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File: 1410297906535.png (135.41 KB, 900x807, 1344433827663.png)


I have a solution for quality control on /oat/ if people are worried allowing porn is the ultimate way to kill the community.

A /lewd/ board that is 18+ only. The board can be dedicated soley to discussing fetishes, /d/ CYOAs, ERP, and sexting, etc.

Even the /rp/ fags win with this.
Normal SFW discussions about politics or whatever will not belong on that board, and will be redirected back to either /oat/ or /anon/.

Basically, the board would be soley for fap-bait. Reporting users for ruining their fapping should be considered legitimate.

Anonymous 14820


File: 1410299098210.gif (226.2 KB, 500x375, 128090__UNOPT__safe_animated_a…)

/anon/ has its own respectful board culture that clashes with /oat/. This has been discussed in depth many times. Neither board has the wrong or right idea, they're just fundamentally different. Both have merits. Combining the two into one doesn't seem ultimately viable.

I personally love /anon/, and completely agree with the philosophy of not needing an identity to discuss porn, but I'm also tired of /oat/ whining about not being able to assimilate into the anonymous culture because a handful of regulars dislike not being recognized for who they are. As someone who does use a tripcode regularly, when I am not on /anon/, however, I can identify with their struggle. There are people on /oat/ who like to simply share their porn with one another in a flirtatious manner, or they simply feel porn can be used to express who they are and what they feel. It's their choice of expression to tie that image of indecency to themselves, and I suppose some of us want that right for our own purposes, whatever they may be.

The counterarguments for each side are ceaseless, because the two communities are polar opposites of one another when it comes to self expression and the preservation of self.

Honestly, a dedicated board may divide traffic, but at this point, I must ask, who honestly cares? MLPchan has been out for almost three years now. Anyone who has found this site and has decided to stay is already here.
Unless we start advertising on youtube and in MLP irc chats again, I don't see a huge population spike. Unless m00t deletes /mlp/.

Anyways, what I'm saying is, I think people need to stop worrying about division of the community and just give people what they want in ways that can make everyone the most happy.

I'm thinking the best way to do this is to create a dedicated board that is safe for namefags and tripfags to do their thing, leave /anon/ alone, and probably get rid of /pony/ because it's honestly redundant since show discussion happens on /oat/ and /anon/ anyways, and can even be enforced to stay on topic with hashtags like #SHOW or something.


File: 1410299505619.jpg (8.23 KB, 251x201, NO.jpg)

>everyone the most happy.

Scratch that.

To make THE MOST people the most happy.

We will never EVER EVER please everyone.

Anonymous 14823

>Honestly, a dedicated board may divide traffic, but at this point, I must ask, who honestly cares?
I do. The only reason why I lurk /oat/ so often is because it's quite fast board (sometimes). If some people will leave /oat/ to post on /lewd/ then every board here would be too slow to have fun.

Anonymous 14824

>advertising on youtube and in MLP irc chats
lets do it.

Anonymous 14825


Do you seriously want people from the YouTube community coming here?

Anonymous 14826

Would be funny


File: 1410414803982.jpg (49.39 KB, 757x426, Nyaruko-Chapter-Extra-01.jpg)

I love how /anon/ is, according to the mods "Not an exclusive club" and when I accidentally posted in it, I got a 1 second warning ban. I wish I knew how to screenshot on my phone. It was priceless.

Anonymous 14829


If you were using your trip it was probably a kneejerk reaction, because most of the time people use a trip on /anon/ they do it to piss people off (Lisbon recently, Kabelpod and others in the past).

If you want to post on /anon/ just drop your trip for a while, it's not that difficult.

Anonymous 14831

>inb4 another thread is derailed by /anon/ vs Toybox drama


File: 1410457735742.png (140.81 KB, 700x700, 3883.png)

Sorry, was my 1 second warning to take your trip off too long and inconvenient for you?

It really isn't hard to take off your trip.


File: 1410477316870.jpg (29.76 KB, 400x225, HaiyoreNyarukosanW12.jpg)

I actually posted there on accident. I was on my phone and accidentally hit /anon/ instead of /oat/ since they're right next to each other and didn't realize it.

