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API? Anonymous 15177

Hey! Is it possible for there to be some sort of API used with the site? I know that tinyboard doesn't have an API, but a fork of it does (vi-chan). How difficult would it be to implement an API and/or upgrade to vi-chan?


Anonymous 15178


Anonymous 15179

What's wrong with vichan?

Anonymous 15180


But it's not an 'upgrade' to the heavily modified system Macil has in use here.

Macil!/5s/Techmk 15182

File: 1420797610674.jpg (917.85 KB, 3264x2448, 20150109_015427_1.jpg)

It's planned, but admittedly not at very high priority. Web scraping is just so easy.

Related, I literally just made this thing show posts from a thread live.

Anonymous 16668

Could you add md5b64 tags to all the uploaded images please?


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