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File: 1370555341696.png (209.92 KB, 900x752, 1349197673482.png)

Anonymous 7069[Last 50 Posts]

/mlp/ input general

If you're new here from /mlp/, let's put our ideas and suggestions here for the management to see and think about.

Some of the things I've heard other refugees notice or think seem to be that it could use a few less boards, or that descriptions of what they are could clearer. One other thing was the ID system on /anon/, which some didn't like so they removed it for us, showing they will listen if the ideas are good or have a good reason. So fire away.

Anonymous 7070

Fair warning, I'm not new or from /mlp/, but this is my suggestion:

Streamline some boards and remove some unneeded ones for simplicity and less confusion.

Remove /fan/, it serves no purpose. Anything that would go there can go on /oat/ or something. Combine /art/ and /pic/ into one board (/img/?) for all image dumps, art dumps, art showcases, etc. Might make the directory bigger and more work to maintain, but might be worth it.

Board setup would look like this:

/site/ - /arch/ —– /pony/ - /oat/ —– /fic/ - /rp/ - /ooc/ - /img/ —– /chat/ - /anon/

First group, site related stuff. The site suggestions and archive. Second group, pony related general stuff - show discussion and pony /b/. Third group, fan stuff, fanfics, roleplaying/ooc and image threads. Last group, te off-topic 2, chat and anon.

Anonymous 7071

If possible, why don't we just create a board for /mlp/ itself so we can continue as we did before the janitor was a cunt?

Anonymous 7073

spoiler, italics, bold, underline, monospace font
hidden text for large blocks of spoiler

Linking format is >>>/chat/ for another board, >>>/chat/2164563 another board post, just >>7072 for same board.
#tags work like this,
Header Text like this
And so on. The sticky on /site/ has some more.


File: 1370570268477.png (245.86 KB, 680x720, 1344973704676.png)

Here's my suggestion: keep your shit threads out of /oat/ and stay in /anon/ where you belong.


Oh, and can a mod move the 'pregnancy general' on /oat/ to /anon/? I really have no desire to see this shit on the front page every day.

Anonymous 7075

Calm down, Toy. It's no worse than most anything else.

Anonymous 7076

>not hiding threads you don't like


File: 1370571197762.png (117.02 KB, 677x749, 1362302466312.png)

You're a guest in OUR house. You don't get to make demands. Show some fucking respect.

Anonymous 7078

You're making a pretty poor showing here, and this is coming from someone who is a regular here.

Thankfully your viewpoint is an outlier.

Anonymous 7079

I'll show respect where it's deserved, and if you have to demand it, it's not deserved.


File: 1370572147499.png (155.6 KB, 803x994, scootaloo_is_sad___what_did_yo…)

Whatever then. If you're going to walk in like you own the place and essentially say, 'Step aside, we run this shit now, deal with it.' and everyone is just going to bend over for you, then I guess I've lost yet another home.

I'm not going to argue anymore.

Anonymous 7081

No one implied that, but your mods, or one of them, asked us to move over here. We're simply suggesting things that could be done to accommodate us, like, say giving us our own board. That way, we interfere with nothing of yours, your site gets increased traffic, and we get to enjoy pone our way.

Anonymous 7082

>Baww, I got foiled again ;_; Nopony loves me ;_;
Holy shit go cry some more you fucking baby

Anonymous 7083

Also, a thread catalog would be nice.

Anonymous 7084

It's been mentioned, it's one of the next things up for addition according to the SysAdmin.

Anonymous 7085


Yes, having our own board would be mutually beneficial. And if you called it /mlp/, or /mlp2/, or something, it would make recruitment from /mlp/ waaay easier. An added perk would be if it allowed NSFW, /b/read, and generals.

Anonymous 7086

Could just make /anon/ = /mlp/, I suppose.

!uBETAMaxoQ 7092

File: 1370586206512.png (147.27 KB, 300x386, 1358296101094.png)

Fuck yes.

A friendly.

I want to fuck you in the butt.

Or we can switch.

do yu lik chocolit milk?

Anonymous 7093




I'm from /mlp/

what do I do

Anonymous 7094

Yeah, the mods here seem like decent guys.
The board layout doesn't really sit well with me though. It feels too split up.
Personally, I would suggest they just create a /mlp/ board that supports NSFW content, so we could go on like before without having to try to shoehorn /mlp/-style threads into the various not-quite-appropriate boards here.

Anonymous 7095

In my opinion, the site's font and layout should be fixed, but otherwise I like it.

!eBETamaxwE 7096

File: 1370589790867.gif (460.02 KB, 720x405, KUHWAA.gif)

I would like quick reply to be only one key.

Preferably easily accessible to the left hand.

On 4chan it is "Q".

Anonymous 7097

>the site's font
Yeah, you're right, the font does look a bit iffy.
Nothing that bothers me much, but it would be nice if there was a way to change it.

>layout should be fixed

What exactly do you mean?

Anonymous 7099

The janitor on /mlp/ was always a cunt. It's in the job description.
He's just an even bigger one now.

Anonymous 7100

the text boxes are all a bit off, it touches my tism's, sorry.

Anonymous 7101

File: 1370590315478.png (16.91 KB, 425x89, the fuck?.png)

>the text boxes are all a bit off

Anonymous 7102

nevermind, I'm to lazy to explain, ignore me.

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 7104

File: 1370591848918.png (218.13 KB, 1024x579)

Sup. I'm !!Fluttershy, and I pretty much put myself in charge of the site themes, so to some extent the layout stuff is my responsibility.
I had been working on a few things for the site style, and our newcomers gave me a small boost in productivity.

An anon requested for the 4chan Tomorrow theme to be added to the site. The theme itself was an absolute mess, so I just made my own theme using the exact same colors. It's cleverly called Tomorrow. It will be added very soon.

The default top navbar on Yotsuba will also be tweaked very soon - to be a bit less intrusive, nothing anyone who loves the old navbar should be concerned about.

In other and /mlp/-unrelated news, the Celestia theme should be available by next week as well, a very light theme that should please a few of you.

As for the boards, here are my thoughts: I don't see why /mlp/ would need its own board, I believe the nor/mlp/eople who dislike tripfags have /anon/, a board that has a very fitting name as it is, though we can rename it to /mlp/ if it is the community's desire.
And the rest of you guys who don't mind the trips have the rest of the site, where you are free to post, including /chat/ that very much benefits from having a bit more traffic outside the CJs.
Overall creating another board that would be "/chat/ for /mlp/" seems a bit redundant to me.I encourage any anon disagreeing to reply, just because I think something doesn't set it in stone.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous 7105

Please, this may be a new home for some of us; we don't want to cause hostilities, and there's certainly a solution for all of us.

The major issue I see for /mlp/ers is this sub-board deal. There's no need to get rid of it - in fact it's a nice concept. But /mlp/ers are used to everything in one place; I'm sure most of us aren't fond of jumping back and forth between /anon/, /oat/, /fic/, /chat/, /art/, etc.

My suggestion is that a virtual board be created called /all/ or something that pools together all of the threads in other boards and at the top of each thread, a hash from the corresponding true board is posted (like the #Mature tag for NSFW threads - e.g. #anon for the /mlp/ feels thread going on in /anon/).
The board tags could be used for filtering at the top of the /all/ page - for instance some anons don't like Tulpa General, which is currently located in chat, and apparently many other circlejerks are as well. A simple click of the #chat tag takes care of that.

As an aside, I'd like to help with scripting if I can. I'm a webdev/ Android dev by day, so if you could assign me a task or point me to the buglist, I'd be most grateful.

Anon's right about the boxes. The default on /mlp/ has a beveled effect created by partial borders. The related code in Yotsuba B is:

border-style: none solid solid none;
border-color: -moz-use-text-color rgb(183, 197, 217) rgb(183, 197, 217) -moz-use-text-color;

Here the default has full borders. That's why it looks off to us.

Anonymous 7106

>The related code in Yotsuba B is:
>border-style: none solid solid none;
>border-color: -moz-use-text-color rgb(183, 197, 217) rgb(183, 197, 217) -moz-use-text-color;
>Here the default has full borders. That's why it looks off to us.
Interesting. Thanks!

Anonymous 7107

/mlp/ refugee here,

Firstly, thanks for getting rid of the IDs in /anon/, made us feel very much at home.

Secondly, I like the idea of a virtual catalogue. It's one of the things I liked most about /mlp/ and it would help a lot of us get used to this new place.

Thirdly, don't rename any of your boards to /mlp/ or create a new one called /mlp/. Those of us who want to be on /mlp/ can go back to 4chan, otherwise we'll happily settle here.

!bEtaMaXMAY 7108

File: 1370592468135.png (335.79 KB, 650x487, 1358385069216.png)

>And the rest of you guys who don't mind the trips have the rest of the site, where you are free to post
I'm from /mlp/.

I like your opinions.

I also like your Cloudsdale theme. I look forward to Celestia.

I really got sick of Tomorrow on 4chan.

Anonymous 7109

>But /mlp/ers are used to everything in one place; I'm sure most of us aren't fond of jumping back and forth between /anon/, /oat/, /fic/, /chat/, /art/, etc.
That's exactly how I feel, in addition to the fact that a lot of things on /mlp/ don't really fit well into any one board. Hence why I suggested creating a separate /mlp/ board.

>My suggestion is that a virtual board be created called /all/ or something that pools together all of the threads

This is a great idea, however it doesn't solve the problem of most boards not allowing marked NSFW content.

>Overall creating another board that would be "/chat/ for /mlp/" seems a bit redundant to me
If all boards were made to allow properly marked NSFW posts, and a virtual board combining posts from all the boards was made, as the other anon suggested, then I would agree.

Also, I'm fairly new here, so I'm not really familiar with the system - correct me if I'm wrong - but from what I've seen the whole NSFW tagging bit works on thread level.
That seems a bit counter-intuitive. It should IMO be possible to just mark individual posts NSFW regardless of thread.

!bEtaMaXMAY 7110

File: 1370592806974.png (191.12 KB, 415x374, 1358393184819.png)


What the hell are you talking about.

!bEtaMaXMAY 7111

File: 1370592905867.png (334.37 KB, 822x958, no chickun on the board for po…)

I don't see it.

Anonymous 7112

This is how Celestia will look like, more or less

>Also, I'm fairly new here, so I'm not really familiar with the system - correct me if I'm wrong - but from what I've seen the whole NSFW tagging bit works on thread level.
>That seems a bit counter-intuitive. It should IMO be possible to just mark individual posts NSFW regardless of thread.
That is entirely true, but there's a reason for it - because it would make threads kind of actually two.
One - posting in a thread, you wouldn't be able to see every post unless you enter the mature tag - or you wouldn't be sure you saw them all. Moreover, it is up to the OP to decide if he wants mature content allowed on his thread or not. After that, whether people post porn in it or not is their problem. Whereas if you don't like porn and create a Pinkie Pie thread, and some guy comes in to dump porn, you might or might not see it, it's still irritating.
Secondly, it just seems much, much easier for someone to just be able to post sfw or non-sfw images without having to check, and tag his post accordingly, everytime.It would be a slight annoyance, but still an annoyance compared to just "Go in the right thread -> Post whatever"

!bEtaMaXMAY 7113

File: 1370593265706.gif (186.26 KB, 234x216, 1358296295728.gif)

Anonymous 7114

File: 1370593405917.png (179.19 KB, 1616x876, feelin_blue.png)

I agree wholeheartedly with this. Naming/re-naming anything to /mlp/ would probably infuriate some natives and would just be a slap in the face to anyone emigrating from /mlp/.

Having spoilers on everything in a board tagged #Mature seems like overkill to me, but I don't know if that's /mlp/ anons used to spoilering everything or if that's a systematic thing. I hope it's the former, but I'll get back to this thread after I figure out how things work.

Come on Beta, get it together. I said the default on /mlp/. Tomorrow doesn't have it.

Also I would like to say that it's nice to have Flutters drop by. I've spent about 15 hours in the last 3 days discussing /mlp/'s condition on /q/. It means a good deal to me to see a mod with 10 minutes of dropping by.

Anonymous 7115


>The major issue I see for /mlp/ers is this sub-board deal. There's no need to get rid of it - in fact it's a nice concept. But /mlp/ers are used to everything in one place; I'm sure most of us aren't fond of jumping back and forth between /anon/, /oat/, /fic/, /chat/, /art/, etc.

I don't have a problem with this. I've been lurking around for two days and all it takes is a little getting used to. In fact, if in the case that much of /mlp/ comes here, we could use our presence to spring some boards back to life. Take an example, /pony/. It is the board dedicated for show, characters, universe and staff. There we could take about any speculation, criticism about S4, the writers, etc. If you translate each of theses boards to 4chan's, /pony/ is /co/, /oat/, /chat/ and /anon/ are /b/, /fic/ is /lit/, /art/ is /ic/

Anonymous 7116

File: 1370593503535.jpg (178.94 KB, 985x767, celestia.jpg)

> No cap
Hurr durr look at me

Anonymous 7117

Yeah, you may be right, as long as thread creators can manage to get their threads marked correctly it shouldn't be an issue.

!bEtaMaXMAY 7118

File: 1370593600574.gif (229.84 KB, 300x213, 1358381614747.gif)

>10 minutes
fukn pleb get wrekd !!Applejack touched down in the entry thread as soon as I turned coat for this place

teh uber boss

Anonymous 7119

>Having spoilers on everything in a board tagged #Mature seems like overkill to me
If the whole board was considered inherently NSFW, then I agree, there would be no need for spoilers.
I would be fine with that for the purposes of a /mlp/ board.

Anonymous 7120

True, but there's still the issue of most of those boards not supporting the creation of NSFW threads.

Anonymous 7121

>Having spoilers on everything in a board tagged #Mature seems like overkill to me, but I don't know if that's /mlp/ anons used to spoilering everything or if that's a systematic thing. I hope it's the former, but I'll get back to this thread after I figure out how things work.
That's actually an option - "treat mature content as spoilered images"
You can change it in the settings.

Anonymous 7122

My bad. That line should have read "having spoilers on everything in a thread tagged #Mature seems like overkill to me".

Anonymous 7123

!bEtaMaXMAY 7124

File: 1370593846185.png (146.05 KB, 837x955, 1358455242902.png)

Oh man.

So good.

I do love me that ruler of Equestria.

Don't like fail Luna after she grew up. Not at all.

!bEtaMaXMAY 7125

File: 1370593895609.png (280.48 KB, 731x698, 1358454902750.png)


Also the colors are pretty.

Anonymous 7126

Then I guess my reply should instead be:
If the whole thread was considered inherently NSFW, then I agree, there would be no need for spoilers.

Anonymous 7127


Most of the NSFW stuff is pics and fanfics. From what I understand /art/ and /pic/ allow mature threads so that has greenlight.

The trouble would be the fanfics and roleplays since their boards don't allow NSFW. They could go to /chat/ but I don't know if the /b/read would allow them.

Anonymous 7128

For porn dumps and such, those would be perfect places, but then there are things like fetish generals and CYOAs that do not really quite fit into boards intended specifically for art or image dumps, nor into fanfiction boards, since it also contains art.
Sure, you could just sort of shoehorn them into either of those categories if the mods allow it, but it's still at best a rather half-assed fit in my opinion.

Anonymous 7129

I feel your pain, buddy. I feel your pain.

Anonymous 7130


!!Fluttershy 7131

You do? Why?
I'm glad we have new people around here, not accepting them would be damn intolerant and ignorant on our part.

Anonymous 7132


Anonymous 7133


Anonymous 7134

Lool at /chat/.

!!Fluttershy 7135

…What's wrong with /chat/ ?

Anonymous 7136

Something other than the same old generals on the frontpage?
The ineffable horror.

Anonymous 7137

Are you blind?

Anonymous 7138

File: 1370594739864.jpg (47.6 KB, 462x462, 1354074954821.jpg)


Don't CYOA's fall under fanfiction? They're mostly written fanworks. As for the fetish generals yeah it's a tricky one but we'll find a compromise, those might have to stick on /anon/ for the moment.

Anonymous 7139

Oh all the endless anonymous shitposting and complaining about tripfags

!!Fluttershy 7140

You have not answered my question, and are acting completely irrationally
I'm going to take a wild guess here and assume your problem with /chat/ is along the lines of "Oh no, something else than the same ten tripfags endlessly circlejerking".

Anonymous 7141

>Don't CYOA's fall under fanfiction?
Sort of. They're usually a combination of brief written text and accompanying illustrations.
I'm usure how the more "serious" fanfiction afficianados would react to their board being flooded by CYOAs though.

Anonymous 7142

That board is almost entirely shitposting.
What makes this different?

Anonymous 7143

So you don't see all the shitposting at all?

Anonymous 7144

File: 1370595062413.gif (47.54 KB, 770x770, 131050184943-colgate_clap_by_m…)


You. I like you.

Anonymous 7145

Oh course you, do, he's blowing you all.

Anonymous 7146

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dodge the arguments
You're done, son.

!!Fluttershy 7147

You know, you posting anonymously doesn't keep me from seeing who you are.
And let me tell you one thing - seeing you worry about shitposting is extremely ironic. No, I don't see any shitposting, the biggest shitposting I see is you posting anonymously and being a dick to people before putting a name on and acting light-heartedly.
If you keep on acting this way, I will have to ban you from /site/, this board is for constructive discussion, and if you're just going to go in and act like a douche with no actual point, you do not belong in site discussions.

Anonymous 7148

Did I say I was done.

>inb4 I get b&

Anonymous 7149


Anonymous 7150

File: 1370595281283.png (126.18 KB, 400x300, all.png)

So… /mlp/ is welcome here? I know this isn't /mlp/, so where are the rules? It sucks having to leave our board, but it's gotten insane bad there.

Anonymous 7151

File: 1370595405935.png (83.47 KB, 1366x459, mlpchanwatcher.png)


Thank you so much for taking us in. Your site is wonderful and there are many features that I like like reply sound an the thread watcher (pic related) It really gives a smooth and sleek feel that is appropiate in these hard times.

!!Fluttershy 7152

File: 1370595436061.png (126.21 KB, 600x712)

Our rules are on the front page here

But they're pretty much:
- Don't be a dick
- Don't post porn in SFW boards
- Use common sense
We don't ban without warning anyway, unless you're blatantly posting CP or whatever.

Anonymous 7153

I know you can see my IP. All I am saying is that why do they have to come and take over everything. Even /oat/ is being flooded. It's like we are being forced to abide their rules.

Anonymous 7154

On the issue of thread page layout, /mlp/ has four links at the top of every page that say

[Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] and
[Return] [Catalog] [Top] [Update] at the bottom.

Scrolling long threads is really tedious. Could we get something like this?

Also, when a thread auto updates, could we get a feature that puts a solid line between the old posts and the new ones?

Anonymous 7155

Are they breaking the rules?

Anonymous 7156

There's a welcoming sticky on /anon/. It's a good place to start.

Anonymous 7157

Spamming is against the rules. I got yelled at about about it.

!!Fluttershy 7158

/oat/ is not being 'flooded' by trip hate or whatever, it's got a peak in activity and more anons, but just because people post anons doesn't mean it's being hostile to trips.
Names and tripcdes are a part of /oat/ culture, and just like I do not tolerate anon hate, no mindless tripfag flaming will be allowed.

Anonymous 7159

Okay fine. I was upset because we had a new member from 4chan. A bunch of anons were flamming his thread saying go back to pchan, etc. Please tell you saw this.

Anonymous 7160


!!Fluttershy 7161

Did not see it, and as far as I know it was not reported.
If it was, then another mod looked into it and I can't tell you more right now as it is 5am and I'm the night shift.

Anonymous 7162

Also, sorry for being rude. I'm sure you can understand its a but overwhelming.

Anonymous 7163

Must be then.

!!Fluttershy 7164

As someone who never was on /mlp/ - and never really liked it for that matter- I understand your concern. No one wants their community flooded with the demands of another.
However, so far the /mlp/fags haven't asked much, and the only stuff that has been made for them was proposed by us - and I can assure you that the staff will make sure that any changes do not affect negatively the rest of the site.
However. They are part of our larger, """"brony""" community, and as a pony site, and as a site that sees itself as a hub between different other sites, it is our pleasure and our duty to welcome them and make them feel at home.
Some members want to participate in welcoming them, some others just want to stay wawy from them. We are doing our best to compromise and satisfy both.

!!Fluttershy 7165

ew brain

!!Fluttershy 7166

File: 1370596379468.png (413.14 KB, 831x532)

The Tomorrow theme is now available after request, thanks to Macil for putting up with me harassing him to have it on-site in less than 24 hours.

Anonymous 7167

Well that's all I really wanted to know. Thank you Tom. Again, I apologize for being rude. I just want things to run smoothly without seeing "I want to fim inside x" threads and stuff. Just a chill place.

Anonymous 7168



Thank you very much! You guys are doing so much for us. I hope the rest of the /mlp/ crowd gets well with the locals and any friction can be kept to a mininum.

Anonymous 7169

I also hope for that to, anon.

Anonymous 7170

So far it has been going pretty well.

Anonymous 7171

Holy… It's already here! Could use some tweaking, but bretty good!

Anonymous 7172

'tis my job ♥

Anonymous 7173


There a couple of anons that have been trolling on the tripfags on /chat/. If this is already happening and not even 5% of /mlp/ is here, I don't want to imagine when half of the board comes in. Not everyone is going to stay at /anon/ and sooner or later they'll check out the other boards like myself where it is name and trip central. I hope that those who do are the tolerant ones.

Anonymous 7174

That's what I am worried about.

Anonymous 7175


I just noticed that hey kept the >greentext green instead of using yellow like in 4chan's Tomorrow theme. I remember not understanding the concept of greentext because of that until I switched to another theme.

Anonymous 7176

Tripfag flaming, like any flaming, is against the rules. If it gets too big, we will find a solution. For now the mods will be watching to try to smoothen things out.

Anonymous 7177

>We are doing our best to compromise and satisfy both.
Creating a new /mlp/ board would satisfy that requirement.

Anonymous 7187

File: 1370607662431.gif (328.47 KB, 238x200, 1366734537418.gif)

/mlp/ oldfag here, currently in lurking mode.

personally, i think having a dedicated /mlp/ board would be the best. as was previously mentioned, we are used to having everything in one place. also, i would not want to upset mlpchan regulars. 4chan has this metagame of arguing that can be easily mistaken for flaming. it would be nice to have a board here where people know whats up. where unwarranted tripfagging is frowned upon and where i can tell anon he is a faggot for implying nor/mlp/eople are 'bronies' and anon can call me retarded for thinking otherwise.

that said, i just came here 10 minutes ago so what do i know. you guys seem okay, as long as the rules are more like guidelines and moderation is, well, moderate… im a happy anon.

Anonymous 7188

All of this.

Anonymous 7190

Agreed. The basic requirements of a board suitable for /mlp/ are:

>NSFW permitted

>Tripcodes enabled
>No restrictions on the type of content which can be posted

So far none of the boards here meet all of those requirements. We have nowhere suitable to put, for example, NSFW CYOA threads.

Anonymous 7191

This, and as the other anon above mentioned, being allowed to call each other faggots (or whatever derogative of your choice) for any reason we might wish. Basically, no rule against flaming.

Anonymous 7217

Considering /anon/ seems to be the most dead board around, I would think that the best Idea is to sort of "un-anon" /anon/
Of course, that may require re-naming the board, but it wouldn't be much of a problem
It already allows NSFW, There is no restriction to the content; all that it lacks is the possibility of using tripcodes.

And as much as all /mlp/eers might say that all of them discourage tripfagging, that never stopped /mlp/ from having its own tripfags and namefags.

It puts me to think, maybe "using a tripcode without thread-specific purpose" should be against the rules of this said new board.

To sum it all up:
>No content restriction
>Tripcodes enabled, yet with a rule making their use only legal when there are actual reasons for using them; CYOA, Writing, etc.
>Do this all over the /anon/ board, which might or might not be renamed
>Light moderation, only blatant shitposting such as random dubs de-rails or spiderman stuff, and other shit that makes no sense to either the original thread direction or the direction the thread has taken.

Just keep in mind that even as I make this suggestions I request that the MLPchanners are asked about it, whether they agree or not.

Anonymous 7220

unwarranted tripfagging is frowned upon, but making it a rule seems a bit extreme. the less rules the better. i have confidence in our self-policing capacity should we actually take over a board here.

Anonymous 7221

Pretty sure you want it get in trouble for calling someone a faggot or a retard. Hell, i do it all the time. I think that rule is there just to keep people from outright harrassing each other and shitting up other threads with personal drama.

