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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

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Regarding /fan/ !!Applejack ## Admin ## 7087

In order to streamline the site and boards as much as possible and make things simple for everyone, as well as keep as few extraneous boards as possible, /fan/, after much deliberation, will be removed from the list of linked boards.

The kind of things that would have gone to /fan/ can easily fit into boards like /art/, /oat/, /fic/ and /site/, so we'll simplify things a bit.

As always, any suggestions or ideas for board structure, just let us know and we're happy to consider it for you.

Anonymous 7282

Deletions of inactive boards make me happy

Lisbon!waifuvY/O. 7841


Especially if their content can go to other boards that might be seeing inactivity themselves. No use having a bunch of redundant content strung out across the site.


I always figured /art/ and /fic/ should merge into /fan/, but this works


File: 1370806340654.gif (1.33 MB, 498x280, 1368299050227.gif)

/fic/ would sooner die.


File: 1370817620971.png (457.81 KB, 648x479, Fic Page Badge.png)



Anonymous 7910

because I have >>6985 installed, all the sage posts at /fic/ have a nice little addon.

Anonymous 8267

Isn't /fic/ close to dead now anyway since you left so many people behind when you tried to move sites?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 8269

We don't see any issues with /fic/'s activity level and don't have any plans like that. (We are planning to merge /art/ and /pic/ though. >>7974 )

Anonymous 8272

Ponychan's /fic/ and MLPchan's /fic/ have averaged the same number of posts per day for the last month. Roughly ten (or less.)

That is, until recently, when the activities of MLPchan's /fic/ have brought that to 20, even 40 posts a day at times because of their greater enthusiasm for promoting their service. In fact, they had a global site-wide blog post highlighting them on Fimfiction last week.

Now, I don't know who that other anon is, but by raw numbers they have been, as you have said, each to their own side, though MLPchan's side doing far more for its own cause.

For example, you can compare the last completed write-off that was held, which was linked to both sites.
One of these threads has dozens and dozens of posts. One of these threads has two. You'll see which, of course.

Of course, you can be a hypocrite and wear blinders as obstructive as the other anon, or you can ask yourself why Ponychan's /fic/ succumbs to the same insular slow self-destruction the rest of the site has succumbed to. But that would probably be pretty evident why.

Anonymous 8273

>dozens and dozens
Did I say dozens? I meant hundreds. I'd forgotten how many there were.

You get the point though, I'm sure. Or you're just here to play damage control and deflect.

Anonymous 8289

>Ponychan's /fic/ and MLPchan's /fic/ have averaged the same number of posts per day for the last month. Roughly ten (or less.)
Did /fic/ not get hundreds of posts per day on Ponychan, not just 10? This attempt at forcing a move must have affected that number somehow. Where did the missing 180odd posts across both sites disappear to? Are you honestly going to say you are happier with 10 a day here and 10 there and threads wondering where the traffic went and trying to salvage the community/ies and deteriorating reputation, instead of a self sustaining 200/day in a unified, healthy community? If squabbling over the 10% of the board that still remains is more important than learning from past failures and improving the future, than knock yourself out and them too, I suppose.

Anonymous 8292

I'm not sure what timeframe you're talking about, but I suspect there are more factors affecting post rates than mlpchan's existence.

Anonymous 8293

>Did /fic/ not get hundreds of posts per day on Ponychan, not just 10?
I don't believe it ever got hundreds, except when there'd be a slew of idiots posting random "OMG I just read My Little Dashie!" threads.
Dozens? Yes. Hundreds, not so much. And now, as I said, it's in the tens for either site usually. When I've checked, for example on the 27th of May one got 8 and one got 6. Then a few days ago Ponychan's got 10 I think and MLPchan's got 17 I think. Then the other day here there was 40 because of the exposure of the Fimfic blog entry.

>This attempt at forcing a move must have affected that number somehow.

A false dilemma, really. As the other anon above me pointed out, it is simply the massive downturn in the use of imageboards for pony (unless you're /mlp/, of course) and the rise of specialized sites like Fimfic for pony fanfiction. However, as the dozens MLPchan's /fic/ generated the other day shows, it can be brought back to some semblance of relevance, and perhaps if unified, approach a solid 100 or so again.


