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auto downloader Anonymous 7860

is there a thread auto-downloader available?
if not, can somebody make one? i'd be glad to if i could into programming
also, i know there are ways to do it with wget but i'm talking about a program that checks new posts every x seconds/minutes

Anonymous 7866

I'm not sure if there is one for Tinyboard but it's a pretty modern and easily coded for system so it shouldn't be too hard for the right person.

I'd recommend sending an email to the SysAdmin here, they are quite responsive

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 7900

what do you mean by auto downloader?

do you mean like, a program that downloads all images in a thread, and if there's new images, it downloads those as well?

or do you mean an auto updater, which just loads the thread without a refresh? cause mlpchan has one of these

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