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Anonymous 7069[View All]

/mlp/ input general

If you're new here from /mlp/, let's put our ideas and suggestions here for the management to see and think about.

Some of the things I've heard other refugees notice or think seem to be that it could use a few less boards, or that descriptions of what they are could clearer. One other thing was the ID system on /anon/, which some didn't like so they removed it for us, showing they will listen if the ideas are good or have a good reason. So fire away.
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Anonymous 8507

the hotkeys make it pretty easy

just ctrl+s

Anonymous 8508

lol, dude, I know.

Anonymous 8509

Adding a thread statistics counter would be useful. Does mlpchan have a maximum post limit per thread?

Anonymous 8510

no. just an autosage

Anonymous 8511

Thread's cap at 1,000 images or 1,500 posts.

Anonymous 8512

Is that at 500 posts?
ok, thanks

Anonymous 8514

I believe it was 750, but I may be mistaken.

Anonymous 8515

File: 1371167933859.jpg (175.88 KB, 900x738, 1361381382030.jpg)

Huh. Going to be strange going from 500 to 750 bump limits. My shitty netbook has trouble loading past 600 anyway.

Anonymous 8517

see, I'm not entirely sure that's true.
use +50, only loads the last 50 posts of any thread
there's a +50 link beside the [view] button, but you can also just add + 50 to the url like so

Anonymous 8518

As a courtesy to mobile users, please do not put links in spoilers. Being unexpectedly redirected to another page is extremely unpleasant (and no, they don't show, even with "spoilers revealed").

Anonymous 8519

oh that's horrifying
let me ask mac to change that.

Anonymous 8526

get a real computer

Macil !!Littlepip 8531


Anonymous 8533

>and no, they don't show, even with "spoilers revealed"
That sounds like a bug to me. Maybe it should be fixed.

Can't see much reason to spoiler links at all though.

Anonymous 8534

You should look at the post just above yours

Anonymous 8535

I am so sick of you fucking people.

Anonymous 8536


Go to ponychan faggot. I'm so sick of your hugboxing faggotry. I'm surprised you don't have a trip

Anonymous 8537

No, get the FUCK out of my home you worthless /mlp/ cunt.

>huurr I am Annoymoose xD xD xD

Anonymous 8538

>your home
>implying I wasn't here before the wave of /mlp/ people came here.

I don't like trips in general unless they are producing content.

Anonymous 8539

Congrats, you're on a site site filled with them, you faceless asshat.

Anonymous 8540

Hence why we are better off in our own board rather than trying to mingle with the ponychanners in the other boards.

Anonymous 8541

Well, no shit you faggot cocksucker. Some of the tripfags here are bearable compared to ponychan. Which is where you need to go.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 8542

File: 1371200458763.png (477.87 KB, 1280x688, Flutterdan fruit salad.png)


Get a room.

Anonymous !!s+rdmXe9pC 8543

This is for constructive discussions. Take cocksucking accusations somewhere else please.

Anonymous ## Mod 8544

This was supposed to be a mod tag

Anonymous 8545

File: 1371200558049.png (340.55 KB, 814x715, Scootaloo says you're a faggot…)

Get a room, faggot hugboxing nut swinging cum guzzling tripfagging faggots.

Namefag 8546

Then fuck off to 4chan. Also, what is the point of being anon again? You make content, and it says from: anon

That is so pointless it hurts. Who the fuck cares about anon.

You're all a clone. The same people. You're fucking boring too

Anonymous 8547

Will do sir.

English comprehension must not be your strong point. Please see >>8538

Anonymous 8548

Because it's about the content, not the people posting it?
If it bothers you, why not just stay in /pony/?

Anonymous 8549


Anonymous 8550

Because your infestation lingers there too.

Whatever. I'm out.

Anonymous 8552

Wrong. I don't go to pony, and nor do I complain about tripfags. I'd prefer if all /mlp/ threads stayed in /anon/, so I wouldn't have to venture outside to see them, but not much I can do about it if they choose to stay in other boards.

Anonymous 8553

It is 5:00 AM and what is this? This thread has had more derails than the first Transcontinental railroad. Now that most of /mlp/ has returned home, only the ones that plan on using the site should be hanging around. In addition, there's not much left to discuss. A name change (If any) and what to do about forced anon (if anything).