I just see it as kind of unfair that if you want to post in /anon/ you have to be anon but if you want to post on /oat/ there's absolutely no requirement. Not that I ever have any reason to actually post on /anon/, nor am I asking for the privilege to. I'm simply pointing out the discrepancy.


File: 1410478802999.jpg (67.11 KB, 1280x719, 1391852922_haiyore-nyarukosan-…)

What I'm getting at is that everyone says, "It's not hard to just drop your trip when you post."

So why is it so damn hard for people to type something in the name box before they post? Hm?

Anonymous 14835


When you have a name or trip of any sort, you are automatically drawing attention to yourself that is irrelevant to your actual post (unless you are posting about why you chose your trip).

Saying everyone should drop their trip for /anon/ is fair because it levels the playing field for discussion. Saying everyone should use a name on any board makes no sense.

Not everyone wants to have some kind of reputation to uphold here, in fact a lot of us come here for the exact opposite.

/anon/ is good for talking about porn and news and video games and stuff. /oat/ can be okay for that too but it's more suited to blog-type stuff and "funposting" threads.


File: 1410480854884.jpg (51.25 KB, 1024x576, Haiyore-Nyaruko-san_zpsaf18c0e…)

Not everyone wants to drop the reputation they've spent years building just to accommodate your lack of desire for responsibility either.

So tell me. Why is it fair that one side gets these benefits but not the other?

Anonymous 14837


If you don't want to drop your reputation, then stay off of /anon/. It's pretty simple, and you always say you hate /anon/ anyways so why do you care if you can't use your trip there? Why don't you just admit you are arguing for the sake of arguing? The mods who have a history with the beginning of the fandom on 4chan have an understanding of why this works the way it does.

People posting anonymously on /oat/ doesn't hurt /oat/ the way people posting with a trip on /anon/ hurts /anon/.


File: 1410481214706.jpg (145.55 KB, 1280x720, Haiyore Nyaruko-san W - 09 - L…)

>If you don't want to drop your reputation, then stay off of /anon/.

Sure. If you want to post anonymously, then stay off /oat/.

Sounds fair to me.

Anonymous 14839


You didn't even read the rest of my post, did you?


File: 1410481425263.jpg (35.55 KB, 640x360, 2012041020470460f.jpg)

The rest of your post is bullshit. Not posting anonymously on /anon/ doesn't hurt /anon/ any more than posting anonymously on /oat/ hurts oat.

Anonymous 14841


Based on the history of both boards, I would say you are wrong.

Most people on /oat/ would not attribute drama to the few anons that post there, and most people on /anon/ despise people who use a trip just for attention or to build up a persona.


File: 1410481832280.jpg (71.34 KB, 800x450, Haiyore_-Nyaruko-san-05-800.jp…)

Did it ever occur to you that when you drop your name and trip to go to /anon/, you then have to re-enter ALL of that information again when you want to go back to /oat/? So in other words, if I wanted to post adult content on this site along with others, I would have to go in, copy all of my information, save it to a text document, then remove ALL of my information, make ONE post, then reenter ALL of my information again when I go back to my own board. Just to make one post.

Did the thought ever pass your mind that perhaps the reason someone like me, if for some reason I wanted to post on /anon/, might want to keep their name is simply because it is a pain in the ass to remove it constantly just to cater to some people that whine about it for no good reason?

Anonymous 14843


Oh come on, your password can't be THAT long. I've done it before on 4chan. That's a very minor thing to complain about. That's like saying "I'm not gonna wear any clothes because I don't feel like having to do laundry."


File: 1410482576517.gif (1019.84 KB, 480x271, tumblr_mvw3p2wz2i1sq9yswo1_500…)

And asking someone to take a temporary name while they post on oat literally takes a few seconds. Even if you used a different name whenever you posted in a new conversation that would be good enough. Just a single identifying mark so we can keep track of who said what. When the conversation is over you can toss it away and use a new one next time you have a conversation. All we want is to be able to tell who is who when we're trying to talk. Is that REALLY such a ridiculous request? You can be anon to your little heart's content, but just some sort of identification, even if temporary, when getting involved in a conversation would be better than having 20 people all named 'anonymous' all talking at once and expecting the rest of us to be able to tell which one is which.

