autonomy) shouldn't care that much, but really I myself tried just getting the two /fic/s merged, and the resulting feet-dragging, passive-aggressive idiocy made me want to pull out my own hair, among other things.

Anonymous 8870

Yeah. Hence the other anons thought of ponychan assimilating into what's just a better site here. But it won't happen.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8872

Oh I know full well how disharmonious the staff is, but that all stays on /meta/. It's a god damn mess in /meta/, but actions speak louder than bullshit drama. I haven't seen anything to complain about outside of there in these past months.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8875

Anyways, I don't want to play the PDF here, and I don't want this thread to be your outdated year old grudge vs my outdated six month old grudge.

Scootapuff!saU4Tsd4dU 8878

File: 1371528056948.jpg (41.49 KB, 448x459, image.jpg)

I think the list you have there is fine honestly.

Anonymous 8880

Oh, don't get me wrong, I still quite like ponychan, and I was there from the start.
but it doesn't change that they need to step down. Having been a mod on sites before, being a mod ruins it completely for you. They need to take a very long break and try to be regular posters again.

and knowing him, probably would.

I have been told this literally countless times, and I have yet to see one instance of anonthony "pulling shit"
could someone please show me an example???
not to mention, how, exactly is the staff here pulling a downwards trend?
while these questions aren't rhetorical, I suggest not answering them here. I'll ask them somewhere else, someday

one can dream


File: 1371532782663.png (258.75 KB, 649x574, 1347177555830.png)

i agree

Anonymous 8882

Actually, if you think about it, if the tradeoff was completed either here or anywhere else off shore, Orange can't do jack shit about it. He pays the hosting and owns the domain, sure, but the mods aren't his slaves.

Anonymous 8883

>thinks the mods aren't oranges slave
stay casual, non ponychan-illuminati member.

Anonymous 8884

well that's true enough. someone mentioned a completely new name, a completely fresh start. if a new name (and accompanying domain) was chosen, and obviously a new server suitable for the site, then he would be cut out.

which might piss him off, but who cares.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8887

Which, of course means that all Orange can do is delete the site's history (/80/, /arch/ and such) out of spite, which I don't think he'd do.

Anonymous 8888

not even that. if mithent has server access he has access to the database, which he could transfer or save before hand.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8889

Yeah, and IIRC there are individual users with all of /arch/ and /ep/ backed up.

Anonymous 8891

Ponychan sounds like its quite more of a Peyton Place than 4chan, but that's probably only because Moot and his mods are so secretive and reticent to talk, if anyone knows what's going on behind the scenes, I sure haven't heard about it.

Anonymous 8892

Ponychan is like Columbia from Bioshok Infinite if there was no Father Comstock and was instead run by a collective of personalities not all of which are actually employed on the site, and if the floating city ships didn't actually have any rudders but the direction was chosen through bureaucratic prayer and fasting and mutual flagellation.

Anonymous 8893

I'm a heretic: not a gamer. I wouldn't understand a game reference unless you said someone ate like Pac-Man, or something equally ancient.

Anonymous 8894

not a problem.

Think of it like Waco without a David Koresh.

Anonymous 8895

Heh. That's a little clearer.

Anonymous 8896

has anyone ever called you fucking brilliant?
cause you're fucking brilliant.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8898

File: 1371536151327.png (190.21 KB, 492x480, LeaningIn.png)

Yeah, I have to say that's a fairly accurate description. Probably the best one sentence summary of the site I've heard.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8902

File: 1371552940494.png (181.06 KB, 376x400, it's all good.png)

Again, it's a bit idle dreaming at this point.

It is poked on, but I'm not gonna say it's halfway on paper either. since ponychan too is looking for site dynamic that can muddle things up.

Though I think it's worth to think about should such talks be reinstated, since every major change does make it harder to be compatible.

Ironically, as i've seen an mlpchan mod bark at someone being a douche to Mikie in /chat/, at this point moderation is far from as harsh as it used to be. Maybe we're even giving posters too much leeway (as I hear people complain moderation could be stricter in some places)
If that's the ban I'm thinking of, it was made at a bad time (when a lot of people were causing trouble).

