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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1422155141575.png (47.1 KB, 1600x797)

Merger Proposal !!Applejack ## Admin 15219Locked[Last 50 Posts]

The staff has been talking about what we could do to make this place a little more fun and help it grow. We have many active and dedicated users, but we recognize that we're not growing quite as we once were. We've come up with a plan that we believe to benefit everyone involved.

The Ponychan and MLPchan staffs are proposing a merger between the two sites. MLPchan was created in response to Ponychan policies of the time. We believe that since then, our differences have decreased, and those that remain are worth setting aside to unify the community. (See >>16137 for more information.)

The proposal you'll see below was composed by the staff members of both sites, who all had equal say and opportunity to discuss, suggest, edit and review all the things which went into it. And while collectively we came to agreement in principle on the matter, neither of us would go forward with such a change without bringing the community into the discussion beforehand to make sure our belief that it would be agreed to as well by the majority was correct, and to hammer out more details and concerns or suggestions for making it a reality.

We all know many of you care deeply about this community and would want the best for it, and we will do everything we can to address everything you bring up. Please remember that this is a /site/ thread for a serious discussion - remain civil and open-minded so that we can have an effective conversation about the matter.

The details of the proposal, as written by the staffs:

Site structure
"Ponychan.net" would be the name of the site.
The site's current servers and web host will be retired, and the site will be hosted on the dedicated server currently employed by MLPchan.
Kusaba will be slain, and MLPchan’s codebase will be used, with all of Ponychan's current themes and functionality added.
Both Ponychan and MLPchan archives saved and merged.
Site funding and responsibility by Anonthony, has no official status, position, or authority.
A fresh slate will be given for current bans for all but the most serious cases.

Staff Position Name Trip

Community Admin Fenolio !!Shining Armor
Systems Admin Macil !!Luna

Moderator Admiral Yang !!?
Moderator Astra Bolt !!Twilight Sparkle
Moderator Crimson Risk !!Rarity
Moderator Ghosties !!Gilda
Moderator Mellowbloom !!?
Moderator Nimble !!Pinkie Pie
Moderator Rainbro !!Rainbow Dash
Moderator Soarin/HB !!Soarin
Moderator TPWPF !!Fluttershy

Developer Zeke !!Sweetie Belle

An administration of Macil and Fenolio, both highly respected and extremely capable, would wield full authority, with no ownership issues above them, would be well positioned to caretake for the community and lead it into the future. The moderation team, comprised of a mix of both sites’ current moderators, is experienced and even-keeled. While you may notice several existing staff from both sites are not listed, it was to maintain an appropriate mod-team size, have timezone coverage, and be comprised of the more active and experienced individuals.

Inkwell has chosen to step down for reasons unrelated to this merger, although his departure has highlighted the need for a changeup in the how the site is run.

Board layout

Board Type Name Description
Infrastructure /site/ site issues and questions
Infrastructure /arch/ chan archive (both sites archives saved and included)
Infrastructure /all/ configurable combination of boards on a single page

Discussion /pony/ mlp related discussion
Discussion /oat/ any topic
Discussion /anon/ any topic, anonymous-based - mature-content tagged, hidden by default threads allowed
Discussion /chat/ off-topic serial threads

Creative /rp/ roleplay and rp discussion
Creative /pic/ pic galleries, dumps and so on
Creative /fan/ 'fanwork' board; writing, collaboration, art, etc with tags

Unlisted /moon/ Banishment board (linked in ban page and rules page)
Unlisted /test/ for testan

Completely clean slate; none to be employed on /site/, /rp/ and /anon/; a small number to be added as demand warrants on the social boards /oat/ and /chat/.

Global rules (violation will result in a site-wide ban)
Disruptive behaviors that prevent others from engaging in a thread are prohibited.
Stalking, harassment, or posting of others' personal information are prohibited.
Do not post anything illegal under U.S. or U.K. law
No pornography or overtly sexual images outside of /anon/
Pornography and overtly sexual images depicting minors (including drawings) are not allowed anywhere on the site.
No gore or images of extreme violence outside of /anon/
No spamming of this site or any other
No malicious impersonation of other users
The moderation staff reserves the right to enforce both the letter and
the spirit of these rules.

Board rules
On-topic board about the site itself.

All threads on this board are to be related to ponies, the show, the films, comics and so on in some way.
Do not derail threads tagged as "Serious" or "Show Discussion".

Do not derail threads tagged as "Serious".

This is MLPchan’s anonymous culture board. Names are generally discouraged.
NSFW threads and images must be posted under a “Mature” tag, a feature unique to this board.
Underage NSFW content (including loli and foalcon) is not allowed even under a mature tag

This is a board for serial threads (threads with more-or-less static groups of posters that are frequently remade). Non-serial threads should be posted on /oat/, /anon/, or /pony/ as appropriate. Use of the [ #cyclic] tag in the OP will enable your thread to delete old posts when it goes over 500 and last indefinitely without hitting a limit.
Keep the drama to a minimum.

No ERP/cybering.
Do not post in RP threads that you are not a part of without the permission of the OP, unless they are tagged as "Open".
If a thread is marked "Closed", do not post in it for any reason unless you are a part of that RP
Please adhere to the rules of the particular RP that you are in.
Roleplay canons are allowed to create their own rules and police members as long as they follow the site rules.

All image dumps should be MLP-related.
NSFW images are not allowed on this board. All NSFW content should be posted in /anon/ with the “Mature” tag. (Or do people want #mature tags on /pic/?)
Before posting new threads, please make sure there is not already an existing thread on the same topic. Duplicate threads make the board disorganized and redundant.

Please post only fan-created works on this board. Official show content (videos, writing, etc...) should be posted on /pony/. Official show merchandise may be posted/discussed here.

/vinyl/, /g/
Should they exist, or just be subsumed into /oat/? We feel the above structure would be best for the community, but we are looking for the community’s input.

-EDIT- Early replies to this thread were temporarily lost because of a mistake, but will be restored: >>15814
This post was edited by a moderator on .

Admiral 15272

I'm not going to justify or apologize for something that Orange or Minthent did, but it hasn't been like that for ages.

Anonymous 15273

File: 1422166138609.png (403.03 KB, 1920x1080, 1415839469029.png)

>not diamond plot theme

Anonymous 15274

I support the motion to merge the sites, seems like an overall win situation


File: 1422166306354.gif (522.91 KB, 380x350, 1298217352883.gif)

Well, that shows what I know, but hearing that thats the case on both sites now gives me a sense of relief.

I mean...I hadn't actually been back for like years, at least for more than occasionally checking threads to see how some old friends were doing.

If the site stays as welcoming to rpers (regardless of how many ponies they play) as MLPChan currently is, and we can keep the same quality of service just even site wise, which it sounds like should be the case (At least I'm hoping people have taken server load and higher traffic into account from combining both sites numbers), I really don't have a problem with the merge.

>....Didn't realize till this post that Admiral...probably stands for Admiral Yang.

Well, it seems like we're in good hands now that, well, Hi?

!FlamehpHHA 15276

File: 1422166311111.jpg (545.49 KB, 1000x1842, Shyvana.full.1330631.jpg)

Wasn't my post, wasn't my main concern.

Just clarifying what they meant, and why they might be hesitant to welcome such a thing with welcome arms.

Personally, I don't feel like that's really an issue. I know Astra fairly well, and Soarin used to be a nice guy who showed he actually cared about us a few times, so that's at least two people who we know care about us on this team when /rp/ on Ponychan has an absolutely notorious history when it comes to mods.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 15277

Mellow was an /rp/er for a bit as well IIRC.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 15278

File: 1422166372657.jpg (27.25 KB, 286x471, Shining Armor sweats (2).jpg)

will !!Shining Armor be having sex with !!Luna
because frankly that's pretty high priority in my lewd imaginings

>/vinyl/, /g/

>Should they exist, or just be subsumed into /oat/?
From this structure, if they want their own space, they should have a /chat/ serial.
If they want to be open to casual comers, they belong in /oat/. No reason they couldn't have a '/g/' serial in /chat/ and make threads on /oat/, yes?

!FlamehpHHA 15279

File: 1422166471849.jpg (25.82 KB, 558x314, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_7e…)

>Just realized it was Yang as well


I think I recall that a bit as well, but I don't think it was really during my time.

Three, then.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 15280

I'm headed to sleep; I leave you in the capable hands of Macil, et al.

Kuro!bXgeUCIUnk 15281

File: 1422166652518.jpg (46.09 KB, 364x455, attention.jpg)

This proposal leaves me conflicted.

On one hand, I totally get why it's being done. It's logical, it's well thought out, and as far as I can see, there's very little loose ends that can come back to bite everyone down the road. From a purely logical standpoint, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with a merger.

But from an emotional, personal standpoint, that's where this becomes harder to swallow. What I mean is, basically, I've just become used to MLPchan, it's a familiar place, a safe location, kind of like an arcade you used to go to all the time when you were a kid. You get to know the regulars quickly, along with the staff, and everything you do just come natural. You feel good there, it becomes part of your routine, and it's almost like a home away from home, even for all it's flaws, so for it to suddenly go through a massive change is... well, frightening.

I realize my apprehension is entirely selfish, but for that reason alone I can't say I agree with this merger.

Anonymous 15282

File: 1422166659039.png (61.97 KB, 500x500, want (2014_02_22 08_00_59 UTC)…)


Anonymous 15283

But Octavia theme is already in the proposal.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15284

File: 1422166868782.jpg (409.15 KB, 1024x1640, 1401300603950.jpg)


>I realize my apprehension is entirely selfish

I'm literally saying no just because I dislike that place.

Wanna talk about selfish?


Anonymous 15286

I don't see it

Anonymous 15287

>Kusaba will be slain, and MLPchan’s codebase will be used, with all of Ponychan's current themes and functionality added.

Anonymous 15288

I just have to say that while what you say may turn out to not be true, you're not being selfish at all. What you're saying is reasonable.

Anonymous 15289

/anon/ person here.
I'm okay with this aslong as /anon/ doesn't get fucked over in the process.

Anonymous 15290

Ho thanks anon,

!Huponyda2Y 15291


Anonymous 15292

I'm skeptical as fuck.
But, I guess I don't really post here that often anyway, so whatever.
Besides, I seem to be the only one who hasn't forgave ponychan, whenever it comes up.

Do what you will. If it backfires, I am sure someone else will make another mlpchan.


>And this really summed up all my concerns beyond the filter...

I mean, like I said, I do tend to hide in my corner, so really as long as the merger doesn't affect that corner too much, its still a bunch of scary unknowns wrapped up in a parcel I basically fled from during probably the worst point of the site whose name we're taking.

...But, well, unless it was a major shift in the numbers, I can't imagine the site merger would be cancelled for reasons that are based mainly in emotions and feeling, compared to whatever the benefits the merger is supposed to bring.

And well, while I don't know many people on the list, people whose judgement I trust say they're cool and Admiral seems nice enough, so I'm trying to not be paranoid about it. Since the paranoia is probably not actually grounded in anything that is still anything to worry over.

Well, its not even that so much, on my end at least, because I'm not even sure if any of the mods when I left there are part of the mod group coming over. Astra or Soarin...maybe?

So it's less a matter of forgiveness and more just worry and skepticism about having to find a new "happy place".

What I'm seeing so far makes me feel like I should give people the benefit of the doubt though...or something.


File: 1422168168940.png (125.33 KB, 389x479, sweetie179.png)

This.. this does not unplease me, which is odd, as things of this nature usually do. I will support this merger.

Completely out of curiosity, how come Anonthony isn't retaining any authority, but is still going to be paying for the site? Or did I read that wrong?


File: 1422168254695.png (116.32 KB, 329x386, sweetie193.png)

Maybe we need a trial period together. We could move in a few months before the marriage.

!uKittyfVOU 15296

File: 1422168432998.jpg (72.44 KB, 447x543, tumblr_mhhdll5TYI1qag9yso1_500…)

The point I made fairly early on is that there really is no way to trial period.

Once it's done, it's done, and it'll be a complete pain in the butt to bring back to the way things were, and probably just easier to try and deal with the problems that occur than go back to before the merger.


I know this is a bit off topic, but...reading that in Sweetie Belle's voice was just golden.

As for a trial period, how would that work? I guess just keeping MLPChan up for those months in case we need to split back? I mean, I'm not trying to naysay a trial period, but like this one here >>15296 I'm just not sure how the logistics would work.


File: 1422168787216.png (757.25 KB, 900x788, sweetie419.png)

I dunno. We go over there and post a bunch and see how it goes? I'm just throwing out thoughts. This is all new and exciting to me.

Awesome eel 15299

I'm very skeptical. Do we keep the name ? It is aesthetically more pleasing on the eye I'd say.

What I really want is the the laid back chill attitude we have here and not the drama queen slurping insanity ponychan was gullible of.

I feel we need a /pony/ version of /anon/ where people would where people would discuss about mlp related things without the need of a name. However, it's more of an extra than a necessity, given /pony/ do it's job right.

CYOA were always somewhat in the grey zone between /rp/ and /oat/, giving a definitive place for these kind of thread would be more coherent for the lurker and users.

!FlamehpHHA 15300

File: 1422169010838.jpg (596.51 KB, 1180x1416, 1db58d4e106efd2ecbb738518b9317…)

Thing is, that doesn't account for the people who just don't do that, or what having everyone in one place can cause.

One or two people, let alone 60-70% of posters not doing that consistently doesn't really give an idea of what it'll be like.

Anonymous 15301

I like it but what do I matter, I'm just an anon.


ponychan is soooooooooooooo fucking sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

would it be this slow when merged


File: 1422169400576.png (205.66 KB, 365x346, sweetie.png)

Technically or poster-wise?

ayy lmanonymous 15304

That depends on how many people who are here right now, leave in response to the merge.


like, load time
trying to load anything on pchan takes like 10 minutes

ayy lmanonymous 15306

Oh, in that case, no. We'd be using MLPchan's server.


File: 1422169527953.jpg (111.49 KB, 835x720, 1419577104111.jpg)

Hey, as long as you're a regular site visiting anon, you matter as much as any of us non-mod nametag people.

Well, at least from a site numbers perspective. Which is really the only thing any of us are weighing in with.

Well, we're keeping our coding. I mean load could be an issue, but I'm really hoping Anonthony and the mod team have worked out the added load from the PChan exclusive users.

Ah, well, poster wise, as long as we don't lose current posters, I can't see people typing slower just because of new posters arriving.

!FlamehpHHA 15308

File: 1422169665356.gif (1.03 MB, 272x198, no.gif)

>MLPchan supports webms
>My browser if it tried loading a webm on Ponychan

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 15310

If you want to test if a merge could work turn off ponychan for a week and tell people to go here. Watch what happens.

Awesome eel 15311

I hope oat would host event where there is really eldritch stuff going on.

I remember the Katamari ball and the weird layout css from the discord thread.

Surprise are fun and memorable moment.

I hope it will be more 'dynamic' in some ways. Like maybe a mouth day thing when something really weird happens on oat with admin powers ?

A celebration of chaos !


File: 1422170549314.jpg (188.4 KB, 1145x643, ss+(2014-11-05+at+09.38.52).jp…)

I think part of it is that well, as far as I know, most MLPchanners are pretty happy with the site as is currently. Well, and or have had bad experiences on the old site.

In any case, its maybe more that we're just not sure what if anything we get out of the deal.

>Other than wordfilters on certain boards anyways.

I mean, the mods here seem to think its a good trade, but I'm personally still not exactly sure what MLPchan really gains out of all of this.

But...what if we decide we don't want to keep them?

I mean...maybe that sounded sort of mean, but the point of a test is that it wouldn't have lasting effects if it didn't work out.

Anonymous 15313

Well I for one think the /rp/ board could use the new posters, but that's just my narrow perspective.
And coming from someone who's banned there I'd very much like to see them forgive a ban that happened over two years ago, because t's not like people change at all....
I guess it's not going to happen because while ponychan wants it, mlpchan doesn't.

!FlamehpHHA 15314

Nah, very much seems like too much effort's been made for it not to, unless they get an overwhelmingly negative response.

Shuckle 15315

File: 1422171026161.png (202.32 KB, 352x364, 1421347626759.png)

>ponychan is in about 95% agreement
>mlpchan is like 50-55%
That adds up to 150%, I say that's a go.

Admiral 15316

It's tempting to think that Thony and Fen are planning on doing this whether it's wanted or not, but I promise to not let that happen if that's the case. I'll crash this plane with no survivors before that happens.

Anonymous 15317

That's not really that fair. After all, we split off from ponychan, remember?
I mean, it's no surprise that they'd want us back.

Of course, we are also getting a much better deal out of this. It's practically just mlpchan with more users.

Then again, the last few times I have been to ponychan, I hated the place with a passion. The people there are much, much different.

Anonymous 15318

Oh, also, I like our name way better. It's less autistic than ponychan. It also doesn't have fairly massive negative connotation in the community, but that's more of a side matter.

Shuckle 15319

File: 1422171359218.png (44.53 KB, 550x550, tumblr_mvqecjQNBl1ryaqgko4_128…)

Ponychan is like, chill as fuck now. The only rule is that you have to be a dank memer. You think you got what it takes to meme like the pros kid? *snorts weed*

!FlamehpHHA 15320

File: 1422171378397.jpg (110.64 KB, 700x744, 1420568180321.jpg)

Nah, never said they're absolutely hellbent on it, just saying that it seems like that's the default "There's no clear majority shouting for one thing, let's do this" choice.

Anonymous 15321

I haven't been there since the Zimmerman trials. Has it really changed that much?

Anonymous 15322

I don't see things being overly negative but I don't see much positivity here either.

Awesome eel 15323

Maybe another name is in order ? There is some stigma attached to ponychan name in the general lurker audience.

Equestria chan ? Personally, I'd like to keep mlpchan as a name.

I dunno, having Ponychan as a name would tempt previous user from ponychan to keep their bad habit of condescending talk and ego trip, not assimilating to a more laid back attitude I hold dear that is mlpchan.

I hope it's not necessary and that ponychan user will be mature enough, as this post >>15319 imply which I personally doubt.

Cross Breeze 15324

Color me interested for /ef/'s sake as well. Either way, I approve of the community coming back together, in large or small steps.

Shuckle 15325

File: 1422171775317.jpg (50.06 KB, 600x489, tumblr_n62yaeFhsB1tb0kipo1_128…)

It's a lot less "autistic" now (except for meisterburg). So yeah it's changed a lot. A lot more anons.

1 15326

Sounds okay, I guess.
I'm still skeptical, mind, but eh. Not entirely against it, I suppose.

I'm kind of used to being the only anon on /oat/, though. This might be a bit weird.

Anonymous 15327

File: 1422171900853.jpg (32.15 KB, 460x460, 298498.jpg)

>Talking to people who've been stuck on Ponychan
>It's like fucking Darwin and the birds stuck on different islands and how different they became after hundreds of years

Shuckle 15328

File: 1422172021911.jpg (303 KB, 1000x817, tumblr_ncffc3u4eF1s9gkk6o1_128…)

I mean you could look at the front page and see for yourself, though now is probably not the best example looking at it.
From what I understand, ponychan /oat/ is like a more sfw [s4s], while MLPchan /oat/ is more like a pony /pol/.

Anonymous 15329

I, for one, am opposed to a merger. I see this site as a happy medium among all the various pony related sites and would hate to lose it.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15330



Anonymous 15331

File: 1422172119039.jpg (378.25 KB, 1024x768, ayy.jpg)

>Moot outrate stated "/s4s/ was a mistake"

"Baneposting can be my legacy."

Shuckle 15332

File: 1422172183051.jpg (91.52 KB, 900x805, tumblr_mwca5k6rq21rcy5vdo1_128…)

>moot doesn't appreciate the fine art of dank memeing
I'm glad he's gone.

Anonymous 15333

/pol/'s a bit too fascistic. /oat/ on mlpchan is more like /k/ with more political chat, plus a few commies who I don't really count since they never even seem to try to make a solid argument, and instead go straight towards 'you are lying' or 'lol fake stats' or 'says u faggot'.

But, yeah, when I went to ponychan last time, it seemed like it was basically full of Toyboxes.

Anonymous 15334

Baneposting was the only meme I actually liked...

Shuckle 15335

File: 1422172281281.jpg (239.91 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_nbvfu1MyI91r31kspo1_128…)

>it seemed like it was basically full of Toyboxes
When was this, because that's not even close to what it's like now.

Anonymous 15336

File: 1422172308013.jpg (104.19 KB, 739x742, 1418918897253.jpg)


He liked it too you dingus.

Anonymous 15337

During the zimmerman trials.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15338

I think stigma can be worked around. I always liked their name. Rolls off the tongue much better. Have you ever tried to pronounce MLPchan? moot seemed to try to in his final Q&A at one point and stutters over it!

Rarity!GemsdH6M9k 15339

File: 1422172374413.png (474 KB, 1131x869, 827.png)

95% here are opposed to it while 95% of ponychan wants it, how are these sites more in agreement again?

Shuckle 15340

File: 1422172453067.jpg (229.99 KB, 812x812, tumblr_mzpud6vPMe1r154u5o1_r1_…)

Oh right. That was like, 2013 or 2012 right? Yeah it's changed a lot since then.
The modstaff is much more in agreement. MLPchan just has a very outdated view of ponychan so they're in disagreement.

Anonymous 15341

Or just MLPchan, if you aren't a queer, I guess.
To each his own, I guess.

Anonymous 15342

>Moot mentioned us

I'm sure that annihilated some anuses.

Anonymous 15343

In our defense, it was a rather big firey clash, back then. And add to that, the anons who moved here from 4chan always hated ponychan.


File: 1422172538056.png (24.16 KB, 294x307, seriously-bro.png)

Okay, okay.

So on a scale of 1 to Prison Rape, how fucked are we going to get out of this?

Because I swear to god if you neuter /oat/ into the bullshit version it is on Ponychan, someone is going to bleed.

Anonymous 15345

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15346


They say pchan /oat/ is /s4s/.


File: 1422172638932.png (200.78 KB, 419x377, sweetie286.png)

If it goes to shit, we can just create our own site, with laxer rules. What would be a good name for it...

This joke recycled from Ponychan

Anonymous 15348

File: 1422172641233.png (71.47 KB, 251x251, 1415916128334.png)

>Disagreeing for legitimate reasons and voicing those concerns, only a few of which really could be or were addressed.

>"An overwhelming majority of people don't want this."

The posts aren't even three hours old yet.


File: 1422172706687.png (137.14 KB, 500x369, im-confus.png)

I've never been to s4s, so that tells me nothing.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15350


"funposting" 24/7.

Anonymous 15351

This has been posted on mlpchan and Ponychan, I'll post results in an hour

Shuckle 15352

Yeah no I totally understand, I was one of the first mlpchan posters (and an old /ef/ poster too). For what it's worth, you can take the fact that ponychan isn't opposed to this as a sign that they don't hate mlpchan, which means something I guess.
/s4s/ maybe an exaggeration (though it probably was around early 2014), but it's certainly more relaxed. You can go there and check it out for yourself.
Also /oat/ is no longer just pony, it absorbed /chat/ and is now the general board.


File: 1422172804563.jpg (93.64 KB, 574x848, Perfect_Fit_by_jollyjack.jpg)

Let me put it this way.

I posted this and they said it was 'too lewd'.

If that's the way it's going to be, I'm going to be really god damn pissed.


File: 1422172813300.png (87.85 KB, 320x240, Tiffa015.png)

Well, like I said, if the benefit outweighs the naysayers...which unless there are a lot more naysayers popping up over the next few days, I'm pretty sure they'll go through with it.

I mean paranoia aside, I'm pretty neutral about it.

Then again I've never been banned anywhere. So that isn't even a potential benefit to me.

Seeing old friends could be, I suppose, though the downside is the possibility of seeing people I didn't get along with as well.

Really I'm just pensive. Like a few have said, it just feels like such a big change, and so I'm hesitant about it.

Well, at least you personally have my vote of confidence so far.

That said, I think a lot of people so far have just been more skeptical than "no" from what I've seen so far, so I wasn't counting on outright nays being a major thing.

