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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1370600185332.png (185.79 KB, 500x500)

/oat/meal and /mlp/ - Please read everything. !!Fluttershy ## Mod 7179Locked[View All]

As some of you may know or have noticed, we have had an influx of /mlp/ members on the site very recently. Those people are refugees from a ban storm going on their board and have chosen mlpchan as a safe haven.
Whether it be temporary of not, we are happy to welcome them, however our prime concern is how both our communities will interact, should more people make the move. We want everyone to feel welcome, and we want our community not to feel threatened.

/chat/ seems to have simply picked up in activity, and /mlp/eople look like they have elected /anon/ as their headquarters- which is fine by us. However that raises the question of /oat/.
/oat/ is our pony-related, random board. It serves some kind of a mess of a purpose, but it has its own community, that appreciates its content and enjoys its friendliness.

/oat/ has been recently getting an influx of new threads and members from /mlp/ - and this is good for the board. But some of this content might not fit the vision that the /oat/ community has of the board. Or maybe it does! This is why I made this thread, so we can discuss this before anything blows over.

To the /oat/ community I ask:
How do you feel about the 'general' threads (like the pregnant ponies general) moving to /oat/, or about the influx of new content ? Do you feel like you are out of place on your own board, or do you welcome this new content and new blood?

To the /mlp/eople planning on posting on /oat/, I ask:
Do you feel like /oat/ would be the right place for you, after being there a bit? How would you feel about moving to /chat/ or /anon/ for example, or, as some people have suggested, making a new board for you guys?

This thread is meant for the staff to know how people feel and to answer your concerns. Be honest - but stay friendly, any flaming will be disregarded, deleted, and eventually punished if you keep doing it.
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File: 1370642912925.jpg (9.43 KB, 270x200, 1356750173438.jpg)

True enough.

No flamewars, trolling, shitposting, or rudeness here, yes?




Also, despite my behavior yesterday I am not against adult content. In fact, I was the main proponents in getting the mature tags added to the board.

I'm the god princess of smut as far as /oat/ is concerned, but there is an element of respect that must be held for others who are not like minded. The main reason I blew up at the fetish thread yesterday was simply that I felt it was a very inconsiderate thing to do to a board that is, by most standards, supposed to be a SFW board. I use the term lightly due to some posters… but even so, it just came across as very rude to post on the very first day.

That is why I got upset at it.

Anonymous 7349

File: 1370643834968.png (65.26 KB, 799x364, hahayes.png)

Apology accepted, no hard feelings. I've seen much more vehement anon-hating on Ponychan so I personally am used to it. but…

That would be awesome though if someone wrote an /all/ script for this site. There is a major effect on how it influences the traffic's behavior if it is done right. You know why all the most crucial news on the show/fandom tends to hit /mlp/ first? Because the attention it attracts is always immediate, with very little to no delay. Twilicorn hit /mlp/ first. Fighting is Magic got leaked there first. The infamous "Equestria Girls" article from that convention got leaked there first. You get the picture. Now that's not to belittle MLPchan's response to news or anything, but rather, visually shows the effect of having all topics shown at one time. When one thread gets bumped here, it gets bumped to the top of the page, of one board. When a thread gets bumped on /mlp/, it gets bumped over everything.


File: 1370644607285.jpeg (38.09 KB, 645x800, fc3999e5cc0bc4bd04b678b25467b3…)

In this case /all/ would have to consist of /pony/, /oat/, and /chat/ due to the fact tbat ae have art and rp boards, and having those bump a main /all/ board would be pointless and confusing.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7351

I am for the creation of an /all/ board, which everyone would be able to select which boards they wanted it to display, displaying threads as-they-are-posted and with a full slate of pages for browsing. I would also consider naming it /mlp/, which would befit it's purpose - being all the boards on this mlp *chan - and also differentiate it from other sites' /all/ boards - and also be a sort of token of welcome to /mlp/.

This would go along with the creation of a catalog system, as well, which our SysAdmin is actively at work on. I think these two should be our primary priorities at the moment.

!lbETamax.E 7352

File: 1370648931141.gif (827.75 KB, 249x300, didn't read pinkie pie.gif)

This place is great.

Keep up the stuff.

I'll probably read this entire thread later.

Or not.

I'm just that kind of person.

Anonymous 7358

/mlp/ refugee reporting in

Most of the stuff that's usually posted in /mlp/ will fit on /oat/. CYOAs will probably go to /rp/. Generals appear to be the main problem, since they function as a variety of things, and don't fit on any one board

/gala/ being a board specifically for generals?
I can't speak for all of /mlp/, but I don't have any problem with generals. They're at most a little annoying to scroll past.
I'd usually lurk a lot longer than I have to pick up culture, but /mlp/ went to hell real quick. Not sure I want to get a trip myself, but I'm not going to start drama here over something that predates /mlp/'s arrival.
Art tends to be bumped a lot less regularly than random chatter. If an art thread is getting enough responses to be sitting on the front page of /all/ it's probably important enough to be there.
I think a modular system like >>7351 suggested would be best if an /all/ board is to be made.