Also, I thought about >>8491, and this is my half-baked idea. Trips could be turned on/off with a hotkey. The name could be stored in localStorage or a cookie as plain text. The password is not stored as plain text, but a string literal is stored in LS/cookie and another "key" string is stored on the server. When the hotkey action is triggered, the server runs the function on the two strings, forms the password, appends it to the name, and then puts the result in the name field. Turning it off just clears the name field. It sounds like trips are persistent anyway though, so cookies are probably being used anyway.

Anonymous 8554

Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for the server to store your name and trip.
Why not just erase it?
[?]for the record, if I'm using https, the site has all of my name#trips stored in the name field to load if I want, but it isn't there if I'm not using https

Macil !!Littlepip 8555

I've been considering making some sort of optional tripcode manager: the name field would have a drop-down box to let you pick tripcodes you've used before (and would also show their output rather than the trip password, so that way someone can't see the password by looking at your screen or a screenshot you post).

Anonymous 8556

Sounds like an excellent idea. Also, might want to have it remember which one was last used for a particular thread that has been posted in.

Anonymous 8557

I've noticed that there is no top/borrom navigational links on the site. Normally, that's not a huge issue, but when browsing on a phone, it makes it extremely tedious to scroll to the bottom of long threads. Any chance of these being added?

Anonymous 8559

The quick reply box - the up and down arrows on the top bar as top and bottom of page buttons.

Macil !!Littlepip 8560

Admittedly they're probably a bit more difficult to get to on the QR on a phone. I plan on adding top/bottom links to the site sometime.

Question for the mods Anonymous 8571

Hey Mods can we have banners for /anon/ it would feel a little bit more like home, and it would give /anon/ something to create OC wise.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8572

We were planning once on making banners for the site (rather, having users make banners for the site), a bunch were submitted but we got really busy with all the other things to update and change.

I'm all for the idea, and if anons want to submit some banners, we'll probably put them up when we can.

Anonymous 8573

That's interesting to know, but yeah, it's a bit impractical to have to open the QR dialog in order to navigate to the bottom.

4chan has a floating top bar with a down arrow on it which is very practical.

Anonymous 8595

would it be possible to create a timezone tag?

What I mean to say is, if I post #timezone=8:00 PM PST (or #timezone= 20:00 PST ) it would change it to whatever timezone you have it set to for yourself?

For example, if I'm on the east coast, and I'm starting a steam at 8:00 PM EST, if I used the timezone tag, it would show up as 5:00 PM PST or 17:00 PST if you have your time set to military time, if your timezone is set to PST in the site settings.

Is this doable? Seems like it would be useful for streams and what not.

Anonymous 8596

A feature that AWG thinks would be good for them, and possibly other generals, is a OC tag, like mature, except the thread would change from being bumped by every post, to being bumped only by posts that have #OC in them, or, every five posts that don't have the OC tag in them.

In non braindead speak thats
OP posts #OC
Thread gets bumped by posts that have #OC in them, or gets bumped by every fifth post that doesn't have #OC in it.
The two would be mutually exclusive, so if an anon posts four times, then an #OC post happens, the next regular post would still bump the thread.
But I suppose this can be discussed.

Anonymous 8631

is there anyway your could add a "load all images" or "expand all images" button for threads?
its a little annoying to have to scroll over every image to stare at celestias amazing ass instead of clicking a button to making fapping more efficient.

thanks you mlpchan mods for taking us in during these dire times

Anonymous ## Mod 8637

I will add an expand-all-images option to our to-do list. I can't promise when that will be able to be implemented, our SysAdmin/coder is busy implementing a catalog at the moment, but it will be on our list of things to get done for you.

Anonymous 8638

Is there an option for revealing normal spoilers somewhere?
If there isn't, I'd suggest adding one.
It's kind of a pain not being able to see the spoilered images without clicking them.

Anonymous 8904

I think I need to post this here.
/mlp is one board. mlpchan is fucking 11 boards all for one topic, mlp. New posters have no desire to flip between all of these boards looking for activity. Long story short, copy 4chan and make one unified board and a catalogue or lose majority to 4chan… and it's probably already too late. 4chan wins because it is easier.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 8905

We're not trying to "beat" 4chan. It's not about winning by being bigger - no one is ever going to be bigger than 4chan at anything. 4chan as a whole gets a quarter of a million posts every day.

The goal is to be a better place for people to post this particular thing - ponies and everything about them.

But, you have a point about the board structure - and that's why we're currently discussing >>8646 this thread.

Anonymous 9392

Any ETA on the catalog function?

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