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Your Moon is ugly, and I don't mean your ass... !Spectremmc 8242

Not that many visit it on a regular basis, but aside from not even being able make threads on the site's board "/moon/" (this sites board for persons banned to still be able to post, for some odd reason) is suffering yet another, and this time less aesthetically pleasing, problem.

It's hard to look at.

Really hard to look at. To the point where, my already terrible eyes, have trouble reading posts made on there (for as many posts as there are) and difficult to use. The theme in use, while I'm sure great in concept, falters in practicality. As such, it may benefit the board that it either be removed, or at the very least made optional, and changeable, as is the theme for almost every other board on the site.

Anonymous 8245

The moon has a "moon" or Luna theme.

/moon/'s purpose is as a ban-board. Where people who are banned can still post, if they want to finish a discussion, discuss their ban with a mod without using email or giving out any contact info, etc.

That's its purpose, not to look nice.

The Vulture!3bqGraff0U 8528

File: 1371180242483.png (121.26 KB, 368x368, 1348244921883.png)

Ah… I-I use the Luna theme…
And sort've… Err… like it…

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