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Issues using the site with a phone JiiKoo!BeBETTErJA 6886

Basically, my name field keeps clearing itself after each post. Also, I can't access the settings and auto-updating doesn't work, but I'm not sure if that's a limitation on the browser itself, and those don't bother me that much at all. I'm using version 7.5.33286 of Opera Mini with an Android phone.

Name clearing itself is pretty self-explanatory, I'd think. I write my name, I post, it goes poof. I can deal with that, copy-pasting my trip every time, but it gets pretty annoying pretty fast.

As for the navbar, if I have text wrapping enabled I cannot see it at all. With text wrapping unchecked, I can see the navbar and the "settings" link at the top of the "home" page. When clicked, it shows the headers for the different settings (Page Formatting, Link Behaviour) but clicking them only closes the setting window and it doesn't show the actual settings under any of the headers. On the actual boards I cannot see the "settings" link at all, but I can see the navbar. On both settings (text wrapping or no) I have the links to different boards at the bottom of each page.

I tested this stuff using the default Android browser for comparison and all the features work just fine, the browser itself just is slow as molasses and I'd prefer not to use it because of that. If the navbar + settings are a limitation of the browser, that's okay, I'll look into finding a different browser if need be. The name field I'd imagine should work, considering it doesn't clear itself over on Pchan with Opera Mini (did tests). Unless Tinyboard has a different way of dealing with it or something, I dunno.

Thanks for reading, I hope it's not too much trouble to check this out <3

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 6889

I use Google chrome android browser and firefox for android and everything works perfectly in both.
perhaps try a different browser?

JiiKoo!BeBETTErJA 6890

Downloaded and tested Firefox this morning. Indeed, it does work like it's supposed to. However, it is also a lot slower than Opera Mini, taking at least twice, almost three times as long to load a page and it feels a bit sluggish in general. The sluggishness and slowness of others were pretty much the reasons I used Mini in the first place.

I'm assuming the problem is Opera Mini compressing and processing the page before showing it to me, and that scripts are apparently run by the proxy it uses to load the pages. Would explain the auto-updater, I guess?

Anyways, my biggest problem is just the inability to keep my name saved, and I'm unsure whether or not that's something that can only be solved by changing browsers. If so, fine, I'll deal with it, but I'd like confirmation first.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 6893

See if there are js options, or pre loading options you can change.

Anonymous 6894

Nah, no such options, sorry. It's a pretty plain system.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 6895

try chrome than. Or dolphin browser.
if you must use opera mini, I'll see about looking into issues regarding the browser and js. Its kinda odd that it doesn't work though..

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 6899

There is absolutely nothing Macil can do, without entirely rewriting the quick reply in php, and I am not even sure if that's possible.

To put it in laymans terms, Opera Mini runs as fast as it does because it's presenting you an interactive snapshop of the website, rather than the actual website, and that's done through server transcoding which I'd rather not get into.
The actual issue is that the data is not preserved by the server, because none of the data is saved. It's just reloaded as a snapshot from the website.
And mlpchan does not have your name and trip as it's default loading state.

There's really nothing we can do.

As you said in this post >>6890
the browser pre-processes the page.
Which destroys your name data in the name field.
Sorry man, you're gonna have to change browsers :c

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 6900

well, actually, that's wrong.

I don't know if it can be done, but it might be possible for your name to be saved in a cookie, that stays on your phone.
The cookie is than checked from the mlpchan server, and it's then loaded once it gets to your phone.
Again, I don't know if that's possible, but that's my best guess.
Maybe just have a bit of code written to see if you're using opera mini, and if you are, to save the name data via the cookie, (or via whatever)
again, I don't know if that'd work, but it couldn't hurt to ask mac.

JiiKoo!BeBETTErJA 6904

File: 1367102166048.png (237.88 KB, 485x553, happyshy.png)

Yeah, that's pretty much what I got from wikipedia about Opera Mini, as well. I just really didn't know how the site handles the data for the name field. I'm assuming it uses a script of some sort, then, since it doesn't work? I really know next to nothing abut coding of any sort, so I'm just guessing here :P I'm also assuming Ponychan saves the name data as a cookie, since it works over there.

Seriously, though, thank you for taking your time with this, especially since it is not even close to being a major issue. I don't think there's really any need to spend time and effort to write code for such a limited number of people, so I think I'll just have to make do if that's what it would require.

Legendary!!VhZ4lFrash 6905

Heh I'm not really much of a coder, I just taught myself networking and server side function.
I really don't mind at all, and if I can find a work around, or a snippet that's pre written, I can hand it over to mac. Might as well have functionality, right?
Yeah, I would assume pchan stores the name data in a cookie or something like that.
I'm busy till about 11 my time tonight, but I can certainly look for something after then :)

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