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so i have an idea

we all know capchas are hella annoying

however, i think an idea to consider would be making any new IP have to enter a capcha -JUST ONCE-

to confirm they are real and not a bot

i think this will help prevent nasty spam

also do this >>15132


Anonymous 15216


I guess I'd be okay with that, if it would stop the CP spam on /art/.

💀 Thony Bones 15217

There are some options being considered for this. Thank you for reporting when it happens.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 15218

what if we made a general for the CP spam so it was all in one thread we could hide

Anonymous 16667

Anonymous 17683

Well, I guess the only reason why MLPchan doesn't have captchas is that it hasn't been targeted by spammers. Yet. It would indeed prevent some of the more dedicated bots, but it obviously wouldn't deter any human spammers since they'd only have to enter the captcha once. It might be still useful, though.

Anonymous 18388

Most spam can get around that these days.
Minus the major stuff, it's not going to stop the type of gunk we get.

Anonymous 18418

Okay there are like six CP threads on /art/ all of which I have reported twice and they have been up for more than an hour, also there is a CP thread on /anon/ I reported right now.

Anonymous 18419

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