Still, really good to know that we have people who have our back in this. Especially because, honestly the lack of support was the biggest problem at least for me back in the "Old Country" of Ponychan. I mean, its really not that difficult to ignore individual posters even if they're making drama or trying to start something...at least compared to having a mod team that actively treats you like dirt for no reason.

Which like I said, faith renewed in it not being like that anymore...so far anyways. I mean I still don't recognise most of the mod's usernames, but you seem cool, and well, I don't recognize most of the mods usernames so it's not fair to hold new mods to the things old mods did.

It is maybe harder to say.

Are we really 95% opposed? I mean I really don't get out of my corner much, but it seemed like people in this thread at least are mostly either for or "Unsure if want".

Except Strawpoll says its even more for than I though so far.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15355

File: 1422172847956.png (196.77 KB, 498x371, uhh what.png)


Thanks but no thanks Shucks.

Shuckle 15356

File: 1422172971538.png (165.09 KB, 388x514, Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 5.06…)

>possibly merging with site
>say that it's shit
>"you can check it out and see for yourself"
Well ok then, I mean you can do what you want but that seems like you're intentionally trying to be blind here.


File: 1422173071166.png (142.65 KB, 462x564, sweetie4.png)

Sir, ignoring more bans, are there other issues that have you siding against this idea. I don't want to argue them, I just want to get a good understanding of the issues people are anticipating.


File: 1422173082189.png (34.22 KB, 226x179, grr.png)

I'm more concerned with their stuck-up soccer mom babysitting and getting offended at every fucking little thing and being eager to gestapo your ass the second you do something they don't like.

That's the whole reason I fucking left that site.

Shuckle 15359

>I'm more concerned with their stuck-up soccer mom babysitting and getting offended at every fucking little thing and being eager to gestapo your ass the second you do something they don't like.
Oh boy you really haven't been to ponychan in a long time.

Awesome eel 15360

Me neither, punch a dog long enough and he won't go back.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15361

File: 1422173189234.jpg (15.02 KB, 320x320, tuning out.jpg)


I'm saying I'm not touching it because it's pretty much too tainted by it's past for me to want anything to do with it.


My issues with it are personal and not objective aside from the likelihood of mod issues like the ones of the past.

To say them would just be insulting and I'm sure most of these people have done nothing to deserve that treatment.


File: 1422173210084.png (25.54 KB, 315x244, that-doesn't-go-there.png)

I was there about a year ago and I felt like someone had strapped me to a table, stuck a ball gag in my mouth and gave me cue cards on what I could and couldn't say.

That shit isn't going to fly.

Anonymous 15363

File: 1422173248897.jpg (157.79 KB, 750x750, 0000000.jpg)

my take on the porn issue

Anonymous 15364

File: 1422173288827.png (856.26 KB, 1057x895, 1416288162079.png)

>/anon/ is still gonna be a thing
>You're not the only person who they might not agree with but will be forced to deal with
>Implying they're going to ban half of MLPchan

I can honestly guarantee you that Astra would laugh at basically anything you posted short of seriously telling another poster to kill themselves or blatantly breaking rules.


File: 1422173397633.jpg (41.08 KB, 650x447, feels bad man.jpg)

I'm not going to /anon/.

All I know is I visited Ponychan about a year ago and it was one of the most awful experiences I've had online in a while. I do not want that shit here. If they want to come over and join up, I'm fine with that, but they can leave their Nazi bullshit at home.

Anonymous 15366

File: 1422173504053.png (22.29 KB, 825x167, all they want to do is ban us.…)

>Ban half of mlpchan

Shuckle 15367

File: 1422173523724.jpg (50.37 KB, 303x389, tumblr_n1f2pioUeR1sbhli8o1_400…)

That's fair. I think if you gave it a chance though you'd see it's changed.
You probably didn't meme hard enough.


Im against the merger.

They are two different comunities

Shuckle 15369

>taking that seriously
Literally autism


File: 1422173576999.png (68.05 KB, 440x337, guess-what-time-it-is.png)

I don't meme. That is for people with ADHD. They can kiss my ass.

Anonymous 15371

File: 1422173590059.png (742.59 KB, 600x473, Rip_and_tear.png)

Well, guess it's time to get the torches and pitchforks.

ayy lmanonymous 15372

y-you too


File: 1422173626703.jpg (18.17 KB, 225x316, sweetie120.jpg)

Oh please, let's not take that conversation out of context.

Awesome eel 15374

If they do this, I'll DDOS EVERYTHING in anger.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15375

File: 1422173650007.jpg (123.97 KB, 779x1026, jenny_wakeman__protector_by_ne…)


It's the same people who did all the things I hated, doesn't convince me that they very recently decided to chill, and it doesn't mean the bullshit never happened.



Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 15376

File: 1422173654447.jpg (5.69 KB, 200x252, Inkie99.jpg)

Pls no more people saying mean things like that. We have too many here as it is.

Shuckle 15377

File: 1422173749781.jpg (58.15 KB, 336x229, 1360030165571.jpg)

>I don't meme
nice name nerd
>taking it seriously
I thought you guys were better than this.
>same people
It actually isn't, orange isn't even the admin anymore.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15378

File: 1422173779470.jpg (26.44 KB, 329x313, 1402391638471.jpg)


Are any of the mods the same?



If they did merge, and thats a big if, the two sites woudl start an all out war. It oudl be like someone moving into an area beside the race track, and they new it was there. People never complained, but one day the guy that moved in complains, and unnecessary changes happen.

Rules get restructured or removed. Acceptable content is condemned. instead of creating a combined site for all to enjoy, you will instead have Dr.Frankenstein's monster. A crude, crude shadow of its former self.

Shuckle 15380

The only mods that are the same are lemming (who doesn't actually do anything, why he's still listed as a mod I will never know) and Crimson Risk (who's really chill now). Everyone else is different. Moony isn't even a mod anymore.


File: 1422173866376.jpg (7.11 KB, 243x208, for great justice.jpeg)

Either way, I don't want to hear a single person bitch about the images I post, or what I talk about. If I want to talk about fucking dogs, I will talk about fucking dogs, and I don't want to hear a damn fucking thing about it from the staff.

Awesome eel 15382

I'll hack them like a l33t elite soldier, m8 !

Idle threat are fun, a bit of a mirror taste.

It was to show how stupid it is to actually do this, like these kiddie screaming in their mic on how about they are to hack you.

ayy lmanonymous 15383

Toybox. If you went to Ponychan right now, and acted as though you were on MLPchan, I promise you, you would get banned. You wouldn't even have a chance lol.

That doesn't necessarily mean it would be that way on the new site. Perhaps the way they run things could actually turn out to be different, and it would end up being like MLPchan is today, HOWEVER...

>orange isn't even the admin anymore.
It's still Fenolio, breh. I don't expect him to change much.

Anonymous 15384

Doo eet!!!

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15385

File: 1422174025147.png (178.04 KB, 635x463, eyeroll.png)


I'm still not convinced the userbase has changed that much. A giant hugbox is not what we want.

Or maybe some people do, apparently.



From what ive seen, pony chan will take over, and be the head of the new site.


File: 1422174095625.png (34.79 KB, 252x302, oh-my.png)

Oh, I know for a fact I would get banned if I acted this way on Ponychan.

Which is why I'm fucking concerned about this. I need to know whether or not I will have a home tomorrow. If those motherfuckers come in here and steamroll everything into the fucking Auschwitz they have set up over there, I'm fucking done.

Anonymous 15388

>Ponychan bans mlppeople for reasons
>New mlp is made
>Merger never, ever, brought up again.
Sounds okay to me.

Shuckle 15389

>I'm more concerned with their stuck-up soccer mom babysitting and getting offended at every fucking little thing and being eager to gestapo your ass the second you do something they don't like.
I mean it depends. If you go "I really want to fuck dogs" then no one is going to care. If you go "I want to lick a dogs asshole and shove peanut butter down it's urethra then whip it's ass until it cums" then yeah you're probably going to get a warning. Or not, Idunno how the new mods are going to treat things.
Fen is cool though, he's actually done shit and doesn't afraid of anything.
Nigga just go there and see for yourself.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15390

File: 1422174189989.png (158.67 KB, 564x1418, unsure.png)


Can I say nigge­r?

ayy lmanonymous 15392

I'd prefer to call it fimchan. I wish that site never died, I liked its name better than ponychan or mlpchan.


File: 1422174240983.jpg (6.08 KB, 141x130, you caught me at a bad time.jp…)

I would never say that second thing but even if I did I don't want to hear shit about it.

If that's the way they're going to be, then there is going to be a shitstorm.



Hands, come on bro, can we keep this serious?

Anonymous 15395

IT seems to me like most people here are just shitting on this for the sake of shitting on it.
and I like it
Tell them to fuck off with this bullshit

Anonymous 15396

so when exactly is this going to happen?
at least that way I'll know how long I have before I delete bookmarks and go back to wandering the web

Shuckle 15397

I mean, you could say that on /anon/ and nothing would happen (I think). But apparently you don't want to go there, which is weird, because you want to say anything but you don't want to go to the place to say anything.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15398


This looks like shit.

The site, not necessarily the content.


I've been serious this whole time.

Ivynn 15399

File: 1422174351647.png (253.35 KB, 432x535, 1414030840587.png)

>I want to lick a dogs asshole and shove peanut butter down it's urethra then whip it's ass until it cums
Tell me more.

Anonymous 15400

This has got me.
One thing I always hated to the very fiber of my being was mlpchan's shitty ass filter on nigger to zebra.
Pisses me off.
It might be only on /oat/ though. I don't really pay that much attention. Just notice when it changes on me at times.
fimchan is even worse.

Awesome eel 15401

I'm not against a brotherhood/fraternity mindset but going full Rarity crying herself out like a drama queen, show style, is an obsolete nope for me.

ayy lmanonymous 15402

>Fen is cool though, he's actually done shit and doesn't afraid of anything.
Uh-huh. Right. I'm predicting that if he "does anything", most of the people from here will not like it.

I mean jesus, even some people who post on Ponychan and NOT here, don't like how Fen does things. You think these people are going to be MORE pleased with him?

Does Fen himself think that? Does Yang? DOES ANONTHONY? Fuck, what are ANY of them thinking???


File: 1422174402903.png (41.67 KB, 273x328, molestia-senses-tingling.png)

I'm not going to post as Anonymous. I have standards.



Well im not. I came here because the Ponychan community had nothing for me. The thought of the two merging angers me.


ok, my mistake

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15405

File: 1422174465196.jpg (7 KB, 259x195, 10.jpg)


Dude just use the invisible char.


That's what Pchan has historically been.


Figuring out what you can and can't say is a good indicator of how authoritarian a place is.

Anonymous 15406

Seriously though, tell them to fuck off with this bullshit, no one who matters wants it.

Anonymous 15407

Can I be massively racist towards germans and sometimes nippons on ponychan?
I've been working on this kind of WW2 mentality of "Fuck the krauts" and "Remember nippon war crimes nuke day best day of my life", and I don't really want to give it up yet cause it's fun.

Anonymous 15408

I don't know how, and am too lazy to bother with doing that.

Anonymous 15409

File: 1422174524614.png (36.24 KB, 171x202, 628ff25b1af78fea243ff97175f305…)

Ivynn, get your Bronze 3 ass out of here with that shit.

Anonymous 15410

Plus, it is still bullshit.

ayy lmanonymous 15411


File: 1422174541017.png (34.79 KB, 252x302, oh-my.png)

Also, where the fuck is Anonythony's name on the staff list?

Is he quitting?

Ivynn 15413

File: 1422174544511.jpg (274.09 KB, 800x899, 1306065243.likihouse_liki_po.j…)

What's wrong with Fen? I haven't really see much of him as an admin, but he was always my favorite mod back in the day

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15414

File: 1422174564997.png (211.39 KB, 497x371, not enjoying it.png)


alt + 1073 on the numpad.


I know it's bullshit which is why I'm against it. There's no need.



If people have an opinion, you cant stop it.

ayy lmanonymous 15416

read, bitch
>Site funding and responsibility by Anonthony, has no official status, position, or authority.


Yeh, i thought it was odd too. Did something happen?

Anonymous 15418

We can't have people liking things we don't like.

Pernicious!hBUbOWvHak 15419

File: 1422174613076.gif (142.11 KB, 150x110, ask_inkie_has_two___cameras___…)

I was curious and looked at their oat. It was very random and memes.

I vote no on a merge if I did not already.

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15420

Not meming is a meme.

Anonymous 15421

Taht sounds awful.



Wooooh, reduced to finder. the fuck is up with that? Anthony's a bitching mod

Shuckle 15423

Do you have ponychan X ena
>tell me more
You can get around the filters if you put a \ anywhere in the world that's supposed to be filtered.
Idunno, he hasn't done anything bad on ponychan as admin. Haven't had a reason to complain.
>I have standards
He's not admin, he's stepping down and just funding the site.
Everything is a meme. Even milhouse.

Cage 15424

wait so u nerds actually care that ur gonna share ur horse website with people who like you, are also huge autists? why?

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15425

File: 1422174713687.jpg (37.63 KB, 303x540, deal with it.jpg)


It doesn't look like a place I'd have much interest in.

I'd go to s4s if I had any interest in that.


Why would I have anything related to ponychan if I'm over here talking about how I never go there?


File: 1422174721230.png (34.22 KB, 226x179, grr.png)

So basically he's quitting and sacrificing all of us for pageviews?

Is that what I'm getting out of this?



Well there go's the stie then. Now we have to deal with this Ponychan bullshit >.>

Awesome eel 15428

Thony is love, thony is life, why doesn't he have a say if he is hosting the website ? That makes jack shit senses.

Shuckle 15429

I dunno, I was just asking. Enable ponychan X and it's a lot better.

Anonymous 15430

Delete this fucking thread no one wants the merge.


File: 1422174793299.png (170.65 KB, 516x576, sweetie121.png)

I think he's m00ting

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15432

>Site funding and responsibility by Anonthony, has no official status, position, or authority.


File: 1422174839678.jpg (116.6 KB, 384x331, why would you do that.jpg)

They better not bring that shit ass 'ponychan X' crap here. We have a fully functional site that doesn't need crutches. Don't break it's fucking legs.

Shuckle 15434

>no one wants the merge
This says otherwise


At least two of the mods in this merger proposal use /rp/ and would never let that awfulness happen again.

Admiral 15436

Did you actually read the OP?

ayy lmanonymous 15437

Well, it's exactly the same position that Orange is in right now.

Shuckle 15438

There won't be ponychan X, it'll be hosted on tinyboard so there will be no need for it.



You dont get it. Ponychan is goign to rape and pillage the MLPchan community if this happens. Without anthonys rule we stand defenseless against Ponychan.


File: 1422174898041.png (25.54 KB, 315x244, that-doesn't-go-there.png)

Yes. Meaning he's going to basically put a bunch of Nazi's in charge and just watch from the sidelines.

That's basically what I'm seeing here.

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15441

File: 1422174909776.png (150.82 KB, 367x339, 8.png)


I have a feeling most of those yes votes are pchanners.

Shuckle 15442

I mean you guys can vote, it's been there this whole time.

Anonymous 15443

>Everyone involved also voted

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15444

File: 1422174938609.png (123.95 KB, 690x355, can you not.png)

If he was sacrificing us for page views why would he also be funding it? Sacrificing for page views implies he's trying to make money or something.



Or people using mutiple browsers

Anonymous 15446

Yeah because strawpoll can't be manipulated.

ayy lmanonymous 15447

>toybox endeavoring to construct informed opinions

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15448

File: 1422174964757.jpg (95.16 KB, 427x640, Anime_Jenny_by_14_bis.jpg)


Oh I did.


This too.

Shuckle 15449

Or anonthony realizes that ponychan is no longer nazis and is relieving himself of all the work he had to do. That's possible.

Ivynn 15450

File: 1422174983858.png (1003.15 KB, 1280x799, 53W1BW5.png)


Wtf don't blueball me, bro.

Awesome eel 15451

This strawpoll is used on both website, this is not an accurate representation of mlpchan position as their user base trumps our.


File: 1422174996376.png (125.33 KB, 389x479, sweetie179.png)

They mean no one on this side wants it, which isn't exactly true.

Well nothing is official yet. They're just testing the waters to see how many of you are going to pee in them.

Cage 15453

seriously, you guys are just like ponychan, except extra butthurt, you realize that, right?


File: 1422175043615.jpg (50.76 KB, 403x403, 486375_536911542991366_8560107…)

>ponychan no longer nazi's

Uh huh. I have a hard time believing suddenly everything has changed in the span of like 6 months and they stopped the bullshit they were doing.


>Not voting
>Implying your voice wasn't heard



My point still stands. If Anthony falls, so does the MLPchan community.

Anonymous 15457

There's like five people here who are skeptical and the rest don't want it, seems like no one wants it to me.

Anonymous 15458

File: 1422175109919.jpg (25.43 KB, 331x271, 1418957234937.jpg)

>You nightowls with nothing to do are going to color how people perceive MLPchan's opinion by making 300 posts of nothing but arguing while people actually for it will make less than five each and be satisfied

>You are literally pitching such a fit you might actually get your way despite everyone else disagreeing with you, just because of how loudly you complain

>You're the kind of people who would complain about "vocal minorities" if you agreed with the merger

Shuckle 15459

That's fair I guess. The userbases are different.

Anonymous 15460

This too.
I voted after you showed it.
But before that, I never saw, or heard about a strawpoll.
Hell, this thread doesn't even capture the general opinion of mlpchan, since not everyone goes to /site/.


File: 1422175146866.png (543.48 KB, 2518x2913, 133196150259.png)

No. We are not like ponychan.

We don't ban people because we don't want to deal with them.

We don't jump on people's asses because they force us to realize that women actually have tits.

We don't hold people face down on the ground and make them praise us in order to avoid getting banned.

And don't say that shit doesn't fucking happen because I've seen it first hand.

Shuckle 15462

You're just buzzwording now, as nothing you say is true about ponychan anymore.

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15463

File: 1422175197591.png (89.81 KB, 480x445, almost.png)

We do have mods that permaban you for "Derailing" your own serial.

Oh whoops, that's ponychan.

Cage 15464

you sure take horsesites really seriously, huh?

like, every time ur posting, ur in some kind of autism rage screaming about nazis or something. are u okay, or do u have some legit mental issues?

Anonymous 15465

Oh, also, the strawpoll only has 26 votes in it.
I didn't realize there were only 26 people posting on this and ponychan's site.


File: 1422175222386.png (86.2 KB, 278x267, sweetie67.png)

>not going to site
>expecting to have a voice in site decisions

I support it. I'm a someone.

Anonymous 15467

Seriously fuck off with this bullshit.
If I wanted to post on Ponychan I would.

Awesome eel 15468

Maybe it's just some kind of facade ? Pretending ownership can be revoked is a bit wonky...

Maybe it's some kind of political ploy to plea for the merge and ease in the possibility of said authority presence, to kinda mask it ?

Admiral 15469

File: 1422175257063.jpg (92.16 KB, 426x458, Sixty nigger.jpg)

You're for real? Like, an actual person?


File: 1422175260694.png (110.49 KB, 500x500, images-52.png)

Okay. Let me browse their excuse for /oat/ for a minute because I have to see this fucking miracle for myself.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15471

He has been the main driving force of the merger proposals, but voluntarily chose not to be part of the staff. He decided that one Ponychan admin and one MLPchan admin would be best for the merged site. He has the highest confidence in the chosen staff list.

The following was written by him and originally in the draft for this thread, though I had edited it down considerably before the thread was made. I think it would be relevant now:
>An administration of Macil and Fenolio, both highly respected and extremely capable, would wield full authority, with no ownership issues above them or need for approval or waiting for them, would be well positioned to caretake for the community and lead it into the future. Fenolio is someone I trust explicitly to manage community issues. Macil, as we all know, is a goddamn superwizard with a cyborg brain, and I don't know of anyone better suited to administrate the site from a technical standpoint. The moderation team, comprised of a mix of both sites current moderators, is experienced and even-keeled. While you may notice several existing staff from both sites are not listed, it was to maintain an appropriate mod-team size, have timezone coverage, and be comprised of the more active and experienced individuals.

Anonymous 15472

Wasn't my point, fucktard.



Maybe we are loud, but this is our site. and ill be damned if ill let some coward Anon degrade my opinion.

Anonymous 15474

1/10,000 != everyone is for it.


File: 1422175356078.jpg (96.76 KB, 447x484, sweetie285.jpg)

I didn't realize there were that many!
I told them to wait until morning.

I didn't say that. I said not everyone is against it.

Please remain calm, sir.


File: 1422175441409.png (1.34 MB, 900x1398, images-59.png)

That's nice.

I'm still going to check to see if I'm going be shot by Nazi's.

Anonymous 15477

>Post strawpoll
>"See most people are for this"
No it seems like most people here are against it and you're just doing everything in your powers to make it seem like we're in the minority.

Awesome eel 15478

It seems my guess was right, he really does care deeply for the community and even revoke his own right of say to let the pony fan bloom...

It's kinda poetic and noble of him.

Anonymous 15479

File: 1422175514344.png (95.44 KB, 1280x1024, 1337680726555.png)

>Coward anon
>This person I wouldn't know anyway and who doesn't care about my name is a coward because they don't want to bother using a trip


You have a right to voice your opinion. That much is true.

But drowning the thread in short, constant negativity that's in no way constructive or helpful except to remind everyone how much you hate this REALLY makes it seem like you'd like to get your way by crying until it happens, rather than putting your points out there and letting people judge them based on their quality or importance.

Basically, instead of having a calm, meaningful debate, addressing the opposition's points, you and the people on "your side" almost universally seem interested in voicing your displeasure until you get your way, and complaining the entire way.

Cage 15480

see what i mean? sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person, or a child who is also not completely there in the head. lol


File: 1422175593703.png (91.07 KB, 312x279, sweetie36.png)

Macil, I honestly don't know. Do you deal with the community in terms of settling disputes and bans, or have you always focused on technical aspects.

Sir, I have taken the time to generate a very nice tripcode for you to differentiate me from other posters. Please do not accuse me of speaking their words. I have done nothing of the sort. The man you are looking for is an anon from Ponychan.


File: 1422175596574.png (543.48 KB, 2518x2913, 133196150259.png)

Cage, you are the last person on earth that is able to claim someone else is crazy.

ayy lmanonymous 15483

lemming, please stop pretending to be Yang. Yang is a mildly belligerent dunce, not a heartless and petty bastard like you. You'll never fool me.

Cage 15484

if anything else my stays in highly monitored psych wards means im more qualified to, because you sound just like the people there, except not the ones like me, the stupid ugly nerd ones that nobody liked and that were also stupid and gay

Anonymous 15485

File: 1422175731071.jpg (28.54 KB, 396x400, 2093_1273102265554.jpg)

sounds to me like you're just butt wrecked that you don't see anyone saying "Yeah let's just jump right the fuck into a merger like a bunch of autistic fuckwads."

Anonymous 15486

This. Ponychan getting bootyblasted.


File: 1422175835554.jpg (7.29 KB, 217x232, images-12.jpeg)

I have a long, sorted history with Ponychan. One I'm not particularly happy about.

So any talk of being forced to deal with them again is going to put me on edge and make me highly skeptical of what the fuck their up to.

I still don't believe this is not some big ploy where they're playing nice just to get server access so they can completely wipe mlpchan from existence.

Awesome eel 15488

Fucking this, like I've said, a trial is in order. Is it feasible ? I don't think so, but a 'exude' visit from ponychan, some kind of invitation could work to test the water of a possible merge.

The real problem is that we have no date/experience, the culture shock might be bigger than some pretend it not to be.

Cage 15489

>I still don't believe this is not some big ploy where they're playing nice just to get server access so they can completely wipe mlpchan from existence.

like 4 real ur proving my point

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 15490

File: 1422175973080.jpg (6.22 KB, 200x150)

These and more are the same user:

I usually avoid doing this sort of thing, but I wanted to point out that people may be trying to misrepresent the consensus.

EDIT: The user deleted one of the posts. The first linked post was coming out in support of the merger anonymously, and the second was harshly rejecting it.
This post was edited by a moderator on .