That said, not a big fan of the separate /mlp/ board idea. Boards are too spread out as it is without creating more of them, and switching boards for different thread types is an adjustment, but is doable. I for one am looking forward to having more anons on boards like /chat/ to inject some variety into the usual tripfag circlejerk. I think it would bring a nice balance to the boards, where people are cool to just shoot the shit sometimes but there are also interesting threads about actual topics

Anonymous 7222

File: 1370618918501.png (261.9 KB, 826x667, 1365383202889.png)

It'd be just supposed to justify deleting overlytripfag posts
It's not like it would be enforced anyway
Anyway, the "rules", as it seems, are just supposed to be guidelines for better posting experience. No one is going to go all [/spoiler]>pic[spoiler] over it

Anonymous 7223

I still need to get used to the spoilering system here…

Anonymous 7224

in the quick reply box are a pair of arrows, an up and down arrow. they take you to the top or bottom of the page automatically

anda catalog of course is on the way

the new post line divider sounds interesting

Anonymous 7225

You can just use the hotkey - ctrl+s

(the list of hotkeys for all the codes is in the /site/ sticky)

Anonymous 7227

It's not that…
In 4chan, an open spoiler would be closed by the nearest [/spoiler]
my text was like [spailer][/spailer]>pic[spailer][/spailer]
It's just a different way of the server handling the commands

Anonymous 7230

My only question is that, some of the generals who have moved are finding themselves doing okay in one of the existing boards like /oat/. While it's not nsfw, they weren't nsfw by nature anyways or at least self-policed to stay mostly sfw. If a portion of /mlp/ members go to /oat/ because it's a pony random board, and a portion to /chat/ because it's non-pony random, and some to /anon/ because it's no-tripfags, there might not be the need for a board specifically for
>tripfags allowed (even if discouraged)
>nsfw allowed
Because the above reasons. It's just a question of need and adaptability I guess.

Anonymous 7234

true that
I think I just don't want the /mlp/ community to have the need to be split between boards
soon enough it will be just like they aren't the same community anymore

Anonymous 7239

Perhaps there's some means of simplifying the board structure here that could help. But otherwise I'd be fine with this encouraging more board interaction. And a new place, of course, more people are going to be curious about "what else" is here, and might find people interacting who formerly never did. It's easy on /mlp/ to just scroll scroll scroll through until you find your general, or some random interesting looking (porn). A lot of times you don't feel like you're a part of anything except your one thread, and in a new and fresh environment people might be encouraged to check out other shit - since everyone's in the same boat, going through the same 'new' experience (even the existing regulars here, since it's a new experience seeing and talking to new people from a new place, relatively speaking even though many went to both sites).

Anonymous 7243

What about some sort of "main page", that will contain all threads of all boards?
To create a new thread it would require posting on board specific, but it would be seen on this "front page" regardless.
It could also allow for customization as to which boards should have its threads shown in such page.
Not like a catalog, but like a regular chan board, except this one will just be comprised of threads from other boards.

Anonymous 7254

oh yeah.

an /all/ of sorts. ponychan had one but it's broke as fuck, doesn't have pages, and only shows a handful of posts.

but i see that one is planned here in the sticky under 'upcoming projects' or whatever

An /all/ board that allowed you to tick which boards you wanted to view, and then worked just like a regular board, would be awesome.

Anonymous 7257

They shouldnt feel the need to be stuck to any one board. The site is better when people roam around and use everything
Do you mean like ponychan's /all/ except not coded in a way that biases towards slow boards?

Anonymous 7260

I haven't been to ponychan or /all/
But imagine all boards merged into one big board
All its threads put together, in order of "thread with a more recent post"
Just like a big board comprised of all the website
The threads would still belong to their respective boards, but they would also appear up front

Anonymous 7261

That's exactly what this plan would do.

It would be a board. You'd go to it. At the top, would be a list of all the boards with buttons by them. You check as many of them as you want,the ones you want to display threads from. Then it shows a board just like all the others, but comprised of the threads from all the boards you wanted to see, in the order they would appear as if it was one board.

Anonymous 7264

The "buttons" would be better hidden inside the "settings" part in my opinion, but yes, exactly that

Anonymous 7268

I will poke the SysAdmin here. I know he was actively working on a catalog which was already planned but put into high priority since it's useful to newcomers, and I think /all/ should the next thing worked on, it would really solve a lot of inter-board issues.

Anonymous 7273

Yeah, that sounds like what a good version of /all/ would be. I like the idea, im all for anything that breaks down community barriers

Anonymous 7274

If there was a global catalog (much like /mlp/ displays everything) I think I would have every reason to stay here as opposed to returning

I would just suggest that the entirety of /anon/ be considered 'mature content' with no need to tag every thread that might get some

!bEtaMaXMAY 7320

File: 1370628236942.jpg (233.03 KB, 618x573, deadpool shot chickun.jpg)


I would appreciate it if that was deleted on sight.

Actual Spiderman.

chickun and so on is ok

Anonymous 7321

Personally I think having things spread across boards is a bad idea in the first place, since it's all when it comes down to it discussion about MLP and its fandom, but I'd rather we have a separate /mlp/ board than annoy the preexisting community of ponychanners here.

A /all/ board would work around that issue sort of, but I still fear it would segregate us into different communities, and it still does not solve the issue of most boards not allowing NSFW.

Anonymous 7322

i think it would primarly be a matter of how easy to use /all/ would be. if it's not user-friendly, it won'thelp. but if it's simple and intuitive and encourages everyone to use it, it might do all we need.

… perhaps even call it /mlp/ instead of all, as an all-encompassing term - a sort of 'this is us, my little pony *chan."

Anonymous 7323


!!PGC+sesiHf 7335

I like the /all/ idea. A lot.
We've been thinking of doing similar for a while, might be our next big addition.

!!Fluttershy 7336

Mod trip pls

Macil !!Littlepip 7369

Done, Q works too now. (Shift+I was the combo from an older version of 4chan X. It seems like a ridiculous combo in retrospect. Did the "I" even stand for something?)

I'm not familiar with CYOA. /fic/ has generally been organized fanfic review; a thread that's dedicated to people actually writing short works within the thread itself isn't quite right for the /fic/ board.

Does no one use the Home and End buttons on their keyboards? grumble grumble. Once I make the board catalog pages I may add Top/Bottom links next to it.

/all/ is also something on my mind too. I hadn't even thought of doing a catalog page for /all/, that's a good suggestion.

Anonymous 7372

/all/ pls

call it /mlp/

>all boards to select from

>browsable pages
>shows threads in the order they were last posted in



New /mlp/ board Anonymous 7374

While making a(n) "/all/" and calling it "/mlp/" sounds like a poor idea, I seriously do think making a /mlp/ board would be a good thing. It would prevent community fragmentation among the boards, it'd give generals (fetish, non-fetish, and CYOA) a home, and it would make recruitment from /mlp/ super easy.
> "Hey nor/mlp/eople, here's your new /mlp/! Exactly like this one was before the banstorm, except with cool mods. It even has the old generals!"

If you do this, would you mind setting the default to NSFW-enabled (but spoilered)? Some mobiles aren't compatible with the settings menu, and some people disable third-party cookies.

Anonymous 7375

One mod removed the "ids" (whatever they were, I came here after it had been done) from /anon/. If /anon/ wasn't forced anon, such that people could tripcode as desired, it would essentially be /mlp/ already. I like the idea of a board-wide catalog, but adding or renaming anything to /mlp/ because of the 4chan exodus reeks a bit of hubris, like being sheltered by a friend for a night and demanding your own room the next day

Anonymous 7376

But Pip, think of the mobile devices! Quick Reply buttons have been working alright, but it would still be nice to have the links there instead of zooming a floating div to 250% on a 4" High Density Resolution screen.

Macil !!Littlepip 7379

>Some mobiles aren't compatible with the settings menu
I've tested an Android and an iPhone with the site and they work fine. I think any browsers today that don't support any javascript aren't anything that would be enjoyable to browse mlpchan on anyway.
>and some people disable third-party cookies.
That's just good security practice; that specific setting won't break the site. However, blocking all types of site storage will predictably break the site remembering your settings, so I recommend anyone who usually goes this route to whitelist mlpchan from that.

Changing /anon/ is something that's possible. A lot of boards try to meet some single purpose, some through technical means like /anon/, but boards do end up being more about the community that inhabits them and we recognize that.

Some possibilities involve
1) leaving /anon/ as it is and encouraging people to use other boards too for any name and tripcode needs (which admittedly will be more convenient after /all/ is made).
2) removing /anon/'s forced anon feature and leaving the name as a nod to its community and old feature.
3) removing /anon/'s forced anon feature and renaming the board to something else while retaining its community, just giving them the option to occasionally use names and tripcodes. (This could be done in a way that all current links to /anon/ redirect correctly to the new board's name, and wouldn't even break the auto-refresh feature of people watching a thread during the rename.)

Anonymous 7380

To me, it sounds like /oat/ has a built-up community that may be rightfully a bit nervous about the influx. /art/, /pic/, and /fic/ have more specific purpose - /mlp/ users are used to more of a casserole mix - we have general threads where both writers and artists, with or without tripcodes, mix in with fans, where a fetish thread might be next to a CYOA, right next to a sweetie belle image dump, right next to a spoilered porn thread that lasts until a janitor scrubs it

My suggestion would be #2 or #3 and tag the whole sub-board as 'mature'

Anonymous 7381

The idea of a catalog for the /all/ board seems a bit dangerous as it discourages people to explore any and all non-established boards. It dissuades creativity and encourages conformity.

Anonymous 7382

What? How on earth do you figure that? The point of /all/ is to see all the boards at once. That doesn't eliminate posting things in their requisite location. I'd personally be far more likely to check out the slower-traffic boards because the catalog would be showing their threads as well for me.

Anonymous 7384


I second this. It doesn't take to much to navigate throughout the site. With a little planning, we can find a place for each general and then with proper guidance redirect other /mlp/ers to where they should go to reach their respective generals. The thing that could really facilitate is a catalog view from which I understand is already in the works.


Can you please elaborate? I

Anonymous 7386

How is having a catalog that can view all the boards something that "encourages conformity"? I find it to be completely the opposite. It's the "writing goes in /fic/, images in /pic/, artist works in /art/, round peg here, square peg here" that is conformist. /mlp/, by it's nature, is a slurry of everything side by side. I don't see how that can possibly be construed as *more* conformist.

>Can you please elaborate?

Not without knowing more specifics of how the site owners here plan to do their stuff. What it comes down to is I am used to browsing a nice long catalog full of things. If the /all/ catalog provided the same function, why would it matter to me whether the point of origin was in /art/ or /oat/? All I'd care about is whether the topic itself was interesting and something I'd like to view. You would be *more* likely to have me join a conversation, because otherwise I am unlikely to open 10 sub-boards at once.

Anonymous 7387


So what you're saying is that instead that each board had it's own catalog, there should be one centralized catalog that shows all the threads in the site? Sound to much since each board can have up to what? 15 pages? It would look to cluttered.

Anonymous 7388

I think there's some confusion over what /all/ would be.

It wouldn't be a catalog. It would be a board. At the top of the board would be checkboxes. You check which boards you want to see. It then generates an actual board that has all the threads from those boards, just as if you were viewing a regular board comprised of those threads. And you don't have to pick which boards each time, it remembers which ones you picked from the first time (and you can change it anytime.)
So if you regularly visit /anon/ but want to easily see /chat/, /oat/ and /pony/ without checking them individually, you set /all/ to show you those 3 boards. Boom, you only need 2 tabs, and you see 4 boards. Or, you can sit in your 'home' thread if you live in a General, and set /all/ to show you a bunch of other boards you want to keep track of.

Roger 7392

/fic/ has had CYOA threads in it before.

I've lurked the AiE thread on /mlp/ before, and there's no reason why it wouldn't work in /fic/. The only difference between their writing and ours is that it's in >greentext format rather than prose. Same goes for Flutterrape—though obviously they'd need to tag that as mature.

Watered down, the rules for /fic/ threads are:

(1) be fic;
(2) be pony; and
(3) be different.

(3) means don't make a thread if what you're posting could go in another thread, e.g., review requests. Also, you can skirt (2) if your stuff is good.

Anonymous 7393

>You would be *more* likely to have me join a conversation, because otherwise I am unlikely to open 10 sub-boards at once.
I think split boards punishes less active boards (and their purpose) by making it even harder for them to get any new activity.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I know I personally would not be likely to browse more than one or two boards frequently. As an example, take /pony/ - a board that as far as I can tell is for the purpose of SFW show discussion. Not really something I would generally seek out, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be the occasional thread of interest there. However, because the boards were separate, I would never even see those few interesting threads because I never went to the board due to 99% of its contest being of no interest to me.

Anonymous 7394

>/fic/ has had CYOA threads in it before.
In order to work, a CYOA needs participants though. In order to get participants, the potential participants need to see it. If it was in /fic/, chances are 99.9% of those who might be interested would never see it, so unless it was already an ongoing CYOA from elsewhere with regular participants who could be informed of its new location, it would have a very hard time getting anywhere.

Macil !!Littlepip 7395

Oh ok, wasn't sure if there was much precedent for non-review things in /fic/, and am not very familiar with how CYOA threads tend to go.

That's a good point. I don't think I would move a non-review thread to /fic/ if it hadn't chosen to be there, though hopefully an /all/ board would mean that sort of thing could survive anywhere better.

Anonymous 7396

>hopefully an /all/ board would mean that sort of thing could survive anywhere better.
Yes, the /all/ approach would solve that particular issue. The only issue with that as far as I can see is the one of most boards not allowing NSFW tagging.

Xaekai!xaekaij6cg 7401


Yeah, I actually like that the greentext is still green in the Tomorrow scheme. I hope they keep it that way.

I agree. I love flamewars where people completely ignore my reasonable and well structured opinion based on facts and evidence just because I'm a tripfag. Because it makes them look stupid.

I'm used to the hate. It wouldn't be the same without it.

Also, whoever said naming a board /mlp/ was a badidea was right. It's like salt in the wound.

Anonymous 7402

>Also, whoever said naming a board /mlp/ was a badidea was right. It's like salt in the wound.
Why do you think that?
I think it would be appropriate to create a board named /mlp/ for /mlp/.

Unless you are referring to the guy suggesting calling the /all/ board /mlp/. I agree that would be kinda silly.

Xaekai!xaekaij6cg 7404

File: 1370690168817.png (37.82 KB, 613x151, inline_expansion.png)


I don't know. Maybe I'm just bitter at losing my home. So having something named after it is just kind of insulting. Maybe I'm the only one that feels that way, but somehow I doubt it.

Basically, if /oat/ allowed NSFW it would be perfect.

Also… Is inline thread expansion a planned feature?

Pic related.

Anonymous 7405

>Basically, if /oat/ allowed NSFW it would be perfect.
I guess, but I'm still a bit worried about what the existing community there would think about being turned into /mlp/.

I don't really see how calling a board for /mlp/ /mlp/.

Xaekai!xaekaij6cg 7406


To clarify, it's not the idea that I don't like. It's just the name.

I'd personally like it if it was called /horsefucker/ but I understand that some may find that abrasive and wouldn't want to see that language on the header bar all the time. Same probably for /ponyfag/

Anyway, it's a petty thing I could probably get over. What's important is that we don't upset the regulars of /oat/ with our quite different culture. We just need a NSFW random board with trips, stat,

!!Fluttershy 7414

Though calling it /mlp/ would make sense, it might not be well received by the community.
However I like the idea of an /all/ board.

Xaekai!xaekaij6cg 7415


Just call it /nsfw/ lol, it sums up the lawless nature of /mlp/ pretty well.

Anonymous 7416

I don't think there's any reason for an anti-tripfag rule to be on the books at all. As much as we may bitch about it, it's just another part of that meta game mentioned earlier.

I do however think that shitheads like PurpleTinker shouldn't be able to use their trips when they show up.

Anonymous 7418

Been skimming the thread, been lurking the boards for half an hour now, here are my unwanted, unfounded opinions.

Ideally, I think this site would benefit from cutting down on the number of separate boards, rather than increasing them. Is there any reason, for example, that /art/ and /pic/ can't be combined? It's not like this site gets the traffic to where you would lose your threads in the rush. Just a thought.

I'd like to see the /mlp/ community mingle with the MLPchanners without stepping on toes, if possible, so isolating us in one board seems like a good way of easing us in, but I don't think that's a long-term plan.

Xaekai!xaekaij6cg 7419

File: 1370698253504.gif (2.65 MB, 250x187, React - Tinker.gif)


You're really trying to take the fun out of it aren't you?

Pic related to a visit by PurpleTinker

Anonymous 7420

See, PurpleTinker doesn't just show up and start her own threads. She shows up when we're dealing with other, more important shit, like the Faust card, and derails any semblance of conversation in a swarm of shitposters and shitposters shitposting shitposters. And she walks away feeling like she won.

Anonymous 7421

Actually, one thing, if we're officially adopting /anon/ as the new /mlp/ headquarters, can every thread be automatically mature? Nobody from /mlp/ would mind that, and it'd prevent a lot of pointless image deletings when people forget to make their thread mature.

Anonymous 7422

Depends if some users say they'd have some use in non-mature content, I suppose. If no one minds I don't see any reason not to.

Anonymous 7423

It's not a huge deal. We're just used to being able to post NSFW in any thread without having to check to see if the thread was marked NSFW or not. It's something we could get used to, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway to save mods the trouble of having to take care of that kind of thing.

Anonymous 7437

I have no problem with /horsefucker/ either.

Anonymous 7438

No, there should not be a rule against it. That would be against the anti-authority spirit of /mlp/, and what qualifies as a valid reason for allowing it would be too unclear.
We should just keep calling them faggots until they take it off, or they use it long enough that nobody cares anymore.

Anonymous 7440

This is a false statement. Remember our last poll? 18% said they wanted nothing to do with R34. We should respect that and leave the #Mature stuff as optional.

Anonymous 7458

I'd at least set the default to Mature. I don't like the NSFW per say, but I don't want to stop people from posting it, so I think every thread should be Matured by default.

Anonymous 7459

All of my this

Anonymous 7460

I suggest we illegalize putting (element of x) in your name and tripfagging when you're not a writefag/drawfag.

Anonymous 7461

Nah, that's a rule that would only serve to say "I dislike you doing this, so you can't do it" instead of serving any practical function. Get over it.

Anonymous 7462

I support the idea behind default to mature threads and just have trips as they were on /mlp/ without rules.

Anonymous 7463

File: 1370715368320.jpg (56.88 KB, 487x292, sperg.jpg)

Fewer boards would increase activity me thinks

Keep crying, bitch nigga

Anonymous 7464


Anonymous 7465

I have no strong feelings one way or the other on the mature threads thing, but yeah, banning trips smacks of "stop liking what I don't like", so I fully support just telling them to get fucked and dealing with it. I don't even really care if people are tripping or not as long as they're posting on topic and not just jerking each other off
>Fewer boards would increase activity me thinks

Anonymous 7466

That seems sensible. NSFW by default, but with the possibility of turning it off. Not that it's a big deal as long as it's possible to turn it on.

Anonymous 7467

Again, it's not a big deal, but we've already had two or three threads where all the NSFW got deleted because OP didn't know/forgot to mark it as mature.

Anonymous 7468

I don't think it's necessary. If anyone did that in any place predominantly populated by /mlp/, they would just get called faggot repeatedly and/or ignored or filtered. That's the best way to deal with it. There is no rule against it in /mlp/ to my knowledge, and I've never seen anyone do that in /mlp/ anyway.

Anonymous 7469

We need to consider that right now traffic from /mlp/ is spread between /anon/- its largest activity -, /chat/ and /oat/,
The thing is that creating a 4th board would only distillate activity. So if we create a 4th board and want it to be worth it, it means we are moving all /mlp/ traffic there… which leads to the /mlp/ community being very isolated.

The /oat/ community doesn't seem to mind the newfound traffic - but they will not have Mature content on their board. As for /chat/, we can't just have our two non-pony boards be "/mlp/-general" (/anon/ and /chat/)

So we should ask ourselves: Isn't /anon/ -with mature content allowed - enough mature?

Anonymous 7470

>Fewer boards would increase activity me thinks
I agree. When it's so split up, none of the boards will get much activity, and people won't bother coming there, and hopping between many boards is too tedious and impractical.

Anonymous 7471

I don't think the point of the thread is to criticize the way they run their own site though I agree with you, but rather how they can accommodate us. Let's not overstep our bounds, guys.

I'm fine keeping all the off-topic shitposting to /anon/, maybe having /chat/ be where we take our generals? Not saying /chat/ becomes exclusively /mlp/ generals or anything, but that can be the board we use for them?

Anonymous 7472

File: 1370716002232.png (191.56 KB, 500x500, 1364659954862.png)

What's wrong with integration? A new board will just segregate the community. No matter what happens the nicknames and lingo will be able to tell between the two.

Anonymous 7473

Banana why

Anonymous 7474

Yeah, I agree. Although from the sounds of it, /oat/ won't allow NSFW no matter what, so there's going to be some separation there. /mlp/ loves its smut.

Anonymous 7475

File: 1370716068697.jpg (901.86 KB, 2628x2240, mlh.jpg)

They've already removved /fan/
They are doing some summer wrap up, not because of us i'm sure

Anonymous 7476

>I don't think the point of the thread is to criticize the way they run their own site
/site/ exists for constructive criticism, anyone is free to talk about it
>maybe having /chat/ be where we take our generals?
/chat/ is already where the serial threads go, so this makes the most sense. They can also be added to the directory so they can easily be found

Anonymous 7477

We are.
We were talking of removing and merging /art/ and /pic/ before you guys arrived.
Your arrival does change some things though.

Anonymous 7478

So let them continue cutting down at their own pace if that's what they want. When/if we've been here a while, then we can start offering criticism on their site layout. We're guests at the moment, remember.

Anonymous 7479

Banana why not?
the /mlp/ group will split there on it's own, some love their horsefucking and some detest it.

Anonymous 7480

File: 1370716331590.gif (828.19 KB, 300x169, Youdied.gif)

Don't look at me, man. I love the layout
if you guys remove the reply beeb i'll fucking stab something

Anonymous 7481

It's a togglable option, people can turn it off or on.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 7482

File: 1370716551243.png (800.03 KB, 1500x1207, Chainsawrin'.png)


>I don't think it's necessary. If anyone did that in any place predominantly populated by /mlp/, they would just get called faggot repeatedly and/or ignored or filtered. That's the best way to deal with it. There is no rule against it in /mlp/ to my knowledge, and I've never seen anyone do that in /mlp/ anyway.

Isn't that sort of flaming – for a person's identity rather than the content of their post – against the rules of MLPchan? 'Ignored', of course, wouldn't be. Nobody is obligated to reply to you.

Anonymous 7483

I think that was brought up earlier in the thread. At /mlp/, that kind of thing is something we just roll with. You post there knowing not to take that kind of flaming to heart. We suggested having a special exception for name calling on /anon/, as that's a big part of our board culture.

Anonymous 7484

That is why /anon/ is pretty much perfect for everyday /mlp/ faggottry.
And imo, /chat/ can serve the purpose of holding the Generals and whatever thread namefags could want to make - knowing it will not allow #Mature content

Admiral Yang Wenli 7485

>Imposing rules for something that has always been self-policing
Really, >>7468 is right. We don't need any unnecessary rules when mob rule does a good enough job on it's own.

Anonymous - Element of Legion 7486

File: 1370716742573.jpeg (3.07 KB, 300x57, faust.jpeg)

Blind tripfag hate is cancer, give it up.

!!PGC+sesiHf 7487

>Element of Legion
lol'd heartily

Admiral Yang Wenli 7488

File: 1370716802091.jpg (15.44 KB, 279x346, iron-eyes-cody.jpg)

>Element of Legion

Anonymous 7489

File: 1370716813136.png (205.47 KB, 334x294, me gusta.png)

!!PGC+sesiHf 7490

I swear it's been a year and I fuck my mod trip up every time

Anonymous 7491

I thought /chat/ was NSFW friendly too? If anything, it seems like /chat/ is the dumping grounds for generals already. They already have tulpa linked in the sticky.

Anonymous 7492

File: 1370716903318.jpg (62.14 KB, 250x250, 1359173478912.jpg)

Anonymous 7493

Here here. Above all else, we don't want to needlessly disrupt the stable ecosystem here.
People are just trying to put things in the right baskets. For instance, to me, /pony/-/oat/-/chat/ are decreasing in amounts relevance to the show, so to me Satyr should be in /oat/ instead of /pony/. However, if it naturally would go in /oat/ but it needs the #Mature tag (not saying Satyr does) or the #Cyclic tag (which I am saying Satyr does), then it goes in /anon/. But it needs tripcodes, so they should have put it in /chat/. But it's pony-related, so they put it in /pony/ (which I think is acceptable). So as you can see, that middle ground for cyclic and/or mature threads is kinda ephemeral ATM. That's a major issue right now.

I think some are forgetting that #Mature threads are blocked by default and have to be turned on. Setting all threads to #Mature by default would block all threads, and then people who want to see non-mature content would have to flip the switch and then they would be exposed to the mature content as well. This is a no-go.

What the fuck is wrong with my mod trip ## Mod 7494

/chat/ is SFW. We allow risque content, but if the Generals move there they will have to make sure they don't post blatant porn.

Anonymous 7495

File: 1370717067184.png (112.51 KB, 715x645, high pone.png)


Anonymous 7496

Oh. Then. That's a problem. That's one of the main reasons we fled /mlp/. Hm…

Anonymous 7497

/anon/ can host NSFW generals, perhaps the directory on /chat/ could list them (with a warning that they're mature) with a link to the thread on /anon/

Anonymous 7498

Could cause problems. That's why we left, actually.

