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Anonymous 14887

Can I become a janitor on /art/, please?

I want it because I'm tired of reporting and waiting for mods to delete disgusting spam - this way cleaning would be more effective.
More reasons to make me a janitor:
> I lurk /art/ pretty much everyday and I really want it to be a better place (amateur drawfag here)
> I live in a middle Europe, so I can work when mods are asleep
> as you can see from the reports I've made, I was reporting only obvious spam, so I'm trustworthy
> I will do it for free ;^)

I know that I'm not the best poster here it was one of requirements to become a mod: >>10882 , but since I'm asking only for a janitor position, I hope it won't be a problem.

Anonymous 14888


Anonymous 14889

i dunno if /art/ really has the traffic requiring that.

OP 14974

It's not about traffic, it's about spammers who constantly post their shit on /art/. Sometimes their advertisements are on first page for whole day, before mods delete it.

I guess I overreacted, and it's normal here to wait that long.
I'll just hide those threads and pretend that everything is fine.
Polite sage.

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