!FlamehpHHA 15491

File: 1422175996860.jpg (143.61 KB, 803x688, excellent meme.jpg)

>Calling someone an autist makes your argument automatically correct

Actually, I was one of the first people in the thread, and if you'll look back up here >>15241 , you'll see that in my very first post I voiced concerns on how jumping right into this was a bad idea.

So no. You can fuck off back to /anon/.

Cage 15492

people would do that? on the internet?


File: 1422176033373.gif (9.16 KB, 650x450, 138219380854.gif)

Hahaha whose this guy and his insider knowledge of my brain.



Ok, your right, im sorry. Im just a little heated because it seems like the odds are against me.

Is the Ponychan community bad? No. The few that post there are good people. But it carters to a much "younger" audience. By this i mean the rules are crafted to allow all age groups to post. And they try to care about one another, ive seen it myself. the unfortunite thign is the are few. However there rules would throttle the life out of MLP chan. and for what? To what end would it benefit us?

Mlp chan is a lot more "adult". Sure we may not all like each other. And the threads may be disorganized most of the time. But thats part of makes us so special. The loseness of the rules allows us to just be, to exist in sanctuary. Free (ish) of Pc rules that Pontchan has.

It is my opinion that the few that post on your site woudl kill that which makes MLP chan, well, mlp chan.

Shuckle 15495


File: 1422176061171.jpg (5.88 KB, 225x225, images-9.jpeg)

Proving what point, exactly?

I know the shit Ponychan pulls. I used to be there. I do not put them above doing something like this.

Anonymous 15497

What? seriously?
You have to be kidding, no way


File: 1422176092693.png (54.64 KB, 165x262, sweetie21.png)

I just count all anons as the same person. They are legion.

Anonymous 15499

File: 1422176119339.png (314.58 KB, 612x847, Screenshot from 2013-11-04 02:…)

>I still don't believe this is not some big ploy where they're playing nice just to get server access so they can completely wipe mlpchan from existence.
Haha I love you this is the best thing I've read about this merger all day


File: 1422176167902.gif (499.77 KB, 350x252, images-51.gif)

It's not like they wouldn't. Back when they used to shuffle their own boards around they would do shit like this all the time.

Anonymous 15501

Oh, also, thony needs to stay. I might not agree with him 100% of the time, but the man is based as fuck, and a genuinely good guy, as well as a great admin primarily in the department of public relations, which is a rarity, especially on internet forums.

Between that and that the name should stay mlpchan because ponychan is autistic, and of course the whole 'don't ban people for stupid shit' nonsense, I'd say I am okay with it.
I still don't trust it, mind you, and at the slightest hint of bad, I'd jump ship faster than you can say Carl Gustav m42, but I'll be game to try it at least.

Seriously, though, fuck ponychan name.

!FlamehpHHA 15502

File: 1422176253296.gif (410.13 KB, 221x196, 1422055442790.gif)


I post on MLPchan.

The fact you automatically assume I'm from Ponychan says enough.

And if you read the OP, you'd see that there are no rules there that aren't already on MLPchan's rule page.

oh shit its the feds

The Hands!Slavshit.Y 15503

File: 1422176365110.jpg (21.71 KB, 325x259, JennyFacepalm.jpg)



thats kind of rude, considering i genuinely apologized
As for the mods? Whats to say they wont change them after the fact.


File: 1422176395603.png (617.03 KB, 1261x862, Sweetie280.png)

Just because we have rules doesn't mean we enforce them though. It's mostly for show.

Anonymous 15506

File: 1422176488531.gif (485.83 KB, 500x389, 4f20c30a4593b6360a0fa2d47faa0a…)


Actually the Ponychan rules are MUCH stricter than our own rules are.

To be perfectly honest, if we used the same rules Ponychan did on /oat/, about 30% of the users would have been permabanned by now.

Awesome eel 15508

I would be fine with Equestria chan or mlpchan.

Yo Macil, the watcher allowed me to catches here but is there a thread on every board about it ? Maybe the consensus would be more clear given there aren't a lot of cross-board poster and they often stay seclusive to their little business.

Maybe some didn't caught on the watcher notice.

Anonymous 15509

>And if you read the OP, you'd see that there are no rules there that aren't already on MLPchan's rule page.

Two things can mean completely different things, though.
Not to mention how they are enforced.

A prime example is what is classified as 'pornography'. Is a camel toe acceptable? Can we show ankles? What about artistic nudes?
Pornography, mind, being a single example. There are many others.
Equestriachan sounds like ass.

ayy lmanonymous 15510

Wasn't equestriachan an ERP site?

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!kqVcQ+3SPj 15511

File: 1422176612176.png (1004.1 KB, 1129x1009, whatthefuckisthisshit.png)

Fuck, this will be interesting.

Admiral 15512

File: 1422176614327.png (176.87 KB, 500x746, Crazy diamond.png)

But the site won't be using the Ponychan rules.

Why on earth would you think that?

Awesome eel 15513

Maybe, I don't know.

Anonymous 15514

What if the site was coded to display all content, mature or not on a separate subdomain called nsfw.ponychan.net that gets generated from the same board template simultaneous with a sfw version of the site on ponychan.net, then made all boards mature, including /oat/? I think that might solve the issue with mature content on mlpchan's /oat/ that doesn't get enforced. Also, I was never really a fan of the design choice of making mature content hidden with css. css is style, html is content, and javascript is optional.


See, that is the one thing I've been unsure about all of this.

I mean, I know there's people who like anonposting, but its hard to tell how many people we're even talking to here as a result. Well, at least for people who aren't mods.

These are good points however, at least to be taken into consideration.

That said I'm not even sure how much things would change from well, how the site is now. I mean the only Ponychan mod it looks like I really know from the list is Astra. So I'm not really sure how twitchy the others are with their hammers or whatever.

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!kqVcQ+3SPj 15516

File: 1422176662671.png (220.27 KB, 628x1312, curious.png)

It was and it was dead like my sex life.



But we will have their mods

Awesome eel 15518

Yeah, I say no matter what, we keep OUR rule in the bargain as they are more relaxed and given due in proper context.


File: 1422176722767.png (25.54 KB, 315x244, that-doesn't-go-there.png)

Because that's what I'm being told.

Anonymous 15520

But under this proposal, Macil would be the admin. Secondly, if it somehow out of fuck all reason ever did, you just restore it with an offline copy.

Anonymous 15521

That splits the userbase pretty heavily, wouldn't it?


File: 1422176758559.png (58.85 KB, 200x222, sweetie62.png)

Because two thirds of the mods are Pchan. Please validate my existence.

Admiral 15523

File: 1422176762175.png (208.31 KB, 390x507, 1422122037657.png)

Yes, and?

Which is what's happening. The new site is using the MLPchan codebase and rules.


File: 1422176831337.png (635.05 KB, 345x470, 14696 - Princess_Celestia cele…)

Ponychan is like the Borg. They won't be happy until everything has been assimilated.

!FlamehpHHA 15525

File: 1422176861361.jpg (29.25 KB, 468x423, 1414425928254.jpg)

Naw man, rudeness wasn't my intent.

I'm saying your perception of this whole argument's pretty colored already if you're assuming stuff like that without even knowing who I am.

If you're gonna assume anybody who disagrees is against you, or that anybody from Ponychan automatically disagrees, you're kinda not gonna have a clear view of the whole thing, you know what I mean?

None of the rules in the OP sound like Nazi-ish behavior to me.

But hey, I've never lived in 1940's Poland. I wouldn't know the feeling.

And the OP clearly lists the rules to be used.

None of which seem unreasonable, or to the level of Ponychan's rules.

Well then bitch at the staff for not clearly defining it, don't take a shit on something they've obviously put a lot of thought into just because you're only NOW raising the point of it not being clear.

Anonymous 15526

This also to me seems a bit high.
I mean, especially since we're losing anonthony.

Plus, and mind I don't know how old the ponychan mods are, but aren't a lot of them from the bad times?



If thier mods are the majority, and majority rules, how long till they make an attempts at PC'ing the rules that the MLPchan community is accustom to?

Admiral 15528

5/9, but who's counting?

What do you want, to fire Rainbro and make it half?

Anonymous 15529

It shouldn't. It will be the same database generating the same content under that suggestion. It's just that one will be the same exact site with the same sfw threads but its own mature threads along with it.

Awesome eel 15530

And they already showed malicious intent before hand, it's hard to blindly trust their admin even if they were hand picked by Thony himself, I must admit that.

Maybe paranoia, but still.. it nags me.

ayy lmanonymous 15531

File: 1422176964615.png (7.21 KB, 906x109, Capture.PNG)

I think before we discuss that we need to answer THIS question.


File: 1422177004049.png (21.47 KB, 113x125, 138219367117s.png)

I'm only the feds in other places.

It would take both Fen -and- Macil to change the rules.

Anonymous 15533

We already know what our definition is, faggot.
We don't know what ponychan's definition is.
And with apparently a rather large chunk of the admins being theirs, I'd really prefer to know how strict they are.

Mlpchan is, for the most part, pretty loose about stuff. As long as you aren't being hugely obnoxious, you are fine, and as far as porn, I've seen gifs of things fucking that are passable since there's no visible genitalia and it's used in a comedic manner.



Ye, i guess. And i do want to hear other peoples views. Because listing to other peoples views, and weighing them against your own is where you find true wisdom.

For now, i will stand my ground.


File: 1422177075446.png (534.09 KB, 3970x4520, sweetie14.png)

I want you to love me. I want to be your special somepony.

Who's this Soarin guy? Is he one of ours? He's not on the mod list. I just counted 9 mods, and only linked Mellow, Flutters and Ghost to mlpchan.

Anonymous 15536

So, what, like the system we already have, but more complicated for some reason?


File: 1422177124063.png (77.48 KB, 247x249, 07.png)

Actually, there is one rule that hasn't been clearly defined, and it's the one I'm most concerned about:
>No pornography or overtly sexual images outside of /anon/

This is not how the rule works on MLPchan. You cannot post porn on /oat/ but overtly sexual images are perfectly fine.

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15540

File: 1422177344225.png (123.95 KB, 690x355, can you not.png)

As someone who posts in exactly one thread I see no value being added to my user experience by merging, and only potential downsides however low of a chance of occurring they may be.

Anonymous 15541

Oh God I hope you're seriously like this this is amazing

Oh God no this is better

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!kqVcQ+3SPj 15542

File: 1422177448883.png (220.27 KB, 628x1312, curious.png)

Damn, I just want to hi if you remember me.


File: 1422177500059.png (23.18 KB, 133x151, 33.png)

Don't get too hyped. If this merger goes through the way I assume it will, there is a good chance I will be banned.

Anonymous 15544

It would deal with the issues people had with incognito mode preventing them from accessing mature threads. Also, just the name itself, nsfw.ponychan.net seems to directly contradict that stigma behind the ponychan name, while still holding its name recognition at the same time.

ayy lmanonymous 15545

And if Soarin' does get back in there's a good chance I'll ragequit from that fact alone.

!FlamehpHHA 15546

File: 1422177587456.png (138.47 KB, 381x381, GFJWb37a.png)

>Being this much of a scared little bitchboy
>Implying the hugbox mods from Ponychan didn't fuck off years ago

Nazi levels may be debatable, but they don't give a shit about content, that I can guarantee you.

>Implying I'm not afraid of that too

But I can get over my little niggling doubts because I'm not afraid of the MLPchan mods being a bunch of pushover pansy-asses, and the Ponychan mods I know are cool guys who wouldn't do that shit.

So no, I don't agree with your fears, but yeah, I can understand them.

Dunno what I can say to convey like four years worth of experience from my point of view, though, so whatever.

Anonymous 15547

Hmm, I guess that's a pretty good idea.

>lso, just the name itself, nsfw.ponychan.net seems to directly contradict that stigma behind the ponychan name, while still holding its name recognition at the same time.

I'm going to have to disagree with you here. I mean, it still is ponychan, just nsfw tacked infront of it.



But then ill get to see you, and most of everyone else less :c

Awesome eel 15549



Anonymous 15550

It's still not clear.
Take harassment, for instance.
Here, unless I am really following them from thread to thread just to insult them, for the most part, you are fine.
So to speak, I can get into a relatively large bout with someone that's pretty much just insults and not have to worry.
Admittedly, even here, what is harassment is not always clear. But you get the picture.

Anonymous 15551


Anonymous 15552

File: 1422177845104.jpg (253.22 KB, 392x538, tumblr_nin5io6iio1qcf65wo3_400…)



File: 1422177854290.jpg (93.64 KB, 574x848, Perfect_Fit_by_jollyjack.jpg)

I'm just working off my past experience.

I went to ponychan a while back and tried to have a conversation. I was told that half of the stuff I said was inappropriate and they gave me a warning because I posted this image:

If that's how things are going to be, there is going to be problems.


File: 1422177875700.png (100.83 KB, 709x911, sweetie561.png)

It usually becomes harassment when someone starts reporting it.

ayy lmanonymous 15555


Awesome eel 15556


Anonymous 15557

Which is part of the issue.
I mean, most times I have ever seen it, it seems like it's just a matter of who reports first.

Anonymous 15558

File: 1422177961089.gif (317.95 KB, 500x386, 74156__safe_solo_rarity_animat…)



File: 1422177982036.png (603.79 KB, 2179x2653, 376679__safe_solo_spitfire_hip…)

If anyone who posts there has an opinion on /rp/ /ooc/ and the merger proposal, PM me on skype/steam or email me your thoughts so I don't have to dig them out of this thread if you can

much appreciated

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15560

I still don't see the upsides to the merger.

Awesome eel 15561

Me neither, beside maybe more people to talk to ?

ayy lmanonymous 15562

bags u havin a memory problim tonite or wut?

Anonymous 15563

More posters, and that's it.


File: 1422178077851.png (22.81 KB, 126x160, 34.png)


What is the point of all this other than Anonthony doesn't want to be admin anymore?

It's not worth having more people to talk to if we're going to be censored out the ass.

!FlamehpHHA 15565

File: 1422178106923.jpg (171.17 KB, 600x400, dank meme.jpg)

Well then shit, dude, ask the mod team to define what the rules mean. If something's too vague, ask a question about it, don't throw a shitfit and try to sandbag something because you're afraid of vagueness.

They're right there. If you're such a toughguy and so willing to call me a faggot right in their faces, ask them what the rules mean, or are you too scared of direct confrontation?


That shit isn't gonna fly here.

Believe you me, if that happens? Me and my friends would be on the first boat out.

But it won't.

So chill the fuck out and stop sounding like a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist, goddamn, son.

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15566

[muffled ayylmao in the distance]


File: 1422178132964.jpg (715.64 KB, 1213x1626, 146935.jpg)

I'm not sure you're possible to forget, Salsa. Provided you used to be a Private.

I mean if you were a Corporal or a General or something I have no clue who you are, since I don't know any of those period.

Anyways, hi. Long time no see. Guess this is the upside of all this.

See, I totally understand the concern now.

I mean with your title and all.

That said, we've got like...4 apparently who are MLPchan mods, out of 9, and I know Astra isn't really heavy handed with potentially questionable images...

So, I'm not worrying too much personally. Then again I don't specialize in it overall, and the characters I play who have images that are a bit iffy I tend to just tick the box to spoiler them.


File: 1422178143113.png (122.67 KB, 365x277, sweetie19.png)

But I don't know your steam... Don't give it to me. I'll just try to nuzzle you.

Welp, there are two standard less cost, more people advantages. And there's the matter of it letting Anonthony step down, like he appears to want to. So no direct advantages to you, but there are some for other people.

Keep that chain going Awesome eel 15569


Cage 15570

maybe if you dont act like a weirdo u wont get banned?

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15571

File: 1422178189143.png (65.64 KB, 473x601, 1421651549692.png)

>And there's the matter of it letting Anonthony step down, like he appears to want to
I guess this is preferable to everything falling apart.

Anonymous 15572

as much as I despise anthro I can't understand why this picture would warrant a warning



File: 1422178252378.png (77.48 KB, 247x249, 07.png)

I was told it was too sexual.

Anonymous 15574

I've done so before. It doesn't work out.
They rarely can give a straight, or reliable answer. That or, more than once, 'if you have to ask, it's harassment'.
Plus, a lot of the times, two mods will not have the same opinion.
This will no doubt be doubled as we have two sets of mods from entirely different cultures.

ayy lmanonymous 15575

>It's not worth having more people to talk to if we're going to be censored out the ass.
It seems to me that the people on Ponychan who are in favor of the merge, would like to have the more people to talk to and would be totally fine with those more people being censored to fit in with their culture better.

I can't say I disagree with them, nor that I wouldn't enjoy watching you get banned from everywhere and not being able to talk to anyone.


File: 1422178336230.png (188.49 KB, 376x453, 01.png)

Welcome to the internet, bucko.

Anonymous 15577

File: 1422178386433.png (47.01 KB, 200x227, af38.png)

As I mentioned to someone earlier, there seems to be no mention of the social aspect of this.

These aren't companies dividing a workload and administrative problems. People are here by choice, and approximately 100% of the reasons people come here are social reasons and socialization.

Funny how there is absolutely no mention of the fact they're forcing hundreds of people per individual community to somehow just mingle.

It's like forcing two breeds of pony convention together, where the people who attend have different reasons for why they like that particular convention.

Anonymous 15578

File: 1422178403524.png (404.82 KB, 908x769, Screenshot from 2013-11-03 22:…)

So srs question, does anyone actually care if ToyBox get's perma'd from NEWchan?

This fucker is seriously autistic, does anyone even want him posting?


File: 1422178412723.png (299.77 KB, 2448x3264, sweetie590.png)

>two mods will not have the same opinion.
And there we have the real crux of the issue, don't we. I've been banned and unbanned by different mods here alone, even before we had another site culture to the mix.

Anonymous 15580

File: 1422178424539.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.1 KB, 1184x1280, df4972adf00ac2d030fedce0dcb020…)

Well, I mean, it is very sexual, but it doesn't really show anything...
How far is too sexual, anyway?
I mean, is a anthropomorphic plane with a massive gun sticking out her crotch too far?

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 15581

File: 1422178469625.png (915.37 KB, 2443x2443)

>Do you deal with the community in terms of settling disputes and bans
Yes, though mainly just enough to communicate my desired standards for the site.
I very much value our increased freedom in posting. (I came from /b/! Though I'm not exactly aiming to reinvent /b/. That already exists over at /b/.)

Anonthony was the one who originally pushed for the merger.

I think these benefits are understated. We're not exactly booming in new traffic. A merger would increase the interactions of very compatible users, and the merger itself would be a novel event that could attract more.

Cage 15582

i think toybox is beloved here because people want to fuck her or something, idk, it's mind boggling.


File: 1422178486652.png (97.63 KB, 268x361, 11.png)


I don't post in /anon/. You are free to post there and pretend I don't exist if you don't like it.

Awesome eel 15584

It's a principle about the relaxed rule we have, not him that have me worried, so yeah, I do care about the issue myself. He's like a limit tester, if you catch my drift.

ayy lmanonymous 15585

I am beginning to think that the whole reason Anonthony started this thing was because he's slowly stopped liking the presence of certain people (Toybox included), and realized that all the people he still likes happen to be those who probably wouldn't get banned on current Ponychan.


File: 1422178583260.png (487.28 KB, 924x982, sweetie614.png)

Ok, that's good. I think many posters we be more comfortable knowing they have a vocal voice for their values. Anonthony's absence may be worrying them. It would be concerning if you were going to do all the technical stuff and the ponychan guy was going to do all the social stuff.

Edel!weissFCpJI 15587

How long would we leave a redirect from mlpchan.net to ponychan.net up?

Anonymous 15588

m00t leaves 4chan
anonthony wants to step down from mlpchan
m00t mentioned mlpchan in his video
are anonthony and m00t the same person
or secret lovers
maybe you made someone that's not comfortable with their self feel all hot and bothered and they weren't ready to deal with that



>I very much value our increased freedom in posting.

You, i like the sound of you. Lets see how much substance you have.


File: 1422178675049.png (143.78 KB, 530x432, sweetie82.png)

I still think m00t inspired it. It can't be a coincidence. Maybe we should give him some time and see if he still feels the same way/


File: 1422178700151.png (22.81 KB, 126x160, 34.png)

Fuck if I know. I asked the same damn question.

!FlamehpHHA 15592

File: 1422178732914.jpg (136.07 KB, 809x658, tumblr_m6ai1ln95c1rz3kcko1_128…)

Well then why don't you propose they take some time to clearly write out what the unclear rules mean for once?

This isn't 4chan, they don't or shouldn't have to ban or warn solely based on individual judgement, because then this shit happens.

It'd take one skype call and half an hour to sort this shit out. Even if you don't agree with the way it's defined, at least you'd know what the goddamn rules were and could make a decision whether you wanted to stay or not.

But making your decision on this merger based on another issue you aren't showing any interest in resolving besides saying "this is a problem" is acting like "just another anon, out to make trouble!" and is gonna get your voice ignored because you didn't properly define your problems with the whole thing.

Anonymous 15593

The idea of a merger has been going on for several years.
It's usually ended with a fairly solid no.
Ponychan always seemed to be for it, but mlpchan being split.

ayy lmanonymous 15594

That's completely different. There is absolutely nothing similar about those two situations.

Awesome eel 15595

Still, it is a close like coincidence. Albeit, different motivation.

Anonymous 15596

File: 1422178935763.png (165.32 KB, 900x1118, rainbow_dash___eating_cake_by_…)

Both sites have been stagnating over the past year and a half and on top of those matters have been asphyxiating each other in traffic. On an imageboard, the highest priority content is fundamentally defined as the most recent. Therefore, by nature, when you have two imageboards under the same topic, the same boards, the sum of its parts is going to be less than that of them both together, because the divide of attention between the two is a turn-off. Notice how in the /meta/ thread on ponychan, as soon as it gets posted, Scootareader comes back, Cross Breeze comes back, and I can bet you by tomorrow morning you'll see at least three more former users return. It's like nuclear fusion or something, where you have this nuclear binding energy that contributes towards the overall mass.

Salsa!B3PyN98LNU!!kqVcQ+3SPj 15597

File: 1422178983700.png (340.54 KB, 889x1123, smile.png)

Yeah, that's me alright. Dropped that part of my name.

Anonymous 15598

File: 1422179014882.png (286.32 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow_telling_her_second_sca…)

I am anon, and I will eat your brains!


File: 1422179058386.png (59.8 KB, 297x209, 03.png)

You know, I've got no problems with the people from ponychan coming over here or merging or whatever.

I don't give a shit about that. More power to them. Whatever.

But don't fucking change the rules to cater to these people. That's all I'm worried about.

Anonymous 15600

For the most part, the rules are defined well enough here, with partial exception towards harassment which is used so rarely it doesn't matter.

The issue would be what the rules with the merger are.
And, no, like I said, talking it out doesn't really help for several reasons.
Now, if we had a full-on "this is exactly what it has to be to be X", that would work, but that leaves room for loop holes.

I don't really skype. Besides that, skype being a different site, what is said there is not necessarily always considered official. Or at least, that was an issue in the past, I recall...
Besides. I don't know any of the ponychan admins. How am I supposed to talk to them?
Oh, and of course, "why would I want to when I can just stay here".



Anonymous 15602

I agree with this.

I've said it already a few times, I'll say it again: Anonthony can't leave. He's the only guy who really understands both sides right, and what made us leave in the first place.

Anonymous 15603

>Lets compare the rules here

Global rules (violation will result in a site-wide ban)
Disruptive behaviors that prevent others from engaging in a thread are prohibited.
Stalking, harassment, or posting of others' personal information are prohibited.
Do not post anything illegal under U.S. or U.K. law
No pornography or overtly sexual images outside of /anon/
Pornography and overtly sexual images depicting minors (including drawings) are not allowed anywhere on the site.
No gore or images of extreme violence outside of /anon/
No spamming of this site or any other
No malicious impersonation of other users
The moderation staff reserves the right to enforce both the letter and
the spirit of these rules.


Threats and flaming are not allowed.

Disruptive behaviors that prevent others from engaging in a thread are prohibited.
Stalking, harassment, or posting of others' personal information are prohibited.
In general, R34 and gore are not allowed:

Depictions of sex acts, genitals, female nipples, sex fluids, and underage sexualization are prohibited.
Depictions of explicit dismemberment, torture, or butchery are prohibited.
The above set of rules against R34 and gore do not apply to properly tagged mature content threads on supporting boards. See the FAQ for info on this feature.