Anonymous 7499

Could we make an /mlpg/? That would allow tripfags, and /anon/ could stay how it is, and that way we could have our cake, and not piss everyone off about it?

Anonymous 7500

I honestly think the solution to this is to simply remove the ban on trips on /anon/ and let us post our generals there, with links to them in the sticky of /chat/. We'll always prefer anons in our threads, but there are some threads that simply call for tripfaggery. Would any of the regulars here mind if /anon/ allowed trips?

Anonymous 7501

I think trips are okay. Most from /mlp/ don't use them anyway. But those who do would appreciate it.

!!Fluttershy 7502

Mod trip pls be nais

Well that's why mature content was enabled on /anon/ in the first place. Imo, /anon/ can serve the purpose of everyday /mlp/ things, including clopthings, and /chat/ be used by the Generals…
But yeah that does mean no porn for Generals. But TG and a few others are currently on SFW boards and aren;t exactly causing trouble.

that is a possibility, the problems that were brought up here are that that would seclude the /mlp/ community from everyone else, plus more boards = less activity, always.

Anonymous 7503

Really? On /site/?

What about the trips, son?

/art/ and /fic/ are by specification okay for generals, but most of the threads there don't look like generals, so I think some were rightly hesitant about making generals there.

Nope. I've never had a problem with names or trips, but I've been posting as Anonymous for over half a decade. It's not something I want to give up until the time is right.

Patrick Bateman - Element of Dubs 7504

File: 1370717449488.png (177.43 KB, 625x820, 1364118094370.png)

>remove the ban on trips on /anon/
Really, man?

!!Fluttershy 7505

I have indeed considered that. Allow tripcodes on /anon/, and leaving it as /anon/- knowing that you are posting with a trip at your own risk of being caled out on tripfagging.

Anonymous 7506

Sounds like /mlp/ to me.

The Fallen of /mlp/ 7507

File: 1370717554887.png (34.24 KB, 164x215, z3wbat0xeeio.png)

How would you do a CYOA, genious?

Anonymous 7508

But with fewer rules and no scruffy mods.

I like this idea.

Anonymous 7509

That seems fair, although it would make sense to rename the board from /anon/ if it weren't forced anon anymore. I wouldn't name it /mlp/ though, because even if that's what it's being used for in practical terms, it will make people think it's ONLY for people from /mlp/

!!Fluttershy 7510

!!Rarity just said

[14:52:28] Mellowbloom: is it possible we could have a tripcodes tag, similar to how we have a mature one


Patrick Bateman - Element of Dubs 7511

File: 1370717698068.jpg (169.29 KB, 553x841, 1365838190421.jpg)

From what I have gathered, ideally /oat/, /chat/, or another board.

Anonymous 7512

Well it sounds like /anon/ was created to protect the sensibilities of a few thin-skinned people. A rename would be in order, but I still don't like calling it /mlp/ because MUH HISTORY. What about /gen/?

Anonymous 7513

I don't think it's necessary. Trip hate is cancer and nobody is stopping anyone from posting as Anon. But still, maybe a poll is in order?

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 7514

File: 1370717836180.png (1.51 MB, 3276x5000, Celestia reads up on this thre…)


'Anonymity Expected' rather than 'Anonymity Required'?


Why do such threads require tripcodes? Is the fear that someone who is not the original content creator will pose as the content creator and derail the thread?

Anonymous 7515

File: 1370717869452.png (61.47 KB, 353x460, 1366971526350.png)

But what if someone wants to make a NSFW CYOA,like the 'aw shit nigga you in ponyville' series?

Anonymous 7516

Pretty much, trips are for security

Anonymous ## Mod 7517

We're having a rousing internal discussion of this at the moment, so we're definitely listening to all suggestions.

Silver Strenght 7518

Anonymous 7519

What if the OP of a thread can trip while no one else can? I have no idea how hard it would be to implement, but just an idea.

Anonymous 7520

>Why do such threads require tripcodes? Is the fear that someone who is not the original content creator will pose as the content creator and derail the thread?
Bretty much
I say take the cyoa threads to another board like /chat/ or /oat/

Anonymous 7521

It seems like an unnecessarily complex solution where community self-policing would suffice

Anonymous 7522

File: 1370718013908.png (261.29 KB, 750x750, 1368759903012.png)

Must be quite arousing.
That's exactly why.

Patrick Bateman - Element of Post Numbers 7523

File: 1370718022785.png (115.09 KB, 294x294, 1370396197950.png)


A solution would have to be found I guess, but /anon/'s backbone is Anonymity, and isn't the place for trips or names of any kind, for any reason.

Anonymous 7524

No good, sometimes there is a MUST to take over a CYOA, it happened in the past, it will happen in the future

Anonymous 7525

>Is the fear that someone who is not the original content creator will pose as the content creator and derail the thread?

I had to chuckle.

Seriously - Element of Hope You Guys Don't Do This 7526

File: 1370718202017.jpg (42.94 KB, 640x360, AyaseAragaki.jpg)

>A rename would be in order

Anonymous 7527

Nah. Even if tripping isn't necessary, the option should still be there. /mlp/s love of less restrictions overrides its hated of trips any day of the week.

Anonymous 7528


Anonymous 7529

File: 1370718361607.jpg (123.85 KB, 800x800, 1366212620211.jpg)


Anonymous 7530

File: 1370718371119.jpg (68.24 KB, 900x733, 1370410889676.jpg)

>with trips
How's that DID working out for you?

Anonymous 7531

Re: trips
/anon/ should allow trips, with no restrictions, no tags, no limits with the caveat that any MLPchanner that wanders in and refuses to get rid of their trip when they don't need it should expect to be called many, many dirty names. Self-policing is the way to go.

Anonymous 7532

File: 1370718522849.gif (955.06 KB, 482x266, tumblr_inline_mimaa8fzYO1qz4rg…)

Anonymous - Identity of Heaven 7533

File: 1370718594495.jpg (611.71 KB, 912x913, bobrosssmiling.jpg)

>/anon/ should allow trips

Anonymous 7534

File: 1370718664736.gif (756.31 KB, 300x169, like i give a fuck.gif)

>it shouldn't

Anonymous 7535


Anonymous 7536

File: 1370718790359.gif (998.24 KB, 500x264, 1366239415305.gif)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 7537

File: 1370718893099.png (161.9 KB, 751x600, Chrysalis x anon.png)


Is there a need or desire for sustained identity across threads, or only within a thread? If, say, /anon/ allowed tripcodes (but NOT names) and hashed them differently in each thread, anyone who wanted one could get a secure identity that would last for one thread.


Excellent debate.

Anonymous - Element of Legion 7538

File: 1370718956152.jpg (17.59 KB, 217x225, 1362825874336.jpg)

No it shouldn't because the board is literally called 'anon'.

Anonymous 7539

>Is there a need or desire for sustained identity across threads, or only within a thread? If, say, /anon/ allowed tripcodes (but NOT names) and hashed them differently in each thread, anyone who wanted one could get a secure identity that would last for one thread.
A lot of writers on /mlp/ got to be well known across several generals. We like trippers when they're creating content. I still say we just put no hard restrictions on it, and let us police ourselves.
>Excellent debate
Hi, our name is /mlp/, nice to meet you

Fine, then let's rename it /mostly anon but trips are allowed but discouraged/

Anonymous 7540

File: 1370719083186.gif (306.71 KB, 200x100, 1364685805982.gif)

Anonymous - Element of Legion 7541

File: 1370719120656.gif (947.41 KB, 266x199, 1358836735195.gif)

/mostly anon but trips are allowed but discouraged/
You're not really getting the point of the board.

Anonymous 7542

Some people like to carry their trips around with them, some like to use different trips for different things. They should have the option for sustained trips, but not forced to sustain them.

Anonymous 7543

We're re-purposing a dead board. There's literally no reason other than you being butthurt why we can't just call it /mlp2/ or something and allow trips. The board is just a hive for /refugees/ at this point, it's not mainly being used to escape tripfaggery.

Anonymous - Element of Legion 7544

File: 1370719448433.jpg (46.27 KB, 776x602, 1362577677608.jpg)

>/anon/ allowed tripcodes
Dead =/= bad
>it's not mainly being used to escape tripfaggery.
Oh but it is. Some people (like myself) actually enjoy a purely Anonymous environment, and don't care for CYOAs or things of that nature.

Anonymous 7545

>Some people (like myself) actually enjoy a purely Anonymous environment, and don't care for CYOAs or things of that nature.
You're namefagging while arguing this. QED atheists.

Anonymous 7546

File: 1370719659508.gif (199.74 KB, 400x400, tumblr_inline_mndx63jGXO1qz4rg…)


Chen - Element of Honk 7547

File: 1370719768884.png (48.13 KB, 227x223, 1365881256487.png)

This isn't a purely Anonymous environment.

Lets us find your post easily, cool.

AFAIK CYOAs can just go on /fic/ can't they, so what's the issue?

Anonymous 7548

Could just include an Anonymizer in the options like 4chanX. Wouldn't be hard.

Anonymous 7549

You seem to be the only person with a problem repurposing /anon/. So…
This is a good idea.

Anonymous 7550

/fic/ is mostly unused except by people seeking reviews of fanfics they've written

Chen - Element of Honk 7551

File: 1370720036820.png (47.53 KB, 209x193, 1365880378073.png)

I hate it when people say things like that.

>You seem to be the only person with a problem repurposing /anon/
>You seem to be the only person with a problem turning the only highschool in the country into a post secondary school

Anonymous 7552

You've yet to give one reason why I should listen to you, or think you have the superior stance in this debate.

Willy Wonka - Element of Condescension 7553

File: 1370720264722.jpg (133.73 KB, 1920x1080, 13488.jpg)

>/fic/ is mostly unused except by people seeking reviews of fanfics they've written
Use it then.

Whatever you say.

Fact remains /anon/ is /anon/, that's the whole point of the board.

Anonymous 7554

File: 1370720609377.jpg (440.13 KB, 648x900, clop_crusade_by_curtsibling-d6…)

>Fact remains /anon/ is /anon/, that's the whole point of the board.

Anonymous 7556

File: 1370720755033.jpg (120.61 KB, 960x540, 1370409151842.jpg)

Yep. It looks like it's going to be something like:

$(document).ready( function() {
$('.name').each( function() {
if($(this) != 'Anonymous') {

In fact, I'm sure it's already around here somewhere.

This is a bad argument because it's on level with re-purposing /anon/ because it's a dead board.

Why so serious about trips?

Anonymous 7557

File: 1370720790767.png (6.52 KB, 201x199, who even trolling.png)

Any time anyone wants to jump in to get things back on topic, feel free, /mlp/ arguments don't really go anywhere once they've reached this point

Anonymous 7558

I'm not saying don't use it, I'm saying people probably don't want to get shoved off to it because no one ever goes there. /fic/ is kind of a unique place too, it's only really used for reviewing fanfics, and reviewers may not be happy about people coming in to repurpose it with generals

Anonymous 7559

The fewer toes we can step on, the better.

Anonymous 7560

Yeah. I'm sure /fic/ would have mixed feelings about it like /oat/. Just another reason for catalogs and filters.

## Mod 7561

File: 1370721283361.png (226.73 KB, 1125x1000)

Keep your thoughts coming guys!~

In regards to some of the generals; are they needed as single, recurring threads that much anymore?
Back on /mlp/ you were restricted to a single board, with a lot of people condensed into it, so I can understand the need for generals etc. But now some of you are considering the move here, where you're not restricted to a single board, would some of the generals not make sense simply dispersing, as that kind of content is pretty much the norm on x board?

If that's absurd and I'm completely missing the point, do say so.

Anonymous 7562

There are several options we should consider.

First, is re-purposing /anon/

What this would look like:
>/anon/ would allow trips/names
>it would continue to allow tagged nsfw content
>it would allow a broad range of content, pony and otherwise
>it would be renamed to something like /mlp/, /gen/, etc

My concern is that this creates what is essentially several redundancies. a SFW /chat/ for non-pony, a SFW /oat/ for pony, and a NSFW /chatoat/ for either. Basically there'd be no reason for the tag to even exist, since NSFW /wahtevernamewe decide/ would only be for nsfw threads anyways; sfw threads that were pony would just go to /oat/, sfw threads that were non-pony would just go to /chat/, and makes the tag pretty much pointless. And it also means there'd be a sort of division between people that use those boards, and perhaps more baords than are needed (and more boards tends to be bad, just look at Ponychan.)

The other possibility, as I see it…:

/mlp/ wants to be able to enjoy adult content in some of its threads/generals. It also wants the option to use names/trips. We could:

>merge /chat/ and /anon/

>call it /random/ or something
>we'd have 3 primary boards - /pony/ for srs show discussion, /oat/ for sfw, non-srs pony, and /random/ for everything else, including nsfw (if tagged.)
>/random/ (or whatever name) would allow trips, would allow the nsfw tag
>one less total board, less division
>/random/ would accept all threads, serials, generals, and have them in its directory for easy linking
>this would mean a little less division between boards. and with the tag off by default, newcomers wouldn't have to see the adult content anyways, and regulars here wouldn't either if they didn't want to, but could if they did want to and participate with the newcomers in them and mingle freely, not put off by the thought of visiting a separate board.. the newcomers as well would be encouraged to see the other threads and interact if something interested them

The board structure would look something like:

/site/ - site issues
/arch/ - archives

/pony/ - show discussion, serious canon discussion
/oat/ - pony general, /oat/'s usual silliness and established community

/fic/ - serious fanfic discussion and review
/rp/ - roleplaying general
/ooc/ - roleplay planning and out-of-character discussion

/random/ - all the things, with the nsfw tag

/pic/ - all pic dumps (and I mean all of them, only thing not allowed on /random/ would be pic dumps)
/art/ - artist threads, showcase threads, galleries

Anonymous 7563

There's another potential solution to the problem of NSFW generals. Mature tagged threads could be allowed on /chat/ (although maybe with the caveat of "no porn dumps" to keep it from being abused)

Anonymous 7564

Lel, I just said as much here >>7562
though in many more words, heh

Dante - Element of Fuck You 7565

File: 1370721566437.png (125.19 KB, 348x228, 1361851247640.png)

>Why so serious about trips?
Trips belong on boards which aren't /anon/.

>/anon/ would allow trips/names
This is a contradiction.
>it would be renamed to something like /mlp/, /gen/, etc
Just make a new board.

>merge /chat/ and /anon/

>call it /random/ or something
Why do you hate Anons? Can you seriously not handle the fact there's a forced Anon board?

Anonymous 7566

I would also include an Anonymizer in such a plan.

Dante - Element of Fuck You 7567

File: 1370721650600.png (340.47 KB, 556x393, 1362405455157.png)

>I would also include an Anonymizer in such a plan.
That's sidestepping the issue.
>Why do you hate Anons? Can you seriously not handle the fact there's a forced Anon board?

Anonymous 7568

I can. Seems others can't, or would like the option. It's about freedom.

It's not the same thing to be forced into something than it is to CHOOSE it.

Anonymous 7569

File: 1370721725610.jpg (58.79 KB, 536x504, 136424688465.jpg)


>only thing not allowed on /random/ would be pic dumps)


!!Fluttershy 7570

Another possibility is leaving /anon/ as it is, all anon, with mature on by default for /mlp/ to post as it wishes, and moving the generals to /chat/.

That comes to the price of the generals having no porn. but so far they;ve been on SFW boards here and have not expressed any discomfort…

Anonymous 7571

Milky Way would be severely limited by this.

Anonymous 7572

pic dumps would need to be in pic because they'd just clog up the board.

Anonymous 7573

Some of the generals are inherently NSFW though

Anonymous 7574

File: 1370721884901.jpg (134.65 KB, 1024x1036, nurse_deadheart_by_stanwuuz-d6…)

that isn't a problem on slow boards/sites

Anonymous 7575

yeah the nature of milky way is nsfw

Anonymous 7576

We also don't want to overrun anyone here, however. I feel this is decent compromise, and would ask that you provide some worthwhile critique or suggestions of your own.

Dante - Element of Fuck You 7577

File: 1370722008072.jpg (103.19 KB, 514x343, 1361859490512.jpg)

>It's about freedom.
>It's not the same thing to be forced into something than it is to CHOOSE it.
So what. The board is forced Anon. Want to trip? Post on a different board.

Anonymous 7578

You know what, Donte is right. Anonymity is the 'board culture' of /anon/, just like SFW is the 'culture' of /oat/, etc. But when you use 'board culture' as an argument, you have to realize that every board has a 'culture' that's not the same as /mlp/'s. There has to be some leeway somewhere. Still, we should probably leave /anon/ anonymous.

Generals will always be #Cyclic because a lot of people are really interested in the theme and produce new content. It seems like generals aren't many around here because there haven't been many people. The board location doesn't matter, though, not in the slightest.

If there is NSFW capability, there will be NSFW generals. Might as well be prepared.

Seriously though, we a place for

2) trip
3) generals
simultaneously. I expect that this caveat is holding up a lot of content producers.

Anonymous 7579

Ok, lets see
/anon/ works as it is, the ocational general, random threads and some porn dumps. Something for everyone.

/pic/ can work for nsfw dumps as well, but banning nsfw dumps on /anon/ is stupid because a dump and a nsfw disscution can have a very grey line.

## Mod 7580

File: 1370722280780.png (114.01 KB, 500x750)

If a general is based around a certain pony or type of image, would having it in /pic/ not work?

Anonymous 7581

my position is that integrating them as much as possible into the site is best, not trying to shoehorn them into different spot

Anonymous 7582

But what about the writers. Not all of the generals are strictly artwork

## Mod 7583

File: 1370722510273.jpg (110.37 KB, 900x675)

It seems a little ironic that a demand for housing for generals based around fanwork should shoot up just as we remove /fan/.

## Mod 7584

File: 1370722555119.png (242.68 KB, 798x924)

And how is giving them a place to be on an existing board not integration?

Anonymous 7585

Isolated boards aren't good for generals in the first place, simply because they require an audience of interested viewers to have any incentive to create content. Hence why I am against as many divisions as possible.

Because of the above. A general is not a long-term fan project or image dump.

Anonymous 7586

My big WHY are boards labeled SFW/NSFW when you can switch it on/off and it's off by default? You can browse this entire site and not know if there was something lewd posted right under your nose.

I just don't get it.

Anonymous 7587

We'll have /all/ and the #Cyclic tag. With 2 clicks, you'll be able to see every general on the site. This is almost a non-issue at this point.

Anonymous 7588

File: 1370722730890.png (163.51 KB, 375x436, buster2.png)

>create content
>A general is not a long-term fan project or image dump.
>A general is not a long-term fan project

## Mod 7589

File: 1370722797685.jpg (20.77 KB, 329x350)

But these generals we're aiming to accommodate already have interested viewers who create content, and have been doing so for long enough to establish it as something that needs to be continuous.

Matter of principle, really. It divides boards into people who want to see porn and people who don't, when many boards simply don't need porn to start with.

Anonymous 7590

Then what's the point of blocking #Mature by default? Doesn't this policy result in shadow boards like /art/-/pic/ when one would suffice?

Anonymous 7591

Also a part of why I think what I do. Making/anon/ into a board where trips are allowed means the only difference between it and /chat/ or /oat/ is that it allows nsfw, with the added division of a tag.

#cyclic tag doesn't factor into this. all it does is prune all posts older than the last 500 posts in a thread, it doesn't stop it from being saged, and we don't know how long /all/ will take.

you know what i mean, sarcastic anon

so how many viewers and passersby and new eyes is a general going to get stuffed away on some dead board on a new site?
look, you know who I am, for those who don't I have been here from the start, and I have no illusions about the fact this isn't a huge site like /mlp/ with infinite access to new eyeballs, and limiting a content-creating general to the fucking /pic/ board of an already niche topic of my little pony of a newer site is beyond balls-out retarded, and gives the people who make the content zero fucking incentive to create and show off new content if only the same people are always going to see it. this is about growth, less division, streamlining and the long term future ofhte site.

Dante (not Donte) - Element of Demon Killing 7592

File: 1370723319351.jpg (27.58 KB, 403x366, 1360216796182.jpg)

>Making/anon/ into a board where trips are allowed means the only difference between it and /chat/ or /oat/ is that it allows nsfw, with the added division of a tag.
Thus making it not /anon/.
Making /barn/ or some shit with mature tags to contain all the generals would be a far more logical thing to do.

Anonymous 7593

Having a serial/general board was something ponychan tried and only pissed everyone off since it was basically a quarantine zone.

## Mod 7594

File: 1370723377709.jpg (102.35 KB, 555x630)

Well, /art/ is for artists to post their work, wip images, and to take requests and commissions etc.
Whereas /pic/ is more or less imagedumps.

Right, for a start, the /pic/ thing was just an idea. Not a serious suggestion.

And secondly, how is putting their content on /chat/, a board that you yourself said is dead outside of serials, any different? You're basically saying that we shouldn't try and introduce new life to boards, because nobody would see it, whilst at the same time pushing the idea of introducing new life to a dead board.

Anonymous 7595

Because /chat/ is at least by definition a centralized hub .

Dante (not Donte) - Element of Demon Killing 7596

File: 1370723527582.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 1359971589680.jpg)

>basically a quarantine zone
Well yeah, but so is /vg/, and /mlp/ for that matter and /vg/ does just dandy.

Anonymous 7597

>not a steaming pile of ass

Anonymous 7598

File: 1370723660662.jpg (580.72 KB, 900x3866, what.jpg)

everything /v/ related is a steaming pile of ass

Admiral Yang Wenli 7599

Well it kind of worked. But that's because Ponychan's serials don't actually do anything but faff about. Well, they do things, but it's all community based stuff.

/mlp/'s serials, with a couple exceptions (looking at you MLPG) are actually about discussing and producing content. They need the random passers by looking at them. And while /gala/ threads get random passers by from other /gala/ threads, it isn't as much as if it were posted on another board.

MLPchan's serials fall into the former category, but they and MLPG combined don't warrant a full board to themselves.

As much as I hate to say it, because I don't in any way shape or form like looking through the generals while trying to browse /mlp/, you can't just shunt them off to another board.

Anonymous 7600


Snoop Dogg - Element of The Chronic 7601

File: 1370724002843.jpg (49.85 KB, 420x420, 1370257132310.jpg)

Only because it's full of refu/v/ees and each thread has developed a shitpost culture.

I meant a board not specifically for generals but a random board with mature tags.

Anonymous 7602

Misunderstanding on my part. Making a #General tag takes 2 seconds.

/fan/ is not the answer. Most of /fic/ and /art/ could go there. If it can be posted in more than one place, one of them is unnecessary.

Yeah. Making a board called /dmz/ and allowing anything pony could work. But again, if it can be posted in more than one place, the database isn't normalize and can use further optimization. There's got to be a better solution.

/all/ + #General (off) would work.
>inb4 how long

## Mod 7603

File: 1370724190150.jpg (36.59 KB, 663x543)


I was wondering if this was still a thing people supported, because if it provides what people need I know it's something that's been tossed around as an idea for the site for a while.

Anonymous 7604


So much this. As a General poster I can confirm that's how we get people involved.

Anonymous 7605

It's why I want there to be as few boards as possible so there's as little division as we can manage.

pony - srs show talk
oat - silly pony stuff
mlp/random/whatever name - generals, mature content, and off-topic

and then of course the specific boards like roleplay and fic that need their own space

Anonymous 7606

Speedy browsing of all the boards is really needed. With over 1000 threads active on the site at anytime, having a hyper-catalog where you can easily filter through all of them easily would be a godsend. Also, search feature please.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7609

File: 1370724774969.jpg (108.78 KB, 225x350, heinessen.jpg)

Well /fic/ /arch/ /pic/ and /rp/ fill special niches just due to the nature of the boards. A few of them could be folded in, and /arch/ could be replaced with something like Foolz or Heinessen, but they are there for a reason, no doubt.

I'd be behind allowing /pony/ and /oat/ topics in /mlp/b/anon/whatever/, though, or, as mentioned, just include an /all/ and promote it so that people actually use the damn thing as the standard instead of like on Ponychan where almost no one uses it for anything.

Anonymous 7610

yeah, i mean fic art pic rp fill their roles, they can be left as they are.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7611

File: 1370724930386.jpg (39.48 KB, 300x225, 300px-Heinessen_(BD).jpg)

Then all you're saying is "fuck /chat/"?

I'm for fucking /chat/, but I don't post there, so it's not my call.

Anonymous 7612

i'm saying fuck the division between /chat/ and this theoretical /anon/ with trips allowed. the only difference between them would be that one has an nsfw tag, so A) there might as well not be a tag and b) if there's a tag it should just be one board in the first place.

/site/ - /arch/
/pony/ - /oat/
/fic/ - /rp/ - /ooc/
/pic/ - /art/
/random/ (/chat/ whatever)

Anonymous 7613

File: 1370725178940.png (99.23 KB, 343x305, 1370048185230.png)

>no /anon/

Admiral Yang Wenli 7614

Agreed. Forced anon is overrated anyways.

