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Anonymous 15147

Reposting this here because the /anon/ thread I originally posted it in seems to be in autosage:

Hey mod(s), I'm curious as to what your current stance on loli/fillycon is.

I know that MLPchan's servers are hosted in a country where lolicon pornography is illegal, so I'm guessing that can't be posted, but what if it's worksafe?

And what about fillycon, when it's just ponies?

I'm curious because Thony made me winner of the recent contest for a lewd lolicon story I wrote about humanized Sweetie Belle, and he has also posted links to off-site shotacon porn before, so I'm guessing he doesn't really have a problem with it...

A long time ago when we had more people, we had regular CMC threads but the mods instructed us to keep the images worksafe if they were humanized. Is that still the deal?

!!Fluttershy 15148

File: 1420305482239.jpg (61.17 KB, 576x720, 1414154508480[1].jpg)

For lolicon, as long as any images are worksafe its fine.

As for fillies; it's held to the same standard as lolicon. Though generally unless someone is upset I'll just pretend I didn't notice.

Text is treated differently I guess. I'm not sure what the rules are as I've never had to deal with it.

Anonymous 15149


Alright cool, thanks for the clarification.

Also are you TPWPAF from /oat/?

I know he is a mod but I didn't know if he was the same person who posted with the !!Fluttershy tag.

Anonymous 15150

Text is different, yes. People can just stop reading something they don't like. It's not the same as an image where it's right there in your face.

Basically I tend to just not care unless you're getting into shit like foalcon.

!!Fluttershy 15151

No problem

And yes I am.

and that's thony in case anyone is wondering.

Anonymous 15152

Hold up. Foalcon is banned? Even in #Mature threads?

Anonymous 15154


I think he meant foal as in literally babies, not fillies.

Anonymous 15155

foals are baby pones

Anonymous 15185


Is allowed post link to off- site lolicon images?

Anonymous 15186


I'm not a mod but my guess would be yes because the admin himself has done it before.

Anonymous 15187



Interesting. Thank You.

Just waiting official answer.

Anonymous 15189

File: 1421034798953.png (64.59 KB, 500x423, Luna oh you.png)

And if the admin jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?!

Anonymous 15190



Anonymous 15195

Hold up. Babycon is banned? Even in #Mature threads?

Anonymous 15196


Babycon is disgusting yo

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