Accessing this site means you are responsible for the content of your posts, images, and the consequences of them.

Spamming, raiding, ban evasion, and participating in or advocating for any illegal activities is prohibited.

The staff reserves the right to enforce these and all other rules and guidelines in the manner they see best for the site.

The opinions and statements of staff members not posted under their moderator tags are not official representations of the site, its policies, guidelines or principles.

Do not look for loopholes or try to argue technicalities in these guidelines. Follow their spirit as well as their letter.

I dunno they look pretty similar to me

Awesome eel 15604

The spiral will continue, people need surprise, a routine is often deadly for traffic as there is a lack of aspiring things going on.

Apathy is very dangerous, even with a merge, it might still be plausible we get back to case zero of having no traffic due to 'muh dead board' which infect other into leaving too further growing the spiral of bails.

We need 'wut' more often, I'd say ! To peak interest, to make the user base engaged.

Anonymous 15605


now compare the proposed "new" rules and the current rules for mlpchan

Anonymous 15606

I have no issue with it. Although I'll either disappear off the radar or use other sites if things turn sour.

Anonymous 15607

Those were the new rules...
and they were the rules from mlpchan...


File: 1422179374454.png (150.66 KB, 1191x670, sweetie610.png)


Really depends on who's enforcing what.

Those are from mlpchan. I recognize them.



Also, at least 1/3 of these rules on MLP chan are rarely enforced anyway.


File: 1422179412081.jpg (201.31 KB, 404x700, tumblr_lackihiYGI1qcdfkzo1_500…)

I dunno, I'm finding these posts at least pretty amusing to read.

Yes, I mean equal qualification for decision changes from each side does make me feel more secure as well.

I mean, once again, not that I specialize in NSFW material. Or even "Questionable", but on the rare occassion I do, I always spoiler and current mods seem to be fine with that.

I mean I run with a group that sometimes discusses or Roleplays stuff dealing with mature topics in a mature manner...and no I don't mean ERP posts, but still, its always been a plus that the mod staff has been understanding about stuff here, even little things like us being able to get away from word filters messing things up.

I mean, I really doubt any of our current mods would be this supportive of the merge if they felt they'd just get steamrollered over by the Ponychan mods.


File: 1422179416559.jpg (31.92 KB, 434x393, sweetie508.jpg)

How dare you even consider such a thing.

!FlamehpHHA 15612

File: 1422179451172.jpg (23.21 KB, 249x250, Oliver-Twist.jpeg)

I meant light a fire under the new mod team's asses to actually define the rules while still leaving a bit of room for personal judgement by getting together and talking it out so they can all agree on what the rules should be defined as.

If they're gonna be overbearing and turn this place into Ponychan, fine. I'll be happy to jump ship, along with a lot of other people.

But assuming they're going to and saying "No way" before that information is made known is just bullshit, and you know it.

Anonymous 15613

this exactly
new mods mean new rules even if the rules themselves don't say so

Admiral 15614

File: 1422179550049.gif (647.03 KB, 536x563, ScaryButtFunIncoming.gif)

Curiosity 15615

File: 1422179643521.jpg (24.4 KB, 340x382, 1328019189367.jpg)

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Anonymous 15616

Well I'll just go with the flow and be happy anyway. If I can't, I find alternatives.

I'm indifferent about the situation and as long as people are happy, then it's a go.

One problem we need to solve is the stigma of mixing people from two different sites. Dunno about the Ponychan side, though MLPchan is a bit more anarchic from my perspective. People will get hectic if they lose their privilege to be manic, although I can't really speak for everyone as it stands.


File: 1422179701433.jpg (145.58 KB, 728x607, 20140530012633_2299.jpg)

Let me put it this way:

On the current /oat/, I can post images like this with no issue. If that is going to be a problem on the new site, then I'm not going to be happy about it.

Anonymous 15618

I've seen worse not get banned
and I've seen worse get banned
It literally depends on what mood the mod is in.

Cage 15619

i rarely ever get warning bans on ponychan and i cant remember the last time i got a real ban, and idk, i dont see any reason someone should get banned there unless they're posting their fap material.

reports of ban happiness seem to be from like 2012

Anonymous 15620

Rarely to never.
I'd actually prefer no personal judgement, since that personal judgement is what I am worried about, since Ponychan is quite a bit different than Mlpchan.

Maybe we can get markers for "ponychan" or "mlpchan", and make it so each can only be moderated by their respective group.
A joke, mind you, but still.

>But assuming they're going to and saying "No way" before that information is made known is just bullshit, and you know it.

Problem is I don't think they're going to, because they think that what OP's posted rules says is enough.
It's easy not to realize someone else's definition is not the same as your own, and it's also very hard to put your definition into words that are relatable by other said person.

Basically, "John's a communist!" "What, I don't support governemnt-controled economics!" "You want to give people who don't work free stuff!" "No, I just want wealth to be evenly distributed!" and it keeps going with each side misinterpreting the other.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 15621

File: 1422179812409.png (164.49 KB, 500x500)

There is a continuum. The serial I believe that I recognize you from has people who post outside of that serial too. Those people post on MLPchan boards along with people who post on both MLPchan and Ponychan boards. Those people post with people who post just on Ponychan.

The merger would not be like a relocation. (Domain names are arbitrary. In the transition period, I can point both domain names at the same boards but make accessing the site through a certain domain name give you the classic theme from that site.) The merger would be removing barriers. The compatible people who only used one site or the other would interact in new ways and create more activity. The group of people who post on the boards and in your serial would likely ride up on that wave of activity too.


File: 1422179822141.png (32.22 KB, 120x202, 06.png)

Yeah. That's what I'm worried about.

I shouldn't have to worry if one of the mods woke up to their cat shitting on their rug.

Awesome eel 15623

I summon thony !


File: 1422179834371.png (60.86 KB, 477x558, 4.png)

>sexual fluids
I'd ban you.

Anonymous 15625

Ah, the Zamoonda days. Although I think as we grow older, we learn to become more lenient over time. They didn't seem too strict in a few places here and there.


File: 1422179887599.png (188.49 KB, 376x453, 01.png)

What if it was just an exhausting food fight and that was cake frosting? Wouldn't you feel bad?

Anonymous 15627

File: 1422179919075.png (50.79 KB, 165x250, sfv9u3.png)

I can picture it now.

Kaiser Thony of the MLPCHAN, lying awake at night over the stress and burden that comes from running a site dedicated to a fandom. The last two years of his life, colored by drama and forced to make decisions to keep the peace and maintain the steady population of his kingdom.

He decides that he has had enough.
He decides to create a system in which he may end his rule.
But he is also wise, and knows that this decision will bring more trouble than it is worth.

He knows this may indicate the downfall of both communities, and to many posters abandoning ship. But he is leaving. What care has he?

The moderators see this as both a challenge and a means of increasing their power. Each of them gain influence nearly twofold, without regard for the social implications and struggles.

They say they will be lenient and not oppressive when it comes to the rules, but with the inevitable chaos that is BOUND to ensue, their hooves will be forced and they will excuse every one of their actions on some rational basis of preserving the greater peace.

Hundreds of posters from mlpchan.
Hundreds of posters from ponychan.
There has always been an underlying tension between the two.

If this thread hasn't been an indication of that and the lack of faith had towards this decision, then nothing will.

I'm excited.


File: 1422179933192.png (774.39 KB, 2663x2427, 138600699050.png)


File: 1422179940341.png (42.88 KB, 927x719, ssdfdsa.png)

>Attempting to reverse the diving process of the naturally occurring entropy between the chans over time.
>Attempting to re-establish bonds broken that were converted partially into heat, an unusable state of energy that has no known application of use or reversal into a usable state
>Attempting to undo Thermodynamics
>Attempting to undo Universal warming
>Attempting to play God

Anonymous 15630

Yeah but that shit happens here too
IT happens everywhere, mods aren't robots.


File: 1422179985240.png (77.48 KB, 247x249, 07.png)

I've never seen it happen here. At least not in oat. I can't speak for /pony/ or /anon/ since I don't post there.

Awesome eel 15632

It's people, not matter, your analogy is somewhat true to some degree but not intangible.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 15633

>so when exactly is this going to happen?
Oh, a timeline was never mentioned. Nothing is possibly happening in under a few weeks.

Many years. Domain names are cheap.


File: 1422180060772.png (592.33 KB, 1280x720, back to work.png)

>people are not a form of matter
>entropy isn't matter, it's energy


File: 1422180067714.png (60.86 KB, 477x558, 4.png)

I have an itchy triggerhoof. Probably why I'm in favor of merging with Ponychan. I secretly belong there.

Anonymous 15636

File: 1422180076687.png (155.76 KB, 600x500, htdf.png)

!FlamehpHHA 15637

File: 1422180083599.jpg (128.86 KB, 769x1039, vi_portrait_fan_art_colored_by…)

>Best League girl


Well, yeah, that's pretty much it.

You hit the nail on the head, anon. Go to your fridge and get yourself a beer.

Or if you're too young to drink, get one anyway.

But, that doesn't mean they shouldn't try and make it as clear as possible what their definition is so that we can actually judge whether or not something's crossing a line.

As much as the actions and words of some people may seem otherwise, people like rules. People like knowing what they're allowed to get away with.

If the law was just "lol, police do what they think's right, don't shoot anybody", shit'd be fucked. Laws are clear and defined and extensive for a reason.

Edel!weissFCpJI 15638

File: 1422180095923.jpg (60.17 KB, 660x660, Nazrin № 123.jpg)

also: why did you post this at night
is this a ruse to keep yourself awake?
Are we your caffeine?


File: 1422180124012.png (42.88 KB, 927x719, ssdfdsa.png)

Has anyone here proposed that Anonthony is actually m00t and Macil is most likely Snacks?

Edel!weissFCpJI 15640

>implying he would bring snacks back

Awesome eel 15642

Nah, I'm just saying that it's just weird to apply social issue with thermodynamic, that's just an odd analogy.

Fun, but odd.

Anonymous 15643

File: 1422180204704.png (77.09 KB, 164x207, sg87g3.png)

As I said, you're trying to mix two kinds of two breeds of posters that chose their grounds and grew apart.


File: 1422180225807.jpg (207.12 KB, 1057x1326, 1395277816010.jpg)

umm yes hello you seem to have accidentally posted vi instead of nami

Anonymous 15645

They can't be. I know the two actually spoke to each other at one point, though can't remember the details.



you claimed there was no mention of society

Shuckle 15647

Nigga nami's a fish does she even have a vagina?


File: 1422180290252.png (265.04 KB, 714x897, 1404748141578.png)

It's never fun. It's all depressing.
You can't play God in the chemistry lab.

Republicans will get mad at you.

And you'll be smacked with holly bibbles.


File: 1422180295680.png (257.38 KB, 2200x2200, sweetie410.png)

But the one who is trying to do it is the Moses who parted the river for them. Doesn't that mean it's time to move back to Egypt?

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15650

File: 1422180308347.png (171.32 KB, 500x500, 1416174984235.png)



File: 1422180325649.png (321.83 KB, 500x500, huhwha.png)

I can make two identities talk to each other too, you know.


File: 1422180346528.png (95.62 KB, 324x375, 1408664960244.png)

are you saying you wouldnt fuck a fish
are you actually THAT much of a fag???


File: 1422180352402.png (97.63 KB, 268x361, 11.png)

Go to bed, Malice.

Anonymous 15654

>As much as the actions and words of some people may seem otherwise, people like rules. People like knowing what they're allowed to get away with.
Don't get me wrong, I am no anarchist. I'm more of a libertarian than anything, and so would rather leave the rules as basic as can be, which is why I rather like mlpchan. We've got a fairly good system of solid rules that stop major issues, but leave people for the most part free to simply moderate themselves.

But, yes, like you said, it's a bit better when laws are clearly defined. Loopholes be damned, it's still better than vague shit, I guess.

Awesome eel 15655

Then why are explosion fun ?

Surprise liven up things.

Anonymous 15656

I tried to laugh, but nothing happened. Sorry.


File: 1422180406036.png (54.5 KB, 485x413, ss23.png)

Only two? I have at least five.

Shuckle 15658

>fucking a cloaca
>not even a vagina
I don't think that's even technically a girl then. Who's the fag now?

Anonymous 15659

File: 1422180415974.png (37.82 KB, 171x224, w 23.png)

I said there was no mention of the social aspect of either site. You indicated there quite clearly that we are different types of people.

Now they're putting us in a playground and telling us to play nice with one another, and you can be damned sure that those of us who enjoy playing differently will cause little more than friction.

This is an utterly pointless move.
And thus, irrational.

!FlamehpHHA 15660

File: 1422180449380.jpg (468.6 KB, 700x984, 1924f44ec2042212625c5c0b07327b…)

Whatever happens, it'll be a show for sure.

>Even on the same tier as Sona, let alone Vi


Eh, MLPchan's success in that department's more a product of the actual moderators, not the rules.

Even more of a reason to trust them not to be pushover bitches, though.



Ok i guess?

Edel!weissFCpJI 15662

That would be awful


Some of the best conversations I've had here are the ones I've had with myself and my other self.

Explosions are fun because human beings are agents of entropy. Think about that. You're like an unawakened Chaos Marine.

I think I might be half of /oat/ at this point.

Fish do not have a cloaca. They have an atrium.



Shuckle 15665

Is that a type of room?

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 15666

File: 1422180544225.png (899.86 KB, 5656x5000)


Also relevant: >>15621

>He decides that he has had enough.
>He decides to create a system in which he may end his rule.
>But he is also wise, and knows that this decision will bring more trouble than it is worth.
This is the opposite of what is going on. Anonthony has always wanted the community to be unified and under a better leadership than Ponychan used to have, and he doesn't believe his staff involvement is necessary.

>The moderators see this as both a challenge and a means of increasing their power. Each of them gain influence nearly twofold, without regard for the social implications and struggles.

Both Fenolio and I are already co-admins of our respective sites! I did enjoy your narrative though.

Curiosity 15667

File: 1422180562306.png (242.97 KB, 633x450, Rarity50.png)

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I absolutely cannot wait to make those pussies cry.



An atrium is a heart chamber.

They have this and an anus. They are seperated ducts. A cloaca is a combined chamber for these ducts.

Anonymous 15669

It will really happen?
I thought it was some kind of practical joke

Anonymous 15670

Ponychan seems to be more in favor than us

The only concern I personally have is the rules. I would have no problem with any new posters appearing since I pretty much keep to one thread
But I want the freedom to be as gay as I wanna be in this one thread


File: 1422180630270.jpg (373.53 KB, 800x533, 1386921564115.jpg)

what are you blind too
she has TITS

Sona is acceptable waifu material
vi is tumblr tier


File: 1422180674331.png (27.77 KB, 473x675, 652760__safe_solo_twilight+spa…)

>But I want the freedom to be as gay as I wanna be in this one thread


Anonymous 15673

Yes, exactly.
Which is my worry.

When you look at it, MLPchan's and Ponychan's rules are near identical.
But despite that, the way they are implemented is far different.

>Even more of a reason to trust them not to be pushover bitches, though.

Problem is, they are outnumbered, and without anonthony.
Anonythony is the biggest reason this site was as much a success as it was.
I don't even like the guy that much.

Anonymous 15674

I do this quite often at work
It probably why I got locked away in an office sitting in front of a computer all day
not that I'm complaining


File: 1422180686243.jpg (112.59 KB, 735x1087, sweetie493.jpg)

I'd prefer if we just made a /gay/ for all of you.

Shuckle 15676

Neat. Still wouldn't fug.
I wish I had saved that image where she explains that they're bladders.


File: 1422180770766.jpg (200.93 KB, 505x1579, 138604799242.jpg)


File: 1422180797276.png (49.5 KB, 144x203, 1385234470681.png)

>there are people in this thread RIGHT NOW who don't make other identities to talk to themselves

Fish can have buttsex!

Anonymous 15680

satan trips


File: 1422180899926.jpg (492.47 KB, 800x1114, tumblr_ljuu5ycbmG1qciyvgo1_128…)

Obviously the answer is to rename the image "Its Frosting.jpg"

I'm pretty sure its equally irrational to make conclusions based on assumptions instead of the data that results from actually putting the hypothesis to the test.

Now we just need to hope the Good End makes as epic of a retelling.

Cause I'm assuming you're not aiming for ruin.


Well, male nipples are apparently still fine, so...good for you? Unless you want to be homosexual in the other direction, though I'm pretty sure lady nipples are not technically okay even now. In that case, good luck I guess?

Anonymous 15686

those kind of people worry me

Anonymous 15687

File: 1422180926396.png (469.69 KB, 800x275, War of the Ages.png)


File: 1422180948023.jpg (46.46 KB, 261x248, prettier-than-the-real-thing.j…)

You never played with yourself, anon?

Anonymous 15690

File: 1422180999966.png (47.01 KB, 200x227, af38.png)

I mean, is this even right?

MLPchan emerged as a result of people disagreeing with Ponychan's personality.

MLPchan since has made new friends, learned new things, developed its own communiies

Now the powers that be saying that we should let Ponychan back into our lives. That Ponychan has changed, and promises that everything will be okay. They've planned our lives out together, and we'll have new rules and new things. Neither of us will have to be alone ever again.

Maybe MLPchan is doing fine without Ponychan.
Maybe MLPchan has outrgrown Ponychan.
What does Ponychan really add to our lives?

This isn't a way to start a relationship.

Bags!FizzTWD30o 15691

based we're gryphons and not faggot ponies

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15692

File: 1422181081826.png (346.95 KB, 683x1024, three ways.png)


File: 1422181112691.png (191.09 KB, 578x588, sweetie1.png)

Are you the Insider?

Anonymous 15695

Fuck yeah we are.
Griffons fight for FREEDOM
Ponies fight for "friendship" [read:Communism].

Curiosity 15696

File: 1422181153207.jpg (122.72 KB, 1024x1024, 1385711059753.jpg)

Mayhaps the admins here and there are like me, and just want to watch the world burn. Ever consider that?

It's all a really clever troll.


File: 1422181155489.png (366.43 KB, 800x582, medium.png)

This kind of image will get me banned on ponychan!

Shuckle 15698

There we go. See they aren't boobs. Checkm8 atheists.

Curiosity 15700

File: 1422181185782.png (95.5 KB, 600x600, 1329244957729.png)

He was. Now he's the Outsider.


Anonymous 15701

File: 1422181186150.png (36.12 KB, 233x165, sr329.png)

Were they ever a single entity?
It's like saying they were destined to be together.

I'd say over 50% of the posters you have these days didn't even originate in Ponychan, or don't care about them in any way. They've made their lives here, not there. They've fallen in love with THIS community, not that one.

Why force this?
Why disregard the little people?

Anonymous 15702

i was referring to the ones that don't talk to and answer theirself or otherselves or tulpa

of course I've played with myself

why's everybody laughing?

!FlamehpHHA 15704

File: 1422181234625.png (255.68 KB, 411x495, 1421698013127.png)

Shuckle 15705

Actually it wouldn't.

Anonymous 15706

File: 1422181297571.png (32.24 KB, 194x149, f392.png)

The one and only.

I would not be surprised. What you have here is likely a few of them wishing to see the chaos that ensues, a few that are too stupid to see the larger picture, and a few that thing that they are doing good for the world.

The rest are just going along.
This is not noble.


File: 1422181300488.png (297.84 KB, 2344x1781, 1376277881917.png)

I've gotten banned for underboob before.

Cage 15708

yes it will, stfu shuckle u fucking clown, ur a fucking virgin


File: 1422181346910.png (329.15 KB, 613x677, sweetie6.png)

rly? I didn't know he was still alive.

Above. Wow, I didn't know you were still a part of things.

Curiosity 15710

File: 1422181382534.png (126.14 KB, 770x700, 1329135141271.png)

You're right, it isn't noble, but it seems like a good opportunity for me to cause chaos.

Shuckle 15711

I dunno, I wouldn't think it would. Maybe because of he nips maybe? Also depends on the context.
U faggot cunt ill fucking destroy you if you ever show your faggot face in here ever again.

!FlamehpHHA 15712

File: 1422181443625.jpg (31.67 KB, 500x325, CasualPjFridays.jpeg)

...Wait a second.

>Tfw I just remembered you

You posted as Roseluck for the longest time.

I think I actually got your folder at some point. It's long gone now, but...

Damn, son. You're a grade A shitposter now.

Anonymous 15713

File: 1422181455052.png (47.01 KB, 200x227, af38.png)

I'm around.

It doesn't take a foal to understand that there is no upside to this decision.

It's about timing and strategy.
You can't be lazy about it.
Don't be like Jack.

Cage 15714

lmao shut up with ur mishapen child dick, u should think about who the fuck ur talking to before u address an immaculate dick havin nigga like myself lmao

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15715

File: 1422181487515.png (160.73 KB, 900x687, fe-wasteland everywhere.png)

The /b/ & friends serial thread came here from Ponychan! No one here complained when they moved here!


File: 1422181499740.gif (42.41 KB, 250x250, 1332843870247.gif)

We're talking about the same website that banned people for posting images of a cartoon horse hanging herself in a silhouette, right?

Curiosity 15717

File: 1422181500003.jpg (50.26 KB, 800x1000, 1329079800756.jpg)

>in chaos
Ha! Haha! It's like you don't even know me!


File: 1422181543630.gif (112.59 KB, 453x676, 3f1dfac3480b0d5ccf23e6938ce453…)

There are SO MANY things I want to correct you on right now.


File: 1422181554293.png (286.92 KB, 516x544, sweetie589.png)

I'm ok with it. Tripcodes? check. SFW? check. More pony? check. Let's do it.

Shuckle 15720

u never even seen my dick nigga go kill urself lol
Things have changed. Like i said, I'm not 100% sure if you would be banned for that or not. I would think at most a warning though.

Lisbon!waifuvY/O. 15721




Fen can eat a bowl of dingleberries.

>the spirit of these rules

Because they've been so good with that in the past.

This whole thing looks like the MLPChan side's getting the very short end of the stick.

Cage 15722

If you've posted this long, I have no idea how you're not a shitposter. What else is there to do on here? Discuss the same shit I've discussed 500 times previously? I mean, any interests in hobbies I might have I can discuss better in chans and boards that specialize in that subject. Seriously, what am I supposed to do besides shit post, on a chan for entertainment?

Anonymous 15723

File: 1422181625537.png (110.42 KB, 203x294, s8yug43.png)

the /b/ and friends thread came from /b/
which moved to /mlp/ and were divided
some people tried to stay alive in Ponychan, but hated it there. Ponychan was SO un/b/.

they found each other again on MLPchan, back to the way things were. free to post and say as they please.


File: 1422181634447.png (334.11 KB, 500x893, ce8252ae9278fb538295e95d1f1b0b…)

See, my problem with that, is Griffins seem more suited towards wielding guns.

Apparently its more that MLPchan isn't actually doing as fine as we think.

Secretly unknown to us posters busy with our own lives, its slowly been withering away as the wells run dry. Ponychan could provide the infusion of supplies that we need, in exchange for our fancy technological advancements.

Or something, I'm just guessing as much as you are, and waxing poetic might just be muddling the metaphor.

Though really, if Anonthony just wanted to end it all...or at least his part, couldn't he just pull the funding? I mean, the fact that he is fronting the money for the amalgamation of things seems to imply he's not just trying to burn it down.


File: 1422181635396.png (42.88 KB, 927x719, ssdfdsa.png)

Ponychan hates freedom!

Anonymous 15726

File: 1422181676687.png (53.22 KB, 204x240, sd893.png)

Your efforts will be drowned out.
You should have a strategy.

Anonymous 15728

It's kinda like saying they won't tax tea this time so we might as well go back to serving the queen

Anonymous 15729

Which is why the griffons are clearly better, and ponies are for faggots.


File: 1422181731031.png (183.71 KB, 450x533, 1348927074122.png)

Pretty sure the plan was going to be for this site to just become renamed and become an anime imageboard

Shuckle 15731

lol u don't even remember what it looks like if that's how you're describing it

!FlamehpHHA 15732

File: 1422181758082.jpg (40.79 KB, 736x522, ded33363725f9730a9b2321d421c74…)

>Implying I'm not a shitposter
>Implying I don't go off into my own little corner of the site and do my own thing while having a life outside this place
>Implying I wasn't there for when you were the main attraction of every thread you were in



Cage 15734

You're implying a lot of things there chief, but I'm unsure what the overall implication of your implications are.