Anonymous 7615

Most people coming over from /mlp/ don't care whether it's forced anon or not. They might post anonymously themselves, but they don't actually care about the forced anon. They care about being accepted and welcomed and being able to post nsfw content if they want to, and many have exxpressed that they think having the option to use names would be a good idea.

Anonymous 7616


This, oh god this. Just let us post whatever we want, keep ID codes off and we'll give you one hell of a board.

Anonymous 7617



Anonymous 7618

That too. ID codes a shit.

Anonymous 7619

File: 1370725563341.gif (31.02 KB, 245x245, leeyebrowface.gif)

>Agreed. Forced anon is overrated anyways.
>they think having the option to use names would be a good idea
The *option* exists on other boards.
Why do you hate Anons? Can you seriously not handle the fact there's a forced Anon board?

Anonymous 7620


Okay, okay, okay. We need to approach this so that for every thread, there is one and only one place were it makes sense to put it. No more of this cross-board linking nonsense.

/site/ - site discussion
/pony/ - strict show discussion (no OC)
/fic/ - all fanworks predominantly fiction and its discussion
/art/ - all fanworks predominantly art and its discussion (/pic/ would have a tag inside /art/ - filter it)
/rp/ - role play and its discussion (/ooc/ would have a tag inside /rp/)
/chat/ - off topic discussion
/anon/ - forced anon for anything

What part of /oat/ doesn't fit into the above? "My circle I share with friends" should be moved to /chat/. The argument against it before was that /b/read was blocking it out. The problem was inefficient filtering. That is what needs to be addressed.

No more redundant boards.

Anonymous 7621


What the actual fuck did I say here >>7616 that made you think I hate anons, given that I'm one myself?

Anonymous 7622

I think we need the /anon/ board, but called something else, and without forced anonymous in case people need to identify themselves for something. Just something without any nsfw rules or anything would be great. A nice free for all place.

Anonymous 7623

A misquote given I thought you were agreeing with >>7615 who seems to be saying /anon/ should no longer be forced anon (or exist).

Admiral Yang Wenli 7624

File: 1370725991975.jpg (61.74 KB, 363x475, image.jpg)

I would be all for murdering /oat/ in it's sleep, but I don't think they'll take that lying down.

People can keep themselves anon. I've never used a name on /mlp/ once. Forced anon means thread IDs and unidentifiable content producers. Not to mention avatarfagging to circumvent the anon.

It's a gimmicky concept that worked for MLPchan in the past, but makes no sense as the main board on the site.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7625


I would expand this just a little.

/site/ - site discussion
/arch/ - archives (we'll probably do something more robust for an archive at a later date though.)
/pony/ - strictly show discussion (and other official material like the comics) (no OC)
/fic/ - all fanworks predominantly fiction and its discussion
/img/ - all fanworks predominantly art or picture related
/rp/ - role play and its discussion (/ooc/ would have a tag inside /rp/) (/ooc/ possibly still it's own board, /rp/ and /ooc/ here combine for several thousand posts a day and they were the ones who initially requested the division)
/oat/ - it's own board culture exists. it can't really be axed without really aggravating people who have been mistreated before at ponychan.
/chat/ - off topic discussion
/anon/ - a board with an nsfw tag available AND an anonymous tag available - not forced anon, but all threads would have the option to be anonymous-only and/or adult content.

Anonymous 7626

It seems like a lot of people don't realize that the sub-boards are actually filters of the site itself. The lack of more advanced features keeps them from seeing that.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7627

Oh, and an /all/, of course.

Anonymous 7628

>Forced anon means thread IDs
No it doesn't. It's actually a misnomer because thread IDs are not truly anonymous.

>Not to mention avatarfagging to circumvent the anon.

Meh, people can impersonate them, and there's no name to associate with the avatar.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7629

What purpose would /chat/ serve?

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7630

Possibly none. I'm personally for merging it with /anon/, but there's some differences of opinion on that. =\

Anonymous 7631

File: 1370726260705.jpg (120.36 KB, 801x524, killmenow.jpg)

>/anon/ - a board with an nsfw tag available AND an anonymous tag available - not forced anon, but all threads would have the option to be anonymous-only and/or adult content.
>anonymous tag
>not forced anon

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7632

>if I keep saying it, people will pay attention to me!

Anonymous 7633

File: 1370726291541.jpg (189.32 KB, 566x800, dat face.jpg)

Remove /chat/.

Anonymous 7634

I was on the other side of the fence at first, but /anon/ with optional anonymity is the epitome of redundancy (unless it's the only NSFW board - in which case it should be /nsfw/).

Anonymous 7635

File: 1370726501560.jpg (1.56 MB, 1700x1129, 1362397006647.jpg)

Who are you quoting, son?

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7636

That would look something like this:

/all/ - all boards
/site/ - site discussion
/arch/ - archives

Strictly Ponies:
/pony/ - show discussion (and other official material like the comics)
/oat/ - the /oat/ culture and pony silliness

Strictly Fanwork:
/fic/ - all fanworks predominantly fiction and its discussion
/img/ - all fanworks predominantly art or picture related

Strictly Roleplay:
/rp/ - roleplaying threads
/ooc/ - roleplay discussion/off-topic threads

/random/ - all off-topic, general serial threads, with an nsfw tag available and an anonymous tag available

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7637

(of course we could do the reverse with random, and make it anonymous by default and the tag allow trips in tagged threads.)

Anonymous 7638

File: 1370726954054.png (42.81 KB, 351x327, 1359883769030.png)

>no /anon/
10/10 gud ruse m8

Admiral Yang Wenli 7639

File: 1370726994541.gif (361.4 KB, 378x400, ThumbsUp.gif)

Attention whores are annoying. We get it. Just check the forced anon button in the settings tab .

>checks settings tab

What kind of heathen imageboard doesn't have a forced anon option? Seriously, someone should get on this.

Besides, splitting the two would effectively mean there would be a board for generals and a board for porn, with everyone else spread thin between the other two. It would be pointlessly dividing the userbase and lowering traffic everywhere.


That would work, considering the people who frequent generals would immediately turn it on, and the general populace would still not notice some attention whore waving their dick around. They would die from lack of attention.

Anonymous 7640

I reiterate that the links at the top of the page are simply quick filters on the site as a whole. However, the arrangement in >>7637. Is agreeable.

Anonymous 7641

>/oat/ - my culture
Database administrators weep in their graves. But it's still an agreeable state of affairs.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7642

Yeah, /oat/ exists to perpetuate it's own existence. At this point, the place is a retirement home. They were a huge part of founding the chan, though, so we have to pay their veterans benefits pension fund with a pointless board.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7643

>muh board culture
Heh. I get what you mean.

So yeah, just as my opinion as a fellow user:

/all/ - all boards (will discuss how quickly we can get this made with our SysAdmin)
/site/ - site discussion
/arch/ - archives (will also discuss what better alternatives there are available)

/pony/ - show discussion (and other official material like the comics)
/oat/ - the /oat/ culture and pony silliness as well as some off-topic non-serial stuff, sfw

/fic/ - all fanworks predominantly fiction and its discussion
/img/ - all fanworks predominantly art or picture related (will talk to SysAdmin about how easy it will be to merge /art/ and /pic/, and then redo it's sticky/directory)

/rp/ - roleplaying threads
/ooc/ - roleplay discussion/off-topic threads

/random/ - all off-topic, general serial threads, with an nsfw tag available, anonymous by default with a tag allowing trips for threads if they want

Obviously we need to get more user input as it's only a handful of us discussing it, and the staff need to discuss it internally as well.

Anonymous 7644

File: 1370727496181.jpg (15.35 KB, 553x351, 1363807787112.jpg)

>forced anon option
>actually called Anonymize
>posting style
>post content
>people responding to them by name

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7645

>implying you could do anything about avatarfagging even with forced anon
>implying you could do anything about posting style even with forced anon

Anonymous 7647


You have a board just for people who were mistreated at Ponychan? That seems just a tad ridiculous.

Anonymous 7648

>post content
>people responding to them by name
>being able to attach a name to the avatar due to this

Anonymous 7649

It was a board on there that was treated like shit and many left, and their board's purpose was duplicated here.

Although with recent events there's some redundancy.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7650

It is, but it's a state of affairs that can't really be avoided.

Think of it as a serial, with it's own board.

Anonymous 7651

No wonder they acted so severely when we first touched down. We thought /oat/ was /semi-pony/. I feel for them a bit since we're in their shoes now.

Could you put SFW/NSFW descriptors out to the side of all of the boards in that list, for visualization purposes?

Admiral Yang Wenli 7652

Boards in bold font have an NSFW option?


File: 1370728139815.jpg (84.23 KB, 1024x768, Military Stalkers.jpg)

Long story. Just sort've picture what happened on /mlp/. Except on a smaller scale.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7654

I really have no sleep right now so I might not be the clearest, please bear with me.

We have several different options we can do to try to best accommodate everyone.

Merge /chat/ into /oat/ and /anon/, make /anon/ forced anon with an option to allow trips, keep it's nsfw tag.

/all/ - all boards
/site/ - (sfw) site discussion
/arch/ - (mixed) archives

/pony/ - (sfw) show discussion (and other official material like the comics)
/oat/ - (sfw) the /oat/ culture and pony silliness as well as some off-topic non-serial stuff,

/fic/ - (nsfw tag) all fanworks predominantly fiction and its discussion
/img/ - (nsfw tag) all fanworks predominantly art or picture related

/rp/ - (sfw) roleplaying threads
/ooc/ - (sfw) roleplay discussion/off-topic threads

/random/ - (nsfw tag) all off-topic, general serial threads, anon by default with option for trips, nsfw tag

Keep /anon/ and /chat/ separate, allow a tag to allow trips or make it trip by default and with a tag to anonymize.

/all/ - (mixed) all boards
/site/ - (sfw) site discussion
/arch/ - (mixed) archives

/pony/ - (sfw) show discussion (and other official material like the comics)
/oat/ - (sfw) the /oat/ culture and pony silliness

/fic/ - (nsfw tag) all fanworks predominantly fiction and its discussion
/img/ - (nsfw tag) all fanworks predominantly art or picture related

/rp/ - (sfw) roleplaying threads
/ooc/ - (sfw) roleplay discussion/off-topic threads

/chat/ - (sfw) off-topic threads
/random/ - (nsfw tag) off-topic threads, general serial threads, anon by default with option for trips -or- trips on by default with option to anonymize

(the name /random/ subject to suggestions)

Anonymous 7655

I was actually talking about the list above (i.e. is /rp/ NSFW).

Anonymous 7656

Option #2… All of my yes! It's beautiful!

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7657

in your opinion, trips on by default or anonymous by default?

Anonymous 7658

File: 1370728397924.jpg (55.13 KB, 550x453, 1364554999940.jpg)

>no /anon/

Thanks generalfags.


File: 1370728412949.jpg (208.88 KB, 567x427, 1368646288081.jpg)

So, /oat/ would basically be what it was when ponychan first opened it?
I can dig this…

Anonymous 7660

Option 2.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7661

We can call it /anon/ and keep it anonymous by default.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7662

Option #1, no contest.

Anonymous 7663


Anon by default.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7664

File: 1370728459918.gif (83.98 KB, 85x62, 218216YRA8GITC.gif)

This job ain't easy, Admiral

Anonymous 7665

Definitely option #1.

Anonymous 7666

My bad - I missed /chat/ in #2. Option #1 - Default Anon in /random/.

Anonymous 7667


Either of those seem pretty good to me. Go for it.

Anonymous 7668


Isn't anonymous always the default? It's not like you can be assigned a name by default.

Anonymous 7669

But on the other hand, some people would be easily rustled by NSFW in /random/ regardless. And /chat/ wouldn't bother the people in /random/. Option #1 is best on systemic principles, but Option #2 is the best from a people-person standpoint.

After careful consideration, Option #2. Final answer. Anon default in /random/, trip default in /chat/.

We're talking about if you can see others' trips or not.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7670

But NSFW is hidden by default.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7671

technically yeah. i mean forced anon by default i guess

welp, we'll try to get more people's input so we have a good representative sample of the userbase. i also need to talk to the sysadmin about our progress on a catalog and /all/ as well as explore the different archival options for the future, and some other little things like Thread Expansion and how easy it would be to merge /pic/ and /art/, and then have a staff member ready to make a sticky for it and all that. possibly a staffing addition considering the extra activity. and i severely need a quick nap, so i'll get back to this a bit later tonight.

basically. the option could be: anonymizer, removes everyone's trips for -you- the viewer, or forced anon where individual threads could, like with nsfw tag, allow trips in them (or not.)

Anonymous 7672

I know. But I can hear the jimmies rustling even as I type. It wouldn't compromise /random/, especially with /all/.

Anonymous 7673


But if you can turned anon off at any point then it isn't really forced, is it? I'm not too picky about trips and whatnot, but I think if you just left everything default (where you start with no name but could add one if you wanted) it would work out fine.

Anonymous 7674

Anonymizer gives more freedom than forced anon, and anons who wanted all anons could just flip the Anonymizer switch. It's my choice - but I am merely one of many.

So, poll tonight?

Anonymous 7675

>Anonymizer gives more freedom than forced anon
>implying it's better
I seriously hope you're not serious.


I feel like moving the /b/ and /mlp/ community to the same board, even with an option for both of them, if going to lead to many battles and flame wars between the two user bases about attention-whoring and which is the 'correct' option to use. It also does nothing to prevent avataring, as mentioned. It doesn't really effect me, cause I'm in /p/AD on /pony/, but I don't think it's a good idea.

One the flipside, the most popular thread here, /b/ and friends (shown by traffic), will love to have their sfw tag lifted, I think. Just be prepared for the influx of underage loli to follow. The way they post in a sfw thread already leaves little to the imagination.

There are clearly two main communities who would occupy the purposed /random/ board, the /b/read community and the /mlp/, and attempts to make them co-exist in the past have failed miserably. Recall that one of these groups came to this site literally to escape the other. With this in mind, I see no reason to eliminate /anon/ as a board. It's what the /mlp/ posters want in their social structure, but it's clearly not something the other posters want, as it's been mostly ignored up until now.

All and all, I think this isn't the best idea.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7677

File: 1370730417850.png (147.59 KB, 700x700, ThreadPolice.png)

That's a good point. What in god's name do we do with /b/read?

The /mlp/ refugees don't want them, and if we get rid of /chat/ (which we should) would they just become a serial inside /oat/?

Anonymous 7678

/b/read belongs in random, /mlp/ers will be spread out between the boards. /b/read, just like any other thread, can be filtered. As long as they stick to the same thread name and/or tag, there really shouldn't be a problem.

Believe it or not, many /mlp/ers need trips for their work. /anon/ as it is isn't sufficient.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7679

File: 1370730667613.png (235.45 KB, 406x393, 131839524812.png)

>/b/read is a tag
>Off by default
This can only end in success.

Anonymous 7680

You know what must be done.

## Mod 7681

File: 1370730885000.jpg (29.06 KB, 582x483)

Won't things get confusing with two different /b/reads

I mean, there's already one here before /mlp/ came

Anonymous 7682

>Arise Marshmallow

Admiral Yang Wenli 7683

/b/read on /mlp/ moved whole hog to MLPchan well before The Scruffening, as far as I know.


If you name a board /random/, there's one main thread you're inviting… The original /random/ pony community. They'll end up there.

I personally don't see why we should eliminate /chat/, /b/read's board. Just let them have it. They've been the majority of traffic to the site for half a year now. Don't kick their hornet's nest.

Hey, I'm all for trips. I've got a very nice one myself. But some of the new people hate them. So let's leave the board where you simply can't use them. I'm not saying all /mlp/ posters have to stay on that board either. There's lots of other boards they can put their work up on.

Treating them like their a wart to be hidden by default is persecuting them, and not a great idea either. /mlp/ has been here three days. /b/ half a year. That suggestion sounds like you're tossing them aside rather quickly.

Anonymous 7685

The /b/read that's here is the /b/read from /mlp/. There shouldn't be duplication, but expect more chickun.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 7686

File: 1370731164321.png (123.24 KB, 500x500, Wingnibble coltcuddler.png)

If the proposed /random/ is to have a rough attitude in which tripcodes are strongly discouraged, then keeping a softer /chat/ seems like a good idea.


>the most popular thread here, /b/ and friends (shown by traffic), will love to have their sfw tag lifted, I think.

Last I heard, there's a significant split within /b/ and friends on the question of porn. Of course, that's ultimately their conundrum to solve.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7687

To me it sounds like putting peace and quiet before entitlement, but hey.

I guess /chat/ could be /b/read's board, but why wouldn't you just call it /b/read, then to avoid a whole lot of confusion. ESPECIALLY if you want it to be NSFW. Why have a NSFW /chat/ and a NSFW /random/. What would that do?

Anonymous 7688

>I'm not saying all /mlp/ posters have to stay on that board either. There's lots of other boards they can put their work up on.

But a limited number of nsfw boards, and none of the ones that are nsfw are general in any way. It splits up the /mlp/ community's artists and writers. Both from each other and their followers.


File: 1370731312410.jpg (1.72 MB, 2048x1536, stalker_fan_art____by_danilina…)

And with a /all/ board, folk who like their stuff on one page can have that too.
I assume /all/ will have filters for boards, but what about tags? I mean, can I filter off, say, a cyclic tagged post, or something?

## Mod 7690

File: 1370731319834.gif (11.32 KB, 50x50)

Oh. Here I was thinking there was a seperate /b/read over there all this time.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7691

No, there's only two /b/ related pony threads. /b/ & friends here and the /b/ pony thread on actual /b/ on 4chan. Though that one has… become something different.

Anonymous 7692

File: 1370731544963.gif (551.51 KB, 300x168, 1369261639036.gif)

/b/read is still on /b/, they shit up /q/ (mostly WuMA does), rarely post on /mlp/, and inter-board raid sometimes as well.

Anonymous 7693


How would /all/ work with creating threads, though? It's great for people who want to browse everything, but not so great for people who want to get their threads to everyone.

## Mod 7694

File: 1370731633325.jpg (237.73 KB, 600x600)

Yeah, last time I saw what remains of the old one it was just porn.
Astounds me that Aeris was mad at me for not going back there.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7695

You can't post threads on /all/. If you want everyone to see it, ask the mods in /meta/ to put it in the announcement area.

Anonymous 7696

>New thread at top of page
>Forced to select a tag corresponding to the proper board


/chat/ isn't NSFW. I like that's it's SFW and would like to keep it that way.

/chat/ as a board is fine. People can do their hello threads and talk about music and vidya. No problem.

/random/ can be for stuff like this

Hope those link ok. I've never cross board linked before.


Dang. Well, one was nothing but troll faces and another was a jeep screaming WEEEELLLLLLLL

Admiral Yang Wenli 7699

>/chat/ isn't NSFW
But you want /b/read to be NSFW and you want /b/read to be on /chat/. Thus you want /chat/ to be NSFW.

Crossboard link like this.


Anonymous 7700

So you want Option #1. Told you there would be jimmy rustling, Admiral.

Anonymous 7701

*Option #2. Multi-tasking.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7702

File: 1370732098586.png (346.88 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2013-03-31-02h54m57s80…)

Why can't everyone just agree with all my opinions and do what I say?


File: 1370732199794.png (28.42 KB, 945x945, sweetieshrug.png)

No, /b/read is sfw right now, and we really need to keep it that way. I visit there sometimes and don't want to look at the stuff some of them already post there if it were uncensored.

Personally, I want option #0. I'd call that one "Don't muck around with things 3 days after a new community shows up and isn't sure if they're going to stay yet." That's where my vote would lie.

Anonymous 7704

cuz namefagging lel

so long as there is a board that supports NSFW and optional trips… I don't really care what it's called so long as I know where to find it.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7705

File: 1370732632390.png (284.08 KB, 458x476, Croppedvlcsnap-2013-03-31-02h5…)

Oh, so you're on the other side of the "/b/read should allow porn" argument? Well then what do you think is going to happen with all the people who want to have porn in /b/read?

Eh, fuck it, I don't know what's going on over on your front.

But I'm special and no one understands that!

But seriously, I guess I'm probably worrying over nothing. /mlp/ refugees won't "get confused" by /chat/ and splinter. They're intelligent people, they can figure that shit out. As long as there is an option for trips to exist so generals aren't forced onto /chat/. As much as I would prefer option #1, I guess it wouldn't change much either way.

Anonymous 7706

Looking at this board even from a programmer's standpoint, it's obvious that more features would make for a better user experience. The SFW /b/read would still exist in /chat/. All of their interests would be preserved, while improving the user experience for many. Even the forced anon option would be available for threads.

Anonymous 7707

I think trying to split /mlp/ up into many boards would be the shoehorning. /mlp/ is /mlp/. It doesn't really fit in any other boards.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7708

>ITT:/mlp/ is /oat/

That said, I agree with you.

Anonymous 7709

Assuming all of /mlp/ can go into /random/, option 2 seems like the best one. I dislike the name /random/, as it doesn't really describe its purpose though.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7710

File: 1370734546741.jpg (16.01 KB, 640x480, Scooby.doo.jpg)

Agreed. /mlp/ would be unnecessarily confusing and somewhat presumptuous. /anon/ wouldn't be accurate.

We could, hilariously, rename it /pony/ and name /pony/ /show/

Anonymous 7711

This is just a thought, so roll with me on this.

/all/ would be a virtual board, and the current boards would have a corresponding hashtag (e.g. #arch for /arch/). Now we've had an issue about the proposed deletion of /anon/, but I don't think that it really needs to be. Here's why.

If /all/ is virtual, and the boards have tags, then it should be a fairly small script edit to have more virtual boards. In addition, the navigation we see at the top of the page could be a modular dashboard - much like the taskbar in most OSes. Then, with proper tagging, people could have the boards they want.

In this example, #anon would not only force anonymity onto a thread, but from the /all/ page (or a tag cloud page), you could select the #anon tag with the option to "add to navigation". Then the /anon/ board would appear at the top of your page, much like it does now. /general/ wouldn't have to have a physical table in the system, but users could access it like the do /art/. This could even be extended to things like /lyra/ or /larson/.


Anonymous 7712

>Don't muck around with things 3 days after a new community shows up and isn't sure if they're going to stay yet
Hence why it would be better to just create a new board for /mlp/ than try to divide and shoehorn them into the existing boards.

If the requirements aren't met, you can be pretty sure that they aren't going to stay, and if things go back to normal and the board isn't used anymore, it could simply be deleted.

Anonymous 7713

>We could, hilariously, rename it /pony/ and name /pony/ /show/
Admittedly /pony/ would describe it much better, considering that ponies is the one thing everything in /mlp/ has in common.

And I guess /show/ would describe the current /pony/ better too, seeing as show discussion is its purpose.
I'm unsure how the existing /pony/ community would feel about it though.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 7714

They would murder me in my sleep. Ponychan summarily changed the name of their board from /pony/ to /show/ without warning and started a near riot.

Anonymous 7715

tr;dl everyone can have their boards and more with the right filtering system, stop arguing.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7716

You might not know, but part of the reason MLPchan was founded was the immensely butthurt and influential /pony/ tripfags who threw a shitfit over the changing of /pony/ to /show/ in order to make /oat/ /pony/.

The name change itself wasn't the main reason for the shitstorm, though. It was how it was handled, and it was far from "summarily"

You know all that, though.

Anonymous 7717


MLPchan was founded because of a name change? That's almost as ridiculous as creating a board for the people who got so butthurt in the first place.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7718

File: 1370735403410.jpg (44.53 KB, 713x240, Ponychan staff.jpg)

Yeah, well it was a composite of several ridiculous things, all of which seemed like big deals at the time, and one that actually was a big deal and likely caused the other ones.

Anonymous 7719

It wasn't so much the name change as even a part of it, more the reason for the name change - one of numerous arbitrary, capricious acts by the administration. Poor choices, bad decisions, lack of direction, strict rules, bi-polar enforcement of those rules, unwanted changes to groups and group identity, the admin being absent weeks (even months) at a time and rapid mod turnover due to a toxic backroom environment in addition to numerous insane backroom situations like Zamoonda and a rigid "old guard" of mods.

Anonymous 7720


Who's Zamoonda?


Zamoonda is a hivemind of about five posters who conquered ponychan and broke their admin's heart, I think. There's a wiki somewhere.

Anonymous 7722

So what does the automatic Zamoonda detector do?

Admiral Yang Wenli 7723

Broke a mod's heart and it was actually one person. But yeah. Zamoonda is the reason MLPchan exists.

The amount of bullshit of a goddamn pony website is staggering.

Detects your Zamoondaness.

Anonymous 7724

Anonymous 7725


So Zamoonda was bangin' Ponychan's admin so hard that he couldn't interact with the site and was gone for months so a board's name got changed and then someone made MLPchan?


Sees how close your name is to Zamoonda's. It's just a joke.

Anonymous 7727

Well, not exactly. There's also that the ponychan admin behaved like Scruffy if Scruffy took month-long vacations and then came back strung out on meth with horrifyingly bad ideas about how the site should be run and made terrible decisions and made his mods ban people for no good reason.

Whimsical Magnus 7728


Anonymous 7729


Whimsical Magnus 7730

Anonymous 7731


Oh man, you guys have got to hear about Dragongate.


