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CP spam on /pony/ and /art/ Anonymous 15017

Almost every day the same few CP threads are posted to /pony/ and/or /art/. I always report them but it often takes the mods hours to remove them, so I figured I'd make this thread on /site/ to hopefully bring more attention to the issue. I'm guessing that the spammers are ban evading but it just really bothers me to have that shit on the site. I made a post about it on /oat/ but it was deleted so I'm not really sure what the deal with that is...

Anonymous 15018

You just didn't post your message in the right place. belongs on this board.
the things you report have been deleted within the hour, not hours. and proxies.

Anonymous 15019

Mods are freedom lovers.

Anonymous 15020

Especially that Macil and his self proclaimed ">HURR DOING THINGS"

Anonymous 15021

of course they get banned. it's obviously proxies.

Anonymous 15022

and then they come back and the cycle repeats

Anonymous 15027

Was a similiar issue a few days ago over at http://cytu.be/r/mlpanniversary .

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