Hey, I'm not a prude. I can post sexual jokes. But I think there's a point where I'm not the person to stomp my foot down when there is conflict. and I have ideas, but I'm not the one to implement them.

My experience on mlpchan through /oat/, /chat/ and /pony/ is that the difference is not that much. Ponychan is not inherently more hugboxy than mlpchan really. Both environments are basically the same, with different people.

Assimilation won't be what I desire. A merger will have to adopt /anon/ and all, but we're going to have to sit together overview the structure and discuss the management of the staff. (I personally find the idea of staff managers and what not too much, but eh)
what we will get, I think is MLPchan outside of /anon/ being ponychan and visa versa. Not because one site absorbed the other, but simply because they are nigh the same.

so true

Mods can talk orange into changing his mind and disagree.
But we're definitely not ready to just cut off the guy who built the community over a petty grains of new posters. So even if orange can be given the middle finger somehow, don't expect that to happen.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8903

File: 1371553556287.png (136.56 KB, 340x420, what's going on here.png)

And I don't want to put oil on the fire, but let me remind you that there's always more sides to the story.
There is no black and white. Orange is not the devil and Anonthony is not a saint.

that being said, the reverse is also not true.

Anonymous 8906

>But we're definitely not ready to just cut off the guy who built the community
Funny, some of the people on Ponychan seem ready to do that to Anonthony.
>over a petty grains of new posters
Now you're sounding like Titanium Dragon, "worthless posters are worthless."
>petty grains
You mean about as many as you have? So Ponychan only has a few petty grains as well?


File: 1371565340109.jpg (29.71 KB, 400x543, tumblr_mai3yx41ZG1r29vato1_400…)

I'm okay with a merger between chat and oat.
Brings back the very first oat.
Back when noone really knew what it was for and nine out of ten threads were a scenario from a video game in which pony posters, and other posters were reacting.
It was fun.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8908

File: 1371566197878.png (88.67 KB, 320x348, 136839280046.png)

> Funny, some of the people on Ponychan seem ready to do that to Anonthony.
See. if ponychan says "we won't merge if you don't throw out Anonthony", mlpchan has the right to say "no merger".
If mlpchan says "we won't merge until you dump Orange", ponychan has the right to say "no merger".

and I'm just saying that if mlpchan feels like merging, ponychan will not dump Orange.

>>over a petty grains of new posters

> Now you're sounding like Titanium Dragon, "worthless posters are worthless."
>>petty grains
>You mean about as many as you have? So Ponychan only has a few petty grains as well?

All I am saying is that the merger is an attempt to rev up traffic for both boards. Ponychan is not desperate enough to throw out the person who built the community over it.

"Petty grain" is not meant as a denigrating remark towards mlpchan posters. It's just the stress on how the prospect of boosting board traffic doesn't mean we're gonna bend over and screw over people we still value.

really whatever comes from this, it's about the idea of merging. If we merge, all the better. If we don't merge we each live on as we do. No one is gonna say " If we don't merge I want all of you guys to quit and hand over your posters." It's not like we can be pirates and enter eachother's community and take control. As awesome as it may sound.

Anonymous 8909

Except Orange isn't even really involved. It would be a perfectly reasonable request to say "its time for Mithent to actually be admin and not just an admin-in-name-only." Personally I wouldn't want any merger unless the admins were actually admins. Ponychan barely has any leadership at is is. Almost none, in fact.

>No one is gonna say " If we don't merge I want all of you guys to quit and hand over your posters."

Except someone already said that and that's why it failed the first time.

Anonymous 8911

The way you keep wording things is incredibly off-putting and condescending sounding.
>If they feel like merging
>Ponychan will not dump Orange
It also >implies that Orange built the community.

No. He started the site. The community built itself.

It was the community of users who made all the content, who formed friendships, who made groups, who forged its culture, who made projects, who had activities, who drew, who wrote, who made that community.

