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File: 1363989172378.png (202.77 KB, 393x365, screenshot404.png)


sup /site/.

I have an idea… well it's sort a site issue. i don't know.

anyway, i sometimes see that users get annoyed with auto-played thumbnails.

so, I suggest maybe adding adding a feature in the settings menu to allow them auto-play or not.

Kinda like how pchan and whatever Kusaba X style chans use.

Because I think it's cool when the .gifs animate in the thumbnail. it's entertaining and fun to watch!

So yeah, just an idea, haha.

Marisa the Ordinary Witch !LWitchfcEo 6460

That's a possibility, but I'm not sure if it's quite needed. If a gif is annoying you, you can press that little minus sign beside the respective post to hide it


File: 1364017892366.png (234.52 KB, 571x671, top hat3.png)

just an idea is all. I like the auto-gifs. They're neat.


File: 1364018014209.gif (301.37 KB, 395x445, 224677.gif)

Also, thank you for the response to my question by the way.


File: 1364026261977.jpeg (65.03 KB, 600x412, 2e2.jpeg)

It would be a good thing for those with bandwidth limits or slow connections. I'm surprised there isn't an option for that, in fact. After all, it's less server costs for the admin if people lower their data usage by shutting off those sorts of features.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 6464

File: 1364028760508.gif (22.85 KB, 125x124, PONKO POE (autoplay).gif)


I'm pretty sure you don't have to re-download the gif everytime it plays. You download it like any other thumbnail, and your browser plays it.

!sHiTpOstpY 6466

File: 1364047110907.jpg (41.27 KB, 640x480, glut.jpg)

Only autoplay Pinkie sex gifs


File: 1364054120194.png (109.93 KB, 379x347, 135181154958.png)

would you cut it out it now?

just stop.

!!Trixie ## Mod 6468

File: 1364062481561.jpg (486.67 KB, 648x906)


as utterly ridiculous as this is, its turning into harassment and if i see you continue to follow mike between threads and try to provoke him then I'm going to ban you on the grounds of harassment.

Anonymous 6472

File: 1364090123523.png (53.32 KB, 720x548, Laughing.png)

I just froze from laughing too much


That wasn't even remotely funny. It was just stupid.

Black Mage 6476

File: 1364093698038.png (22.35 KB, 182x219, Flame War.png)

But it was good in context and then Mikes and !!Trixies response was too good

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