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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

8chan /pol/ and us Anonymous 15071

8chan's /pol/ board is melting down right now and they need a place to stay. Is staying here good for them?

!!Gilda 15072

>Holy fuck, it's December 1st

When the initial 4chan exodus happened there were people in /anon/ asking similar questions. Like them, I'd ask that you just mind the rules of the board(s) you visit.

Anonymous 15073

File: 1417414920402.jpg (4.67 KB, 255x201, 1417306437286.jpg)

Cant believe I have to migrate again,

what has my life come to.

Anonymous 15074

I'm not a mod but as a regular user I'd really prefer to not have /anon/ flooded with /pol/ garbage. There's enough of that on /oat/.

But I have a personal bias against /pol/, so whatever,

Anonymous ## Admin 15075

Of course.

This was predicted, of course. It was inevitable.

I know it's frustrating, but there weren't many other possible outcomes given the setup and the situation.

Anonymous 15076

>I have a personal bias against /pol/
Are you black, or something?

Anonymous 15077


No, I'm white as can be, I'm just not a super conservative racist who likes to spam happy merchant memes everywhere and whine about how hard life is because of SJWs in seven threads a day.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 15078

File: 1417480266636.jpg (61.41 KB, 1200x800, No Jews or Pegasi Allowed.jpg)


Women, non-white people, queer folks, and people of Jewish descent are entirely welcome to participate as equals.

Anonymous 15079

I personally don't like /pol/ because they brought the anti-trans garbage into gamergate. Shit like insisting on putting quotation marks around women in regards to trans women. Still... I don't think it would matter since the boards are slow, and the fastest : /oat/ is filled with trip-, name- and avatarfags. They'd ditch this chan pretty quick.

Also I don't think they'd want to be on a pony imageboard. They'll just make another board on 8chan.

Anonymous 15082

just wanted to give a heads up
4chan's /pol/ board is being flooded with 'shitposts' and given some if the plans of the board's users there may be increased traffic on the site (from /mlp/ or /pol/ though traffic from /pol/ coming here is unlikely)

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 15083

Am watching.

moot being the unfunny shitbag he usually is. /pol/ imploding. shillchan shilling.

another day in the life...


anthony, the nazi lesbian anon of 8chan iz flooding, our roleplay

Anonymous 15095


Not sure who's doing it this time or if it has something still to do with this 8chan stuff but /rp/ is being assaulted this time by someone posting gore images in the front page threads.

Anonymous 15096

just a quick update on the going ons at 4chan
minor changes are happening on /b/ (thread id removed and maybe other stuff, I hardly go there). After seeing what happened with /pol/ I hate to think what this will bring. Stay on your toes.

Anonymous 15097

File: 1418355123805.png (438.17 KB, 1302x537, tmp_28269-1418354787693-166510…)

current state of /b/ on 4chan

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 15098

looks like an improvement to me

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