Orange barely did jack shit all. Don't fucking give him credit for building shit. Half the time he was gone for months at a time. He kept the code running. Don't give him credit for anything else.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8912

File: 1371569293315.png (138.11 KB, 507x454, 136827231369.png)

> "its time for Mithent to actually be admin and not just an admin-in-name-only."
Mithent is already the admin.
Still no reason to drop out Orange if he doesn't agree.
> Except someone already said that and that's why it failed the first time.
No, What was said was
"We can't merge like this, if we merge Ponychan keeps its staff and we'll take on Macil."
So MLPchan says "no merger" and we move on.
I regret it was being said hastily. But none of us deny MLPchan's right of existence.

> Orange barely did jack shit all. Don't fucking give him credit for building shit.

He started up the site and paid (and probably still pays) the bills.
No Orange, no Ponychan.

> The way you keep wording things is incredibly off-putting and condescending sounding.

And I'm not a fan of how people insist on talking back and acting like I'm the unreasonable one. And talk as if Ponychan has forfeit the right to have any say in this.

Anonymous 8913

>Mithent is already the admin.
Mithent is admin-in-name only. Orange still owns things that should be in the control of the actual admin. It's as if Orange got someone to do all the work and take all the stress without any of the actual authority or ownership.

>No, What was said was

Don't tell me what was I said. I read it. You can misconstrue it all you want and try to play apologetics for what happened, but it was a flat out "no, you shut down and send all your users to us. (and then only maybe will we even deign to accept your SysAdmin as a mod). Don't you fucking dare tell me it was people here saying "no."

>And talk as if Ponychan has forfeit the right to have any say in this.

Who the fuck said that at any point? What right or say are people trying to deny you?

>He started up the site and paid

Starting and paying ==/== everything the community has done to make itself.

>And I'm not a fan of how people insist on talking back and acting like I'm the unreasonable one.

No, you're not being "unreasonable", you're just being deliberately obtuse and difficult to reason with, and trying to portray everything for your side as minimizing negatives without acknowledging a more objective view of things, which I am disappointed in because I used to think of you as better than that, to so quickly turn into a typical Ponychan mod and be brainwashed by the dominant mentality there.

Anonymous 8914

We're far off the topic of this thread, which is restructuring the boards for the best user experience possible. Which ironically almost immediately after this a Ponychan thread was made with remarkably similar possible outcomes even including "looser rules." Tl;dr "let's become MLPchan."

Anonymous 8915

>"let's become MLPchan."
I like that idea.

Unless I'm mistaken or if anyone else has anything to add, it looks like we're down to this >>8838 and this >>8849, which are very similar. The differences only come down to:
> does /occ/ get merged back into /rp/, and
> do /art/ and /pic/ get merged into a fanworks board (/fan/), or something more general?

Anonymous 8916

They made a thread on /ooc/ specifically to ask the users there about re-merging it back into /rp/. There has been minimal response, since despite thousands of posts a day in /rp/, /ooc/ isn't really all that widely used that I've seen.

As far as /art/ and /pic/ go, I'm not sure I get what you mean.

/fan/ seems pretty general - it's basically /art/ plus /pic/ plus also any other fan-projects (video, flash, games, software, etc.) /img/ would solely sound like, well, images - art and pics.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8917

File: 1371571443552.png (158.53 KB, 425x422, 135601274785.png)

>We're far off the topic of this thread,
Well the ponychan/mlpchan merger can only happen structurally if we don't venture off too far. That's the point to mention in this derail.

But it's pretty much pointless if mlpchan community is giving me the middle finger.
So, right, move on.

> Which ironically almost immediately after this a Ponychan thread was made with remarkably similar possible outcomes

Just saying, ponychan was first. About a few weeks ago we're already talking about /oat/ and /chat/ and we've got looser rules in like forever.

No dickwaving here, just pointing out.

>> 8849

sounds about right.

Get /chat/ to admit ponies and you're golden

Anonymous 8918

Uh, no. http://www.ponychan.net/chan/meta/res/142669.html
Was just today. And essentially suggests the same structure being suggested here, with looser rules. And I know they're already "looser" from what they used to be. But "looser" when you started off as jackbooted nazi's doesn't exactly mean they're as good as they should be. And now it's basically just seeming like copy MLPchan. Which is ironic for all the calls people there (staff included) used to do saying MLPchan copied Ponychan. But hey, desperate times at Ponychan must call for desperate measures I guess.

