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Anonymous 7607

I havent seen it specifically mentioned, but I assume non-cartoon horse porn is not allowed?

>underage depictions (ponies included)
Means no 'foal-con'?

Anonymous 7608

no foalcon pls

Admiral Yang Wenli 7646

It's been really flexible in the past. Starting a foalcon thread isn't going to fly, but I've seen individual pics stay up indefinitely.

As long as it's ambiguous, and their under-aged-ness isn't being emphasized, (you'd know it when you see it) I wouldn't doubt that it sticks around.

Anonymous 7810

Wait, foalcon isn't allowed? Gah, I was starting to like this place too…

!beTAmaXuxs 7876

File: 1370818010221.jpg (69.89 KB, 361x370, you will never arise chickun.j…)

Anonymous 7931

If you want foalcon, head over to >>>/bags/4951

Anonymous 8024

wow thanks for nothing

Admiral Yang Wenli 8246

There's like, laws and shit. I'm surprised this site allows porn access without an age gate as is.

Anonymous 8253

When you turn on Mature threads, a pop-up displays on the screen asking you to confirm that you are eighteen or older. Technically, it should ask whether or not you are of legal age to view sexually explicit content in your legal jurisdiction. In the backwards state I live in, you have to be 21 to legally view such materials, but the age of consent is 18 (14 if you have sex with someone 18 or younger). It's a inter-temporal thing.

Anonymous 8264

>There's like, laws and shit. I'm surprised this site allows porn access without an age gate as is.
Turning 'mature' on asks you if you're 18.
>>8253 makes a good point though, we'll change the wording.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8298

But the proposed changes (Thony approved apparently) include /anon/ having porn behind NSFW spoiler tags, visible even when you don't have that option selected.

Anonymous 8300

the fact that they're NSFW implies that the option has to be selected for such images to be viewed.

Anonymous 8305

Simply stating that on the board description on the home page would be sufficient from a legal standpoint, and/or with a disclaimer when you click that link from the home page (precisely as 4chan does when you click any of the default Yotsuba boards).

Admiral Yang Wenli 8311

Yeah, that'd be fine.

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