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Please exile the glamorizing of mental illness not telling 8464

We don’t need a Tulpa General any more than we need a Paranoid Schiziophrenics Club thread or a Suicide Pact Central.

I am no prude or moralfag. I am the first one to flip the fuck out when someone wants to censor stuff on account of offensive or obscene content.

This isn't censoring something obscene. This is quashing an entire support structure for romanticizing and encouraging a very serious and potentially self-destructive issue. It's no diffeent than if we were to, say, shut down a Don't Vaccinate Your Kids campaign, or forbid people from trolling with "kill urself faget."

And no, this is not an "it doesn't hurt anyone else" kind of situation. The thread HAS and CONTINUES to actively encourage its members, and curious outsiders, to participate. If enabling someone with the necessary sickness to potentially join the "club" isn't provably causing harm, I don't know what is.

I know that all of you are quite functional, intelligent, and self-aware, so I will give this message directly to you tulpa owners:

You don't know if other people reading your thread are going to have experiences as positive as yours. You don't even know if -you- are at risk for serious consequences, and you don't know if yor biases are keeping you from seeing consequences that are already there.

fuck your psychotic coping mechanism. Find real help.

BatBane 8465

They will keep doing it even if we ban their thread and for the random people lurking it if they are willing to try it from reading just one thread a few times then they will probably do it at some point anyway.

If the thread gets friction here they will just make it on a different website and all we managed to do is nothing, let them have it, hide the thread and pretend it is not there.

Anonymous 8466

Look, I don't personally condone it, and I'd never do it myself, but, it's not up to the staff here to tell people what they can and can't do with their own brains.

Anonymous 8467

and if you're raging at the tulpae, perhaps you should scream at them on anon instead of /site/?
or better yet, not scream at them at all?

Though, again, I do agree with you. Having a tulpa is basically Self Induced Schizophrenia, and that's pretty fucked up. But it's not up to us, or the staff here, to decide what people can and can't do with their own brains.

not telling 8468


You know, because I'm a pony first and a hardened Internet veteran second, I didn't consider the fact that nobody would ban me for going over there and being a douche.

Maybe I will.

Anonymous 8469

that's completely beside the point, but, do as you will.

not telling 8479


No, of course it's beside the point, and I understand the whole argument that was made about "they'll just relocate," but there IS a bit of a moral problem with hosting here. What if it was one of my admittedly questionable analogies in the OP? Anti-vaccination is a little extreme, but if it was schiziophrenia that they were encouraging?

Anonymous 8482

I'm not saying there isn't.
I agree with you, it's fucking stupid as shit to give yourself brain damage for an imaginary friend.
But it's not our place to tell them they can't do it.

Anonymous 8487

this, we're not encouraging them, there's a difference between freedom/tolerance and encouragement.
let them fuck their own minds up I say.

Anonymous 8494

>It's no diffeent than if we were to, say, shut down a Don't Vaccinate Your Kids campaign, or forbid people from trolling with "kill urself faget."
Except we wouldn't do either.

Particularly in a space with relaxed rules, why would /anon/ enforce some stupid "you can't say lolkillurself" rule? It wouldn't. And "Don't vaccinate your kids" threads wouldn't be shut down either, as stupid as it is it's something people talk about that doesn't break any rules or laws. Deal with it.

>You don't know if other people reading your thread are going to have experiences as positive as yours.

I could say the same about ponies entirely. Some people have experienced absolute shit becuase of this stupid fucking fandom, myself included. Your milleage may vary (YMMV) applies to most of this shit.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 8501

what if their tulpas leak

Anonymous 8502

File: 1371163314754.jpg (48.3 KB, 720x480, Carloooooooooooooooooooooooooo…)

then we'd have to step into the grey matter.

Anonymous 8503

Fuck you carlos

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 8513

i am strongly against disallowing tulpas to post, they are people too

Anonymous 8516

File: 1371168069571.jpg (120.61 KB, 960x540, haters.jpg)

There's no reason, by the rules as written, that Tulpa threads shouldn't be allowed. They're weird, yes, but people enjoy them, and they aren't hurting anyone. Imagination is healthy, and 99% of the people that participate know the whole concept is full of shit. Really, this is moralfagging as blatant as you can get, deny that as much as you want; you have a moral problem with something someone's posting, it doesn't directly affect you or anyone else but the people in the threads, and yet you still feel the need to tell them to stop. I'm strongly against disallowing them.

Anonymous 8520

>full of shit
these people do not believe that at all.

not telling 8525


Well what I said is that I'm an anti-moralfag when it comes to obscene or shocking stuff, and offensive stuff mostly.

So, okay, I stand corected, I'm willing to do some moralfagging. If it was a thread advocating not vaccinating kids, you wouldn't even be able to shut me up.

Anonymous 8529

Okay, MLPchan officially feels like home, now.

Anonymous 8530

But who are you to tell people what they can or cannot do with their own mind and body?

If they want to try and make a tulpa, let 'em. If someone else convinces 'em to try and make a tulpa, let 'em. They are harming no one but themselves, and they have a right to do whatever they want to their own body.

Anonymous 8532

I'm gonna have to give big hell no to your anti tulpa argument.
Besides, some people like insanity.

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