4chan has this unofficial virtual soccer tournament, with each board having their own team. 1 team manager turned out to have been managing a total of 17 teams, each with a different identity.

Anonymous 7732

The site could use a proper archive where it's possible to search for active threads.

Whimsical Magnus 7733

welp got something for you it seems Moot was on vacation and he just got back learned what scruffy was doing to us and he's NOT happy


File: 1370737599321.png (17.15 KB, 150x143, sweetie399.png)

Yay! Well, it was nice meeting you all /mlp/. I guess now we all go back to hating each other? Good luck to you!

Anonymous 7735

>tfw the ride is ogre
So, should we stay, or go back to /mlp/?

Anonymous 7736

How did you find out about this? Have you got a link to a thread?

Anonymous 7737


Sounds like bull to me. I'm still over on /mlp/ and I'm not seeing anything that would indicate any of this.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7738

Yeah, we need sources.

Whimsical Magnus 7739

the gens are being left alone and everything is returning to normal https://boards.4chan.org/mlp/res/11229790#p11232616

…I hope

Anonymous 7740

>anon says some random comment in random thread
Canon, truth, bible.

Yeah, or there could just be no janitors watching at the moment.

Anonymous 7741

>implying a random comment and a momentarily lapse of the storm means it's over, or solves any of the underlying problems

Whimsical Magnus 7742

look for your self then I'm not saying I'm right but from what I'm seeing stuff is returning to normal

Anonymous 7743

I for one am staying right here until we see some serious changes for the better on /mlp/. Once we get our nightly porn dumps, horse porn threads, and shitty generals back then I'll consider returning.

Currently it still seems to be full of ponychanners.

Anonymous 7744


This one. Just because a single general wasn't automatically deleted upon creation doesn't mean anything is changed. All the stuff that was getting deleted was legitimately against the rules and I'm kinda sick of having to deal with it. It'd be loads easier to just go somewhere without those rules.

Y'know, like here. Where we currently are.

Whimsical Magnus 7745

there WAS clop EVERYWHERE for hours it was only recently taken down

Admiral Yang Wenli 7746

>it was… taken down
Proving that Scruffy was napping, not hung by Moot.

Whimsical Magnus 7747

tulpa, milky, and satyr is back so far

Anonymous 7748


Anonymous 7750


Whimsical Magnus 7751

I'm not saying I'm right but it seems to be looking up

Anonymous 7752

er actually, I meant

Anonymous 7753

Thanks now I know to report them.
Too late.

moot hasn't said anything on the matter, you're disinfo.

Good, things are looking up then.

Go janitor!

Whimsical Magnus 7754


Anonymous 7755


Whimsical Magnus 7756

sorry guys if I got your hopes up /mlp/ is going to shit again it was wonderful for the few hours it lasted tho…back to what ever your all we're doing

Anonymous 7757

>wake up, read that Moot was on vacation, start partying
> keep reading, find out people were playing intel games, heart crushed

Yeah, this change is permanent. Moot personally stickied Lauren's first thread within 8 minutes of confirmation. He knows what's happening. #freespee

Whimsical Magnus 7758

I admit I can be too trusting sometimes but it was chaos for a few hours so I was convinced.
I'm just pissed I got all caught up *shrugs* well I guess back to settling in

NuclearAce!Nuked8NS9k 7759

This place isn't that bad really.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7760

File: 1370741154325.jpg (113.46 KB, 761x617)

While I know it might not accomplish much, I did send moot an email inquiring about the recent issues at /mlp/ just now.

Maybe he won't respond, maybe he will. I'm sure he's flooded with emails. But, the last time I emailed him he did respond within 45 minutes (in fact he and I spoke in a voice chat on Skype for about an hour after that. I had emailed him just to talk about being an admin, the challenges, of imageboards and so on. He was nice enough to talk to me then, maybe he'll respond now too.)

If he does, I'll let you know what he says. If it's permanent, maybe I can at least convince him to work something out so the two sites can be on good terms. If it's not, well, then we'll know they weren't supposed to be cracking down this harsh.

Anonymous 7761

Hell, literally the only problem with this place is the lack of users. If /mlp/ keeps going to shit that will gradually change, and we'll actually be better off in the end. Remember /mlp/ is just a board - as long as us horsefuckers are together it will be just as fun.

Whimsical Magnus 7762

Thanks…reallythat actually means a lot man.

Anonymous 7763

File: 1370741311246.jpg (6.54 KB, 250x250, ishygddt.jpg)

>>>>>>implying any good could possibly result from this

Anonymous 7764

This is the truth.

I'm stifling a couple of tears right now. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Anonymous 7765

Thanks a lot man. It's great to find an imageboard with such friendly and helpful admins. It makes a nice change.

Anonymous 7766

File: 1370741695776.png (504.77 KB, 588x634, applejack4.png)

I love you.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7767

File: 1370741746853.png (37.52 KB, 1379x553)

We'll do whatever we can to accommodate you guys if your stay is long term; the suggestions in this thread will put into play as soon as we can - an /all/ board, a catalog/search function, a tweak to the board structure or to /anon/, whatever we deem would best help everyone.

I know what it's like. Before /mlp/ was a thing and my home on /b/ pony threads fell under the wrath of the mods, it was a very helpless feeling fighting a losing battle. And many other regulars here too have experiences feeling driven off of their homes, be it 4chan or Ponychan. We feel you.


File: 1370743061757.png (140.53 KB, 1000x1000, Everything old is new again.pn…)

I made a new thread on there as I was unsure where else to post such a discussion of the topic on the matter at hand.

Anonymous 7769


Whimsical Magnus!!Hfss7zAHsU 7770

wait your anonthony? I think I remember you

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7771


Whimsical Magnus!!Hfss7zAHsU 7772

shit who knew you came here and became a big wig I feel a lot better about this place now

Anonymous 7773

File: 1370743597894.jpg (33 KB, 330x401, 1363421648932.jpg)


Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 7774

File: 1370743603136.gif (204.85 KB, 500x500, 1370102507950.gif)

he started the place

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7775

[getting intensifies]

Anonymous 7776

File: 1370743621896.jpg (108.63 KB, 711x718, 1364811562282.jpg)

This board is pretty slow.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7777

[getting internally]

Anonymous 7778

File: 1370743656263.png (265.39 KB, 500x499, 1362977518930.png)

Anonymous 7779

File: 1370743696179.jpg (21.53 KB, 265x265, 1363629769107.jpg)

Whimsical Magnus!!Hfss7zAHsU 7780

well I guessed that I just poorly worded my last post


neat quads
I'd still like to hear what your opinion is about the subject I presented earlier in

Anonymous 7782

File: 1370743759681.gif (180.48 KB, 404x416, 1362029740584.gif)

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 7783

File: 1370743776695.jpg (36.92 KB, 425x532, tumblr_llcsv0fe9w1qk1j9vo1_500…)


Anonymous 7784

I'm starting to like you, you beautiful person.

Anonymous 7785

You truly are /b/. We're home.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7786

We're actually discussing some of that right now how exactly to best accommodate /mlp/ users. We're most leaning towards allowing a tag that will let people make specific threads in /anon/ allow trips (for the purpose of content threads, people creating things, so they can be noted for who they are) and otherwise leaving /anon/ alone and continuing to be a tag-NSFW allowable. There -are- valid uses of tripcodes, and creating content is one of them.

Anonymous 7787

File: 1370743892850.png (142.83 KB, 671x666, scootascared.png)

You saw it here first, everyone. Abuse of admin powers for gets.


That's pretty neat. Is there a difference between generating tripcodes here compared to 4chan? Kinda new to here as you can tell.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7789

It should work the same. Might be a character or two that works differently.. That's more the area of our SysAdmin, but it should be the same for most things.

Anonymous 7790


Are you the creator of Drill-chan?
Did you jumped ship too?


Currently, I've been occupied, and yes, I am.
But the character design is all thanks to the anons who participated in Part #000.
Here's the archive for the thread:


Also, I'm just watching what happens before deciding. Waiting for the ASNYIP OP to come online so we could discuss the matter.
Currently, he's sticking to /mlp/, even in these dark times.

Arctic!TEMPeStR9o 7793

File: 1370744798877.png (6.66 KB, 323x309, i say.png)

The algorithm for generation regular tripcodes is the same as 4chan, which is case for just about all imageboards, after the + character fix was added to tinyboard.

Littlepip added a few extra layers of encryption to the secure trip here though, but as far as user function goes, it's exactly the same.

Macil !!Littlepip 7794

##secure tripcodes work differently on purpose (every site does them differently; the secure part refers to how the generation algorithm is kept secret), but regular #tripcodes should work the same.

Royal !xMoon2pIQ. 7795

File: 1370745056349.png (427.65 KB, 869x720, 1370231716923.png)

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7796

There you are you little bastard

Royal !xMoon2pIQ. 7798

File: 1370745203450.jpg (87.03 KB, 642x642, 1358623541830.jpg)

I didn't know I was supposed to be hiding.

Anonymous 7799

Since I've seen a lot of people complain about generals in both /mlp/ and mlpchan. How about a board called /general/ for all those pesky repeating threads.


It's called /oat/ and I'm not sure it works very well as it is for containing /oat/ and /mlp/ generals.


Essentially you'd be left with four split boards;
People who can use names and talk about random stuff
/mlp/ Generals and
/oat/ Generals.

Anonymous 7802

/oat/ is SFW only though.


hmm… after thinking on it, it sounds pretty decent. Still, I'll wait to see how things turn out first.

Anonymous 7804

jsut create a board titled /mlp/ , problem solved


File: 1370751042490.jpg (54.98 KB, 209x215, 1358989659749.jpg)

/oat/ isn't really a general board… More of an anything goes pony board.
At the moment, anyway.
Generals could fit in, I guess. Though /pony/ might be a better fit…

Anonymous 7809


Having an admin who says anything ever seems to be a rarity amongst imageboards, so the fact that this guy has posted at all gets him some major points in my book.

Anonymous 7811

Could we perhaps put all generals in the board that suits them best (mostly /fic/, /art/ and /anon/ for NSFW) just get a cross-board directory sticky to all active generals in the /anon/ board?

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7812

Sounds good to me.

Most of them seem alright where they're at, and we've decided to add a second tag to /anon/ to allow trips in some threads (specifically should be for content threads, as that's the real use of a trip), and copying the >>>/chat/ directory we've already started to add some of the new Generals too over to/anon/ should be fine

Anonymous 7813


!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7814

Done, directory added to /anon/

Admiral Yang Wenli 7815

Well you'd run into the issue here >>7599 with generals slowly dying, I feel.

Though this is good enough as a stopgap measure. It might work for a more permanent solution, but people from the generals should actually be consulted instead of having decisions being made about them at 2:30 AM EST by three people.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7816

I think copying over the directory isn't much of an issue. It already exists, it's already right there on the top of /chat/. Having it on /anon/ as well since it also is a place where they'll be isn't uch of an issue

Admiral Yang Wenli 7817

I mean the moving generals to /fic/ and /art/, not the directory itself.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7818

oooh yeah
i dont see any need for that. we'll probably combiine art and pic into one board anyways so it has more use, and fic is best suited for its review purposes.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7819

File: 1370760062008.jpg (229.08 KB, 561x540, 1342775116432.jpg)

Rock on.

!beTAmaXuxs 7820

File: 1370761300839.png (280.48 KB, 731x698, 1358454902750.png)


Thank you so much for implementing the Q quick reply feature.


Another thing.

I'm not finding an option to make spoilers go away entirely.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Right now I'm still getting spoilered under specific circumstances.

You glee what I glay?

And I have to hover over the image to see it.

I would like to have the option to have an entirely unspoilered mlpchan.

And I really appreciate all your spoiler options.

Because it makes other people happy, I would imagine.

Thank you.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7821

Second to last option in the settings.

And you're welcome!

!beTAmaXuxs 7822

File: 1370761620441.png (254.96 KB, 371x433, 1358375124327.png)

>Treat mature content images as spoilered images

That's confusing.

I checked it.

Does that mean I will now have a spoiler free mlpchan !!Applejack?

Macil !!Littlepip 7823

As Anonthony said, you can stop a mature thread's images from showing up as spoilers by disabling the "Treat mature content images as spoilered images" setting, but there is no setting that unspoilers the thumbnails of images posted specifically as spoilers by the poster. Maybe I'll add that in the future.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7824

You want to have that box "unchecked."

I agree the wording isn't the clearest.

Have that box unchecked, and images in Mature threads should automatically unspoiler.

I'll have to poke the SysAdmin abo-

Hahaha speak of the devil. yeah, that.

!beTAmaXuxs 7825

File: 1370762096900.gif (1.04 MB, 505x405, srsly pls it's like the worst …)

>You want to have that box "unchecked."
Already had it that way.

>Maybe I'll add that in the future.
I would really

really appreciate it.

I do not like spoilers.

I am the kind of person that they were not made for.

At all.

pls cater to me

And maybe the others that are like me?

I'm sure there are others like me that would appreciate it.

Anonymous 7826

That's just ponychan mods in a nutshell. Honestly, however horrible the ponychan mods are, at least they're more consistent about what gets deleted/banned than the current /mlp/ janitor or mod that's rampaging.

Lavenci!RapeT67tsc 7827

File: 1370762746893.png (228.11 KB, 405x405, 1334435480374.png)

>And maybe the others that are like me?
I hate spoiler images too. I guess they have their uses, but a global un-spoiler option would be nice.

Anonymous 7828


Anonymous 7829


You'd be surprised as to just how inconsistent they can be. They can be surprisingly lax, as well, though not enough so that you'll ever get any good porn threads going. What'll usually happen is someone'll post something slightly pornographic and no one will notice forever because the mods aren't paying attention, then they come to a report ten hours later and finally remove it.


I would also like spoilers to be completely removed. I'm not a fan, but I keep encountering them in places.

Anonymous 7830

>You'd be surprised as to just how inconsistent they can be
I know they aren't always perfectly by the rules.
I've seen them take action over non-pornographic loli stuff before, which as far as I know isn't really against the rules.

>What'll usually happen is someone'll post something slightly pornographic and no one will notice forever because the mods aren't paying attention, then they come to a report ten hours later and finally remove it.

In my experience, they usually strike pretty quickly, but it might depends on when it gets posted. Even though it sometimes seems like it, logically it must be assumed that ponychan mods aren't awake 24/7 and monitoring ponychan.

>I would also like spoilers to be completely removed. I'm not a fan, but I keep encountering them in places.

Fairly neutral on that. I always use scripts to get rid of them personally, so they don't bother me much, but there should probably be a stock option of automatically unspoilering them at least.

!beTAmaXuxs 7831

File: 1370764558938.png (265.55 KB, 633x511, 1358559384275.png)

>I always use scripts

that's nice.

Either teach me all of your ways that are compatible with safari or shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 7833


>Even though it sometimes seems like it, logically it must be assumed that ponychan mods aren't awake 24/7 and monitoring ponychan.

Actually, Ponychan's mods were selected partially based on timezone, specifically so at least one or two of them would always be awake to monitor the site.

Anonymous 7835

File: 1370776936619.jpg (14.93 KB, 158x156, rarity.jpg)

I have seen a lot of negative responses on /mlp/ of migrating here.
I myself am not 100% and still frequent on other 4chan boards, using two websites instead of one just seems like hassle to me.
I will be here while i serve my ban and if i like what i see i may stay.
As for a way to make it more accommodating. I don't think there is much you can do without adding a new board or rewriting your entire site so it works the same as /mlp/ and 4chan. Which i know will not happen. Is there any need to be accommodating? Are there that many horsefuckers migrating for it to be a problem?

Anonymous 7836

File: 1370777928523.png (428 B, 10x10, shiggy.png)


Anonymous 7837

I'm liking this idea

Anonymous 7838

>using two websites instead of one just seems like hassle to me.
How is using two different boards on two separate sites anymore hassle than using two different boards on one site?
Either way, you'd most likely end up just having separate tabs open for them. What _would_ be a hassle would be having to constantly hop between a number of boards browsing for different types of content on the same topic (ponies), as you have to with a layout like MLPchan and ponychan's.

Anonymous 7839

What is a thread watching?

Anonymous 7879

I don't know much about this site except that it was created by ponychanners who felt the mods were too harsh. But I am not sure what is going to happen when other people from /mlp/ come here. /mlp/ has always been kind of a merge of both /co/ and /b/ "bronies" and by now there are far more /b/-tards than /co/mrades unfortunately, and I am one of those /b/-tards…

I am usually very civil and I was the type of guy who would join in on long conversations on /b/ instead of the faggots who would spam gore, porn or even CP. I have always been on the more civil side of /b/ and I can usually adapt pretty well.

/mlp/ has always been cancerous for me and I was there the very day it was created. It was because of that reason that I only very infrequently visited /mlp/ until a few months ago. It is a bit like with /b/, with newfags saying that /b/ has just been getting worse and worse, but /b/ has never changed that much, it has always been kind of the way it is, even though it has a bit less OC nowadays.

/mlp/ has not gotten as bad as some people are saying because of a ponychan invasion or whatever, but then as a /b/-tard I am used to much worse so I can't really be the judge of that. /mlp/ was doomed from the start. I have also never cared about the generals either way.

Long story short: I just think this site is going to be overrun by the /b/-tard side of /mlp/ if you don't watch it, so you'll have to be careful. It seems some of them are already here as I have been seeing, just pay very close attention that they don't take over the site. I know what my kin are like, some of them will disregard any of the few rules just to spite you or in the worst case they might start ban evading and still post content against the rules to spite you even further. If you do not pay attention they will ruin the site, it is like a touch of death that will make a tree wither and die even it has been growing beautifully and healthily.

Just beware for only a few select "oldfags" are as civil as I am, the raidfags and legionfags will not be so kind. Don't underestimate the power of 4chan, you know what happens if you do. I am just warning you, for your sake. I don't want your little community being terribly inconvenienced by our presence here.

But as for myself, I find it nice here and I am not out for any trouble. I'll see if it's worth staying here.

Anonymous 7880

The admins of this site were originally /b/tards actually, even if some of them spent time at Ponychan. They are well versed in the ways of those kinds of people and I think will have a decent handle on the situation.

Anonymous 7882

That is interesting. I am intrigued now, I may lurk here for a few days before I make my decision, but thanks for your response nonetheless. I do appreciate friendly company, I am bit of a Dr. Hyde/Dr. Jekyll personality I've got to admit, but I know how to keep myself in check without many problems.

Very nice indeed, I'm glad to know that I'm not among such strange company after all…

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7884

Regarding this post:

I got a response to my inquiry. Maybe it's just how I word things, but I do have to give him credit for the fact that if you contact him in a worthwhile fashion, moot does in fact get back to you. In fact all 3 times I've emailed him, he's gotten back to me within a day - the first time within 45 minutes, the second in about 12 hours and this time a day later. Which is more than I can say for most other places that are thousands of times smaller than 4chan.

However, I'm not sure whether to take it as good news or bad news. All he really told me was that he wasn't directly involved in the change of enforcement on /mlp/ (or apparently other boards which experienced similar crackdowns, from what I've heard), and that they were determining how to proceed going forward. Whether that means they will continue enforcing the rules to the letter or go back to the kind of lackadaisical enforcement of the past, I have no idea. But I promised I'd let you know what he said one way or the other.

Anonymous 7885

Sounds like he's washing his hands of the matter for the moment.

Anonymous 7886

Anyway, thanks for contacting him and letting us know, it's more effort than anyone else would've been willing to put in.

Anonymous 7887

It's nice to hear some sort of word though that seems like a very nebulous response.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7888

I think he didn't really want to explain; while my past conversations with him have been on good terms, maybe he didn't want me to spill anything they were doing internally. It was a bit of an evasive answer, but it seemed to be all I was going to get.

Anonymous 7889

I don't like the sound of that.
Can it be that 4chan is no longer the safe haven it was?

Anonymous 7890

Yeah, thanks a bunch man. But itd be aight if I ask for some screencaps of that email mootykins sent ya? Wanna see it for myself since I am usually this skeptical.

Anonymous 7891

That's ominous… FBI or NSA cracking down?

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7893

File: 1370841268542.jpg (62.63 KB, 1919x222)

Anonymous 7894

Not directly involved… then who's running the show?

This is such a cryptic message. Is he thinking about passing the reins of 4chan on to someone else? Still, I expected an ambivalent answer. Again, thanks for all of your help during these dark times.

Anonymous 7895

Sounds more like "I gave power to the wrong group of idiots but won't come out and say it" than anything tinfoil-y to me.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7896

As I told Capper on Skype,

>[6/9/2013 11:48:40 PM] Anonthony: I don't know if he was unaware of the problems; he just said he was uninvolved in the change in enforcement. From what I have heard he does give his staff a certain amount of leeway to determine how they enforce the rules and go about their business, a certain level of autonomy. If the mods/janitors decided it was time for a change, they would probably have the authority to do so. So he just said he was uninvolved in the decision to change the enforcement.

Anonymous 7897

well that's actually a good deal more encouraging than they way you worded it. Cool.

Anonymous 7898

Mass deletion of janitors, and then appoint new ones would be the best thing possible.

Anonymous 7899

I think the problem was that whoever was responsible for this whole mess was probably technically in the right but he went about it in the entirely wrong way which resulted in the state of the board in the last few days. If you think about it, giving an answer one way or the other can have some unfortunate repercussions, hence the political answer.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 7901

That particular part is doubtful; at best it would be a slow replacement of them one by one, since finding new and trustworthy staff members is a pain in the ass.

He did seem a bit evasive. I asked some specific questions and all he would say was that; that he wasn't directly involved in the change of enforcement. Though I did leave an open ended question for him should he get back to me again;

>If you come to a consensus on what you'll do moving forward, I would really appreciate you dropping me a quick line to let me know so we can adjust. If the rules are to be enforced more to the letter, we'll be here to continue receiving the effected threads and topics since they're allowed here, and try to keep down any raid sentiment that at times has cropped up. If the enforcement is to go back to its lackadaisical nature, we can let people know so they aren't as worried.

Anonymous 7904

If he isn't in charge of it, then who is?
Some rogue mod or janitor who decided to take matters into their own hands?
Surely moot has the ultimate authority over 4chan's staff, and his word is the law to them?
He could just tell them to stay off /mlp/.

Anonymous 7905

Even if he won't admit any mistake publicly, he could at least fire the perpetrators or tell them to leave /mlp/ alone.

At least mass removal of the ones responsible for ruining /mlp/.

Anonymous 7911

Nigga wat. /pony/ is show discussion, most generals have nothing to do with that. /anon/ would be the perfect place for generals IF the Admin goes through with his brief suggestion of having an option for the op of a thread to turn trips on or off. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me.

Anonymous ## Admin 7912

I plan on it, just working out the technical aspects of the tag and how it will work around the forced anon, how it changes the reply box, etc.

That seems the simplest and most streamlined solution.

In other news we'll also be merging /art/ and /pic/, also seems to be the most logical. Fewer boards and divides the better, and simplifies where image dumps/galleries go.

Annoyed Anon 7913

File: 1370883094423.png (338.92 KB, 1645x2174, 1369413406583.png)

All of these ideas are dumb

/mlp/ needs to be it's own entity otherwise we will lose what /mlp/ is

Dividing everything by board will just destroy us if we can't go back to our home

Generals depend on passerby's to grow, that's how I got into some of them. Frankly asking/mlp/ veterans to start splitting up their topics is asinine and would just cause us to lose our identity

Who cares if it's redundant? We are not MLPchanners, we are 4channers. Our model is the one we are used to and have made work for a long time, why should MLPchanners dictate how we should function when it will stifle those serendipitous moments /mlp/ often has?

Anonymous 7914

They can all be on /anon/ if they choose, especially with >>7912

No one asked them to split anything, they're all welcome to stick together in one place and help make it their own environment and
>board culture

Not sure why you think all the ideas are dumb, when the one being sought most is exactly what you're asking for, a board that's basically /mlp/ that allows NSFW and names (only if wanted) that any thread can be on, pony, semi-pony, NSFW, General, etc.

Maybe you didn't read it correctly?

Whimsical Magnus!!Hfss7zAHsU 7915

your the best man really thanks for all your help

Anonymous 7916

>All of these ideas are dumb
Aren't most of these ideas "keep /mlp/ on /anon/"

Annoyed Anon 7917


Tags and other bullshit are not /mlp/

Anonymous 7918

Neither is NSFW, technically.

Anonymous 7919

what other bullshit?

i know it's a rough time for a lot of people, but let's think about it calmly and logically.

what does /mlp/ need to be itself? to be what it wants?

>it needs to be able to post NSFW

>it needs to be able to use names

>however, it doesn't want porn flooding every thread and drowning out any other type of thread

>it doesn't want to encourage namefagging/tripfagging and only really wants names to be used when appropriate, like when someone is contributing some original content

It would seem like the solution of having /anon/ (which the name is actually up for discussion from what they've said) allow NSFW with a tag (so it doesn't drown out everything else) and names with a tag (to discourage namefagging unless you're contributing) would be even better than /mlp/ ever offered.

Annoyed Anon 7920


generals tend to have NSFW, we call people faggots if they don't like porn

/mlp/ may be a blue board but you are delusional if you think porn isn't a part of it

Anonymous 7921

Yet we're here because it's being attacked and the rules against it enforced.

