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File: 1420399181948.jpg (73.72 KB, 1024x682, 044 - OTiJqxc.jpg)


>Depictions of sex acts, genitals, female nipples, sex fluids, and underage sexualization are prohibited.

so is this an actual rule or not? especially the part about underage sexualization? can you take it down if you aren't actually going to bother enforcing it so that i can know not to post here anymore

Anonymous 15167

where are you referring to?

Anonymous 15168

Oh, Babs.
Files deleted.


File: 1420414964482.jpg (43.09 KB, 640x960, 175 - JT5gBZc.jpg)

thank you!

Anonymous 15170

>so that i can know not to post here anymore
Why is porn bothering you anyway? Are you posting from work or something?

We should make whole site NSFW. It would be glorious.
It's not fair that only /anon/s have privilege of porn.

Anonymous 15173

File: 1420508562345.jpg (173.19 KB, 600x600, 1300662284619.jpg)

Is Babs posting CP again?

Anonymous 15184


Is allowed to link lolicon ?


Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 15188


/art/ has porn support now, if that helps.


Or you guys can swing by our new home, new /mlp/ same as the old /mlp, but with blackjack, loli hookers, webms, and most importantly NO SCRUFFY!
just remember if you want to post EqG pics, post it in an EqG general or a pre-existing character thread (do NOT use it to START the character thread though, or confusion shall reign!)
(shillfag link was here, removed)
we're so free and hip, if someone begins attacking the fandom, you're even allowed to plot a raid and retaliation! Such as cuteosphere, IDW, pinkiepony, and so forth.

Currently, porn has to be spoilered, as we're also trying to attract more of target demo (see: sale and auction threads being allowed, as well as the 'game thread'), they really seem to enjoy that shitty tumblr setup though, but all porn is postable!.
One day we'll get'em, one day!

tldr we're desperate for users and relevance, so much so we have to go advertising on other sites, because the small but solid pony-specific communities are too well-placed, and 4chan is too big (containing 95% of all imageboard posting to our 3%) for us to compete with, so we simply delude ourselves and act like smug faggots
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Anonymous 18447

literally kill yourself, you shilling 8chan faggot.

the small shit sewer community of shillchan can, in its entirety, fuck off every other imageboard forever.


wtf is up with all these shitty shills?

Anonymous 18454

File: 1423756230332.gif (1.25 MB, 320x240, cf3fd6e9141783029922451103_700…)

Those are our mods in disguise: by shilling 8chan in a very shitty way, our community looks better by comparison ;^)

ayy lmanonymous 18459

That's fucking next level.

Lisbon 18495

>so that i can know not to post here anymore


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