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Tex 5811

Are there any plans for an integrated filter? There are a couple of people I could do to see without and I think it'd be a good feature

Anonthony!1NZ....... 5812

It wasn't something we were too keen on building into the site itself, honestly. Though with medium-sized communities that are somehow still as close as this, there was bound to be call for it. I'm just not sure where we all stand on the idea.

Tex 5813

You could just make it an option, default off as well


Didn't I ask about something along these lines with the tread nuke function?
Anyways, could be useful. Keeps the kids apart so they don't fight, that sort of thing.

!BabsseeDZ6 5821

File: 1360745844988.png (232.76 KB, 419x676, Babs304.png)

I don't see the downside to filters. The posters who want them like me are stuck either reading lousy posts and then willing ourselves to ignore them, or when that fails, picking on the same people repeatedly. It adds nothing (and I know I've been guilty of it too). With the filters, I could just skirt the whole issue.
The people who don't want the filters are worried about cliques, but cliques already exist so lets not fool ourselves. Mashing us together with people we don't find interesting or just plain don't like isn't going to end well. Some people are brimming with forgiveness and tolerance. They can just not use the filter. Some others, like myself, could use a little help.
Please add filters.

Anonymous 5822

I guess I'm not against it, but it doesn't seem like a huge priority ahead of other things.

!BabsseeDZ6 5823

File: 1360782991741.png (247.98 KB, 420x683, Babs308.png)

I don't want to speak ill of Katamari balls ..

Anonymous 5824

That's just a raw-html cut and paste that any mod could do at any time., not any kind of coding addition.


File: 1362624891055.png (82.99 KB, 643x462, Gum is hard.png)

I am here to voice support for this feature.

Anonymous 6294

see http://mlpchan.net/site/res/5845.html , which was on the front page and was the third thread down.

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