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Steam Web Browser Issues fallenPineapple !doof.n7.A2 6891

Just a little heads up, the scripts are completely broken in steams web browser. No settings page, auto update, quick post etc..

May not be the highest priority but they did work at one point. Just something to look into.

I was just informed of this issue from my sites users, think it was the march 31st updates that did it, unfortunately I don't have the old scripts to test with.

fallenPineapple !doof.n7.A2 6892

It also seems I get a connection error with the quick post here in firefox. I thought I was just doing something wrong with the new qr. I had to mash it together with an older version to get it to work right on my site.

john cena 6937

>using steam browser as an actual browser

truly the smartest mind of our time

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 6938

File: 1368480898103.jpg (224.84 KB, 871x1264, 918072a4e5df98dcf36e6eaacd3b38…)

while john cena needs to rise above hate, i too am kind of curious as to why you are using steam as a dedicated browser because its terrible

marisa kirisame!LWitchfcEo 6939

File: 1368480938030.jpg (186.46 KB, 850x850, sample_25a4a3cb678eb4c5158a2c3…)

regardless i will pass this on to macil if/when he is around

fallenPineapple !doof.n7.A2 6974


For the record I only used the steam browser to see what my users where complaining about. I agree using a real browser is a great fix. Thanks for passing it along.

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