Is that really too much to ask for?

Anonymous 14845


Yes. You are not going to win this.


File: 1410482737838.jpg (89.11 KB, 1366x689, nyaruko-blush.jpg)

Then you are being completely unreasonable and selfish. Which I expected, to be honest.

Anonymous 14847


I don't really care if that's how you see it, honestly.


File: 1410482913349.jpg (29.76 KB, 400x225, HaiyoreNyarukosanW12.jpg)

Good. Because that is how I am going to continue to see it, because frankly I am tired of the stafd catering to ypu people like you're royalty.

Anonymous 14849


Go for it.


File: 1410483210769.gif (1.01 MB, 427x240, 1410316917438.gif)

I plan to. I like how it's perfectly fine for anons to have an unfounded hatred of trip and name users, but for me to have an unfounded hatred of anons makes me a "big bully". Very nice.

Anonymous 14851


I don't have an unfounded hatred of trip and name users. If I did, I wouldn't post on /oat/. I just don't want them coming to /anon/ with their trips.. For me it's not a matter of "us versus them", it's just keeping things in their right place, so they work as well as possible.


File: 1410484332457.jpg (18.98 KB, 400x225, HaiyoreNyaruko-san6.jpg)

That's exactly what I want. Anons to stay where they belong and trip and name users to stay where they belong.

We both nearly want the same thing, except your version is much more unfair and one sided.


File: 1410484436221.jpg (180.57 KB, 1920x1080, 20130408230540_original.jpg)

Basically you're saying, "We want full reign of your neighborhood but don't you dare come into ours."

Anonymous 14854


Anons don't have and do not want full reign of /oat/. Are you blind? Just as /anon/ is dominated by anons, /oat/ is dominated by tripfags.

And other tripfags who aren't you have no problem dropping their trip to post on /anon/. Even the mods/admin post anonymously on /anon/.

You are the one who is turning this into a big issue.

Anonymous 14855


By the way I'm going to bed, so you may want to find someone else to argue with for the next five or so hours. Goodnight.


File: 1410485833129.png (504.63 KB, 1280x720, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W - 04.pn…)

The mods also post anonymously on /oat/.

If I do, I wouldn't know it since you're all using the same name.

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 14857

File: 1410499080423.jpg (160.32 KB, 714x418, Twilight justifies OP.jpeg)

jesus on a platter of fried pickled horse nuts, it's not a fcking segregation of 'anons' and tripfags'

it's two different boards with different posting rules. That's all it fukken is.

/oat/ could be a mandatory "one identity per poster, mandatory identification" type of place, but I'm not seeing the appeal and I don't think very many posters want that. Whereas forcing the name/trip field to be filled is rather an empty requirement if you can change what's in it freely.

tarra.exe "tablet" 14858

I know that some people here dint care for me but I would like to say that if it were to happen I would like to help mod it. Why? Because I personally run a fetish group on Facebook. It's a secret group so you have to personally added to the group. I study fetishes as a hobby when I get the chance and would love this opportunity


File: 1410541221513.jpg (155.81 KB, 1600x900, NyarukoW_04.jpg)

And forcing someone to remove their name isn't an empty requirement?

How does it hurt anyone, honestly? The only 'reason' that has been put forth why you can't use a name on /anon/ is because "The other anons don't like it."

So fucking what? Since when do anons care about other people?

tarra.exe "tablet" 14860

You seem to be new here so I will explain to you hour things work! Blah blah blah 4chan trip fag and name fag

Silver Strength!TwiDasH7n2 14861

File: 1410556782212.png (184.17 KB, 622x349, 12849__safe_twilight+sparkle_r…)

>And forcing someone to remove their name isn't an empty requirement?
No, it is not, since it accomplishes the intention of detaching posts from any sustained identity. Demanding everyone use names on /oat/ would fail to accomplish the reverse, unless you forced people to consistently post under the same name.

