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Anonymous 7877

Dear colleagues, I'm desperate, I put on my 12 styles tinyboard but my page and turned ugly, with plenty options of style and my users are complaining.
Already tried all, but did not think much about tinyboad in the intenet and official support of them is not in the air.
I loved the topbar of yours and i wanted to know how do I put it in my tinyboard.
I pay with ever gratefulness of word
Sorry for my shit inglês.

Anonymous 7883

I think if you search around some of this site's code is public. Itmight help

Anonymous 7903

But where to look?
Can direct me somewhere?

!!Fluttershy 7906

I can't for the life of me find the original script.
I'll ask our sysadmin

Roger 7908

Anonymous 8844

File: 1371516396416.jpg (23 KB, 1263x155, Picture.jpg)

I managed to put the navbar, and it was beautiful. But the pop-up of settings do not appear in any way.
In the code in navbar he is with a href= to javascript:;
I found the code in style.css but does not appear on the page. What to do?
Image related.


Anonymous 9093

File: 1371707037007.jpg (78.05 KB, 500x500, 137159669258.jpg)

I activated the javascript in instance_config, already called navbar and settings in index.html, but the box settings are not appears.
What else should I do?
I have studied a codes javascript and style available here.
I dont want to be boring, but I'm desperate.
I do not want to have to change Kusaba and lose all data.

Anonymous 9110

settings.js is a placeholder, you have to call each feature you want separately. For instance, if you wanted to add "Reveal Spoilers" to your Settings menu, you could copy http://mlpchan.net/is/spoiler-toggle.js to your JavaScript directory and then in your config file add the line $config['additional_javascript'][] = 'js/spoiler-toggle.js';, as shown in the comments section. You have to do something similar for every setting you want to add.


Darn mobile device; that link above should be http://mlpchan.net/js/spoiler-toggle.js.

I'm just going to slink over to this corner now.

OP 9417

File: 1372517593393.png (76.86 KB, 999x218, mychan.png)

Here I am again.
I did what you told me, I called all the javascript in config.php.
But then he messed up everything and did not show the settings box.
Seriously, I'm almost giving up everything.
But when I come here and see your lovely chan, gives me more desire to solve this problem.
But I've tried everything.
Again I ask, help me.
What am I doing wrong?
Picture related.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 9461

Do you have $config['boards'] set up in inc/instance-config.php? The navbar looks lacking.
Here's how it's set here for example (though I can't remember if the 'home' => '/' part is something upstream Tinyboard will support).
$config['boards'] = array(
array('home' => '/'),
array('site', 'arch'),
array('pony', 'oat', 'anon'),
array('fic', 'rp', 'art'),

Anonymous 9487

But she was already set, and I think I could fix it up.
The problem is the same settings box, she's killing me.

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