And if you're talking about /oat/-/chat/ merger talks, that's been going on off and on for over a year, perhaps you didn't notice. So not exactly relevant.

And don't play the victim with me, Artee, and act like the entire community here is giving you the finger. You're only talking to one person - remember your own words:
>But aren't you making the same fault?
>Extrapolating the thoughts of a few onto the idea of the masses?

And the only finger you're getting is the one pointing at you and telling you to look in the damn mirror and be more objective.

Wave your dick at that.

Anonymous 8919

>As far as /art/ and /pic/ go, I'm not sure I get what you mean.
/pic/ currently contains all sorts of stuff: screencaps from the show, fan art (not usually by who posted it), R34, everything. So does /art/, as well as discussions on what software people use, etc. Neither is solely about fan-made content, although /art/ leans more towards it. Even there, it doesn't look like most of it was posted by the creators.

I assume /fan/ would be strictly for the creators themselves. How much creator-posted content does this site get? I'm not married to the name /img/, which leaves out "video, flash, games, software, etc.," but it seems to me that /fan/ is also too specific.

Artee!V1bM0d5Fdc 8920

File: 1371572099832.png (180.9 KB, 376x400, 137139686701.png)


I think Pill Popper is a very cool guy with a fun OC and all.
But isn't he technically an MLPchan pony?
And I think we sort of state in that thread that we're loose enough already.

> Wave your dick at that.

Can't be nice here, huh?
Ah well, I think we do bury the thoughts of merger and everything and I'll see what Anonthony and the MLPchan mods say.
I think as the thread originally is concerned, I've made my point already.

So you figure out your things then.

Anonymous 8921

>…if you're talking about /oat/-/chat/ merger talks, that's been going on off and on for over a year…
Really? Cool. I, newbie, saw the need by my second day here and reinvented the wheel without knowing someone had already done it. I'm not patting myself on the back. When that happens, it just means it's probably a good idea.

Anonymous 8922

Ponychan is just incapable of making decisions. They've been dilly-dallying over it for a year or more because they're mired in more bureaucracy than US local government and have no authority figures. It gets brought up here, some staff talk one on one with posters on Skype and in threads, and you could probably do it here with minimal fuss. I'm willing to bet even now after six weeks of the latest round of discussions about it over there it will still be touchy if and when they do anything. The majority distrust the staff, distrust /meta/ and certainly distrust the /meta/ regulars who basically run the show.

Anonymous 8923

Where discussion seems to be….

>/site/ - Site Issues

>/arch/ - Archives

>/pony/ - The Show

>/free/ - Anything Goes
>/oat/ - Off-Topic

>/fic/ - Fanfiction

>/rp/ - Roleplay
>/fan/ - Fanwork


- /oat/ includes all social serials and general /oat/meal.
- /pony/ is slightly looser and less serious oriented.
- /fan/ includes all art threads, fan projects, and so on.
- /free/ is /anon/ - mlpchan.net/anon/ should redirect to /free/ so the word of mouth doesn't go to waste for people who decide to look for /anon/.
- /rp/ and /ooc/ are remerged into just /rp/.
- /fic/ and /fan/ include Mature tag. /free/ is tag or spoiler.
- the names /oat/, /fan/ and /free/ still possibly up for debate for now.
- higher bump limit than current for /free/ so active threads stay bumped longer.
- I suggest adding the 4chanX feature of post/image count plus [page #] so generals know what page their thread is on while in it, so it doesn't 404 before they can make a new edition.
- Finish the catalog feature.

Anonymous 8924

Note: I put /oat/ still in there instead of /chat/ for nostalgia sake, and because "OT" (off topic) could be pronounced "oat". "ot".

Anyways, heh.

Anonymous 8925

Well, it's one proposal. This >>8919 still needs more discussion, imho.

Anonymous 8926

File: 1371573873203.png (81.28 KB, 401x238, pfa.png)

Delete all boards, create /ef/.


Anonymous 8927

What was the alternative? Just /art/?