Random question to anyone - does sage work here?

Anonymous 7361

>/gala/ being a board specifically for generals?
Yes, /gala/ on Ponychan serves as a repository for any general or recurring thread. I also believe that if there was a /gala/, they should allow mature threads.

And yes, sage works here.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7362

Yes, sage works as normal here.

And I'm gonna advocate the /all/-type modular system to our SysAdmin for priority implementation. I think that's really the best possible option. People can either use it to select all/most boards and use it to keep up with pretty much everything happening everywhere, or use it to select a small handful of boards they want to view while possibly sitting in their regular/home thread in another tab. If anyone doesn't want/need to see the roleplay threads from /rp/ or the fanfic review threads on /fic/, they can simply select not to include them in their /all/ viewing.


File: 1370655687449.png (560.72 KB, 2500x1968, princess_celestia_cake_scandal…)

Apparently sage does work here. I honestly didn't know because as far as I'm aware we've never had a reason to sage a thread.

Anonymous 7365

Then I also support it.
>I also believe that if there was a /gala/, they should allow mature threads.
Definitely, given there are lots of NSFW generals. No point in telling them to go somewhere if they can't actually post their content there.
I like sage for correcting mistakes or asking/replying to stuff that isn't related to the thread enough to bump it.


good on you, civil is better
>We simply do not do that here
you dont say it but people still do, not really that big of a deal


File: 1370660667012.jpg (161 KB, 469x720, tumblr_mfifk2nwoX1rji3x6o1_500…)

Just FYI, Anonthony here is the Big Boss of this joint.

Also, we need a /oat/ or /pony/ type board for nsfw stuff apparently. Because some of the mlpers want to tripfag but also nsfw-post.
Or at least, that is my understanding.
As I understand it, /anon/, /pic/ and /art/ are all mature enabled. There are a few others I am sure, but I don't know which…

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 7378

File: 1370665297365.jpg (575.33 KB, 2000x1125, Twidash what are we going to d…)


>Because some of the mlpers want to tripfag but also nsfw-post.

The notion behind the current system (as I understand it) is to have as many threads as possible be safe for work, so that the maximum number of people can enjoy them, and to concentrate NSFW stuff into dedicated threads. So, you wouldn't have to delve into a NSFW Rainbow Dash thread to get your clean Rainbow Dash pictures.

A thread that's mostly socializing or mostly a SFW topic but has a few nuggets of porn is inconvenient, because it's inhospitable to prudish people even though most of the content in it should appeal to them.

Power Chord!Roadiecn7A 7385

File: 1370670656614.png (73.13 KB, 492x750, Sit and Destroy.png)

Hey, anything really to keep the newfound traffic flow. I'm happy with this storm of new people.

As long as I can toggle mature threads.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7397

I brought this up in the Faust thread, but I wonder how all this will affect the proposed Ponychan merger.

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 7398

I have no idea of who told you about this, but the "Ponychan merger" was never more than that: A proposal.
It was discussed briefly a few weeks ago and rejected due to major disagreements between the staffs.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7399

File: 1370681545485.png (118.59 KB, 266x357, Contemplating.war.png)

Tragic. I think it would have been interesting, despite the difficulties.

Anonymous 7407

The real issue was that there'd be no room left on the merged staff for Zamoonda.

Xaekai!xaekaij6cg 7408

>Also, we need a /oat/ or /pony/ type board for nsfw stuff apparently. Because some of the mlpers want to tripfag but also nsfw-post.

You rang?

Xaekai!xaekaij6cg 7409


If a significant portion of /mlp/ migrates here, this board will be more active than Ponychan anyway.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 7412

File: 1370695669821.jpg (61.85 KB, 1131x707, image.jpg)

I mean like anon, but with trips. Sorry if that wasn't clear. You still wouldn't post pron in sfw threads.

Anonymous 7413

Anon here. I just wanted to say… y-you too f-faggots…

Admiral Yang Wenli 7424

File: 1370704574543.png (105.56 KB, 300x308, vlcsnap-2012-12-10-00h48m49s19…)

Damn. Last I heard, it was a 60-40 split of MLPchan mods and Ponychan mods, with !!Lyra and !!Littlepip at the helm. Ponychan was lobying for a 60-40 split in the other direction. I had hoped that they would compromise on a 50-50 deal, but apparently the talks broke down and Anonthony went crazy, ruining the best chance for both boards to be improved?

Oh well, it was a fool's dream.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 7425

File: 1370704979305.jpg (7.74 KB, 211x228, image.jpg)

Some kind of merger between ponychan and mlpchan?
Somehow I never heard of this, but I don't think I'd want this.
Ponychan is too… Hugboxy. Unless ponychan just dissolved into mlp, which would give us nice boost in traffic, albeit autism too..,

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 7427

File: 1370705604890.jpg (2.88 KB, 320x416, image.jpg)

At first I though "hell naw" then I saw something about fifty bucks on steam and a plushie.

