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SVG 6489

Well. First off, hello everyone.

Now to the point. A while ago I created a thread asking for SVG support, and I'm not here often, so I'd like to know: do we have it yet? If not: why not?


!!Littlepip 6493

File: 1364467572403.png (184.64 KB, 945x945)

It hasn't been very high priority. The SVG format has much more in common with HTML than raster image formats. Most of the current image handling code doesn't support them, and SVGs can have embedded javascript which is a security issue that I'm not too sure what the standard way of handling is. I know MediaWiki supports SVG, so I'll have to check out its code sometime.

Heir!1APPARENTs 6614

Very well. Is it possible to parse out any JS, or would it be too difficult to pull it out of the image data (via regex matching)?

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