File: 1422181860192.jpg (34.2 KB, 468x398, sweetie463.jpg)


Anonymous 15736

File: 1422181870457.png (102.66 KB, 238x206, sdgw43.png)



Sell us on the idea of Ponychan, of these new posters, of these new rules. That OP is as dry as fuck, and this entire thing seems entirely unexciting and unenticing. There is no human component visible in that cold OP.

I've been talking against this, but even I could put a positive spin on this.

Anonymous 15737

Shitposting is for faggots who can't start up arguments about stupid nonsense.

Curiosity 15738

File: 1422181888835.png (386.88 KB, 736x589, 1330370293860.png)

I don't make plans, I act on whimsy.

Curiosity 15739

File: 1422181957872.jpg (345.73 KB, 1920x1080, 1329069778488.jpg)

I'm outtie. Later, G.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15740

Well, not all of its users obviously, but that name did anyway. Neither the thread on /b/ or /mlp/ called themselves /b/ & friends. That was from /gala/. They were the ones that moved and got the serial going here.


File: 1422182072699.png (501.68 KB, 3000x3678, 1318774448815.png)

/mlp/ /b/read didn't merge with us until like 6 months after pchan /b/ and friends moved

Lisbon!waifuvY/O. 15746

I think all this thread is proving is most of you are incorrigibly irreverent and a merge would create more of you I'd have to deal with.


File: 1422182251622.png (330.58 KB, 960x384, 1409116793387.png)

shutup lime toast

Anonymous 15751

This is a good idea.
If you dislike it, start your own new mlpchan.

Anonymous 15753

File: 1422182302877.png (179.71 KB, 351x258, sfsg54.png)

Dear MLPchan,

Here's the deal. Over the last few years, we've had some amazing adventures together. We've dealt with trolls, made new friends, and had many epic RPs. We've learned more about ourselves and each other, explored hobbies, obsessed over episodes, and conclusively agreed once and for all who was best pone.

All in all, this place has been a second home to many of us.

The staff has been talking about what we could do to make this place a little more fun and help it grow. As a result, we have written the following: a proposal merger between Ponychan and MLPchan.

Over the last few years, staff and people have been shifted around, and research has shown us that the differences that once existed between us have all but dissipated. An influx of new posters would mean opportunities to meet new people, make new friends, and keep both our communities thriving and alive for time to come.

As always, the community comes first.
We would love to hear your thoughts.

The OP is a proposed projection for the rules and moderatorship. We thank you for your consideration.

- Anonymous

Lisbon!waifuvY/O. 15755


Fine. It'll be called Lisbonchan. There will be forced anonymous and every anonymous will be called Lisbon instead of anonymous.


File: 1422182349108.png (579.19 KB, 725x1796, 1421816057908.png)

I dunno, all I know is that Macil said we were underselling the importance of the poster influx this would give us.

Cause you know, kidnapping them one at a time is...wrong or something.

I can only assume the OP is so dry so that it could be posted on both sites without changing anything.

I'm all for a breakdown of exactly what we're getting out of this and why its important that we get it as well. I mean "It has Anonthony's explicit approval" is all fine and good, but I'm pretty sure the reason why Ponychan is all for it is cause they know exactly what they want from our end, while the average MLPchan user has no clue what benefit this'll give us in the long run, only the terror of Ponychans past.

Anonymous 15757



teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 15758

I left that place because most of them were gross assholes. Whatever the terms, I'm not interested in seeing them again.

Anonymous 15759

File: 1422182459076.png (83.02 KB, 431x641, no.PNG)

I direct you to this.
Something like this.
Something less "Beep Boop, Merger Loading".

Shuckle 15761

>I left that place because most of them were gross assholes
I'll show u a gross asshole *unzips butthole*

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15762

File: 1422182539746.png (438.04 KB, 1280x1465, firefox.png)

That's pretty much what I said, no? "/b/ & friends" came from Ponychan. /mlp/ /b/read jumped over later into it and had little trouble integrating.

Side topic, this thread isn't about the successful unification of the /b/ thread forks, it's about the unification of Ponychan forks!

>Secretly unknown to us posters busy with our own lives, its slowly been withering away as the wells run dry. Ponychan could provide the infusion of supplies that we need, in exchange for our fancy technological advancements.
This is maybe a more accurate narrative than certain other things being speculated.


File: 1422182605875.png (23.48 KB, 269x208, 1334517499836.png)

Lisbon!waifuvY/O. 15765


This is exactly what I remember about Ponychan. They'll try to downplay serious discussion by being, well, retarded in hopes that nobody will take it seriously, even when taking it seriously is a good thing.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15770

File: 1422182741492.png (182.48 KB, 510x399, post ponies-mods are awake.png)

Yeahhh, we probably could have done more with the introduction to the thread here. I kind of assumed more people remembered the merger talks we had last year. I thought I recalled MLPchan being pretty on-board back then.


File: 1422182783464.png (13.07 KB, 500x500, 1325170784816.png)

>assuming things

!FlamehpHHA 15772

File: 1422182800813.png (392.14 KB, 500x688, d1d.png)

>Thinking your micropenis wouldn't get confiscated at the airport for being a concealed weapon under a certain length


!FlamehpHHA 15776

File: 1422183129060.png (374.28 KB, 528x739, officer_vi__and_pink_donut__by…)

But yeah, enough derailing on my part.

It's five in the morning, and I wanna wake up early enough to be around for when this discussion continues for real.

Hopefully the people waking up tomorrow don't mind half the thread being nonsense too much.


All shitposting aside, was actually nice seeing you again, man. You're always loads of fun to post at, if only because everything you post is just shitpostery enough to get a chuckle, while never actually hurting any feelings.

I tip my fedora to you. +1

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 15777

Let's be more on topic here. I'm clearing out some completely unrelated conversations about dicks from here.


File: 1422183184369.gif (532.26 KB, 260x169, 131698293236.gif)



File: 1422183218205.png (448.79 KB, 500x353, 1405727328403.png)

Cage 15780

somehow i do hurt feelings from time to time, which i find really silly seeing as im insanely transparent

!FlamehpHHA 15781

File: 1422183300233.jpg (18.25 KB, 210x240, char_113840.jpg)

Man, I've got god-tier timing.

Anybody who manages to take anything you say seriously needs to take a step away from the computer and reevaluate their decisions in life.


File: 1422183356342.png (345.15 KB, 443x800, 1421814028175.png)

Well, thats humanity for you.

On thee plus side, more is better for the site apparently. Even if not for you personally.

Hey, I just took what little you said and poetified it.

Ponychan totally wants our tech though. Which hey, if it keeps the site alive and healthy and we don't have to give up the general moderation style MLPchanners love, well, I'm fine with it.

If you know, slightly paranoid, but that is on me.

I remember that talk.

I still don't remember hearing what our upside was supposed to be then either though.

Still, so far it seems pretty legit. I mean, I trust the mod staff here to keep fighting the good fight, and I've had several people I trust tell me that a few of the ones from the Ponychan side are "good people". Well, plus Astra, who I can't see as being censor happy or persecuting RPers (Especially because RP is what I know him from), so yeah, it seems like a relatively safe thing.

Doesn't make it less scary though. Worrying over stuff is a cats prerogative though. Especially changes in their chosen territory.

Lisbon!waifuvY/O. 15783

File: 1422183480111.jpg (52.78 KB, 475x533, shiggy diggylicious.jpg)


You don't know me that well if you think I'll accept it from you saying "Well that's humanity for you."

!FlamehpHHA 15784

File: 1422183745827.png (351.42 KB, 900x1454, katerina_donlan_by_xpine-d57ph…)

Hey, you can ask any of the three people I know reading this post right now, or the several reading it tomorrow, but I'm honestly one of the more serious and mediator-ish types among our little family. I just have a sense of humor, and tend to let that carry me a little too far over the line with things that should be serious, as well as the reverse.

But yeah, no, agree that the point of the thread's something to run it back to. Late night shenanigans are kinda acceptable with how few people are actually here, and with how we're not really choking much discussion at the moment, but it's not gonna fly to set a standard for tomorrow that's not alright, so I'm gonna try and reel it in before things get carried away.

Cage 15785

In all seriousness, I rarely post on either of these sites anymore, but the cultures are pretty similar for the most part, except Ponychan doesnt have a place for porn. Like, I don't think it's that big of a transition.


File: 1422184273070.jpg (140.65 KB, 700x1000, 1421906861006.jpg)

Nope, I was just wondering why you expected humans to be anything but incorrigible and/or irreverent.

Adding more of them is obviously just going to make that number go up.

To be honest, I'm pretty sure those traits are actually strengths sometimes. Sometimes not, but questioning things, not letting things hold them back, isn't that how most progress comes about?

Plus yeah, its not like some of these people...er, well, this one >>15784 even "shitposts" much of the time.

Still really, it was more of me saying that of course you're gonna have to deal with more people if we do something that boosts site traffic a bunch, and yeah, they'll most likely include some people who are irrepressibly irreverent, or at least one of the two.

More people is apparently still good for the site's long term health though. Gotta fill our wells with some new blood, cause the old stuff is drying out.

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 15787

Humans or not then it's people I'm happy not having to deal with. There are less of those types here as things stand.
What kind of argument is "it's just how people are" anyway? People make enough excuses to be less than they can be for themselves, they don't need people like you making excuses for them about it just being "human nature".

Dan Sparkle !HHpSeFdCvs 15788

File: 1422184631351.jpg (114.08 KB, 1191x670, good night.png)

DWO will rule this place

Awesome eel 15789

We need some kind of trial, like invite a big chunk of ponychan here and see how they adapt to a lay back attitude ?

Cage 15790

consider me a rep of ponychan

Anonymous 15791

>implies this topic is not filled with them

Awesome eel 15792

Another thread should be used, this one is the opinion of the local on the merging.

I've been thinking about some kind of meet-up thread to test the water.

The thread we are in is meta and technical, it's not really the environment for breaking the ice nor to do an invitation for a trial.


Well, true. I mean, lets face it, human nature is all the good parts as well.

But proactively judging people as being a detriment, just because of some single trait, in this case, the site they just happened to end up posting at, well thats not really fair either.

Judging people once they've shown their personal measure...well, thats maybe a bit more fair, but still, everyone has their good and bad sides. Its only reasonable to expect we'll get some of both.

And well, once again, the traits that were mentioned I'm not even sure are innately good or bad, I mean, I'm pretty sure MLPchan was built on the actions of an irrepressibly irreverent individual who saw what he felt was a better way. A way that was considered an affront by the moderators of Ponychan at the time.

In any case, I didn't intend to make excuses for them or defend those who seek a lesser path for the way they chose to live their lives, if anything I was intending that human nature or not, people at least deserve to be given a chance because deep down they're probably not that much different than the humans already have here. Well, that and that apparently we need them more than we think. Or the site does. Maybe some of the individual users don't.

Also, you need to leverage your element more I think...that was at best a half height cover wall from a first person shooter game. More textwalls are always nice.

Anonymous 15794

Sounds like a /oat/ thread.
You should probably post a link to it in Ponychans /meta/ merge thread and making an invitation thread about it at Ponychans /oat/.

Awesome eel 15795

Alright, making it, we need data anyways.

Anonymous 15796

I'm a bit skeptical about this merger because of the radically different faces of the fandom both sites represent but as long as the ponychan mods don't go all third reich on /anon/, ill be fine. In fact, this merger might even benefit us, as long as the two different faces of the fandom never have to encounter each other.

Awesome eel 15797


Here is the water testing thread to see how good our people might bond altogether.

I'm not very good with cross-board link, sorry.

Anonymous 15798

Why ban foalcon? is it illegal under u.k law? aren't the mlpchan servers in america?

!oDoctum.AQ 15799

File: 1422188577695.png (187.19 KB, 900x1000, Rararo.png)

And in a year, Ponychan merges with 4chan. Then 4chan merges with SA. Then SA merges with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin's pen pal arrangement. Then we all merge with soil and speak through nature.
Seriously though we need more word filters. All of us. We need to use them in reality.

Ha ha, we had some laughs. Here's my serious on-topic response to this so this post isn't all useless and has merit in /site:


Thank you.

Anonymous 15800

Fuck wordfilters with a ten foot pole.

Cage 15801

y do ur posts always sound like the ramblings of some dude in solitary confinement whos been there 4 like 10 years

Anonymous 15803

>almost 500 replies when I wake up

Can someone give me a brief summary of this thread (the important stuff)?

Shuckle 15804

League of legends, dicks, toybox being toybox, no consensus yet, having a "trial" thread where users of ponychan and mlpchan are intermingling.

Anonymous 15805

"WE should merge" "No we shouldn't!" "Ponychan's changed!" "No it hasn't".

Anonymous 15806


first hour of it: "yeah ok sure why not"
The rest: "Dicks dicks dicks league of legends dicks fak dis shiz"


File: 1422189754728.png (110.49 KB, 644x565, so-silly.png)

>dicks dicks dicks

Welcome to MLPchan. That happens to be one of our favorite topics, one I'm particularly fond of.

Cage 15808

thats my favorite topic too, wanna skype, i can show u mine

Awesome eel 15809

Hey macil, can the trial thread have a sticky ?

The trial thread report on their /oat/ about the merge has a sticky.

Anonymous 15810

File: 1422190506356.png (103.92 KB, 831x1024, Silly.png)

>People thinking ponychan mods will go full facist the minute we're at the controls.
We're going to have to work out what is and isnt appropriate ourselves, so there is likely to be some intial "what do" moments, not denying that.

I'm assuming that everymod will be talking with each other to determine the best way to handle things. (and if i'm wrong in assuming this then i'll use the position of admin to tell them to do it instead, huzzah for perks of admin)

Essentially, we wont turn into the SS unless former ponychan and mlpchan mods agree with hitler.

Fen 15811

Fucking name field.

Anonymous 15812

Can we drop the ponychan name for mlpchan?


All this,

And also beyond that from the sounds of it we're manly just taking the name, keeping our site, and rules, and swapping some of our mods for current Ponychan ones.

Some worries over the new mods, and the fact that they have 5/9 to what will be our 4/9, claims that Anonthony is the only one who could protect the values the site was founded on, the revelation that apparently we need Ponychan's users to revive our slowly stagnating number, and a few of Ponychan's mods coming over and being civil and reasonable as far as discussing things go.

Also, we've got a trial meet and greet type thread on oat. https://mlpchan.net/oat/res/2989133.html

Paranoia and bad memories are a bit tricky to overcome, that said, yeah, I figured that no matter what, if nothing else the MLPchan mods would help balance out that sort of thing.

Not that I'm even sure if anyone on the list was a mod back when I left Ponychan, so I'm not sure how relevant any of my issues were even the first time this merger was suggested.

Macil!/5s/Techmk ## Admin 15814

File: 1422191277052.png (129.29 KB, 893x895)

Fuuuck. The OP post had an active #cyclic tag in it, which, exactly as the OP post describes, causes a thread to start pruning old posts from itself when it reaches 500 replies. We lost some early replies from the thread. I'll see if our last backup caught some of them.

See >>15338

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 15815

File: 1422191289450.jpg (199.81 KB, 500x525, 1401555548234.jpg)

Why not a new name?

Shuckle 15816

I actually really like this idea. It makes it seem less like it's just ponychan absorbing mlpchan and more like a new beginning for both chans.

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 15817

That's exactly the point.

Anonymous 15818

I think changing the name to Ponychan is actually a good idea so that Hasbro can never sue or C&D for the use of their acronym MLP (which I assume is trademarked).

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15819

People tried to come up with a few at last year's merger thread, but none stuck.
Existing established names are valuable anyway. Ponychan's name is older.

I think /mlp/ would get hit by that first if that were an issue.

Anonymous 15820


>I think /mlp/ would get hit by that first if that were an issue.

yeah, good point

Fen 15821

File: 1422192015657.png (166.17 KB, 333x411, Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8.44…)

See >>15819
Nobody could think of a good enough name and Pchan is already established, albiet with a poor reputation.

But, the merger is ideally going to help with that, what with the whole "Shit is changing yo" aspect.

Shuckle 15822

What about ponechan?


File: 1422192441292.png (249.68 KB, 513x736, comrade pinkie - lets go destr…)

yo, autistic sperglord


the red army stomped you faggots

Fen 15824

File: 1422192449205.png (225.89 KB, 430x430, 133857577848.png)

>Changing a single letter.
Not sure if people would buy that.

Shuckle 15825

I dunno, I mean it's technically different. You could ask to see if people would think that means anything.


File: 1422192539180.png (104.63 KB, 241x521, 15.png)

cus it aint need pedo

Anonymous 15827

Doesn't cloudflare technically re-host all over the world? Wouldn't that count as hosting in a different country and having to abide by the laws there?

Anonymous 15828

And to add, it's more or less a gray area in which I don't think people want to get into trouble for. It's more or less sexual paraphernalia which can be attributed to young age traits.

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 15829

File: 1422192681200.png (236.06 KB, 776x766, 1412498656403.png)

Well, it would certainly look less like it was some sort of assimilation or take over. You're sort of throwing away this sites identity into an old one that they tried to get away from. It's kinda like a kick in the shin. Maybe some of the staff might not see it like that, but some other people might not like to post under the same name they avoided.

I feel like a new beginning for both sites should be settled on a fresh, new start. Just to put behind any bad feelings and to attempt to get along, for the sake of both sites.

This is a very big change. You're merging two communities together under the same banner.

I'm sure you can think of something. Or maybe even the communities themselves might have a suggestion. They are a big factor in this.
I mean, one idea is to think of a word for unification with chan in it.
Or well, I thought of Celestchan/ Celeschan, after Princess Celestia. Or Celechan.

Shuckle 15830

File: 1422192842345.png (438.12 KB, 600x716, tumblr_n4tu54XKQv1r1dk76o1_128…)

>naming a chan after best horse
I like the way you think. Problem is lunafags would probably be butthurt as fuck. Actually, that would just make it better, let's do that.

Awesome eel 15831

Indeed, I'd advocate this mention: 'Shit is changing yo'


*posts white rainbow dash recolor*

im cool on the internet

real talk doe


Fen 15833

The red army plus the rest of the world stomped us faggot, 1v1 me tanks only final destination.

"Unichan" is taken and was the best one i could come up with.
If people can think of a good name for the merged site then i'm okay with that.
It'd have to be a pretty good name though for the rest of pchan to be okay with it.

Cellychan seems too specific for an imageboard about mlp in general.

*Posts worst humanised horse*
We can be cool together.

Awesome eel 15834

Hey macil, can you give a sticky to the trial/water testing thread ?


It's about the merge. Their invitation on ponychan /oat/ already have a sticky while our doesn't.

Thank you.


File: 1422193512195.png (206.17 KB, 273x538, 175.png)



>The red army plus the rest of the world stomped us faggot, 1v1 me tanks only final destination.
still got stomped sperglord


it's like going to a game


well... that good. you still lost

and just so you know. the soviet union could of easily stomped nazi germany on their own

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 15838

File: 1422193752890.png (138.55 KB, 800x700, 1402070643413.png)

What about "Manechan"?

It's a bit more general, as it goes for the mane 6, who are the main characters for the show... And a google search doesn't seem to pop up anything that it's taken...

!!Applejack 15839

File: 1422194084956.png (529.62 KB, 549x909, 1417139825490.png)


I'm up. A good 500 posts or so.... lol.

So alright, how about people put their specific issues as consicely as they can and reply to this post so I can offer my insight or take on it.

Anonymous 15840

How will the mods gauge community reaction?
Will there be a vote taken or what?

Anonymous 15841

hahaha on man I forgot about Toybox. okay now we HAVE to do this merger just so I can see him throw a fit about every little thing and everyone else just not give a fuck.

Anonymous 15842

Furthermore, this isn't the first time that this has been proposed - and the first time, a year and a half ago, the Ponychan admin (hi) wasn't even involved until the first draft of the proposal was ready for putting on the table, so this was never a Ponychan taking aim at MLPchan thing. Unfortunately, negotiations didn't get very far then before they were shut down by disagreements. Perhaps some things were still too raw.

I'm glad that, with some more time and some changes, the respective parties have managed to put together a sensible proposal. I hope that something can come out of it this time.


holy fuck...

we really are 500 posts

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 15844

File: 1422194439778.png (228.97 KB, 499x800, 1418699596729.png)

I proposed that both parties drop both domain names and to form a new one.

You can read the whole posts and replies here.

Well, it is kinda important.


are you sure it's kinda important

or is it very important


File: 1422194609963.gif (613.59 KB, 750x750, 174d6e0c524fad74c840c7eece4ca9…)

There Should be a /f/ here. Then I would have no reason to go to 7chan.

Anonymous 15847

I'm most concerned with the rules
Mods here are pretty lax, and even though the rules after the merger are supposed to be pretty similar, that doesn't mean much
I mean, /b/&friends is full of cropped/badly censored porn and people borderline erping
I wouldn't like to see half of the people there banned the first day

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 15848

I myself left because there were people I didn't want to see again. There's still some dumb people here but my experience has been fun without them.
In other words there was a reason the split happened and sure some people may have changed but a lot of those people are still the same.
More than that actually >>15814


File: 1422194771646.gif (443.57 KB, 800x674, 1375121653412.gif)

Would a board for swf files be too much to ask for? Or is it possible?

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15850

Lucky break, turns out I can restore the posts and thumbnails.

Awesome eel 15851

I'm up for this too, that would be a good feature.

!!Applejack 15852

Votes are super unreliable in this context and you'll never get all posters to vote, so whether or not voting constitutes a real representative sample is hard to say. Also most people who come to either imageboard are apathetic or don't mind one way or the other, so it's really about the populations from either that really, really, really do care what happens, making a vote not really accurate.
I'm not sure how technically feasible that would be.
I spend nearly all day errday in /b/&friends; I don't see anything that would be banworthy under this setup, save for the occasional troll posting an actual porn pic, which we deal with anyways. All the cropped stuff are things we brought up very specifically in the discussions.
While very true, things have changed for both sides. Old people have left, new people have come, new dynamics have formed. And would further form with such a unification.
Ehhh I should leave that question to Mac.

Ponychanon 15853

File: 1422195210305.gif (393.32 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_n2x19r5iGb1sakuo…)

It seems like a lot of work was out into this and I thought ponychan was supportive of it, but it doesn't seem like people this side are too happy bout it.

Trixishy!.TrixiSHY. 15854

File: 1422195243759.png (132.22 KB, 280x211, 1408460835087.png)

Well... Why isn't it feasible?


also make me a mod

like wtf

Anonymous 15856

Not every porn is troll posting, but I see your point
Links to pornographic material legal as long as tagged?

I pretty much only use the site for /b/&f 90% of the time so as long as it won't be affected I'm fine with that
Because you're just telling americans they're going back to drinking tea and serving the queen, like I said
Not an accurate metaphor, but you get the idea

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 15857

That's just token political talk. All I know is that the people I don't want to see haven't really changed much, for a fact. Airy fairy talk of change and new dynamics doesn't really mean much just from being said; it's simply what you hope to happen or what might happen between you and the mods.

H/S/O 15858

File: 1422195567431.gif (85.71 KB, 640x360, 1385507463537.gif)

pls stop with this. you kno i fuging luf u Mikie, but i don't want this. I know you kidding too. but stop plz.

Hater/Stalker/Obsessed 15860

File: 1422195687694.png (200.87 KB, 1100x1100, Forever.jpg)

ty so much

Fen 15861

Because availability.

If we want a specific domain name thats already taken we'd have to negotiate with the owner of it.

And then even if they say yes theres also the issue of paying for it, which could be a bit silly depending on what it is.

I think buying unitedchan.net is over £100, but thony will know for certain.

Well, the monarchy has gone through a bit of a change, realises how dumb they were and is offering a marriage contract of the crown prince to the most eligible candidate in the hopes of restoring the bonds of friendship and tolerance that once governed our fair empire of complete dominance.

!!Applejack 15862

I already own UnitedChans.net, fyi.

