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Anonymous 7066

Wherever you go there's barely any show discussion and when there is then it's really uneducated opinions with no logic to them, it's treated like shit, while fanfics have quality cause there's actual writers that need to detail out their ideas, otherwise they have nothing to do there. Hell even a shipping discussion ends up being better than episode discussion which is major chatter, not discussion.

I say we put a restriction on /pony/ in the form of an essay // literary argument which gets reviewed, and after that the mods keep an eye on the quality of the posts while deleting most of the shitposts/reaction replies. It would be the only place to ever do this.

Anonymous 7067


… What?

Anonymous 7068

Would we use letter or number grades?

Anonymous 8412

Number, supposedly it's more precise.

Anonymous 8798

I agree, some genuine imposed restriction would be good, even if it's not natural.
/fic/ has a more specific target for creating fanfics and thus reviews and aiming for improvements, it also has natural guidelines which makes you detail your ideas out instead of just spouting ''I really really 20X(really) loved/hated episode Z''

dolfeus!doseuxbE3s 8799

File: 1371489950122.png (188.9 KB, 837x955, trixiestache.png)

A /fic/ reviewer once went to review episodes on S3 /pony/ as they aired. The threads have certainly 404'd by now, but it was pretty cool while it lasted. We could of course try to do it again, but reviewing is hard work, requiring actual thought and care.

There's a reason people default to "I liked this, but that sucked."

However, imposing strictures against vapid discussion isn't going to make people any more excited about discussing the show in greater depth. It's a mental and cultural barrier that can only be overcome by mental and cultural means.

Anonymous 8800

File: 1371490827757.jpg (83.54 KB, 500x625, 125748235702352356235293857234…)

>Not hosting it on mlp wiki and saving it on google docs for everyone to read.
>Not wanting to see most fail at their exams as they make way for the masterrace.
Why aren't you a wizard?

Anonymous 8803


File: 1371512868248.png (182.75 KB, 312x258, 2063381-heimdall_2.png)

If I recall correctly, he only made it to Magic Duel before quitting. If you'd like us to organize some kind of /pony/-/fic/ collaborative review thread for season four, that might be doable, but I'd wait until we're closer to when the new episodes start airing.

>hosting it on mlp wiki

How do?

Anonymous 8879

Get a part of the reviews done and click the contribute option and add pages for each episode, perhaps at the same time create an index for them all which is the category itself - create a blank page and place the links in there.
After the episode pages are completed and are no longer stubs, You can then either wait for somebody to notice it or contact the admin or mods and see if they'll put the index on the main page.

Anonymous 10061

File: 1374743875366.png (67.4 KB, 1413x464, 1374261347770.png)

Anonymous 10284

>reviewing stuff
Do you want people to have angry rants about the bad parts?
Because on /anon/, rants are our speciality.

Anonymous 10806

Interesting proposition, but I'd say keep /pony/ out and just let /fic/ do its own thing.

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