Anonymous 8928

Has my seal of approval. Be prepared for buttmad though

Anonymous 8929

>What was the alternative? Just /art/?
The original alternative was /img/, but someone (>>8923, I assume) wanted /fan/, and wants it to include "video, flash, games, software, etc." That sounds fine, but he also seems to want for it to be creator-driven. I don't see much creator-posted content anywhere on mlpchan.

Anonymous 8930

>I don't see much creator-posted content anywhere on mlpchan.
Correction: except in /fic/.

Anonymous 8931

As a minor board, it doesn't need to be fast. It just needs to serve its purpose as a place for threads that won't 404 and take a longer time to house and such. Art galleries, commission threads and so on. There are plenty of artists and they do often do their thing in random threads, but perhaps with some of the fat trimmed off here a board for artists to keep long-term threads up onmight be more useful. I guessIjust find /img/ to be a bit tough a sell for an imageboard, where everything is technically img.

Anonymous 8932

>Ijust find /img/ to be a bit tough a sell for an imageboard
As I said here >>8919, I am not married to the name /img/. I just think /fan/ would either be dead or an off-topic mess. I respectfully submit that it might be time for the mods to look over this thread, condense it, and start an official one based on what they glean out of it, as Applejack said here: >>8657.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8934

You are correct.


Solstice!xjqyfyqyV6 8962

as much as people on /oat/ like to prove me wrong, I just don't believe that /oat/ is a place for serials.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8963

File: 1371578575484.png (207.28 KB, 430x430, Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-10-02h3…)

Then we call it /chat/ and be done with it. It's semantics at this point.

Eris!SCChaoticM 8964

Chat is completely off-topic discussion.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8965

File: 1371578791172.png (338.05 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2012-12-14-16h30m59s12…)

That plan is basically to merge /oat/ and /chat/. Saying that /chat/ topics don't belong on /oat/ after the merge isn't helping. Because while they don't now, they will.

Eris!SCChaoticM 8966

I'm not talking about a merge because I don't believe one is necessary.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8967

File: 1371578980263.png (179.36 KB, 480x479, Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-10-02h3…)

If that's what you mean to say, say it, but I don't think there's a plan on the table that leaves /oat/ untouched. That one is better than the others for /oat/ since it leaves it with it's name at least.

Eris!SCChaoticM 8968

Then that's all it will really be after that. A name.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8969

File: 1371579108918.png (224.77 KB, 477x477, Croppedvlcsnap-2012-12-10-02h3…)

Which is all it ever was. A name and some posters. The posters will be there and the name will be there. Just diluted.

Anonymous 8975

>one isn't needed
/oat/ has completely collapsed and if you don't see that you are a thousand percent blind. it's deader than a doornail.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 8976

I'd prefer to keep the name /oat/ since it is sort've my home and stuff.
Still not opposed to a merger, but… I probably wouldn't post around much without /oat/…

Where would the spontaneous rp fit into a merger anyway? Assuming /oat/ as a board still would exist, I guess there, but otherwise..,


File: 1371581585181.png (101.74 KB, 306x359, sweetie186.png)

Seeing so many posts, I'm unsure why any change is necessary. Seems like even the dead boards still have their loyal users.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 8980

File: 1371581926930.jpg (226.4 KB, 1067x830, image.jpg)

True, /oat/ has a very tight knit community, and can never really die out as a result.
However, the current /oat/ posters could effectively be counted on your hand.


File: 1371582158327.png (205.66 KB, 365x346, sweetie.png)

Well /pony/ is almost as dead itself, aside from our /chat/ty thread that resides there for reasons. And we can't blame hiatus this time. Equestria Girls.


Blame EqGirls, then.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 8986

File: 1371584862365.jpg (22.59 KB, 209x215, image.jpg)

In my humble opinion, /pony/ should be left alone, as the notch it filles couldn't be done in /oat/ effectively. Not to say that /oat/ wouldn't be welcoming, just that Srs discussion has… Trouble on /oat/…

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 8994

File: 1371594951178.jpg (1.29 MB, 1818x1080, Equestria Girls portal.jpg)


Equestria Girls got its proper does of speculation and concept discussion, as befits a new 'episode' that's been teased. But until it's universally available, it's awkward to discuss the content. The comics have (or at least had) a similar handicap.

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