Annoyed Anon 7922


Again with the Tags

Tags are not /mlp/

/mlp/ has been perfectly fine with how it has functioned, it does not NEED tags for anything regardless of what people say

Anonymous 7923

Then you can go fruitlessly wail to moot and cry about the janitors some more instead of working out the best possible outcome for yourself where you actually can influence things and where people actually listen to you

Unless you're suggesting something here?

Because it's not clear. If your suggestion is just
>make /anon/ into the /mlp/ I always wanted
That's less than helpful.

Annoyed Anon 7924


Ok then, how's this for a suggestion

-Board name /mlp/
-NSFW allowed by default, no tags of any kind
-Generals allowed
-Names and Trips allowed
-Lax and Anonymous moderation

That's all /mlp/ needs to properly move

Anonymous 7925

/mlp/ is a terrible name. How do people know whether you're talking about 4chan /mlp/ or mlpchan /mlp/?

Annoyed Anon 7926


I don't see a board here named /mlp/, mod sticky can work perfectly fine to clarify to those people who don't get it

Anonymous 7927

>There isn't already a board here called /mlp/, so the criticism about adding a board called /mlp/ isn't valid because it doesn't already exist

Annoyed Anon 7928


again, /mlp/ =/= MLPchan

I fail to see why it's a bad idea.

Anonymous 7929

Alright. Thanks. That's at least a coherent suggestion and let's people know what you think. You know I mean, right? We have to have constructive dialogue, not /q/ level shit that goes nowhere. I'm just trying to get somewhere with this, I hope you understand.

This is a good point, and would create confusion. It doesn't matter if they're on different sites, when someone then says "/mlp/" they'll have to clarify every time whether they mean here or 4chan. Don't let nostalgia for a name keep you from progress.

Back to this, what do other anons think? We'll want to get more input than just a few people. It'll already be lax and anonymous moderation, at least it has been so far. The only things deleted from it have been kiddie porn which is just against the law anyways. So taking it line by line with what you asked:
>-Lax and Anonymous moderation - already got it, put a checkmark by this line
>-Names and Trips allowed - well I can see this happening, but then it'd need a new name. And not /mlp/.
>-Generals allowed - already are, and some are there. Put a checkmark here.
>-NSFW allowed by default, no tags of any kind - I could see this, but I could also see this turning it into a porn dump for people who can't do it on /mlp/. Would need to be careful with it.
>-Board name /mlp/ - this is kind of stupid for the reasons above. Sorry

Because you're reacting out of emotion and not logic. Take a minute to think and breathe. It's no big deal, we're here to talk and work something out.

Anonymous 7930

Try to make sense pls

Anonymous 7932

Also, my bro, how difficult is it to just check a single checkbox when making a thread you want to include adult things in? How is it harder or less logical than having to spoiler-tag everything like you do on /mlp/? In fact it's easier, since only the OP has to do it and not anyone who posts in the thread. Think about it for a minute.

Annoyed Anon 7933


Alright alright, I've been overreacting.

I'll just back down now before I say something I won't regret but will get reprimanded for

Anonymous 7934

Thanks. I know it's a trying time and people are rightfully pissed. If we work together and work smart we can get some shit done.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7935

Porn has to be hidden behind tags whether you like it or not, for many reasons, all of them more important than "/mlp/ doesn't need them". Need is such a finicky word. No, it doesn't need them, but it may very well help. Not to mention it isn't all about /mlp/. MLPchan needs them. At least that one. Allowing porn by default is a non-starter. Just tag your damn thread. It's not hard, people.

Anonymous 7936

I agree with this all the way.

Anonymous 7937

Does that even matter? It would be referring to the same community that came from /mlp/ on 4chan. /mlp/ is /mlp/ regardless of which site it lives on.

Anonymous 7938

/Disc/ for Discord could work as a new possible board name. We are wild, chaotic and fun loving, although then we would have to deal with /Disc/ard and /Disc/o puns.

I would prefer it if we could still fly the banner of /mlp/ though. But that's just me missing home.

Admiral Yang Wenli 7939

>/Disc/ for Discworld

Anonymous 7940

I agree. I don't see any reason to call /mlp/ anything other than /mlp/.

Anonymous 7944

Other than confusion between which /mlp/ one would be talking about, you mean.

Anonymous 7945

Right… how about /neomlp/ then?

Anonymous 7946

what about /alp/?
Anon's little Ponies
and we're up in the Swiss /alp/s watching shit happen below us

Anonymous 7947

Could work, but I like /neomlp/ better.

Anonymous 7948

trying to find a nice way to use it for the "brand name"

Anonymous 7949

File: 1370897375513.png (120.63 KB, 581x600, 1364962526224.png)

there's plenty of options
/neomlp/, /alp/, /random/, /rndm/, /b/, /dscrd/, /discord/, /tracy/, could stay /anon/ but with the change with name tags, /general/, /gen/, /fim/, /norm/

thoughts? other options?

Anonymous 7950

We could also call it /cd/ for Cloudsdale - our sanctuary in the sky, from where we can watch the world beneath us burn whilst we sip our fine wines and enjoy our horse porn untouched by the chaos below.

Anonymous 7951

>making us pegasi
>not unicorn master race

Anonymous 7952

How about /cl/ then, for Canterlot?
We could put up a magical barrier protecting us from the chaos outside.

Anonymous 7953

We'd be /cl/oppers.

Anonymous 7954

I would have suggested /everfree/ or /ef/ for everfree forest, but ponychan once tried to make a "less rules" board (though without porn, and you still couldn't do a lot of things), it went absolutely shitty, people complained every day about it, and they ended up deleting it in just 2 months and pissing a ton of people off and basically making a huge shitstorm.

add /appaloosa/, the wild west to that.

Anonymous ## Mod 7955

Oh fuck, lol.

Actually, uh.. That's the name of the mod board, Canterlot. Which, I guess would make Cloudsdale a decent option since it would contrast nicely with Canterlot. Not sure how descriptive or well it would work in practice, though.

Anonymous 7956

In the running
in the running
too long and not fun to mess with
just.. no
impartial, but I'd rather have something else
humorous, but no
OCs are were it crosses the line. Definite no
no to the rest of those as well

Fund it

Anonymous 7957

Yeah, /ef/ is already taken. I remember when that was up on ponychan. It was just full of garbage, and there wasn't really much you could post there that you couldn't just as well have posted in other boards.

Anonymous 7958

How about /autism/

Anonymous 7959

>Not sure how descriptive
That's pretty much gonna be a problem with any name that doesn't at least include "mlp".

Anonymous 7960

/muh little ponies/

/horse/fuckers. just /horse/ but members called /horse/fuckers.

Anonymous 7961

Speaking of horsefuckers, I guess /hf/ would be a possibility too. It would at least be somewhat descriptive.

Anonymous 7962

just go with /ho/ then
Then when Christmas comes we get to be /ho/ho/ho/rsefuckers

Anonymous 7963


Anonymous 7964

File: 1370897936737.jpg (5.96 KB, 160x160, my sides.jpg)

Anonymous 7965

File: 1370898031223.jpg (82.05 KB, 640x492, as free as it gets.jpg)


Anonymous 7966

/ce/ short for crystal empire. After all freedom is the point of this and the mods here are better than we had back home.

Anonymous 7967


Anonymous 7968

regarding the porn by default thing, why not just make it so that there's an option to just turn off images spoilers. Doesn't seem to hard.

Anonymous 7969

>Treat mature content images as spoilered images

Anonymous 7970

more like
>Turn off Mature Content Spoilers
in the settings menu.
can even make it board specific if you want.
My little Coders: Javascript is Magic

Anonymous 7971

he's saying that already exists.
second to last option in the settings tab.

Anonymous 7972

Then why are nor/mlp/eople fighting over it if it's already in the sites options?

Anonymous 7973

because they're idiots. lal.
nah they just probably don't realize it even though people have pointed it out like 5 times.

as long as the op makes the thread for porn, no on in the thread has to do shit but post whatever they want. it's even easier than on /mlp/ where you had to be careful to spoiler every single image.

Anonymous 7975

There is one already.

Anonymous 7976

for the record, I dev for the site, and I'm well aware of the features the sites has, I was playing the devils advocate to see if people knew the feature was there. which honestly only furthers my point, why are people arguing about it if it's already there? though the, not having looked options seems quite popular

Anonymous 7977

Milky pls

Anonymous 7978

unlikely. milky went the way of /a/. probably legendary, aka arctic tempest, aka big mcin!tosh, one of the founding 5 fathers of the pony threads on 4chan.

Anonymous 7979

on friends laptop, too lazy to name.

Anonymous 7980

call the /mlp/ board
/gb/ -Gay bathhouse

Anonymous 7981

Nope. I'd frankly prefer /iwtcird/ over that.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 7982

I imagine that was a joke
I kinda like /cl/ for Canterlot to be honest.

Anonymous 7983

Yeah, that was a joke. Both are pretty bad.

I was the one that suggested /neomlp/, /cl/ and /cd/ too.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 7984

/neomlp/ feels too long, but that might just be me.

/cd/ and /cl/ seem like the best options at this point, what do the rest of the nor/mlp/eople think? Any word from them at all?

Anonymous 7985

I like /cl/, but as it was pointed out, its already the admin board

Anonymous 7986

>feels too long, but that might just be me.
I agree, I'd prefer just /mlp/, but apparently that would be confusing.

Anonymous 7987

they could probably change that. i mean if they can chance /anon/'s name they can change any name.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 7988

as far as changing board names goes in krapsabaX or tinyboard, it's not hard at all, but /cl/ being taken doesn't really change anything in the end.
Have it called /cd/ then, does it really matter?

Honestly, I'd love for the board to be called /mlp/, it's already your name, and it works, but, I can see how the confusion can be annoying.

Anonymous 7989

Personally, I don't think it would be a problem, since both will be boards populated by the same community.

It's really not much different than how both MLPchan and Ponychan have /pony/, /oat/ and /chat/ boards. (and probably most of the others too)

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 7990


4chans /mlp/ is ____ and mlpchans /mlp/ is ____

I don't see how it's an issue.
Still, would be nice to get some thoughts from the staff and more users from /mlp/

Anonymous 7991

the point is that when we leave, the ACTUAL /mlp/ is going to be pile of shit
so when you're talking to people who don't use the MLPchan-/mlp/, they think you're talking about the super-cancerous 4chan-/mlp/ board

Anonymous 7992

actually, that's a good point.

you want it to be better than what you're leaving. everything thinks of /mlp/ as a steaming pile of gorilla shit right now, and obviously that opinion ain't gonna get any better when the remaining good parts start leaving.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 7993

I can totally understand that. Perhaps having a new name would be good for you guys then?

Anonymous 7994

That's true, but the way I see it, if /mlp/ does end up getting turned in to Ponychan 2.0, it would just be a false shell of /mlp/ hated by everyone. I don't think it would really be an issue.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 7996

why wouldn't the users just go to ponychan then?
Or hell, even here?
With all of you guys leaving, what's the point of having an /mlp/ on 4chan?
Not that I'm against them having one, but I am wondering, wha is the point?

Anonymous 7997

There is no point
There are already rumors that moot is lying and he's trying to make it so that he can delete /mlp/ without any backlash

Anonymous 7998

this is a dumb comment, just saying.
moot and mods and janitors do what they want and cater to who and what they want.
if people dont like it they can autistically sperg out against it and accomplish nothing or go somewhere else. the people who are affected aren't the ones who like ponychan. they're the ones who would prefer it here if they had to choose.

Anonymous 7999

>why wouldn't the users just go to ponychan then?
That's a mystery to me, but there always seems to be one or two porn-hating moralfags trolling and trying to shit up /mlp/ by complaining about things they don't like. Lately, there has been an explosion of such activity. Possibly bronies who came due to the Faust visit.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8000


I see. So then /mlp/ is pretty moraltastic at the moment, due to scruffy and reports, huh?

Anonymous 8001

I don't know the reason. I doubt anyone does. It seems likely that it is at least partially caused by an influx of bronies, but it's just a theory. Another possibility is that it could be some sort of coordinated troll attack by some outside entity. (possibly the same one that somehow infiltrated the 4chan staff?)

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8002

File: 1370907312965.gif (204.85 KB, 500x500, 1370102507950.gif)

>zamoonda killed /mlp/
holy fuck

Anonymous 8003

/mlp/er here. I'm mostly against giving boards nonobjective names, but if names like /random/ and /anon/ are off the table, I'd gladly take /cd/. I'm against /mlp/ again because the new board would house an integrated community - we'll be sharing it with MLPchanners and others; in that light, /mlp/ seems segregational and nondescriptive.

Anonymous 8004

File: 1370907781888.jpg (26.3 KB, 243x219, 1284785308316.jpg)


>tfw when I've never been a ponychanner during Zamoonda's influence.

>tfw I've never been a ponychanner at all and yet I get goosebumps the more I read about him

Anonymous 8005

File: 1370907849933.gif (28.59 KB, 293x290, Rome is not happywith your chr…)

>not nor/mlp/erson
>not horsefucker
>not from /mlp/

Anonymous 8006

As someone who was around then, I can tell you flat out I have no doubt he is, at this moment, posting there with another name he already had ready and waiting as a contingency plan. I wouldn't doubt in the slightest that you could hear sometime down the road that he cropped up again.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8007

back on ponychan a while ago, there was a massive backlash when /pony/ had it's name changed. It was a huge shit show, and I get the feeling the same thoughts are being applied to you guys.
What I think needs to get across is that a lot of mlpchan used /mlp/ as anons and lurkers, I did, anyway. I feel a part of both communities. Not that I care what happens either way, I'm just glad were safe from scruffy. However, I can see your point, with the whole sharing thing.
One thing I am strongly in favour of, is while giving you guys your own board, not enforcing you guys to stay there, in any sense.
I personally believe that if you guys want your generals on /chat/, then you're more then welcome to have them there, and if you want them on /___/ then you're welcome to have them there as well. Restriction isn't the way here.

It was horrid. I was indirectly affected by his influence. And man that guy is like autism/10 for autism. I have no idea he manages to be such a cunt but holy damn does he do it well.


This. Anyone who believes he's gone is in denial, and as far as he goes, there is no end.

Anonymous 8008

all of this sounds reasonable, but it's not home.
My home has one board, nsfw is 404'd depending on time of day (evening clop threads are appreciated) but generally stay up long enough to get something new, all the generals and stories and random threads and occasional creepy manga or iwtcird all thrown in together in a random mash, so we don't get the "I'm an /oat/ and never go to /pony/ thus I miss cool things all the time" problem. Where there are non-trip namefags and trip anons who are either contributors or just faggots announcing themselves.
But another big thing about it is the massive community… end even if the general core of old /mlp/ migrates here, a new /mlp/ will remain behind, with the constant influx of /b/ and others to keep them from becoming the circlejerk that a small board like this is guaranteed to do to us.

So, as nice as it is here, we must go back, for fear of becoming what we've hated.

Anonymous 8009

File: 1370908596435.jpg (77.48 KB, 529x547, 1369059738894665361788.jpg)

>personal attack
>not discussing the issue at hand
>on /site/
Check your privilege, brony.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8010

Believe it or not, I know your pain, very very well.
I've been moved around from /co/ to /b/ to ponychan to efchan to here to /mlp/ and all over the map.
Sometimes change can be a good thing, but I know of the feeling of "wanting to just go back the fuck home"
I wish this place felt like that for you guys, but I understand that that isn't always feasible.

Anonymous 8011


At first I advocated for spreading the /mlp/ content around this site's designated boards but now looking at the big picture, there's the important issue whether the locals here will be in favor for that.

Take for example, /pony/. Being the board designated for show, fan and staff discussion, right now the most active thread is /p/ad from what I've seen. Would the people there feel threatened if us nor/mlp/eople bring our threads? I don't want to think that we're invading them.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8012

see, the biggest thing I notice about the site is that with the exception of /fic/ and /rp/ for obvious reasons, and /oat/ for more community based reasons, 90% of the activity on the site is in serial threads. These are autosaged, and cyclical, meaning they never surface the board.
Having some activity from /mlp/ would be fantastic in my opinion, and as a once in a while poster and almost always lurker, I wouldn't mind the influx of activity at all.
But that's just me.

Anonymous 8013

It'd be a lot less backlash from the "natives" than most other sites, since there's still somewhat of a 4chan-ish mentality of not-giving-fucks, but I'm sure they'd appreciate that you have a concern for their feeling on the matter. Sincerely, I mean that.
If /anon/ becomes changed somewhat to become an /mlp/ haven of their own making, it's just as well - because they'll still be here, and they'll inevitably check out other boards occasionally and interact with the rest of the people in a manner that's more paced and less stampeding. Same way some of the other influxes have done. MLPchan tends to collect disaffected people and groups from other sites that just refuse to accommodate their userbases, and once they've been here for awhile and gotten a taste of the site setup, the staff, the features and so on, they tend to like it.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8014


Ideally, give the nor/mlp/eople a board of their own, but don't restrict them to it at all.

Anonymous 8016


>serial threads

Yes. I've seen those. Very nice feature. Perfect for generals.

>Having some activity from /mlp/ would be fantastic in my opinion, and as a once in a while poster and almost always lurker, I wouldn't mind the influx of activity at all.

But that's just me.

Trust me, me too, however my main concern is the culture shock if the two societies meet mainly the issues of trips, avatars and 'MLP' terms like brony and anypony (I'm already seeing friction on some threads). Ideally, I wish to see much of /mlp/ here but that means bringing in the extremists that will flip their shit out when they see the trip users. As of what I'm hearing, it's a three way split emigration between manechan, fimchan and here. Hopefully, this place will get the more easygoing and friendly crowd.


>once they've been here for awhile and gotten a taste of the site setup, the staff, the features and so on, they tend to like it.

Tell me about it.

Anonymous 8017

>brony and anypony
Anypony is just a thing for laughs on /oat/. It only goes on that board, since that's it's own culture and whatnot. And almost no one here uses brony (most of the groups that even came from Ponychan, like /Pony/ After Dark serial and The Thread Killers Club, would cringe as much at the term as a nor/mlp/erson might.)
Barring a few outliers who might get riled about a specific topic or two (there was a transexual poster who got upset at the Maternity thread because.. well, she can't have children and that's a touchy topic for her) it's been mostly peaceful. Mostly, but still, only a few issues. I did see a few mentions of fim or mane, but the former is such an old corpse and the latter died once or twice unable to handle even a small increase in traffic (though I also heard it may have been a GNAA ddos). I think we can handle the 'extreme' elements given the nature and origins of most of the staff here - oldfags from /b/ and /co/ pony threads who have probably been in the fandom, and on 4chan's environment, since before most of the /mlp/ types were.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8018

what the heck is manechan?

Anonymous 8019

a new splinter, basically another 34pchan, fluttershy.us, etc, a tiny, right-out-of-the-box Kusaba clone with no features and terrible coding that crashed twice trying to cash in on Scruffygate and went around advertising in threads. Another dead in 2 weeks site.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8020

ah. EquestriaChan 5.0
top lel.
So then, basically everyone's gonna be coming here or to fimchan?
or just staying on /mlp/?

Anonymous 8021


Most likely. The hardcore nationalists will stay on /mlp/ until the very end but I estimate that in the end 60% of the userbase will stay on /mlp/, 35% will come here and commute between places like myself and 5% to fimchan.

No I don't have and statistics to back this up. This is muh headcannon

Anonymous 8022

Probably a decent ballpark guess. The hardcore 4channers and influx of /b/tards and Ponychan types from the Faust visit will stay. Some of the content creators will vacate, or at least keep primary outposts places like here and occasionally make forays there.

lel what the fuck is equestriachan even trying to do. dulset and gigyas have no clue what the fuck they're doing.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8023

dude I have no idea. Blackjack and Hookers chan to the max

I have no idea what the numbers are gonna look like, and I don't think I'm gonna speculate on that all that much.

Anonymous 8026

Because it's really damn vague as to what it does. Just rename it to "spoiler mature images" and you'll get a lot less complaining.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8027

If I could directly change things on the site, I would, but I don't have direct server access. Sorry dude. Lawny or Macil could change that though.

Anonymous 8034

So what then? Is the idea of a separate board for all Nor/mlp/eople in the shitter?

I haven't seen any staff consider it at all

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8035

I'm sorry I can't provide any actual insight, but I'm very tempted to believe that they're actively discussing it. And no, a dedicated board for the nor/mlp/eople is not in the shitter.

Anonymous 8036

autist playpen

Anonymous 8037

or anonymous ponyfags

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8038

Anonymous 8039

File: 1370928508806.gif (2.53 MB, 500x260, 1365564955173.gif)


A dedicated /mlp/ (or whatever it will be named) board might be the best way to both attract the /mlp/ crowd, keep them in one place to appease both the /mlp/ and MLPchan posters that may dislike each other while generally make migration easier since it would work exactly the same with no tags and other fiddling with settings

Anonymous 8040

throwing money at the screen, not working
I'll try unloosening my processor wires and sticking pennies in there

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8041

Just throw your bits at the server hue

I agree, though, I'm not entirely sure about the tag system being disregarded for the /mlp/ board. I have no real feelings for it being there or not being there, but I can't say I know how mac or thony or any of the mods feel about it.

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 8042

It's being discussed.

As it stands, it so happens that part of the /mlp/ community doesn't think it's a good idea and wants to at least try to integrate. Which is something part of the staff - including me - agrees with: Nothing keeps us from giving this a try.

It looks like you guys' main problem is that you need a way to allow names in some places while allowing for mature content.
Right now we're examining the possibility of allowing trips on /anon/ as an option, much like mature content.

The idea of /anon/ being Anonymity expected rather than anonymity forced seems to work. However we are still talking about it - this is merely my opinion.

Anonymous 8043

Where is the server so I can bomb it send money to it?

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8044

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 8045

The site actually runs on member donations, we're user-driven in many ways. Though the staff still covers for the majority of the costs

Anonymous 8046

Predator inbound

Anonymous 8047


To be fair most of the /mlp/ community is still holding out in /mlp/

If it gets worse more people will come hereand then you have that to deal with

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8048

File: 1370928946536.jpg (20.52 KB, 300x300, 1369611050049.jpg)

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 8049

Here's how I see it: Right now a good part of the community wants to try and integrate the existing boards, and not being isolated.
Not to mention /anon/'s atmosphere seems to suit a lot of them.

If that changes, then our opinion will change.
Do realize that we do not have an /mlp/ representative on our staff, so we take the voices of everyone posting in those threads and sum them up as /mlp/'s opinion.

Anonymous 8050

File: 1370929863406.gif (2.77 MB, 320x240, 1366148534549.gif)


In my view people are merely content with what they have now, there is still hope a return to /mlp/ is possible especially with what your Applejack admin disclosed about the moot email

If this move becomes permanent and when the diehard /mlp/ers come, it's almost guaranteed issues will arise, nobody is stupid enough to not forsee that

MLPchan is still fundamentally connected Ponychan for a lot of /mlp/ even though it's not and thats enough for a lot of anons to reject this place

Of course I may be wrong

Anonymous ## Admin 8051

At the moment, this is my current thought.

/anon/ most currently suits what /mlp/ users are looking for. But there is the matter of the forced anon, which was its primary purpose originally, as a niche. However, if people want to use it and they might be better served by repurposing that board, that's fine by me.

What we'd do then is simply remove forced anon from /anon/ and change its name (obviously, /anon/ would no longer describe it accurately.) I'm for keeping the NSFW as a tag, and here's why:
>on /mlp/, when you posted NSFW you had to spoiler it. everyone did in each thread or run the risk of deletion/ban
>this way, only one person - OP - needs to take any extra step. and clicking the checkbox is the same and right next to the spoiler option
>and then no one else in the thread has to do anything different, and it also still lets people browse that board from work or school if they turn off viewing adult content in their settings without interfering in anyone's ability to post and enjoy NSFW stuff

The only question left would then be what to rename the board to. Several suggestions have come up:
/neomlp/, /free/, /ap/, /horse/, /random/, and so on.

I'm also looking into reducing the overall number of boards on the site, currently getting input from users on merging /art/ and /pic/ together into one image-resource board, and re-merging /rp/ and /ooc/ into one board again.

The board structure then would look like this:
/site/ - site issues
/arch/ - archives

/pony/ - show and canon discussion
/oat/ - oat's board for oat things

/fic/ - fanfiction board
/rp/ - roleplaying board
/img/ - artwork and pictures

/chat/ - sfw off-topic board
/(anon)/ - nsfw board for /mlp/

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 8052

I like to believe that the tripfags who dislike anons too much won't go to /anon/, and that Anons who can't stand tripfags will actually have a better time on a board that has a majority of anonymous users.

Anonymous 8053

File: 1370930152524.gif (2.18 MB, 480x360, 1369497598258.gif)


/neomlp/ would work best since it really implies one board for all pony which is what /mlp/ is

A new /mlp/ in a new place, where things are exactly the same (See where I'm getting at?)

