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Anonymous 8597

so where I suppose make a threat if I'm working on a pony game, music basically any sort of a project to show progress and get feedback on this chan?

Anonymous 8598


seems /fan/ is gone.

Anonymous 8599

>>The general, non-pony discussion >>and community board, with off->>topic conversation, serial threads, and hangouts.

>>Anonymous Culture

>>A free board with fewer rules >>and anonymity encouraged

>>seems /fan/ is gone.

thats kinda stupid none of thous places seams right to post such content :/

Anonymous ## Mod 8600

/oat/ works, or /chat/&/anon/ as anon said. Pony stuff is allowed on /chat/ and /anon/.

Anonymous 8601

so why /fan/ got deleted in the first place ?

Anonymous 8602

Because almost all of what it was for could go on /oat/ or /art/. Usually /oat/.

Anonymous 8605

with thinking like that we could just have general category cause every other threat you have you can fit in it and basically thats how /mlp/ works -_-

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