Roger 7428

File: 1370705766347.jpg (15.29 KB, 453x398, 1360844120034.jpg)

> The site will adhere to the 4-day TimeCube

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 7429

File: 1370705946853.jpg (102.2 KB, 741x1078, image.jpg)

Don't know what that is.

Roger 7430

File: 1370706255080.png (38.52 KB, 275x300, 132548003459.png)

a joke

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 7431

I have no idea of who's spreading those rumors, but you are extremely misinformed.
This is not the topic of this thread, and nothing we have anything to say about as it's over anyway, so the case is closed.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7432

File: 1370707208318.png (170.65 KB, 417x405, Croppedvlcsnap-2013-02-09-08h2…)

Almighty, then. I got everything third-hand, anyways. I'll freely admit I have no clue what's going on.

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 7433

>I have no idea of who's spreading those rumors

It was Zoomanda.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7434

File: 1370707743896.png (261.56 KB, 458x474, Face.png)

Damn, you're right!

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 7435

Where can I find out about this?
My curiosity gland is about to implode.

Anonymous 7436

File: 1370708137224.png (154.7 KB, 900x812, trixie_is_slowpoke_by_klarneti…)

>apparently the talks broke down and Anonthony went crazy
Anonthony had another outburst directed at Ponychan? No way!

!!Fluttershy 7439

File: 1370708649113.png (288.94 KB, 600x700)

I want to avoid drama or debates about this, because this thread's topic matters to me and this will derail the thread.
But apparently it's already done thanks yang >.> so I might as well address the misinformation before it spreads.

Anonthony didn't get upset at all, at anyone, I was there, and everyone was getting along just fine -mlpchan and ponychan staff- in the group chat about it before we started adding certain ponychan staff members,
We then decided the idea would lead nowhere, there's no juicy details, it was just an idea we discussed for a day or two and it didn't work. Don't listen to rumors.

Now back on topic, and if anyone talks about this in this thread it will be deleted, and let it not be said I wasn't patient. The /mlp/ community's well being matters to me more than whatever debates or drama anyonw wants to spawn from an idea that we debated in private and gave nothing. I believe that's fair.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 7442

File: 1370709856785.jpg (250.72 KB, 818x976, image.jpg)

We seem to have addressed almost every issue. In fact, I can't think of any more…
Anything you want to discuss?

Anonymous 7443

File: 1370710550755.png (328.27 KB, 615x627, that looks delicious, why am I…)

I have gotten a pretty clear vision of what I think is the best for both communities, however I'm giving it a little time for everyone to chip in.
It's especially important for the /mlp/ community as they do not have a representative mod or even a single voice for the community, so every voice counts.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 7444

Well, considering that /oat/, while not quite alive, is still actually getting posts, I would imagine folk are a-okay with all this…
Who knows? Maybe some old posters will return as a result!

Anonymous 7445

>It's especially important for the /mlp/ community
While I've already said my piece here, most of the /mlp/ users over at /anon/ don't seem to know this thead even exists Or maybe they don't care - who knows. The sticky should direct them here if you want lots of input - currently it just mentions the /site/ board as a whole.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7448

File: 1370712733646.gif (40.72 KB, 500x210, Tableflip.gif)


Anonymous 7449

Well shit. It was deleted. Did you save it?

Please save that to a notepad or something. I'm sure they're just trying to avoid drama, but that's important people know the truth. Pastebin that or something.

The Illusive BatBane (ಠ益ಠ) 7450

I have it on notepad.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7451

File: 1370712874675.png (414.64 KB, 800x800, Drinking.buddies2.png)

>Did you save it?
You know it brah.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 7452

File: 1370712896116.jpg (637.02 KB, 1920x1200, image.jpg)

Thanks fellow. This really clears stuff up for me.

Though, admittedly, it does give me more questions… Etch, another day I guess.

The Vulture !3bqGraff0U 7453

Aww, shoot it was deleted… I'll get it later hopefully. Can't save it on iPhone…

Admiral Yang Wenli 7454

File: 1370713174289.jpg (73.4 KB, 474x800, Hei.jpg)


File: 1370713511534.png (732.25 KB, 998x1500, Rarity one eye shut.png)

The talk of merger talks, while fascinating, belongs elsewhere. Please take it to a new thread, or a thread that doesn't already have a purpose to hijack.

The topic at hand is figuring out board/community arrangement in light of /mlp/ influx. I dislike like the idea of a 'do anything' board as a replacement for /mlp/, as that defeats the entire function of topic categorization.

Anonymous ## Mod 7456

/oat/'s voice has been heard, redirecting discussions about the new board to the other thread:

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