Crona Makenshi!pinkie78Os 15863

File: 1422197348616.png (64.78 KB, 700x700, Ninja Of The Niiiiiiight.png)

OK, so I admit I just skimmed through a lot of this, because we're well past 500 posts now, so I don't know if this has been brought up yet, but I'll say it anyway.

One of the frequent complaints I saw was worries about how the mods would handle things. Which I have to agree with, if only because I'm so used to how the MLPchan staff does stuff. From my experience, they mostly just keep to themselves unless absolutely necessary, when a rule is actually broken. This is good, it helps keep the mood lax and lessens the chance of any animosity building up over a misunderstanding.

I'll admit, I'm not all that familiar with this new staff, but I do remember Fen from Ponychan and I thought he was a cool guy, and Astra since he used to post in the canon I'm part of. Regardless, so long as the new staff just sticks to the same mentality of the old staff of only stepping in when absolutely necessary, then there won't be anything to worry about.

Granted, I'm one of the types to only really care about my corner of the canon. So long as /rp/ doesn't go through any significant changes in format and no unnecessary rules get set up, then I wouldn't sweat it.

Which means no wordfilters. I'm telling ya, if wordfilters come back then there's gonna be a firestorm of pissed off /rp/ers, wondering why their carefully-written posts have ridiculous words all over it, like "comawkward" and "eggheadiest", because some mod thought it'd be good for a chuckle.

There was probably something else, but it escapes me at the moment.

!oDoctum.AQ 15864

Surely you mean "Fumble wirbledirbles with a 10-hoof shimmel".

Because that's the case?

!!Applejack 15865

File: 1422199098392.png (208.75 KB, 500x415, tumblr_nibjrwaWE71tlqckyo1_500…)

Oh hello Doctum~


It's FreelancerDash

Six Hooves Under!SLAYERvsOc 15867

>MLPChanners complaining about 5/4 mod split.
>Biggest gripe is Anonthony stepping down.
>Saying we're getting the short end of the stick.

I would like to point out that Anonthony still has free reign over a little thing called the power button.

>Site funding and responsibility by Anonthony, has no official status, position, or authority.

>has no official status, position, or authority.
>has no official status

He may not be an Admin, but he still runs the show. Remember kids, cash is king.

!oDoctum.AQ 15868

File: 1422200716460.png (272.67 KB, 700x700, Rarity 116v.png)

Anthony, how do you respond to the accusations that the merger is an underhanded attempt to monopolize blackjack dens and hookers?

!!Applejack 15869

This Comcast/AOL Time Warner pony merger is for the customers posters benefit!

!oDoctum.AQ 15870

File: 1422200928595.png (61.67 KB, 350x350, Rarity 1tq.png)

Then explain why the hookers are playing monopoly.

Riley!BeerPPRQ92 15871

File: 1422200949614.jpg (308 KB, 670x690, 8148-1820328787.jpg)

So do I get a clean slate too or am I on the same list as zamoonda and the rest?

!!Applejack 15872

Only Zam, TOSSF, Swiper and StevAn will remain perma'd and not get another chance.

Mickey!aOc2F8iYHA 15873

File: 1422201082370.jpg (2.37 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg)

This is too much for me to handle.

I'm just gonna crawl back into my hole in the ground.

!!Applejack 15874

...an actual hole in the ground? o_o

Riley!BeerPPRQ92 15875

File: 1422201160410.jpg (151.84 KB, 643x1006, APH_Scotland_by_Junez_chan.jpg)

That's a bit surprising seeing as Astra went on record saying I'd be banned as long as he's a mod...

TGSB 15876

Wordfilters can be board specific
I'm sure that it will be implemented that way

!!Applejack 15877

There'd be no filters on /rp/, at the very least. Our general agreement-in-principle is that boards like /site/, /rp/, /fan/, /anon/, would not have any, but the social boards could have some.


That's because of the sheer number of bans you managed to rack up on ponychan for doing the same rule breaking shit.

Under the new system shit would be way more lax, and you'd only have gotten like, 2-3 of the bans that you did.

Riley!BeerPPRQ92 15879

File: 1422201638612.jpg (308 KB, 670x690, 8148-1820328787.jpg)

I'm not going to lie, I deserved what I got, I'd like to think I've changed after the therapy I've gone through but that's not the point. I'm surprised you didn't lump me in with zamoonda despite how lax or unlax the rules are in the new system..

!oDoctum.AQ 15880

File: 1422201775568.png (409.58 KB, 500x700, Rarity 1hm.png)

Forgive me being nosy, but what did Swiper do to put him up with Zamoonda?


Riley the worst thing you ever did was be an unrepentant asshole and harass people in RP with dickish behavior. Granted you did it a fucking lot even when I appealed your bans, but that still doesn't compare with the level of shit Zamoonda caused.

I personally don't have a problem with you, and if you say and think you've changed for the better then fucking great.

!!Applejack 15882

He cybered with a 14 year old, then sent him dick pics and was basically trying to groom a minor.

Swiper is a sociopath, and a pedophile, perma'd from both sites.

Riley!BeerPPRQ92 15883

File: 1422201912909.gif (914.91 KB, 500x200, tumblr_mnd0seTUAs1s1mhbxo1_500…)

Well, fuck... for what it's worth I'm sorry I made your life a living hell back then.

!oDoctum.AQ 15884

File: 1422201985323.png (67.78 KB, 945x945, Rarity 0b.png)

Fair enough.


I don't think I've had any poster really make my day any harder by being around or by causing problems. It can be an annoyance at best but even that I'm usually unfazed by handling it.

Apology accepted anyway you should add me on skype real quick and we can talk about appealing your ban. astrabolt is my skype

Riley!BeerPPRQ92 15886

I found an Astra L bolt?


File: 1422202248610.png (33.78 KB, 240x200, #BASED.png)

That's me.

Riley!BeerPPRQ92 15888

Anonymous 15889

File: 1422203139099.jpg (11.09 KB, 480x360, u shitting me.jpg)

No. No. No. No. Hell no. I came to this website to get away from those fuckers. Let them keep their horrible website so they leave us alone.
Do. Not. Merge.

Anonymous 15890

File: 1422203189959.jpg (51.7 KB, 403x403, feel infinite.jpg)

So Anonthony won't have staff power but he'll still post regularly, r-right?

!!Applejack 15891

Where else would I go.

Anonymous 15892


I don't know. Just wanted to make sure.

Fen 15893

/mlp/ or /pone/ to drive them towards us, obviously.

Agiri 15894

File: 1422204528681.gif (240.84 KB, 211x250, Sonata cry.gif)

Are we still gonna have fancy mode?!


File: 1422204796340.gif (470.34 KB, 500x276, tumblr_inline_nhxi63WvZQ1qc353…)

Is that a trick question?

BatBane 15896

I am not to sure about this, mostly because they still will be having their older mods still be there but that is not exactly unexpected in a merger.

Will the cool mods like TPWPF or Mellowbloom be able to make any real veto attempt against their actions if they be total dicks?

Anonymous 15897

With one admin and 3 mods from mlpchan, I would presume so.

besides, most of the old mods from ponychan are gone/would be retired under this proposal


File: 1422205343365.jpg (52.97 KB, 280x397, tumblr_nfxbm7OoiQ1t7adzio1_400…)

I'll veto things wherever I go. It's my right as vetoman.

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 15899

File: 1422205467429.png (12.71 KB, 98x67, lurking.png)

>I can bet you by tomorrow morning you'll see at least three more former users return
Can confirm, saw the merger talks made horsenews and got interested. Well, I was planning on considering coming back when next season started anyways, but if this happens I'll probably think more about it.

Still reading the thread, so might post some thoughts after that's done.

Anonymous 15900

I don't have anything i can say about how the merger should be designed that i think would penetrate or serve to form actual changes.

But i will throw my hat into the "It's a good move" side of the discussion.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15901

File: 1422205699939.png (217.35 KB, 691x767, 1KaOV[1].png)

of course

>tfw cool

Well have pretty good representation starting.
Besides, Macil has the keys to the hammers.

But that shouldn't be an issue. We've been chatting on skype and there's no real culture clashs going on. Most of the arguments revolve around football.

Smokestack!L9hT7oDU1E 15902

Will we still have the mods? Or will we have to follow ponychan rules and deal with their mods?

Anonymous 15903

>not reading the proposal literally at all

Anonymous 15904

Oh, i think i have a good point.

The time after the merger will be turbulent.

There will likely be protestors, discussions and arguments all over the place. I suggest there is a place that people can be directed to bitch/discuss the issue - and importantly, that actual administrators are in that thread or board, listening and responding to people. It wont work if people think they are being sent to the "Bitch where i can't see it" thread/board.


File: 1422206448715.gif (969.16 KB, 245x180, tumblr_nemnepoqPc1rg5dd5o3_250…)

Anonymous 15906


I am just pointing out that it is absolutely essential that the admins need to be highly responsive for at least a while. Because if people get sent to a board where they don't think they're being listened to, it is more likely they'll just leave the community entirely rather than trying to integrate.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15907

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 15908

File: 1422208142424.png (397.46 KB, 697x717, It's nice.png)

Okay, right, for what it's worth from someone who isn't active at the moment and hasn't been for a while...

The main thing I personally would be concerned about is the userbases clashing. Being strictly a /pony/pony I can't speak for the other boards but I do admit one of the reasons I came over here is because of the people on Pchan's end. It's been a while, though, so who knows how that would work out, and that's just a personal thing, anyways.

As a bigger concern I'd bring up transparency in managing the site. Ponychan was doing a pretty shit job of that for a good while there. With the new mod and admin team it could work just fine, and again, it was a while back. That bloody /show/pony/ shit still gets me a bit upset. As for the rules and such, I don't see any issues there, but I never was one to test the limits. I can post and find "questionable material" elsewhere if I need to~ Speaking of which, though, I'd be all for a mature tag on /pic/, would make them easier to find and all, I think.
I'd appreciate some elaboration on the rules on what is okay and what isn't to prevent possible issues, but that's probably something the possible modteam would have to figure out.

The biggest hurdle really is getting over the culture clash, and dealing with all those people issues, imo. And getting people to give it a chance. I'm cautiously for the merger, because while there certainly were people I wouldn't want in my life not having a fractured/split community would be a great thing, assuming the people are compatible with each other. Active boards for the win. So, umm... I'll have to wait and see how this would end up, I guess?

Anonymous 15909

Alright, alright, if we do this merge, and it is a complete disaster, whether it's because of user culture clashing or moderation issues, what then? Will we just split again and go back to exactly how it is now?

My biggest fear is that this will change the site I love (MLPchan) for the worse and it may never recover. I feel like things are nearly perfect as they are.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15910

Yeah user drama will be a thing for the first few months, i'll bet. But I think it will die down. it's not like we don't have that here though.

Ponychan's users are pretty supportive of the idea so I don't think we need to worry about them beyond a small group.

Probably. Thon is holding on to the mlpchan url so it's an option.

Anonymous 15911


alright cool

I don't have anything against Ponychan, I just worry that they will not mesh well with the more 4chan-esque parts of this site. However, Thony says /anon/ will remain completely unchanged, and I trust him.

Lisbon!waifuvY/O. 15912

Okay, I'm back. Hopefully I can explain myself better now that I just have a headache and feel sick like someone's been giving me a swirlie for six hours straight. I think it feels like MLPChan's getting the short end of the stick.

>Ponychan gets free code brewed up by our technowizard Macil

>Ponychan has 6 mods vs. 3 MLPChan mods (admittedly I don't know all the details, but I read the bit about timezone coverage and such)

There's the idea that it might bring new life to both sites.Maaaybee. In the past people usually interact with one another for a day or two then scuttle off back to their serials. For some reason I doubt that'll change much; there will just be more threads made by people I don't know above and below the threads made by people I do.

>Wordfilter bit

Okay, good. I hate having waifu change to phantasmal significant other and I also hate boypussy turning to snickerdoodle.

Overall I'm extremely skeptical but I'm not too thrilled with what exists now, so w/e go for it I guess.


>it's not like we don't have that here though.
I'll take your word for that, for obvious reasons

And yeah, I'm not worried there's hate or some such, just that the cultures might clash for a while. But as you said, it will probably die down. And if shits goes bad, well, if Thony's holding onto the url then what's stopping him just saying fuck it and going back. Obviously that could change stuff, but... yeah.


File: 1422209376872.gif (969.16 KB, 245x180, tumblr_nemnepoqPc1rg5dd5o3_250…)

I count as 4 mods. We're nicely balanced.

Anonymous 15915

It's a 6-4 split. 1 admin from each site, 5 mods from pchan, 3 mods from mlpchan, 1 new mod.

Lisbon!waifuvY/O. 15916


Oh, okay. My bad. Just don't fuck this up on me.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 15917

The trust of a lot of people is on my shoulders for this.

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 15918

File: 1422209867843.png (462.33 KB, 661x667, heh.png)

No pressure.

!BabsseeDZ6 15919

File: 1422210140949.jpg (76.22 KB, 814x825, ECM AB.jpg)

in b4 our community is raped and discarded like a red headed stepchild

Anonymous 15920

File: 1422210527570.gif (140.04 KB, 400x245, 1366139829179.gif)

I kicked /mlp/ to the curb and didn't look back. I can do the same here. If this happens I'm out.


File: 1422210820061.jpg (34.14 KB, 620x413, tumblr_nffl0o3S1T1u29a95o4_128…)

There's literally no need.
/anon/ isn't changing at all.

Anonymous 15922

>"Ponychan.net" would be the name of the site.
That's already more than enough for me to call it quits. No need to read further.

>CLOPAdmin!cLoPONYr0c 15923

This is great for me.

See, I've got the >CLOP sequel coming very soon, and I was wondering whether I should direct players to the existing hidden MLPchan board for the first game (it's not hard to find) or shift to some other solution, such as 8chan.

If you're going to put Ponychanners in charge of anything, for any reason, you've made my decision very easy.


File: 1422211043539.jpg (56.36 KB, 1016x568, tumblr_nfyedsU9IU1twv40io1_128…)

You realize that's an insane kneejerk reaction right?
It's just a name.

Anonymous 15925

Its a name that has a lot of bullshit attached to it that I don't want to be associated with.

Saying it's just a name is like asking me if I want to hang out with John 'rapes you in the ass' Smith. No. I'm not going to hang out with him because I don't want to get raped in the ass. "But anon, its just a name!"

!BabsseeDZ6 15926

File: 1422211343139.png (218.96 KB, 455x268, mfw the thing you just said.pn…)

it's actually a peninsula


File: 1422211415936.gif (470.34 KB, 500x276, tumblr_inline_nhxi63WvZQ1qc353…)

While a valid point, it's also more recognized than ours is and would be far more so than a new name. You're not the first person to have trouble with that though, I think it's come up a few times. Not sure what we'd replace them with, though.

Anonymous 15928

I dunno, all I know is, as much as I hate 8chan, I think its time I go scope out the pony boards over there. I might just drop out of the chan thing entirely.


File: 1422211610663.jpg (52.97 KB, 280x397, tumblr_nfxbm7OoiQ1t7adzio1_400…)


ayy lmanonymous 15930

Why can't you just ignore the bullshit associated with Ponychan's name, the same way you're ignoring the bullshit associated with MLPchan's name? Oh, you're gonna go scope out other boards? Well then, you better not catch wind of the bullshit associated with 4chan's and 8chan's names!

Anonymous 15931

lurk moar

ayy lmanonymous 15932

I agree I ought to have been lurking more. But I don't see what that has to do with this.

Queenie!eBritIShVA 15933

File: 1422212389264.png (367.55 KB, 1280x720, 97.png)

Anonymous 15934

You should have lurked moar because that issue has already been addressed. 8chan would become the lesser evil. Also noted that not going to any chan is an option I'm considering.


Except our admin would be equally 'in charge'. And in a combined place with lot more potential players for the game.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 15936

okay okay people don't want to completely ditch the name mlpchan for ponychan, I get it.

Just call it brony.com

ayy lmanonymous 15937


I dare ANYONE here to come up with a worse name than that.

Queenie!eBritIShVA 15938

File: 1422214079218.png (101.04 KB, 230x280, 93 (2).png)


The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15939

File: 1422214083667.jpg (45.09 KB, 599x449, ngbbs4ed04d5c85ad5[1].jpg)

oh god no

Edel!weissFCpJI 15940

File: 1422214135088.jpg (321.69 KB, 820x1000, Nazrin № 071.jpg)

The middle route could be argued to me
we could even get one of those vanity TLDs to make the name snappy

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15941


Queenie!eBritIShVA 15942

File: 1422214227340.png (75.19 KB, 269x269, 93.png)


ayy lmanonymous 15943



I guess more to the point though, the board i made for the game was not for my benefit. Obviously it was for yours. We never got anything from it; not posters on the site or activity or help with whatever. And thats been the story for a lot of situations where i or mac went out of our way for other communities or sites or groups;just stuff to be nice and to help them because we wanted to. Ive never expected anything out of it and i dont now;but i do expect at least, now, when we're considering something we think will be the best thing for the overall community we are responsible for caring for, that there will be gratitude for all that. A simple thanks for everything, even if you/anyone else we've helped along the way doesnt have anything to do with it all anymore.
ive put more than my heart and soul into all this for years now, and this is not an easy decision. Not just to gove up everything but to foresee whether it will be right for the people i have loved and cared about for these 3 years now.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15945

>just call it brony.com
we should add a reddit style upvoting system with "brohoofs"

it is. It redirects to http://www.horse.com

ayy lmanonymous 15946

I just get "Firefox can't find the server at horse.co.ck."


File: 1422214437219.jpg (59.99 KB, 261x279, icecream.jpg)

I just noticed the /art/ board is going to be gone.

That kinda sucks. I know it was incredibly slow but it also has a good archive of works from a lot of posters.


The threads wont be lost
the combined art/fiction/collaborations board will just have them, tagged as whatever they are - art, writing, etc. Will put more of the creativity content centralized

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 15949

File: 1422214757032.png (664.34 KB, 750x1000, Rarity at work.png)

>putting creative people together in one place
Do you want arts?
Because that's how you get arts.


File: 1422214813717.png (46.37 KB, 233x245, i'm-liking-this-idea.png)

Oh. Well that's good.

!BabsseeDZ6 15951

File: 1422214931950.png (617.27 KB, 1000x769, tumblr_my4uprOy011t9mu0qo6_128…)

At our campground there was an annual bear hunt. The hunters would come back with the bears on tarps in the flatbeds, back up to a picnic table, haul them out of the back onto the table, saw the carcass open through the middle of the ribcage and gut it.

The guts were pulled out by the handful and dumped into 5 gallon buckets which would be left for days out in the summer heat. Hordes of iridescent flies would descent upon the reeking mass of decomposing refuse that once sustained the lives of the creatures now hanging empty from gallows crudely made from 4x4 lumber.

I don't know which was grislier, the sight or the smell. What I do know is it was tapestries and perfume compared to this merger plan.


We'll talk later.

Anonymous 15953

File: 1422215019718.jpg (19.41 KB, 795x100, offtoareallygoodstart.jpg)

>Why can't you just ignore the bullshit associated with Ponychan's name...

Thank you, Admiral for making my point better than anything else could.

If you ignore and refuse to learn from history, you're condemned to repeat it.

Ponychan has not matured enough to escape its history. I have no intention of being involved in this merger if this remains the case.


File: 1422215095107.png (24.16 KB, 294x307, seriously-bro.png)

I think you're over-reacting to be honest.

I was very skeptical of this at first but after doing a bit of my own research and inquiry, I don't think it's going to be that bad, to be honest.

Personally, I'd rather not take on the ponychan name, but I'm not going to get up in arms over something that silly.

!BabsseeDZ6 15955

File: 1422215131079.png (96.69 KB, 700x530, mlfw9289-159316__UNOPT__.png)

Well good, I'll know in advance what the low point of my day will be.


Talking to me?


Queenie!eBritIShVA 15957

File: 1422215184820.gif (222.31 KB, 380x280, 45.gif)

>Ponychan has not matured enough to escape its history. I have no intention of being involved in this merger if this remains the case.
i concur

!BabsseeDZ6 15958

File: 1422215212172.jpg (147.54 KB, 779x600, 1386503166456.jpeg)

If I thought anything I said mattered even the slightest, I'd pick my words more carefully.

!BabsseeDZ6 15959

File: 1422215245933.gif (1.22 MB, 960x540, 1417657350630.gif)

>CLOPAdmin!cLoPONYr0c 15960

>Don't worry, Barack Obama will still be co-president with Kim Jong-un

Nope, not having any of it. No good can possibly come of this. Absolutely none of these people should be permitted to administer anything outside of and maybe not even that.

I don't trust Ponychan. Period. Not with my board, not with my players, not with my posts, not even with my IP address.

"They're not going to be allowed to-" I don't care.
"But they won't-" Nope. Don't care.
"It's not the same Ponychan anymore-" It's a kinder, gentler hugbox. No thanks.
"It won't affect-" Ixnay. Their entire methodology is inimical to honest discussion.


Listen, don't get me wrong. I appreciate having had a place here for all this time. I appreciate having someone else to delete shitposts. But it's something that I've trusted YOU to handle.

8chan is right there, and I can generate a board there in less than a minute.

>this is not an easy decision. Not just to give up everything but to foresee whether it will be right

IT IS NOT RIGHT. Not in principle, not in practice. Absolutely no good can come of this. I know I've never really paid you back for the board hosting, so let me try to repay you in real advice:

DO NOT DO THIS. No matter how good the idea looks on paper, no matter how you think the numbers add up. Let this be a future bad memory, a moment of "Oh wow, we were really going to merge with Ponychan?! That was actually being considered at some point? Hahahaha, whew, we dodged a bullet there!"


File: 1422215300312.png (68.05 KB, 440x337, guess-what-time-it-is.png)

Look. When /mlp/ showed up I threw a fucking fit. I don't take things like this lightly at all, and everyone on this site knows how much I tend to flip the fuck out when things I care about are threatened.

If I'm not flipping the fuck out, there's a good chance that it's probably not going to be that bad.


So you're saying that's what you would have thought regardless, you just wouldn't have said it if you thought it mattered.
Thanks again..

!BabsseeDZ6 15963

File: 1422215365167.png (311.28 KB, 800x633, 1421514268702.png)


Edel!weissFCpJI 15964

Could possibly create a multimedia collab project
that would be cool

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15965

when i paste it in it adds / automaticly
That redirects it.

But not if I take out the backslash


>my board.
you mean my board.
>kim jong un
you dont even know fenolio. Hes as good a bro or better than i am.
as for the advice, you dont have any frame of reference for anything outside of a hidden board of people who dony even post on either site otherwise.
We have years of history and context invovled; i have more reason for concern than anyone, yet ive estimated it worthwhile to pursue.
we arent just looking at a better outcome for everyone; we're looking at saving both communities, communities that no offense, you have never been a part of.

!BabsseeDZ6 15967

File: 1422215574636.png (289.61 KB, 469x800, 1421514141298.png)

I don't have a problem talking to you if that's what you think I meant

ayy lmanonymous 15968

Wait, who's the Obama in this picture? Cuz Anonthony won't be a co-admin. It's Fenolio and Macil.

Which I'd actually describe as Dick Cheney + Stephen Hawking.

!BabsseeDZ6 15969

File: 1422216019086.png (390.13 KB, 521x600, 59040__safe_twilight+sparkle_d…)

so between the two of them we'll have one brain and one body?

ayy lmanonymous 15970

If only. That sounds rad as heck.

Edel!weissFCpJI 15971

I'm scanning over ponychan right now for features and community understanding. Quick initial question: will we be adding the hovertext over known acronyms, the one that adds hovertext over MMC to say "Magical Mystery Cure"?
I also get a 404


Seriously a lot of people have wrong impressions of a place we came from. We emerged because mismanagement, admnistrative mistakes and systemic issues that made it impossible for the staff to do anything but piss people off. It wasnt always like that either. And at any split forced a lot of things to change; over time slowly the issues that caused it have beem rectified, but the split remains. All that old guard staff will be gone, the administration new and capable and trustworthy . The staff comprised of great mods from both sites and all those systemic issues no longer plaguing anyone. Some of you dont know the old pchan; either the era that brought about its bad rep or the era before that was great.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 15973

File: 1422216250069.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, Rainbow Dash lightning powers.…)

Ignoring the justified negative associations it built for itself in olden pony times, Ponychan has always had a better name. "Pony" > "MLP", pony should poni pony. It's a pleasant word with bounce to it, and conveys all the same information.