As a Ponychanner, I'm sure you realize that the one place in the fandom with a truly miserable reputation is, in fact, Ponychan. If there's an attempt that needs to be made in salvaging reputation, you'd be best served starting at home.

Then again, I don't disagree - a unified /fic/ would probably be a lot healthier, and as I noted above, may even sometime get close again to a hundred posts a day and real relevance. But that's unlikely to happen on Ponychan, if what you're implying is that /fic/ here ought to pack up and go there. Ponychan's reputation is truly abysmal, even among many of its own users, and certainly among much of /fic/ who have left it. And considering the strides made here to provide better environs from a technical standpoint - as well as an atmosphere of enthusiasm that encourages activities like Roger's write-offs and actively going out and promoting itself like with the Fimfic mention, if there's anywhere that actually has some momentum and traction to reinvigorate the combined /fic/ community, it would be here.

That is all, of course, on top the total site merger talks that came up recently, but perhaps too long a discussion for now.


File: 1371085654638.png (90.69 KB, 400x285, you get muffins.png)

>>8293 This. Most of those "hundreds" of posts on old /fic/ came from posts in the SFG, the TCB general, and passersby on the Training Grounds looking for feedback. The first two have moved to Fimfiction proper and the third probably doesn't as much traffic as it used to due to a downturn in fics/reviewing/general value in grammar, plus other go like the many, many Fimfiction groups that also do reviewing. Getting more than ten posts an hour on /fic/ again would mean porting in another community or three.

The split was a factor in decrease in traffic and I think a re-merging would be in /fic/'s best interests, but the split certainly wasn't the biggest factor–not by a long shot.


File: 1371085897847.png (83.41 KB, 400x400, 130760044319.png)

…Right, /site/ doesn't have an edit option. These talks should probably go in another thread, since this one's gone way off course.

Anonymous 8331

Agreed. I think we'd all be perfectly happy to have a discussion regarding the two /fic/s, though at least lately mlpchan's /fic/ has been doing at least somewhat alright in terms of self-sustaining.

Roger 8333

I have been thinking about this for a while. /fic/ as a community has always been rather remarkable to me, and on inspection of other writing communities this is doubly so.

Post counts are deceptive. There are probably 30–40 people who I'd consider /fic/ regulars, about 10 of which are around almost every day. This is not much different to how it was in the past. Most of these people are in the IRC, though. Getting them to do something is the hard part. This is true for most writing communities, actually. From what I've seen, it's a classical Pareto Principle: 20% of the users actually write and 80% don't. (I consider myself in the 80%.)

There is an often looming threat in writing communities that this 80% will flood the community with bite-size pellets of wisdom and author quotes that "inspire" them to write and talk about their grandiose story ideas that will never come to fruition. If you want to write, you will. If you don't have time, you'll find time. I find this to be true of almost anything. When confronted with this, the 80% can react in many ways: accept it, reject it, or change themselves. Sometimes, the voices of those who reject it can often be overwhelming, because the other two reactions do not make any noise. I see this as a threat facing /fic/ that I'd like to avoid.

My aim with the write-off is to coerce that 80% into joining the 20% in writing. On the face of it, this has been successful. I do, however, harbour some concern that it's more damaging than helpful. People may put off writing right now because the write-off is a week or two away, which more than anything worries me greatly.

External forces to motivate you should only be necessary until you can create internal forces. Unequivocally these internal forces take place in the form of routine. If you only write for the write-off, this routine is most certainly not good. 3 days of writing every 2 months is very poor output. A serious writer should be writing daily without fail.

Reduced output is not necessarily the result of fewer participants but also of those participants being less active than they were in the past, the solution to which is not invite more visitors but become more active ourselves. Activity spikes when the write-off is active, but I fear this is a result of pent-up energy rather than the write-off necessarily sparking it. I assuage this fear by realising that, at least this time around, a good number of the participants (including those who are posting reviews of entries) are not /fic/ regulars.