Anonymous 8054


There was really a love/hate thing going on

Yes the anons generally hated trips, but they understood that they were needed in many occasions

The trips present in the community do have their hate but that's all it is, hate

It never REALLY was a big deal, it just worked

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 8055

Which is why trips will be allowed on /anon/.

Anonymous 8056

>90% of the activity on the site is in serial threads
That might well be because it's so segmented.
Most people will probably stick to one or two boards, and never visit the rest, not really knowing what purpose they are for or why they would be interested in going there.
When there's only one board, like /mlp/, it's much easier to browse, and you're more likely to discover new interesting threads and subjects you wouldn't otherwise actively seek out, and would have never seen if they happened to be in a board that didn't outwardly appear to be of any interest.

Anonymous ## Admin 8057

>where things are exactly the same
I'd like to hope they'd be even better, but I'm an optimist and I want to believe in giving everyone I can the best possible thing.

Anonymous 8058

That was my impression as well.
Kusaba X… seriously, using that piece of shit?
What were they thinking?

Anonymous 8059

installing tinyboard on windows can be a bitch if you don't know what you're doing and I'm willing to bet manechan is hosted at home.

Anonymous ## Admin 8060

I dunno.. I'm kinda partial to /horse/ for reasons of humor

Anonymous 8061

>part of the /mlp/ community doesn't think it's a good idea and wants to at least try to integrate
I'm not really sure I can see that working out too well, due to the cultural differences between /mlp/ and the existing communities here (which as far as I can tell is mostly the same people who are also posting in Ponychan). Of course, individual preferences can change, and I'm sure there are some people from /mlp/ who might discover that they enjoy the more Ponychan-esque ways, but that doesn't mean most of /mlp/ will.
I feel that trying to integrate all of /mlp/ into the existing boards here would be like trying to shove a square block through a circular hole - it might sort go through if you keep trying, but not without chipping off a few corners.
Basically, I fear it would do the same to these boards as the nazi-moderation is doing to /mlp/ - trying to force it to be something it is not.

Anonymous 8062

File: 1370931582529.gif (956.8 KB, 500x418, 1365365452002.gif)

Fluttershy mentioned that they don't have someone to represent /mlp/ in a previous post

I'd like to point out that nobody can really speak for /mlp/ in it's entirety. As it stands now /mlp/ does like to wave the same banner, but the community itself is very divided. However due to the forced integration of these opposing sides the board was kept fresh, dynamic and ALIVE. Through these forced interaction wonderful stuff happened, starting to gove every side a home threatens to make it all stale and kill what /mlp/ had going


Why fix what isn't broke though? Why tinker with something that has grown to these proportions on it's own this past year and a half?

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 8063

Because the reason for that growth has been us always adapting to the slightly changing needs of the users. We aren't exactly the same as we were 6 months ago, or 12 months ago when we drafted out first plans.

We make small changes to adapt to what our users or potential users want or need. And we aren't afraid to take a risk or two for the sake of a great possible outcome.

Anonymous 8064

>I'm for keeping the NSFW as a tag, and here's why
The downside of that is that it would be impractical, since there may often be situations where people might want to post a single spoilered NSFW image in a thread that is otherwise mostly SFW.

A more sensible approach might be to have the thread-wise NSFW tag mean that the thread is inherently NSFW and will always show up spoilered from the outside, unless you disable the "treat mature as spoilered" setting, while other threads will not, while retaining the possibility of posting individually NSFW marked posts in other threads.

>/neomlp/, /free/, /ap/, /horse/, /random/, and so on.

You forgot /cd/ (Cloudsdale).

Anonymous 8065


MLPchan's growth was different than /mlp/'s growth though

Trying to say it's the same is quite frankly stupid

/mlp/ did not go through nor does it need tweaking of any kind

Anonymous 8066

This. It was never a problem on /mlp/ because the board culture kept it in check. It was generally frowned upon to namefag/tripfag, and people doing so without a good reason would generally be looked down upon, as should be, but there are also situations where it is useful for particularly important posters (artists, CYOA runners, etc) to be able to identify themselves.

Anonymous 8067

File: 1370932057269.gif (254.46 KB, 300x204, G3 pony getting banged from bo…)

The whole reason we're discussing this is because someone insists on tweaking it

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 8068

File: 1370932104308.png (10.94 KB, 128x128)

You mean, change the NSFW tag from one that makes the thread invisible to people who have "Show mature content threads" checked, to one that simply covers all images in tagged threads in spoiler covers (or perhaps a different, specific NSFW tag (like pic related) unless you change the setting "Treat mature content images as spoilered images"

…What? Unless I totally missed what he was trying to say, which is possible. I'm not the clearest headed right now so I might have misinterpreted it in tiredness.

I'm all for making things as close to an ideal, original /mlp/ environment as we can without changing anything fundamental about the site. But I do also think that there's room for improvement - obviously things weren't as good as they good be at /mlp/ either, or we wouldn't be here having this convo.

Anonymous 8069

>running a webserver on Windows for anything other than development purposes

What makes Tinyboard any harder to set up on Windows than Kusaba X, though?
I've never tried it, but IIRC Tinyboard was easier to set up than Kusaba X on GNU/Linux, and they both use PHP, so I don't see what difference it would make.

Anonymous 8070

opening a .gz on windows can be evil, if you don't use 7zip.

Anonymous 8071

I guess /horse/ is kinda funny because it fits in with /horse/fuckers. It's definitely one of the better names I've seen so far, just because of that.

Anonymous 8072


These "Improvements" are subjective

They may look good from an MLPchan perspective but are really unneeded since it's what MLPchan does, not /mlp/

As I said, why fix what isn't broke?

Anonymous 8073

What /mlp/ does clearly brought some shit down on its head, so perhaps you might be willing to take a moment or two to consider ways to ensure a better overall future for yourself since you actually have the possibility of influencing things here unlike there.

Anonymous 8074

Keep MLPchan MLPchan, keep /mlp/ /mlp/

Really a no brainer, if the community REALLY wants to mix then it will happen on its own rendering the /mlp/ standalone board useless

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8075

Because one chunk of you wants to integrate into mlpchan without getting your own board (for some reason)
And another chunk of you want your own board which I personally think having isn't a bad idea
And then there's a whole mass of you who the staff has no idea what they want, because they haven't told them.
It's difficult to give everyone what they want, when what they want are two completely opposite things.

Anonymous 8076


Satyrs felt more at home at /pony/ for some reason.

That's not to say they wouldn't feel more at home on /neomlp/ or /free/ or whatever name is chosen, but still.

Anonymous 8077


Then why not make a /neomlp/ (Or whatever you want to call it) as an experiment then?

How is opening a completely free board not a positive thing?

As I said, if people want to mix it will happen

Of course this is assuming the shitstorm at /mlp/ continues for good, if not then the current model works ok for the few people that started coming here

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8078

this this this this.
I am all for this. I am so all for this. I would love to have /neomlp/ on here for testing, and if people like it then they can have it. I don't see a problem with that at all.

Anonymous 8079

>You mean, change the NSFW tag from one that makes the thread invisible to people who have "Show mature content threads" checked, to one that simply covers all images in tagged threads in spoiler covers (or perhaps a different, specific NSFW tag (like pic related) unless you change the setting "Treat mature content images as spoilered images"
No, I meant that it would basically work exactly the same way as before, except for the addition of the ability to post individually NSFW-marked posts in threads that aren't inherently NSFW.

For example, many of the fetish generals (Milky Way, Ass Worship, etc) tend to be predominantly SFW, but due to the subject matter, it would sometimes be appropriate to post NSFW images, which should then be NSFW-spoilered.

>obviously things weren't as good as they good be at /mlp/ either

The main and pretty much only flaw of /mlp/ was the rules being unclear, and at points counter-intuitive to the board or just downright silly.

Anonymous 8080


This is why I'm all for not using a tag system on a /neomlp/

Generals have their share of randomness at times so one can't really predict what it's posters do

Yes, keep spoilered images, not the tags

Anonymous 8081

>not using 7-zip on Windows

It's literally the only decent archiving software in existence on Windows, and it's been around forever…

Also, I would think that anyone who isn't competent enough to figure out how to extract a tarball sure as hell isn't competent enough to run a website.

And in any case, the recommended way to use Tinyboard now is to clone their git repository.
A few years ago, that might have been tricky, but last I checked Git had a perfectly fine Windows installer.

Anonymous 8082

I don't host websites, I just staff for them. I couldn't tell you why, I don't run manechan.

Anonymous 8085

>Keep MLPchan MLPchan, keep /mlp/ /mlp/
If by this you mean create a separate board for /mlp/ and let people choose whether they want to mix with the existing communities, then I agree.

I would also agree to keeping the original /mlp/ /mlp/, but clearly the nazi janitor on 4chan didn't, and until and unless moot does something about it we can't really do anything about it.

>Really a no brainer, if the community REALLY wants to mix then it will happen on its own rendering the /mlp/ standalone board useless


Anonymous 8086

iZarc is better

Anonymous 8087

As long as you guys add a catalog sometime I think I'm going to stay. I like it here.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8088

that's being worked on actively, IIRC

Anonymous 8089

That does seem to have a lot of supported formats, but it appears to be closed-source and using a proprietary license.
Seeing as 7-zip is the original implementation of the 7z archive, which is currently the best archive format, and I hardly ever need to work with any of the archaic and/or obscure that aren't supported by 7-zip (ACE being the only I can think of), I'll stick to 7-zip.

Also, if
is correct, iZArc doesn't support creating 7-zip archives, which makes it kinda limited in usefulness.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 8090

Oh. Sorry, wasn't quite sure what you were meaning.

I guess from what I'm getting, that would be a system where there's an nsfw tag, if OP uses it, all the images in the thread are automatically covered by that nsfw tag (like the one I posted.) but they can also be individually use in posts. and you can change your settings to automatically uncover them if you want.

is that more like what you're talking about?

it's late and I might not be up much further, but I appreciate the input and we'll hammer something out as soon as possible.

Anonymous 8091

>I guess from what I'm getting, that would be a system where there's an nsfw tag, if OP uses it, all the images in the thread are automatically covered by that nsfw tag (like the one I posted.) but they can also be individually use in posts. and you can change your settings to automatically uncover them if you want.
Exactly this.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8092

Yeah. I would hope, though, that the post in question would be invisible to those without the tag activated, baffling the hell out of the 2% of the population who leaves it off.

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 8093

I think in this kind of system, the tag would not create invisibility at all. Just cover by a tag (like a booru does) on /neomlp/ or whatever name is decided.

Anonymous 8094

I was just about to describe this:
But he beat me to it.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8095

Alright. I guess /neomlp/ would have to be mentioned as semi-NSFW in the board description at the top to protect the virgin eyes of wandering /oat/ers, underaged b&s or what have you.

Anonymous 8096


This sounds agreeable

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 8097


We'll have to make an executive decision on this at some point, so here's what we're going to do:

>drop forced anon from /anon/

>for now, /anon/ is a workable name and we haven't gotten enough input yet or any other name that really jumps out as "yeah that's perfect."
>the board description will be changes from /anon/ - no names to /anon/ - anonymous culture to befit the fact that anonymity is encouraged but not forced
>the tag-hide system currently in place will be replaced by a tag-cover system, where individual posts can simply be covered by a spoiler-like tag (but has a different cover picture to specify that it's an nsfw image, like a booru does). if an OP selects this, it automatically covers all the posts in the thread so they don't have to do anything. a setting will be available to automatically uncover these if people want.

>we'll continue working on a catalog/search function to follow that up


File: 1370936047960.png (192.1 KB, 600x653, sweetie95.png)

>drop forced anon from /anon/
most logical decision evarrr!!!

Yeah, I know. But it still sounds funny.

Anonymous 8099

>where individual posts can simply be covered by a spoiler-like tag (but has a different cover picture to specify that it's an nsfw image, like a booru does). if an OP selects this, it automatically covers all the posts in the thread so they don't have to do anything. a setting will be available to automatically uncover these if people want.
Sounds perfect.

Anonymous 8100


/nmlp/ -Neo/mlp/ sounds better imo

The name is also important and /anon/ does now seem unecessary as a name

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8101

File: 1370936536452.png (11.67 KB, 491x355, topkek.png)


!!Applejack ## Admin ## 8102

If someone wants to make an image for use as the NSFW cover, please do.

That is a decent sounding option, actually…

Updates in progress~

Anonymous 8103


Maybe the original spoiler image from /mlp/ modified to say NSFW?

You gotta admit that one looks great

Anonymous 8104

/nmlp/ makes me think of nor/mlp/

What about just /neo/?

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 8105

Submit some options!

Anonymous 8106


I like that idea.

Anonymous 8107


Still too different

Anonymous 8108

File: 1370937118933.png (1.24 MB, 5000x5000, 1352671438779.png)

Anonymous 8109


/nmlp/ is close enough to /mlp/ without taking the same name

It's a sound name for its purpose

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8110

File: 1370937204478.png (Spoiler Image,384.52 KB, 5000x5000, ~~~~~~~~~~.png)

Anonymous 8111

File: 1370937327889.png (13.57 KB, 100x100, mature-cover.png)

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8112

File: 1370937425212.png (13.89 KB, 100x100, nsfw mlp new.png)

hah, just made the same image.

Anonymous 8113

File: 1370937425263.jpg (23.56 KB, 610x343, image.jpg)



Anonymous 8114


Anonymous 8115

File: 1370937556909.png (Spoiler Image,141.06 KB, 1280x1280, 1354975698683.png)

Spoilered for reasons

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8116

>dat vector

Anonymous 8117

that is the best version of this.
I want it.
We shouldn't edit in the "NSFW" text. It might ruin such masterful artwork

Anonymous 8118

File: 1370938592928.png (170.92 KB, 397x472, nsfw.png)

Alternatively, I could gray out the background image.

Anonymous 8119

gray out? I don't like that idea one bit. It's already the weakest thing about this board's already rectangular spoiler cover image

Anonymous 8120

I was thinking maybe it would be nicer to have a black background with RD in the IWTCIRD pose on top of it, but I can't seem to find a vector or backgroundless version of it. Anyone got something like that?

Anonymous 8121

File: 1370939585981.png (347.69 KB, 1600x1484, IWTCIRD vector.png)

5 seconds in GIS.

Anonymous 8123

File: 1370940294644.png (117.47 KB, 600x600, nsfw2.png)


An improvement?

Anonymous 8124


Anonymous 8125

isn't it awesome?

Anonymous 8126

Yeah, I've noticed that too.

Anonymous 8127


Yeah, that looks great. I'd click on that.

Anonymous 8129

you can turn it off if it gets annoying too

Anonymous 8130

File: 1370945964136.jpg (24.88 KB, 480x360, every_hue_of_the_rainbow.jpg)

I can dig it.

Anonymous 8131

File: 1370953142300.png (220.61 KB, 1280x1502, Cheerilee02.png)

>drop forced anon from /anon/
I really don't like it, but it's not a board killer

C'mon, man. Doopy Cheerilee is best spoiler

Anonymous 8134

File: 1370961343720.png (79.58 KB, 200x200, 1366659271324.png)

sounds good

Anonymous 8136


!!Applejack ## Admin ## 8138

If you want to submit a better looking option for spoiler too, we can consider replacing the existing one. Nothing special keeping it around.

Anonymous 8140

Guys, why don't we just smoosh all our generals into /anon/? It's pretty much dead, well was. Before THE SCRUFFENING the last thread was posted may 4th. We can just do all our shit in there, enjoy the rest of the boards too, and not make everyone buttmad by spreading our possibly unwanted stuff over every board. Seems like the most reasonable course of action to me.

Anonymous 8141

Good god this tripfags a whiny faggot. You lot stay out of /anon/, ya hear?

!!Applejack ## Admin ## 8142

Well, with names being allowed now on the new paradigm of /anon/, all the generals should feel perfectly comfortable if they like.

The couple that are outside of it now - Tulpa on /chat/, Satyr on /pony/, I think one other elsewhere, are welcome to post wherever they want their thread to be that fits. With names allowed and soon us changing the "mature tag" to a "mature spoiler" to make it even easier to post mature threads or even just mature individual posts (basically like it was on /mlp/ before the Scruffaggedon, just using a spoiler), /anon/ (or whatever name we end up liking best for it, /neomlp/, /nmlp/, etc) will suit everyone from /mlp/. And probably get curious visitors from our own population.

Anonymous 8143

File: 1370965161537.png (138.87 KB, 855x935, happy.png)

I really love how you guys are so hands on with moderation and talking to the userbase and stuff like this. Also I know it's been said many times before, but thank you so much for providing us a new home. You're the best.

Anonymous 8144

This. 4chan has grown too big for its own good I think. The staff no longer cares about the users.

Anonymous ## Mod 8148

If you guys all come here, mlpchan will be too big too, and we'll just stop caring.
*evil laugh*

Anonymous 8149

Gee, I hope not!


Kinda off-topic, but I was just wondering if you guys have (or are planning to) contribute any of the new features you're developing to the Tinyboard project. A lot of it, such as the built-in scripts, they could really use.

Anonymous ## Mod 8151

As we are one of the biggest Tinyboard imageboards, they have their eyes on us, and we contribute to their code a lot.
You'd have to ask Macil for the details.


That's great!

Anonymous ## Mod 8153

File: 1370969530038.png (236 KB, 473x699)

>anon-kun said I was great

Anonymous 8154

File: 1370969697822.png (132.98 KB, 476x476, 4wf0qb4bxkqo.png)

Anonymous 8155


CapperGeneral 8170

all excellent ideas

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8171

Thanks. We'll move as quickly as possible to implement the change of tag, and for now just spoiler is fine. And we'll work on catalog as fast as we can. Those 2 are the big ones.

Patrick Bateman - Element of Post Numbers 8172

File: 1370999062627.jpg (30.05 KB, 461x509, 1361511016025.jpg)

Rest in peace /anon/, you were nice while you lasted.

Enter /chat/ 2.0.

Anonymous 8173

Because fuck terrorism, basement dwelling neckbeards that jerk it to cartoon animals are WAY more important.

Anonymous 8174

There were names on /mlp/, what's the difference?

Dante - Element of Fuck You 8175

File: 1371000893707.gif (1.34 MB, 315x315, 1365295005057.gif)

>/anon/ - No names.
>/anon/ - Anonymous culture (but names and trips are allowed lol)

>/mlp/ - Pony

Anonymous 8176

okay, in a perfect world, what would make you happy?

/whateveranonischangedtoo/ - pony ??

They're doing the best they can man..

Dante - Element of Fuck You 8177

File: 1371001235406.gif (2 MB, 450x253, 1358409089156.gif)

You what?
Pony boards already exist on this site, namely:
/anon/ was basically - /b/ - Forced Anon/Random.
In a perfect world the generals would find somewhere else to setup (maybe a new board) as opposed to killing /anon/ because >well anon is dead and >muh recognition and security.

Anonymous 8178

so you want a forced anon /b/ on this chan, while the /mlp/ generals are forced away from their quasi home on /anon/
how is that fair to them at all?

Anonymous 8179


To be totally honest. I somewhat agree with this guy, making a board just for us sounds like it would have been easier. But I understand you are trimming the fat and that making a new board would kind of defeat the purpose.

Anonymous 8180

the idea for your new board was to just turn anon into that board. I am personally very for that idea.

Anonymous 8181

for the record, this is the most active anon has been. ever. In the history of it's existence.
It ain't dead, jim.

Anonymous 8185

File: 1371002877527.png (804.16 KB, 900x1577, 1361799171844.png)

>muh fairness
/anon/ was a forced anon board, the only somewhat valid points for it is they want exposure.
How is removing /anon/ fair to Anons?

I'm against it but tyranny of the vocal majority always wins out.

>most active
Yes, the most active with *Anonymous* posters.

Anonymous 8186

because it doesn't remove anon. it's not like you have to have a name.
Most of /anon/ is /mlp/ or mlpchanners who understand that /anon/ means they should go anon. It's not like 10 tripfags for every 100 posters is gonna kill the board. And for the most part, they're not gonna hang on /anon/. What the heck is in it for them, as name or tripfags??

>I'm against it but tyranny of the vocal majority always wins out.

Sad, but true. I hope an agreement will come to pass that will be well accepted by as many people as possible.

>Yes, the most active with *Anonymous* posters.

Fair enough.


File: 1371006891046.png (55.51 KB, 659x731, 1370803638610.png)

I keep my trip on at /anon/ because I am too lazy to remove it, and then have to type it all out again.

Also that I don't see any real difference between anoning and tripfagging, except that people know who is posting.

Anonymous 8191


>Also that I don't see any real difference between anoning and tripfagging, except that people know who is posting.

Because some people consider namefagging as attention whoring. /mlp/ condones trips unless you do it for contribution purposes such as fan works. It's part of it's board culture that, unfortunately, forgot to drop it when they came here. Mind you, not all of us are in favor and for me there's no difference to who is posting be either an Anon or namefag.

Funny thing is that because it is the norm here to use names and trips, it is us Anons that stick out as a sore thumb.

Anonymous 8192

>I don't see any real difference between anoning and tripfagging, except that people know who is posting
>people know who is posting
Anonymity counters vanity. On a forum where registration is required, or even where people give themselves names, a clique is developed of the elite users, and posts deal as much with who you are as what you are posting. On an anonymous forum, if you can't tell who posts what, logic will overrule vanity. As Hiroyuki, the administrator of 2ch, writes:

If there is a user ID attached to a user, a discussion tends to become a criticizing game. On the other hand, under the anonymous system, even though your opinion/information is criticized, you don't know with whom to be upset. Also with a user ID, those who participate in the site for a long time tend to have authority, and it becomes difficult for a user to disagree with them. Under a perfectly anonymous system, you can say, "it's boring," if it is actually boring. All information is treated equally; only an accurate argument will work.

Anonymous 8193

Except that becomes bullshit when the populace is a bunch of 2edgy teenage faggots living in basements whose only "arguments" are
>hurf and durf
>poorly thought out, hamfisted attempts at funny sounding ad hominem
>ape-like mimicry

I'm not saying I don't want 95% of the posts to be anonymous on that board. I'm just saying we're a little far off from an academic, free-speech zone of free-thought and enlightenment.

Anonymous 8194

I now picture /mlp/ to be cavemen bashing rocks on their heads giggling at the pretty colours


File: 1371009776230.jpg (208.88 KB, 567x427, imnotsayingitwasbloodsuckers..…)

You mean we weren't that before?
I was just clacking the key board hoping to make words!

Anonymous 8196

It took you NOW to get that picture?

Anonymous 8197

god dammit guys.

Anonymous 8198

got dammit, comrade

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 8199

This name, that I have, is attached to all my other names. I can't relinquish the implications of my past when posting under this or any of my other names.
However. It is not up to me to how any one person reacts to my posts.
Regardless of what I've said or done using my names, I don't want people to treat me differently because I have this, or any other name, and it is not my responsibility to get them to do so. If they are going to treat me one way or the other, that's up to them. I specifically have taken my name off when posting in this thread because I don't want it to hold any weight.
If you apply weight to my name, that's your problem. I don't want weight to be applied, so I take it off.
And most importantly, I don't apply weight to any posters posts. At all. Name or not.
the obvious exception to the rule is staff, but for the most part I don't listen to them anyway~~~


File: 1371010212467.jpg (69.04 KB, 568x720, 1370799263861.jpg)

To be honest, I mostly namefag because friends and junk.
Of course, than again, I change it every so often…
Like now. The Vulture is a new name for me…

Anonymous 8201

I meant specifically for argumentative topics, not personal things. Obviously it's useful for personal things.

Anonymous 8202

I mean, on slower threads full of regulars it really stops mattering if you have a name or not. It's generally pretty obvious who is which Anonymous when opinions get involved, or one of them contributes in some way and speaks with that certain authority in their messages.

Anonymous 8203

Confirmed for not fully grasping the kopipe. People who *didn't* reply trying to refute it confirmed for understanding.

Anonymous 8205


I can already tell your one of THOSE tripfags

YOur going to be ignored and bashed in whatever ./anon/ is going to be renamed to


File: 1371011357200.jpg (208.88 KB, 567x427, imnotsayingitwasbloodsuckers..…)

Anyone who disagrees with me is an idiot. Anyone who agrees with me is a genius.

Shuckle!SORAvk6EnU 8207

File: 1371011400493.png (70.25 KB, 192x246, Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 7.43…)

>names on /anon/
No, no, no FUCKING NO! One of the reasons I used that board was to get away from the fucking circlejerk of all the tripfags. Now it's going to become /chat/ with porn. At this point you might as well get rid of /chat/ if you're going to do this. Which I think is bad. /chat/ and /anon/ are a good separation. I don't want to have people making "lol how r u guiz??!! HUGZ!!11" threads on /anon/. FUCK!
>putting on trip to show that even a tripfag is against this


File: 1371011510370.jpg (22.4 KB, 479x466, sweetie185.jpg)

Posters argue that some of the /mlp/ community need names for their work, and not allowing them separates their community.

Anonymous 8209

I love you. <3

Anonymous 8210

File: 1371011545068.gif (496.03 KB, 200x178, jews did this guy laughing.gif)


Considering we (/mlp/) are going to take it over that board if our home is further wrecked you won't have to worry about those autists your running from

Anonymous 8211

You make a good point tripfag.

