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Site Policy on Copyrighted Celebrity Photos Anonymous 14996

Either there isn't a policy or the mods are being fags as always and failing to remove the images that violate copyrights and privacy.
Just because this site is not in the spotlight as much as 4chan, Reddit, tumblr or Google, doesn't mean it should be allowed to host a safe haven for perverts and lulz.

Anonymous 14997

There is literally nothing wrong with the thread itself and the discussion about the topic.

Anonymous 14998

A reverse image search of at least one of these images indicates it is from an archive of stolen photos. Why do you fucks even let people get away with this? You call yourselves a pillar of the fandom, yet let this defamation go unculled?

Anonymous 15000

>implying one image in a thread negates what I said
>there is nothing wrong with the thread itself and the discussion about the topic

Anonymous 15001

And further, once the image is out there, it's pretty much in the public. I've shared images of myself with people; if they were to come up somewhere, what real weight would I have to demand someone remove them?

None, because I'm not a fucking millionaire who can ring up a high-powered lawyer to threaten people with million dollar lawsuits.

So I personally have no fucking sympathy for celebrities (who already have the benefit of being fucking famous and wealthy beyond all reason) who think they should get special treatment and have more rights than regular peons who can't afford it.

Anonymous 15002

And third, none of the images in that thread are even remotely nsfw or 'nudes' from the whole idea of 'omg someone had their nudes leaked.'
She's a fucking public figure. A picture of her in clothes isn't some sick invasion of her fucking privacy.

Anonymous 15003

File: 1412901345799.jpg (104.76 KB, 1024x768, shiggy 6 (animu edition).jpg)

The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames) 15012

File: 1413214950435.png (173.75 KB, 1064x751, fluttershy_bored_by_techrainbo…)

1. Public figures have nearly no reasonable expectation of privacy
2. This is a site that regularly streams movies, TV show and music illegally
3. I still don't believe this isn't just some stunt.

Anonymous 15013


Don't forget Anonthony has openly stated he thinks the majority of politicians should be murdered.

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