Of course, regardless of what name the merged site took, you'd wanna have the unused name(s) point to it. People are probably in the habit of typing "mlpchan.net", "ponychan.net", etc.

Though if we're being real about stigma, the main stigma is on the "chan." You want a name that doesn't immediately make people think you're trouble, fix that.

Will the new site have 'common carrier' status instead of fast-tracking certain posts?

!BabsseeDZ6 15974

File: 1422216276206.png (679.92 KB, 702x700, 1421515140618a.png)

Hey, you'll still have the other ten eggs, right?


Don't make this any harder for me than it already is


File: 1422216362064.png (177.56 KB, 453x533, that's-nice.png)

If anyone has a reason to be upset about the merger, it's me.

But I'm honestly not upset. I think this will work as long as everything is done the way it's being promised. You have my support, which I know probably comes as a huge surprise.


That.. means a lot. Thank you.

Queenie!eBritIShVA 15978

File: 1422216811952.png (881.51 KB, 904x1082, 662226__safe_solo_rarity_old+b…)

i knew ponychan at it's worst, when everything went down, i regret not participating in any of the real shitstorms otherwise i would have left long ago but it's not only the staff, thie history of putting people i didn't like in charge or the backhanded shit that goes down behind the scenes (they have a very high turnover rate for a reason) the thing i took issue with the most, though that was was the people who posted there when.
when i was on ponychan everyone was an immature asshole who accused me of being a selfish attention whore and essentially drove me out of every serial thread and board i posted on because no one would even give me the time of day, went out of their way to insult me, or simply thought nothing of me. that's why i came here, because i knew people here didn't hate me and to escape the ones that did to get a new start i also know for a fact most of the main people who gave me such a hard time still hang around ponychan and if this merger where to go through i would have to deal with them all over again, plus ponychan has a permeate stigma with me of being just a horrible place i'm not going through that again so if this merger takes place you won't be seeing me around anymore


File: 1422216826565.png (110.49 KB, 644x565, so-silly.png)

Eh. I know it seems like I flip out over the stupidest things, but the truth is I actually do my research on things before going apeshit crazy about them, believe it or not. I just use unorthodox means of doing so.

From what I've seen, there's not much to be worried about since we'll basically be using MLPchan's rules on the new site. As long as the ponychan mods can respect the new guidelines the way we've been currently doing them, then I don't see the issue.


More has changed than you realize, qt...


File: 1422216978175.jpg (6.08 KB, 141x130, you caught me at a bad time.jp…)

As much as I didn't believe this at first, from what I can gather this is actually true.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15982

File: 1422216995490.gif (733.77 KB, 564x360, 178216%20-%20animated%20laughi…)

>the truth is I actually do my research on things

Queenie!eBritIShVA 15983

File: 1422217045555.png (183.59 KB, 702x676, 297.jpg)

i'm sorry...
i just don't think i can do it...


I think we all can.
Your friends will still be there.


File: 1422217110194.png (68.05 KB, 440x337, guess-what-time-it-is.png)

Like I said. I use unorthodox means of gathering information.

I wouldn't expect you to understand it. But I'm supporting you, so quit whining.


why is the preview showing the wrong post

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15987

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Come on Queenie.

It will be an adventure!

thread broke the index :x

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 15988

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Perhaps you should introduce Fenolio more than just telling us we don't know him. I'm sure people would be amenable to posting under his administration, if he's not the guy who bans people because of complaints, regardless of if the complainers were total fgts who don't think honesty should be allowed if it hurts people's feelings, or because he's covering shit up to make himself look good, or covering shit up to keep people ignorant and complacant, or joining the crusade against porn. Because that's what I remember from ponychan. If that was someone else, you can exonerate Fenolio and we'll gladly join his herd. If he's stopped doing that, then you could provide examples of this and how he has somehow earned back the trust he lost when he, or someone he appointed, banned me with a message chiding me like an adult to a little child, for having the opinion that petplay fetishists are sadistic creeps that spit on everything that is good about being a pet with their ritualistic rape, torture and brainwashing. Just for example.

Queenie!eBritIShVA 15989

File: 1422217274320.png (140.91 KB, 635x441, 333.png)

I just don't think i can go back there, even if it is different...
I'm sorry if i sound really immature and stupid but ponychan was part of the worst time in my entire life, going back there just wouldn't feel right to me

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 15990

You could ask the owner of http://horsefucker.org/ if they wanted to part with it for a good cause...

Anonymous 15991

I wouldn't leave if we became horsefucker.org

Queenie!eBritIShVA 15992

File: 1422217525820.png (175.83 KB, 955x1063, 41.png)

holy shit you're not dead


Ill do that.

Fen has long been one of the best voices on pchan for better freedom and changes to the structure and guidelines. Probably one of the people who worked hardest to hold things together under a largely absent or apathetic administration, and who has helped turn it around the most during the time he has had administrative authority

He and i have been friend for a good long while and tried our best to improve relations and our communities.

Fenolio is an ideal choice for coadmin with macil. He is neither prudish nor lackadaisical. He works hard, and approves of freer rules. He doesnt support nannying moderation and doesnt let things stagnate when decisions need to be made.

I trust him explicitly.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 15994


Well, I trust him as much as I trust you at least. Good enough for me. Just be careful because if he turns on me then it's also shaking my trust of you.

>CLOPAdmin!cLoPONYr0c 15995


Sorry, but as much as I hope for biological immortality, life is simply too short for this kind of inevitable, concentrated drama.

Delete /clop/ as soon as you'd like, but please do it before the takeover.

So long, and thanks for all the seaponies.


File: 1422217765865.png (158.91 KB, 573x376, or-that-too.png)

Oddly around the time I left Fen seemed to be the most apathetic mod I have ever seen in my life, so this is completely different from the one I know.

But I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. People change.

Though if he came here and spoke to us in person that would probably help a lot.

Anonymous 15997

I think it's a great idea. I'm all for it! If this does go through, when can we expect these mergers to take place?


File: 1422218002346.png (3.17 KB, 80x68, 1330723590758.png)




Well you can imagine what the internal state of the staff there at that specific time was..
frankly it's your loss. A good admin of a game or community wouldn't be so pointlessly stubborn as to not realize you can leave whenever, including after this merger, without losing anthing-and prempting it out of pride or bias with the potential to lose out on new users for a game that is constantly complaining about a lack of users and new blood? Thats just irresponsible administration that cares more about its own principle than the potential best interests of the community you have a repsonibility to.

ayy lmanonymous 16000

>I trust him explicitly.
That's not how that phrase usually works u kno.


File: 1422218303453.jpg (117.11 KB, 1024x682, 021 - gNNMSsj.jpg)


my onions (hehe its like a pun on opinion get it)

the mods: i like fenolio, hes funny and has been pretty cool almost every time i've seen him. also he did like half of his modding drunk which is pretty based
yang is one of the few sane people that came out of all that pad shit + ive seen him take care of business in an actually reasonable way when i expected the complete opposite a couple times so hes good

i dont like astra tho. he sucks autist dick every night but 1 mod out of like 9 or whatever is bearable

community is whatever. i can't think of anywhere that will really have conflict, hell the only place that should even really be changing in terms of userbase afaik is /oat/ and pchan /oat/ doesn't seem THAT bad. mikie hangs out there so it can't be hitler. /anon/ will be just like it is here from what i can tell so...nbd. and serials shouldn't change at all. so it'll be more people on /oat/ and that's basically it. which i guess is a good thing?

the only thing i AM worried about is rules getting taken more seriously. i know people are saying that pchan is more lax then it used to be and thats prolly true, but mlpchan is basically 0 rules unless you do something really fucked up. here i tell people to kill themselves and harass them literally all the time, especially if they're gross pedophiles and shit like that. if i get banned or even warned on ponychan for telling some pedo or otherwise fuckd up nerd to kill himself that would be pretty lame. i dont want my grind getting fucked with

also can you still get banned for "trolling?"


File: 1422218463954.gif (645.3 KB, 500x346, ollie outy.gif)

Wow okay, Fuck you. I thought we were cool ;_;

ayy lmanonymous 16003

Uh, I kinda think leaving preemptively is the best choice for them. If they were to go along with the merge, and then leave a month later, the extra jump could cause them to lose even more players.

It's safer for them if they leave first. If they want more visibility they can probably advertise on /pone/.


File: 1422218546391.png (41.67 KB, 273x328, molestia-senses-tingling.png)

That's pretty much Grimes in a nutshell.


The game doesnt take place on the board. The board is just for some of them who use it to talk.
They cant lose 'players' over this; only the opportunity to gain more.


why would we be cool when the last interaction we had was you basically telling me to fuck off + i think banning me after bags got banned

Fen 16007

File: 1422219003900.gif (4.61 MB, 320x180, You will never be as smooth as…)

>tfw getting your virtual dick sucked by 'thony.

If you'd permit the small amount of attention whorsing, ask me anything you want and i'll give honest answers.
Cant expect people people to be able to give an informed opinion if they dont know shit about 50% of their new staff leaders after all.

Fen 16008

*Potential new staff leaders

Make that slightly over half.


File: 1422219173187.png (70.96 KB, 395x285, tasty!.png)

Well, I'm not sure if you remember me, but it would be nice to get to know exactly who's going to be in charge.

As far as things go, we'll be using MLPChan moderation policies once the merger happens, correct?

Anonymous 16010

File: 1422219216102.gif (1.55 MB, 497x512, 1422202707466.gif)

So what's the main problem right now?


File: 1422219305681.png (288.75 KB, 600x710, all-the-things.png)

The main problem is that in the past, Ponychan has been known for basically being the Auschwitz of pony boards and that's kind of a hard reputation to get rid of.

But, I'm willing to give it a shot.


so will i get banned for the stuff i do????


File: 1422219688408.png (266.42 KB, 604x580, i-brought-gifts!.png)

If the rules don't change then no. Being a shithead to everyone won't get you banned. You're safe.

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 16014

File: 1422219697518.png (253.36 KB, 430x504, who, me.png)

Why don't you post bunny anymore?


well heres the thing
>Threats and flaming are not allowed. Disruptive behaviors that prevent others from engaging in a thread are prohibited. Stalking, harassment, or posting of others' personal information are prohibited.

i could get banned for this stuff -already-, the mlpchan mods just don't enforce it
if the ponychan mods use the same rules except they actually enforce them = i could get banned easily


File: 1422219841296.jpg (17.22 KB, 297x395, this is my poker face.jpg)

Well there's always the option of... you know... NOT being a shithead to everyone.

That's a thing too.

Anonymous 16017

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 16018

have you done those things?

all I've seen you do is be a dick and post kpop.

>CLOPAdmin!cLoPONYr0c 16019

File: 1422219968625.gif (391.27 KB, 600x338, Nope.gif)


And what am I going to suggest my players do? "Come and discuss >CLOP and its sequel on the Ponychan board"?! As a brand it is absolutely, unrecoverably toxic, the kind of place you send people you don't like, as in ">>>/ponychan/".

Even if I did get Ponychanners playing >CLOP, the existing overlords would tear them to pieces if they managed to get out of noob week. 100% guaranteed nutstomp right out of the starting gate.

Some people think the name ">CLOP" might turn people off, and they might be right (the sequel has a friendlier name), but I guarantee that any reference to Ponychan is enough to send almost everyone familiar with the culture galloping for the hills.


File: 1422219980247.jpg (76.63 KB, 1024x768, 1413335565497-2.jpg)

im not a shithead to everyone, just some people that deserve it

"flaming," "disruptive behavior," "harassment" could all easily be construed into banning someone for being a dick. that's how i got most of my ponychan bans that i already had (that and for trolling, which was against the rules)


File: 1422220087041.png (25.54 KB, 315x244, that-doesn't-go-there.png)

In other words, everyone but Ravage and Mikie, according to you.

Anonymous 16022

This guy kind of raises the point I've mentioned before a few times:
The name Ponychan has got to go.
Seriously, there's a fuckmongering ton of negative connotation to it.

Anonymous 16023

File: 1422220120337.png (273.41 KB, 2100x3490, 1422083087201.png)


I'm starting to lose hope and faith in this motion right now

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16024

File: 1422220158464.jpg (261 KB, 835x1024, Spitfire is an outrageously se…)

He isn't... Finnished.

>not wanting to be taken over


File: 1422220198889.jpg (255.96 KB, 1023x1365, 1414324283507.jpg)

it's closer to "just you" than that

Ghosties!zGiggle1Ws 16026

File: 1422220241567.png (268.95 KB, 414x412, 1415391993537.png)

>a night and a full day later...

Holy shit this took off.

Surprisingly, Shuckle is correct in this instance

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 16027

File: 1422220253373.png (202.95 KB, 1280x1280, sip.png)

Then i'll revert the ban and lecture them. Problem solved.


based on the shit i see marceline post over there now i would say you're fine
Your players arent that stupid. I know because i sit in chats with themand played the game with them.
its one person who doesbt even post on either site


File: 1422220309108.jpg (34.3 KB, 502x510, big sexy.jpg)

Yeah. I know.

I've changed my stance since then. Keep reading.

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 16030

File: 1422220355051.jpg (63.3 KB, 595x800, Starfighter Shamrock appreciat…)

>im not a shithead to everyone, just some people that deserve it

You could learn to not be a shithead even if you think people do "deserve" it. Don't be worse than them.

Anonymous 16031

That's a bit gay, though.
I mean, some people are asshats, and piss me off.
Given that "Flaming" and "Disruptive behaviors" is rather vague at best, it could mean anything from ' don't be a dick' to 'no political threads because someone's opinion will be offended'.
And I really don't want that last one. Being forced to do something differently because you might offend someone is straight up wrong.


File: 1422220496032.jpg (36.07 KB, 480x640, 083 - 30cx1T2.jpg)

fair enough

what do you guys think about changing the name though? these anons are right, ponychan as a name does have a lot of stigma with it

i'm not worse than them because i have the moral high ground. stop derailing this THREAD PLEASE

Anonymous 16033

I think we should keep MLPchan. It rolls off the tongue fairly well, and is less autistic sounding than 'ponychan'.

Plus, I can leave MLPchan in a tab without worrying about my normalfag friends asking about it.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16034

File: 1422220623510.png (1.18 MB, 2560x1440, 20121228062253!The_dragon_expl…)


File: 1422220629595.png (177.56 KB, 453x533, that's-nice.png)

No, I 100% agree with you on that.

The thing is this:
Getting offended because someone does something you don't like is one thing.

Getting offended because someone is purposely going out of their way to offend you is completely different.

Here's an example:

"Wow, I really hate __________. I can't understand why anyone would like it." < Okay. Not offensive.

"Wow, you like _________? What are you, fucking retarded? Go kill yourself faggot." < Not okay.

Having opinions others don't like is okay. Liking things others don't like is okay. Not liking things others like is okay.

Treating people like shit because they don't like what you like is not okay.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16036

File: 1422220653993.png (746.41 KB, 1920x1080, fluttershy_vs_dragon_3_by_terr…)

>Plus, I can leave MLPchan in a tab without worrying about my normalfag friends asking about it.
So you would support a renaming to Horsefucker.org?

Anonymous 16037

Can we focus more in the name? My opinion is that if the name stay as ponychan we will lose ''players'' as you anons call them.

It's just a name and i know it sounds autistic. But by changing the name to something different there's only profit from this.


File: 1422220761517.jpg (37.49 KB, 1024x680, 055 - NL5bU96.jpg)

that isn't necessarily true as changing the name would probably upset some of the regulars from pchan. i can name a couple people that i KNOW would stir shit over it
so it's a little more complicated


File: 1422220797968.png (24.16 KB, 294x307, seriously-bro.png)

Yeah, the name does kinda need to change.

I mean honestly, if you were going to invent a new product that prevented fires and was completely, 100% proven safe, cured cancer and you gave all the proceeds to charity, but you named it "Asbestos", people probably would be wary of using it.

Anonymous 16040

While that is mostly true, some people are fucking retarded, and so I still don't think that such should be banned by default.
Once it goes overboard, sure, but not until then. And then, that falls towards harassment, anyway.
Which is another section: Usually the cases of so called "harassment" are done by both sides.

Anonymous 16041

This. Very much this.

Anonymous 16042

Why would they get upset? I understand the autism but they need to leave the selfishness behind.

Just both parties should drop the names and create a new one.

Fen 16043

File: 1422220869692.jpg (114.33 KB, 500x488, 393.jpg)

I remember you for porn and for kneejerk reactions that you later revised once you did research, so for what its worth you're okay in my books since you dont stick to something dumb out of pure stubbornness.

And i'm not sure.
The rules are listed in the OP and they've been worked on by every staff member, so they are going to be enforced in clear cut cases.
Problem is that we'll have to work out where we stand on a day-to-day basis, which could only really be done properly if we start sharing report lists or specific incidents.
I'm not going to decide things internally by a "majority rules" sort of thing either, senority / experience is important too.
Like, if you were a mod of /art/ and i had two guys who wanted to do something with the /art/isan community, i'd give your opinion more weight than those guys.
Just basic stuff like that.

Fluttershy > Angel > SA > Angel > SA again.
I am a man of many faces and folders.

See: >>16016

But i also need to get a little more context before i can say something either way, kinda hard to give a definitive answer otherwise.

A big decider is excessiveness though if that helps ease your mind a little, since doing it constantly to one guy over a long period of time is pretty annoying for everyone involved.

Thing is though, nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to post anything, so unless somebody is drunk / high / otherwise intoxicated then they should take responsibility for the things they post.
If you're an asshat, expect asshattery in return etc, just dont go overboard and swear blood feuds.

>As a brand it is absolutely, unrecoverably toxic, the kind of place you send people you don't like, as in ">>>/ponychan/".
How come? The hug box / Auschwitz publicity?
Just so i know what the problem is, like how reddit is full of le upboats and fedoras.

> 'no political threads because someone's opinion will be offended'.
Fuck that noise, have all the threads you want.

>Being forced to do something differently because you might offend someone is straight up wrong.

I wholeheartedly agree.


Catch 22.

>Lose the ponychan name

People from pchan get pissed.

>Keep the name

People from mlpchan get pissed.

Keeping it gives us a better (Phonetically, or whatever the word is for a word that just rolls off the tongue) name with an established (For better or worse) brand.

Losing it gives us a clean slate until people find out what half of the new site was previously called, which would just lead us back to the first situation.

AsbestosChan, fund it.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16044

True, you'd want a name that made clear you weren't putting up with any asbestos.

You could call it Masterabate.

Shuckle 16045

>People from pchan get pissed.
Have you actually asked the people of ponychan? I've only seen people from ponychan be supportive of this, granted it was only mentioned offhand and only a few people even had an opinion on it.

teh_Foxx0rz (Element of Textwall)!FoxxyWhyUQ 16046

You brand it AsBESTos.

Anonymous 16047

Problem is, that brand is shit.
I mean, except for maybe some of the more autistic side of the fandom, it isn't really going to attract that many folk.
Certainly won't get where MLPchan's new folk usually come from, 4chan or similar sites.

MLPchan is fairly well known enough that I don't really think the trade off is worth it.
The only negative connotation I know of for MLPchan is partly with 8chan, because they were faggots and did some shit we didn't like, and called them on it.

Anonymous 16048

Well, you could always tack on NotAsbestos.
Just in case anyone got the wrong idea.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16049

what if it were NPchan
so that it means 'not pony chan'
and "no problem chan"


>Losing it gives us a clean slate until people find out what half of the new site was previously called, which would just lead us back to the first situation.

yeah, but the thing is: the way it looks right now is that ponychan is just eating mlpchan. that's what people assume when they hear it, i know that's what -i- assumed. which obviously is just going to get a negative reaction
whereas a different name would at least lead to people investigating a little more and maybe finding out that it's better than that (which it is)

i pretty much agree with this. the brand has 0 or even negative weight for anyone who isn't already using ponychan, so it's kind of pointless. the only real question is just how pissed would people from pchan get? if it's just a couple people and it isn't too big of a deal then it's worth it for sure. but if it becomes like a big deal? maybe not...

also the 8chan thing was that tarra from /oat/ stole one of their GETs by accident, lmao. they doxxed him and figured out he posted here so they started raiding us. it also ended with macil epically trolling them by redirecting them to like an fbi watchlist or something instead of what they thought was access to mod powers

Admiral Yang Wenli 16051


ayy lmanonymous 16052

>I remember you for porn and for kneejerk reactions that you later revised once you did research, so for what its worth you're okay in my books since you dont stick to something dumb out of pure stubbornness.

Hear that, Toy? Keep this up and you might just make Moderator some day.

Anonymous 16053

File: 1422221432022.jpg (12.3 KB, 259x194, 47533333.jpg)

please this

Anonymous 16054

Oh, yeah? That's kind of neat. I never got the full story. Just that Anonthony was kind of pissed, and /pone/'s advertising of their board got BTFO


File: 1422221504011.png (110.49 KB, 644x565, so-silly.png)

We should just call it MLPonychan.net

I approve of this too.

I literally am upper managment in two restaurants and a car hauling company IRL. At the same time. I ain't go time to moderate shit.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16056

File: 1422221516900.jpg (39.27 KB, 700x290, louis-ck-7005.jpg)

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16057

>objections raised to /pony/chan
>clearly no one sane wants /show/chan
why not a real alternative
why not /plot/chan

ayy lmanonymous 16058

Imma say it once again:
It's two syllables! Isn't that neat as heck?

That's a shame. I'd prefer you over Soarin' any day of the week.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16059

tl;dr they tried to DDoS us but Macil >tricked them into DDoSing FBI.gov.

Anonymous 16060

I think FIMchan has been done before, and also it sounds like ass.

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 16061

Ponychan has a better establish brand and I don't think we could get them to accept any other. I think we can grow past the old stigmas.

Besides, it's not like mlpchan doesn't have it's stigmas, as does /mlp/ and /pone/

em ell pee chan
po nee chan

Anonymous 16062

would I get banned for over analysis of the show/movies/whatever flavor of the week the fandom is talking about and how those things are ruining everything and claiming that anyone that disagreed with me is a shill/asshat

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16063

File: 1422221793909.png (563.16 KB, 569x802, CIA.png)

So why not trick FBI.gov to post here?

em ell po nee chan
5 > 4 > 3 #rekt

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16064

overanalysis is literally what /pony/ there does all day every day

Anonymous 16065

>Dulset still banned from /pony/

ayy lmanonymous 16066

What it's supposed to do, anyway.


File: 1422221886540.png (57.15 KB, 234x244, you've-caught-me-doing-worse.p…)

The problem is that Ponychan has the worst stigma of them all.

It would be like if Nazis suddenly decided to be super nice and supportive to everyone, and generally become upright citizens and proponents of equal rights, but decided that they still want to call themselves Nazis.

It's just... not a good idea.

Anonymous 16068

>Not pronouncing it muhlpchan

Also, old stigmas are not something you just get out of. Especially wounds as sharp as these.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16069

We got dubbed 'milfchan' by Tangerine Cookie at one point.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16070

Muhlpchan is a little awkward. How about muhpchan?

Anonymous 16071

File: 1422222125842.jpg (47.66 KB, 538x290, 7634633.jpg)

Meanwhile at /pone/ propaganda


File: 1422222164813.jpg (42.06 KB, 557x373, 68902_196256437234364_43290256…)

Yeah. Basically when people see names, this is what they think of:



le rebelchan ecks dee


File: 1422222184693.jpg (34.7 KB, 500x333, ward.jpg)



File: 1422222200033.jpg (37.3 KB, 540x453, doorknob.jpg)


Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 16076

File: 1422222202175.png (502.47 KB, 1000x1000, grading pls stahp (Daring Do…)

Now that is a brand with exporting.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16077

Well that's hilarious.

One, it presumes there's "a heckuva lot of users" at /anon/, rather than a small but dedicated group of anons who enjoy what /anon/ offers. Two, it presumes that >CLOP going there is going to make a difference when they only post in the >CLOP threads at best. Three, it's pretty shitty of the >CLOP admin to go saying shit like that after my interest and support of the game and the board for them.