Mind, if this truly does become /mlp/2, there's not much chance of us becoming… shit, I couldn't finish that sentence honestly. But truly, it might work out a lot better than you think, a lot of us love anonymity and being assholes.


File: 1371011669828.gif (165.67 KB, 600x534, 1357527661464.gif)

Meh. I don't care.
Don't really get the hostility, though.
Th' way I see it; Names don't hurt much of anything. They're just a way to keep track of folk. Friends or enemies.
That, and a way to put your interests, or personality, into stuff you do.
The Vulture, for example, being because I read Roadside Picnic.
I thought the names on /anon/ thing was temporary, though.
Aren't they implementing a tag system for it or something?
Thought i heard somewhere, that.

Shuckle!SORAvk6EnU 8213

File: 1371011760435.png (105.84 KB, 312x284, Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 7.24…)

Well then there can be an option to turn on names in the OP. At least that way you won't have tripfags going into threads and turning it into a circlejerk.
Go fuck yourself.
/anon/ is not big enough yet. We're only get about 2,000 posts a day maybe. Once we start getting about 5-10 thousand, and tripfags are being outnumbered, then I think it'll be fine. But as of now, there's way too much of a thread for it to turn into /chat/.
We'll see. I just hope that /chat/ doesn't invade it and drives everyone from /mlp/ away.


File: 1371011879093.jpg (5.19 KB, 204x247, sweetie455.jpg)

I think that's what they're doing. Names will be an option, but anon will be encouraged.

There was talk about merging the /chat/ and /anon/ boards, but do you remember how well /b/read and /mlp/ got along last time they were forced onto the same board? Not a good idea.

Anonymous 8215


It's going to take much more than hugboxers to drive us out once we're established

Of course this all depends on /mlp/ being wrecked

Anonymous 8216


Not all of us supported the mindless hate

Anonymous 8217



The idea was to make /anon/ a replica of /mlp/ so it's generals and especially CYOA threads didn't had to go to the site's boards.

If things keep going bad on /mlp/ there will be more generals arriving and boy do we have generals.


File: 1371012154507.png (17.15 KB, 150x143, sweetie399.png)

I understand sir. Still, it was not a good situation for the two communities. Best to allow each their own space is a good idea. That way those who do harbor that hate can avoid the source of it.

Shuckle!SORAvk6EnU 8219

Yeah, I do think that a distinction between /chat/ and /anon/ is good. I just don't want to risk people turning it into /chat/ 2: electric boogaloo.
It all depends on whether or not people finally decide to leave /mlp/. For now, we wait…

Anonymous 8220

Mind, all of this reconstruction and Tripfags supporting the newcomers is a little bit unsettling. Like if you went to a deserted island and all the natives with human bone necklaces run up to you and give you pineapples and lead you to their tents, give you the biggest one, and as you go to sleep the only thing you're thinking is when are they going to start trying to eat me?

Anonymous 8221

File: 1371012353509.gif (1.79 MB, 425x270, 1371004716429.gif)


With numbers, we burn em out of the board



File: 1371012437422.jpg (83.46 KB, 785x523, 1357090604977.jpg)

Heh. Yeah, I can see how it'd look like that.
Of course, the main reason for the mass acceptance [besides decency] is that we really need/want the traffic. Finally new faces! No more bland losers!

Shuckle!SORAvk6EnU 8223

MLPchan is desperate for traffic.


File: 1371012459867.png (59.29 KB, 280x226, sweetie119.png)

We're hugboxing you. Didn't you know?


File: 1371012506035.png (14.87 KB, 140x107, sweetie173.png)

This too, yes.

Anonymous 8226


Dude chill out. If you take the take the time to lurk the site you'll that this is normal behavior. It's their culture. And if didn't know, this place was founded by ex-/b/readers an many of it's users are too. Their ways are different but they're not out to get us.

Anonymous 8227

More like
>we outnumber them sarge! All we have to do is call for reinforcements!
>We need them now! They're storming the barricade!
I'm making the call!

Anon here! /mlp/, we need reinforcements! Stat! Our raid team is taking heavy casualties!
>Sorry what? How does this website work? I put my email in the email line, and now I'm getting unpleasant messages.
Get out of the way, newfag! This is an emergency! Forward me to all the generals!
>Generals speaking
Get your asses to mlpchan! We need support!
>No can do faggots. You left. You're deserters, not refugees. Now hang up!

Guys, we're doomed.

strictly tongue in cheek, of course.

Anonymous 8228

You're here too? Now all we need is Manley to join us!

Anonymous 8230

>what does /mlp/ need to be itself? to be what it wants?

Anonymous 8231

I like this one.

Anonymous 8232

>I'm against it but tyranny of the vocal majority always wins out.
>vocal majority

Sorry, man. That's not tyranny, that's democracy. I wish we could all have what we want, I really do. I'm personally for making a new board for /mlp/ so as to not step on anybody's toes, but I understand why the mods wouldn't want to do that.

I'm sorry you are getting your shit fucked up over our bullshit, but maybe we'll all reach a conclusion we can all enjoy in the end.

Anonymous 8233

Another vote for /free/.

Question: on the new and/or refurbished board that allows NSFW content, a variety of topics, etc. and selective forced anon, is the tag to change the setting going to be #trip or #anon? In other words, what's the default?

Sorry if I missed it earlier. I thought it was forced anon default, but the current settings on /anon/ and some discussion earlier had me wondering.

Anonymous 8234

>I thought it was forced anon default, but the current settings on /anon/ and some discussion earlier had me wondering.
It _was_ forced anon, but it isn't anymore. They removed the forced anonymity already. I guess they're still debating what to rename it to.

Anonymous 8235

I know it is now, but I take it they're not done with it because the tag and spoiler features haven't been implemented yet. I was wondering what the default will be when everything is done.

Anonymous 8236

You mean the default for the NSFW tag and stuff?
I don't know, but the NSFW tagging of threads is already in place, so you just need to make sure to check it if you are creating a thread where you want to allow or post NSFW images.
I think they just said to use regular spoiler instead until they finish implementing NSFW marking of individual posts in non-NSFW threads. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous 8237

I'm talking about the trip/no trip tag(s); i.e. at the end of the day, would OP have to turn on trips or all anon with tags.

Anonymous 8238

I don't know about that. Won't it just be a user setting or something in the scripts to anonymize everything?

Anonymous 8239

Client-side scripts don't affect other clients. That's the argument Donte was making. Likewise, Anonymizr and forced anon are not mutually exclusive; both can run simultaneously and have different uses. Maybe both would be implemented eventually; they're not terribly complex scripts. Still, would it be #anon or #trip is my question.

Anonymous 8240

>Client-side scripts don't affect other clients
Of course not. Are you talking about having some sort of extra tag similar to the NSFW for threads that allow "anon only" threads to be created?

Anonymous 8241

Personally I vote for forced anon being the default.

Yes, that is what we're talking about. Whether we should have a #anon tag that forces anon in the thread, and have trips on as default, or to have a #trip tag that allows trips in the thread, and have forced anon be the default.

Anonymous 8250

I'd prefer forced anon because I think going from forced anon to "maybe forced anon in a few threads, if people remember" is too much of a change to the board. Most people would be too lazy to tag their their threads if there's no real pressing reason. On the other hand, letting people tag threads as "trip enabled" still lets content creators attach a name to their work, and doesn't overly affect the rest of the board.

Anonymous 8254

Hmm, do you think there should be a separate setting for allowing anyone to use a name/trip in the thread or just the OP?

Anonymous 8258

I don't think you understood what I meant. What I meant was if there should be options to allow trips separately for just the OP or anyone posting in it during thread creation. Obviously, it would be up to the OP whether to enable either option for his thread.

Anonymous 8260

>Only OP can have a name?
The possibility of specifying that when creating a thread, yes.

>I guess that would be good for content creators

Yeah, I was thinking about CYOAs and such, where the OP needs to be able to identify themselves, but everyone else really don't.

>but holy hell that could get pretty shit post pretty fast.

What do you mean?

>But I don't see why it couldn't at least be attempted.

I am by no means sure it's a good idea myself, it was just a thought.

Anonymous 8261

But then there's threads like Milky or Satyr, where people post content throughout and if anyone is a contributing artist or writer who happens not to be the OP, they can't use a name.

Honestly, I'm for having a socially-enforced environment of anonymity. It makes people learn and lurk and actually understand WHY anon is important, and then only use names for contributing. and if they don't learn, then they are easily disregarded because they're too dense to get it.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8262

File: 1371060629253.png (89.5 KB, 307x291, OPSighting.png)

>>but holy hell that could get pretty shit post pretty fast.
>What do you mean?
OP can run around trying to rerail the thread and be a massive fag.

Which you could always trust them not to do, or shout them down, but then what's the point of having forced anon in the first place?

Anonymous 8263

…you could have both.

If it's easily extensible from the regular forced anon, I would say add it. Someone would definitely want it. However, if it's something that takes quite a bit of tinkering, I would put it on the backburner for a while.

Anonymous 8266

Yeah, I didn't mean making it the only option. I meant basically having 3 options:
* Allow name/trip for anyone
* Allow name/trip only for OP
* Forced anonymous

What's stopping them from doing that even with trips allowed for everyone? If someone insists on shitting up their own thread, there's not much anyone can do about it.

Anonymous 8275

It's mostly set - /anon/ allows names but encourages anonymity both in its title and environment, and names for use for contributors, artists, writers, etc. the nsfw is now allowed simply through spoilering, and as a bonus they'll be adding a spoiler option to cover whole threads so you don't need to remember to spoiler individual images.

then they'll finish up the catalog.

Anonymous 8276

catalog* which will negate the need for any directory of anon threads and they can just use that for the ones on the rest of the site and the rest of the userbase.

Anonymous 8277

I'm sure it is.

Anonymous 8278

Yeah, I can't wait for there to be a catalog. It's kind of a pain to sift through the pages normally.

Anonymous 8280

You're right, actually.

>post r34 if you want in an individual thread, just spoiler
>post the tag in the OP if you want too

Anonymous 8281

I just have the thread in my watched threads list. (Push the watch button at the bottom right of the OP post.)

Anonymous 8282

based watchlist and based +50 and not having to load 700 replies.

Anonymous 8283

There's a thread watcher now?

Anonymous 8287

Nevermind, found it. Which brings up a point… it would be nice to be able to have it auto-watch threads replied to, like 4chan X can.

Anonymous 8294


I wonder if people will use the integrated arrow symbols (→) instead of the ">" mark for the stories

Anonymous 8295

→doing this ever

Anonymous 8296

Excuse me. I meant this:

Anonymous 8297

Anonymous 8299

Seems like it would be a bit tedious to do that.

Anonymous 8301

> > is and always will be superior to →

Anonymous 8303

I like my green text.
and making → is not quick and it is annoying to have to do every time.

Anonymous 8306

if that happens we'll just make the text after an arrow green

Anonymous 8307

I'm still not seeing how it's objectively better, but I'm not against it.

Anonymous 8308

What's the point?
Regular >s are fine the way they are.
No need for another type of quote symbol.

Anonymous 8309

nah. sorry, but arrows are just a bit too ugly crammed into a sentence → compared to the elegant and unobtrusive > symbol.

on a similar note, how do we [/?]>greentext [?] mid sentence here? My 4chan tricks don't seem to work.

Anonymous 8310

as far as I know, that's not doable.
I'm keeping a list of additions to add to the possible/future features section in >>616

Anonymous 8313

well, maybe don't make it a public feature. there probably is a way already, it'll just take some experimentation to discover it… a sign of class a know-how or something like that.

CapperGeneral 8314

File: 1371084173369.png (160.85 KB, 904x628, traffic.png)

Been keeping an eye on the daily traffic on /mlp/
to my surprise, it has not decreased significantly since the beginning of the scruffening.

I am anticipating another shitstorm by the 16th at the latest. After that, we should know better where we're at, and how to move forward.

Anonymous 8315

that evening of 4/13.
is it a glitch?

Anonymous 8316

I believe 4chan was down for maintenance (or a DDOS attack, or something.)

CapperGeneral 8317

that week, moot changed a piece of the 4chan infrastructure, which disabled the archive for about a week. A week that went almost entirely unrecorded.
4chan was still operating, but the reports werent

Anonymous 8318

>it has not decreased significantly since the beginning of the scruffening.
Probably because the scruffied threads were replaced by angry meta threads complaining about the thread deletions and autistic brony troll activity.

It was like normal /mlp/ activity almost vanished, and was replaced by nothing but meta, IWTCIRD spam and other bullshit.

Anonymous 8319

What makes you say the 16th?

Anonymous 8320

I was joking

CapperGeneral 8321

Equestria Girls hits theaters

Anonymous 8322

Huh, that's true. I hope it gets leaked quickly so I can see it. I doubt it will cause a shitstorm unless it's really bad, but it will probably spur a lot of discussion.

Anonymous 8323

File: 1371084865855.png (19.54 KB, 390x469, 2h9qu4ddr8zk.png)

I agree with you entirely. When the 16th comes, the #REKTening will be upon us.

whatever happened with that coked out black chick?

no fun allowed

Anonymous 8324

As far as the traffic to MLPchan is concerned, /mlp/ "only" lost about 2 000 posts per day. One might extrapolate that overall /mlp/ must have lost less than 5 000 potential posts/day
However, the nature and quality of thoses posts is what matter, and what will influence future traffic - so it's early tot ell.

Anonymous 8325


Hey Capper, what program do you use to record these activities? I want to do them to compare /mlp/ against other boards

Also, do you by any chance record this site's activities too and compare them against /mlp/ and possibly Ponychan?

Anonymous 8326

Anonymous 8327

/mlp/ is faster than ponychan and here combined if I remember correctly, and ponychan only has about 2000 posts a day less then here does.
I have no idea how relevant this info is anymore, as this was before the scruffening

CapperGeneral 8328

I dont personally record them, I use the tools provided over here to keep an eye on a lot of things http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/reports

Anonymous 8332

This is probably bad news.
Fucking A, it's like being on a plane and the pilot comes over on the intercom with a calm voice telling people not to panic. That's when you know it's over.

Anonymous 8335

Looks like I'm moving in. Hope I don't step on too many toes in the transition.

Anonymous 8336

official mod sticky
>satyrs are not allowed
>3 on the pony scale is allowed.

so… we ponyscale3 abomination thread now.
all stories must replace the word satyr with ponyscale3 or face mod retribution. so says god.

Anonymous ## Mod 8337

That would appear to be the case..

Sorry man.

Anonymous 8338

I'm not really surprised, but it's odd that they called us out and don't allow us, but still allow humanized. It doesn't make sense to me, but I suppose this is law now.

this whole thing reeks of weirdness.


shitshitshit I posted this on the wrong thread. Sorry, all.

Anonymous 8340

No biggie bro


File: 1371099688367.png (495.13 KB, 947x843, sweetie201.png)

I have an idea. If satyrs aren't allowed on /mlp/ because they're not ponies, move your generals to /b/. Clearly they aren't ponies and are allowed there.

Anonymous 8342

File: 1371099695367.png (104.97 KB, 1013x1500, flying trolldad.png)

>saging a sticky

Anonymous 8343

Oh my goodness he's going ham

Anonymous 8344

hell no. raids aren't my thing, and that sure as hell is one.

that's me, the flyingretardnigger from hell.

Anonymous 8345

File: 1371099837300.jpg (42.68 KB, 184x230, wubs.jpg)

Anonymous 8346


It's still MLP related. People can detect them by the style, color palette and since the Satyrs thread includes stories, names can also be a flag.

Fluttershy the Tree!0YjMx5UY1A 8347

We're looking to move this thread:

Here to mlpchan. What board should we post it on, provided we'd (or at least I'd) prefer to use trips?

Anonymous 8348

T:EM/P/O's coming here? I'm happy again.

Fuck New Scruffy and Moot both.


File: 1371101548483.png (60 KB, 225x233, sweetie83.png)

Not sure what kind of a thread TEMPO is, but /chat/ is usually a good starting point for serials.

Anonymous ## Admin 8350

/anon/ allows names, for contributors. If you're writing, drawing, doing something that's original at all, creating content, you can use a name. /anon/ is for Anonymous Culture, but anonymous culture is that it is perfectly acceptable to use a name for identifying content contributors.

Anonymous 8351



wow thats a toughie but I'm no mod so you'll have to wait for them.

Anonymous 8352


Thread: Equestrian Musicians Poets Other

Has to do with the liberal arts but I've never lurked there

Anonymous 8353

/anon/ or /pony/ or /chat/

Anonymous ## Mod 8354

Up to you.
/chat/ or /anon/ is fine, and anyway, if further down the road the community thinks it should move to another board, a mod can do it very easily.

Main difference is that /anon/ allows NSFW really, it's up to you guys.

Anonymous ## Mod 8355

Oh, I guess /pony/ works too.
SFW too.

Anonymous 8357

Should Satyr move there too? We were a 4chan thread, it only makes sense that we go to the "new old 4chan"

Anonymous 8358

I'd say /pony/ is more show-related chat, but that's discounting /p/ad's constant presence there.

Anonymous 8359

mlpchan is your home now dude.
you guys can go wherever you like, as long as it fits the description.

/pony/ /chat/ and /anon/ seem the be the places to go though.

Anonymous 8360

/pony/ - show discussion, or other canon material (like the comics)
/oat/ - a safe-for-work portion of non-serious pony things (but it has a bit of an existing tripfag culture)
/chat/ - not-pony related topic
/anon/ - all topics allowed, nsfw allowed, names allowed if you're producing content

there's the basic breakdown. i mean, there's smaller board for roleplaying and such but that'snot important.

Anonymous 8361


So TEMPO can fit on either /oat/ /chat/ or /anon/

Possibly since most of the /mlp/ refugees are in /anon/ it could be the preferd choice.

Anonymous 8362

Probably so. And you guys produce content, too.

Angel!GraceZDGeM 8368

I have no plans to set up camp here; my original feeling that Pet Ponies are best left to IRC stands. You all have my support, though, both here and in the homeland.

Anonymous 8370

Expand all images button sounds like a thing a couple people want.

Anonymous ## Mod 8371

I'll add it to our to-do list.

Anonymous 8372

What was it?

Anonymous 8373

an image stating that moot had replied to thony and that a sticky was going to go up
I'm sure you've seen the sticky in question.


File: 1371103777433.png (7.88 KB, 1371x82, 1371084641026.png)


Anonymous 8376

>that wording
There really was no chance of this ending well, was there?


File: 1371104597829.png (534.09 KB, 3970x4520, sweetie14.png)

It already happened. Sticky is up on /mlp/ now.

Anonymous 8378

Well considering that /mlp/ was likely bombarding him with hundreds and hundreds of emails (as well as dozens of /q/ threads) he'd already made his decision well before that.

Quora!bYqs511mBY!!hfP3ZQRf/S 8379

Do you guys have an official IRC channel for people like me to talk with other MLPchan users in? If you don't I'd suggest PonyChat (http://ponychat.net) as a good place to host one.

Anonymous 8380

Ponychat's a good option.

There's a semi-official Skype group, as well as an official Steam group. All the staff keep their contacts in it public for easy communication.

Shuckle!SORAvk6EnU 8381

File: 1371104966141.png (107.21 KB, 326x350, 135175561841.png)

Alright, one thing I'm noticing right now. The generals and stickies are cluttering the page. Like, badly. This needs to be solved.

Quora!bYqs511mBY!!hfP3ZQRf/S 8382

Ah, I don't have skype because I don't trust microsoft's data retention policies. I have a nice big bouncer set up for IRC and IRC would be a much more convenient option for me.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8383

And this is the reason I left /mlp/ months ago…

I can only imagine it will be worse here, with less background traffic to keep the generals floating downstream.

Anonymous 8384

>I'm sure you've seen the sticky in question.
Yep. I just saw it a moment ago. /mlp/ may be dying. Unless a considerable number of people decide to just ignore the rules and moot's statement and keep posting rulebreaking stuff, there will be nothing left of value there.

It is. Catalog should help with that.
Also, that reminds me of something that was suggested in some /mlp/ meta thread a while ago regarding generals… making it somehow possible to mark a thread so that it would not get bumped to the front page with each post, but rather only get bumped back to page 3 or 4 in order to avoid it 404ing. That way generals would only appear on the front page when first created, and then eventually end up on page 3+

Anonymous 8385

seconded, we don't need no stickies at all. at this point it is very self-explanatory

Anonymous 8386

we have a set up here called cyclic

if you add a cyclic tag to threads, they can only have 500 posts, and after that, they get deleted. but the thread just stays at it's 500 post limit.
does that sound like it'd work for any of your generals?

Anonymous 8387

We could accomplish much the same by simply having a low bumplimit with a high post/image cap.

Currently the post/image count is like, 1,000. So if there was a low bumplimit, like 200, well the early part of a general is usally the fastest anyways. it'd hit sage fast, then stay in sage for a long time.

I can see the "big" sticky staying, at least for a day or two as people come over from the /mlp/ sticky. and the contest will be over on the weekend.

i think eventually they will learn about that, but for now it might be a bit complicated and they're already having to deal with this transition

!!Fluttershy ## Mod 8388

For the short term I've also put the Generals on autosage, they are in the index, so that should not be a major issue to them. Long term, the generals who stay can use the Cyclic tag.

Admiral Yang Wenli 8389

Yeah, I can imagine that most of the stickies can go at this point.

Anonymous 8390

oh, I don't mean right away, they have enough to deal with right now.

Anonymous 8391

Yeah, but that would also affect threads that aren't generals, forcing them to recreate or die out. However, simply allowing the thread creator to specify that their thread should have a low bump limit ("general mode" if you will) would probably also solve the problem. On /mlp/ the thread 404ing would have been a problem, but that might not be as much of an issue here at the moment.

Anonymous 8392

Or at least be shortened down to a minimal post, rather than the current wall of text, linking to another page with more detailed information.

Anonymous 8393

I imagine that they could just add an extra function to the #cyclic tag that also gave it a low bump limit.

Anonymous 8394

Possibly. What does the #cyclic tag do currently?

Anonymous 8395

Putting #cyclic in the OP auto-prunes all posts after the 500th post. So with each new post it prunes the oldest one. The thread stays at a maximum of 500 posts, so it never reaches post/image cap.

Anonymous 8396

Hashtags, italics, bold, arrows, strikethrough, underline, hidden posts. This shit has to go.
With /mlp/ comes shitposting, and combining that with the weapons above leads to a whole new level of eye-rapery.

Please. Just for /anon/?

Anonymous ## Mod 8397

Hm.. That is a definite possibility…

Anonymous 8398

I'm not convinced that's a good idea.
That would make it difficult to archive and/or find stuff that was posted in those threads.

Also, 500 seems overly low. MLP Generals frequently get well over 1000 posts before a new thread is made. 1000-1500 would make a more sensible limit IMO.

Also, speaking of archives… correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, this site (or Tinyboard in general) doesn't have a json API, which would make writing an archiver more difficult and probably cause more load on the servers. Is there any plans of implementing a simple API similar to what 4chan has?

Anonymous ## Mod 8399

Yeah. Any thread that archives itself (one or two or our existing ones did as well) would probably not want to use it anyways, and they don't have to.

Our SysAdmin would no doubt be happy to help anyone interested in creating an archiver, and I'll direct him to your post.

Anonymous 8400

seconding everybody with the catalog idea
given how much the post rate increased after the great stickying tonight, a catalog would make it much easier to sift through everything that's going on in the anon board, and keep the good threads alive

Anonymous 8401

Admin please make haste in renaming /anon/

Neo/mlp/ or whatever, just make it happen soon

Anonymous ## Mod 8402

Catalog is our top priority for our SysAdmin/developers.

Was there a general consensus on the best new name options?

Anonymous 8403


No concesus yet but I don't think something like neo/mlp/ woud fit.

Anonymous 8404

>and I'll direct him to your post.
I doubt I will personally be developing an archiving site, I was just pointing out that as generals (and activity in general) move over from /mlp/, there will no doubt be a need for one, and re-downloading and HTML-parsing the entire thread each time isn't very efficient for the server or the client.

An API also has other uses, such as making it easier to make a thread locator. (the only thing I've used 4chan's API for so far)

Anonymous 8405

I just meant the idea in general, he may have some ideas and such.

Anonymous 8407


Anonymous 8408

>/muh mlp/

Anonymous 8409

I don't think there was any consensus, but some suggestions were /neomlp/, /horse/, /cd/ (Cloudsdale) and /cl/ (but I understand that one was already used)

Anonymous 8411

Because no one is going to agree with anything, just call it /its a mystery/

Admiral Yang Wenli 8417

File: 1371109052099.png (251.54 KB, 383x424, croppedvlcsnap-2013-03-17-10h4…)

I'd prefer /main/hattan over /cd/.

After all, it's basically the main board at this point.

Anonymous 8418

I'm kinda liking /horse/, since it fits well with /horse/fuckers, and you could say it's a board for "horsing around".

Anonymous 8419

I really like /mane/hattan.

Anonymous 8421

Whatever floats your boat I guess, but that sounds a bit too "brony" for me.

Anonymous 8422

Sounds like a brilliant idea, if only to troll moot.