The presence or absence of sustained identity alters discourse. You know this.


File: 1410557075287.png (215.74 KB, 335x397, 13.png)

How is it unfair?
It's an anonymous board. It's called anon. It's for people who prefer anon culture. There's literally nothing else to it. There's no argument. Stop derailing a thread that isn't about you.


File: 1410561706906.jpg (180.57 KB, 1920x1080, 20130408230540_original.jpg)

Obviously you just don't get it. I'm just tired of all the special treatment. It's apparently not going to change, which I didn't expect it to, but whatever. You're going to do whatever you want regardless since you and a few others have a special interest for some reason.


File: 1410566458963.png (45.96 KB, 153x339, sample_69caa77edf75b08803d7a63…)

I and the other site staff will do what we want because we're the staff and that's our job.

The rules of /anon/ apply to everyone, irregardless of if they post elsewhere or how much they hate anons.


File: 1410566761620.jpg (49.39 KB, 757x426, Nyaruko-Chapter-Extra-01.jpg)

Uh huh. It's not like they don't get to do anything they want.

It would be like if someone came over to your house and started peeing in a potted plant, and when you tried to object, everyone was like, "No, it's okay. That's just part of their culture."

Human sacrifice was part of the Myan "culture". That doesn't make it alright. So stop hiding behind "anon culture" as an excuse to allow them to do anything they want.


File: 1410567061128.jpg (40 KB, 308x588, 3683.jpg)

They don't get any special privilege over anybody else. They still have rules to go by, just like everyone else.
It's nothing to do with you unless you go there, yet I assume you're going to sit here and act like it is as usual.


File: 1410567256360.jpg (71.34 KB, 800x450, Haiyore_-Nyaruko-san-05-800.jp…)

I'm talking about what they do in /oat/. I couldn't care less what they do in /anon/.


File: 1410567350198.png (339.63 KB, 500x1000, c9c920a1c3e10b1260745b9e12e6f9…)

Anons don't have any special privilege over anybody else, and now I see this discussion is just your usual anon vendetta it's also over.


File: 1410567675293.jpg (52.31 KB, 640x360, nyaruko_w_01_1.jpg)

Oh. Of course. That's all it is. As usual.

The flawless golden children can never do wrong, it's just mean 'ol Toybox hating them for no reason. Mmhmm.

BatBane 14871

File: 1410568094258.png (65.75 KB, 320x240, 756858.png)

Your idea of special treatment is not being forced to do anything on /oat/ that you are also not forced to do. It is in truth just mean 'ol Toybox hating on them for no reason. Being an anon on /oat/ does not disrupt anything.


File: 1410568460739.jpg (67.11 KB, 1280x719, 1391852922_haiyore-nyarukosan-…)

It actually does. Most of the time anons will come in and comment on things without any kind if context of what's going on, and usually make matters worse. Then, they bail because either they stepped in something they didn't want to get involved in, or they did it to purposely fan the flames. Then, sure enough another anon, with no context and no knowlege of what the previous anon did makes another comment. Of course everyone invoved thinks it's the same guy trying to start shit and tell him to get the fuck out or shut up. This new anon then feels like he's being attacked for no reason, even though if he would have known what was going on (or maybe somehow been recognized as a different person), he wouln't have gotten the reaction he did.

Then this anon runs back to anon and goes "Fuck /oat/, they're all elitist circle jerkers", when in reality the mixup was HIS fault for not making it clear he was someone else.

BatBane 14873

you are the only one who does that.


File: 1410577452867.jpg (18.98 KB, 400x225, HaiyoreNyaruko-san6.jpg)

Yes. I am the sole reason the word 'circlejerk' is synonymous with named posting. It was all me. I am THAT internet famous. You figured it out.

BatBane 14875

File: 1410578606821.jpg (12.75 KB, 301x273, 678969.jpg)

No you are the only one who gets them confused.

Ghosties!zGiggle1Ws 14934

>I'm talking about what they do in /oat/

You do understand that if someone from /anon/ posted on /oat/ they'd have to follow the rules that pertain to /oat/, right?

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