Attracting new writers would still be nice. I invited—well, let them know they're welcome—the AiE and CYOA generals from /mlp/ to /fic/ because I believe a community is most vibrant when it has Dunbar's Number (~100–250) of regulars, which we are still quite below.

Anyway, I digress. /fic/ still has a sizable population, but it is becoming truer every day that we are becoming lazier. Either that or I'm projecting, having stuck myself in a rut for the majority of this year. What we should do: write more, review more, read more, not use the write-off as a crutch, use the IRC less, and waste less time writing posts like these.

Anonymous 8334

trips confirm.


File: 1371113338917.gif (1.16 MB, 550x400, f39.gif)

>/fic/ still has a sizable population, but it is becoming truer every day that we are becoming lazier.
>Either that or I'm projecting, having stuck myself in a rut for the majority of this year.
Speaking for myself, it's the former :|
The "magic" has fled, and a full-time job keeps me from getting bored for long enough to say "Writing would be a good way to kill time". Well, that's not entirely true; I've written several thousand words in the past few weeks, the problem is that they're not the sort I would ever put my name and (internet) face to.

As to the anons talking about /fic/'s population problems, right now /fic/ users are talking about advertising on and expanding to FiMFiction to bring in fresh blood. There may be some mild competition on FiMFiction now, but compared to us crusty old librarians they still don't know their participles from their split-infinitives (granted, I'm not exactly well-versed on them myself, but the other guys are, so hey).


File: 1371341799912.jpg (437.1 KB, 936x936, 936full-gregory-peck.jpg)

>/site/ has thread derail about /fic/
>does't invite /fic/

I'm going to continue the derail, and if anyone still wants to continue the conversation we can always put a thread up on /fic/ about it.

The topic has been brought up many times in the past (up to and culminating in the Migration), so there's no harm in revisiting.

IRC really is one of the big contributors to a/fic/cionado apathy. I've left it for the time being, and I don't plan to return unless entirely necessary.

I could pound my firsts and shout a lot about how /fic/ has aged from its vibrant youth, going from a daring adventurer unafraid to speak its mind to the little old man sitting on his porch who can't stop yammering about his bowel movements, but I won't.

The fact is that we've lost a great deal of zeal and drive over the lifespan of the board. Not that it can't be renewed. Not that we need return to anarchy. It is simply a matter of having things to discuss, which has been lacking lately.

And why so few things things to discuss on the board?


What could be put into an OP could be brought up in chat for instant gratification. And, when we're not chatting on the /fic/ board, fewer people can come across the discussion and find their place in it.

Now, what about the general disinterest most seem to show toward chans in general? That's their choice to make. Being (mostly) rational creatures, undue bias is simply something we have to live with.

However, I'd like to posit two other reasons for the drop in activity:

1) We are between seasons, and new canon isn't coming out to inspire new fics. When the show is strong, when it demonstrates its exciting and provocative side, the fans are in general more apt to produce fan labor in response. We could argue all day whether the show itself has
declined in quality, but the fandom has grown to a size that this should be negligible either way.

2) fimfiction. That site has contributed more nails to /fic/'s proverbial coffin than any other factor. It offers a plethora of reviewing services, instant gratification for sub-par authors, and several worthwhile communities.

The thread regarding /fic/'s presence on fimfic is telling of another issue the board tends to have: beaurocracy.

Instead of advocating action, we pontificate. Instead of working, we argue. Instead of activity, there is apathy.

No amount of infrastructure will save a machine from a lack of energy. The finest motor in all the land will sputter and die without oil and gas. We need to reach beyond merely analysing and recording problems, merely bemoaning our lot; we must realize that we are not the solution, we are the problem. Ask not what your /fic/ can do for you. Ask what you can do for your /fic/.

So what is it you can do for /fic/?

Stahp lurking.


File: 1371352771175.jpg (331.3 KB, 1280x720, ancient_humans_by_equestria_pr…)

It's a derail. Nopony's supposed to be invited to a derail. Any further discussion of /fic/ matters should go in a new thread.

Sage for contributing to derail.


File: 1371393684369.jpg (75.31 KB, 620x1000, lunabide.jpg)

Oh, it's one of those parties.

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