But hey, no good deed and all that. I'm used to it by now.

Ghosties!zGiggle1Ws 16078

File: 1422222266754.jpg (145.65 KB, 768x1024, ice puppeh.jpg)

Unfortunately I wasn't actively involved in Ponychan around the time MLPChan split off and was founded, but I believe people can evolve from how things were. I believe both parties can be mature about this, and understand that MLPChan originally /was/ Ponychan.

If it makes you feel any better, I like to paraphrase The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy, and state that it'll be "us penetrating Ponychan"

Anonymous 16079

Where'd the L go?
I don't really blame him. I feel like >CLOP gets the jist of what we're saying. Ponychan's name has a fuckton of negative connotation to it.
War crimes might have been long past, but you don't keep around the name that went through all of it.

Ghosties!zGiggle1Ws 16080

I meant to cite this, lol


File: 1422222371843.jpg (80.59 KB, 604x564, 1d541172e76273671cd683ce0b269c…)

Oh, it's not like I have any attachment to the name MLPchan.

It's just that... let's face it, at this point Ponychan is synonymous with Nazi Germany. That's about all there is to it. You don't get out of that.

You don't name your kid Hitler and expect him to have a fun childhood.

ayy lmanonymous 16082

who are you quoting

Anonymous 16083

I would totally be for CSAchan.
Yeah, but we split off for good reason.
You don't get Jews moving back to Nazi Germany just because they said they were going to be nice now.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16084

I mean, we don't consider Germans to still be murderous racists anymore. Or Japanese to be rapist war criminals either. that's an extreme exaggeration please don't read anything more into it than an easy analogy

eventually you've got to see things for how they are -now-, not in the distant past with ancient grudges and bad blood that should have died years ago.

>You don't get Jews moving back to Nazi Germany just because they said they were going to be nice now.

actually you do. o.o
Germany has a massive jewish population and germany has little antipathy towards jews nowadays.

Anonymous 16085

If this is the mentality then its a bigger issue than a name and begs the question of why a merger at all.

Anonymous 16086

No, but are they still Nazi Germany, and Imperial Japan respectively?

That's not Nazi Germany, again.
You don't keep the name, bro.
Because apparently we really need new people or something.


File: 1422222849243.jpg (68.67 KB, 2000x1125, Harmony33.jpeg)

Anonthony, no one is saying that we think this is how things are.

It's just that the name has weight and if we're starting a new era, we should be bringing that weight with us.


shouldn't be*

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 16089

>we don't

we don't

Chinks and kikes are still sore about it.

Anonymous 16090

Yeah, that's true. Apparently Korea and China are still fussing a bit now and again.
Oh, and the Philippines.

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 16091

FFS, people, it's a name. Where did all these "negative connotations" that make it comparable to Nazi fucking Germany come from, anyways? Who thinks these things?

You seem to be saying you don't consider the name that bad. So... who are you fighting for? From what I gather the people who hate the name "ponychan" are mostly anons or people who have never used the site. If I'm wrong, please do correct me, I'm all for learning.

Anonymous 16092

File: 1422223418827.jpg (116.4 KB, 800x598, i am masking my pain.jpg)

I'm sure as shit not going to a site named ponychan.

Why even bother? "Nazi Reich" rolls off the tongue a lot better than "European Union" but that doesn't mean the word doesn't carry a lot of weight.

You'd bring mlpchan which is cool with most other pony related chans and boards down to ponychan's level, which is almost universally hated and ridiculed for their horrible, horrible administration and out-of-touch users. Their word alone is enough to turn smiles to frowns and may even make babies cry.

Ponychan is caner by the very definition, it poisons and kills all it touches, like the SJW menace of pony. And like cancer it must be beaten down at every front, strangled in the crib and shunned like the vicious little parasite it is.

What, isn't this the 3rd time this is brought up? How many more times must it be shot down until it finally dies?

>Community Admin
>Fenolio Felacio
>not Allmighty Anonthony
Why you gotta sell yourself shot like that, Anonthony? Are you stepping down? You gonna give your chan to a wheezing no-named rat like that? C'mon man.

ayy lmanonymous 16093

come back
the spirit of toybox lives on

Anonymous 16094

I guess you weren't there during the split.
Suffice to say, it was rough, and a lot of us are still bitter.

Add to that of course, the connotation towards hugboxing and general autism it's gotten in more recent times, I don't think it is worth it.


File: 1422223530590.png (25.54 KB, 315x244, that-doesn't-go-there.png)

Oh no. I was on Ponychan for a long time. But the name is pretty toxic.

I'm perfectly fine with the merger and if we keep the name Ponychan, whatever. I'll still use the site. I'm just saying it's a bad idea since it's just got a lot of negativity behind it.

If you're trying to get new users or even keep a lot from MLPchan, they should give it a different name. It doesn't have to be the name MLPchan, but I'm just saying that keeping the name ponychan is a business decision on par with the guy who thought calling his company Pen Island was a good idea.


there are people who don't want to come because of the name though, that's pretty much the thing.
it's just a matter of which bunch of retarded crybabies you want to cater to - the ones who would put their foot down and leave if we changed their name, or the ones who will put their foot down and leave if we don't

he's still paying for it so it isn't like he has no leverage, don't worry. he just doesn't want to deal with the autism anymore

Anonymous 16097

Pen Island sounds kind of cool, though.
I mean, for a place that sells pens.

Just make sure you have a big, obvious space or different fonts or different colors or maybe preferably all of the above.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16098

Seriously though, can we rein this in.

We need to make progress, not stew over the past.


File: 1422223681474.png (68.05 KB, 440x337, guess-what-time-it-is.png)

Yeah, until your website is called www.penisland.com

Anonymous 16100

File: 1422223752215.jpg (28.54 KB, 396x400, 2093_1273102265554.jpg)

This is split down the middle
The only ones who want this are ponychan people
no one here wants this.
This happened a year ago with the same results
We don't want to go back to ponychan because the admin is tired of maintaining the site.

Ghosties!zGiggle1Ws 16101

File: 1422223780309.png (54 KB, 400x301, early cgi utah.PNG)

Pretty much. Ponychan from 2012 isn't Ponychan in 2015. I can understand the paranoia and the discomfort, but Ponychan and MLPChan really isn't that much different these days.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 16102

File: 1422223795423.png (175.42 KB, 271x283, Grell_VitalInformationForYourE…)

MLPchan /rp/er here; I remember Ponychan and I remember the days when I used to use it. The move that I took, and a good number of my friends, was over structuring reasons and moderation consideration towards the things we were highly invested in. MLPchan has always been very good to us since early 2013 and was willing to help us out when we came in to ask for a hand in help. Post editing, dice rolls, even the whole idea of individual canons being able to self-govern while following the basic global rules (and then later the mods backing interior bans from canons aimed at individual players) all were absolutely wonderful. I'd give this site a 10/10 in customer service if there was a way I could do it!

Our move from Ponychan was incited by a few things, technical advancement being the biggest plus for mlpchan. The mods really didn't seem to care when we were at Ponychan, and god help us if we wanted something done about problem players spamming up our threads. Response times were slow and unreliable and it seemed like there was no presence of moderation unless someone somehow became 'too lewd', in which case a player would expect to be banned on the drop of a dime. There were weird contingencies about violence or romance in regards to /rp/ in ponychan, and towards the end of our run mlpchan was a fresh start with a much nicer staff.

Am I all for this merger? Not really; I'm more neutral at best. It's been a few years now and everything is awesome here, why would I want to move?

But in terms of traffic and the site running, I realize that this may be a survival tactic. I've always wondered how long MLPchan could go before it just stopped existing, be it from monetary reasons or the communities dying as interest in ponies start waning and people simply go off onto greener pastures. On that front I can understand the merger, and maybe with these guidelines it won't be absolutely awful.


File: 1422223879813.png (24.16 KB, 294x307, seriously-bro.png)

I'm not stewing over the past, I'm just trying to give you advice from a business standpoint.

The whole point of this merger seems to be to build traffic on the new site. If you want to do that, I would choose a name that doesn't have a lot of negativity surrounding it. That's all I'm saying.

It's easier to re-market something with a new name than it is trying to convince people to stop hating a specific brand that fucked up really badly.

Anonymous 16104

Well, there's not really that much to talk about on the whole, since most the other stuff is left so vague, or has been talked to death over.
Maybe we could talk about the overall underdefined rules that are no doubt going to be an issue when the two very different cultures meet. Or perhaps the rather sharp outnumbering of the MLPchan mods.

Anyway, the past is what we base our opinions on. I doubt people are going to change their mind about ponychan after their experiences on it just because somebody else says it's different.
Right. Can't believe they were that stupid.
Stick a hyphen in that, for god's sake!

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16105

On the other hand, however, despite the negative connotations to some aspects of the fandom it has, Ponychan does still have brand power and recognition.

Thank you, random mysterious anon with zero posting history besides that one post, that was insightful and apparently you know more about me than I know about myself

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16106

>sharp outnumbering
The total is 6/4. That's... pretty accurate especially considering the traffic/population numbers.

Anonymous 16107

File: 1422224067797.png (167 KB, 500x466, applejack eating lemons.png)

Ohh I see, he's paying for it but isn't even listed as a mere moderator?
What the fuck is going on here Anonthony? And don't you tell me it's because you want the best for the site, this is the 3rd-something time your user-base has told you off regarding this awful merge.

There's something more behind this, no doubt about it. Are you tired? Want to pull a moot? Disgusted with what you created? We can handle the truth about why you want to give money for some ponychan troglodyte to take the site off your hands.

There's something Anonthony's not telling us.


File: 1422224073127.jpg (63.58 KB, 650x746, I was hipster before it was co…)

It doesn't matter if you're a billion dollar corperation.

If your name is Exxon and you just dumped a whole tanker full of oil in a bay, you're most likely not going to be able to recover from that.

Despite the idea that 'bad publicity is still publicity', the fact of the matter is that having no credit is still better than having bad credit.

Anonymous 16109

I understand what you're trying to say but I'll point out that some groups still consider those past occurrences to hold true
some are even convinced that slavery still exists in the southern US
stigma is something that often times will never go away

JiiKoo!rOOvKniVLg 16110

Oh, I was, believe you me. I wouldn't refer to /pony/ as /show/pony/ if I wasn't there. I'm sore about the way things were handled, too, but I'm not pissed at the site, I'm pissed at the people who fucked up so bad. And from what I hear, most of them aren't there anymore. As mod team, anyways.

I suppose I don't have the name Ponychan ruined by association to those people like others. Then again, I'm a Pchan native, so I dunno, bias and all that shit.

>Pen Island
What, that's a brilliant name!

As for the site, I think it would be relevant to mention where you expect these new users to come from. Other chans? Well, yeah, they kinda shit on Pchan because of how it was so obviously the name is poisoned to them. If the name is changed it would just be the "new" Ponychan, I would imagine. Or maybe not.

If you want completely new users who haven't taken part in any chan drama, the name doesn't really matter. ...I guess I'm sort of making the case that for the newcomers the name shouldn't matter at all.

I just don't really understand why the name is so toxic with people. Conditioning? Actually being mistreated? Something else? I can't see anything that's similar in scale to, you know, the Reich.

I saw you mention MLPonychan somewhere upthread. It's silly but I'd be all for that.

Yeah, pretty much. I guess my point was that I really don't get how the name has gotten so toxic.

...also, I know names are important, I was there for the /show/pony/ shit and rebelled. I just want to know why people are so upset here.


File: 1422224181189.jpg (19.77 KB, 186x303, full (2).jpg)

forget i said anything i guess...
>tfw try to help and the autism just gets worse

Anonymous 16112

File: 1422224266368.png (256.06 KB, 599x337, 598281__safe_oc_edit_unicorn_o…)

that didn't answer my question at all but nice trips nevertheless

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16113

Jesus Christ were did all these mysterious anons with no posting history come from....

For the record, this is only the 2nd time it's come up - and the first never even got to the users here really, since it got shot down by unrelated issues well before that. So it seems like you don't remember this well at all.
Secondly, pretty much everyone here with 2-3 exceptions and a bunch of very suspicious anons seems to be against this here. Don't dare accuse of me shit, when I've given my heart and soul to this community for years, given more in so many ways than literally anyone I can even think of.

Anonymous 16114

The brand power isn't really that much greater than MLPchan, especially since MLPchan has started to become quite a bit more renowned with the other chans, such as 4chan.
Ponychan, of course, being rather infamous with said groups.
It's enough to worry about, given the past.
I'd prefer a solid even. Especially considering that the head is Fenolio.

While I am on it, your stepping down doesn't make much sense to me. I guess if you're tired of running things, it does, but otherwise you'd seem the best qualified to run the new site.

Anonymous 16115

It's been no secret that Anonthony has always been pushing for the unification of the community under some pretty lofty high-minded mentality goals. Don't forget; this site was also almost named Ponychan too.

Fen 16116

File: 1422224375147.png (175.29 KB, 400x450, At first I was like, but then …)

>but if it becomes like a big deal?
Thats the big issue.

Personally, i would much rather keep the ponychan name but will put it aside for the majority if thats whats needed for this to work.
But if most of ponychan is all "Fuck no." then we're at a bit of an impasse.

Sounds good to me.

Overanalyse all the fuck you want, but dont try to shut down discussion of things by claming "muh headcanon" or some other shit.

Speaking of /pone/, can i hyjack toybox by suggesting Ponechan?

After thinking about it, it should be different enough to at least get people to look into it and decide for themselves instead of kneejerking, while similar enough that the Pchan residents dont give a shit. I hope.

>and germany has little antipathy towards jews nowadays.
FYI, you can get jailed for denying nazi crimes, which usually leads to saying bad shit about jews.
Not exactly the best comparison here.

>a wheezing no-named rat
Excuse me, but the correct term is Lagomorpha.

>Ponychan from 2012 isn't Ponychan in 2015.
This, come on guys, give us at least a little credit / a chance.

I know i've personally changed a fuck ton during that time.

Imagine for a moment if Orange was the guy proposed to be admin for this merger instead of a faggot like me.
What would your reaction be?
People have that same reaction to 'thony.

The autism is eternal, embrace it.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16117

So yeah, at this point, if you don't actually post on this site or have any kind of posting history whatsoever, you're not going to be listened to, so just shuffle along to wherever and whatever you were doing before. Especially if you're gonna shit talk me personally.

I'm stepping down because it's what will make this possible. A lot of users there would not accept me in charge, and I accept that. And I trust Mac/Fen entirely. I trust them to caretake this community beautifully.

This I guess.


File: 1422224476457.png (77.02 KB, 286x293, stop-right-there-criminal-scum…)

It's because there was a point in Ponychan's life when the moderators went batshit crazy and banned anyone who stepped out of line even a bit.

It was a bunch of bad things that all compounded on each other.

To give you an example of how it used to be, this actually happened:

Some people were posting in a thread and started a harmless derail. Moony made a longwinded post about how they needed to stop. Of course, while Moony was typing other people were still making posts. So what eneded up happening is Moony's post went through and then like 4 other people who had been typing their post and hit submit literally seconds after Moony did were instantly banned for 2 weeks for 'disrespecting the moderation'. A few people complained and were then also subsequently banned for 'questioning the moderation'.

More or less I think 7 people in total got banned simply because their posts went through before they got a chance to even see what Moony even said.

That is how bad it got.

Ghosties!zGiggle1Ws 16119

>Ponychan from 2012 isn't Ponychan in 2015

Anonymous 16120

Ehh, I guess. Still, it just seems like you'd make more sense, since you know both groups well and share most their experiences.
That, and of course, you are the frontrunner of the proposal to merge.
It just feels wrong.
Especially since, well to me anyway, it looks like we're giving up a lot more than we're getting out of it.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16121

And I can say with confidence that a lot of how that came about was the staff being unguided and having very little leadership, and that the frustration of trying to enforce one person's arbitrary vision when that person was rarely ever around became a huge problem. In addition, a lot of that staff has moved on anyways, or since the administrative issues have been resolved largely because of Fenolio and Yang being in charge, been able to thrive as of late.


File: 1422224614587.jpg (41.08 KB, 650x447, feels bad man.jpg)

Yes. I'm aware. It's not like that anymore.

But they asked why people think the name is bad. I was explaining why.

It isn't like that anymore, obviously or else I wouldn't be okay with this merger. I was simply explaining where the negativity comes from.

Anonymous 16123

File: 1422224677610.png (31.55 KB, 997x634, you guessed it.png)

I remember some time before or after the scruffening there was a thread about it here and and the namefags talked about how this wasn't the first time this idea was shot down.

> Don't dare accuse of me shit, when I've given my heart and soul to this community for years, given more in so many ways than literally anyone I can even think of.

Don't give me a sob story, that's not you. Tell me why you're willing to pay for someone else to take your magnum opus away from you and why you don't want me questioning it.

>Imagine for a moment if Orange was the guy proposed to be admin for this merger instead of a faggot like me.
What would your reaction be?
kim jong il, kim jong un. You're all a different flavor of faggot to me.

Ghosties!zGiggle1Ws 16124

Yeah, I know, and I know personally the reason why I left Ponychan in 2011 was because of the /meta/ superstars like Solider and Cross Breeze and Gunthor and Soarin shitting the place up and making it so certain posters were held up on a pedestal instead of every user having an equal say.

Yes, I know it's been bad, but the past should be left in the past. A bunch of us here have our past grievances with Ponychan but, I dunno man, let's let bygones be bygones.


File: 1422224849561.png (288.75 KB, 600x710, all-the-things.png)

And I have. Trust me.

But the Germans don't call themselves Nazi's anymore either.

I'm not saying you're bad people. But that name... it's been drug through a lot of shit and I think it's time to get a new one.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 16126

File: 1422224919130.png (108 KB, 315x263, Grell_Butler_Another Death Thr…)


It helps the years can really give argument to the possibility of change.


Seriously, it's just a domain name. There's nothing wrong with it other than personal associations I'm sure nobody past 2012 will know about.

Anonymous 16127

I know for sure it was proposed at least once a few years back. We had the same type of stuff going on, too.
Granted, it was fairly short-lived, and it technically never got past the administration level, it was just something that was being considered back then, if I recall correctly.
Still: The consensus was more or less the same.

I think there was a small one way, way back when... I don't really count that, though, since I don't think it was serious, and was fairly close to when we split so opinions were still floating around.


File: 1422225014739.jpg (97.46 KB, 639x631, 6c202ff72b5c0f1acfdca996b654a0…)

It died off last time because it got leaked in it's very early discussion stages and everybody lost their shit acting like there was a secret merger they had no say in.


>Yes, I know it's been bad, but the past should be left in the past. A bunch of us here have our past grievances with Ponychan but, I dunno man, let's let bygones be bygones.

...which is why people are suggesting a namechange: it makes it easier to forgive and forget because it makes the fact that it's a different place more clear and people will associate with the old one less.

that's why people rebrand: because even if a place is completely different, people will still associate it with the old brand

thats the thing though, word spreads around. even people who never went to ponychan think ponychan is a shit gay hugbox with nazi mods, that's just the reputation it has

Fen 16130

File: 1422225030936.jpg (13.47 KB, 302x291, 132632076236.jpg)

Then just think of it this way.

Whatever mods do, i have final say because community admin.

Whatever i do, macil has final say because complete site control.

Whatever macil does, 'thony has final say because he's holding the wallet.

Although this last one would possibly be mitigated by everymod chipping in to pay for shit, i dont actually know how much shit here costs and i also dont think macil and thony would disagree -that- badly on something.

Only reason i or any other mod is able to do anything is because macil allows it, so if you think any of us is being dipshits then just tell him so he can sort it out.

Anonymous 16131

Problem is, a lot of us are past 2012.

Oh, and like I've mentioned a few times, there's also a fairly heavy negative connotation from the larger chan types.
That is to say, when someone is hugboxing, being a faggot, or just autistic, they'll say "Go back to ponychan" or similar.


i mean, correct me if im wrong, but the main source of new people coming in would probably be from /mlp/, right? and you can't tell me that literally everybody over there doesn't treat ponychan like /pol/ treats sweden


File: 1422225188080.jpg (6.08 KB, 141x130, you caught me at a bad time.jp…)

If it were just me, I don't care about what name we use.

It doesn't bother me either way.

I'm over it. I'm just saying that's not how the majority of people work and it doesn't matter how much you've tried to change your reputation, there are things that just aren't going to go away, and it's something to take into consideration if you're trying to reinvent a brand.

ayy lmanonymous 16134

>Don't give me a sob story, that's not you.
Oh it's him alright. It's just that back in 2012 he was a bit more mindful about which people he actually wanted to see the sob stories.

Grell Sutcliff!.ZzGrellBs 16135

File: 1422225270343.jpg (18.6 KB, 238x226, Grell_Buried In Work.JPG)


You guys seriously give a shit what 4chan or whatever thinks of us as a community? Ponychan or MLPchan we're still fundamentally different from those 'other boards'; we were shat on even before /anon/ just because of the tripcode culture.

I pose this: just who the fuck cares?

Anonymous 16136

Well, to be honest, that's kind of what it looks like is happening now.
That first chunk I'm a bit skeptical on. Especially since Macil would be technically overstepping technical role, right? I mean to say, Macil's only supposed to be working site functions for the most part, from what I understood, right?
I don't really know you, though, so put a grain of salt on it. Maybe you're fine, maybe you're not. I'm just not sure that two rather different cultures are going to merge seamlessly, and while I am sure both sides have good intentions, those means can be very different.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 16137

File: 1422225397138.png (20 KB, 800x750, 1414962797821.png)

As I recall, that thread came up to say "this happened in the past." People talking about the first time it came up =/= a second instance of it coming up.

Second, I am willing to do it because I genuinely feel it will be the best thing.

We came into existence for a reason. I was a longtime poster at both 4chan and Ponychan pony threads. There was a big, unserved gap between them, and a lot of systemic problems at Ponychan that many of you in this thread don't even understand or know about.

We created MLPchan to make sure we had a place to post pony and socialize as we wanted to. And that's what happened - and in the process, it spurred Ponychan to take a hard, critical look at itself and make some changes of its own.

And it did. Fenolio and Yang and Mithent and others, over the last 2 years or so, have really helped slowly shape a different future for Ponychan. Many of you don't recall Ponychan when it was in its best days - nor do you really have a good frame of reference for what it was like even right before we split (only seeing the worst screencaps or examples.) Ponychan used to be pretty similar to how we are right now - and has been working to try to get back to that state.

I know this sounds aggrandizing, but I've seen a bad future for both sites if we stay this way. Not that it's necessarily going to be that way, but it could be, and it would be sad and disappointing if we kept decaying into entropy because we're split apart.
The split existed to address specific issues; it did so, and many of those issues are now gone, but the split that happened because of them remains. I believe we stand a much better long-term life together. We're putting resources together that makes us stronger, while being amenable to as broad and diverse a community as possible. An admin team that is highly capable - there's no one better than Macil at what he does, and I trust and respect Fenolio a ton. A group of mods picked from the staffs of both sites that will be active and responsive to the community's needs. The best server, codebase, features, functions, etc. A unified community that will neither be out-of-control 4chan or regimented strictness ala bad-era Ponychan when it had absent administration and frustrated, burnt out staff and scheming backscenes shit. We can resolve a whole host of issues, combine out resources and VERY similar communities, keep the unique aspect of /anon/, and be so much more stable and secure as the fandom treks on into the future.

Another person who knows me better than I know myself?



Actually if you take a better look at this, there is enthusiasm about the idea from seemingly everyone but a half dozen very mysterious anons who I've never seen before, and a few concerned but levelheaded opinions being wary and expressing that concern.

No, Macil is a full and total administrator, just as he is here. It's just that he focuses -more- on technical aspects. He has had just as much to do with shaping MLPchan's culture and site as I have.

Anonymous 16138

That's where most our traffic comes from.
We were always a sort of middle ground between Ponychan and /mlp/.
One of our largest boards comes straight from there.

Also: That elitist attitude is not going to get anyone anywhere.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 16139

File: 1422225464728.png (561.53 KB, 1504x926, chrome vs ie.png)

Anonymous 16140

posting this because I like data.